Flyer Maker + Poster Maker

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Current version
Bhavesh Gabani
Last update
4 weeks ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Flyer Maker + Poster Maker

4.81 out of 5
29.7K Ratings
2 years ago, Omega621
Amazing Poster App
I am the creative type, and I make a lot of flyer/poster type documents for various reasons (homeschooling, business in store, business social media, parenting, fun, etc.). I absolutely love this app. It is easy to use and the options/tools are helpful and great without being complicated. I do have the paid version because the extras are worth it took me, but the free version may suit others just fine! I have used tons of editing, template, picture, art apps and this one definitely ranks in the top! My only criticisms are: 1. There is no login, so I cannot see/edit my work on a different device 2. The keep/discard changes button that appears when I try to leave my design does not work as it should. My work is kept regardless of what I hit, and sometimes I do not want to keep my changes. On the flip-side, I cannot leave my design to get back to the menu until I hit "discard," so I am glad it saves it!
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4 weeks ago, Bmcnm
Easy to use
I’ve been using the Flyer Maker Pro app for some time now and have found it incredibly easy to use, reliable, and intuitive. Even as a beginner, I was able to navigate through its features without any hassle. The user interface is straightforward, which makes designing flyers quick and stress-free. I’ve used it for various projects, and it has consistently delivered high-quality results. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or just starting out, this app provides all the tools you need to create professional-looking flyers efficiently. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a dependable flyer creation tool!
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2 months ago, Diane Woodworth
Please help me fix my problem with this Flyer Maker app!
Hi my name is Diane Woodworth and I purchased the app Flyer Maker from the Apple App Store on September 5, 2020 for the six month subscription I have the premium subscription price, And I really enjoy this app as I use it often. The reason that I am contacting you is to find out what is going on because I paid to be able to do the premium with the app Flyer Maker but it seems that as of recent I am not able to use the premium anymore because you changed the name of the app to Flyer Wiz and what I can do within the app Flyer Maker. And when I go on to the Flyer Maker app that I still have and I click on certain items it keeps asking me to pay for the premium price within the app to purchase Flyer Wiz, I do not understand why I was not notified about any of these changes. Could you please kindly contact me back to fix this issue for me. hope to hear back from you Diane Woodworth
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2 years ago, Luvlybabecherri
Love it, but…
I really like this app as well as it’s features. The only downside is that I am unable to work on projects in landscape mode. When working on the tablet it has to be in landscape so that I can use the keyboard that’s also used to hold the screen/device. Please consider updating so that it is possible to work in either portrait or landscape mode. Also, when customizing to use my own background, pictures, etc, it seems i am only having the option of choosing from my photo gallery instead of from my downloaded files folder or other places in my tablet. Please add feature to be able to select from other folders. Then it will be 10 stars if, possible.
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11 months ago, tiana_frog
I am very much satisfied!!
I downloaded this app to use it for making flyer for my church. If you are beginning to edit flyer for your business, church, personal use, etc. I recommend using this app. It’s simple, easy, understandable. Truly, I have learned and grown in making flyers for my church and this app has helped me. I even bought the app to get the other features. BUT if you do not wish to buy, you still have access to so much. I only wish that they can make this suitable for a computer/laptop and that the worked saved could be saved and accessed in a cloud. Other than that that I am satisfied.
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7 months ago, Tito1990
Flyer Maker is Great
Generally I do not write reviews but I have to say that Flyer Maker is a great tool. As a college professor giving workshops and lectures or as an Orchestra leader, I find this tool immeasurable. It’s level of of Sophistication and ease of use leaves other programs clearly underwhelming and always provides quality results. I recommend this program for anyone that wants to promote ideas, products or express great thoughts. My name is Luis Esquilin, I am an associate professor of reflective thinking at New York City’s Boricua College (the first private Latin college in the United States), and an orchestra leader and I use this program on a weekly basis. Caio!
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1 year ago, Billy Flash
Life changer. Saves me valuable time and is getting easier and better all the time. One request: please make it possible to move items within the project together, in other words, linked together without having to move one at a time and then repositioning them together again. If I want to move them or even copy/paste, to another project to use them again, I want to do it as a whole sometimes and not separately. TOTALLY LOVING THIS APP MORE AND MORE. I have smiles when I get done. Still need to ability to link layers together to move, copy/paste easily
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2 years ago, jam jim slim i banged kim
Pretty Good Flyer App
I like this app because it is easy to use. My only complaints are that you don’t have very many choices on the free version. It’d be nice if the free version allowed more for free . You get like 1-3 options in some categories! Also, it doesn’t always save. Sometimes it shuts down on its own (After I spent an hour working on something) & doesn’t automatically save it! So beware of that! Other than that, it’s easy to use! You can quickly change, edit,& replace pics & text. They offer some graphics & different choices for design. The templates are fun to work with. I’ve made lots of great flyers w this!
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2 years ago, infuzedproductions
Best App Hands Down
I’ve been using the Flyer Maker app for over a year now. I host a Events and do marketing and promoting for myself and others. I have not found any better tool than this for my promotional needs. The app makes it extremely easy to edit each layer of the flyer, and with my Photoshop experience I can say that it is actually much easier than any photo shop app that I’ve ever tried. Appreciate you guys putting out something so useful and free! Keep up the great work! And thank you for the beautiful flyers!! -Mike
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3 years ago, kansas rugby
Game Changer
Really easy to learn the basics of graphic design and then you start to get better and better and it’s a lot of fun to play with stuff on this app. The paid version has absolutely been worth every penny and has paid for itself over and over again. Even the free version is extremely useful. I downloaded it on my MacBook and wish I could import local files straight from the computer, but as long as I have my phone synced to it I can pull images off my gallery via my MacBook.
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2 years ago, KT Vega
I have more sophisticated programs but this Apps “Ease of use” cannot be beat. I go to this App first for my projects. Please consider adding a “Cut out” feature, with background erase, and a place to store the cutouts. If it’s already there please educate me. But be sure to keep the ease of use. I like your Templates but I wish I could take “pieces” of each at times and just use a particular image I see, and instead of using the entire Template. Add normal everyday images like Mom’s, pens, plants, cars, people of color!!! ALL MASONIC SYMBOLS, etc;. Thank you💜
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5 years ago, Aleasio
I love it!
I've been running events in an online community and even though I just have the free version I have found the uses plentiful and easy to use. You can make a semiprofessional looking template in minutes. I'm sure the more creative and committed you are to working on them, the more professional it can look, even without the subscription. It would just make more quick and easy options available to have it, but have fun with it and you don't even need it, just a bunch of photos to work on. I love it!
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4 years ago, Nurse4yhwh
Everything I need as an amateur
I couldn’t have possibly thought up the ways to create a flyer in the way this app helps me! As an organizer of revivals and Revivalists we have to use our resources wisely. Since this app is free and I can put my vision in action this is one of the best things that could have ever been accessible for us to use!! I am beyond satisfied as I can play around and create and erase and try this and delete that... LOL! I’m elated! I strongly recommend this app for your professional looking flyers on a zero to minimum budget! Blessings!
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2 years ago, luvtoni
Detailed and Simple
There’s a great variety of aspects to use, and nice ways to add some layers of accuracy and precision. I’ve been using this software for my business designs for more than 2 years now. I’m still quite satisfied with my ability to create on this platform. Keep it up👏🏽 One note: The 3D rotation option stretches the image in the direction it’s being turned, that’s hasn’t been a very optimal use for that feature. I can’t use it the way I’d like to.
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3 weeks ago, Kind_Donny
Doesn’t save your design without premium
I’ve been trying to save my design to work on it later but I can’t because if I hit save then a pop up would come up to force you to pay a monthly subscription otherwise it’s a pretty good app. But if you’re interested on working on your flyer in multiple days then can’t recommend it. Use something else that allows you to to save it unless the developer updates it to allow it to save your work I can see some templates that are locked behind the subscription but the save button nah
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2 years ago, Kember1225
🤔 Review....
I Love This App... 🥳🥳 I have been using this app for a few Years now. The features have given me the ability to create some Amazing pics. I used it to create birthday announcements, cards, Funny memes, game instructions, jazz up game rules, appreciation awards, I wish you and yours happy holidays announcements, and even pics that were used in videos... I can definitely say I have gotten so much from this app. It’s absolutely amazing and I definitely recommend it.
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2 years ago, Morningstar119
Great flier maker BUT….
I highly dislike that they suddenly switched to a subscription plan and started shoving it down my throat all of a sudden. It used to be there but just in the background and i was willing to deal with it and ads but suddenly i couldn't do ANYTHING without making a pro account. I dont mind paying for this app as its a great tool and i need it regularly but i would prefer to pay for it once like a lifetime subscription or purchase the app itself as this yearly subscription just doesnt do it for me.
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2 years ago, apriljayyyy
Don’t like new update
Been using this app for a few years now and I loved it. But the new update actually makes some features harder to use and adjust. When deleting the background now it doesn’t delete everything completely and sometimes deletes the part of the image that you’re actually trying to keep and just makes it look like some type of fade. Before I was able to delete the background accordingly of exactly what pieces I wanted out and what I wanted to keep. Wish I could have the old version back!
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1 year ago, Reallyokcool1201
Love & Lost
Loved this app, until it started acting up, glitching. I had 100 designs 100's of hours of work and its all gone. The only way to fix the glitching was to remove the app and redownload. I lost everything. All my work.. gone. Im so disappointed. I will have to do everything over, im shocked to say the least. I bought the lifetime but i can honestly say it isnt worth the 5sec it takes to download. Buy adobe. Dont buy this.
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7 months ago, sideshowsid
The a pic of this monkey!
Awesome Easy works good better than any other. I’ve used before and I’ve use some others. Building pictures for my business for my personal use. T uses reels on Facebook. Intuitive easier to use. I think I said that already but it’s worth saying twice and you don’t have to download anything from your computer to make this a great app get it today won’t be sorry.
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4 months ago, mrandisg
Simple, easy, and free!
I just wanted a simple app to make my own phone backgrounds. It didn’t have to be fancy, just something where I could write a note to myself and put it on my Lock Screen as a reminder. This app does just that. If I wanted to, I could pay for premium and get more options, but I’m perfectly fine with the free version. It does what I need it to do, and that’s all I want!
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1 year ago, Rookattacks
Love it, HOWEVER….
I really wish they had more LGBTQ backgrounds for pride month. I did email them a month ago and suggested it, however still only about 3-4 background designs. ‼️To the developer who responded… You still only have a few and you could really do more. It’s literally June and I emailed you regarding this a while ago. You should make some flyers with just the flags, or even some that say love is love. Don’t get me wrong I love the app, I just think you can do better. 😘
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3 months ago, Trav1629
I’m trying to find a replacement app
This app would be great if it wasn’t for your developers pushing reviews down my throat. After I wrote reviews, I still get pop-ups at least 10 times per session I’m on here. I’ve left you reviews. I hate your platform because of this. You single-handedly have pushed me away and lost my business because of your stupid pop-ups demanding reviews. I didn’t even have your service for one day and I got 20 request wanting me to review it. How do I review something that I’ve had less than 10 minutes to use? Stop being so pushy and focus on bettering your platform. I’m done with you guys.
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4 years ago, calibaker
Love it! HAve some suggestions 🤗
Love this app, I use it often for my business flyers and it works great for someone who isn’t a professional but needs tools to make it look like they’re; I love the resizing and adjustments tools and constantly wish other apps used that layout! A few suggestions: 1. A transparency tool for objects would be awesome (hopefully I’m not just unable to find it!) 🤣 2. A login feature would be nice; I switched phones recently and lost ALL my saved designs 😭 3. Being able to save my design without saving it to my photos would be great. I tend to save frequently so end up with a ton of versions in my photos by the end; when I would have rather just saved in the app and saved to my photos when I was ready.
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1 year ago, jpm6078
Crazy good!
This is an extremely well thought out app with continued options and capabilities, being added! So far, I cannot complain as it meets my needs to produce draft and finished materials, sometimes at a moments notice. I have tried and have utilized and utilize other software, but this one has most of the stuff that you will ever need.
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3 years ago, J-DOT
Constant advertisements & little to no options
An app plays after almost everything you do on this app. It amazes me how this app costs anything when you factor in the advertisement money they must be getting. Then there used to be a lot of options to work with as far as graphics and vectors but those have been moved to pro mode. Flyers I used before are now under pay wall which makes no sense when they were free before. This had a lot of promise but now I’m super disappointed with it. As I’m typing this I’m surprised an advertisement didn’t pop up. Yeah this app has that many
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2 years ago, Georgia Derrty
Forget the middle man
Who needs to wait for a graphic designer when you have this app…easy to use and straight forward. I hardly leave reviews on apps but this app is more than enough. I got tired of going through the templates, way too much (a good thing).. I’ll eventually start to pay monthly for the other features at some point.
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4 months ago, MandyB37
Perfect flyer designs
I’m a member of Agent Orange which is a nonprofit organization. I create all our flyers. This app gives me many options and I can change the design of ones already created or I can make my own. There’s breathing room on this app so that I can be creative and be able to get attention from all generations to come to our Fundraisers.
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2 years ago, kd84s
#1 so far
I have used several ad and poster making apps, this is the first one that made it so simple and quick! I was able to get my ad up in minutes! Downloaded the app and was immediately able to create! And it was actually FREE for the template I chose! I can’t wait to dig deeper and see what this app really has to offer! I recommend. ;)
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2 years ago, EC DUB
Thankful for this app
I am not computer literate and I have tried other apps for flyers and posters and this app has many templates to choose from and I love how I can edit them. I can type something and place them where I want and angle them how I want. This has help me so much with my social media post. Just need more items fo make even more fancier flyers, THANK YOU
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4 months ago, SuvonM22
Easy, Simple, and Fun
I got a lot of aps! because we hold a lot of volleyball and softball tournaments, So I make a lot of flyers. This one is the best out of all the ones I’ve tried. It’s easy to use, love that it has tutorials to help you understand every function. Lot of options to choose from and customizing things is easy. Love it, totally recommend it!
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4 years ago, Bless306
Menu maker
I use this app mainly to creat my menus for my business. I haven’t really found a lot of apps that allow to really make great menus so this does the job for the most part. Love the fact the app does allow you use a lot of there Picts an logos by just watching a video allow you to really get familiar with the app before purchasing anything . Definitely would recommend if you have a business an your looking for ways to promote.
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11 months ago, LadyK826
Amazing App
I’ve been using the Flyer Maker App for going on three years now. And I’ve always thought it was awesome but I am super excited about the new and improved tools and other improvements. This is a must have for anyone who makes fliers, custom business cards, digital announcements and the list goes on and on! Simply Amazing!!!
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5 years ago, MrzSexiCarter
Love it. I also love the fact I can choose my own background and I can keep going back days later and change whatever, including the background. You can put another background on top of the old background and your words will still be there.. 👌🏾(even tho I have the free version, I’m sure the paid person is better)
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1 year ago, snow420!!!
This is amazing!
I don’t often download apps and keep them long, especially those with stuff you have to pay to unlock. But there is SO much you can do with this app without it being necessary to unlock “pro”. I WANT TO because the app is so cool. Easy to use, great templates, not glitchy or overwhelmed with ads. I love it!
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5 years ago, look hard
I would give -20 stars if I could
This is the absolute worst app known to mankind there are so many ads on here I cannot even open the app without an iPhone app add it glitch I would not recommend anybody to get this app nothing is organized for easy finding and there is not a very good set up for user-friendly finding waste of time I look elsewhere these people did not take the time to look at user-friendly settings along with paying a little more to not have so many ads there’s so many as I can’t even pay to delete ads🤷‍♀️🧐👀 I bet you this review will get deleted BIG OLE FACTS BUT THE APP NEEDS WORK 😐 LOTTS RANT OVER 💨
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4 years ago, Rathlord
Completely blocked by ads
Wanted to make a flyer for my business. Decided to try out the free version of the app prior to purchasing. Ads were all over the app; fine, whatever. Tried to edit a flyer and not once, not twice, but three times my progress was blocked by a full screen ad that I couldn’t close. There was no ‘x’, no close button. I tried waiting and they never went away. I have no idea if this app is useful or not because I literally could not even complete the first step in editing a flyer. Definitely not getting my money. If I were you, I wouldn’t either.
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9 months ago, Leopreditress
Happy client
I’m not a graphic artist at all, and when asked to do flyers for Facebook I was beside myself because I’ve never done anything like this before. This app made it possible not only to make a flyer but to also have a look that is professional. And it was easy to learn and use, and I’m an old fart! Thanks flyer maker!
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1 year ago, racer2018
Awesome App
I own a service business and this app has been a huge help to me. Being someone who isn’t too tech savvy, this app true helps me create professional looking ads with very little effort of knowledge. It’s worth a try if your struggling to find an app to help you market your product or service.
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2 years ago, DJ Apollo23
Would recommend
Have used this app for almost a year now. I host multiple events from weddings to djs to bands. Extremely easy to use and catch on to if you’re looking for something. Even if you don’t decide to pay for the features the app itself is still pretty solid imo 🤘🏾
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12 months ago, TyCiTi
I have been lookin for an app that can handle the demand on a small business owner just starting out and this 1 hands down by far is the best i have been thru alot i can do it my self but i dont have the time. if you are like me your looking for quality this is the app get it… thank me later 🫡🐺🦾
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4 years ago, MangerDonkAY
This app has immaculate options for opportunity within the market of creative graphical design. As a limited edition of beginning a journey into a lifetime discovery of your potential, this is your app! A few more font options and you will have the ever lasting probable causes of options that intertwine with capability’s of a business for another. Becoming a breakthrough app to a success or another is your achievement and this is the goal!
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2 years ago, ssheedy156
Not the average app!
I’m not creative an any capacity but this app gives the creator complete control with the safety of coloring inside the lines. I like that I can import pictures and easiness of using each options. I can control everything from the background, font, color, layers, placement and so on. Well worth the app cost!
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3 years ago, chenzie 27
Very User Friendly
I'm not the most artistic person, and making flyers and design work isn't something I have done a lot of. This App was so user friendly and had everything I could ask for. I've made a few flyers on here and they came out really good. I definitely recommend
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3 months ago, catsanddogsandcats
Love this! But…
This app is a great and quick way to make your posters and flyers neat and professional, with minimal ads and soo many themes. Only thing is sometimes the colors don’t work, like if i select blue, it’s actually bright yellow, which can be frustrating and tiring. But overall great app, keep up the good work! 👍🏻
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7 months ago, Gma of 3 lilbitofheaven
Tina, Owner
This app has made my life so much easier!!! It’s pretty easy to use and it makes me look like a professional 🥰♥️ Can’t beat that!!! Thanks guys from the bottom of my heart…actually my whole heart loves you 🥰 UPDATE : 2 years later and I still love it!!! They keep making it better and better!!!
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4 months ago, mkm mom
Year paid user
The app is wonderful the only thing I don’t like is that you don’t have to many choices of African American women and when searching for them and black woman it pulls up a different race that shouldn’t be even placed in that category and I feel some type of way because I am a Paid User that is a African American woman and to search for something in it gives me nothing close to what I’m looking for is disrespectful and needs to be fix asapppppp or give me my money back and I’ll go somewhere else
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3 years ago, Robin Lacey
Real Estate
So far so good! I’ve been looking for a good app for designing flyers and videos and I’m impressed. I watched some instructions on utube that were helpful and then noticed your site has straightforward directions as well. Now that I have submitted a review, please limit review requestsfrom me to once every 6 months please. Thanks- Robin A.
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1 year ago, QueenRyannAndHerDog
3 stars… please read
I’ve had this app before and loved it. It somehow got deleted from my phone, so I reinstalled it about a month later. When I reinstalled it, it costed money. Well not the real app, but all the good features in the app costed extra money. Before that, everything was free. It’s still a good and helpful app but I would recommend to them that they should not have every good tool cost extra money.
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3 years ago, millzj13
Just Used Today and My Work Was Deleted
For starters, the app only gives you a small amount of templates to use before they bait you in to purchase the pro subscription. I worked on a flyer for my business and the app on my iPad was moving slow to add or update. I was close to finishing my flyer when the app crashes and none of the work was saved. Thank goodness I took a snapshot of the flyer before the app crashed and now I have start all over again. This app is not worth the money it’s promoting nor the free templates it offers
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