Food Lion To Go

4.7 (9.2K)
29.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Food Lion, LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Food Lion To Go

4.7 out of 5
9.2K Ratings
3 years ago, Odogmuzak
5 Stars When it Works
EDIT: Works excellent since this issue was fixed. They’ve snuck in a new “heavy order fee” if you order heavy items like, I guess, 12 packs of soda. Reliable and EASY to use. Used the app twice for delivery and it was excellent. Suddenly it stopped working. Uninstall/reinstall several times. Added another payment card. Tried the website online. Nothing works, just an “oops, there was an error” radio button. Called their help number and the Food Lion person couldn’t help so they passed me to Instacart who not only didn’t help but signed me up for an account without my permission. Sent me two password resets on my email—while I was on the phone with them—and didn’t tell me. Then a third email saying I changed my Instacart email—-while I was still on the phone with them—-and didn’t tell me. Never mind that I didn’t have an account with Instacart and didn’t request one. Whatever issues between the Food Lion app and Instacart need to be resolved instead of passing the buck and shorting customers.
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5 years ago, mamahall.4
Fine but still working on smoothing our the kinks
I was so excited that my local food lion—which is great!—was starting pickup. I ordered and had my time slot ready. I got an email and text saying they were running late. I then got a text that they had started shopping. I knew from my own shopping that the list I had was going to take at least an hour.... it took probably 1 1/2 hrs before I got a text saying it was ready. I loved that they kept me up to date. I don’t mind having an hour window but it did throw my schedule off since I got my order about 40 min after the window. Also when I arrived and called the number listed and pressed one like it said, it didn’t work. I finally called back a third or fourth time and chose customer service. They took about 10 min after that to get my groceries out. I have high hopes that this store will figure out a better system soon! I will probably try again in a few months when the bugs are worked out ;) I did appreciate the “welcome” bag and as far as I saw all my produce was good quality! A note about the app: I recommend making it available to check status in app. It kept taking me to safari and honestly it wasn’t working correctly. I also recommend trying like Walmart to add a button that says “I’m here” So customers don’t have to call a number. It just is helpful! Otherwise I felt the app was super easy to use :)
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5 years ago, WendyJo73
Would rate 5 if a few changes were made
I’ve ordered groceries from Kroger and Walmart for over a year. I was happy to see my local Food Lion finally offered pick up so I don’t have to drive to the next town anymore. But, their apps are superior. I don’t want to order produce and meat by the pound. I want the item individually or the package of meat. I ordered ground beef and wanted 3 individual 1 lb packs, but they gave me a 2 lb pack and a 1 lb pack. I cook for 2 people. I don’t need 2 lbs of meat in one package. Also, I didn’t know how much bananas weighed. I ordered 1 lb and got 3 bananas. I normally order 6 or 7 per week. I don’t want to guess how many apples are in a pound. Please change that to 1 item instead of per pound. The other two places let me order 4 Roma tomatoes and 6 bananas and 4 gala apples. And I wanted to order the larger pack of chicken tenderloins. It showed the long pack in the picture. I have no idea what they weigh. If I want 1 and I put the wrong weight, what am I gonna get? No clue. If it weren’t for the pound issue, the having to log into my account every time I place an order and having to choose which store I’m picking up from every time, I’d rate the app and store a 5. Neither the Kroger app or the Walmart grocery app make me log in or choose a store. They remember both of those.
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5 years ago, Tanya Clement
Stellar customer care!
I couldn’t wait until Food Lion joined the ranks of stores offering pick-up service, because I expected my experience to be awesome. I was right!!! TAMMY is the shining star who brings my groceries to my car with a beautiful smile even on the rainiest of days and has my shopping list done with accuracy. She explains any substitutions and actually sells me on the alternate choice when my request is out-of-stock. Sometimes a cold bottle of water accompanies my delivery. I couldn’t ask for more! Thank you Food Lion for giving this shopping option especially for those of us with disabilities! Thank you Tammy for setting the bar higher than the stars in giving stellar customer care! Tanya Clement Chatham, VA
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3 months ago, Gummy earmarked
Checkout is not working
The concept of this is great and, as a first time mom to a newborn, online checkout and pickup would be super helpful. Firstly, love the app itself. I can access my account, MVP deals, and even coupons I saved. It saves my items in my cart so if I log out or close the app they aren’t lost and I can pick up where I left off. However, as I tried checking out, I kept getting a glitch with the captcha. I’d input my card info, billing address, and click the captcha, only for the captcha to not work. If it doesn’t work, I can’t save my card info and can’t use it to purchase my items. Tried it on the app, on the website, and nothing works. Even tried deleting and reinstalling the app and restarting my phone. Still don’t work. Seems like a minor bug that needs fixing, that’s all. But it’s pretty upsetting as this would’ve been super helpful and easier than going inside and shopping with a baby, I was super excited to try it. Other than that, app works great! Hopefully this will be fixed so I can utilize it.
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2 years ago, sammilsc84
Not The Best
I have been using this app for a couple years now.I have had really good experiences and I have had really bad experiences. This grocery app is not the best. I have used other grocery apps that are way better. But because of where I live I am now limited to this being the main one. The pros: Like any other app to buy your groceries, this is convenient. The coupons are pretty good. The cons: Food Lion uses a combination of the to go app, its main Food Lion app, and the Food Lion website to place your order. You order from one app then you add your coupons with another app. in between that it switches you to the website. You do not get a chance to choose replacements for your items until after you purchase. Sometimes the app freezes and you can’t even do that. The to go app does not remember your login information and does not save it to your phone to remember. you cannot zoom in on the pictures of the items.
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3 years ago, EnoughToDo
Time Saver
When I first started using this app, I found it time consuming to type in everything I wanted and select the correct item. However, the app remembers your previous choices and that makes future selections a breeze. It does everything you need - finds the nearest stores that offer pickup, lists all available times, keeps up with weekly sales. There is usually a pickup fee of a couple dollars, but compared to how much time this saves me it is such a deal! I hope you find Food Lion To Go as big a blessing as I have :)
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5 months ago, arigill
Doesn’t work
So I was trying to do a grocery pick up on the app and it prompted me to create an account. I do and try to continue with my order only for it to tell me my email and password don’t match so I reset my password it let me log in a go to purchase my order prompts me to long in again I try to, only for it to tell me I don’t have an account so I call customer service and they log into my account everything is fine until I get to the end of my shopping to purchase where it does it again asking for me to login and then telling me that I don’t have an account and my password doesn’t match and so I call them again and this time they proceeded to talk to me like a child and don’t even fix my problem they just say well it letting me login. And I tell them my problem again and they just disregarded me. So I gave up on this app.
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2 months ago, Elm865
Store locator page Refuses to locate any of my 3 local food lions. Surfing around on another page it finally accepted my zip and let me “shop my local store”. I searched for my favorite item right now … the 6 pack of CANNED clearly Canadian. Now my local store sells these on a big display with at least 5 flavor selections to choose from. The app didn’t acknowledge the product AT ALL …. It wouldn’t let me preorder and pick it up at my local store. Nor could I order it “online” and have it shipped to me. Food Lion is my preferred grocery store because it is SMALL, clean and has just enough selection and variety for quality products. This app however is garbage. Get a new web designer …. The store locator function is standard tech on all websites and there is no excuse for that not to work….clearly the rest of the site needs help too. Get it together
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4 years ago, Apparently Clueless
Like it but having app issues
With the current situation, I started using grocery pick-up through the app. The first time it worked great. I could view the refunded items that weren’t available and I could view the replacement items through the links that were sent. The last six times, it hasn’t worked. The page won’t load from the link to view the refunds and replacements. I have to depend on the shopper to text me each item and/or send me a picture of the items. This is very irritating. Please fix this. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app to see if that would fix it and it hasn’t. Also, it would be nice to be able to edit my order after it is placed without having to basically cancel it and reorder it.
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3 years ago, GSWarden
Have to fill you cart all at once
My main complaint with this app is that you can’t add things to your cart then go back later to add more. The app glitches every time I try this and says “Your session could not be created, please reload and try again”. Then, the app becomes unusable until I go to a desktop to make my order (and my cart is completely erased there BTW so I have to recreate it every time). Therefore, you can’t add items to your cart as you think of them throughout the week. Or if you get interrupted while filling your cart, you can’t go back later to finish it or the app simply won’t load it. I love the convenience of shopping this way, that one glitch it just a huge bummer.
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2 years ago, Josey of NC
Today’s disaster!
Usually the Food Lion To Go iPad app works fine on the iPad but today was a disaster! After entering a long list of items my husband couldn’t find the button to review the cart. Then after he gave up on that he tried to choose a day and was successful. However when he chose a time the app totally froze. More wasted time … Finally after resigning in twice the cart button appeared and then disappeared after the touch but no listing. In answer to your normal questions: Yes his iPad Is up to date running iPadOS 15.4 and the app version is 2.18.0 and you haven’t updated it in 4 months. He is now trying the computer to see if he can get it to work. Success! He completed the order on the computer. Unfortunately not everyone has a computer but do have iPads, especially seniors.
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3 years ago, Miranda1376
Good but could be better
There are items I buy regularly in the store that do not come up on the app. There are also items without descriptions, such as certain brands of frozen fish. The fact that you have to leave the app to load coupons/discounts is very inconvenient and I’m pretty sure I’m missing out bc I don’t have time to do both-if I’m already having to do a pick up order, I don’t want to have to search for sales. This needs to be changed to make it more convenient. It still is plus to have the option of pick up orders so I’m thankful for that.
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1 year ago, crashxsc
sms notifications no longer work
Not only is the app slow and glitchy, you also have to login several times throughout the shopping process. AND the SMS notifications function stopped working months ago. There doesn’t seem to be a place to contact anyone regarding this. Instacart and Food Lion are clueless, and I can’t find any contact information specific to Food Lion To Go. I would love for the in-store shopper to be able to communicate with me regarding my order without me having to refresh and re-login every 2 minutes from the time I place the order until my pickup time to check and see if the order is “in progress” and try to send them a message.
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3 years ago, CNRTWO
Best Thing Ever
So having a two year old that can’t wear a mask means I try to shop without him. Sometimes that’s not possible but I refuse to carry him in the stores on days where high populations are unavoidable like today when we are expecting heavy ice. I get everything I need without getting him out of the car and exposing him. They throw it in my trunk and on our way we go. The wait time is usually minimal. Sometimes there is an issue with same day pick up times not being available but lately I haven’t had an issue with that either. So it’s a win win and the associates are always so nice. Thanks Food Lion To Go
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4 years ago, Iamthecompleteunknown
This is my 4th order. I’m used to the store being out of items and I’m used to the text asking if I’d like to substitute. The other stores that offer this service will give me a better value item and eat the cost. Doing without an item loses it’s merit if me shopping online if I have to come into the store or go to another store. I still love the convenience ! it’s super awesome to get off work and pull in to have my car loaded for me. Also, each week I add items to my cart that seem to disappear - I know I added them to the cart, but when I pick up they are not in my bags. I don’t think I pay for it though, it’s like they just are missing.
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4 years ago, MESwdwmom
Substitutions option on app
Everything is great. I love using the app. Service is fast and courteous. The only problem I tend to have is getting the portion of the app that lets me check for no substitutions, it doesn’t always take. Sometimes I go back two or three times to make sure it says NO substitutions, and I’ll still find that an item or two (if it’s an item I don’t normally buy), will still show that a substitution is ok. Just check and make sure there is not a glitch in the app. Thank you.
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1 year ago, P@ND@_13
Frustrating - PLEASE Fix It!
This app use to work great. But recently there’s have been a LOT of issues. The two main issues for me: it no longer sends notifications regarding the order or that the order is ready. And I send my son to pick up the order but it takes forever for me to get the “someone else picking up order” link to come up. I have to close the app, log out, log in SEVERAL times before the link will available. I order groceries weekly so this is extremely frustrating! If Food Lion is trying to get me to spend my hard earned money elsewhere, they’re on the right track - I am not going to keep doing this.
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2 years ago, Javkieannie
Not working properly
The app is loading very slowly if at all. Other grocery and shopping apps are working fine for me. I’ve been trying all morning to check my previous orders and it just won’t work. Update: After deleting and downloading the app I was able to see my order, although just a receipt of what was picked, and not my original order. I wanted to review to confirm what I actually ordered vs what was picked. I also carefully approved only specific substitutions which were not observed. If someone has a health issue, they can’t just eat whatever seems similar.
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4 years ago, Capital bubbles
Difficult and error ridden
While I like the ability to shop with this app for pickup at the store (delivery is not available in my area) the app is not user friendly. When trying to set pick up time it won’t let me till I check out. I’d like to hold a pickup slot and know by what time I need to complete my order in order to hold that slot. Also, the date for pickup is always the day before when I place my order for some reason. It usually works out right but really folks get The dates right. Also, when the store txts me that they are filling the order and need to make substitutions the links they send me are impossible to navigate. I have yet to get anything done with it.
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3 years ago, Dr. Leatherman ;)
Love my local Food Lion
I would give five stars, but the only reason I’m going to mark it down is because sometimes when I order products for delivery or to go I get home and find bad produce. I don’t think that’s because it’s intentional, I think it’s due to an experience from the shopper. I just figure it’s a young person that hasn’t done a lot of shopping yet and doesn’t pay attention to what they’re buying or doesn’t know about produce. Other than that, staff is always friendly. Prices are very good in comparison to Walmart on local Lowe’s. I always shop Food lion!
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5 years ago, Customer29456
App needs improvement
It was slow loading. Then it would time out when I hit the checkout button. There needs to be a notice letting you know how long til timeout. I figured you have until the top of the next hour. It timed out even before hour is up. I go to finally checkou put card number in checkout, but the button to place order is greyed out. Nothing telling what’s wrong why can’t I place the order everything looks good to go. I just gave up and closed the app. Please fix the app.
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4 years ago, SherahLF
We are grateful for you!
As parents to a very energetic toddler, we are super grateful for grocery pickup so we don’t have to bring our son in for a long trip at the store. Our order is always completed very quickly, and we appreciate the notifications about substitutions or items that are out of stock. Our order is brought out to our car quickly once we arrive to pick it up, and everyone we have come in contact with has been very kind. Happiest holiday season to you all!
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4 years ago, Chrissymargaret
Great service!
The Food Lion ship and pick up service has been such a help to us through these months of pandemic. The texts to let me know if an item has to be substituted are helpful, although I have been amazed at how few substitutions we have had to have. All the produce is very fresh, and the handover at the pick up outside the store is extremely efficient and pleasantly done. We will continue using this great service for a long time to come. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Ambeeer4
Terrible app
I normally use Walmart grocery pick up since it’s free and the app is super user friendly but I decided to make a last minute recipe that I only needed three ingredients for and Walmart was out of time slots for the day so I decided to use food lion. The app is really picky about searching for EXACTLY the item you want. I had to add some random items to reach the 10$ minimum. And any time I’ve used it it hasn’t been up to date on out of stock items. Walmart app would have told me you were out of graham crackers and saved me 3.99$ pickup fee. So now I need to go inside Walmart anyways to get graham crackers and could have saved myself a trip, the pickup fee, and the money spent on random items to reach the 10$ minimum. Will be deleting the app
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3 years ago, sweet16again
Don’t waste your time if you don’t live in a city.
I downloaded the app so I could order most of my groceries online and do a pickup like I do for Sams Club and Walmart. I have medical conditions and I try so hard to limit my exposure in public due to pandemic. Well after downloading the app, I found out that pickup is not available at the local store. I live 15 to 20 miles to any Food Lion store. The only one close to me is 30 minutes away. I can’t believe that you only have one store in Danville, VA offering pickup. Not very convenient to get to. This pickup service is needed at ALL locations so people like me can use the service. So sad that it will not work to everyone’s advantage.
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2 months ago, 567764bbbb
This is just ridiculous!
I’m trying to make a online order. Well in order to enter my date and time of pickup as well as my card information. It wants me to resign in. Why??? I’m already signed in. 🙄 Well I try to sign in and it tells me my email or password is wrong. However on the website itself it lets me sign in, with that same information that the app says is wrong. I have even changed my password two times trying to fix it. I have been trying to make a online order for 3 days! Why do I need to resign in?? And why can’t I make a online order through the website??? I’ve tried multiple times it won’t let me do that either.
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4 years ago, 3hallladies
Ok but could be great :)
I like the ease of ordering online but have had a few issues 1. I’m ok with a cost for service but it says 1.99 yet keeps charging me 3.99foe pickup which I only realized after completing my order. Considering similar services are free 3.99 was a little hard to swallow after i thought i was paying 1.99 2. The app has a mvp card number assigned to my phone number but then doesn’t use it. I checked. It’s not my current card. This was user error but it won’t let me edit my profile. 3. It would be nice if this would slow add forgotten items up to a certain cut off time like other services 4. The chat isn’t much help. Most people tech savvy enough to place online orders can answer the pre programmed answer set in there. But all of my issues aren’t preprogrammed. Either way it is nice to be so lucky to even have such options available so i can’t complain too much just feel some tweaking could help improve.
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1 year ago, Kandi784
App still has glitches
Hi, I see you all recently did a update to the Food Lion App which is very nice and was much needed. There is an issue now when trying to add multiple quantities of the same item to your cart, it won’t let you add but 1 quantity. On the Food Lion To Go App. You still can’t pull the item up close to see it’s ingredients and contents. The app also still glitches when trying you try to rate your driver or to add last minute items to your order. Thank you for updating the app and I look forward to seeing the new, improved and glitch free updates to the app hopefully soon.
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4 years ago, Feather111
Good service/wish app was smoother
Online ordering experience is generally good, good customer service, most products I’m looking for are available. I’ve had much smoother online/Instacart experiences with Publix. If you need to modify an order, even though you’re signed in and the app recognizes you, it requires you to sign in again, and hit the “modify order” button again. Seems clunky. The delays between actions make it unclear if your changes have taken. Finally, the app doesn’t seem to sync up with the website version.
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4 years ago, Libby hctctdfh
Not working in every way
I hate to leave this review, because Food Lion has been a family staple for the last 20 years. In-person staff is always great, fellow customers always polite, and even when they employed my sibling, it was a good experience. The app and the website are unfortunately atrocious. Repeated attempts to check out on the website results in an error message, with calls to the credit card fraud line to double check if it’s an issue on my end. I had to add, remove, and re-add my card—still, no dice. 24 hours later, attempting on the app led to the same error. Except this time, it first went though (after submitting twice) only for it to automatically cancel my order. Subsequent attempts were failures. Even a call to their customer service line-and again, some of the best customer service you can ask for—left the issue unresolved with the person having to call Instacart to see if they can help. In the end, nothing. I really want to support this great business, but please fix these MAJOR issues.
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5 years ago, R_W_N
Pretty Cool!!
This will be my second time ordering using Food Lion To Go. Any grocery pickup app is a little difficult to use at first but what impressed me most is that the app keeps me posted on my orders progress and I never had to wonder what to do next which is helpful for this “Type A” shopper :). From placing the order to picking up I was guided through the process and it was truly seamless. Love the feature although I feel a little spoiled using it. ;) Thank you Food Lion!!!
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1 year ago, zoogobo
This needs serious work
The app seems to have issues every time I use it. It’s a miracle if you are able to add everything AND select a time AND check out without having to restart the app or log in and out 5 times. Sometimes I just give up and try again later. Infuriating. When you try to check out it or log in is when it gives you the most trouble. It’s ridiculous. You spend time adding your groceries to your cart and then you get blank screens, spinning stopwatch of death or it just does nothing when you click buttons.
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4 years ago, SWNels
Time slots for pickup
Shouldn’t offer time slots for pick ups before you start ordering, only to be told at the end that there are no time slots available. Should tell me at the very beginning that there are no time slots. Your app indicates available slots at the beginning of the ordering process. Then once my cart is complete, and go to pay, it says no slots available due to the higher demand. This should be indicated at the very beginning of the process! Other than that, the app is wonderful! Thanks for all your hard work!
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3 years ago, Jams05
Great service
I have been using food lion to go for a few months now. I like it because the price of the product it the same as in store. An added perk to using food lions service over delivery apps is I get the same shopper every time. They have now gotten to know my orders a bit and learned some of my preferences. This gives me fewer mix ups in product replacements or refunds. I will keep using this service even after the pandemic.
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3 years ago, cheflydia
Such a time and money saver
I’ve been shopping online since 2008 from various stores and love the Food Lion app. So simple to use, quick to checkout, and my shoppers do an amazing job with my orders. I shop online with Food Lion at least twice a week. Saves money because I only buy what I need and saves time because I can create a list as I go and then just click checkout instead of going to the store. Highly recommend!
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4 years ago, DragonAllene
Wonderful service
I’ve been using this for a couple of months now. Only once has there been any issues. I was given the wrong item. Brought it back as soon as I discovered it, was fully refunded and correct item purchased. The people doing the purchasing and bringing it out are always friendly and helpful. I love getting the “freebies”, the bags of samples and coupons. It’s the highlight of my day!
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12 months ago, BBFanatic9821
Can only login through the website
Several of my family members, including me, are having issues logging in through the app. It says we don’t exist. We try to create a new login with the same info and it won’t let us because there’s already an account. Logging in through the website works just fine. I contacted food lion but they want me to use another email and create another account which seems silly. This has been going on for about 3 months now. Hopefully this will be fixed soon! Only giving 1 star because it hasn’t been fixed after contacting Food Lion.
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3 years ago, Hahahah hahahahaha
Great service could improve
I love the to go service food lion offers , I order my groceries online and pick it up they load my things in my car it’s very convenient, however lately things are disappearing from my list or simply missing and they are paid for . First time it happened they forgot my ice cream sandwiches and green pepper. Then again forgot my broccoli and green pepper again. Which is a hassle having to come back to the store. From now on even though it’s a pain I’ll have to check my groceries before I leave the parking lot to insure I have everything and it’s all accounted for.
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3 years ago, 17daf
Great service
Big thanks to Food Lion shoppers and the whole pick up experience. It started out a little rough at the onset of the service, but everyone in our store was so nice and apologetic if anything wasn’t perfect.I really love that the shopper sends me texts and pictures of substitution choices if they don’t have what I ordered. When I text back the shopper is courteous and helpful. I use Walmart too and their app is quite efficient but if they don’t have an item and I don’t want them making weird substitutions, there are no texts, they just remove the item. I have been very pleased with Food Lion’s service and it also has made it possible for me to pick up food rather than having a friend risk her own health to shop for me. Thanks
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4 years ago, Tiny tidbit
Excellent service!!
This app and the staff that fulfill the requests are incredible. I can’t tell you how much this service has helped. With small children, a deployed husband, and working full time. It helps save so much time and the staff are soo friendly and kind. Their professionalism and compassion for their customers is evident in their pride and execution of the job they’re entrusted with. The pandemic has truly shown how essential grocery store staff are.
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3 years ago, terjan122
FL Has Really Stepped Up!
Since quarantine, I’ve been using curbside pickup at Food Lion, Target and Harris Teeter. While each store has its strengths, Food Lion’s Instacart has been the best by far. It’s interface is user friendly, you can approve substitutions or request refunds during the shopping process. The best feature is the ability to send and receive texts from the shopper to clear up any miscommunications. No other store has that. Thanks, FL!
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3 years ago, hot mom3
Easy app to use and excellent customer service
I’ve used other grocery shopping apps and Food Lion is the most user-friendly I’ve come across plus their prices are always excellent! Food Lion customer service when I go to pick up my groceries has been extremely courteous. I highly recommend them and I feel like I’m getting good service & value for my money!
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4 years ago, NoStPatrick
Easy Ordering
I’ve tried several grocery store pick up service and there are pros/cons of each one. I do like you can communicate with grocer picker re subs - some places it’s a surprise what you get. This is a huge plus. Only downside and this is a big which Kroger & Walmart have - is the ability to modify your order without charging your Acct again for each edit. If you could change this, I’d probably only shop here for pickup. Thanks for listening.
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5 years ago, Artsyfartsy200007
There were several items that were difficult/impossible to find even though I know they are sold in my local Food Lion. After spending an hour building a list, the button to complete order froze! I logged out and back in. Tried the to go website instead of app, but the list wasn’t shared. So frustrating. After getting ready to leave for store and shop inside, I tried one last time and it went through. Once before, it never went through. Please fix the checkout glitch and how items are indexed.
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4 years ago, Abcdefgzxw
Not working properly
This app does not share my list between my phone and my online account. I make my list on my app then check my mvp account. And it does not give me my store credits. I go to the website and there are my discounts. Also, I get a pickup time and go to check out and my pickup time says oops your time has expired and give me a pickup time of one week away from the order day. What gives? I was checking out. I should have had that time. My husband is is a veteran and high risk and we need the pickup and or delivery as we are not allowed out per do toe orders. It is almost not worth the aggravation of using it.
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4 years ago, SMcNeill73
Useless for Low Income Folks
Spent an hour, or so, shopping and picking out many low priced items to stretch my limited income as much as possible, to maximize my foodstamp purchases. Imagine my surprise, when all is said and done, when it's impossible to enter the information on my EBT card. Low income customers who rely on food stamps *CAN NOT* use this app to purchase food. This seems like a serious oversight, and makes the app worthless to a whole lot of potential customers. Your stores accept federal EBT food stamp cards. Why can't your app? Are the low income, disabled, and elderly not worthy enough to be able to shop online at Food Lion??
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4 years ago, GeorJulBur
So very pleased with this grocery ordering. Never experience any issues using the app or with my order!! Tabitha, at store #0515, goes above and beyond to provide her clients with exceptional service!! I gave 5 Stars and she gets 10!! I’ve used online grocery order and curbside pickup for years due to mobility issues. Extremely pleased FL is offering this service. I wouldn’t dream of shopping anywhere else!!
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4 years ago, jonsele
Doesn’t work! Poorly designed app
It asks for my instacart account. I don’t have such a thing yet it says I must link one. It assumes I know what that is in order to checkout for pickup and that I have one already. When I tell it to go ahead and link it says it can’t because their is no email associated with instacart. Dumb as rocks app. They need to get a refund from whoever coded this thing and hire a decent company. I couldn’t even fill out my profile information because the boxes to fill in said information were unresponsive. Don’t waste your time and just use Walmart pickup app. At least until they fix this terrible thing.
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4 years ago, CathyT
I make a list but
I’m averaging 2/3 of my order actually being delivered. I can’t have substitutes for organic food. I won’t buy edibles that aren’t organic. That used to be okay for you. Then I order a not Smithfield or generic pork but haven’t been able to get. If something is really not going to be in stock for a month (you aren’t selling out, you just don’t have it) could you indicate that they won’t be available when I order? And how many times do I have to Place Order before the order is PLACED?
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