Food Lion

4.8 (67.5K)
186.2 MB
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Current version
Food Lion, LLC
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Food Lion

4.75 out of 5
67.5K Ratings
3 weeks ago, Debbie - Loyal Customer
Woodbine Food Lion
Woodbine Food Lion is absolutely hands down the ultimate in grocery shopping experience from the fresh foods, meat, bread to the cleanest store ever thanks to Antonia. The district mgr Sherry is amazing and created the most awesome grocery store ever the other stores should follow her and the Managers work ethic. Woodbine I notice only hires the BEST employees in this store. When you walk in the store is always clean, shelves stocked, sticker prices in place with sale price, frozen food stocked, meat seafood always neatly stocked, cashiers so super nice. The employees are ALL truly amazing so kind, helpful and willing to go above and beyond to make your grocery shopping the best experience ever. So next time your in the Woodbine store please say thank you to the staff that makes your grocery shopping experience pleasant. 😊
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1 year ago, Cosmogirl1
Updated version is much better but still needs fixes
Dear APP Developer: First let me say the revised app as of 6/1/23 is MUCH better than the previous one! We can actually read and SEE the product details now, whereas before, the product descriptions were SO tiny, could barely see/read anything! Here’s what needs improvements, please fix asap: 1) Can’t see or access MVP card # to scan because you have a big blue box over the MVP card area. Ow have to click big blue box in order to see/acces/scan MVP card. This is not user-friendly! Please add MVP card access @ top of Food Lion app the way it was previously for easier access! 2) Where did the MVP coupons go? Previously could see weekly + MVP coupons. Now cannot find where to see or download MVP coupons? Please add MVP coupons back to the app or explain where to find them?! 3) PLEASE add FACE ID capability for login so users can more easily login using face ID instead of manual password (each time you log us out)! Thanks for making the above changes!
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7 months ago, 1Golden Girl
Food Lion App Review
For over a year I had complained about not receiving my earned points. I contacted your home office and was told to make sure my phone number was listed under my mvp account it was. Finally, I came into the Rural Hall store, and under some confusion the assistant manager looked up to see that my phone number was listed under someone else’s name, which was the reason I was not receiving my points somebody else was so for about a year or year and a half I didn’t receive my points, especially the ones that I put in with using my phone number I did receive the points put in using my cell phone . So I haven’t had a very great experience with your app since speaking with the assistant manager at Rural Hall that has been fixed and now whether I use my phone number or use my phone I get my points, so I am thankful to him for taking care of that but I’m disappointed that for all the other time I did not receive points I was due.
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2 years ago, Boogie Housecoat
Wasn’t the slice of pie like I thought it would be
While I must say the navigation is a nightmare, I dairy say that the whole user experience was quite squash. In a pickle, I tried to use the app to find the location of fiber powder but it soured my taste when I had to sign up just to see the products at my store. Then it buttered my buns when, after signing up and typing in the product, the product images of fiber would not load and clicking each fiber selection did not load a product page. Basically, pie in the face, if you will. To get a general idea of location, I mashed every item to add to a list I dubbed Fiber. Relishing in the fact I hacked the system I grabbed my fiber. On the donut hole, I think there is work to be done. Haven't lost a customer as the stores are fantastic but, also, Kroger is more interested in selling half filled products at full price and I'm pretty sure Walmart + is just letting us know it's positive for 73% of covid outbreaks. Looking forward to new updates.
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1 year ago, hhinton98
Buggy, Unorganized, Missing Information
I cannot stand this app. It looks awful, it crashes constantly, and I don’t think I’ve been able to view a weekly sales ad for the entirety of 2023. The app just refuses to load the ad and trying to force it to load by exiting and re-entering that part of the app only crashes the entire app. But even when I could still view the sales, there would never be enough information on the items that were for sale. For example, one week I see “Canada Dry products, select varieties,” and when I click on the “?” I would hope to see even a short list of what sodas are in the “select varieties” but there’s nothing additional found under that info tab. And the fact that any item that isn’t on sale doesn’t have a price? Just lazy. I would love for them to fix this app since Food Lion is the only grocery store in a 15 mile radius from me, but based on the way they treat employees in their stores, I don’t think they’re paying their app development team anything close to enough to create a decent app.
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1 year ago, E-log Wannabe
Food Lion 6/23 Release
Developers use desktop computers running mobile device emulators, on huge screens. They often ignore the fact that customers will be viewing the app on a 3” x 4” handheld. Vision impaired customers such as myself are angry with developers who would disable the internal gyroscope, thus blocking the Landscape view of the content. Shame on you! This app is either competing with the competition or copying from them, I haven’t decided. Coupons are discounts on items nobody needs or wants. Therefore they should not be forward facing in the app. Priority should be on products in retail locations. I plan my meals around items in the weekly flyer, which is now banned to a small button in the App. This is the sort of disappointing work that occurs when you allow your marketing department to decide what customers want instead of asking your customers. Thumb down.
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12 months ago, YourNameHere____x____
Search does not work at all now
Your latest update is going to lose you so much money, nice job. When I search for Kraft Tartar sauce, only FL Tartar Sauce is shown, when I search for Louisiana Tartar Sauce, only Food Lion Tartar Sauce is shown., When I search for any Tartar Sauce, only, and maybe two are shown. Of course those two Tartar Sauces are no where near each other on the search screen. They amongst Ketchup, and mayo, and mustard, and seafood bake. See where I’m going here. Same exact thing happens in Instacart when I attempt to shop for a delivery within Food Lion in Instacart. Last week I could shop. This week, you have managed to break your search function so any company like Instacart is fed a broken search function, that you are using within your Food Lion app also.
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12 months ago, Ponce de Leon
Love Food Lion
This is a store that supports families who need to work within a budget yet still offers quality and value. I am glad that I started shopping here. The online application is user friendly and does not require you to select all the savings coupons in advance of your shopping experience. It is a rare occasion when I have not been giving the savings advertised unlike other stores in my area. Candidly unless absolutely necessary I avoid the popular name brand stores for this specific reason. Give your customers the discounts and stop requiring me to select and load them on the application prior to check out.
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1 year ago, maddluvvv
THANK YOU for finally updating this app!!!! I use the Food Lion app every weekend to prep for my weekly meals and have been overall so dissatisfied with the overall user experience of the app, but it did what it needed to do for the most part. Logged in today (June 4, 2023) and was so pleasantly surprised to see you guys completely redid the app. So much faster, less clunky, and just a seamless experience. Shout out to your UX team for the little delighters, like clearly stating how long the weekly ad is valid for and making it so that I can instantly view the coupon I just activated. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this a more friendly app 🙏🏻
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3 weeks ago, DaPonderer
Best User-Friendly App
I have utilized many grocers apps because of my ministry in feeding large groups of people, preparing food to feed mission teams, etc.. So many of the apps are frustrating because of ridiculous hassles for sign up & sign in, they don’t post prices, they have no way to locate specific items needed…the list goes on. Your app is clean, efficient, and gives me exactly the info I need at any time to make the best grocery buys and decisions. Hats off to your app creator for a job well done! Nice to see one that works as they ALL should! Congrats & thank you for a job well done! I appreciate it so much & it makes me happy to shop with Food Lion.
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2 months ago, Debbie Dugas
Friendliest Store in Town
I really enjoyed my first trip to Food Lion, you see I am from Texas and just recently moved here. The only store I knew of was Walmart and after one too many bad experiences there I searched for a new store. My husband , a native Tennessean suggested his Mothers favorite store, Food Lion. I can certainly see why. I received nothing but smiles and help the whole time I was there. What a difference! Thank you Food Lion you are my new Best Friend! I was helped out with my groceries and warmly wished a good day. The prices are also so much better than anywhere else including Food City. Thank You for running a family friendly Store!
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6 months ago, Bobsstuff3
Don’t change nothing
That describes it all. So many stores are cutting employees causing over worked employees, that’s causing hateful employees! Food lion is a great store and employees are fantastic please don’t screw that up with self check out!!! It’s bad for everyone! Ps. I have boycotted Walmart, and I’m one step away from boycotting Lowes due to them doing away with cashiers and trying to use self check out which is horrible. The stores are getting stolen from high scale and the employees are hateful because they are overworked. These stores will crumble eventually don’t let Food Lion be one of them leave it alone. Keep it as you got it it works you making money it’s great don’t mess with it.!!!! thank you
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1 year ago, Alccen
New App
I’ve been unable to open this new app after multiple attempts. The old app was beyond disappointing, but I love Food Lions Organic products so I would make sure I had 30 minutes+ just to place an order. I do not understand why this has to be so challenging for Food Lion to get right. I have no other issues with other grocery store apps being customer friendly, not forcing you to constantly have to re-open if you answer a call while using it, having to toggle back and forth to stay in the “pick up/delivery” column and not shop in store column…to name just a few! Other grocery store apps make ordering as easy on the customer as possible. My IT SIL says he refuses to use this app anymore because it is so frustrating. It’s 2023 Food Lion, if you are going to provide an app for customers to use, you must do a better job!!!
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5 months ago, gg's
With all the new renovations except the self outs which I don’t care for. I would rather a person who is an employee do it. It gives it a more personal touch and experience. They are very friendly and helpful. The new organization has made it easier to shop at the Lion. It’s very clean and does not have that grocery rotten smell like some other stores have. The other thing is some people like my self now a widow need some foods and meats packed for one. One steak. One or two chops etc. that would surely help when a fixed income.. otherwise you have a wonderful store.
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3 months ago, Ladyddancer
I'm getting tired of continuing issues with your App where I'm ordering for pick up and neither the coupon nor my earned rewards are being taken off the total. If the App doesn't do it, the store won't either. I've tried sending notes with products ordered, and text messages when the Shopper is gathering my order, yet no one pays attention to any of it. What good does it do to have those features but no one pays them any attention. I've also had repeated issues with the App not reflecting the sales ad price, MANY TIMES. I've tried contacting FL through your App and help functions and nothing is ever done. I'm about ready to kick FL to the curb due to all the problems and frustrations, and go back to Kroger. At least they ask when groceries are picked up! FL, DO BETTER!!!
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2 years ago, kecoup
Rate Pulaski food lion
Very good employees working in Pulaski va . The only problem is sales from previous week still up. I like that there are plenty check out stations open and you don’t have to wait long. I like that if there is something charged wrong you get a refund back to the customer quickly and don’t make a customer feel like an inconvenience . I especially like the produce department -so clean -stocked and organized with correct prices listed for a small space.
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3 years ago, Flowalsh
Not accessible for the blind.
It would be really great if your company worked on this application for those of us who are blind, it's very difficult to navigate the application when you're blind, I signed up to get a card mailed to me, because the image I cannot see and it won't tell me what my number is. In my opinion I think all applications should be ADA compliant as well as store when I can get to a Food Lion store the ADA says they have to have somebody help me do my grocery shopping. I will give it a try going to the store to do my grocery shopping, if I find they are not ADA compliant, I will have no choice but to call the ADA. Those of us who are disabled have the same rights as people who are not.
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2 years ago, Alona Mae
Stores aren’t bad. Customer service stinks with the app.
When the app is working, it’s great. When it doesn’t, I’ve emailed and sent messages on messenger and gotten rude responses in that I feel like I’m treated as an idiot. My app doesn’t work because it won’t let me log in no matter how many times I’ve tried resetting the password, deleting and reinstalling the app, clearing the cookies, etc… When I asked the company about it, they act as though it’s my fault when I contacted them. Instead of trying to fix it, they just tell me there’s nothing they can do, essentially that it’s not their problem, but rather mine, and to log in online to my account instead of being able to use the “convenience” of the app. As much money as they make, they should have better customer support.
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9 months ago, 5654432ok
Search for stores
I use an iPad that is about a year old so I am using current technology. I like using the app for the most part, the item search is pretty decent. The app is glitchy though. It’s constantly crashing even when I have no other programs running. Then when I re-start it and re-log in, my cart items aren’t always there and I have to start over. That’s pretty annoying. The worst part is I can’t change my store. The app always defaults to a store in NC. I live about 5 hours from NC. There are at least 3 Food Lions within 25 miles of my home. They don’t all carry the same things so some days I shop at one and later in the week, a different one. When I try to change my store for In Store shopping and it says there are no stores near me. I even put in big cities just to see if I’m doing something wrong and zilch. I’m NOT turning on “use your location” because it’s not Food Lion’s business where I am. Ever. I triple check my spelling, or maybe it’s case sensitive, but nope. Y’all are making this way too hard.
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1 year ago, DB_Durham
App is OK but missing key feature
I like the Food Lion app and it is somewhat convenient but what I would like to see are prices of items. When I scan or search for something I’d like to know how much it’s going to cost. With inflation at an unprecedented high right now, it’d be nice to know what the expected cost will be if I purchase something from my local Food Lion before I head out. I’d also like for it to automatically log me in when I open the app. It’s a bit annoying to have to access login ID and password from Passwords every time I want to log in. Otherwise, I do like the app. It’s sometimes quite slow but not annoyingly so.
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2 years ago, Billykid4
Needs major overhaul
I have experienced numerous bugs in this app almost from the start. But, things are considerably worse. CONSTANTLY having to sign in, make lists and update coupons, etc. at home and get to the store to find no list. Got an email from Food Lion saying they found a purchased item that was not credited to my rewards so they did it for me…! I finally decided to delete the app and just ise the online site which caused other issues like constant sign-ins. Really? When my name comes up on the home page? I have to sign in to see my list or coupons? A 5 year old could do better internet tech. I gave it a two because it sort of works occasionally.
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7 months ago, Troutn2
Not Quite Primetime
It has a ways to go-select from the app doesn’t always show the promised discount at checkout. The individual store doesn’t always have the weekly “deal” programmed into their computer. When I get home and check my receipt, the discounts aren’t on it. I’ve started checking my receipts before I leave the store. Just another annoyance. Addendum: The coupons I receive by email don’t always load in transferring to the FL app. The coupon view has a seemingly infinitesimal length with no scrolling indicator of one’s proximity along the span of coupons. (Am I in the top third of the list or the middle or where exactly…?)
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2 years ago, nailenandearl
Food lion Edgemere Maryland
Today was great, a soda spilled on floor , 2 cashiers watching and I assumed the front end manager was cleaning. I asked about cashiers and she said can’t have too much staff. Why were cashiers watching and not opening up another line, there was one register open and 2 watching, unreal! Don’t wanna just be negative but that store is going down hill. Meats; look good on top, get them home turn over all fat or brown, steaks are cut wrong= fat lines all through and grisly fat under. A lot of outs… scan them 0 down then order will come. Never see scanning. Deli… I know. There are cake, bread, meat etc.. but when you have 5-8 people waiting and 1 person cutting that’s a problem. Or you get to hear all their life stories, hung over and cracking up…HELLO were here!!!!
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2 years ago, frustratedKateinVA
App freezes constantly - no longer worth using.
The Food Lion app worked great until the past few months. Then after downloading a few of the coupons it freezes. Nothing works once it freezes. The only recourse is to delete and reload. But now even that no longer works. I mentioned using the app to an employee at my local Food Lion, but he says he never used the app because it froze. Now I understand what he meant. It started when I had the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max. Even on my apple iPhone 13 Pro Max it does it constantly. The app is a non-user.
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1 year ago, Soupy00711
Food Lion App Review
Thanks for telling us nothing about an update. Don’t ask at the beginning of using an app or website how we like it. We haven’t even got to look at anything let alone navigate through anything. I hope the search for items is easier. For the longest time Food Lion’s app didn’t work right at all. It wouldn’t download. Please QUIT showing buy one get one free without a price. Put prices on everything. I do but I don’t like walking in the store and finding more sales items than listed in the flyer. I set my limit and take my money only to find other things. Your parking lot needs to have the curbside parking further away from the store. The employees are getting paid to deliver groceries 60 seconds longer to get to a vehicle and 60 seconds back ain’t taking them away doing a job. With Handicapped parking and curbside pickup parking you’ve moved other customers 30 yards back from the store. Your actually getting the JERKS parking in handicap parking and women with children parking spots. It should be PARENTS/PEOPLE with children. Same responsibility same SAFETY reasons for it.
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3 years ago, Xxvix3nxX
Shop & Earn
I’ve been using this App for a long while. I’m noticing that my earnings for the Shop & Earn feature are not loading. I’ve called customer service and they of course they see my purchases on my account. They are putting a request to have a specific department go over my account and add what I’ve earned in manually. I spend a lot of money with Food Lion so not being able to use my points that I’ve earned is unacceptable. I also noticed the app hasn’t had any updates in over a month. I sure hope it’s not due to lack of updates of the app and why my Earnings haven’t shown up!
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2 years ago, mrsmahon1025
Needs update
I love the app and have used it for 2 years now and up until about 2 weeks ago everything seemed to be normal and then now every time I open the app it takes me to a pop up web page and every coupon I click on to add takes time to a pop up web page. I just closed out 60 pop up web pages that this has created and it is starting to get annoying. Also, my year to date savings stopped showing up when this started happening. Other than that this app is great!
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1 year ago, StephLig
Invalid Phone Number
I downloaded this app with so much excitement when I found out about and it and was not able to even set it up. I have been an mvp member for years now and tried to set it up with y current mvp card. I get to the screen “verify your phone number” I type it in and it says “enter a valid phone number” so the cashier told me maybe I set it up years ago with a different number. I attempt to set it up as I need a new mvp card. Again, I get to the phone number, type it in and get the same “enter a valid phone number.” Idk how much more valid my phone number could be. I’m very disappointed. And everytime I call customer service I get “we’re sorry, our office is currently closed.” 🙄
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7 months ago, !&$@
Buggy at best
The main features of this app are the shop and earn plus the ability to digitally clip coupons. My experience has been that both features only work part of the time. Coupons clipped might get applied about 50% off the time, even though you get the exact item shown on the coupon. The shop and earn is a bit better with probably a 75% success rate of working. It seems that for some grocery categories you shouldn’t bother within the first week of the month trying to earn rewards. It’s random though, so no way to know which one won’t work until you just don’t get credit.
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2 years ago, David Lumpkin
Doesn’t work
Today I received your ad and went through on the app, clicking on save to list. Then could not find the list. One point had a button to click for “list” but it just brought me to your ad. I went to the store later and intended to ask an employee for help, but there was no internet service available, although you have a “guest Wi_Fi” I tried to connect, but it never went through (5 minutes). I left the store with nothing as I didn’t remember the items I had chosen and you did not have a main item on my list. Had to return to Ingles to do my shopping. I’m a recent retire programmer professional and can say your app needs a pro designing and building it.
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1 year ago, User female
Thank you finally for bringing this app to 2023! It’s so easy to search to see if you have a product with images displayed clearly and it’s so easy to add to your shopping list. I also love that you can sort your shopping list by aisle too! Only thing I’d like in a future update is the ability to left swipe to delete a shopping list item or when you check it off, it gets removed to a different section.
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2 years ago, 00""$&8
What is wrong with your app???
I downloaded both the food Lion app AND the food Lion to go app. I registered for the mvp card and received my mvp number. I was ready to shop. I signed in, entered a to go order, went to cart, entered payment info, and hit place order. To my surprise a message “Error: account deactivated “ showed up at the top of a separate page. I tried the process again with the same failed results. I received an email that my order was canceled which is odd since I never even got to place it. My credit card was charged and then refunded as well. What is wrong with your app developers? High school kids in their parents basement could do better web development. Food Lion just lost a customer.
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7 months ago, Tssk9959
I received coupons in the mail for creating a digital account
When I tried to create the digital account, it merged mine and my adult daughter’s account, making it a mess. When I tried to change the information, it would not let me save it and kept saying there was an error. Then I tried to delete the account and create another one, and it won’t let me do that either. I’ve literally wasted an hour trying to create a digital account and now I don’t know if I have any MVP cards assigned to my phone number or my daughters! The whole thing happened because they sent me coupons and offers that were actually under my daughters account who does not even live here anymore.
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1 year ago, K. unhappy mom
Not able to update
I’m trying to update the app on my phone, but for some reason I can’t. I’m not sure if it’s me or there is a technical error. I even deleted the app and downloaded it again and I’m still getting the a pop window that says to update the app. I’m not sure what else to do so I’m letting y’all know in hopes it can be fixed. Also, it would be nice for the app to have a way to scan your items as you shop. Dollar General’s app is a really good example. When you scan the product matching coupons will show up and you have an idea of what your total will be.
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11 months ago, murphyzp
Issue with the list functions
I’m giving the app a poor rating for one flawed function- if fixed & is functional, I’ll revise with a stronger review. I spent about 20 minutes using the “add to list” function when browsing the weekly ad, only to realize that it did nothing. I spent another 20 minutes troubleshooting, but everything I added to the list was nowhere to be found. When revisiting the weekly ad, the items are showing still on my list. But where is the list? It’s not under the “lists” section. Other than that it’s a well built app.
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3 years ago, Kris4christ2
I don’t shop here because it’s too far, but once in a while they have something specific that the other stores don’t carry. SO on this App, i did a Search for items.. It Doesnt Show You the Price?? And, You Can’t Click the Item for Any Details to make sure it’s the item you’re looking for?? You cant make the picture bigger.. All you can do is “Add to List.” Such Basic Functions that are missing!! The best you can do is Download the Food Lion TO GO App - which is also ridiculous that they couldn’t combine the two functions like other stores’s apps... However, checking the prices this way will only work if your store has Pickup capability, which mine Does Not! So yea, a waste of time for me.
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7 months ago, LoveSiic
No Food Coupons
Ever since the big app revamp, the number of food coupons as declined. It was a lot from the beginning but over time there are virtually none. It’s crazy there are virtually no food coupons on the app now. There used to be TONS before the major app updates. Now there’s only household and personal hygiene items. This is FOOD Lion. Why aren’t there FOOD COUPONS on the app? I specifically shopped here because I could use the food coupons that were on the app. Guess I’ll be switching to Walmart or somewhere else….food is too expensive not to be able to use app coupons for food. I rarely buy household goods at a grocery store. And I expect a grocery store to be FOOD focused. Please fix asap.
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3 years ago, App Sinks Out Loud
App Feedback
Food Lion really needs to get their act together with this App. Use Kroger’s as a model. It’s ridiculous to have to switch between website & ToGo app to see sales ads & get coupons. ToGo app needs work too. Who orders fruit & vegs by pound? Why can’t I order by unit: 2 tomatoes, 6 bananas, etc... How do I know the weight of what I want? Additionally, there is no way to include comments to further describe what’s wanted, ex: 6 to 8 bananas in a bunch slightly green. There is also no easy process to use paper coupons when picking up an order such as a hand held scanner to reimburse/give credit. One has to go into the store & deal with customer service which defeats the purpose of pick up orders. I had even been told I couldn’t use coupons with pick up orders - seriously?! These are all features offered by Kroger. I want to shop Food Lion because of the close proximity to my house, the quality of products & great people. But, frankly, the app deters it as my shopping store of choice.
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9 months ago, mrrobinson0409
Coupon Selection
The only nitpick I have about the app is when you select the coupons. I wish it was set where the coupons automatically disappear to the bottom of the list or to a ‘Clipped’ category instead of scrolling through the whole list. An easier option would be to have a ‘Select All’ function so you can get all the deals and not miss out on any.
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3 years ago, wrj0
Requires Internet
Please update this app so one's customer barcode can be accessed without requiring internet access. Too often, when in a store, I’m unable to log into the app inside the store, due to the building’s metal shielding. The app requires one to login to the Food Lion account before the customer account card barcode can be presented to the cashier. All to often, this is not possible inside the store. Frustrating! Also consider adding the ability to add the customer card’s to the Apple Wallet which will eliminate having to access Internet.
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3 weeks ago, OnlineShopper24
We love the app, easy to use and super helpful. In using the app, we do use the list function, however we generally shop online. And in using the list function there is no way to import those items straight to your cart, and while you can add a few select things after you’ve checked out most of the times what I’m wanting to add from my list after having bought and realized it was forgotten isn’t even given as an option.
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2 years ago, mklscott@buxton
Wasting time, hidden buttons, not enough info
I’m of average intelligence and remain partly to mostly baffled most of the time while using the Food Lion ap. Why does my password disappear as I type it? I can’t read some of the items in the sale list, so I select them to make them bigger to read, but when I decide I don’t want it, it is very hard to clear my screen and get back to the list. When I do finally get back, it starts at the top again and I must scroll down (more each time) and try to find something I recognize. It’s a time thief. Why not just give us good prices all the time and skip all the games and time gobblers. Very frustrating.
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3 days ago, Laura Ingalla the First
What happened?
I used this app all the time and loved it. Today I was getting ready to go to the store to do my weekly shopping, and my shopping list, which I have been working on all week, has disappeared. When I search for the individual items, they are checked off, but my list is blank. It happened again! This is frustrating because now I have to try to remember everything I had on my list and hand write it, plus I won’t have the location help while I’m shopping. I love the app - when it’s working.
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5 months ago, Yerfdogmij
A Blessing
I am a the caregiver for my wife who cannot be left alone for more than a few minutes at a time. Your App and pick up service is nothing short of a miracle for us. I can shop at my leisure and build my list adding items that are needed as they come to mind. No hurries. No worries. Your store shopper maintains excellent communication with me while filling my order and I am content to know that I will have no surprises or problems.
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11 months ago, freedoms m
I’m Love Again !
Dear Food Lion, I certainly appreciate how clean the stores are and how friendly most of your store employees are. Thank you for keeping stock of the items that are featured in the advertisement ads each week. But most of all I enjoy the BOGO free version of the sale’s. With the high prices rising continuously , you’ve managed to reward your customers with a bonus deal each time. Keep up the good work and stay on top.
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2 years ago, TrumpIsYourPresident2020
Sucked before, now completely unusable!
I started the app today to add something to my shopping list. After logging in, I get a screen that says they have updated the app and I must update to the new version to use it. I tap the “Update Now” button, and the AppStore opens to the Food Lion app. There odd no option to Update, the only choice is “Open”. So when I tap “Open”, I get the splash screen and login again, followed by the notice that I must update the app to use it. The app was marginally useful before, but this update has made it completely useless. Development team: Please check out the Lowes Foods, Harris Teeter, or Publix apps. They all work MUCH better than this dog!
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2 years ago, esyork
Can’t log in for years
I have been trying for YEARS to log into this app. I have reset my password multiple times. I have deleted and reinstalled the app multiple times. I always get the same error that my email/password combo is incorrect. I am able to log into my account online and on the Food Lion To Go app using the same credentials. I have reported this over and over again. While reading reviews, I see that others have had very similar experiences. I’ll try again in a year. Maybe by then, a decent programmer will have been hired that can fix this issue. In the meantime, I will continue to use the Walmart and Kroger apps. They work great.
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3 years ago, Deception? Fraud?
Least intuitive least informative app on my iPhone
Search for a product. You may not be familiar with this product. I can promise you, this app will in no way assure you that you have found the correct product. A blank box to the left as a photo. A name on the right and nothing clickable. You may add to list. Go to list and see the exact same mysterious few lines of non-Info. In this time, or any time, it’s nice to know if the place you plan to go pick up your regular items has something new in stock. Who has time or virus immunity to travel all over town? Certainly not me.
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1 year ago, barhur
NO substitutions is not an option
This is a terrible app. First it doesn’t list a lot of the in stock items that are in-store and it shows many items that are out of stock. I can never view my orders. when I click it I have to sign in (AGAIN) then it just spins and spins… Last and definitely not least, there is no way to choose a NO SUBSTITUTIONS option. I’m tired of them sneaking in inferior Food Lion brand products and not paying attention when they l text me regarding subscriptions. I’ll say no Dawn Ultra please, only Dawn original and the shopper still gave me a bottle of Ultra! I hate Food Lion and their stupid app. Can’t wait for the Shoppers to open next door to FL next month!
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2 years ago, Ash2285
Shop and Earn
I downloaded this app to score on the awesome shop and earn Food Lion has to offer, but it seems more times than not it does not load to my app so it does not load to my card either. I spent $153 on July 4th with tons of shop and earn items. Not one loaded to my app. I thought maybe my app was not up to date, but it is. I’m extremely disappointed. Update, this app is still crap and will not work on any of my devices. It just shows a blank screen. If the app doesn’t work on older model phones and tablets they should say so. I guess poor folks who can’t afford fancy phones can’t partake in the savings they need. Zero stars- do not recommend.
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