2.6 (40)
7.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Foodland Super Market, Ltd.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Foodland

2.63 out of 5
40 Ratings
1 year ago, Jul'z :)
Unable to Shop for Groceries
There is no weekly ads to view or cannot shop for groceries. Only can pick your home store and see your Maikaʻi card and Rewards. Will you add Online shopping for groceries and Delivery or Curbside pick up to this app ?
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1 month ago, AlohaEmma808
Great, but needs improvement
Come to think of it after working there the app is pretty empty meaning there’s no way to scan for product bar codes to check the prices if they are correctly Marked as advertised, an you can’t even find what is on sale like a regular supermarket advertisement. Please fix this and add when you can come for an online pick up order and how to place a online pick up order would be very appreciated and would be very helpful for both customers and employees who have to do their pick up orders.
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3 years ago, keleka808
Crappy app
Says look at the weekly ad, but there isn't any on the app! All there is is rewards, settings, recipes, store locator and your barcode for maikai card! And then online I try to make a list but not all stores are available! Just making a list not wanting to order for pick-up or delivery! How can kahului Foodland not be there on the website?????
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3 years ago, ChaBooBa
Won’t connect to server
Downloaded so I could get a card via app, as instructed on the website. While I can login, it constitui say it’s unable to connect to server when requesting a card. Fail. Apps kinda useless without a card. Signing up in store is what I was trying to avoid. And why can’t I request a maikai card on the regular Foodland website? Fail #2
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2 years ago, MNaitoDesigns
Can’t link my maikai card.
I keep getting 2 error messages. Either the first name is not correct (it is the only name linked to that account) or it can’t connect to the server. Isn’t the main point of this app to be able to link your maika’i card and get discounts and reward points??
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6 years ago, Lila19
Keeps disappearing
Would be nice, if it worked. But it does not. Even sending this review took me 10 minutes. Not worth the hassle.
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7 months ago, tako529
App not working right
Points expire after 6 months, but you are not able to see how many points are going to expire, on my mobile device. Only works on laptop or desktops
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2 years ago, Tipsam
I got this because…???
I got this app hoping it would be like other shopping apps where you can clip coupons, see what’s in-store, compare prices. Can’t do any of that here. Don’t waste your time.
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1 year ago, Kiwini S
Useless app !! It won’t even accept my phone number to log in cause it states “invalid phone number”
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2 years ago, Ninja@Night
Please add more options
Other than using it for a digital card, the app’s pretty much useless. Suggestions to add to app: View the weekly ad Shop online through the app for pickup Create a shopping list and favorites The Target app is a good example to follow.
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2 years ago, Side808
Can’t redeem points
Can’t redeem any points…
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3 years ago, DPerk
Weekly ads
Where are the weekly ads
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2 years ago, waiting review
Message from Aloha boy
I Agee that your app is useless Checkout Safeways app Help your shoppers shop
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5 years ago, Elvis mom
Would have been a nice app if it works like how it’s supposed to. The app always tells me that “Internet seems to be offline”, so it wont work. At first I thought it was bad connection, but every time the same thing happened, especially when I’m in the store. Got a free turkey reward but when I got to the checkout, the reward wouldn’t load. I had to tell the cashier to put it on the side while I go out to get a better signal. I walked out in the parking lot and even further out, my LTE signal was strong, I could text and call and internet didn’t seem to have any problem. But the app still told me that I was offline. After about 20 minutes, I logged in to a free WiFi from a coffee shop and ran back to the cashier within 3 minutes, just in time for her to scan the reward. Though I got the turkey after all, it was a very frustrating experience, I must say.
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10 years ago, DJ Yung Vibe
Hawaii getting it!!
It's always great to see some of Hawaii businesses jumping on the mobile market. Good job Foodland for creating an app that allows users to shop for their produce, products, creating a shopping list, and also the ability to check out using their card through the mobile app. What I would suggest is, making it possible to imported our Foodland card into Passbook. That way when we arrived at the location of a favorite Foodland Store, much like the Starbucks app, it will pull up our card right from the lock screen. Keep up the great work!
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10 years ago, theHOUSE
Works perfectly! Makes my shopping much easier!
Linked up my Maikai card smoothly and am now signed up for digital rewards too. Who needs a plastic card and paper rewards anymore?! Way easier to use in store. My favorite feature is the ability to scan and check the in store prices! AWESOME SAUCE!
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10 years ago, At143
Convenient, but beware of digital rewards!
Works great for making shopping lists and checking sale items. App crashed when trying to claim multiple rewards during a Hawaiian Miles promo, though, and the rewards disappeared, unclaimed, after that. I've changed my settings back to printed reward certificates instead.
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6 years ago, LKCPK
What happened?!!
Today I opened my app to scan "My Card" like I normally do at check out, and it wasn't there. It asked me to enter my first name, telephone our membership #. No matter what I tried there was an error message. Good thing I still carried my membership key tag with me. I went home to log into my account from the website and all looks good, but my added points won't show up till after midnight so I'll need to check tomorrow. Fix the app please.
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10 years ago, Joon Kim
Easy to use and very helpful!
I really like the shopping list and how easy it is to email it off. The digital Maika`i Card is so convenient and it's one less card I have to bring in my wallet. Good job Team Foodland!
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4 years ago, VCarlson
What happened to the shopping list?
One of the parts of the app I used most often was the shopping list, and now it’s disappeared! Sure, I can go back to making lists in a text app, but the ability to select & trash an item once I’d picked it up was nice. Also, the predictive text helped.
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4 years ago, lizhuwei
Dark mode for Members card again PLEASE!!
Aloha, I love the way the previous mode was before this change where you can click the dark mode the members card looked real nice!! Please bring it back on the next update!! Mahalo - Jade
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4 years ago, Zackk81
App doesn’t work
This app used to work before but now it won’t let me log in or connect to my phone number!! Disappointing I can’t use my rewards now. Tried erasing the app and reloading same problem. Went online to change password also, returned to app same issue. You guys need to work on this!! Very disappointing. Think I’m going to times instead now 🤷‍♂️
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10 years ago, miss kainoa
I love that the app stores my maika'i rewards digitally so that I can save it for a really good sale! Also, the tech support team was very helpful whenever I had any questions or concerns.
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10 years ago, Stlee2500
Great app!!! Now can check weekly ad, and my reward points anytime anyplace. The scan option is a neat feature addition as well
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4 years ago, 923snipe
No shopping list and no ability to online shop. Still forces you to use the web browser based shopping for curbside pickups. Doesn’t even list Maika’i number so you can put it in the browser account. Basically it is your card on your phone and the sales circular. Should be so much more.
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10 years ago, Kaleo51
Great and convenient!
Very useful! Has the current ads and my Maikai card ready to scan (very similar to the Starbucks app).
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6 years ago, islesunshine
Rewards Lost
I lost a Reward Certificate because there were no instructions on how to redeem it. When I opened the reward, it gave a few minutes to redeem it. When the cashier scanned the item, I closed the reward, not knowing that she was supposed to scan my phone too. No its lost and I can’t get it back.
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4 years ago, fuzzythecat
New updated app
The Shopping List was deleted and replaced by Recipes. I already found a Shopping List app. You need ISO 13.3 to get to the Home page. What happens if subscribers do not have 13.3? I have ISO 12.4.4 I can’t get to the home, stores and recipes. So for me this app is only good for my Mai’kai Card I’m disappointed. How many subscribers will use the Recipe Link?
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10 years ago, Hawaii rippa
Not worth the space on my phone
This app is terrible and does not function properly. Tried to link my card to it and it says the email is linked to a different email. Tried to contact customer service and got no response. Waste of time and phone memory.
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4 years ago, TAML09
Won’t work
I see you updated the app. Went to open it to see the sales for this week and it tells me I don’t have a home store. So I went to settings to setup my home store and the app just closes. Tried several times. Also deleted the app and reloaded and get the same thing. 😕
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10 years ago, palmtreezswayin
Very convenient! Thanks, Foodland!
From tracking your balance to knowing the weekly deals, it's a great app that Foodland created.
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4 years ago, bmelz85
My rewards
It shows I have 7 rewards and when I select it it doesn’t show up and it’s been refreshing for almost 10 minutes now I even uninstalled the app and re installed it again and same thing 😤
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8 years ago, HisRoyalDanknessMMXX
Make It Happen
Let my Maikai card be compatible with Apple Wallet and you'll earn that 5th star. Other than that, this app is bomb!
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10 years ago, Nambongki
I wish this app had pictures of the products in the weekly ad
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10 years ago, Ewa Beach Girl
App Review
Love this app. Very convenient to see what's on sale and prep for my monthly and weekly family meals!!!!
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4 years ago, Kjfnst
Almost getting there. Need Wallet support
Love it. But It needs Apple Wallet support for Foodland Membership card. Please and thank you.
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4 years ago, bkgdr808
Dead app
Unfortunately this app is useless. I can't login through the app, signing in through the website is only way in can get in. I no longer have access to my maika'i rewards.
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9 years ago, Objective review # 39
Bug in the APP
Unable to login to the app with my username and password. States that what I am entering is incorrect. Meanwhile......logging onto the foodland website on mobile device and laptop with my username and password - no problem! Pls fix the bug programmers......Safeway app has got it right with the shopper experience......Foodland has not (yet) got it right. Mahalo .
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10 years ago, BalaCDO
Can't even sign up
Tried to create an account but it says my email is already registered? I tried "forgot password" but it's not working either. Fix it.
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5 years ago, [email protected]
Wish I could give this app zero star!
Most frustrating app to use. Can’t even link my maika’i card to my Hawaiian miles. Don’t work. Don’t waste your time.
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10 years ago, Hina's
App doesn't even work
Says email already registered. I've never put my email in. They need to get this app working before releasing it. Fail!!
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10 years ago, Beej808
Please add Passbook feature
The only way I would find this app useful is if they allowed the Maikai card to be added to Passbook.
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4 years ago, JoAnnBalloons
Where’s my shopping list? And the weekly ad doesn’t load anymore. Some fix.
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10 years ago, ninjae_
Boo! I thought this app would have recipes from the website. It does not. Once they add that feature, I'll re-download it.
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5 years ago, Pt0616
It doesn’t work
The app is not working , wasting time. Someone do something 😤
Show more
5 years ago, camev10
Never works.
Literally, never.
Show more
3 years ago, Shlgo
Needs a lot of work
I can use my email online but when I tried using it in app account not found. So frustrating. I can’t shop online in the app, I have to go to to to place order for pickup. No weekly ad either. What’s the point of the app?
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