Foods Co

4.5 (279)
245.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
The Kroger Co.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
15.2 or later
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User Reviews for Foods Co

4.51 out of 5
279 Ratings
10 years ago, Lylyluvda916
This app is perfect. It's easy to manage shopping lists, coupons, and weekly ads are easy to keep track of.
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9 months ago, JenMamaCali
New update is terrible
New update made the app unusable. I can’t click on items on the weekly sale ad to place in my shopping cart and so I have to search for them. After clipping a coupon you can’t place the coupon items in your shopping cart right there and then either, nor does it tell you which of the eligible items are in stock like they did before. So, after clipping, you have to hunt for the eligible item and go back and forth between coupon folder and item to double check what the eligible size is. Huge inconvenience. It’s like, we’ll give you stuff on sale and coupons, but we will make it hard to find them and actually get to use them. I wish I kept the old, so much easier to use version.
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11 months ago, Estela Gonzales
Digital coupons
I purchased items that were on the digital app. I went back later on to purchase more, before the ad was over. I was not able to use the digital coupon? (Because I had already purchased the item)The app. was letting me know that the sale was going to be over in so many days, ( so my thought : it’s letting me know to get more before the sale is over)If I took the time to download this app. In order to save money, why wouldn’t I be able to purchase more than just 1 time on a sale item. Why should I try to make a fake email in order to get a sale item? (As suggested by one of your associates). I’m not happy with how you have this App set up!!!!
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5 years ago, Pappazippy
Latest update
I’m not sure if the people who wrote this app uses it. When I would select the weekly ad there would be an icon named categorized. I could easily go to say “produce” and see exactly what I’m looking for. Same with meats. But that option is now gone. I don’t want to fumble around in a pic I have to scan and figure out where something is at. Bring back categories, also if it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it. Thinking the app in improved is actually making it harder for some people.
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8 months ago, luvzchoc
Unable to use app
I had used the app for years with no problems until the most recent update a couple months ago! Now I can’t log into the app not even after resetting my password! Instead I have to go to the website and even there I have to reset my password every time! So frustrating! I’ve contacted customer service and they send me a link but I still have same issues! Someone needs to look into the bugs and get them fixed!
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5 years ago, EllisaV
App is broken
App is broken after the latest update. It is stuck in a perpetual loop of wanting to find my store location. I have a foodsco in town and one in the next town over, but no foodsco stores even show up. When clicking on another store (Ralph’s over 30 miles away), it directs me to download the Kroger app. When trying to cancel to exit this screen, it does not let me. The cancel button only makes it reload the same prompt to find the closest store.
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2 years ago, cardoza_93
Review you order before they deliver
Who ever is picking the order can substitute any iteam and add any items they want. My last order they added a bottle of alcohol for themselves. This isn’t the first time this has happened, this is just the first time they have bought alcohol. Other times it is something small like a drink or some food for themselves. So they are pretty much stealing from me and they are getting away with it.
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2 years ago, Buddy&Chato
Website and app never work
No matter what time or when i check the website it never works i click on a specific category to search for items and it’s always a problem and it never loads and i decided to download the app to see if the website was the problem bug no still doesn't work i cant add my location or stuff isn’t loading
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6 years ago, deerelad
No signal in store
I like this app for the most part. I like being able to add coupons to my card. The only problem is is that something inside the store is block my cell signal and makes the app almost useless. So much so that I cannot check my shopping list.
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1 month ago, ArielPeace
Poorly coded.
You would think with how big the franchise is, that they would have quality control on their app. Selecting to see the daily ad, it hardly works ever! Now, it just dosnt work. I’m reminded not to even go to the store when I check the app. It’s already not the best supermarket anyway.
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8 months ago, customplanning
New version is terrible
Nothing of use is easy to access anymore. The grocery list that shows you your coupons and total can only be accessed through services menu on the website. Used to be on the app.
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8 months ago, Ralph Lopez
Clip and save gone!
How are you supposed to scan to clip and save now. The scanner only scans things to add them to your shopping list. Please bring back the old app. It actually worked soooooo much better. And the fuel rewards balance was so clear and easy to access.
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4 years ago, teddy bear mom
Not happy!
Written on Jan. 23, 2020. Ever since they updated their privacy policy in January 2020. I have not been able to use the app. And the website is not user friendly. I have emailed the company to get answers and help. But they have not answered me & I wrote them 3days ago. I emailed them again today. So hopefully I will get some answers.
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2 years ago, noble_sicks
At store order
I was at the store they did not have what I wanted I ordered it online through the app they send someone into the same store to get what I wore and they did not have and I thought it was coming from a warehouse not the store I’m shopping at and they don’t have
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4 months ago, Claudia.Dawn
Not able to log in
Recently switched over to iPhone. I had a Galaxy Note before and had absolutely no problems with the app. On iPhone however I’m not even able to log in.
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7 months ago, Ms. Mel
App Not Working Properly
The app isn’t syncing properly. I can’t access my list or save to my list on the app but can if I log in through a web browser. Pls fix asap.
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6 years ago, joesysgirl
Needs work
When I first got it I loved it but now it won’t open and when it does there’s no coupons...
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1 year ago, Lturknett
App needs update
App is not Jesse friendly. Doesn’t let you type in address or any personal information. Won’t let me updated my address.
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4 months ago, ReviewsFromNancy
Why Advertise If You Can’t Offer
Downloaded the app for the first time today to clip some coupons, but it doesn’t even work. Waste my time.
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3 weeks ago, Jakenca
Does not work
App does not work. I can’t get signed in. I try and gives me an error every time. Says there’s a problem with my email.
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4 years ago, assffhhjjjkiiytrdcvbnjh
Last update week of January 6th about the privacy policy froze the whole app. It won’t show the policy, won’t move off that screen so totally useless.
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3 months ago, fedireli
Dead app
This app never connects when you launch it.
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5 years ago, Jasz_pooh
Needs fixing
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11 years ago, madrigalz
I ❤ this app :)
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11 years ago, G. Luv
Good, but...
Nice being able to add coupons to my card thru the app, but would be nice to be able to make a shopping list straight off of those coupons.
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10 years ago, MileyLittleDog
Useless app
App did not recognize my reward card, and when I asked for help at my local store, they said that do not even honor digital coupons from the app. That was the whole point of downloading this, so I deleted it.
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11 years ago, Awesome Fan Guy
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6 months ago, coke kal
Es muy confuso y difícil encontrar los cupones que uno quiere y salvarlos hasta a los trabajadores de la tienda se les hace difícil
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11 months ago, Sac Reader
App no longer working
App stopped working. It was working 2 weeks ago, but now when I try to do a search or clip an item a error massage pops up that says “search error” and the operation couldn’t be completed. It also have the message (com.kroger.krogernetworking error3) I hope you all can fix this app so that I can clip my items and coupons to shop at Foods Co.
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