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Forever 21, Inc.
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4 weeks ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Forever 21

4.79 out of 5
444.8K Ratings
6 years ago,
Forever 21 app be LIT!!
I installed the app because I wanted the 20% discount. I saw other people getting upset that the 20% didn’t work mine did I think it’s User error lol. Anyways i finally downloaded the app and I didn’t know what I was missing! The find my style feature is FUEGO!🔥🔥🔥🔥I can narrow down what I’m looking for with tapping on the options. You know I be looking for those crop tops and bootay shorts lol it’s hella hot right now. Like 110 outside and I’m melting. But it was so easy to find a cute outfit without having to do the endless scroll. Ain’t no one got time for da!! Lol🤣 One thing is that the wish list has a limit of only 40 items? I mean come on brah? Do you even wish list brah? I know tons of me and my friends add items to the wish list and once there’s a sale BAM...add to cart. You know us millennials...we ain’t shopping till it goes on sale hahah! Come on Forever 21, you have to give us more than just 40 spots! Overall the app is easy to use and it’s easier to then going to the mall. Im hoping that they give more exclusive discounts for people using the app Cos then I’ll never delete it lol!!!
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6 months ago, MermaidsCove
Review of Plus Curve
If you review my account you will see that I purchased quite a few things I’m here plus curve department and I used to go into your Mission Viejo store most weekends to look around. It seems that many of your choices are focused on the dark haired women. The styles are good but many times the colors are bright. The fashionable trend is more towards greyed or colors that have taupe in them. That gaudy gold / yellow that I have seen so much on your site looks terrible when you’re a blonde… It’s overwhelming. And I see so many things in black. Yes, black is good when you’re overweight, but it gets tiring… Try offering dark gray or a dark taupe shade instead. Off the shoulder is a good style when you’re heavy and I am happy to see that you are offering more of these. I would like to see you offer more midi styles....midi is good when you’re heavy because it hides the fat knee area. I got a wine colored dress a couple of Christmases ago from F21 and wore it on New Year’s Eve. It is a very forgiving cut and I SUGGESTED that you offer it in other colors it would probably be a good style for weddings. You should offer it in a dusty aqua and soft mauve. Also an apricot OR a Taupe. Use the same fabric. Look on my account for the style#. It has a mock wrap and slight hi-low hemline. Thanks. Laura M. PS. I have been sewing for 57 years....there are tricks to dressing a plus size figure. Not all styles translate from jrs to plus well. We just want to look good too!
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4 years ago, Cansin16626
i couldn’t find where to send a feedback so i'm sending from here. I think it would be a great idea to have a voting section on the website and app and people could vote on what they would purchase. this way you guys will produce products your audience likes. I heard that some F21 stores were closing down and as a teen i know what my peers think about your store. some products on your website are not stuff young people would wear (teenagers) so this way you won’t sell things people don't like and you would make more money. Also personal tests can personalize your app to have things you like. Such as, asking their clothing style (edgy, casual, basic, etc) and this way the app/website will show more of their style on their main page. Points could also be used in the app/website. many online shops do these (romwe,shein) and by sharing about the deals or completing surveys the customers could earn points. every 100 points could deduct 1 dollar off their purchase. Another way to earn points could be by reviewing products (10 points for a review or 20 point for a review with photos) There could be giveaways where you guys could send products (30,50,100 dollars worth) to participants. Many people would join And they should have an account in order to participate. this will increase customers and cause people to look through the website more often. Thanks.
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5 years ago, EbCai
UI could use some work
I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I’m sure it exists! All I wanted to look at were the totes. But I scrolled aimlessly through Womens and seen a couple small backpacks before I gave up. A page for bags and accessories would’ve been perfect. Or even a search bar with the ability to search the entire site, or search the tab/current page would’ve been helpful! I even tried to filter by category and that didn’t help because the categories are the same as the original menu of options on the homepage. It’s very possible that I just wasn’t using the categories correctly. If that’s the case, if someone could tell me how to narrow my options to this extent I’d be grateful. Otherwise, this app isn’t really functional in my opinion. But again, from what I could see the catalog selection is nice. (And varies greatly!) But to scroll through the Womens and come across earrings and crop tops and a backpack and bengals and jumpsuits and beanie hats and necklaces and... phew! It was a tad bit overwhelming and a little disappointing because I’d been talking about finally having the time to go online and make a couple of purchases. (I looked forward to this one particularly the most because I’ve never personally shopped here for myself.) The selection is nice! The discounts are there! The items are endless! It’s a great app to start, definitely has potential!
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2 years ago, edgeligh
App need improvement
I love how easy it is to use the app. And love affordable nice clothing. Here are the issues: 1) Why you don’t provide specific sizing chart for each item. Each clothing is unique and has its own sizing but what is provided is a general one for all. It is not helpful at all. Most of us already know our size but the sizing of the product is different one from another. For example I have dresses which all fit me the same but sizing on them is in range of S, M, and L. How a customer supposed to know what sizing for each specific new product is if its chart not included. I order a shirt and a jacket both size S. The shirt is toooo big while jacket fits well. If specific sizing was provided I would know that shirt runs big and I should order lower sizing. 2) I tried to write reviews for the clothes I purchased and I am not seeing the option to write a review on the app!!! Where it is? Is there this option in the app? If not so why? If yes so it is hiding and you should make it easily available because reviews help a lot for our decision making and sizing. 3) Why I am not seeing a return option in the app you should make it easier for the customers to apply for returns This makes customer to purchase easily for the next time knowing if it won't fit will it be easy to return.
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6 years ago, Brit627
Love the app but missing a few things
App is really easy to use and never messes up on me. There are a few things that could change. The most annoying part is why aren’t there item measurements in the product information? I’m pretty sure there used to be and it was 1000 times easier to pick out my size. The only info is what size the model is wearing and that doesn’t help at all because all the models are all a size small. So really I’m just guessing at what size to get. Because I really do range from small to large in F21. Another thing, what is with the 5 word product reviews. How is “love it!” going to help me? F21 should have a word count minimum for customers leaving reviews. People please... when leaving a review anywhere— please state your height/weight and what size you ordered and if it fits. Even better is explaining how the fabric feels, how it washes, etc. Telling me “super cute” is not helping...AT ALL. Ok on to the app— it used to be easier to sort through categories. For example: jewelry—->earrings—->studs. But now I can’t even find “jewelry” section. It’s all under “accessories”. So that’s a bummer. I know it seems like I complained a lot but I really do love the app, fix these things and it’s 5 stars all the way!
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5 years ago, Melissa9625
Do not shop at F21 online/app
I don’t know if this is because they are going out of business or what but I have never had an issue with shipping until now. I live in California, only a couple hours away from where forever 21 ships out their packages and I have always received them in a timely manner until I placed and order 11 days ago. I received an email the next day that it had shipped but the tracking information said that the carrier had yet to receive the package. After a week I contacted someone via chat and they said I should be receiving it in the next two days. Those two days come and go, still no package, still no update on my tracking. So I attempt to call customer support and it was an unbelievable hassle to even get a REAL PERSON on the line. Took me about 15-20 minutes, and a few transfers to finally reach someone. Only for them to tell me the time frame for them to figure out what happened to my package has expired and they are deeming it lost. It doesn’t make sense to me. It’s a joke. They said I will receive something in my email and I must fill it out and upon sending that back I will receive a refund because apparently they can’t just send me a new item. I’m so frustrated with this whole process. I have yet to receive a refund. I will never order from their app again. So, buyers beware.
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4 years ago, DownySteam
Hope you like lost packages !
I placed an order via the app, and received my confirmation email. A few days later, I get a shipment email, with no carrier information. The tracking link also never updated. A few days ago, I get an email saying my package was delivered. I look in my mail box- not there. My front door ? Not there. I ask my neighbors if they may have received it on accident (this has happened with Forever 21 before; luckily my neighbors are honest people) and no one has seen it. So I check the email again and lo and behold, the address it was delivered to was wrong. I email customer service with proof that it was delivered to an incorrect address, and that the address I had provided was correct. I am emailed a response saying that they can’t do anything about it and I am responsible for intercepting the package. How can I when I don’t even know where it was delivered? Don’t recommend the app at all
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5 years ago, Snnssbbava
Poor Service
The website is overall easy to use but I was not happy at all with the shipping. I ordered a few items hoping that they would arrive before school starts so that I would have a few options when it came to choosing my outfit for the first day. I had a little over two weeks before school started so I went with the option for my clothes to arrive within 3-5 business days to avoid spending extra money. Well, my order status said that my package would arrive a few days before school starts even though that would take over five days. I was fine as long as I got my clothes before school. Then, the package was supposed to arrive today so I checked my order status just to see, but now the delivery date changed to the day that school starts. This is angering because not only did it take a lot longer than it was supposed to to deliver, but I won’t have my clothes in time for school. I would have just paid extra for two-day delivery if I had known it would have taken this long. I don’t know what needs to change but it would be convenient if the website put more realistic delivery times on their website. I love this store but I doubt I will order online again.
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4 years ago, The Cali Nose That Knows
Don’t like the new ap
First of all it doesn’t let you stay signed in so you have to sign in every time you want to look at it. Then it doesn’t keep your things in your cart so you have to load everything you wanted to keep an ion every time you go back! I won’t do that! Plus when you go to the new section to look at clothing you’re not arranging clothes in the exact order they come in like you were before so now all the things that you had in your car that you had searched out and put in there and now are gone you can’t find Avon and takes you forever to look for those items the way the clothing is distributed in the app now! you’re getting a big zero for me on this change!
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3 months ago, Valquiria Caitano
Prices are very good (the pictures should be more attractive)
I was trying to change Shein app for Forever 21 app. I’d recommend you to hire new models, because nowadays nobody has the same shape as these models. I would recommend you copy the same style as SHEIN models or similar, because some clothes are beautiful but the shape of the models you work doesn’t make the clothes looking good and it doesn’t get my attention because it looks “ugly”. Also the main focus should be on the clothes, when I put “seamless leggings” it shows me whole body and I like to see the legging specially on the side and booty and no the leggings front face of the models. The front pictures are in a bad quality of angle and shape of the models, the photographer should cut their faces and put a better pose of the model (side pose or side back pose) which will attract more my attention to buy your leggings, but unfortunately nothing is interesting me because of the poses and the pictures and the shape of the models. It’s a very good tip to improve the website achieving more sales. Thank you !
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2 years ago, TaylorsGurl
Hate forever21
Don’t usually buy from this store. Found some basic fleece hoodies on sale so I purchased. They were great except they were the wrong size. Was told if I took them into the store they would exchange them for right size. They were unable to help me in-store. They told me they could return them for me and I would have to reorder what I wanted. Unable to find my size in one of the hoodies I returned two and reordered the others. When they arrived only one of them was the correct product. They tried to send me something different than advertised. So I went back to the store returned and reordered what I wanted again. This time it was the right product but it was not the same color as the one originally bought the first time. Tried to get back on the app to correct the problem again. This time they have the hoodies advertised in my size in the right color but will not let me add it to my cart or purchase it. I will never ever buy anything from forever21 again! It’s been a hassle and has cost me money every time I had to pay for shipping when they are the ones who can’t get their crap together!
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3 years ago, imthatpaige
Love the products BUT SHIPPING
So I love Forever 21. I do. I shopped there all the time before COVID. The reason I am rating this 3 stars is because SHIPPING. Was supposed to get my stuff on a Thursday, got delayed until Saturday. Okay, not ideal, but I’ll deal. Now, they tell me it’s delayed until Wednesday to Friday! When it’s a hour and 30 minutes away from me. I had to call to even figure that out because it wasn’t even showing a date anymore. And they didn’t even offer me anything for the inconvenience. I get we are in a pandemic and the weather comes up but Victoria’s Secret offered me something when it was delayed but like 2-3 days and my Forever 21 stuff is supposed to be delayed by a week. I’m not saying I’m owed it, but it sure would have been a nice gesture considering this was a late birthday gift to myself. And this doesn’t look good on their part when I tell my friends that this has happened to me with their shipping. If you wanna shop there, I would! Their clothes are honestly great at a great price. I would just go in person if you can because shipping is a nightmare.
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3 years ago, to do @ doctor office visit
App Review
Forever 21 app is great because it’s user friendly for all age groups, including my grandmas generation! The app guides you through your selections, making your shopping experience fun and without any stress!! My favorite shopping apps include having a personal favorite section, so u can very quickly check on a particular item & prices without troubles. So far, the app doesn’t have technical issues. There are a couple technical issues I have with another clothing stores app, which makes me leave the app before purchasing something bc it tends to freeze after u select another item to add to your favorites. So, thanks FOREVER 21 for nailing down technology within the app!!!!!!!! There’s one thing I haven’t experienced yet within the app, so I’m not sure whether or not it’s a possibility to receive text message alerts or email alerts when an item from ur favorites goes on sale. I actually really love that option within clothing apps.
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3 years ago, stephygrl123
Horrible App Update
Wake up! There’s so many negative reviews here for this app recently and Forever 21 needs to do something about their app. It’s obviously not working. I usually don’t write reviews and was hoping that they’d work through these bugs but it’s been months now and no progress! Whoever they hired to update their app should get a new job. I used to shop on their app all the time. Towards the mid-end of 2020, they did a big app update and it’s been months now and the bugs are still not fixed. Search bar doesn’t work, saved favorites sometimes disappear, and it keeps asking me to create a new password every time there’s an app update. Why fix something that’s not broken? And if you are going to undergo a huge update, make sure that it’s actually up and working before you require your customers to do the update. I like shopping using the app through my phone/iPad. However, I’ve been shopping a lot less here ever since this app update change, way too many problems. In this era, where online shopping is superseding in-store shopping, Forever 21 is only hurting themselves by ignoring these issues.
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4 years ago, Jaylah2
I placed an order on the 7th worth of $148, was supposed to receive it a week after. Two weeks passed by, I didn’t get my order, when I went to the site, it said wrong address which I never had problem with before. So I decided to call them, waited on the line for thirty minutes to get them telling me that the address was a little confusing so they sent the clothes back. I told them I wanted a refund, they said the clothes have to get back to them first which would take weeks. A week after, I called them, after ten minutes of waiting on line, it told me to give my phone number so they can call me back, I never received a call back. A couple days later I received an email saying that I have till the 29 to let them know if I still the refund which there could be additional charges for fees, or get the refund. I called them told them I want the refund, they told me I actually have to wait till the 29 for them to process it. Today I received an email saying my refund is gonna take 8-10 days. So, just to get a refund I basically waited for a month. I will never ever waste my time on Forever 21 again.
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4 years ago, Ingrid.<3
Do NOT get the credit card
Don’t take the bait it’s all good at first then your payments go up to $50 month they send you an email saying there have been changes. And the “Finance” fee is $24 dollars not too mention they find every reason to charge you more. I had always payed on time but I once payed on the due date and it was processed as “late” aside from the $50 and the $24 fee the late charge was $45. I’ve had many credit cards and I have never once struggled with them nor did I have all these crazy fees and charges to my statement. This has hidden fees please don’t be tempted to get it. Not worth it. Not to mention comenity the ones they are affiliated with have horrible customer service. I lost my job during the Covid-19 quarantine and they refused to help. They said the insurance they provide you with does not cover you if you lose your job. So what’s the point in paying for the insurance? Horrible. Ended up paying late fees because I could barely put money together for the payment. That accumulated up to $119 a month with no job. Please be careful. I know people with the same situation. No one was helped.
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4 years ago, lovesya12
I have been a customer for quite a few years now. All of my leggings and camis from 5 years ago still hold up like they’re brand new. But I’m the last 6 months, I’ve placed several orders and the very first time I wore 50% of the items, the seams started ripping out. Their products are HORRIBLY made now. Not to mention, I spent $100 2 days ago on my most recent order in order to receive the free standard shipping. 1-7 business days is what they boast. But today, I get a shipping confirmation saying 10 days from now I’ll receive it. So is it within 7 or is it 12??? On top of all of this, I went to do this complaint to somebody in their company that could actually help resolve the issues I’m having, but nowhere on their website or app do they have an option for customer feedback. Not even in my order history. I’ll be getting this last order in 10 days, and then they will NEVER get my business again. And unless you know how to sew and fix the seams on clothing like I do, I wouldn’t suggest buying their clothes, as you’ll just be throwing them out after 2 hours when they start to fray.
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3 years ago, Lil e'
I’ve been using the F21 app for years! It’s always been okay, definitely not great. However, RECENTLY, within the past year, the app has developed a TON OF BUGS! Nothing will load when searching for specific topics/items in the search feature. It’ll simply blank out and take you right back to the home page. It’ll randomly crash on you after looking at tons of items, then when you try to open the app back up, you have to start from SQUARE ONE to even get remotely close back to where you were... super annoying. On top of that, when browsing through items, they’ll show how many items are listed (for example: 1124 items) BUT there is no scroll bar on the side of the screen to show you HOW FAR DOWN you are on the list of items, it makes it impossible to know where you are since F21 has such a huge catalog, this scroll bar is ESSENTIAL! All in all, I used to be an avid F21 shopper, but the app has just become so awful and annoying to use, I’d rather just not shop at F21 at all... the desktop website is equally as annoying. Please do better developers!!
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4 years ago, Mariea260
Love shopping here but ever since the site update....
I have shopped at Forever 21 for a few years now and have enjoyed the easy access of the app. However, ever since the last big update, my app has not been working properly and I have to use the actual website to browse or shop. For example, it signs me out every time I exit the app (and I don't mean closing it by swiping up. Literally leaving the app to go to my homescreen or a different app.), certain products appear with no picture for the thumbnail but have the product name and price but when I tap on them there is no picture or any other information and the price says "$0.0" and it's always for products that I'm very interested in buying, and sometimes the app doesn't even load, it just gets stuck on a loading screen and I have to close the app and try again, sometimes multiple times, to get it to work. Hopefully this is resolved soon. I would like to continue shopping with the app, but that is nearly impossible the way it is now.
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After commenting on Facebook and Instagram also emailing I decided to come here😊. I order something and they stated that it shipped. After a few days I waiting a couple more and still no updates just that it I knew something was up cause I shop online enough to know my stuff never gets stuck in preshipment and USPS usually receives the items in a couple of days depending on where the store is located. So I commented on insta multiple times I got one email reply that’s it. Not even a response I wanted but whatever. When you have 2 packages going through USPS and one updated but not the other..that’s not good. It’s been stuck in the same spot for days now I doubt I’ll ever get it. Go to their Instagram if you don’t believe these reviews or even their Facebook page. I love forever 21 don’t get me wrong...but not online. NEVER AGAIN. Emailed multiple times after and didn’t get any update I had asked for so if you think your in my shoes..good luck I hope you get you packages cause it’s not looking to good for me
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2 years ago, GG245777543236
Downhill in the last few years
F21 used to be a place where I could get trendy clothes for an inexpensive price. At first there were some misses, like just obnoxiously poor seeing and borderline gross material, but then I learned how to search on the site and it was pretty much 90% hits for maybe 5 years. About 3-4 years ago everything went downhill. The whole niche here was trendy inexpensive, but I’m not seeing nearly as many deals. Sometimes I can find the same item (a hoodie, for instance) for the same or less money at Nordstrom rack that has 10x better quality. I mean who buys a hoodie at F21 that’s over $30? Give me a break. My biggest gripe though is that they have someone (perhaps plural) designing the clothes now who is in love with cropped tops. WHY? Probably 85% of the tops on F21 are cropped, and yet 2% of the people I know from 15-45 Dont want to wear a crop top, even if they have amazing abs. Why on earth is almost everything cropped? Of the few things I like on this app these days, I have an oh crap it’s a cropped hoodie/sweater/ freaking WORK BLOUSE. WTheck F21? Stop it!
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4 years ago, Andrealol2
Sloooooooooooow shipping
Understandably times are hard lately and I don’t know how much of Forever 21 ‘s fault this is or FedEx their shipping method but their shipping has gotten slower than ever. I have always ordered online and usually at most it takes 8 days max 10 for my items to get to me, these past 3-4 times that I have ordered it has taken at least 2 weeks or more. My last purchase I already expected to wait, but if this is how long it’s going to normally take then there should definitely be a disclaimer when you order because someone could be needing something for a certain date and get deceived by the fact it says you’ll get it in max 10 days (2-3 of processing/handling and about 5-7 to actually get to the destination) and then you don’t get it for 2 weeks sometimes more. Other than that great app great discounts and there’s definitely a lot of savings in comparison to the stores.
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6 months ago, inconveienced and annoyed
Inconsistent supply and terrible customer service
I recently ordered on the App to receive the extra discount, i ordered on a Sunday and received my confirmation. I went to the store Monday at 3:35 pm to find out that my order was cancelled by the store and at 3:05 pm when I was already en route and therefore it was not received. Inconvenient today the least. As i was leaving the store, I saw the item i had originally ordered on a rack, with change in size from an adult Small to a kids 13/14- i went back to the register and told them I would like to purchase it but with the original discount I had 20% off. I was told I couldn’t because that size was not available in the app (clearly and physically present in the store however) and I had already attempted to purchase it and the store cancelled it. The item was physically in front of them, they could care less about the inconvenience of cancelling my item or making N increased sale as i was adding in additional items as well. I walked out with nothing and will not return.
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5 years ago, Kristiauna's iPod
Absolutely unimpressed with Forever 21 and their customer serviced. I placed my first ever order with them for some final sale clearance items online. One of them was supposed to be high waisted leggings but instead they sent me the matching cropped hoodie and NOT the leggings. Also, the tags were missing. So I call customer service only to be told that I have to process my exchange through EMAIL, which is absolutely ridiculous. All I wanted was the correct item sent to me. So across multiple days I have an email conversation with customer service only to be left without a reply or solution for 2-3 days. I then call them again asking for a reply and was told that the phone team would “request a prepaid shipping label from the email team”. So I finally get my label and not only is it for a REFUND instead of the EXCHANGE I’ve been repeatedly asking for, their version of “prepaid” is that they take the shipping cost out of my refund. This was my first time buying anything from Forever21 and I will NEVER be buying from them again!!!!
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5 years ago, Second name was taken
Rating explained and Suggestions
Overall, the website is easy to manage. I liked the size guide and the scale on of it will fit right or loose. Those were a HUGE help in deciding sizes! I also appreciated the photos from multiple sides and angles. It helped me make many decisions on whether to buy an item or not. I will say that the 30% off was nice, but confusing. I thought it applied to all items, but it did not. It was a bit unclear. Also, I had to scroll through all of the merchandise to find shoes, jackets, other specific things. I realize that could be a way to get people to shop more, but it was frustrating. I ended up just leaving the page entirely and using the search bar. Perhaps adding a searching engine within the 30% off page would help with that since there were a variety of items. Overall, I am pleased.
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3 years ago, Jaywithdimples
I placed an order and received an email regarding order confirmation. An hour later I received another email that my order was on hold. I contacted Forever 21 customer service and the FIRST rep says MY bank declined the order possibly as fraud. I contact my bank and I’m told no the order is pending and should clear my account within a few days. I call forever 21 back and the SECOND rep is out right disrespectful, not allowing me to talk or ask questions and not listening. After being annoyed I asked her after the call will I get to leave a customer survey and her smart remark was “you’re already on the phone with customer service” that let me know her dumb self was not actually listening to me. She provided extremely poor customer service skills and showed no empathy at all. Again I was not yelling or swearing so she could’ve at least attempted to assist me in either canceling the order or trying to figure out why my order was on hold or “rejected”.
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3 years ago, RedPi11
Filters need more details
I have shopped at F21 stores for 20 years (or maybe 21 haha) so you know I love it. Unfortunately I’m finding the app to be a bit annoying & time consuming. First, there isn’t enough detail in the filter system, for example there’s no option to choose T shirts, you just have to look through hundreds of “tops” or “shirts” to find them. Another helpful feature that’s missing is sleeve length. Without this particular filter option it takes too long for me to shop. I don’t wear tank tops or short sleeves, which is the bulk of the items, so it’s just annoying to have to scroll for days past things I’m 100% not interested in. Also when I tap the x to exit the photo gallery it takes 3-5 times before it works. I’m on an iPhone 10 & I don’t have this problem on other apps. Thanks for your attention to these matters.
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4 years ago, Rachelala
Trying to tell me they are not responsible for an order THEY LOST
I am fuming right now! After placing an expensive order through the app and double checking I had the correct address typed in before confirming, for some reason they sent my order to the wrong place. I had already called customer service to have my address on the account changed 2 months ago!! He said it was. I also called the f21 credit card company to change my address 2 months ago and they said it was! Now my order has mysteriously been sent to the wrong place and customer service blatantly ignored what I was telling them and said they are not liable for my package! ARE U KIDDING ME?! This is why f21 is going under, I have spent nearly $5000 with this company since I was a teenager and they lose my package but it’s my fault? This is such a horrible way to treat reliable customers and a good way to lose the few customers you have left. If you ever want my business again, FIX THIS! I want my money back or at least the clothes I bought
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Horrible Service
I was told that it takes 24 hours to receive a shipping confirmation, and it takes 5-10 business days to arrive. Ordered my items on April 5th which is a Wednesday (not a holiday or a weekend), didn’t receive shipping confirmation for THREE days. I needed these clothes for a dance that was two weeks before I ordered them so I figured I have plenty of time to order them, receive them and adjust them in anyway before my dance. It’s been SIX days since I received shipping confirmation and still no movement on my package. I email Forever 21 twice and I never received anything back. My dance is in three days and I have to go spend more money to find an outfit similar to what I was going the wear. Thanks a lot Forever 21, I will never buy from you again. Will be immediately returning my items when I receive them because I’ll already have them and I will have given my money to a different company that didn’t screw me over.
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4 years ago, XxCoronaVirusxX
This year, even through quarantine, I’m making summer outfits using this app. It has so many cute tops and bottoms. The prices are amazing! I would recommend to a teen or a young adult. I am a teen myself, and I am IN LOVE with their shorts! The app makes it so much easier to put all your stuff in your bag, and I love how smooth the app runs. If you need good quality clothes at a low price, shop here. One concern I have is how do add stuff to the wishlist? Anyways, if you are in search for an amazingly cute summer outfit, or a fresh fall outfit, this is the store! I also love how it has everything! Shoes, accessories, makeup, socks, everything to complete your outfit. Thank you if you are reading this, and make sure to get this app if you need a good fashion choice! 💅
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5 years ago, bæìłęÿ
❤️Just needs improvement
The app is so easy to use and I have bought multiple things from it and I could easily track my package. I love this app and I love the style finder feature I just wish on the style finder category you could add swimsuits...that would be so great. Also, for reviews I very much think that y’all should let us put pictures on the reviews because then we can see what the outfit looks like in real life and not just see what people have to say about it so we can actually see it. That’s just a suggestion...also I would really like it if you could add a feature “shop the look” and find the other things the model is wearing. Because sometimes I’m scrolling through clothes and I see something I like but it’s not the thing being sold so that would be great. But otherwise I LOVE this shop and app... I very much recommend💞
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4 years ago, mantofe
Horrible company!!!
I ordered $600 worth of clothing from this company and was suppose to receive it Friday September 4th. FedEx lost my package. I called in that day and was told a claim was started and that I’d get a call back by Sunday. No call, so I called Sunday afternoon. The guy I talked to then said to call back Monday evening so I could get my refund started. The lady I talked to Monday evening was very rude and argued with me that I had not called about my package at all! I hung up and called Tuesday! Again, the guy told me there were no record of me calling in and argued with me. So finally I reached someone Wednesday so actually started the claim and told me to call back Friday so get my refund! So I did. And the woman said I would have to wait till the 23rd of September to even start the refund?!?!!!! Then hung up on me!! I’ve asked for a supervisor the last 4 phone calls and they say “everyone is in meetings” I’ve left a call back and NOTHING... This is an absolute joke!!! This company lies and refuses to help the customer!!! DO NOT order from Forever21!!!!
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4 years ago, chuyamzki88
Too very Bad
I have put a wrong address during my purchase and I didn’t have noticed it until I got a notification that my items have delivered. I have tried to get into customer service online or even through the forever21 website but I don’t get someone to help me. I have tried calling the number that they have put in to their website as well but all I got was answering machine and all it does was just keep giving me crap information but it’s not really helping you getting through to anyone of their customer service! I am so disappointed that no one has to help me with my concern and I have believe that forever21 is also responsible to help their customers when it comes to this kind of situation. Now I don’t know what to do I guess I just have wasted 51 bucks on my pocket without getting my items to my hand yet it got to somewhere’s home address. I will never shop to forever21 anymore. It is so frustrating that I can’t even get hold to anyone from their line.
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6 years ago, marajuice
50% off notification failure
Hi! The app is great. Love that I can look up items online from the store. My review is 3 stars because of an issue I experienced with a notification and the resulting customer service experience. Saturday morning I got an F21 notification from the app saying “you know the deal 50% off today only” or something along those lines. I tapped the notification and it opened the app and the app errors out. I don’t remember the exact error message. Then I reloaded the app. But I couldn’t find anywhere anything that was related to 50% off. I wanted to know if it was possible to get some clarification as I’d love 50% off on some items I was looking at, so I messaged customer service. All they told me was that they couldn’t issue ‘non-existent’ promotions e.e Anyhow hoping reporting this issue will help y’all out w preventing issues like this.
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5 years ago, SaintPetrova
So sad
I have loved shopping at Forever 21. That have good clothes and always something new. When I downloaded the app and placed an order. Well after putting in the shipping address I apparently forgot to put in my townhouse number. So the package was sent back to its Warehouse. When I called to ask about my package the explained that the shipping address wasn’t complete so it was sent back, and upon arrival I would receive an email asking my if I would like it shipped back to me at an extra charge of $5 or if I would like my money refunded. I still haven’t received my email and that was over 2 weeks ago. I called again today and they gave me the exact same speech of when it’s arrived at the warehouse I will receive an email. That my package is still in transit. My package didn’t even have an estimated time of 2 weeks to be delivered originally so obviously the warehouse is not going to be 2 weeks away. I’m just upset about what I perceive to be the lack of organization.
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5 years ago, Yaya-24
1st of all when I’m scrolling through the products I noticed that they are duplicated multiple time which is frustrating because I keep seeing the same product over and over again. Second of all why do you promote a certain type of style of it sold out or out of stock? Why even bother to hyped people up when you aren’t even selling the product. Third of all, on the website it promotes you can use two promo codes at the same time, but when you try and do it on the app or even on the website it does not allow it, that’s false advertisement! Finally you promote Afterpay but on the app is does not give you that option! So inconvenient when I’m trying to do a large purchase. One more thing, it is not fair when I have something in the cart that I want to purchase but once I am inputting my information you then sell out! Within seconds of me inputting my information then I can’t purchase it it really annoying!
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5 years ago, RaeChanel
Originally I was IN LOVE with this app and gave it 5 stars. But then the app had to go and get all stupid on me. Let’s start with the fact that you can no longer track your order or see when it’s expected to arrive from the order history. I have to open the confirmation email and hit the link to track my order from there. And then when I do that, and type in my email and order number, it tells me absolutely nothing! NADA! Not only does it not show me ANY tracking information, but it doesn’t even tell me when my package is expected to arrive. And to make matters worse, this is the LONGEST it has ever taken for my order to arrive from forever 21! I placed this order 9 days ago! One time I placed an order and no bs, it came 2 days after it shipped! With standard shipping! What happened??
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2 years ago, Nailzbyelyse
I placed an order through the “Forever 21 APP” and never received my package. I called and found out it was sent to the wrong address!!!!! I was told that there is nothing they can do and they cannot refund my money nor send my order to the CORRECT address. WHAT????? THIS IS NOT LEGAL!! All of my information is correct on my app as well as all of the information I entered including my credit card information which your company totally charged. I am shocked!! I want my money back immediately!! I will never order from this place again and I will make sure to tell everyone I know what a scam this company is. I can totally understand if there was a mistake made in your shipping department but to absolutely not fix it and make it right for your customers is very wrong!! I paid for my order and you sent it to the wrong address. And not even in the right city either. Shame on this fraudulent company!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, Shohreh79
Poor service
I ordered three items, I got the email that said delivered but I never received my items. F21 told me to call the delivery service they use and I did. After the delivery service did the investigation they said F21 needs to file a claim to proceed. I called them F21 said since I did not put my apt number on the summary report they couldn’t do anything since the package was delivered at the correct place. I told her I ordered through my app which does have my whole address I thought it would generate at check out. Jess the girl I talked to wasn’t budging kept saying the same thing. I asked to speak to a supervisor after being on hold she said she couldn’t talk to me because she she was busy with someone else. They don’t want to help me file a claim but yet they still want to charge me for the items. By far the worst customer service I have ever had!!! Maybe this is why you guys are going bankrupt I can see why. Will never shop here again.
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3 years ago, Katelynnn977
I hardly ever write reviews but...
While I was online shopping on the app, I added several items in my cart and continued shopping. 2 of the items I had added that were on sale became “out of stock” while it was in my cart. I think if I have an item added to my cart and buy it within the next hour that it’s added I should be the one to receive the item. 2 people had stolen 2 items out from under me because I wanted to spend more money. I’m pretty bummed about it because I checked out shortly after they became out of stock. And a lot of items I was interested in did not have my size, you guys need to make sure you have the right amount of supply for the demand that is needed. Other than that I’m happy with the things I got from the forever 21 app, I’m excited for them to come in the mail.
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4 years ago, KIANALOVEGOOD
The store made this new update for their app and online store and it’s terrible. I used to never have problem with the app but now I have problems every time I open it. It’s keeps on logging me out of my account on the app, when it would never do that before. Deletes my favorite items, so I’m having to go back and re like them all the time. When tracking my packages, the older app would be up to date and was able to direct me to the link to track my order, however with this update it won’t even show me that! I’ve already received packages and the app still has those orders as pending. And it’s take soooo long to even open the app. I used to be able to open it and within seconds I’m on the home page but now it takes over 30 seconds to a min. I’ve had to restart it and I know it’s not me cause I’ll use both my wifi and LTE to see if there’s any changes but there’s not. So so soooo disappointed.
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4 years ago, DogLove4E
good clothes, bad app
I love the store and everything I get from there always turns out super cute and great quality BUT... the app and website are horrible!!!!! Just after a few weeks of having it, the app decided to kick me out whenever I tried using it. The website is similar to that. Sometimes when I just want to press a button like “search nearby stores” or something, the button kind of becomes disabled and doesn’t do anything. Bc of corona and quarantine I have been trying to avoid going to stores and trying to buy things online instead. In the end, I most likely end up using another company to buy things or (if I rlly want something) having to go to the store in person to try to find it. I have always loved F21 stuff and recommend buying it just NOT ONLINE. 😐
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3 years ago, mhmhmhmhmhmhmahhhhh
I’d expect better from a company like this.
The app is very wishy washy on if it decides to work. Many times it’ll randomly completely empty my cart. If I look something up like “women’s hoodie” (along with other random things) often times it will show zero results. If I put the settings to “price: low to high” it will also show zero results. I finally managed to get the app to actually keep stuff in my cart (my total was $68) but when I pressed check out the price rocketed to $140, so I went back to look in my cart and for some reason it added two of everything to my cart. The app has some good deals but unless they fix these glitches I’m not really sure it’s worth the effort of constantly having to re add stuff to your cart and constantly check to make sure random stuff hasn’t been added to the cart.
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3 years ago, alphie18
New Update is Bad
Loved the app before because it was easy to use, and it even helped me in the store when they didn’t have my size. I could just scan the tag and it would pull it up on the app. This also helped me see what it looked like on since the dressing rooms at my store were closed. I loved that feature!!! Now it’s gone. The tags now have QR code’s which I can still scan, but it doesn’t translate to the all. Plus not all tags have QR. Would love to have this feature back. Also my wishlist items will not scroll all the way to the bottom it will blank after a certain point, and I can’t find anything especially since the new likes are located at the bottom. Overall love for this app, but these are some problems that were not on previous versions that I hope can be resolved! :)
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4 years ago, Tinkadoo123
I’ve tried and I’m not getting what you’ve promised
I’ve had this app for a while now and recently I’ve started using the app to purchase items off the site. Now here’s where I’m disappointed. The first time I ordered, y’all took my money and told me when my package would arrive. The day of arrival nothing...the day after nothing! I gave it 1-4 business days like the app said to and NEVER received my package. Now I’ve decided to order something else...and it’s been a day since the supposed “delivery date” and my package is still not here. I’m trying to be patient but I’m also trying not to lose more money to you only for the packages I order not to show up. And another thing! When you go to checkout and pay, the app takes you straight to Bolt payment. I have a gift card that I would like to use for my payment and for some reason it’s not letting change the payment method. Please fix this! Thank you.
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5 years ago, SarahMia18
Plus Size
I love Forever21 but there’s multiple problems I’ve found with the app and site. When hitting ‘Refine by’ on sections such as special holidays/occasions, it only shows XS-XL even if it shows plus size items which makes it harder to comb through and see what is possible for me to wear. Even IN the Plus Size section, you can only refine by styles from XS-XL, which will show zero options if you click on one of the sizes. There is very limited selection when it comes to Plus Size, and the amount of styles sold in Plus Size are not even close to the amount sold in regular sizes. When the Retro/80s-90s styles came out, I was very excited, but it seemed to only include regular siEs. This seems like a huge mistake by the company because all the plus size women I know swear by F21 and we give them a lot of business.
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5 years ago, Screw yall !
Don’t Buy
I’m a college student in need of new clothes, so i knew i was coming home for Mardi Gras break . So i ordered February 19th the break started on March 4th-6th. First the EDT ( estimated delivery time) was March 1st so i said okay that’s cool i’ll still be home . Then it changed to March 4th so i said ughhhh ok. I went back on the app and noticed it changed to March 6th ! the day I leaveeee! And USPS truck doesn’t deliver till around 6pm ! i leave at 10 am ! this is a huge inconvenience on my part & i expected better from a well known brand . I WILL NEVER SHOP W YOU GUYS AGAIN, & this app will be deleted once i review my order ! GUYS THE LOSE PACKAGES AMD LIE ABOUT DELIVERY DATES. first of all i’m aware the warehouse is in LA, my package then traveled from there to AZ , to TX then to TENNESSEE ! WHAT THE ACTUAL FUC* if i live in louisiana why did my package didn’t just go from texas to MS? then after TN it finally reached MS and now in LA. if my package wouldn’t have went where it wasn’t supposed to go , i would’ve had it on time.
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5 years ago, Crudpill
Cart count went from 29 to 27, right before my eyes. Why?
I had a feeling that some items in my cart were being deleted, and this little “glitch” or whatever just proved me right. I had 29 items in my cart, I added a dress to the cart to a total of 30 items, but suddenly my item count dropped down to 27. Went to the cart and it showed an alert asking me to remove some sold out items, like they always do for cart items no longer in stock, of which there were two, but that’s not the issue. It appears that some of the first items I placed in my cart are no longer there, the only item that I specifically remember that WAS there that no longer is, is a black dress. I didn’t remove it, so where did it go? Where are the many other items that I spent a LONG time looking for..? I’ve suspected this was happening for a while, I wouldn’t be surprised if this happened 15 times now. If they became sold out, why not ask me to remove them? Can F21 explain to me the reason why my item count went from 29 to 27 when it should have been 30? I’m really upset about this, F21 is the only first hand clothing store that I shop at and have been doing so for over five years. I feel cheated honestly, I don’t even know what else to say.
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7 years ago, autumnlove328
please fix!!
This app has been giving me several problems. First of all, their restock updates are very inaccurate. I put my email on a list for a pair of sold out boots so I can get an email if they ever come back in stock in my size. I get an email two minutes later saying the boots are restocked and when I checked they still didn’t have my size! Super annoying! Another thing getting on my nerves is that I am constantly being signed out of my account. I clicked on my wishlist and when I did it said I had to sign in to see it, so I did. Right after I signed in and clicked on my wishlist again I HAD TO SIGN IN AGAIN. Then I clicked on my cart to checkout, all the items I wanted were gone. I had to sign in to get them back. I had to sign in SEVERAL times. This is very frustrating and I am on the verge of deleting this app. It’s a shame because I love shopping at Forever 21, especially online. Fix the app.
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