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4.9 (52.8K)
57.6 MB
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Current version
Frameo ApS
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.4 or later
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User Reviews for Frameo

4.89 out of 5
52.8K Ratings
2 years ago, HartPugLover
Love this app and am VERY happy to recommend it!!
My niece bought a frame that uses FRAMEO for my sister who absolutely loved it! Then my sister bought one for me and I love it. I proceeded to buy one for my daughter. We all love it and I’m sure will be buying frames that use FRAMEO for other friends and family members. After receiving a new modem at home, I had a problem where my FRAMEO could not see or connect with my WiFi. I reached out to my internet provider who was not much help and then to FRAMEO who was a BIG help. They provided me with specific specs to pass on to my internet provider and then much to my pleasure…..they reached out and checked with me a few days later to see if the problem had been resolved. I told them that it had not and they gave me a few more things to try. I could not believe that the company would be proactive and reach out to make sure that my issue was solved. After a long time dealing with my internet provider…I am finally up and running again. I am so grateful to FRAMEO for the support they provided and for not giving up on me even though it wasn’t their problem. I would definitely recommend to anyone to use this app!!
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8 months ago, Ghvvfiknv
“Select More Photos” problem
I don’t like to allow apps access to ALL of my photos, so I prefer to select the photos it has access to. It’s fine when I first started, I could add all the photos I wanted to share with my family’s frames, but now as I take more photos there is NO BUTTON to select more photos, only a camera button, which is useless. Please add a “select more photos” button in the app, so I don’t have to go into my phone’s settings every single time I take a picture of my kid and want to share it. One time I got a random prompt to select more, but I didn’t have any more photos to share right then, so it was t helpful. I need easy access to add a new photo and then share it. Otherwise, I like the app. But the lack of efficiency is really annoying. Thanks!
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10 months ago, Coolout
I’m using my frame to offload my billions of pics. Though I was deleting as soon as I uploaded, I was still getting messages that my storage was full! In the space settings I saw that Frameo, which downloads at less than 50mb, was taking up 7.1 GIGS of space on my phone! It wouldn’t let me delete old uploads (didn’t realize that feature was there before) at first because it was just too much at once; it’d crash when I tried. So I had to delete the app (which took two tries and two reboots because it was a LOT by that point) to free up that space. So if you’re dealing with a ton of photos, make sure you empty out your uploads cache periodically - it’s the clock icon on the far right bottom, and then the trash can icon top right. Otherwise, this is the best frame app I’ve used. Granted I’ve only used two, but the other one was Aimor and that was forcing me to crop every single photo when I uploaded. So this is the best choice of the two and I’ll only get frames that use this app. UPDATE: the Frameo frames don’t even see the micro sd card half the time. I just want a digital frame like they used to have in the late 90s where they always just worked!
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3 years ago, chatterbox123321
My family purchased a frame for my Aunt and I...both frames just started showing offline for no reason...contacted their live customer service app which I believe was just a robot for offering no message in the thread asked me to fill out a form to talk with the person who could help scam...they asked me to fill out a form first that would charge me 5:00 for the help...may even be a scam to get your credit card info or just to get money from you and really not receive help...not sure which it is...but I’m not so sure linking your phone to this app is a good thing at all...with my frame and one other are in seperate homes miles apart but getting the app the same day makes this offline because of a server area pretty network settings are working fine according to the frame...and all other digital equipment I own are working fine on it...the error message in the app shows the frame is offline so no one can send you says to click the x to fix the connection to server issue but yet the frame and network are fine...worthless app...and probably a way to scam for your info or money...don’t get it
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2 years ago, Dreamshark
Total garbage
App is thoroughly outdated, does not even support Bluetooth for photo transfer (just wireless). You can only send 9 pictures at a time, and most of the time the transfer hangs in the middle. When it does work it is very slow, often taking minutes to complete. Unfortunately, if you have bought a frame that only supports Frameo you are stuck with it. The moral is, read the product description carefully and do not buy a digital frame that is dependent on Frameo. ETA. Developer clearly did not read my comments carefully. I WAS using wireless transfer, but found it awkward, slow and unreliable. Recently, wireless transfer has stopped working completely. Error message claims frame is not connected to Internet, but that is clearly not true. Device successfully connects to the same wireless network as phone and all other devices. I suspect that the Frameo server is down, but there are no troubleshooting tools to determine that. I just load pictures from thumb drive, but that has other problems and limitations: no way to load video, for instance.
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3 years ago, Talia Baer
Very user friendly! Make sure silent/vibration is off when scrolling videos 🤪
My family have all purchased frames to share photos between each other and we LOVE this app! I’d love for it to be able to share more than 10 @ a time, but be sure that your silent/vibration is OFF and sound is ON when you’re choosing the 15seconds of a video clip you wish to send. I learned the hard way by having to contact the app creators as to why this was happening to me. They kindly and quickly wrote me back to suggest the sound/vibration being off and as soon as I clicked it back, SOUND. Glorious! Now off to spam my family with video clips of my little girl!
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5 months ago, CallieC_
Great concept, not so great delivery.
Hi! I’ve been using this app for over a year now as it helps me and my sibling send photos to our parents and keep them in the loop with the small photo worthy moments. In that way Frameo is great and affordable compared to other similar photo frame products. The thing that brings their review down is the fact that the app is so hard to use and navigate despite appearing somewhat user friendly. It’s such a chore to get into my camera roll from the app and select what new photos to upload and keep track of what’s been sent, sent multiple times, or accidentally gets sent. I think the app development team needs to get together to make it much easier for users in the next update. Again love this company and their product, just think things could be ironed out more to make it a better experience for their users, which would in turn make me use the app and product more.
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3 months ago, Some ok some not so much
Mostly good…
I bought frames for my three kids a few Christmases ago, and love the fact that I can send photos to each of them. However, the sending is the only easy part! As far as I can tell, there is no ability to see more than one sent picture at a time, scrolling through each individual photo sent to each individual recipient. If I send the same picture at different times, to a different person, the app is not capable of merging them, and will simply add it to the list. It is pretty awful to scroll through hundreds of pictures one by one to see if I’ve already sent the same one, or just to one person and not the other. A future suggestion would be to find a way the the sender to see an array of sent photos at once to scroll through just like the iPhoto app. That would be such an improvement!
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5 months ago, Not a millenial, I suppose.
Love it, but wish for better editing options.
We have two Frameos in our home, and love them. My only suggestion for future improvements would be for better options to adjust/ edit/ center the photos and videos in the frame, either during the upload process or from the frame itself. The tool for doing so is inconsistent and pretty clunky/ imprecise, resulting in some photos being poorly centered or having sections cut out. (This could be user error on my part, in which case making the function more intuitive would help.) But, that’s just a small annoyance, and most of the photos/ videos come out great! The image quality is excellent, and it’s very user friendly in all other ways. We love being surprised at any moment by which memories will pop up on the frame.
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3 months ago, Longtime TCFr
Works on iphone - can’t login on iPad ?
I bought frames for gifts and one for myself! It works fine on my iphone - but I have not been able to log into the account on iPad. When I select ‘Already have an account?’ On the IPad - Nothing happens. I have deleted and reinstalled twice. No change. On the iphone, it works well enough. I feel like the ‘choose multiple photos functionality’ is a little clumsy - the app selects the last photo uploaded. If you don’t uncheck it, it sends again. I might have to check further to see if it’s possible in the current version, but it would be nice to give access to one album vs one at a time or the whole photo library. Then you could select the photos you want to upload to the frame from a Frameo album. The frame works easily. I do wish the date/time information from the actual file would display vs the date it was uploaded. I like the ability to snooze overnight, delete and slide show speed. I don’t feel the ‘shuffle’ functionality works very well - I have 300 pics on the frame, but I will see 50 photos over and over in a couple hours, and never see many of the other photos at all. It’s a great gift and other than my login issue on iPad, I really like it. Easy to use once you get the hang of it.
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1 year ago, Zan2004
I love it butttt
I really like the Frameo it’s simple and basic, that being said, I wish it had more features and possible ability to download apps and connect to smart home stuff. It’s my understanding it’s an androidOS system, and as of late have added a time feature and local weather. I wish it also said what was added/ changed when it updates I can’t seem to find much about what an update did to my frame, other then that the app interface isn’t bad and the hardware is good quality. It’s nice to see a slideshow of your favorite memories. Just wish it had the ability to do more, I think that would make it better and line up more with its potential competitors. Amazing “smart” frame if you want something simple and easy to use.
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2 years ago, pjjellibean
Problem with app and volume
I was gifted this frame from my daughters and I have loved it since I got it. Minus the very loud sounds it makes randomly and when rebooting after updates. After searching for a solution I found that the app Im using when open does not look the same as what it should and has no setting options for volume or notifications. It’s very very basic. The frame says it’s using the latest version and the app has been updated as well although it’s clearly not updated. It’s almost like I’m in a demo mode or something. I have no control over the volume because of this and it’s very annoying and startling when it reboots at max volume about 4-5 x a day now. I’m considering just unplugging it now but hate too because I love it otherwise. Please fix this issue Frameo.
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3 years ago, PKPak
Wish I could remove a photo after sharing
Decent enough. I bought a few to put in our furnished rentals. Thought it would be nice to have little reminders about things like garbage day, scheduled cleanings, landscaping day in a rotation along with beautiful landscapes. Problem is, I can’t remove a picture after sharing it. So after I share a picture that says “Cleaners are schedule June 7th”, I can never remove that photo unless I physically go to the house and remove it from the frame. Not so easy when the house is out of state. The gallery on each frame would become cluttered with old information. If I could simply stop sharing a photo on a specific frame from the app, that would be ideal! So until then, I can’t fully use it as intended.
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2 years ago, Gtrtim112
Almost Perfect
Super easy to setup. App is easy to download, install and navigate. I like how I can have multiple frames loaded, send to all at once, some of them at once or just one at a time. Cool feature for the recipient… they can “like” and respond with emojis. The reason it’s not perfect is because of the annoying circle that pops up when sending a photo that requests the sender select the important part of the photo. It’s not clear on how the photo is going to look when received on the frame. It’s confusing to the sender. Is it cropping the photo? Truth is, it looks normal so why have that circle to begin with? All in all, I would definitely recommend and purchase another.
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7 months ago, wisconsinson
Excellent App
This app is easy to use and always works. It is very intuitive and slick. I really like the Frameo and app - and have recommended it to many friends. One additional feature I would love to see is the ability to view pictures that are on my Frameo on my phone. Often, family will send photos to my Frameo, and I’ll want to show them to friend (when I am not home). I know that I can copy them off the Frameo using an SD card, but it would be much more convenient to be able to view them directly on my phone. Maybe in a future release?? Anyway, thanks for making such an awesome product!
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10 months ago, Lovittm
Great, but…..
We’ve had this for 1.5 years now. It’s great because I can send pics to my widowed mother who now lives alone. However, the Frameo app forces you to zoom into or “focus” on the important part of the pic. It ruins every pic and my mother has to manually zoom out on each photo after I have sent them so she can see the “rest” of the photo. It would be a great update if you could just let me send my pics “as is.” If the user has to select the part of the photo to pick the “aspect” of the frame then that’s fine, but don’t force me to zoom in on 2 people when there’s 8 people in the photo.
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8 months ago, jaceses
Not user-friendly
Think people are just happy to share photos this way because this app is nowhere near 5 stars. There are so few photos we can actually send because the display ability can only cover a small portion of the photo (photos cannot fit to frame). When realizing a photo won’t work (literally just a baby’s face…can’t even get in the hair, let alone what he is doing in the photo, which is the reason we are sending), one has to go all the way back to the beginning to remove it. Also can only send ten photos at a time. No ease of use. How does this have a 4.9? I can’t even figure out how to delete out photos that were uploaded into frameo, but do not want to be sent. I am in my 30s for reference, not a grandparent who may struggle with technology.
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4 years ago, Hank from Arizona
FRAMEO stopped displaying photos
I received it as a gift and suddenly it stopped displaying photos and just sits there with Logo on the screen with 3 running dots below logo as though it is booting up but never finishes. No error message. I have had the frame less than one month. Contacted FRAMEO support via email several times with no response, basically FRAMEO says contact support but they don’t respond. Called the online retailer and they tried to contact FRAMEO support but that no one answered. My recommendation is to look for a different frame, retailer is refunding my money for this product that has no support communication.
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2 years ago, phylosans
Could be great
This is a wonderful gift but buyer be aware if you are buying for older, parents, that aren’t computer savvy, be sure to make yourself administrator BEFORE giving. A few suggestions that would make major improvements: 1.) Have a sync button that you can turn on or off so if you don’t want every picture you take on your phone to automatically go into the app. I don’t want every photo o take on my phone to automatically be sent to the app. 2.) You should be able to delete from the APP photos that have already been sent to the frame. [Between all photos taken on your phone automatically sent to app and the inability to delete photos from the app, space is being taken up on both the app and your phone. ] 3.) Improve the quality of the frame stand. Currently it’s very thin and doesn’t hold up the frame as good as it should. I am not using the stand it came with, I am using something different. With these changes to the frame/app, this would be such a great product. Five plus stars!
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6 months ago, music_angel8
Not 5 stars yet
I intentionally selected frames that used Frameo due to all the 5-star reviews, but I think the app needs some additional features to be worth 5 stars. It works fine enough, but only being able to hold 10 photos at once is annoying since I typically am batch uploading when I remember to do so. Also, not being able to see which photos are on the frame is a big time headache. For one thing, it means when you accidentally share a photo to a frame that is not in your house, you can’t remove it…so be careful what you click on. For another thing, I have no idea what I’ve already shared with who so I’m wasting my time uploading things my family members already have.
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3 years ago, Thayes2714
Good Frame but needs some upgrades
I got this frame as a gift. It’s a good frame but I have some suggestions for improvements. 1. It would be nice to be able to load more than 10 pictures at a time. 2. There should be a way to designate a device with the app as an Admin of the frame so it can adjust, hide, or delete pictures from that one device instead of only able to do it from the frame. 3. App has started crashing after I put a lot of pictures on the frame. 4. The settings screen will randomly appear and block the top of pictures. This screen should only come up when prompted and not on its own.
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3 years ago, MomOfAJ
Great idea....poor execution
I bought several frames that all use this app so that we would be able to share moments with family members across several states. We especially wanted it for the older family members, but the younger generation wanted to participate themselves. The main issue I have with this app is that it says that frames are not online when I know they actually are. I tried to upload a photo to my own frame for 2 days. The app would say that the frame is not online, when I could walk over to the frame and see that it was. I even tried deleting and reinstalling the app. Still, it will not let me connect to my sister’s frame now. Very frustrating. Especially because I checked the reviews before I ordered frames using this software. Consider looking elsewhere.
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2 years ago, Suzie K
Best digital frame app!
After extensive research about digital frames, we chose one specifically with the Frameo app. This app doesn’t track personal data and is so easy to use. You can easily upload photos to your frame from anywhere using wi-fi. Many digital frames use email or a cloud service only - some you must pay for monthly. This app is free. We love it so much that we bought 5 more frames using Frameo for family all over the U.S. Our parents especially love the Frameo frames. We have been using this app for over a year and highly recommend it.
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4 years ago, Tonskie
Pics don’t fit in frame
I am trying to send pics to my 99 year old grandma’s frame. Your app enlarges the pics I am trying to send and I’m not able to resize it to a smaller size to fit in the circle. I am the app USER and not the frame owner so I can’t make adjustments on the frame from my end. Is there a way, as an app user, that I can reduce the size of a pic so that it fits in the extremely small round circle you provide? On some pics, if they’re a head shot, only the person’s nose or eye fits in the round frame. This app is truly unusable if you don’t have a fix for that. Again, I am the app user and not the frame owner, so if you respond, please respond as it would pertain to an app USER. You mentioned on previous reviews to go into the settings and make changes from there but as an app user there aren’t any settings.....only settings for the frame owner.
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4 years ago, RocketProp
I got the frame for my mom, who lives in another state in assisted living, for Christmas 2019. Little did I know how important that frame and this AP would be this year. She has been restricted to her studio apt since early March. I can easily send her pictures everyday so she has something new to see. She loves it and it doesn’t matter if it was a picture of a bear in Denali we took in 2016, or of our 6 month old lab puppy trying to learn how to swim. I’m looking forward to creating a Mother’s Day Video for her. Thank you for making a great, easy to use product that she doesn’t have to touch after I set it up.
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11 months ago, Pkced
Wonderful if they’ll fix the app
Frameo is a great idea and I suppose it’s probably worth all the trouble for the joy it brings our faraway relatives. That said, the trouble is the app. It crashes and freezes all the time. Sometimes I have to go through the several-step upload process 10x to succeed (and since you can only upload one video or 10 photos at a time, the failed attempts rapidly add up). In addition, it messes with Siri. Now when I verbally ask my iPhone to text someone or navigate somewhere, it sometimes replies, “Sorry. Frameo doesn’t support that feature.” Frameo obviously has nothing to do with those features and shouldn’t even be considered. I’ve never seen another app overreach into Siri functions like this.
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3 years ago, momof10likestowalk
Fabulous Gift for All but especially for Senior Citizens!
This is proving to be a fabulous gift for my father with Alzheimer’s! My sister and I can both connect to his frame and send him pictures of his grandchildren and great grandchildren! By using the caption option to type in names, it helps my Dad connect and “remember” names and faces! He sits for a long time watching the slideshow of family pictures and smiling and exclaiming over each “new” picture! It keeps him constructively occupied and connected to family!! ❤️❤️ Worth every cent! 🙌
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6 months ago, cigarboxer
Fun, but frustrating
The only reason I have this app is because my mother in law has the frame. If you are sending photos from your iPhone, you will find that only a small part of the picture makes it into the frame. In the next-to-final step before sending the photo a circle appears highlighting a small portion and the dialogue says “select the most important part of the picture”. The circle only centers the image; it doesn’t represent how the picture will be cropped. It presents you with the Sophie’s choice: “Okay, which of my kids do I want to eliminate…?” Not only is there no decent preview of what will end up visible in the frame, there’s no way to back out of the process! There’s no “cancel” option! I can only imagine the awkward situations that can arise from that lack of control. (I can just imagine a picture from an office party where your spouse is cropped out of the picture, but not the hottie on the right…) Basically, even a rudimentary menu of basic options would be helpful, especially because the information you are sharing is personal and being put on display.
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2 years ago, 66from66
Needs work
This app is cumbersome to work. It needs allot of changes to be user friendly. When you send a photo and it completes the UI continues to display the photo you just sent and I. Order to get out of the screen you have to close the app. When a photo is sent the app needs to refresh the screen and send you back to the screen to select a new photo. The photos you sent to a frame are still selected. The user should be asked if you are finished with the selected photos and unselect them when the user replies yes. The process should be designed for you to send multiple photos to the selected frame in the same process. That’s not what is happening but rather I have to send one at a time. Needs more work.
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6 months ago, Jkgronert
No zoom out option?
I’m not sure if this is user error or not, but I’m trying to send a bunch of pictures to my mom of my whole family from the last two years. Aside from the fact that I can only send 10 at a time, each one forces you to use this “smart photo fit” option where the image you send is zoomed in on a single face, and you can’t zoom out to get the whole image in the frame. So a full family picture with 6 people in front of a Christmas tree, you’re lucky if 2 complete faces are in the shot and there’s no look at the tree behind at all. Not much point in sending family pictures when each picture you send only has 1 face in it and no context or background of the rest of the image.
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2 years ago, Jules0830-MA
App is temperamental
If only the app would work the same time each time I open it, I would give this a 5-star rating. I bought multiple frames to share pictures with family. I have to restart the app several times each time I want to share photos. Sometime it will bring me right to my photos to select which ones I want to share, other times it gets hung up. I have just now restarted the app 10 times, no kidding, and am still unable to navigate to select more images to share. Great product, great idea, however app is lacking and very outdated, which is unfortunate because it’s the key to facilitating the ease of sharing images across your product.
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4 months ago, Cayers3417
It’s really nice, but could be better
I got this frame for my grandparents as a Christmas gift. I love how large the frame is and how easy the settings are. What is annoying is the app. Cons of the app: 1. You cannot see what photos are already in the frame. You can only see what photos you’ve added. So, if there are multiple people as friends in the frame, you don’t know what they have sent, and you may be sending the same exact pictures. My mom and I have already sent the same photos multiple times. 2. You cannot delete photos from the app. The frame is at my grandparents house who live in miami and I live in Orlando. I have to wait until I visit them to delete photos from the app itself. 3. It shows photos you’ve added in different slots, instead of one gallery. So, you have to check each slot to see if you’ve already added a photo. Time consuming. If the app was better, I would give this 5 out of 5 because the frame itself is very nice.
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1 year ago, jbmorof
Can only upload 10 pictures at a time
Starting off with the positive, this app works well for allowing multiple collaborators to upload pictures to the photo frame and uploads happen pretty quickly. The difficult part is that your limited to uploading pictures to 10 at a time. This is fine if you’re adding a picture here or there but makes it difficult to set up the frame and add hundreds of photos off the bat. You also cannot manage the frame from your phone app, it has to be done on the frame itself. Hope this can be addressed in future updates.
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2 years ago, Aufan1983
So Simple I Can Use It… LoL
Remember being a teenager and therefore the one that set up all electronics? Now I’m 57 years old and transitioning to the other side. When I was a kid the most complicated thing we had was a tv. The extremely difficult tvs had a basic remote control. Even though things have greatly changed Using the Frameo app could not be easier. The entire setup process was finished so fast I thought there had to be a mistake Photos are clear and crisp. The price is fair so you can’t lose here
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4 years ago, MonkeyGrumpy
Amazing DigiFrame - FAT32 file system
The digital frame’s quality is amazing, but everyone needs to understand the quality of the original picture needs to have great resolution too. The ability to wirelessly transfer pictures is very convenient, however, there needs to be an feature within the app to wirelessly delete unwanted photos. The frame cannot play music, so that would be a nice addition for a future model. For photo transfers via microSD: the microSD’s file system needs to be formatted as FAT32. I didn’t know this, and I couldn’t find the details/specifications in the user manual, box label, or online.
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3 years ago, givemeglenn
Received as a Present
I received a Frameo, as a present from my daughter and son-in-law, just before they had my first Grandchild, and they have been uploading pictures to me without letting me know they were coming, so it’s a gift that keeps-on-giving!!! I’ve also added photos my wife has taken when we visited so it has turned into a wonderful collage of photos and short videos. The product and app are very user friendly and I highly recommend them for yourself and as gifts to someone special in your life.
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4 years ago, belmo3
Love this frame.
I ordered this for my on Mother’s Day. The frame works great. I love that we can add pictures to the wall now. I plan on getting a second frame one for portrait and one for Landscape format. One thing I would love to see in the App is a way to have one person be the administrator for the frame/multiple frames and can organize ALL the photos frames through the app. Also it would be nice to be able to share from the frame to other frames. Especially since I am trying to get photos from this frame to a second one depending on the picture format. I know Nixplay does this.
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3 years ago, atlj9
Poor manual/can’t send to phone
I like this app and I am the owner of the digital frame but I have 2 major complaints: 1. When clicking on the gallery icon in the app, I get “permission denied, permission is required to access your photos.” There is no explanation anywhere how to resolve this- I’ve spent over 2 hours online looking for info to no avail. 2. There is no way apparently to send a photo I get on the digital frame to the Frameo app or my smartphone. If I want to use a photo for wallpaper for example, I have to ask the friend to message /text it to my phone. What a waste. They should just send all photos to my phone and I’ll send to the frame myself? This defeats the purpose. I hope these issues get resolved. Thnx.
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3 years ago, Oregon Grammie
Customer support is terrific
I’ve had a few problems using my Frameo as I learned how to use it. When contacting the support team, they have responded quickly, sent their suggestions for fixing what I was doing, and when I couldn’t, they continued to send their solutions until I was successful (the problems were with me not understanding how technology works, not with the program itself!) I love having the frame sitting in my office, with my family’s photos keeping me company all day. Thanks for all your friendly assistance.
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4 years ago, swipper2019
Love it but just wish.....
I bought this frame for my parents who live in the USA. I just had a baby and live in Canada, this frame allows for me to send pictures of their new grandson in real time. I share this frame with my sister who lives in Europe and wish I was able to view the photos she uploads in addition to her being able to see what pictures I have uploaded onto our parents frame. Also, the ability to have admin rights to see what pictures are uploaded to a frame would be valuable considering some pictures are sensitive. But we are loving this frame, thank you!!
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1 month ago, Nickname.TH
Lots of room for improvement.
App ALWAYS has a “next” option at the photo selection screen. It does not clearly keep tabs on the selection of what u want to upload, or what u have already uploaded. So for non technical people (which is the exact and specific target market)- they keep uploading the same photo over and over. A simple check to select active or not select active would make all of the difference in the world. Having no photo(s) selected initially for upload would also make things easier. And seemingly no option to upload to the frames internal or external memory. This would be incredible. So- this is yet, once again, an almost but not at all close to a final, well thought out, well tested or awesome app. Another super cool idea that was so close to awesome and the developer(s) just quit trying. Developers need to give these apps to their grandparents to test, not to the person in the cubicle next to them to test. Hopefully an update or two away for awesome!
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3 years ago, Flern
Awesome! … except for constant crashes!
This is a great app and works flawlessly with our frame - as long as you do a single picture at a time. Multiple pictures? Crash! 15 second video? Crash! Single picture but done multiple times in a row? Crash! Fortunately the pictures queue up and will finish eventually after restarting the app half a dozen times. I’ve had videos just constantly crash the app half way through and have had to give up on them. My wife has the same issue. (iPhone 12 and 12 mini.) If it weren’t for these issues, this would be superb.
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1 year ago, Langston20
The Best Christmas gift ever- give or receive
My mother-in-law gave us a Frameo for Christmas and it is seriously one of the coolest gifts I’ve ever received. Super easy to set up and use and get connected to other friends and family to share meaningful photo memories! It’s an incredible way to stay part of each other’s lives and connected. I’m going to give one to my parents and other special people next year for Christmas… it’s just the gift that keeps giving!
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2 years ago, eldondiaz
Great idea, needs polishing
This has been a wonderful gift for my grandmother as now she easily has updated family photos. I love the concept of photo reactions but the functionality is poor. I get a notification when a photo is liked. But in the app it’s terribly difficult to see which photos were reacted to. I have to dig through my uploads and click every photo to see if it has a reaction. Add a separate area for reaction notifications please. Otherwise this is a fantastic idea for easy photo sharing and display
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4 months ago, ShinyStar2356
Love it and a suggestion
Just set up my frame and I LOVE it!! Just a couple of suggestions. To organize the pics I want to add to my frame I created a Frameo album on my phone. But then I realized that to add to the frame you cannot select an album only photos. It would be great if we could just sync an album. A related issue is that since I can’t select an album I’ve accidentally uploaded duplicates. Would be great if there was an easy way to see duplicates and erase. Otherwise love the frame.
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2 years ago, 2dopefurreal
Incredibly Clunky
This is a good idea but poorly executed. The buttons in the app are not responsive half the time or images will be missing. The upload process gets hung up on as little as three photos with no icon or anything to indicate that it’s in progress. You can’t delete photos you’ve sent to a frame and you can’t edit a photo in even a minimal way. Photos are arbitrarily enlarged on the frame itself so a photo of your dog can turn into just your dog’s neck. The app does let you choose a focus point on a photo but it’s pointless for any photo with more than one subject in it. The frame device itself appears to have a smoother GUI than the app does. It’s frustratingly bad.
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9 months ago, Disappointed in MI100
Not random enough
Almost everything works well except my main issue is the random display of images on the frame seems to get stuck on only a few images. How hard is it to make it so an image isn’t repeated until all of the images have been seen? Seems like this would be pretty easy. Also a glitch when selecting new images to upload, you have to quit and restart the app to see the newly added images.
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1 month ago, doc.dunbar
Okay at first glance
This is one of the least user friendly apps I have used. If you’re picking multiple photos and you accidentally click on the photo instead of checking it for the queue, it gets rid of all the previously selected photos. On top of that it’s really difficult to navigate and there are no tutorials whatsoever other than. The few text blurbs during setup. Seems like a great concept with okay at best execution. Wouldn’t necessarily recommend the product or the app ESPECIALLY since I got it as a gift and have to pay to use the full capabilities. Do better.
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3 months ago, SpiderKisses21
Love it, but can’t change date
I would totally recommend this product. The only thing that I have found that I do not like about it is the fact that sometimes it doesn’t put the correct date on it. instead, it will put the date date you downloaded it on the frame rather than the actual date it was taken. It’s easy to figure out I had no problem adding people or adding pictures.
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2 years ago, Dmarnel
Notifications only appear when app in opened
I’m not a fan of requiring an app for every digital device these days, but it’s even worse to require friends to download the app just to send pictures to your frame. Why not use an email address like other frames? I do like that you can react to photos right from the frame and that it notifies the sender about your reaction. However, the notifications only appear if you open the app.
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