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User Reviews for Snapchat

4.68 out of 5
1.7M Ratings
2 weeks ago, .125726())
Wish I could use it
I used to have this app and loved it. I was able to chat with my friends in a form of communication I’ve never been able to do until my parents (dad + step mom) grounded me a year ago. I admit what I did was stupid, and deserved the grounding. It has been almost a year since my friend committed suicide and I used substances (literally was just weed) to help myself cope until I was caught. When i finally got my phone back I was allowed to have all my social media back except Snapchat. I thought it was only gonna be like a couple weeks of me not being able to use it and they told me, promised me I would get it back soon. It has now been 11 months and I am getting so sick and tired of asking and asking to be able to have the app back. PARENTS. This app is safe for your children when they know how to use it. Lighten up and don’t be a huge control freak. If you’re going to let your children have a phone then you have to let them choose their own paths and make their own mistakes. I hope I am able to get it back soon and sorry if this wasn’t a helpful review but I needed somewhere to rant and hope my arsehole parents let me have my phone back for myself
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7 days ago, Laureles⏰
Ai creeps me out
When I talk to my Ai it creeps me out because idk the person and when I text it the Ai sends weird stuff I don’t really trust Snapchat anymore because of how much sexual content I mostly just watch the vids and filters I don’t really like that I get sexual stuff when I text my Ai plus i don’t like it so I might have to delete it cause if all the sexual stuff they put in I think I should use something else instead of Snapchat because of all the weird and sexual stuff they have plus when I was new to Snapchat it was mostly family friendly when it had the old logo but when they changed it the logo weird stuff was happening and I saw a Ai and it was doing weird things and sexual stuff that I started to not be on it for awhile so I took a break for 1 month but after 1 month got a dog so i mostly didn’t notice that it was one month cause I was paying attention mostly to my dog cause I loved it but then I noticed so I deleted it and after 2 years I got on it again but it wasn’t the same it just got worse so I started to just be on other apps like ticktock and other things I have no trust in online games or dating apps plus apps like Snapchat I think Snapchat should do changes and more family friendly stuff and get the sexual stuff out if you are reading this please trust me apps like this could be dangerous and can get you killed or kidnapped.
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2 months ago, RemiRoo1327
Snap has a bug and they won’t fix it!!
I went into Snapchat one morning to find myself logged out. After entering my password, a screen saying my account was locked for allegedly “violating community guidelines” popped up. I was severely confused because I felt like I didn’t do anything wrong. After reviewing the guidelines, I couldn’t think of anything I did to warrant my account being locked so I decided to do further research. Turns out a friend of a friend had her account locked for allegedly “violating community guidelines” as well despite not doing anything against the guidelines. Throughout the next week, I did extensive research and contacted anyone I could via twitter and etc but I was disappointed with the lack of actual help I was receiving. I finally tried to unlock my account but to my dismay it is permanently locked. This was my worst case scenario as my Snapchat account had many friends I no longer could talk to in person and who’s number I did not have. After moving halfway across the country, our dog dying, and almost dying myself due to an eating disorder, Snapchat was one of the only ways I could contact some of my friends. Snapchat was great until it completely betrayed me and now they claim, after giving me terrible assistance, (if you can even call it that) that there is nothing more they can do for me. This is your app. You should be able to fix it, or at least stop this bug so it doesn’t mess with anyone else’s life.
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5 months ago, AAJ03
Ai has got to go!!
I have had Snapchat for years, i love it, i love being able to talk to friends, send funny pictures to each other, have memories, etc. with that being said, this new AI that has been added is the dumbest thing anyone could do. I have deleted Snapchat and do not plan on getting it back. I tried to remove it and was unable to, i feel that if I’m going to have something I should have control over who/ what is on my phone and social media. Not the app itself. I also do not like that even when you have protection in place in their “privacy setting” it does not do anything. I have received message after message of strangers sending me sexual content. I report the message and block the user, then go and make sure my privacy settings are correct and they are. I also have ghost mode on because I do not wish for people to see my location, one of my friends informed me that could see my location while messaging me. I never turned this setting on, but somehow it got turned on. It seems that Snapchat has a mind of its own and the creators/ employees, or whatever you want to call it, can do whatever they choose to do with our personal accounts. I have had pictures deleted from my memories that I have not deleted, messages coming through from spam sending me sexual content, my location services magically turning on, and the newest thing “AI”. Snapchat really seems to be going downhill anymore.
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5 months ago, judicial branch
My AI moment.
Either make your new AI experiment bearable to speak too, or remove it from the top of my friends list and put it somewhere else. It’s a neat idea, I think using it to make random predictions and stuff could be fun, but when it is politically correct all the time and refuses to do or say certain harmless things, it’s annoying. I asked it who was going to win a race today, they made a random pick based off of driver statistics. That’s pretty cool. So then I asked who would wreck or who would finish last based off of the same criteria, and the AI refused to answer either of the questions because it “wanted to be respectful of drivers and team.” As if they care? As if that’s not part of sports? That's just one example. You ask it about a topic and it always gives you a round about answer to try and play both sides just incase you are one way or the other. If you’re going to make an AI that “learns from the user.” Then how about actually making it learn? Allow it to mold itself based off the person it’s talking too, and make it adapt to their interests, lingo, and hobbies. It should be able to know what I’m interested in after talking to it enough, not just always be a blank slate. I’ve had to explain to it what taking an “L” is FOUR TIMES. If old AIs such at cleverbot can do this 5 years ago then lord knows a million dollar tech giant like Snapchat should be able too with relative ease. So either make it good or get it out of my face.
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2 months ago, laceybyman
My boyfriend sister and i have all experienced the same thing in a short amount of time as well as one of the other reviews! I was logged into my account and i was sending snaps to my buddies, ( not to mention it was streaks up to 956 streaks, and with 45 people) and right after i sent them i was knocked out of the app, i figured it was due to my boyfriend logging into my account but no. i was logged out and permanently locked out of my account with no warning or temporary lock. i quickly text my boyfriend through imessage and realize the same thing just happened to him. i tried and tried and tried to make a new account but nothing worked. however my boyfriend was able to make a new account. i am very upset because i just lost all streaks and to make things worse i cannot log on and retrieve my memories. but if you make it quick, you might possibly be able to log onto your account after 24hrs of being locked out. we also contacted the snapchat support team and nothing works, we got an automated email back or nothing at all. if i ever get back into my account then i will retrieve my memories and then right after i am just going to delete the app entirely, ITS A MESS! 7 months later i created a new account and the same thing just happened but instead of a permanent lock it’s temporarily disabled. not telling how long until i can log back in i looked it up and it said up to 30 days.
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9 months ago, Panda Pugsley
Amazing app, my friends and I love it.
It’s a great app, most of my high school uses it. It’s the perfect way to keep in-touch with all of your homies on the weekends or after school. It’s super easy to use, there is little to no delay in video and voice calls, as well as messages. The format makes it easy to read texts and send them, and it’s super convenient to send a one-time picture that doesn’t take up any space on your camera roll, but if you want, you can save all pictures taken to your device. Posting to your story is an easy way to share your adventures (or just daily life) with your friends (and I mean only your friends, which makes it safer than a lot of other social media apps) and you can tag other friends in your story if they’re in the the picture or you just want them specifically to see it. Streaks is also a great feature to keep in contact with your buddies. It can be just a tradition every morning just for the number or it can be a way to make sure you contact long-distance pals every day. You can also get it on more out-dated devices, like my own device, even if you have a really old iOS. I love this app and I’m sure you will, too!
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9 months ago, 🪷💗💋
Great App but Not Very Helpful
I’ve had my Snapchat account for over 3 years, it contained all of my memories, and conversations with my friends that I cherished. I loved this app for a while now until this one day. I woke up as usual, and did my regular routine. I open Snapchat and suddenly it says that my account has been permanently locked. I am in absolute shock, I never intend to break any Guidelines at all. I did nothing wrong, I was responsible with my account which caused the confusion. I searched for Snapchat Support, desperately trying to get back my account. It wasn’t much help, since all the “help” said was to read the Guidelines. Which I did but did not benefit the situation. That’s when it hit me that I must have been hacked. Obviously, this was the only explanation. My account out of the blue suddenly becomes blocked for no particular reason? I instantly contacted Snapchat saying that my account was hacked, I needed a response and waited patiently. Nothing, Snapchat didn’t acknowledge the fact that my account which I’ve had for over 3+ that contained ALL of my contacts, ALL of my memories was out of my reach. I understand that Snapchat cannot help if someone’s account is locked, but it still frustrates me to loose an account that made me happy. I almost wanted to cry in anger from the situation. I still haven’t gotten a response, email, or anything from Snapchat about my account. Stay safe guys, save your memories and be careful.
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5 months ago, Mial10153
1 star app
I’ve been using Snapchat for about two years now. I’ve never had any issues and I have always adored and praised the app. Until today, the My AI feature was released to all Snapchat accounts even if they did not have the subscription that previously was the only one that had access to the My AI feature. I do not like this feature and I’m definitely not alone. Now even after trying to contact support and even asking the AI itself nothing I do can get rid of the AI. I don’t like AI nor have I ever and the fact it is at the top of my screen really upsets me. There is no way, as far I can see, to get rid of it. UNLESS, you have Snapchat+. But people like me have other responsibilities to pay for or plain out are not allowed to buy it. I’m seriously considering getting rid of Snapchat all together as I do not feel safe with having something like this on my phone. And I find it really frustrating that Snapchat is only giving the ability to get rid of it to plus members. If the Snapchat team can please find a way to fix this major issue that would be extremely appreciated.
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11 months ago, SaltyCookie😜😜😜
i dont even know
snapchat is a great app but i have a bunch of suggestions and a huge problem i just started dealing with 1. so i’ve had snap for a long time and i used it EVERY SINGLE DAY and had literally no problems until a few days ago. so basically after school i got on snap to text my friend and it said “Snapchat is a camera app. 😜 please access camera in settings to continue. so i was really confused because i just got on one day and it said that. my friend was with me and was like “check settings”. so we did and it had NO OPTION FOR CAMERA and i was ( am ) so annoyed. the only way i can get on snap to do something else is if i get a text or any type of notification from snap. i tried making new accounts and i even deleted my account to try and nothing changed. i looked up on safari how to fix it and it had NOTHING. please fix this issue because it’s super annoying and you’ll lose people liking your app because of this issue. 2. also make it were it doesn’t say someone screenshots chat or screen records because it’s really annoying. i’m trying to get some gossip but i can’t because it’ll say i screenshoted chat and then i can’t. OTHER THAN these issues this is a good app and i love the filters on there and it’s basically the only place i take ( took ) photos.
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3 months ago, stress pimples are coming
Honestly, I don’t think this app is safe for your kids. I’m 14 and someone sent me a snap saying that if I sent them a picture of myself I would get money. I sent them a picture of my face after telling them my age, and they asked for a picture of my body. I asked them for their age and why they needed a picture of my body and they said that they were 19 and I won’t be getting any money unless I sent them a naked picture of myself or a picture with me in a bra. I’m going to continue to use this app only because I communicate with a lot of close people on this app but if I was able to get everyone’s number or information on a different social media source, Snapchat wouldn’t even cross my mind anymore. It doesn’t matter If you report someone on this app because their account isn’t going to get banned or removed unless a ton of other people report them too. Two or three reports to one account isn’t going to affect anything. That’s just sad. For all the kids and teenagers that are under the age of 18, never feel influenced to do anything you feel uncomfortable doing to make money or satisfy other people. Even if you do feel comfortable doing it, it’s not ok to send inappropriate pictures of yourself to anyone above 18 if you are under age. Stay safe and make sure to watch your kids if you’re allowing them to install this app.
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9 months ago, changed my life😉😉
Is this good for 10-12 year olds?
I’m really concerned about some inappropriate content that might be put out and that children might see. The app allows 10-12+, which might be a bit concerning considering the content, perverts, thief’s, cyber bullies, and kidnappers. The app is something every kid would probably download, since it’s something and older kid would download and they’d want to download it, too. So when a child would download it, they would post. When they post, there’s an old man, kidnappers, bullies, and thief’s. There’s just so much that could go wrong! But there’s also many positive things. When a child downloads it, they can also contact online friends without giving away their phone number that could be a bit too personal! This also goes for parents. In general, the app is great for socializing and finding ideas for things to do. It’s like Pinterest and iMessages in one. But as a ten year old child, I don’t think it’s safe, I feel a bit uncomfortable on the app, especially since I’m only ten. So really, it’s great for people that know to be careful, and are older. And I don’t think Snap Chats opinion about 12+ is accurate, I think you should be 14+. It’s really not safe at a young age, there’s just so much to go wrong!
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7 months ago, ther isa tomany help
Very good app but it’s got some flaws
I have been using Snapchat for many years now and it has contained many memories and was the main contacting app. I had contact to friends on Snapchat that I didn’t anywhere else. But one day, I wake up to see that my account has been permanently locked. I was stunned and very surprised at this because I had done nothing wrong. I started to contact Snapchat support and spent days trying to desperately get it back but was all futile. I sent many emails to Snapchat support asking them to unlock it as I did nothing wrong and meant no harm to anyone. And what made me even more confusing, was that there was no reason specified for what I had done wrong. In all of the emails, they all said that I violated the community guidelines yet never actually said what I did wrong. Knowing that I didn’t do anything wrong, I blamed it on Snapchat workers that abused power by banning random people. But as I though about it more, I came to the assumption that I must had been hacked. It would be the only thing that made sense out of all of this. I contacted Snapchat support many times complaining that my account had been compromised and was used for actions that had violated the community guidelines. But I never received a response for anyone. Snapchat support never wrote back to me and after 8 months, I am still waiting for a response.
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4 months ago, ocean_eyes143
Banned Account for adding people to Quick
I have had Snapchat for 5 years+ in that five years I have developed a social media following I link all of my platforms together to keep in touch with all of my followers and Adam or delete them accordingly. Recently, May 2023, Snapchat decided to banned my account for adding too many people too quick, I reached out to Snapchat, and every form & fashion with no help and no responses. Not only did they banned my account, but they also linked it with my new phone so I am unable to start a new account on my new phone with Snapchat, because it was recognized. I would’ve been happy to verify and prove that it was me allowing my followers be added to Snapchat as I do with all my other platforms, but again, there’s no one to talk to at snapchat and nothing helpful. Snapchat’s customer service. Is terrible and as soon as I find another platform, I will be using it and moving all of my followers over to it. Unless can resolve the problem and get my count back. There was no warnings no anything just shut off one day and that was it and the fact that I can’t do another account on my new phone is ridiculous There’s plenty of people are doing real community guidelines violations and yet they are still on Snapchat. I am very unhappy with the customer service the lack of any real response that can help out with a problem . Snapchat do better.
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2 weeks ago, Gale D.
Armpit of social media apps
Snapchat’s fundamental pictures and chatting are ok. It’s the explore page & reels that are total garbage. Expect to see endless profane and fake content, replete with an ad every 5 seconds. I wish I was joking. Snapchat just takes the content of other platforms and regurgitates it into bite sized segments it can insert as many ads between as possible. And the content is so, so inane and fake. If it’s not a filmed crime or borderline pornographic, then it’s those fake tips videos or something more idiotic. I was a silly goose and watched one under a channel called “Extreme Science”. Surely that’s safe content, right? No- it was 5min clickbait of a man pretending to boil and do random stuff to a pumpkin, claiming his actions produced “warts” on it. In reality, he had just switched the variety of pumpkin to the breed with bumps and warts naturally on the skin. Not only is there nothing scientific about that, but now some knucklehead kid who doesn’t know it’s fake is going to try and boil their pumpkins now. Why why why does this content exist?!? Why do people live just to lie and dupe each other?! Why does Snapchat promote this content to its users?! It’s despairing to know this is the content millions of users get directed to- honestly as bad if not worse than the fake news algorithms of Meta. Drives me crazy thinking kids are growing up having to navigate this kind of garbage.
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8 months ago, jeidjsnd
Straight up uncalled for
I know snapchat is an amazing app and everyone makes mistakes and I completely understand if any have been made, but when you accuse or guesstimate as to why something happened and then remove someones account for (I wont state the reason just out of respect) a massive misleading in which they cant explain to you what you did that violated community guidelines so bad it resulted in a permanent ban, then maybe its time you look at things from a different pov and realize that not everything is as it seems when you glance at it once or twice. I've had multiple simple problems with snap before, but never anything this low down and uncalled for. I've never had my account on timeout, deleted or even temporarily disabled until now because things were reported about me that never happened and even asked to provide evidence or help to resolve this misunderstanding, but snap doesn't want to hear anyones side of they story but the one they think fits best. If this happens to anyone else its more than likely someone not knowing/paying attention to what they are doing and not even giving the matter a second look before accusing someome of an incident that was more than likely reported by someone you arnt really on good terms with and wanted to get back at you. To whomeber reading stay safe out there and remember only you have you and you know if you were in the wrong🫶🏽
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4 months ago, s.angelina.s
Please Let me Remove “My AI”!!!
Hello! I LOVE snapchat. It is the only social media app I use. I have been using it for 10 years!!!!! Since 2014ish! Please throughout alll the updates, bugs/complaints/changes. I have adapted very well to the app and love most of the updates and changes made to it EXCEPT ONE THING- At first when the “my ai” first appeared as the top chat in snapchat i was able to “remove conversation from feed” NOW i cannot remove it at all. I DO NOT want to see that as the top chat in my snapchat EVERYTIME. This app is supposed to be for me to personalize who i have conversations with/etc. I do not use my “ai” so it is pointless there and i hate accidentally clicking on it. This is now to the point i don’t even want to continue to have snapchat and i’ve legit been using it for YEARS. I love this app but please let me remove that AI thing. Not everyone wants to have an AI it’s not cool to me. I do not like it at all. Please snapchat bring back the option where i can at least remove the ai from my feed. I don’t want to have to dislike this app after i have loved it for this long. I don’t know why it bothers me more than any of the other updates. Please take it away. I would have given a 5 star because other than the ai being FORCED in our chat - this app is pretty good.
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6 months ago, professional snapchat hater
eh. gets worse with each update.
i cannot even begin to name all the things snapchat has ruined just by updating. used to be able to reply to stories with voice memos and now its replaced with a group send feature, used to be able to pick photo albums and now the feature just disappeared for some reason, plus you can’t contact snapchat so it’s not like you can tell them what you do and don’t like about the app besides leaving a review. snapchat has really just turned into a cash grab from what it seems like. either that or the development team is so god awfully stupid and doesn’t frequently use the app if they even use it at all so they keep taking away useful features with each update. snapchat literally all we beg you is to stop removing useful features like being able to pick photo albums and stop adding useless features like 3d bitmojis. nobody asked for 3d bitmojis. not to mention now they’re letting public figures on the app post weed and edibles just because they’re paying for the service, but if literally anyone else posts something remotely similar to weed they’ll get their account deleted. im 22 and live in california and i have it set to that on the app but i’ve lost 2 accounts in the past few months because i posted some edibles WHICH ARE LEGAL FOR ADULTS IN CALI. thanks snapchat for deleting all the memories i had saved of my friends and childhood pet!
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5 months ago, hrjeownfvduau
New update is awful.
The my AI feature is the worst update to Snapchat since the god awful explore page. This is something that nobody wanted, nobody asked for, yet still it is here and pinned above all of your real conversations. To make matters worse, there is no option to remove block or unpin the AI unless you pay for the premium. Why? Snapchat+ utilizes a disgraceful business model which takes previously free features in the app (such as pinning people/convos) and hiding them behind a paywall. It offers you literally nothing for your money and inconveniences non-paying users. Naturally, hardly anyone buys the premium. So what do they do to incentivize people to buy it? They add this annoying AI chatbot to the app—which NO ONE wanted to begin with—and forcibly pin it above all of your conversations to annoy you into submission and make you fork over the monthly fee for Snapchat+. If I wasn’t so angry at the developers for this absurd decision, I may have actually caved and spent the money just to remove the useless thing. This feature has to go, or at least an option needs to added that allows users to remove it. It would have made much more sense to include this new feature for ONLY Snapchat+ members but as I stated, the Snapchat developers choose to annoy users into giving them money by actively degrading the platform—rather than providing an experience that is actually worth the money.
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5 months ago, Unsettled by snapchats update
The new update comes with a new little “friend” called my AI is customizable to your liking. But not customizable in the way you are permitted to take it off of your friends list, account or unpin from your chats. At least without Snapchat+. So unless your willing to waste your money on the premium Snapchat you’re stuck with a bot on your Snapchat. I have a private account and ONLY add people I know and WANT to. I did not add it. I do not want it. Yet I have absolutely no way of getting rid of it. It is a little concerning there is no way to control this thing on your page and it knows more than it should. Letting the account holder CHOOSE if they want the option of talking to this thing would be a little less concerning. At least for me. Many people I have talked to are beginning to back up their Snapchat and delete it and the rest are not far behind if options aren’t provided in the near future. They have also been messaging snapchat with no result thus far. I am unhappy with this. Snapchat is otherwise a great way to stay in touch with loved ones, save memories to look back on and connect to the world around us. The AI not being an option comes off very shady and unsettling. *** update: I have continued to send messages, reports and suggestions with no feedback or care from Snapchat. No change, no contact. Snapchat I am incredibly disappointed with you.
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5 months ago, @nailnoobs
update: they banned me. GROSS NEW UPDATE
I tried to log into Snapchat today and I have a message saying my account was locked from violating community guidelines. I do not understand how I could have. Customer support is an utter joke. I’ve tried emailing and Twitter. Im devastated to lose all of my photos and videos from the past 7+ years of my life. Im devastated and left with no explanation. look, i NEVER waste my time to write a review, but snapchat done messed up. the story viewing is COMPLETELY out of wack and feels like a mix between like tiktok and insta stories put together. even viewing magazines on there is horrendous. no longer can you swipe up to read a magazine or to reply to someone’s story, but it takes you to the next one. honestly, this might’ve been all i needed to get off of social media. snapchat was the last social i was consistently using, but i have ZERO want to go to view stories or magazines due to this update which would take away half of what i use snapchat for. the update quite literally ruined my morning. nothing about it seems logical to me unless they’re trying to get the tiktok vibe… but that’s not why snapchat is around, nor does it fit with the use of stories. it was a good 8 years snapchat, but i think we might become distant cousins. who knows, maybe the next update will demote you below facebook. is that really what the world is coming to?
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2 months ago, jamaoakenwja
Be more about the people
I have 5 generic passwords that I use for everything. And when logging into an account it’s either one or the other so on. When trying to log into an old account it disabled my use of Snapchat. I understand the security concern but that just makes me tick. It’s been about a day and a half and I keep trying to log in. Deleted the app and reinstalled it twice. There isn’t anything saying how long I could be locked out “temporarily” could mean months. I have lost contact with many of my friends bc of this. There is an idea. If you think that the activity is suspicious then have a question that the person has to answer before logging in like “my cats name” or something. Not completely shutting down use of the app. And REMOVE THE AI. There are more bad reviews then good ones about the AI. There shouldn’t be a reason it’s still there if you have so many complaints. And make Snapchat support more effective. Make sure you have cheat codes to all problems. Have active people taking in the problems and trying to fix them. If you lock the account you can unlock it too. You are Snapchat don’t be tiktok or instagram. This was supposed to be posted on July 5 it’s now august 5 and it still says I’m dissabled from snap
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5 months ago, tmoreno
Not happy with where its headed…
I’ve used SnapChat for years and its been great for chatting and even sending fun filtered photos to friends. It hasn’t been perfect and has been frustrating every now and again but still my most used app to chat with friends. This morning after logging in, I see a new AI “friend” that was rolled out. I’m not a fan of using computer generated responses to guide you and learn from you under the guise of being fun and/or making your life easier. Since there was no way to remove it that I could tell, I asked the AI bot how to delete. You have to be a premium member to be able to remove it but it also says this is a new feature for premium members before it is rolled out permanently…which Im not so Im not sure why it’s available to me. I know this is supposed to appeal to the younger crowd who can’t wait to use it to ask it fun questions and have a laugh with friends or even to get what they think might be life changing advice from a computer. Our devices are already monitored enough but now people can just sent their thoughts, ideas, wants and needs directly to the company to share or sell to other companies so they can sell us things we might be interested in or just to watch us in general. Definitely heading down a dark path. I’ll be deleting my account today after my friends and I decide on a better app to use.
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2 months ago, NotTheDroidYoureLookingFor;)
It’s not MY ai
Get rid of this thing. It’s scummy enough to be shoving AI into every conceivable thing now but to completely remove a way to clearly revoke our consent to having it AND make us PAY TO REMOVE IT FROM OUR FEEDS?? It’s PERMANENTLY at the top of my feed, and with the annoying incessant banner notifications that pop up there it suspiciously moves the chat with enough of a delay that it pushes the AI chat down a slot to where my friends now occupy 2nd place on the feed and where my new muscle memory has been trained to click. This leads to me inadvertently clicking the AI and not my actual friends. This opens the chat and the consent pop-up appears (which I have not accepted and will not accept) which lo and behold doesn’t HAVE a return/x/back button on it, I have to CLOSE THE APP to escape. This thing is creepy, it doesn’t need my location, it doesn’t need my data, I barely want YOU to have my data simply as a matter of privacy and preference. We all know it’s there to just harvest our data and whatever speech we feed to it and probably try to feed us targeted ads or get us to spend money. It’s not our friend, it isn’t OUR AI, from what I hear it isn’t even good. This is a lazy and nakedly obvious ploy to try and garner support for tech that is massively disliked (for good reason) to try and score some cash. I won’t be feeding this or any other AI and neither should anybody else.
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9 months ago, Mrs Darte Poop Centipede
I’ve had this app since I was in 7th grade back in 2016, you see everything was fine until one day…I was texting my friends in our groupchat when all of a sudden a “used_adalaine680” popped up typing something. Their bitmoji was all white but had no eyes or anything for their face, etc only white blank! I thought one of my friends was playing a prank when suddenly the group chat had completely disappeared and gotten deleted somehow. I asked all 7 of the people in the group, they all said nothing happened on their end and that maybe I had accidentally deleted it on my end or that it was just being a little glitchy! They added me back in but it happened two more times. Since then a number under “unknown” has been calling me and I’ve gotten multiple added people on snap under the same “used_adalaine” just different ending numbers. I always block and remove them completely but this keeps happening, there’s no way to stop this. My phone keeps fully crashing, I can’t create group chats or even join them if someone adds me in one and I CANNOTTTTT STANDDDD THESE UNKNOWN PHONE CALLS. Back in 10th grade, 2019 my friend Katarina had the same thing happen to her. It lasted up until the middle of her 11th grade. She had disappeared and her case has become cold. My name is Adalaine and I would like this to get fixed before the same happens to me. Please.
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4 months ago, Do better Snapchat!
Falsely banned my account and refused to give me a reason Or communicate with my emails and appeals
Snapchat locked me out of my account and deactivated it without giving me a reason. When I figured out the reason (on my own) it was a screenshot I posted on my private story of a kid at my school jokingly calling smarties percs and making fun of them. There were no actual drugs involved at all and that was very clear. I filled out numerous appeals and sent emails trying to contact Snapchat support to try to get my account back because all of my memories are in that account. Snapchat sent automated responses that said they could not do anything. Then I found out that my phone was HARDWARE BANNED from Snapchat. Which means I have to get an entirely new phone if I want to use Snapchat ever again. This means I cannot make a new account or log into another account at all from my phone. I had a few emails with a person from Snapchat named “Lysa” who refused to provide me with any answers or help me find someone who could help me with this problem. This experience has been extremely frustrating and upsetting because not only will Snapchat not communicate with me or help me unban my phone after they falsely permanently locked my account for no real reason, all my pictures and videos are gone forever. I count not be more disappointed with this app and their managers.
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11 months ago, Nathan F.
still my go-to camera for videos
I don’t send snaps every day (I’m not that social) but I prefer it to the Camera app or iMessages for capturing & sending videos (or tiktoks) to my girlfriend or other people, even if they don’t use snapchat. the Map is cool and underrated. you can get a peek into what people around town are up to, without having to know or befriend them. useful for following local events as they happen. occasionally I’ll use the face lenses. I follow a creator who makes some great ones (aoepng, tho searching that name doesn’t bring them up?). the app could do a better job showing you when they upload new filters—right now you have to subscribe to the creator’s story. more focused, thoughtful lists of filters or creators handpicked by actual people (as opposed to the algorithmic FYP feed) could help with finding new filters. I also find it really frustrating that racist and borderline filters are still being let in. can Snap please pass a moratorium on all primate lenses period and maybe hire people with cultural expertise to deny filters depicting culturally specific face paint! not everything irl should be replicated as a filter and made available to anybody to put on themselves.
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2 months ago, Abahashihazunukiwa
delete all the media and keep the messaging only
If they destroyed the entire “right side” of Snapchat with all the media or television like programs and actual nonsense and just kept the sane “left side” with the core messaging and fluidity of communication as is, it would be a great application and would have a maybe a 5 star rating. Since it literally looks like half of the app is that which I mention that is so absolutely unnecessary, it loses at least half of the rating. I’m saying, this is such a great simple messaging app aside from the all the “content” or “media” on the right side of the app, when you slide right from the camera. To the left of the camera we simply have a very fluid messaging system w a key emphasis on photo and video messaging, of course as that’s how this app originated, which is great. Please Snapchat, and I ask you as I ask God, get ride of all the non-sense at the right side of the camera completely. Remove all the media and lowly television programming or content and solely leave it as a good messaging application w photo and video capabilities as is, and we have a better application overall and a better world in turn… delete Snapchat media to the right of the camera keep messaging functions at left side of camera Continuous improvement needed. Thank you so much! Peace.
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2 months ago, khelansimone
Put “following” back at top!!!
Update: now my following page won’t show any people/creators I’m following. It’s only displaying shows and series I’m following. I have to type the people I follow in the search bar and go to their profile just to watch their story today! This is ridiculous. I was giving it a chance for a few days since this update, and this is really making me want to delete the app even more. I hate this new update where it mixes who I’m subscribed to in with the discover tiles and ads that are irrelevant to me. It’s frustrating having to scroll through random people and ads just to find the people I actually want to watch. And the insane amount of Snapchat shows/series that just make the whole page feel cluttered. I really loved Snapchat. In fact, it’s the only social media app I have/use!! But this is about to make me delete it. It’s a turn off. Makes me annoyed just seeing it. I liked having the circles of the people I love to watch separate from everything else. Why did you do this snap? Every other app has a page where you can view who you follow and then a separate discover page. But now on Snapchat it’s just one big feed of tiles and it’s hard for me to find the people I’m actually subscribed to. Absolutely HATE this update!!!! Also I preferred the term “subscribe” as it was unique to Snapchat.
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5 months ago, SpinnyJade
Money money money
Snapchat was reasonable at what it did. Photos, videos, chatting. The Snapchat discover feed showed up, and although ignorable, incredibly useless and clickbait stories by every company and news outlet that posts them, and Snapchat rewards those by pushing those ones to the top. It doesn’t matter if the clickbait even exists in the story at all, as long as they can get an ad played every 3-4 snaps they’re good. Then the new update. Forced AI that no one asked for, stays at the top of your chat feed unless you pay a monthly subscription to Snapchat. What else is behind a paywall is the ability to mute the notifications or specific chats or groups. Which means you cannot leave your notifications on, while muting your group of 5+ spamming friends unless you pay $3.99 monthly. There are probably so many other features locked behind paywall that I haven’t noticed yet because my want to use the app at all is slowly dwindling down to nothing. ALSO to add, since we all use Apple so most of you don’t know, the creator of Snapchat does not actively fine tune or make quality to life features for android/Samsung phones because he QUOTE “does not like them”. They don’t even have the ability to use dark mode for that exact reason. Garbage company, garbage creator, garbage AI, flushing themselves down the toilet with each passing year.
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4 months ago, ☁️ C L 0 U D ☁️
I LOVE IT!! But…
I love the app!!! I use it almost every day or whenever I get the chance or in my free-time. This app is great to chat and call with friends bc you can also use filters while on call, or you can simply just get on the app, press the little smile emoji at the bottom, and choose a filter!!! so basically the point is that I love this app, but I would honestly read it like 4 - 4.5 stars, bc there is one thing on this app that they added recently that creeps many people, including me and my family out; the new AI chatbot. There has also been proof of someone asking it where the nearest drive-through is, and it showed him the exact directions. Thing is, he asked the AI chat bot how it knew where he lived, and the AI replied that it didn’t know where he lived. And at that second, he knew he knew where he lived. And it knew his location without even telling it where he lived. Anyway, I would definitely rate this app a 10 out of 10 if it wasn’t for the AI chat bot. Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a great day.
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9 months ago, Diana L Alexander
I don’t like the quick add, it’s annoying!
I am really annoyed with the quick add feature. Apparently having it turned off doesn’t work. You keep allowing strangers and people I don’t want to follow keep popping up on the “quick add” section. I want it removed or a feature where it actually turns that off for some of us who don’t want it and prefer a little more privacy. I don’t see why you have to force the issue in how we add friends. I use Snapchat for my friends and family, not for random users. I would like for that feature to be removed or respected when I select the toggle to off!! I also don’t want random people’s accounts popping up on my Stories tab. I don’t like it at all. If I want to add someone, I’ll add them myself. I really don’t want random accounts coming up and me having to “hide” them just so new ones can come up again later. That process is frustrating. We should be allowed to choose who we want to follow and not random people, that frankly I don’t even know. And not ALL mutual friends or possible friends are my friends. Sometimes people you know who you don’t want to follow come up and I don’t like that. Please fix this because it’s not cool or fun to force this issue upon us.
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10 months ago, roblox wueen
Ok, but could be better
I’m not gonna lie, Snapchat had been a lifesaver for making me look better, and not looking like i haven’t slept in weeks. But, there’s a couple things that just ruin the app. For me at least. The fact that it lets the person know whenever you save something, take a screenshot, or even screen record your chat, isn’t very useful. In fact, i know a couple of friends who have ended their friendships because of this! It only takes one small move, and oops! You just took a screenshot of their story/chat! The person might think you’ve done this in purpose, which can cause problems! I do under stand why this is a thing though. It can help with some problems too. For instance, if you wanted to take a screenshot of something, like a secret they just told you in chat, and you put it on your story, i understand with that. But I’m gonna be honest, i don’t think that’s every going to happen. And even if it did, it probably only happened once or twice. So, overall, Snapchat is ok with filters, and saving fun memories, but not with the chats, and irrelevant notifications it sends. Thank you for reading, and Happy Thanksgiving!
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5 months ago, Elli Minier
Worst app ever
Snapchat is the most useless unhelpful annoying inconvenient app ever. I have been locked out my account for almost a month after having it for years. After waiting said month I was able to long in today and finally happily snap all my friends again. As soon as shut my phone off and left for about THREE MINUTES my account was logged out again back to being disabled. It’s so frustrating especially since I am convinced they do not check their support emails, the countless emails i’ve sent over the month time period have all been unreplied. I have been a loyal snapchatter and have not done anything suspicious on my account for the 4 years i’ve had it. If I could give this app zero stars I would. First of all I just want to say snapchat has the absolute worst support out of all the social media apps to ever exist. I am 100% convinced you guys won’t even read this, but i’ll express my concerns anyway. My snapchat has been temporarily disabled from my main device for about a month, i’ve sent you millions of emails that haven’t been returned. Long story short I was FINALLY able to access my account a little while ago. I was logged in for about 3 minutes when I shut my phone off and I was disabled once again. Unfortunately waiting ANOTHER MONTH seems absolutely ridiculous. PLEASE HELP!!!!
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4 months ago, lj_grayy
Love it but hate the new updates
I’ve been using snap for many years and I love the app but the new updates are really annoying. The AI stays at the top of your chats and you’re completely unable to make it go away even if you don’t want to talk to it it just stays there. The most annoying thing is the new filter system. It used to be that you could press the little x button at the bottom and go back to the “no filters option” but they removed that so now if you wanted to stop using a filter you have to scroll all the way back to the original setting. Also there’s some type of glitch that makes you unable to add people to a private story and it’s really hard to do it if it does work. And for years everyone had the original 2D bitmoji setting but they’ve removed that feature almost completely so now you had the 3D ones and you can’t even choose which one you want to see. Many more problems but that’s basically the most extreme ones. Multiple glitches and bugs in the app but overall I use it almost every day it’s just things keep changing with the new updates and it’s causing bugs.
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11 months ago, waxelll
I would just like to say that I used to love Snapchat. I had it since the year 2013 and had countless memories saved within the app. On August 17th 2022 , my Snapchat account was permanently locked for no reason . Literally from one day to another when I opened the app , I was logged out of my account. Immediately I thought someone had logged into my account and that was why I was logged out ( which is impossible considering the complexity of my password) but when I tried logging in, it said my account had been permanently locked and gave me no reason why. I feel very disappointed with the Snapchat corporation because if they had felt I violated their terms , I would at least like to know what it is I did wrong or violated instead of just closing my account without warning nor giving me a reason why . . Secondly If it was something I did , how did they acquire the knowledge? Was it Artificial intelligence scanning through our data? Or a human looking through our data and pictures? It makes me feel very uncomfortable to think how much of my privacy has been invaded ? I’ve emailed them numerous times already and have not gotten any emails back at all which is strange considering Snapchat is supposed to get back to its customers. If anyone can offer some help I would appreciate it
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12 months ago, ClaytönD
Hacked, so many memories lost
i have had the same snapchat account since 2015. That is 7 years of memories i had stored in there. Recently my account was hacked and i have no idea what happened on the account- all i know is that i was permanently banned and snapchat can't unlock it. what doesn't make sense to me is snapchat was the one to lock it in the first place, now they can't help me? i was also a snapchat subscriber since that feature came out. i have tried reaching out to the snapchat team multiple times through email (because that is the only way you can contact them) and every time, i get the same automated response back saying they can't help me. i have pictures in my memories of my dad and cousin who have passed away that i won't have again. whenever there is an issue with your account they tell you to go on "snapchat support" which literally does nothing to help you at all. it takes you to a few different links that basically just say "figure it out" considering i have been very loyal to this app for 7 years AND i was spending money on it to have snapchat plus, it is absolutely ridiculous that they can't help me with anything. i am extremely upset, i simply do not care about my account itself BUT i really need those pictures in my memories back- which they will not give me.
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5 months ago, Ema.Gomar
Permanently banned me forever
Got permanently banned on March 12th. For sending a picture of my cough medicine. I’ve seen people post/send 100x worse things and still have their accounts running. Completely unfair. I was a loyal member of snapchat for years. I had lots of friends and over 130 thousand memories. Banned my account without warning and within minutes of sending the photo. Emailed them a countless number of times and almost every single time it was an automated message which was completely unhelpful. Refused to unlock my account even after I wrote them paragraphs explaining the situation and that I didn’t deserve my account to be banned. Horrible customer service. I tried and tried but nothing. Finally tried exactly a month later to see if I would have any luck. Instead they told me they now permanently deleted my account forever and now I actually had 0 chance of getting my account back. Completely rigged. I requested to download all my data as well, and they never gave me any of it. Also banned my entire device from being able to use Snapchat, can’t even make a new account. I have to buy a new phone if I want to be able to use Snapchat again. I want something to be done about this situation and the others who have faced this same problem. Thanks a lot snapchat!
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10 months ago, chaotic.source
Absolutely terrible experience I have lost all of my photos and friends and so much more do to this
I lost my account for some reason, I’ve reevaluated the tos community guidelines I’ve even gone through snap chat support and have sent several emails regarding my issue and I haven’t even got a word back yet. I have lost my job because of the confusion this caused I’ve now have friends and family who are mad because “I don’t speak to them anymore”. I haven’t done anything wrong on snap the last message I sent was “I love you stay safe and let me know when you get home” so if that’s against community guidelines than I’d say that’s extreme censorship for no reason. I’ve had my significant other even send in emails through the only way to contact Snapchat . I’ve used snap for my personal and my start ups (start ups being a Rv rental business and a modeling agency). Additionally I’ve herd a lot of people in South Carolina and Georgia it’s been happening to them for whatever reason. I know it wasn’t guidelines or tos so the only other thing was it making a mistake on my 3 accounts (1 personal 2 business) of it being “suspicious” additionally I’ve never had to wait longer than a week to get a reply from Snapchat and this isn’t the first time this mistake has happened it happens on my last phone too
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1 year ago, Minions_are_yellow
i have had the same snapchat account since 2015. That is 7 years of memories i had stored in there. Recently my account was hacked and i have no idea what happened on the account- all i know is that i was permanently banned and snapchat can’t unlock it. what doesn’t make sense to me is snapchat was the one to lock it in the first place, now they can’t help me? i was also a snapchat subscriber since that feature came out. i have tried reaching out to the snapchat team multiple times through email (because that is the only way you can contact them) and every time, i get the same automated response back saying they can’t help me. i have pictures in my memories of my dad and cousin who have passed away that i won’t have again. whenever there is an issue with your account they tell you to go on “snapchat support” which literally does nothing to help you at all. it takes you to a few different links that basically just say “figure it out” considering i have been very loyal to this app for 7 years AND i was spending money on it to have snapchat plus, it is absolutely ridiculous that they can’t help me with anything. i am extremely upset, i simply do not care about my account itself BUT i really need those pictures in my memories back- which they will not give me.
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5 months ago, Lelani Munoz 🤍
First of all, I want to say is I’m reading these reviews and everyone is saying that they out of nowhere got locked of their account. I did too it was back in January on the 28th and I was using snap all fine all day the day before and half the day the day I got temporary banned. I went and looked how long that would take it said 24 hours so I waited till the next day and tried again. It’s been 3 months and I still can’t make a new one or nothing. I might have to get a new phone because it won’t let me make a new one on this one I’m really upset at this-because I loved snap that was my go to app and the thing is also is they will let make a new one on a different phone but not mine so snap if your reading this let us have our accounts back because we did nothing wrong to deserve this so let us have snap “temporary banned”. Some of y’all have had it for years and now they doing this. I even did the email thing Snapchat needs to realize what their doing because they can’t just be doing that that’s stupid but I’m telling y’all they don’t care so i might have to get a new phone or something I have a iPhone 13 rn and I just got it in November. They need to give our accounts back now 😡😡😡😡😡
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11 months ago, tBear1901!2000
TERRIBLE Support Center
A few days ago I was permanently locked out of my account with no warning and with no explanation. I have not violated any guidelines nor do I have any third party apps. I tried contacting Snapchat on every possible social media platform to which they responded: sorry we can’t help you anymore here; go to our support website. So I did. I selected the option of “my account has been locked,” described my situation and was sent a message saying “your account has been permanently locked.” That’s it. Then I tried clicking the “my account has been compromised” option. The same response. There is no other way to contact the support team for personalized help. Only got automated messages and not even an explanation as to why my account was locked. I tried to make a new account but couldn’t because my account is still active technically even though it’s locked so I can’t verify my phone number or email. I have put in a data retrieval request in hopes of getting my memories and friends back but I have not heard back from them yet. Then I will have to delete my account through the support center so I can use my email and phone number to make a new account. Apparently this has happened to a bunch of people recently for no apparent reason. We are livid.
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5 months ago, abn0112
Blatant Privacy Violations
To start, the new AI update is a nuisance, and requiring a paid subscription to Snapchat+ to hide the feature is absolutely ridiculous. My important conversations should not have lower priority than this AI bot that I didn’t want and will never use. Secondly, I was extremely alarmed to open my memories and see that Snapchat was analyzing my entire camera roll to provide “shopping suggestions.” That is a blatant disregard to my privacy, since I never authorized Snapchat to use AI to analyze my camera roll, nor do I want shopping suggestions based off of things I already own. I find it incredibly alarming and disappointing to see that Snapchat is trying to become yet another ecommerce platform. Social media is about connecting with friends, not mindless consumerism and consumption. It’s bad enough that Snapchat has been found guilty of violating biometric data laws in the state of Illinois, but it’s even worse to see that Snapchat cares so little about protecting its users’ privacy that it will sell its users’ own camera roll data just to make a dollar. I have rescinded Snapchat’s ability to access any of my saved photos because of this betrayal of trust, but quite frankly I am considering deleting my entire account because of the direction Snapchat is heading.
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10 months ago, rbux333
Ad death
What is with the insane amount of ads? It’s become ridiculous at this point. Some subscriptions you get 10 seconds of content for 5.99 seconds minimum of advertisement. The worst part is that they’re un-skippable until the time has completed. Is it that hard to add a feature that actually skips the ad after the required time once you’ve already tapped the screen? Or a setting to auto-skip ads once required time is reached (but a button you can tap if you are interested to see the rest)? Way to force people to be glued to their devices and feed the social media addiction that is so prevalent. Like, sometimes I want to enjoy Snapchat stories/subs while I’m busy with my hands but I can’t because it will be stuck on a repeating advertisement or a repeating, 3-minute movie trailer. Smart design but also terrible and I hate you guys for it. I’m sure your investors love it though! I’ve had Snapchat for about a decade and while I love a lot of the features that have been added, it’s just become another social media moneymaking machine. They seem to care more about the profit than the user experience, which is a far cry from where they started. At least Facebook/IG stories doesn’t force their advertisements down your throat, three taps and they’re skipped.
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10 months ago, The coscino kid
Terrible Customer Service
Yesterday, I was permanently locked out of my Snapchat account. 1) Snapchat does not even inform you what action specifically made them lock your account. 2) They block you from submitting a case/appeal if you are permanently locked out, and in my case as well as thousands of others, I know for a fact that I was wrongfully locked out of my account and I can’t even reach out to Snapchat customer support. This makes me believe that Snapchat really doesn’t care about its users. 3) I have thousands of memories dating back to my childhood that I often look through, but now I can never access them again because of this heinous error on Snapchat’s end. I have thoroughly looked through all Snapchat’s Terms of Service and reasons for permanent lockout, and none of them applied to me and I know that for a fact. The only possible thing I could think of was the fact that I was on a public wifi at the time of lockout, but even then, I wasn’t even using the app when they locked me out. Snapchat needs to do better and supply better customer service for me and the thousands of others this has happened to so we can continue using the app to message our friends and look at our old memories. I am extremely upset and disappointed.
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3 months ago, Kaydawgg2004😀
They won’t unban you even if you didn’t do anything wrong
I’ve used this app for years and even pay for the premium version. It’s always been great and I have never had any issues. At one point my significant other forgot his phone at home so he logged out of my snap account so he could log into his. The second he hit “sign out” my phone received a notification saying I’m “temporarily disabled due to too many sign in attempts”. The issue is, he didn’t even sign in and I had been logged into my account for a very long time… there was not a single sign in attempt yet I was temporarily banned from it. Id be more understanding if the ban was actually temporary, but it’s been months and I still can’t access my Snapchat from my personal phone and I’ve had to use an old junky one in the meantime. I’ve contacted support multiple times about this and they always say there isn’t anything that they can do. They’ve also told me I can unblock it through there website but whenever I do that and get a confirmation email that it’s unblocked, I’m still locked out. And even worse I’m still paying for the premium Snapchat that I can’t even access. I’ve been seeing this issue happening to tons of other people online too but Snapchat isn’t offering any help.
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1 month ago, I hate snap now🧍🏾‍♀️😭
Locked Account
I love Snapchat but like my account got locked for “promoting drugs” but wat really happened was ok so my snap was like full of people and this one person was sending me the same picture and basically it had like what the person sells as in drug the person had a whole shop and I told him I shout u out on my story if u do my temu link but I ignored this guy for months until I needed someone to do my temu link and so I shouted him out on my story and I got a warning but when it came up I didn’t have time to read it cuz when it popped up I had already touched the screen so it went away and I got out of snap went to tik tok for a lil then I went back and i was logged out so I was weirded out by that cuz I didn’t remember logging out so I tried logging in them it told me my account was permanently locked so I tried to Appel it and I got an email saying my “Your Appeal is under review” and sum about keep logging in to check and I kept doing that and now all of a sudden ig I lost my account and I literally had the account for years man all my pics all my conversations man I’m so mad bro I lost al of it 😭😭
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3 months ago, Zan2004
Customer Support Non-Existent
I’m really disappointed with this app, I wanna give it 5 stars so bad but I’m stuck in a position that I don’t have any word with. This app proactively blocks behavior that’s unacceptable which I love except when your on that end. I was kicked out from the app and have 3 different messages about what’s happening. They all contradict each other •Permanently locked •Temporarily locked •To manny attempts These are some of the messages and “warnings I see. I try the guides but even those show errors, and or is glitched itself. I go to multiple lengths to get to talk to a rep as their quick guide customer support is not helpful. I was able to submit a ticket but haven’t received a case number or anything. Long story short the past 7+ years on my two accounts are being held captive by this app. I’ve been stuck in a mental episode for the past almost 24 hours as I’m confused and concerned what’s going on as I haven’t heard any into or anything from all sources. If you wanna disable someone fine but at least allow them to be able to exchange contacts with someone first, and TELL THEM WHY YOUR DISABLING THIER ACCOUNT!!! How is someone supposed to learn and understand what they did wrong if all you say is refer to the community guidelines and terms agreement.
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6 months ago, TH3ROUG3SNIP3R
Took them 7 years too ruin something good
Never once really had a problem with Snapchat and I mean that honestly Iv gone 7 years sending snaps receiving running up the snap score doing the streaks. It’s been a blast honestly and perfect running app. But when I decide ok I’m done I don’t need these guys anymore and I decide to make a new account like I would on any other app, for no reason should people on discord or other apps I’m connected to get notified I just made a new account. That defeats the purpose. I created a new account to start over and get away from all the people I was friends with before and the second I add a new account it suggest friends from my old account and not only that Iv gotten 3 people on discord already ask me did I make a new Snapchat account becuse the names are the same. That’s ridiculous. Iv never seen a more social media invasion of privacy and I am Officialy done with Snapchat. Like im sorry but that’s just one of those things we’re it’s like why did you think this was a good option to implement.I don’t see this being a fixable issue in the future either so this isn’t one of this “im gonna say im done and hope they fix it” y’all won’t read this lol. Anyways back to twitter and Facebook I go. Stick with my generation I guess.
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4 months ago, lexiwinship
I use snapchat as my main form of communication, but something i really enjoyed with it was the streaks. I use to maintain about 400 streaks a time on average, maybe even more. My longest streak is currently 5.6 years.. so i have been keeping streaks for awhile. Ever since the new “restore snapstreak” button came out i have been suddenly losing all my streaks.. i went go having 400+ streaks to just over 100.. in 3 days. WITH NO TIMERS. I was losing big streaks left and right from a minimum of 100 days to a max of almost 1,000. I am not going to pay $400 to get my 400 streaks back. This is kind of sad and aggravating, i even tried to go to snapchat support and seen they took away that button.. and snapchat doesn’t even restore streaks without paying now😂. I don’t wanna sound like a total “karen”, but at this point if im losing the only reason i keep snapchat.. (besides my memories).. there is no point to keep the app.. i have always talked to others that this is happening to as well.. several of my friends have already deleted the app. I have had snapchat for so long now that i really don’t want to delete it, but if this keep happening i will have no reason to keep snapchat. Snapchat please help :/
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