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Snap, Inc.
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2 months ago
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12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Snapchat

4.62 out of 5
2.4M Ratings
1 year ago, ☁️ C L 0 U D ☁️
I LOVE IT!! But…
I love the app!!! I use it almost every day or whenever I get the chance or in my free-time. This app is great to chat and call with friends bc you can also use filters while on call, or you can simply just get on the app, press the little smile emoji at the bottom, and choose a filter!!! so basically the point is that I love this app, but I would honestly read it like 4 - 4.5 stars, bc there is one thing on this app that they added recently that creeps many people, including me and my family out; the new AI chatbot. There has also been proof of someone asking it where the nearest drive-through is, and it showed him the exact directions. Thing is, he asked the AI chat bot how it knew where he lived, and the AI replied that it didn’t know where he lived. And at that second, he knew he knew where he lived. And it knew his location without even telling it where he lived. Anyway, I would definitely rate this app a 10 out of 10 if it wasn’t for the AI chat bot. Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a great day.
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6 days ago, 444.isaa
Recovery password
Snapchat for me is a good app for me just to text friends and to record memories. But recently I game somebody my Snapchat acc and they logged into it. But that’s not the problem. After that, I didn’t really care but I did the right thing to change my password. But while typing my new password, Snapchat never asked to save to my device at the moment. So the obvious thing to happen, I forgot my password, and my phone number and email used for Snapchat was from my old broke device which I had no access to. So I thought I’d still be able just to change my phone number on the account but I tried and never worked, which I get because for safety reasons. But if Snapchat had a better recovery while still being in safety rules, it will be an overall 5/5. So my problem is that Snapchat Support doesn’t help at all! I was looking and looking till I found a article about my situation, and it did nothing. So now I’m and bummed about losing all of the memories since I was a little girl and my nephew growing up ever since he was born. So please, delevopers can you please help me try to recover my password to my new device using my new phone number?
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7 months ago, Cassuhhdee
Horrendous Customer Service
If I could give negative stars I would. I worked in an office that had me manage their social media. For absolute no reason Snapchat banned the business account. After permission I deleted the business account, But since it was on the same phone as my personal account, they “temporarily” locked my account. I have looked up every terms and conditions and their community guideline file they have out there. Wasn’t registered to any third party. And yet they still locked my page. Now they offer you a chance to unlock it after 24 hours. EXCEPT TO DOESN’T WORK! I had tried numerous times and nothing. Only to look it up and people wait months even years still with no resolution. I email and sent messages in Twitter but they just kept sending their “copy and paste” responses. Nobody can seem to get resolved. I tried a new account, getting a VPN, going through an incognito web browser and STILL nothing. If the coders can’t/wont even fix this issue who know how many other bugs in there. Rumor is that with a new phone AND a new phone number should be able to log in. But not even worth the hassle anymore. Ended up deleting my personal account too. THIS APP ABD THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS AWFUL. WILL NEVER USE AGAIN. DO NOT RECOMMEND. IF YOU HAVE AN ISSUE OR EVEN THE SLIGHTEST HICCUP YOU WILL BE BANNED AND SUPPORT WILL NOT HELP YOU.
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1 year ago, Elli Minier
Worst app ever
Snapchat is the most useless unhelpful annoying inconvenient app ever. I have been locked out my account for almost a month after having it for years. After waiting said month I was able to long in today and finally happily snap all my friends again. As soon as shut my phone off and left for about THREE MINUTES my account was logged out again back to being disabled. It’s so frustrating especially since I am convinced they do not check their support emails, the countless emails i’ve sent over the month time period have all been unreplied. I have been a loyal snapchatter and have not done anything suspicious on my account for the 4 years i’ve had it. If I could give this app zero stars I would. First of all I just want to say snapchat has the absolute worst support out of all the social media apps to ever exist. I am 100% convinced you guys won’t even read this, but i’ll express my concerns anyway. My snapchat has been temporarily disabled from my main device for about a month, i’ve sent you millions of emails that haven’t been returned. Long story short I was FINALLY able to access my account a little while ago. I was logged in for about 3 minutes when I shut my phone off and I was disabled once again. Unfortunately waiting ANOTHER MONTH seems absolutely ridiculous. PLEASE HELP!!!!
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2 years ago, waxelll
I would just like to say that I used to love Snapchat. I had it since the year 2013 and had countless memories saved within the app. On August 17th 2022 , my Snapchat account was permanently locked for no reason . Literally from one day to another when I opened the app , I was logged out of my account. Immediately I thought someone had logged into my account and that was why I was logged out ( which is impossible considering the complexity of my password) but when I tried logging in, it said my account had been permanently locked and gave me no reason why. I feel very disappointed with the Snapchat corporation because if they had felt I violated their terms , I would at least like to know what it is I did wrong or violated instead of just closing my account without warning nor giving me a reason why . . Secondly If it was something I did , how did they acquire the knowledge? Was it Artificial intelligence scanning through our data? Or a human looking through our data and pictures? It makes me feel very uncomfortable to think how much of my privacy has been invaded ? I’ve emailed them numerous times already and have not gotten any emails back at all which is strange considering Snapchat is supposed to get back to its customers. If anyone can offer some help I would appreciate it
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2 years ago, ClaytönD
Hacked, so many memories lost
i have had the same snapchat account since 2015. That is 7 years of memories i had stored in there. Recently my account was hacked and i have no idea what happened on the account- all i know is that i was permanently banned and snapchat can't unlock it. what doesn't make sense to me is snapchat was the one to lock it in the first place, now they can't help me? i was also a snapchat subscriber since that feature came out. i have tried reaching out to the snapchat team multiple times through email (because that is the only way you can contact them) and every time, i get the same automated response back saying they can't help me. i have pictures in my memories of my dad and cousin who have passed away that i won't have again. whenever there is an issue with your account they tell you to go on "snapchat support" which literally does nothing to help you at all. it takes you to a few different links that basically just say "figure it out" considering i have been very loyal to this app for 7 years AND i was spending money on it to have snapchat plus, it is absolutely ridiculous that they can't help me with anything. i am extremely upset, i simply do not care about my account itself BUT i really need those pictures in my memories back- which they will not give me.
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10 months ago, ahavsushsisb
Love this app, but the new bitmojis have got to go.
I've had Snapchat for about 3-4 years. I have all of my memories and friends on it and it's super easy to chat on which I love! The bitmojis have never been a big problem for me, when they were 2d that is. I loved how they looked and how you could dress them easily, and the bitmoji games were really cool. The first time they changed them to 3d, I was still angry because it really was ugly and I wanted the other ones back. But they changed it AGAIN and this time it's absolutely horrendous. I look like a distorted deceased pig that has been working for 5 months straight. Also when your scrolling through your friends on Snapchat you don't see the 2d nice face anymore, you see the 3d one. I've been seeing a lot of reviews about the AI, which I don't really think has been a problem for me, but the bitmojis have. The bitmojis have always been a fun addition to Snapchat for me. I liked dressing them up and stuff like that, but now they really don't look good anymore and I think a lot of people can agree with me. My friends hate it, and people on TikTok hate it too. Please read this, thank you.
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1 year ago, Ema.Gomar
Permanently banned me forever
Got permanently banned on March 12th. For sending a picture of my cough medicine. I’ve seen people post/send 100x worse things and still have their accounts running. Completely unfair. I was a loyal member of snapchat for years. I had lots of friends and over 130 thousand memories. Banned my account without warning and within minutes of sending the photo. Emailed them a countless number of times and almost every single time it was an automated message which was completely unhelpful. Refused to unlock my account even after I wrote them paragraphs explaining the situation and that I didn’t deserve my account to be banned. Horrible customer service. I tried and tried but nothing. Finally tried exactly a month later to see if I would have any luck. Instead they told me they now permanently deleted my account forever and now I actually had 0 chance of getting my account back. Completely rigged. I requested to download all my data as well, and they never gave me any of it. Also banned my entire device from being able to use Snapchat, can’t even make a new account. I have to buy a new phone if I want to be able to use Snapchat again. I want something to be done about this situation and the others who have faced this same problem. Thanks a lot snapchat!
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2 years ago, chaotic.source
Absolutely terrible experience I have lost all of my photos and friends and so much more do to this
I lost my account for some reason, I’ve reevaluated the tos community guidelines I’ve even gone through snap chat support and have sent several emails regarding my issue and I haven’t even got a word back yet. I have lost my job because of the confusion this caused I’ve now have friends and family who are mad because “I don’t speak to them anymore”. I haven’t done anything wrong on snap the last message I sent was “I love you stay safe and let me know when you get home” so if that’s against community guidelines than I’d say that’s extreme censorship for no reason. I’ve had my significant other even send in emails through the only way to contact Snapchat . I’ve used snap for my personal and my start ups (start ups being a Rv rental business and a modeling agency). Additionally I’ve herd a lot of people in South Carolina and Georgia it’s been happening to them for whatever reason. I know it wasn’t guidelines or tos so the only other thing was it making a mistake on my 3 accounts (1 personal 2 business) of it being “suspicious” additionally I’ve never had to wait longer than a week to get a reply from Snapchat and this isn’t the first time this mistake has happened it happens on my last phone too
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2 years ago, Minions_are_yellow
i have had the same snapchat account since 2015. That is 7 years of memories i had stored in there. Recently my account was hacked and i have no idea what happened on the account- all i know is that i was permanently banned and snapchat can’t unlock it. what doesn’t make sense to me is snapchat was the one to lock it in the first place, now they can’t help me? i was also a snapchat subscriber since that feature came out. i have tried reaching out to the snapchat team multiple times through email (because that is the only way you can contact them) and every time, i get the same automated response back saying they can’t help me. i have pictures in my memories of my dad and cousin who have passed away that i won’t have again. whenever there is an issue with your account they tell you to go on “snapchat support” which literally does nothing to help you at all. it takes you to a few different links that basically just say “figure it out” considering i have been very loyal to this app for 7 years AND i was spending money on it to have snapchat plus, it is absolutely ridiculous that they can’t help me with anything. i am extremely upset, i simply do not care about my account itself BUT i really need those pictures in my memories back- which they will not give me.
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2 months ago, Zamzam !!
Permanently Locked account because i was hacked?
My account was hacked and wrongfully made inaccessible as there was a malfunction with Snapchat's software in detecting a breach in snapchat rules. What got me banned was “bullying and harrassment” even though it wasn’t me who posted all the things and the people who were posted were my friends we are all good with each other and we talked about it. With no prior breaches, my account was made indefinitely inaccessible within seconds, with no opportunity to appeal the ability to log in. I've had my account for 3 or more years, and with no option to dispute the breach through snapchat support I've had to reach you guys through any means necessary. I know people who are plugs through snapchat, or post videos of them drinking underage who still have their accounts, so i feel it is unfair these people are allowed to have their accounts while mine got banned so quickly. I tried making new accounts and they all got banned, and every time i submit an appeal all i ever get is a automated response, they don’t even have real humans responding to peoples problems. i don't want to lose my account, or the years of photos and videos i won't be able to get back. know this exact situation has happened to lots of people, so i'm hoping you guys can help me.
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8 months ago, nathanzzz16
Fun social experience! The pushed content however comes at a cost.
Snapchat is truly another interesting social media spectacle in product and UX design. When you scroll on their default feed for “Discover”, it consists of an array of provocative shapes and textures, a sensory experience of arousal, confusion, and disgust. Incongruent stimuli scrolls across the screen to retain your feeble and capricious attention. Plenty of skin and flesh, an assortment of strange items not limited to in a single setting; items of discolored un-proportional foods, purple aquatic fleshlights, trypophobic imagery, phallic emojis, an abundance in innuendos and lascivious teenage stories. It is the new high-octane National Enquirer, with the absurdity of contemporary digital outrage media for children and adult-children alike. I rather not get into the captivating content pushed on Snapchats “spotlight”. Beyond a simple chat and photo sending app (which it excels in), Snapchat is the peak social media amalgamation of visual screen-grabbing trends. It is one of the premiere behavioral data-harvesting, algorithmic-pushed time-eaters for the people. If you are an amorous youth, you will be particularly enthralled to both participate and be the product of this application.
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8 months ago, snappuserr69
bitmoji rant
I feel that Snapchat is a wonderful app and I use it daily but I have a bone to pick with it’s recent updates. These Bitmoji updates are absolutely horrendous. Genuinely makes me contemplate deleting the entire app due to these god awful design choices. I know we are moving into the Meta age, but some things are better the way they used to be. Before these egregiously fugly new Bitmojis that look like things from the uncanny valley, the design was simplistic but still served it’s purpose without looking like it would turn on humanity at any given moment. The 2D Bitmojis were cute and were stylistic. The 3D Bitmojis look like creatures that would kill you in your sleep with their stupid menacing smiles looking back from every profile. Every time Snapchat releases a new update that modifies the characters, I almost throw up from the sheer disgust and hatred I have for these small pixelated beings. In addition, you can’t even make them look cute. No matter how much I try, they always come out to the same level of outstanding ugliness. Please bring back how they used to be for the sake of everybody and their well-being. 🙏🏼 Cool app tho!
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10 months ago, Alex they/them
The ai thing and bitmoji update…
Don’t get me wrong it was a decent app in like 2021 and 2022 but the app has changed so much…the ai thing is creepy and just weird in general and I don’t like the ai feature at all it is weird..😭 like when u talk to it they know everything and I had my location off and it still knew it and that’s actually creepy and I don’t think it did any good for the app at all, no one wants to talk to that ai unless they are just lonely tbh!! And the bitmoji…girl don’t get me started! Those bitmojis have to go because my girl looks messed up!! I’m gonna just take my bitmoji off atp.. bcz she looks deformed! Her face shape and eyes and everything just look off and it’s to detailed! BRING BACK OLD BITMOJIS!! Please I’m begging atp I’m sick of opening the app to see that creepy…ugly…horrible disaster! I don’t think y’all are doing anything better for the app and it’s not a big impact on the app… now if the bitmojis was still the old ones and if the ai thing never existed this app would be 5 stars and a lot more people would be happy if y’all changed it back everyone is upset with the new update including me.. it’s a trending tag on tiktok and many other apps one of the tags being #snapchatupdate #bitmojiupdate I just think y’all should change the bitmojis back, I feel like people would be more satisfied.
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1 year ago, Lelani Munoz 🤍
First of all, I want to say is I’m reading these reviews and everyone is saying that they out of nowhere got locked of their account. I did too it was back in January on the 28th and I was using snap all fine all day the day before and half the day the day I got temporary banned. I went and looked how long that would take it said 24 hours so I waited till the next day and tried again. It’s been 3 months and I still can’t make a new one or nothing. I might have to get a new phone because it won’t let me make a new one on this one I’m really upset at this-because I loved snap that was my go to app and the thing is also is they will let make a new one on a different phone but not mine so snap if your reading this let us have our accounts back because we did nothing wrong to deserve this so let us have snap “temporary banned”. Some of y’all have had it for years and now they doing this. I even did the email thing Snapchat needs to realize what their doing because they can’t just be doing that that’s stupid but I’m telling y’all they don’t care so i might have to get a new phone or something I have a iPhone 13 rn and I just got it in November. They need to give our accounts back now 😡😡😡😡😡
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7 months ago, Madii Gelato
I have had snap since it first came out…
I have had the same Snapchat account since Snapchat came out over a decade ago. Someone reported my stories (I was NOT doing anything against the rules AT ALL) just regular everyday snap activities and since that person did that, my IP address on my iPhone has been temporarily suspended “due to unusual activity” It’s going on almost 6months now. I have contacted snap support more times than I can count & im so frustrated. I am able to log in on my friends phone so the account is not suspended it’s just my IP address. I’m really upset because Snapchat was a big part of my daily Routine. I have memories saved from when memories were brand new addition to the app. I just want to be able to use Snapchat again. I’m frustrated with how unhelpful and unreliable snap support has been since this incident occurred. At the very least I’d just appreciate a time frame for how long it will be before I can use my Snapchat on my phone again. Overall I LOVE Snapchat but with how big this app is their tech support should be a million times better. I have so many valuable photos, messages, videos on my Snapchat that I would be heartbroken to never see again. PLEASE at least allow me to know how long this “temporary suspension” will last. Snapsupport do better.
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3 months ago, Zera😊
Not what it used to be
Ok so don’t get me wrong I really like Snapchat I’ve had it for years, but it changed so much in the past year and none of those changes are good. First, the absolutely menacingly creepy AI chat bot that is stuck to the top of your chat feed. Nobody asked for that thing. Literally everyone on Snapchat despises it. It’s really creepy and the only way you can remove it is Snapchat+…yes it’s behind a PAYWALL. Why??? At least give us a way to remove it and whoever likes it (probably like a few people) can keep it. Another thing is the godawful bitmojis. The 2d ones were amazing and everyone liked them! But nope, ofc Snapchat had to change them into these horrifying 3D monsters with the most spine-tingling smile the naked eye could EVER witness. And for some weird reason my bitmoji is extremely tall and I never asked for that. I’m quite tall irl but my bitmoji is just an awful thing to look at…please for everyone’s sake change it back! And one more thing…add those bitmoji games back where you could play it with friends. Those were really fun and it’s sad that they aren’t here anymore. Other then those things Snap is alright, it’s not what it used to be but it’s fine as long as you stay safe and know what you’re doing :)
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6 months ago, Jwc554
Saved Chats and Chat History
I have appreciated using this app very much for nearly 7 Years Now. My Boyfriend and I are about to celebrate our One Year Together! As I try to scroll up to older chats, I can only reach up to October of 2023, where I want to scroll to my saved chats on February of 2023 of Special Chats I have admired to my Boyfriend! If Snapchat can fix personal direct messages to have a Search Up Date Feature to find specific years and days of saved chats and photos, that would be my lifesaver for the ongoing scrolling up. Whenever I scroll up to December of 2023 of saved chats, the App glitches off to the Home Screen, where I have to start over my scrolling. I wouldn't say I like it when I cannot receive my snaps and chats on a time limit or on a few repeats where I want all my chats to be saved. As I have Snapchat +, I’m disappointed in not finding a faster way to search for chats and images I want to see quickly in minutes than in hours. Thank You, Snapchat, for all the hard work You Do!!! I Love all the features besides the Not automatically saving chats and photos. I appreciate all the rest of the features and the Bigmoji Creativity on this App!
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2 years ago, tBear1901!2000
TERRIBLE Support Center
A few days ago I was permanently locked out of my account with no warning and with no explanation. I have not violated any guidelines nor do I have any third party apps. I tried contacting Snapchat on every possible social media platform to which they responded: sorry we can’t help you anymore here; go to our support website. So I did. I selected the option of “my account has been locked,” described my situation and was sent a message saying “your account has been permanently locked.” That’s it. Then I tried clicking the “my account has been compromised” option. The same response. There is no other way to contact the support team for personalized help. Only got automated messages and not even an explanation as to why my account was locked. I tried to make a new account but couldn’t because my account is still active technically even though it’s locked so I can’t verify my phone number or email. I have put in a data retrieval request in hopes of getting my memories and friends back but I have not heard back from them yet. Then I will have to delete my account through the support center so I can use my email and phone number to make a new account. Apparently this has happened to a bunch of people recently for no apparent reason. We are livid.
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3 months ago, WydAn7
Only good for communication
The snap stories when you scroll down past your friends stories is set up in the worst way possible like if you’re listening to music you’re screwed and on top of that most of them are click bait and don’t even show what the thumbnail or anything else related to it so this app is only good for sending messages and pictures(snaps) even though they set the app up I a way to make you want to click on the random stories. If you ask me they should get rid of the left 2 icons on the bottom and just make this a messaging app because the social media aspect of it is the equivalent of drinking hot dog water that’s seeping radiation. Oh and they just want you to be mad with the AI feature like I think they actually added that for the sole purpose of upsetting the user until they don’t use the app anymore because you can’t even take it off the very first message so every time you open it it forces you to look at it (assuming they think if they do that it’ll make you feel compelled to use it but the AI is not even good so when you try, it just makes you feel like you’re talking to somebody out of this planet using a translator)
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1 year ago, abn0112
Blatant Privacy Violations
To start, the new AI update is a nuisance, and requiring a paid subscription to Snapchat+ to hide the feature is absolutely ridiculous. My important conversations should not have lower priority than this AI bot that I didn’t want and will never use. Secondly, I was extremely alarmed to open my memories and see that Snapchat was analyzing my entire camera roll to provide “shopping suggestions.” That is a blatant disregard to my privacy, since I never authorized Snapchat to use AI to analyze my camera roll, nor do I want shopping suggestions based off of things I already own. I find it incredibly alarming and disappointing to see that Snapchat is trying to become yet another ecommerce platform. Social media is about connecting with friends, not mindless consumerism and consumption. It’s bad enough that Snapchat has been found guilty of violating biometric data laws in the state of Illinois, but it’s even worse to see that Snapchat cares so little about protecting its users’ privacy that it will sell its users’ own camera roll data just to make a dollar. I have rescinded Snapchat’s ability to access any of my saved photos because of this betrayal of trust, but quite frankly I am considering deleting my entire account because of the direction Snapchat is heading.
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2 years ago, rbux333
Ad death
What is with the insane amount of ads? It’s become ridiculous at this point. Some subscriptions you get 10 seconds of content for 5.99 seconds minimum of advertisement. The worst part is that they’re un-skippable until the time has completed. Is it that hard to add a feature that actually skips the ad after the required time once you’ve already tapped the screen? Or a setting to auto-skip ads once required time is reached (but a button you can tap if you are interested to see the rest)? Way to force people to be glued to their devices and feed the social media addiction that is so prevalent. Like, sometimes I want to enjoy Snapchat stories/subs while I’m busy with my hands but I can’t because it will be stuck on a repeating advertisement or a repeating, 3-minute movie trailer. Smart design but also terrible and I hate you guys for it. I’m sure your investors love it though! I’ve had Snapchat for about a decade and while I love a lot of the features that have been added, it’s just become another social media moneymaking machine. They seem to care more about the profit than the user experience, which is a far cry from where they started. At least Facebook/IG stories doesn’t force their advertisements down your throat, three taps and they’re skipped.
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11 months ago, I hate snap now🧍🏾‍♀️😭
Locked Account
I love Snapchat but like my account got locked for “promoting drugs” but wat really happened was ok so my snap was like full of people and this one person was sending me the same picture and basically it had like what the person sells as in drug the person had a whole shop and I told him I shout u out on my story if u do my temu link but I ignored this guy for months until I needed someone to do my temu link and so I shouted him out on my story and I got a warning but when it came up I didn’t have time to read it cuz when it popped up I had already touched the screen so it went away and I got out of snap went to tik tok for a lil then I went back and i was logged out so I was weirded out by that cuz I didn’t remember logging out so I tried logging in them it told me my account was permanently locked so I tried to Appel it and I got an email saying my “Your Appeal is under review” and sum about keep logging in to check and I kept doing that and now all of a sudden ig I lost my account and I literally had the account for years man all my pics all my conversations man I’m so mad bro I lost al of it 😭😭
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1 year ago, Kaydawgg2004😀
They won’t unban you even if you didn’t do anything wrong
I’ve used this app for years and even pay for the premium version. It’s always been great and I have never had any issues. At one point my significant other forgot his phone at home so he logged out of my snap account so he could log into his. The second he hit “sign out” my phone received a notification saying I’m “temporarily disabled due to too many sign in attempts”. The issue is, he didn’t even sign in and I had been logged into my account for a very long time… there was not a single sign in attempt yet I was temporarily banned from it. Id be more understanding if the ban was actually temporary, but it’s been months and I still can’t access my Snapchat from my personal phone and I’ve had to use an old junky one in the meantime. I’ve contacted support multiple times about this and they always say there isn’t anything that they can do. They’ve also told me I can unblock it through there website but whenever I do that and get a confirmation email that it’s unblocked, I’m still locked out. And even worse I’m still paying for the premium Snapchat that I can’t even access. I’ve been seeing this issue happening to tons of other people online too but Snapchat isn’t offering any help.
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2 years ago, The coscino kid
Terrible Customer Service
Yesterday, I was permanently locked out of my Snapchat account. 1) Snapchat does not even inform you what action specifically made them lock your account. 2) They block you from submitting a case/appeal if you are permanently locked out, and in my case as well as thousands of others, I know for a fact that I was wrongfully locked out of my account and I can’t even reach out to Snapchat customer support. This makes me believe that Snapchat really doesn’t care about its users. 3) I have thousands of memories dating back to my childhood that I often look through, but now I can never access them again because of this heinous error on Snapchat’s end. I have thoroughly looked through all Snapchat’s Terms of Service and reasons for permanent lockout, and none of them applied to me and I know that for a fact. The only possible thing I could think of was the fact that I was on a public wifi at the time of lockout, but even then, I wasn’t even using the app when they locked me out. Snapchat needs to do better and supply better customer service for me and the thousands of others this has happened to so we can continue using the app to message our friends and look at our old memories. I am extremely upset and disappointed.
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1 month ago, kunuri
This is why everyone is ditching snap for BeReal and other apps.
let me preface this with Snapchat used to be a really decent social media app to where you could control who was on your account what you saw and who you talk to. now they shove underage girls and guys down your for you page that are always half naked click baiting with their bodies. They are back to their roots where they love to tear relationships apart in terms of suggesting female stories for male users and vice versa I thought my partner was cheating on me when it said “Paula uploaded a snap. Don’t miss it” with some sexual undertone title to it but here it was just Snapchat suggesting it for him despite being in a four year relationship with me. The Bitmoji‘s are horrendous. Nobody asked y’all to change them but here you go changing them literally every month it seems. I have to file a report on anybody that I don’t want to see on the Discover page just to be able to block them because of the hide this content button no longer works. This app is toxic and it’s breeding toxicity and it just wants to tear lives apart for no valid realistic reason. I suggest y’all start ditching snap for something like be real or even just go to Instagram or something else because this app is not gonna last another two years I guarantee it.
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9 months ago, Duramax_420
Worst app got banned for no reason
I’ve been on this app for a long time never had an issue until recently I got banned for harassment bullying no warning given never made or did this I put in multiple of approvals and email request no help whatsoever. I had that account for years I made a new one and got banned again for drug content. I don’t do drugs I am a retired jail officer never done drugs in my life this app used to be a good app, but they will not fix the feature of people getting banned for no reason you can’t get help. There’s no customer service I am banned through my IP address lotta memories and a lot of people I can’t see or talk to anymore because of this issue I see people doing drugs, smoking weed, and all kinds of other stuff and their accounts are up but the people that don’t do nothing wrong are the ones getting targeted this is unfair and uncalled for too many users people that join your app should be respected unless they’re doing something against community guidelines not once did I do anything then I was somehow proven for doing drug content. Once again, I don’t do drugs. This is so unfair to multiple of people that don’t do nothing wrong get rid of the AI and the banning issue taken care of this stuff is so uncalled for do better, Snapchat
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5 months ago, lexiwinship
My snapchat account of 7 years was deleted, i made it December 25th of 2015.. it is February of 2024.. they decided to permanently lock my snapchat acc and delete it. I had NO WAY to contact them as everything in their support team leads to links. I tried to put in under a different topic not relating to my problem as i could not contact them any other way. They did not answer me. I used an old support desk number, nothing. After 2 days of crying because i had pictures of my siblings since birth, memories of people not alive anymore, and had long lost high school friends and that was the only media i had them on.. i decided to make a new snapchat. i had it for 2 days & DID NOTHING WRONG. my first snapchat account of 7 years i got one report warning, then it was locked. My second account i had for 2 days.. no warning or ANYTHING & it was permanently locked out of the blue. i have sent several emails with NO response. I loved snapchat.. but you’re doing too much & have NO COMMUNICATION platform. Not to mention i am device banned.. for no reason. idk if they are targeting me or what😭 ANYWAYS.. i have convinced my friends to move to other apps and they have agreed & now none of us have it. Until snapchat can give me proper communication i am done with this app :)
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10 months ago, SOS / By maddie 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
there i was thinking everything would be normal, walking down the long seemingly endless path. But when i heard a gun shot , i knew this couldn’t be good. I looked to my left, i looked to my right. Next thing i was running through a dark and sketchy alley. I see an end as in running, where would i go. I stand there, not knowing what to do next as i hear a gun shot fire into the air. It seemed like right behind me. “He's right behind me isn't he,” I said, wanted to break down crying on the concrete floor. As i turn around i see a bug bulky figure. What in the world- What the flip is this. I think to myself. I look at ITS shoes, then i make my way up the figures body eyeing it up and down. Was this really what was causing all the ruckus?! I hurry up and open my phone, that was the only thing i could do. Snapchat was opened , but i noticed , something was off, i went to my bitemoji , there it was the deformed figure standing right in-front of me. This cant be happening. I think to myself. “TAKE ME! TAKE ME! “ I plead. The final thing i heard was a loud gun shot. There i was floating up to heaven as i saw many other people laying on the streets with a bitemoji supposed to be them standing right in-front of them. TAKE AWAYS - Snapchat please change back the bit emojis to how they used to be.
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1 year ago, 30852251888
terrible security and terrible at resolving issues
my snapchat has gotten hacked and afterwards i logged into it, changed my password, and tried to enable two step verification but instead i kept getting denied due to “suspicious activity”. i am aware there is suspicious activity that’s why i want two step enabled because my private information was able to be collected from whomever hacked my account. tried twenty times to enable two step and snapchat would not allow me. the person somehow managed to get into my account AGAIN even though i changed the password and still could not enable two step. i ended up putting a request in snapchat (still haven’t gotten a response) and i have set my account to delete. the hacker logged in once again and canceled the deletion because snapchat requires 30 days to delete an account (for what purpose? if i want to delete my account then delete it?) so i had to once again change the password (still couldn’t enable two step) and i set it to delete again. hacker hasn’t logged in yet but i’m hoping they don’t log in and cancel the deletion. snapchat get better security and get an actual helpline besides your bull ‘fill out a form’ customer service because people’s personal information is at risk
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8 months ago, THE best Numbers
The new bitmojis are so ugly now that they need to change it 😠
When it was October (last month) when Snapchat updated it to abomination of a Bitmojis, when I went on to Snapchat and saw this I told my friends about this and when they went online they saw this and all of them said It ugly. Snapchat says that these Bitmojis are “more expressive than ever” and got refreshed. But what I think is that it is “defreshed” and looks like an abomination that when the new 3D Bitmojis came out it looked like I got plastic surgery and the last 3D Bitmojis I didn’t mind and thought I was alright and good but these Bitmojis look ugly now that when I send my friends bitmoji things now when I send them it looks like these new ugly plastic surgery, and less detailed, before this it was still the 2D Bitmojis and I don’t know why they removed the 2D Bitmojis because they are much better than this abomination, and I really missed the 2D Bitmojis so Snapchat if you see this AT LEAST bring the old 3D Bitmojis OR THE 2D BITMOJIS back because this abomination is trash and uglier than ever but overall besides the bitmoji stuff the app is good
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2 years ago, Tori goodin
This app is so cool it lets you send pictures to friends and family and you can show people around the glop about you adventures and stuff and you can post on a story that is where everyone that you are friends with can see it and you can make it a private story then you can choose who you want to see your videos and you can save pictures and videos and you can change your Bitmoji a Bitmoji is a avatar where you can make it have different hairs and clothes and makeup and (etc) you can even rename people like how ever you won’t you can add music to your videos and pictures they have cool filters and if you don’t like the other filters you can search what kind of filter you want and you can even make a group chat on it with different people that you are friends with and you can name the group chat and the other people in the group chat can change it to you will get a notification that who ever the person is change the group name super cool that is it I RECOMMEND THIS APP🤩🤩🤩
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1 year ago, TH3ROUG3SNIP3R
Took them 7 years too ruin something good
Never once really had a problem with Snapchat and I mean that honestly Iv gone 7 years sending snaps receiving running up the snap score doing the streaks. It’s been a blast honestly and perfect running app. But when I decide ok I’m done I don’t need these guys anymore and I decide to make a new account like I would on any other app, for no reason should people on discord or other apps I’m connected to get notified I just made a new account. That defeats the purpose. I created a new account to start over and get away from all the people I was friends with before and the second I add a new account it suggest friends from my old account and not only that Iv gotten 3 people on discord already ask me did I make a new Snapchat account becuse the names are the same. That’s ridiculous. Iv never seen a more social media invasion of privacy and I am Officialy done with Snapchat. Like im sorry but that’s just one of those things we’re it’s like why did you think this was a good option to implement.I don’t see this being a fixable issue in the future either so this isn’t one of this “im gonna say im done and hope they fix it” y’all won’t read this lol. Anyways back to twitter and Facebook I go. Stick with my generation I guess.
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1 year ago, somanypeoplenamedmatt
Randomly perma-banned
I don’t write reviews like this often, but Snapchat did me so dirty! If I had enough energy I’d go full blown Karen, but it’s not even worth more of my energy than this review. I posted a pic of my dog and a funny convo with my bff that was completely pg. Minutes later I find out my accounts ‘permanently locked’. I reached out to Snapchat “support” and they wouldn’t give any reason other than “violated community guidelines”. I pressed the issue and asked to speak to a supervisor and they cut all contact. I was flat out ignored. Still waiting for an email weeks later… Not to mention I applied to get my memories in a downloadable file and weeks later and I still don’t got em. Don’t think your memories are safe. Apparently you could be at risk for random unwarranted perma-ban. I lost so many pics of my nephews, nieces, family etc… Not to mention videos of my beautiful dog, Snoopy, that is no longer with us. There was no warning. 6+ years of no problems and suddenly I’m an enemy of the app… I’ve lost contact with high school friends who don’t have my phone number. I encourage anyone still using Snapchat to save your memories to your phone and find a better app. There are plenty apps that do what Snapchat does, but better. Do not trust this shady app 🗣
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1 year ago, n1gh7m4r3.19
Fix the story bug. When I open my profile it just glitches out until you can’t scroll up or down anymore. You can’t tap on any of your private stories, and if you spam tap and somehow manage to open it, you can’t add or remove people from your private story because it just says something went wrong and to check your connection. Yes, I did check my connection, yes I’ve tried this multiple times. The glitching continues down to the bottom of the profile page, which means you also can’t press any of those buttons. Its become pretty annoying, and I’ve gone as far as deleting the app twice in hopes of fixing it. I’ve restarted the app countless times, I’ve restarted my phone, and then I decided to delete the app. Nothing has worked. Another thing, i believe people should be able to delete the AI from their chat feed without buying Snapchat+. A lot of people are creeped out by it. Personally, I don’t have a problem with it but it can say some weird things. Some people like to have it so it shouldn’t completely disappear, but a user should have the ability to delete it on their end.
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2 years ago, T3ddiiVer
I have an old Snapchat account that I’ve had for years now it has many pictures and memories on it however I put most if not all of these pictures into “my eyes only” as it was hard to look at them and not cry or cringe or both. Just recently I’ve wanted to get them all back because I realized they’re precious memories no matter the circumstance. Unfortunately I forgot my pin for “my eyes only” and I’ve tried multiple combinations but nothings working! I saw I could press “forget password/pin” which usually helps reset the pin or password you’ve forgotten, but I can’t press it because if you go through with trying to reset the pin it will delete all of the pictures within “my eyes only”. I’d really like this to be changed because I know there has to be others that had put precious memories in it thinking they were too embarrassing and later realized they’re not really embarrassing and wanted to get them back out but forgot the pin for “my eyes only” only to realize if they reset the pin all those memories are gone! This is a really crappy feature that NEEDS to be changed as soon as possible because I really want those pictures and memories back!
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1 year ago, beans21333
I don’t want your little ai friend. I want to talk to my real friends.
I’ve been an avid Snapchat Snapchat user since 2016 and have absolutely enjoyed it. My first relationship basically started on the app so it’s been very valid in my life, I love talking to my friends who moved out of the state and being able to see where they are on the map feature but the most recent update is not it. first off I am not a lonely person who needs an ai friend, I barely have the mental energy to text real people back right now due to my busy schedule with studying, working and tending to my Sims4 people. so when this little goober had the audacity to add itself at the top of my friends list I was really not amused or pleased at all it hasn’t even bought me dinner much less a drink and now me being the very busy person that I am I have even accepted it or interacted so when I saw all the creepy interactions other people were having I thought well I should just delete it or unfriendly it but I can’t, nobody can it’s stuck there at the top of everyone’s friends list and nobody wants to be it’s friend. I’m sorry little guy you have to earn your friend ship I know you are still learning the ways of humans but this is just not it. It’s giving entitled a-hole.
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1 year ago, Puppy20244
I love this app
I love this app. It’s one of my favorite apps that I use, I love how I get to share my moments and my friends and family or even people from all over the world can see it. I also love all the cute and funny different filters variety of filters that they have. You can also have real time location and it’s cool because you can choose weather you want to have that on or not. But honestly I would say my #1 top best favorite thing about this app is that it saves all of your photos and memories videos everything, I love that when I log out I could just log back into my account and all of my photos and everything are still saved on my account, I love that because it’s like a place I can have all my photos so that it saves me data on my phone to. And it has a unique my eyes only so u would enter a unique 4 digit pin so only u have access to. Anyways sorry for my long review but I hope maybe it’s helpful to some and that Snapchat knows that I love everything bout it. 😊❤️
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1 week ago, Cuh343
Great, but the community and moderation..
This app is overall great, but I definitely have a few complaints. The app isn’t the smoothest and is sometimes laggy, but that isn’t my main issue. My main issue is how awful the community has gotten and how moderation has done nothing. The community used to be fantastic until a few years ago. People used to be kind and very friendly, but now it’s all just people wanting to send streaks (isn’t that bad or breaking any rules but kinda sad), asking “wyll” 2 minutes into talking (not rule breaking but really annoying), asking for nudes 5 minutes into talking, sending unsolicited nudes, and a lot of people have became very rude. It’s not Snapchat’s fault, but the way moderation has handled it is so disappointing. No matter how rude you are on Snapchat or how many unsolicited nudes you send to minors, there is a high chance you will never get banned. This is horrible for the community. This is how bullying starts and this is how people get groomed. Love Snapchat, and as much as I think they should fix the lag, they NEED to step up with their moderation. This is a multi-billion dollar company, they can do better.
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3 months ago, mars.eden
restoring streaks
personally, snapchat, as a pro user, i do not care about restoring my streak with someone. i do not want to see the restore streak button or see that the streak ended. i want to see the "delivered" "opened" 😐 And i just also wanted to say that those of you upset by the ai chat being above everything else 💀 if you click ur profile and go to the snapchat + settings you can unpin your AI chat. ofc this doesnt get rid of it but it isnt above everything else anymore. Also, snapchat, stop introducing cool new stuff like elevation in the snap map and making it 3-D and then removing it. like make up ur mind????? more medium length hair (shoulder length) with side bangs please. and ALSO, how are you gonna have it so that you can make your AI avatar a million different colors but those colors arent also added to normal bitmoji skin colors??? like what even. Thats all. great to talk to people. love some of the filters. a lot of them should not be shrinking noses but whateva (not everyone meant to have a weird button nose, not saying those are weird but the snapchat filters with the nose shrinking makes it weird on people with no button noses )
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10 months ago, ScarlettaXX
Developers are bored
I’ve been using Snapchat for years to text classmates and friends, super convenient and I like the memories function. Problem is they continue to update the app with ‘improvements’ that just make the app 100% harder to deal with. The new Bitmoji update is probably the most heinous crime so far. When they initially updated them to 3D I was like, okay, weird looking but I can ignore it. The stickers still work the same, and it’s not so ugly that I can’t stand looking at it for 2 seconds when I click on my profile. Unfortunately, the new ‘upgrade’ has turned not just mine, but everyone’s avatar into a hideously disfigured beast. It was certainly a shock to wake up to. Staring at the creature, I felt this sickness at the mere thought that someone would SEE this thing and associate it with me. I tried my best to alter it, but the options are so inhuman, I just couldn’t make it look convincing, let alone look like me at all. It’s as if there is a second, even more sinister face beneath the one it shows you, and it’s just itching to rip it off to reveal it. I couldn’t bear keeping it for a moment longer, so I promptly deleted my Bitmoji. However, the things still roam the Snapchat World and I don’t think I’ll rest until they’ve been eliminated.
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1 year ago, willie and the hamsters
Snapchats an amazing app but spotlight needs a lot of work
I’ve recently joined Snapchat about a year ago and it’s been a nice way for me to communicate with others. I will cut to the point by saying that I think that y’all should lower the restrictions and guidelines for spotlight. I get that are trying to have different forms of entertainment but when it comes to making it on Snapchat, it’s really hard. From personal experience, since I can’t have TikTok I choose to post my edits on Snapchat spotlight. Every single time I do this however, it is never chosen for spotlight. My edits literally have nothing wrong with them and they have my water mark with my sounds. I find it a little annoying how I can post these edits in every platform but Snapchat. Considering the fact that Snapchat is one of the most useful and popular social media platforms, I suggest making the choice of lowering these restrictions into consideration. ( Sorry if I sound like I’m being rude I’m just have a lot to say! ) also can y’all allow users to see how many likes they get in there snaps on spotlight ?
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9 months ago, alamecropstogettome
New bitmoji update
I love snapchat alot i am so happy with it and loved the games and im sad that the games are gone and u guys need to get it back but spotlight is a amazing place to watch if i dont wanna watch tiktok. So what im here to say is about the new bitmoji update I get the fact that you get to customize you’re bitmoji to look like you but the thing is that it has gotten wayyy to realistic. And yes so many people are complaining about how oddly realistic it has gotten and it doesnt match sone people. Its a cool update for some and i know snapchat worked hard on it but it just doesnt fit right with some people. I hope you understand me. Overall snapchat is amazing. And is the new dreams update for money cuz idk its taking forever to load and i do not wanna pay. Ok im back and i just wanna say i cringed looking at the dreams update it doesnt even look like me and not to be rude but it look like someone combined me and some random persons face and just added it to a fake character sorry to break it to you snapchat but please stop these updates if your gonna make updates atleast make them good.
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4 months ago, Zekolieera
My thoughts on this app
I honestly really love this app I am on it 24/7 and it gives my friends and I a very fun way to communicate and connect with each other during the weekends, summer break, or even if I’m on vacation. The 2 things I recommend a better experience about is what this next paragraph is about. The Ai. This Ai on Snapchat is very sketchy and very curious about personal information. For example, one time one of my friends and I where found on a boba date. I asked my Ai where the closest place was. My Ai replied with “Hi Skyler! You are going on a boba date? I recommend ___________ it has great tasting boba. Maybe we should go sometime.” And then it just randomly stoped and said “maybe we shouldn’t this reason is to protect our safety.” This is very creepy and it’s all over social media that people have gotten Weird messages from there AI if this is removed that would be great The next thing I wanted to talk about is the filters. These filters are really old and I would hope to get an update!
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5 months ago, 4nsicPsyc
It was cute at first but home page/creators got too distracting & account got auto-deleted
There was a time I finally caught on to the App & really got into using it & updating daily. However, I lost interest when they suddenly updated the main interface to make your friends/people you follow less accessible & placed primary emphasis on general creator content. The whole beauty of SnapChat was connection with people I FOLLOW. I get wanting to share new content & people to follow but why do they have to be on the same page while taking all the focus away from people I already follow? I actually tried watching creators content but it’s just not my thing. Since there wasn’t a way to focus my engagement on my friends without the distraction of the general content, I just got bored with it. Also, I got tired of having to create a new account every time I tried to come back to the App because it automatically deletes after a few months of inactivity. I forget my social media sometimes, but I go back. This company expects everyone to stay addicted or be punished with deletion so I gave up trying to get back on.
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5 months ago, BakerLadyAmanda
No Customer Support
Yesterday morning I received an email from Snapchat encouraging me to change my password due to a suspicious login. When I went to change my password they had permanently locked my account due to violating community guidelines. Then when I emailed them about appealing they told me that I need to fill out the form, which doesn’t exist unless you log in, which I cannot do since the app is locked. Then, I emailed them again only to be told that they couldn’t help me because the email I was using to contact them wasn’t connected to my account… the person who hacked me changed the email and phone number associated with the account. I explained this in another email and gave them photo evidence that my account had been hacked, told them a ton of info about my account that no one else would know, and asked them what else I can do. I still have received no response. My friends can see my account in there apps still so I know it exists. I wouldn’t care if I didn’t have 8+ years of memories saved through my app. How can a social media app have such bad customer support. No clear email, no phone number, and they are just making things easier for the hacker versus the one that actually owns the account.
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10 months ago, 🖤m i k a y l a🖤
Reconsider your update.
You guys should reconsider the recent Bitmoji update that has altered the appearance of users Bitmojis. It’s much less appealing and they all have a less recognizable representation. The previous Bitmojis had much more emotion to them, plus, they were practically iconic the way they were. These Bitmojis are a crucial form of self-expression on the platform, letting people actually convey their personalities and emotions in a FUN AND CREATIVE way. The abrupt shift towards less attractive Bitmojis not only absolutely diminishes the enjoyable aspect of using Snapchat, but also obstructs effective communication. There’s a high possibility Snapchatters feel uncomfortable/disconnected from their avatars, and who knows? It could negatively affect their engagement w/ the app. I know for you guys it’s vital to prioritize user satisfaction, and I know your guys’ intentions were to increase user satisfaction, but if anything, you guys completely disengaged it. PLEASE consider reverting to the previous Bitmoji style!! It allows everyone to enjoy a more appealing and authentic representation of themselves in their digital interactions.
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2 years ago, didders_97206
Snapchat is easily my main app, I don’t find anything wrong with it, except the fact they can see that you screenshot stuff, but it’s understandable to not let people invade privacy. The only thing I ask, is adding highlights into the hair treatments on the bitmoji stuff, I have black hair with blonde highlights, and my bitmoji looks so boring without the highlights. Ohhhh and possibly some anime stuff, like a Demon Slayer collection of clothes, I know many would love that. Overall I love Snapchat and don’t see any thing that needs attention asap. Hopefully you can add highlight treatments! - also something I wish there was, is a select all button, where I can select every single person on my snap and block them all, rather then going through and blocking each individually, there’s easily over 500 people on my snap, and I only really have like 45 people that I want on snap. I don’t want to spend two hours blocking everyone 😭 if you could add a select all button that’d be amazing!!
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9 months ago, LayLay contortion
My bitmoji used to be a GODDESS 💔💔
snapchat .. please bring back the 2d bitmojis bcs this is outrageous 😭 i finally got my bitmoji to a good place after months of being hideous and as SOON AS I GET THERE yall wanna make her look like a fish??? please bring the cute avatars back💔 if you just can’t live without these jumpscares you like to call bitmojis, at least make it optional or for snapchat+ users only. i logged in tdy fully expecting to see my cute little avatar and instead i saw my once model worthy bitmoji trying to cosplay as randall boggs..likeeee who are you and where did my masterpiece go??🌚 pleaseeeeeeeeee bring the 2d one back🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 like is it the faces that are way too long or the eyes that are excruciatingly high?? y’all are depriving them of foreheads 💀 howeverrrrr, i wanna thank whoever had the godly idea to add ugg tasman slippers?? like you’re the only person at snapchat that deserves to keep their job. please teach the other demon spawns how to be like you. why is the entire app PERFECT and y’all just couldn’t resist ruining it AGAIN. like we were doing great with the OLD OLD bitmojis.. why change it to begin with? i hate all of you💔
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1 year ago, unknown.. 👤
get rid of the ai, it’s absolutely terrible. it ruined snapchat in my opinion, it’s scary seeing all these videos talking abt how the ai is responding in different ways than it should. i dont recommend trying it yourself. its a bad feature scaring the world, it’s like the tesla robot situation all over again. dont recommend getting the ai or the app, it’s invading privacy. honestly the reviews now are all abt how the ai ruined this app and they are completely agreeable to. i hope one of the people who works within the app sees the reviews and videos of the ai’s. ik i’m not the only person who’s also invested into the whole situation on might what happen next, the ai’s been around all the time but never have they gotten this much attention over something so bad. it seems so crazy for me to be ranting abt the ai’s but it’s honestly js so strange. im not saying that the ai is going to show up to my house or anything but the thought of it knowing so much should honestly scare everyone instead of messing around & digging way to deep into it. be safe out there when using this app & others. this needs to be brought to someone’s attention help spread the word so we can get the normal snapchat back !
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