YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream

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4.7 (36.4M)
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2 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream

4.68 out of 5
36.4M Ratings
2 days ago, CrazyJoker 48
Family Plan Sub 5+ Years
My family and I never got to enjoy YT back in ‘05 do to our residence being extremely rural in the middle of BFE! Dial up was our only internet option. Back when downloading MP3’s for “free” was being shutdown. It would take 15 minutes to download an average song of 3 minutes on the best of times! I could not watch ANYTHING on here! Perpetual buffering! It never stopped spinning! It took over 10 years for DSL to get here! But in the past 2 years, we went from the bottom feeders in the basement to cutting edge fiber! We now have over 1gbps down/up! We’re making up for lost time as 3/5 of us are on here watching or listening to something! Unlimited bandwidth has us in the running for most data streamed in a month on the family plan! We definitely get our moneys worth! I’m always the “DJ” wherever there’s an opportunity to jam down! “Hey yall, Crazy Joker is here! It’s time to rock n roll! Let’s get this party started! For real! Hit it…!¡
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2 weeks ago, Jan Arlene T
Getting there
I enjoy so much all the different channels on how to do this how to do that. From cooking, gardening and home decorating - so many talented people out there that share their talent. I would had gave it five stars but they need to have more employees or employees that know how to do their job in deleting and removing problematic comments . For example when people report these horrific bullying comments that they will take those comments down or maybe even take those peoples ability to comment away. There’s a fine line between allowing people to comment their opinion and people just outright being mean rude violating civil liberties, as well as laws with their comments ! but yet they stay up for months. Maybe it’s just overwhelming the amount of negative comments that are out there. I have read comments were the ask people to was their kids on camera. ( more graphic than what I am saying now believe you ) so vulgar and you reported and reported and reported and the comments are still up. There is disgusting to accidentally have to read things like that or comments where they put women down. Please you tube work on improving this department. With that said, for the most part it is an enjoyable place to visit just don’t read the comment section I guess.
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1 year ago, abigailkitt
YT has NOT improved with age
Love the concept & the content; HATE the platform! As YT has gotten more popular, it has gotten SO much worse! First, ads are out of control! As another said, I understand that a company must make money, but seriously? Ads are forced upon creators even when they do not wish to monetize & the amount of ads are ridiculous! We, the viewers, are bombarded with many more ads than TV uses. And the ads are for things in which I have ZERO interest (hint: STOP with the weight loss ads!). You can also eliminate any ad over 1 minute! If I want to know THAT much about anything, I’ll search for a video! Sadly, it has become all about the $. Now for the serious stuff (as opposed to the merely annoying). Creators must suffer with having their videos highjacked by ads AND stalkers! SO many creators have had death threats & stalking IRL & many other serious issues & YT does nothing! They do not take this seriously. And big tech doesn’t make it easy to find out how to complain directly to them about anything. They hide in plain sight. It’s such a shame that there really isn’t a viable alternative…yet. Remember that YT: yet.
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1 year ago, ItsAllAboutTheMoolah
Channel list..
For the past week i have been trying to get help with my list of channels that i am subscribed to. I stream through a roku device to my tv plus i have the you tube app on my iphone. On my iphone the whole list is there, from A to Z and everything in between, but on my tv anything after P is missing, when i look at the channel list on my phone, there is a line after the last one that shows on my TV. Almost like it is showing me on my phone where the list ends on my tv if that makes any sense. Anyway the ones that call themselves helping me with this issue haven’t helped at all, and are very short and hateful with me, after speaking with 3 people with attitudes i got kind of frustrated and decided to leave it alone, but the channels i mainly watch are the ones that are missing from my dang list. They said something like i have changed my settings or something and i have never touched the settings. I have updated on my TV and my phone and still have the same problem, anyone else having this issue?
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2 years ago, Fantaapp
Please take pic-in-pic feature back! The new location of comments does not make sense on iPads
I use YT app everyday. I noticed that the pic-in-pic feature is always on and off. I has been stable in the past several weeks, but then after the most recent update, it disappeared again…very disappointing… Also, I’m not very impressed with the new location of comments on the iPad version. Originally, you could easily skim through comments on the left side of bottom while skim through recommended videos on the right side. With the new location, you will need to click unnecessary extra times to open the comments and then close it before you can get back to the recommended videos. Given the typical screen size of iPads, the whole left side of bottom has been wasted (and users end up wasting time clicking more times…). I could see why the comments moved on iPhones (because of smaller screens), but I find that such a same “adaption” on iPad is a total useless deadweight loss. I would rather stay with the old version…
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1 year ago, wayneb gator papa
You Tube is Really Great
I have watched how to diagnose what is wrong with your washing machine and fix it yourself and save money. Need an oil change on you car what ever you drive someone on you tube will show you how to do you car. I installed new flooring like tile in my kitchen laminate flooring in the rest of our home , new kitchen cabinets. I garden guess where I go to learn what I need to know. That’s right You Tube! Think of most any song within reason and you can most likely find it on (yelp you guessed it) You Tube. I missed my FL Gators ball game I can watch a rerun on You Tube. You felling a little down and need a laugh to pick you up? Well You Tube to the rescue. You Tube is nice enough to let you have your own videos posted on your own You Tube Station. Well believe me I could talk a long time about You Tube but you get the idea “You Tube is really Great.” You Tube Thank You. ( Oh I fixed my computer more than once using You Tube)
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1 year ago, LT Greek
You mean You be ridiculous going down the Tubes.
Let’s see you block content on constitutionally protected and legal activity. Run a racket where no can know let alone comply with the rules, use this as way to bilk content makers out of money and run them off the platform. At the same time I sent in multiple complaints on an ad targeting kids to discover their sexuality that I blocked multiple times but it keeps popping up! You will take a 2 minute video and stick 5-10 minutes of ads on it. And btw a 45 min to upwards of 4 hour content is not an ad … it a video so stop sticking them to someone else’s content. The minute the channels I watch convert to a new platform I will be more than happy to let the wokies pay your bills, which hint hint they don’t believe in paying you capitalistic pigs money for content! I sincerely hope some other billionaire will buy your propaganda machine out and straighten it or you go belly up!
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1 month ago, bholim
You tube uploading has risen from strength to strength as it is free viewership and free uploading it has its own charm in fragmented programming , not the linear way of tv networks or online other streaming , though all of programming slotting time zones matter in those, as what time audience would want to watch what kind of content, though that still works on presumption not made definitive which can be done also. You tube is free from these important yet conventional norms , so one can just switch it on and watch whatever is there. It has both its good and repetitive boring points for eg; uploads in ones stream keep on happening and if you are on budgeted data internet streaming you cannot watch long short series And since it has all sorts of programming content bought or free uploaded so choice is very much there. On the whole a good streaming platform not because it’s free but because it has lots of variety of content.
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2 years ago, Emma's world 🤪
Great app!!! Read this for honest reviews!
I have been a YouTuber for 8 months now. The copyright thing is pretty annoying tho. I have had a channel for like I said, 8 months. However, I have been watching yt for over 2 years. Ads are getting ridiculous and wayyyy too long. Also, you should be able to have the community tab under 500 subs! I have 250 and I rlly want the community tab!!!!! I just updated yt and I’m hoping that the bugs will be fixed. There have been bugs and issues with both uploading videos and watching videos. I’m hoping that this update will help. Also, 17+?!?!?!? There are 7 year olds on here! It should be at least 9+!!!! Other than that, it’s an amazing app and is one of the most popular social media apps out there! Btw I liked the update of not being able to see the dislike button. It honestly makes ppl feel a lot better about the videos :) 4 starts! Thx for everything!I hope u take the time to read this! Thx for an amazing app! ✌️🤪❤️
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3 years ago, 40volume
Bad next-up/auto play suggestions, not personalized
Suggested songs can be irrelevant to insulting to the songs I chose to listen to. The next-up song generated are often the same song I’m already listening to but by a different uploader. The next-up songs are often not the same genre or mood, but more just the same time period but chart toppers. When I scroll to see auto play suggestions, auto play stops, so no music plays until I scroll back up. When I download songs, they can be deleted by the uploader and I won’t even know which song it was. And the most annoying - when I see a song that is “next up” in autoplay, and I click “not interested “ for that song, I’m notified it won’t show up anymore, it disappears, and then autoplay plays that song right after. Also, if I search a song I’ve searched before, the search still puts songs by the same name first (often contemporary songs by more contemporary artists), but the song I’ve actually clicked on and played, further down the list.
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4 years ago, ScarletSkies4
Good app but advertisement overload
I understand the need for advertisements but it’s to the point now that it’s negatively impacting my experience. Now that there’s two, back to back ads in every break it’s irritating how much I have to interact with the app just to finish watching the video. The more I use the app the worse the experience gets. I usually like to use the app while doing other things like cooking or cleaning. I mostly listen and don’t always have my phone in hand. In an 11 minute video with 6 ads, the middle break had a 30 second unskippable ad followed by a 2 minute ad that was skippable. Unless I am physically on my phone to return to the video that would be 2:30 minutes of ads just for 1 of 3 ad breaks in an 11 minute video. It’s overload. I get that using the free version means you gets ads but it’s overshadowing the content. I don’t want to interact this much with something I’m watching. It’s not a game app. Guess I’ll just stick to watching it on the desktop with my ad blocker. Otherwise, yeah YT is ok. They’re just getting into Pandora territory which is disappointing. Didn’t mind the ads until recently.
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2 years ago, Buoboo
Optimistic in life and truth
We have been optimistic about life in everything we do many people loved to read what is posted on this page it has let us express our views our likes and dislikes⭐️we form a club that made us be a part of something especially myself it has let me make friends around the world I believe my words has some meaning to someone that reads it we ask for peace and prosperity in all of these existential situation that we are going through we have two lovely souls that we are following for years and wherever life takes us we will always be together with the two of them (XWY1085) I wanted to encourage everyone to stand up for what is right an just🌍🌎 stop expressing hate towards one another but unfortunately life is not like what we think it is 💫 we are living in a world of technology and misleadings so the truth of the matter life is hard and no one wants to hear the truth Wolf!!!!!
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8 months ago, ChrisShadowChaos
Nice, but “queue” option needs work and improvement…
First, I’m on mobile and when I try to queue more than 2 videos it just replaces whatever the second video in queue is, I have to do a whole song and dance just to add more videos. Secondly there should be “add to queue” button not just “play next in queue” and “play last in queue” sometimes I want my videos to play a certain way or in a certain order, by selecting either option I still have to rearrange it later. Also, clearing the queue doesn’t do anything, if I click on “clear queue” the queue is still there and the videos are still listed sometimes even doubling the videos. Then there’s the problem sometimes with videos either duplicating themselves when you rearrange the list or add to the queue. Lastly, make it so that at the end of your queued video list instead of stopping or repeating, have it automatically play another video like it does when you finish watching a video.
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2 years ago, Phort99
Please stop changing things and focus on maintenance.
Every little interface change is a new annoyance. Some of the things that get added are so poorly thought out that I don’t understand how they made it out of concept phase. A new “recommend more like this” button appeared in the place where the “add to watch later” button used to be. Why would I want recommendations based on a video I haven’t even watched? There’s no unclicking that button. Don’t even get me started on comments and playlists showing up on the sidebar while watching a video in landscape. I rotated my phone in order to make the video bigger, not smaller. Everything worked better before those views were available in landscape. Then there’s the persistent issue where sometimes autorotate and gestures just completely stop working until the video is minimized. This bug has existed for actual years.
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2 years ago, Leah Bug 🐞
Good enough.
I love this app Pip starts when you leave, I can find my favorite YouTubers, and they removed the number of dislikes? Come on. I dislike. Add it back for 5 stars. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Edit: I saw this one video and Mario spelled this out when Junior tried to steal money, and I love it and agree: B-I-T-E-M-E-J-U-N-I-O-R-L-O-V-E-M-A-R-I-O(Bite me Junior,Love Mario.) •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Edit 2: So, I can find a totally kid appropriate video on YouTube,but can’t find that same video on Yt kids? Yeah, that’s fair. Ok, add gacha life to yt kids! Thanks ;) one star now! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Edit 3: I want gacha life in yt kids! How many times must I speak? A lot. If you don’t add this I’ll be mad. Also, if you haven’t, add The Pines. :) ;( ;) :( thank you! *_* ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Edit 4: Come on! Hiding dislikes? I want to watch without many adds. Also, What about copying?! I saw a video that copied and PASTED it. Without credit. *Facepalm* Something about making Money…••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Ok! One more time! You all love money? Help people when they ask!!! It’s so simple. Just Listen to people= Satisfied customers= More people paying for Premium= More money= Rinse and repeat!
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10 months ago, Dallas Devereaux
To you
I will do this when I'm not frustrated and can actually see a light at the end of the tunnel that shows me the light at the end of the tunnel and can feel the warmth and hope shining through to encourages me to hang onto the hope that leads me on to the path that leads me on to the path that I need to take take to believe in me and my family to hold on and support each other to keep the faith and support to believe not only in each other and to hold on to each other to continue to have the strength to support each other and to support your family from here to eternity knowing that the strength of your love will carry your love forever and make your love stronger and stronger and bless you all and never let go of the love needed. It is your strength to carry you through all of life's trials and tribulations for all of time and thereafter. Believe in your love and affection and hold on and believe in your love which binds you through all of life! I pray you get this message!
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2 months ago, ya li ka
Look elsewhere for a true marketplace of ideas
This site is run by powerful interests that want to keep the appearance that this is an open marketplace of ideas, but they censor the bejeezus out of it, placing the users in a ridiculous situation where many basic words, expressions, or entire ideas are systematically suppressed. This applies to regular discourse involving zero obscenities, zero xenophobic, zero misogynistic, zero racist, zero homophobic language, and zero language calling for violence. Hopefully, a new site will emerge that offers the putative convenience of YT, without YT’s nauseating thought-control. Currently, some truly noxious users are allowed to spew all manner of abuse and falsehoods with total impunity, they just happen to be haters and liars that align with powerful special interests. In the meantime, one hopes that a new, actually neutral administration will take over YT. Notwithstanding the latter possibility, go somewhere else. YT is perfect for banal interests and topics, like baking cookies, but not much of any substantial human interest. You want to talk about the Israel-Palestine conflict with historic authenticity? Abandon ye all hope. And on it goes for so many other weighty topics in politics, religion, or sexuality.
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3 years ago, Emmybears6
Lots of problems but I still like it
First of all, many people are saying the same problem but every time I upload a video and say no it’s not made for kids it keeps saying that the comments are turned off all of my videos that I’ve made is turned off comments. Next, every time I wanna watch a video(well not every time but at least once a day) when I’m watching a video and I am like in the middle of it (it Has to be a long video though) it just goes to the next video when it’s not the end. And the last problem, when I first watch a video then add it to my liked videos or my Watch later One day later the video goes blurry but the editor didn’t edit it after and I am logged into the same account on different devices and it still does that on the same video. All these problems I don’t know what’s causing it. I hope you can fix it. Thanks for reading
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2 years ago, Skyler Stormer
Community Tabs
Overall, this is a great app and I use it a lot instead of the online website. But the thing is, as a mobile user, when I go to a specific channel and try to see their old community posts [only if I have missed a few days of their content and want to see what they’ve been posting. And if you’re gonna think “just scroll down in the subscriptions tab”, no. I have over a hundred subscriptions with some of them posting every minute; I’m not gonna scroll down that far] it doesn’t let me and says that it isn’t available for mobile or something like that. But I can perfectly see the community tabs in the subscriptions tab? But it still doesn’t work since when I try to open up the comment section area or try to click on the message to see the entire thing, it still says the same thing about it ‘not working’, etc. I’m unable to see full community posts because of this, please fix it.
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11 months ago, fgdhehbdbmsgfgnsjfjsj
Use this everyday and love it but…
I love this app. I have a channel with a couple subs, videos and everything. I use it everyday. I have a suggestion though. It is that mindplayer is kept on even for videos set for kids. Many videos are set for kids and not only enjoyed by kids. It gets really annoying when I’m watching a video set for kids, I go to my recommended and it isn’t playing. Please change this. I also a bug I would love fixed. I also use YT shorts daily. Some of the shorts decide not to load sometimes. I have to scroll up to the previous one and go back for it to work, it’s really annoying. Sometimes it also just doesn’t load at all and I have to skip watching it. (It’s not my Wi-Fi that’s causing this problem). One more suggestion I have is pls add 1.10 playback speed. Please take my suggestions into consideration. Thanks, Adi, a person who loves YT and uses it daily.
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3 years ago, Technoblade 2.0
Some problems
First off, I love this app. It’s easy to use and a great time-killer; but there is some problems that are annoying. First off, I hate the fact that you get forced to sit through 20 second ads without skipping, every five minutes. And it’s always the same as for me, and I’ve heard that the creators did this on PURPOSE to literally force people to use the Premium edition. Second off, there isn’t a ad timer on my phone that is like “Ads is 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…” but instead the ad just comes out of nowhere. Lastly, there is a weird bug that it something like a PC isn’t updated or the app isn’t correctly updated, Restricted Mode is stuck on and I can’t turn it off saying it’s enforced by an “administrator” and I don’t have an administrator. I hate giving bad reviews, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Please fix these I love this app just there is a few things I don’t like.
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3 years ago, ChickWho'sGettingPissed
You Tube has become just a format for the grandkids to watch, cute kitty videos and how to make DIY slime. The real stuff, people posting videos backed up with statements, video, and bonafide articles, basically truth, are banned while you allow heads being chopped off, inaccurate information (proved inaccurate) and falsified information to continue to be posted. Your “terms of conditions” is obviously politically motivated, unjust and one-sided. You view your watchers as idiots, unable to sort thru the muck of fact or fiction and be able to think for themselves. As you continue to be a politically biased flat form, I would advise you to get a good grip on what your viewer’s opinions are as the tides are turning and people are getting tired of good people being banned while you promote a very incongruous platform. I gave you 2 stars because the grandkids really like to watch Myna birds talking to each other.
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4 years ago, Gjvthxffeesxbgf
So many problems
The loading times can be pretty awful. Whenever I switch to a different tab or turn off my phone and play the video I was currently watching, the video takes sooo long to load when I unpause it. This doesn’t occur when I’m using the app and I don’t get why it happens when the app is running in the background. I understand why ads are a thing and this hasn’t been a problem before but now it feels like overkill. Every time I watch a video an ad pops up. Sometimes they’re 15 non-skippable ads and at its worst there’s two. And look, taking away the comments for videos that have been COPPA’d is one thing and removing the mini player is another. It makes no sense. I don’t get how this would be harmful for kids. And the way you decided what videos are for kids is awful. Some of creators have moved on from their channels so when you automatically decide their videos are for kids it removes a whole decade of comment sections. And I hate how I have to worry about my niece stumbling upon two anime girls talking about sex because you automatically decided all animation is for kids.
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1 year ago, jd the lady
The rfycggc
I kkhuse a timer for a t and then it goes to o then the alarm is gone for a few uuioopp minutes so it goes off again but then it goes back to the alarm and then it goes off and then it starts going back on and it just starts again so it’s a one off and it’s just like that I think I need it back again I just want the clock out so that it’s going off so it keeps coming up so it’s going off but I can hear the clock out but it doesn’t start off and it just goes back to normal tyyt wwweeewww I don’t know why I don’t have time I just don’t know why it doesn’t even have time I have no time I have nothing but time is it just keeps going off and it doesn’t start going on for like I just want it doesn’t even start to work for me I just don’t want it doesn’t work like it just doesn’t even know how long I just don’t understand what it is and ythen it doesn’t even
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4 months ago, Chloe’s human.
Updated review
Update: some old problems disappeared. But now sometimes when adding to a playlist some items do not appear. But they do appear when using a web browser and not the app They should list known bugs and what is fixed in the new version. I am afraid to upgrade since this upgrade made things worse. I upgraded” but now I cannot post a comment. I get the circle icon. The post does work sporadically I can no longer sort comments I can not easily switch to sign in another channel When saving to a playlist, it saves to the second ones listed. That is almost always wrong. Need to sort the playlists when saving. I have 193 playlists on one of my channels. 125 on another Need an option to sort playlists on channels where I am not signed in. I configure my playlists surname comma given name. I can sort and it makes a tremendous difference. When reading comments, need a way to block or censor all posts by a user. facebook has that. Makes it civilized.
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6 months ago, Crystallantern
Newest Update Made It Frustrating
My main issue is that now, every single video I want to play constantly needs to be reloaded or replayed because of an “unknown error”, usually 3-5 times each video. Weirdly enough, sometimes it happens on a video that didn’t have any ad, but then it will bump into an error while I’m watching, need to be replayed, and then have an advertisement pop up. There’s also increased sensitivity; one accidental “swipe” of the finger from left to right and it will take me one page back, but for some reason, the opposite isn’t a feature. You can only go back a page, but never return to the one you were just on. It’s probably tolerable because it’s on mobile, where a lot of these issues can be pushed through by several taps, but it certainly downgraded my experience. I wouldn’t have updated the app if I knew this came with it, but of course, the previous version of the app didn’t allow you to use it if you didn’t immediately update.
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6 months ago, requireddnickname
Bug issues
YT has always been very reliable but the past couple of updates have caused a lot of bugs. I have no doubt they’ll be fixed but it is frustrating. The biggest issue is audio playing but no video on previews. I also just had an issue where the screen locked sideways but only half the screen and I had to close the app to get it oriented correctly. After I closed the app, audio from the video continued to play for a few seconds. Also, there is a LOT of scam ads. Ads using AI generated celebrity voice audio and then pairing it with a video that clearly doesn’t match up to what’s being said. I’ve reported them but the only way to stop them is for YT to step in. I understand that that’s not going to happen because they’re paying for ad time, but it’s very sketchy. I will update my review when the bug issues are resolved. Fingers crossed…
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11 months ago, Fun app, get it!
You’re app is akin to a narcissistic mother
One star is now too much for you. I used to enjoy Utube but after the virus you had to label every video that doesn’t fit your narrative with some statement as if people didn’t have access to information any other way. Then you demonized several channels with thousands of followers because you want the control of telling people how and what to think. Then channels get lost in the algorithm because you don’t agree with their platform or what they say because it might hurt someone’s feelings. If a channel bothers someone they don’t have to watch it by the way. You took many off of the platform because you can’t handle people viewing any opinions based on actual factual information that is sourced. You make porn so accessible that kids can find it yet you block ideas that are just out of your comfort zone- hypocrite. Now you make everyone agree to disregard their own privacy and give their private information to any source you like because of your new sign in policy. You are a narcissistic app wanting complete power and control of all information.
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4 months ago, PremixedBunion
Small but frustrating issue
Beginning to get frustrated with this app. I’ve used the mobile version of the app almost daily for years, and only recently began having this issue, but it happens so frequently now my patience is wearing very thin. I’ve used the iPhone 15 Pro for the last six months and only within the last 2-3 weeks has the problem shown. About 9/10 times I use the app comments on videos won’t show. It’ll show the name of the people who have already commented but it won’t show their comments. So I can’t contribute or even just read other’s thoughts and opinions. And about 1/2 the time it won’t even allow me to add a comment. Double and triple checked I do use the most up to date version of the application. Up until now I’ve given a 5 star rating but the frequency and severity of this issue have nearly dropped my opinion of it to a single star. In all honesty I won’t stop or even limit my use of the app, however I would greatly appreciate if the issue would be fixed in a timely manner.
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2 years ago, Scottinsa
Sometimes Sad
This website is perhaps the most important channel ever created. It represents the best of America and then the world, for everything we as people take pride in. But somewhere along the way it became biased and restrictive to expression and freely being able to share all thoughts. Before you could pick and choose ideas for thought and form your own opinion, and now it decided for you. Life is nothing more than just a space in time where people form amazing lives, share with others. Some good, some bad, we all just individually contribute to life which makes humanity fascinating. Can we restore this great place as it was or do we have accept division, oppression and sadness as the new normal and have to deny free people their throughs and speech which makes us all unique? These places are likes homes to people and nothing is worse than feeling unwanted.
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10 months ago, Skinsketcher
Watchlist/ Playlist Frustration
When I watch videos from my watchlist, a new playlist (redundant) screen in the player comes up that I am unable to remove the video that I just watched from the watchlist. I have to swipe out of my player, to my watchlist to remove the video that I just watched. But when I do that, I am scrolled to a random location somewhere in the middle of my list where I have to scroll up and down to find the video that I just watched, in order to remove it from the list. I believe this is an issue with any/all playlists. The watchlist used to always have a shortcut on the Home Screen. But now it is dependent on how recently it was accessed. This can be frustrating when you have to scroll all the way down to the ‘W’s in order to find ‘Watchlist’. When saving to a playlist, the order is not alphabetical, but recent. Though that can be beneficial, if you are looking to safe into a play that you haven’t recently saved to, this can be daunting.
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5 years ago, The Apple Corps1
What I love about U Tube!
Almost every site starts out very user friendly, useful and most of! Unfortunately, as greed goes, so do new fees, so called upgrades and no so updates that turn out to be new fees. Not so with U Tube! As with anything now, the are great people for the most, that use this service, but there are crazies that have abused the service. The only complaint is an innocent little video that I put out about kittens that someone put some very nasty comments about it. We rescue animals to save them. This person was very creepy. I do recall that it was a person that had put together voices that were imitations of John Lennon and Paul McCartney talking about events that never happened. I’m not a Beatles expert, but I knew the conversations never happened. I commented that the conversations weren’t real. I’m sure that’s why the author made the comments on my innocent little video.
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4 years ago, David Wonn
Comment Likes no longer go up. Fix it!
It took a while of seemingly endless update loops but the app finally finished an update. So far, some issues seem to be addressed, such as an active video in the lower right obscuring the ability to tap the 3 dots to the right of some videos at the end of long lists, such as Watch Later history and so on. Upon further review, the Videos tab on every channel is blank, regardless of how you sort. That’s a MAJOR bug. [Edit: They have since fixed this, so I’ll bump up the rating.] I like having the new ability to view replies to my comments on other videos without interrupting watching an unrelated video. I also like the addition of ¾ and 1¾ speed multipliers on videos. Unfortunately some videos now get paused when moved to the lower right corner, though this behavior is inconsistent. Also I’ve seen delays on comments in live streams going as far as nine (9!) minutes with only a few hundred or so people in chat. Also I have my fonts magnified due to poor vision, and for some reason, bold text in comments on videos is unusually small. So with the forced update, some things improved, and some didn’t. Update 10/26: This app routinely removes my likes on comments shortly afterward. I remove the like and re-like it, and the counter is fixed, then it decrements. It is so obvious when I’m the only one who liked someone’s comment, only to see the number "1" vanish shortly afterward. Fix your app!
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10 months ago, theflurry1234
If you think this has issues on your phone here’s you should watch on✅
I see lots of issues on reviews on phones but if you reading this computer you could watch on but sometime if you watch on tv it could get annoying because you have to press the buttons on the remote it get annoying a little annoying but I would watch on pc but unless your phone is fine with no issues but a lot of people says they have issues on phone but the tv to type with remote is annoying because it’s really slow but on your computer you can type fast since you have a keyboard (unless you don’t have a computer or laptop) but you don’t have a computer you may have to watch on phone or tv if you don’t have a computer but you do have one you can watch one it I was trying to help btw if you have issues on your phone
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4 years ago, jedishrfu
Flipboard Channel Quality is Slipping
I notice some sites like Wash Post now want you to subscribe and I would rather have it not in my list of things to read. Other channel sites overwhelm you with ads everywhere some pop up as an overlay ad or as an inline ad and force a page reformat while you are reading the content. CNN articles always have this read more button that then reloads the whole article maybe. On my phone it often gets stuck in limbo so I move on to another article or just quit flipboard in frustration. The math channel is cluttered with bike articles that have nothing to do with math. I guess you all expect that mathematicians love to ride bikes more than read about math. Other channels are similarly afflicted with content unrelated to the channel. People want a better reading experience and flipboard is no longer providing that hence the one star. My apologies for the harshness of this review, I like flipboard and the way it presents articles in newspaper format but there has to be a better way to improve article reading without dynamic ad clutter like pop ups or delayed inline ads or pay site articles. Have your app developers really use flipboard themselves and find ways to make a better flipboard 2 or something. As it stands now you will lose folks slowly and they won’t come back.
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4 months ago, Juicyjess28
Fairly new addition
I signed up few months ago so I’m still learning how to use everything. I usually watch on my tv so I never see any links in corners or description and I would like to interact w the couple creators I am a big fan of. I was gifted a month membership to aquarium coop in feb and then kg aquatics in march. I feel lucky and noticed I don’t know if that is correct way of thinking about it. One thing I will say I don’t like is the constant reminder that I am not a member (I won’t be after this month ). I’m not a member to anyone’s and the reason is I am trying to support myself and my young daughter along with my 17 yo niece I live on 60$ a week it’s very stressful talking about money. I want you tube to be something that doesn’t relate to my stress in life. It makes me sad I can’t be a member bc I know I won’t even be able to communicate and get seen and a response
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2 years ago, badbadger18
Most broken app on my phone
Google has gotten so lazy. And don’t get me started with how broken their ad system is, and how they only care about making that $ and not monitoring what gets advertised on their platform, Really ironic that they get so angry at creators for not being “family friendly” but the ads are way worse and just plain disgusting. Other than that though i am on here daily Edit: wrote this review months ago. Not only have the issues I’ve experienced not gone away, but now there’s even more issues. 5% of the time the Skip ad timer doesn’t count properly and i need to close my video (yes even if its an ad in the middle of the video). Sometimes the video just pauses and doesn’t unpause until you double tap to rewind 10 seconds, only it rewinds about 2 minutes because the video timer stopped working. I have lower end internet and it forces me into 480p even though 720p works just fine, every single video and i need to manually change it to 720p. Its a stupid new system they decided to make to make this already broken app somehow even worse.
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1 month ago, Ned Reb
Disgusting content "For You"
When searching for content, one gets a list of videos related to the search. Then comes the "For You" section which can contain revolting, and sometimes violent images. I have reported these videos and they remain on the site...things like disfigured or diseased limbs, or images designed to create nauseous reactions. I am now very caution to scroll down when getting to the "For You" section. I have seen other people complain about this in other forums. You Tube doesn't seem to care. Wish I could give zero stars. Update: Repulsive content still present under the "For You" heading. Don't search and then scroll down too far. Disgusting, repulsive content when looking for guitar reviews. "For You" suggested that I watch a video of a man with a disgusting scalp disfiguration...when looking for guitar reviews. Repulsive content still suggested...f you yutoob! Wish I could give 0 stars, or -1 Update: Now, all of a sudden, whenever I select a video to watch, the algorithm suggests disgusting videos from southeast languages not my own. Negative stars at this point..,.
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5 months ago, faceshaun007
Well 2024 is coming up. Faster than light.
This is my 3rd review. Ooo let’s Count the ways!!! 1st third party anything_ not good!!! 2nd all the censorship still Uug. At least the ban hammer is collecting dust!! 3rd. How come video games get demonetized?! But not werido stuff! Yall know what I’m talking about. 4th. The cyber bulling. HA. I guess is worse then crime in the streets. I don’t under stand that. But here we are. 5th. The unity in the culture Strong with the Force. If We get churches and politics. To unite. WOOOOOOOO!! America could be unstoppable. Just the facts. Sow to all the American maga hating losers. Bend the knee. Get your feet washed. That’s is the want right. Right. What’s next?? Welp ( disease Ex, no one knows about but we have another failed bio weapon test injection that’s going back fire). We have wars around the world with open boarders_ that’s suicidal) ) and if it couldn’t get any better Spy balloons with orbital strike cannons just float above ( ask me how is America’s military radar systems ? It’s been down graded twice like the economy!! All brought to us by mail in voting!! “The Mob aka La Costa nostra would roll over in its grave.” Ask me would the pope be mail in voted for??? Haaaaaaa NOPE. (( and you tube could actually turn the tides if they wanted to help)))_ I truly believe that.{ Till next time if there’s a next time. Saalute. Blessings and protections amen.
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5 years ago, Jakejb2360
I really don’t like being pestered into a subscription. And commercials or ads are now political can you remove them. I see so many political ads it makes me sick. Everyone of them is just so anti-Trump how about showing the advantages of having them in office and what they would do with their time in office. Like I want to hear how they would take care of our Communities and Country. And honestly it would really be nice to hear some ideas about their plans on what is really important like feeding our homeless winter is approaching and I just want to be able to see benefits of voting for them not more of that anti-Trump crap, it is getting old and it seems like all that is done anymore. Isn’t there more to USA then bashing Trump and his Administration. Show car Commercials plug some you tubers channel that may be of similar genre or subject. Can’t go wrong with food ads.
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3 years ago, Flowzn8r
Dislike feature
The recent removal of the feature allowing viewers to longer have the option to see the dislike count of a video lowers the overall quality of the app. This feature was supposedly meant to prevent creators from beings the victim of targeted harassment which is not a problem in the community whatsoever. The videos that would receive a ratio of more dislikes than likes most likely receives the dislikes due to the fact the videos are most frequently misleading, hateful, or display another feature of a video that should not be watched nor is it worth watching. YouTube’s removal of this feature now prevents users from determining the overall quality of the content they wouldn’t have to view had they been able to initially view the count for dislikes. Furthermore, the amount of likes on a video should also no longer be viewable by the audience due to the fact that this increases the chance of an audience member to like a video regardless of their true opinion. Overall YouTube’s recent decision making has been on a level that no company should be proud of.
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6 years ago, silver.&.silent
Why change the 3 dots button????
I would use this ALL the time to state if a video is not interesting or if I want to save for later. Now it is super small and you have to hold it down for that same menu to come up, turning an action that used to take no time at all into a frustrating and time consuming experience. If you tap on the three dots it just plays the video, what sense does that make if I’m trying to access the menu. This change happened without me even updating the app itself. Please change this back, there was no reason to do that. Also when a video finishes playing the next recommended videos pop up on the bottom of the screen making it hard to access the full screen button, so when I am trying to go in or out of full screen I almost always inadvertently press another video and then have to go all the way back out to get to what I was watching. Does anyone actually test these “features” before they are pushed out? ETA I just updated the app on my iPad and now the search doesn’t work, this is like a horrible joke. Rollback this update I can’t find anything useful about it.
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4 years ago, Czar_Nick
Own it
Hate that I never watch leftist garbage and suggested videos have CNN, ABC, CBS, CNBC, NBC, New York Times, Bloomberg, The Post, Wall Street Journal, National Review, Time, Washington Post, Huffington, The Economist, USA Today, Black Lives Matter, et cetera as the posters! You Tube, Google, Twitter, Facebook definitely sensor stuff I prefer and over control ones I do want to watch, have to subscribe just to find what I prefer to watch and get word of mouth recommendations. Am looking for alternate choices that don’t manipulate as an agenda. Be sure that I share my opinion on this with everyone I know. I used to get on Facebook and Google more frequently but I am finding more unbiased places to go, you’re next if this keeps up, especially lying that you aren’t biased and manipulative. The only thing keeping me on is the good ones I’m subscribed to. Hope you’ll actually read this and give a hoot.
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2 years ago, MaptainCorgan
Too close to the sun
While I have to respect the relentlessness with which ütube pursues it’s mission of connecting eyeballs and advertisers, they seem to be under the impression there’s no viable alternative, and have started acting like the monopoly they aren’t. I might have been literally yelling but I put up with thirty seconds of the most obnoxious advertising known to man for a two minute clip I wanted to see, but the mini ads (that are only half as mini when you include the buffering time) every forty five seconds had me deleting the app. I did redownload it to access some of the features they’ve removed from the web version, but it’s less time than it took to download I had to delete it again. The content library is still an almost insurmountable advantage, but that’s literally the only thing ütube has left. And a marginally slicker interface I guess, but so not worth all the ways it makes me furious. It’s also straight impossible to fall asleep to a movie that’s being interrupted every few minutes to listen to the smuggest woman ever say “kayak” fifteen times in a row.
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4 years ago, DeviledEggsareGross
What the-
Everything is just fine, except for a few details, this may just be for me, I don't know. I am unable to watch certain videos because restricted mode is on, I assure you I checked and turned it off on multiple occasions. The other thing is that when I search for a video to watch, instead of the video showing up, I see movies, ads, channels, and other completely unrelated things to my search. This makes no sense to me, I have never had a problem with this in the past, and it has started happening fairly recently. I have checked here in the app store, maybe to update it, but I can't. I am confused about why this is happening to me, and if possible if you could fix this. If anyone else has had trouble with this, and knows how to fix this, please let me know. By the way, this is my first time making a review, it seems a little formal (Not really).
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4 years ago, jfkwxn
Nonexistent comments section
I've heard about the new update where video comments were moved to a different part of the page, which bothered me a little but not too much. However, when this app updated on my iPad, the comment section was completely removed and nowhere to be found. There is a button at the bottom of the recommendations that seems to redirect you to the new comments location, but when I tap on it, it just brings me to the original comments location, which is now entirely blank. I can't see comments other people posted, and I don't have the option to write a comment myself. I've made sure that it wasn't just that comments were disabled on the videos since I can see the comments on another device using the same account and same video. As someone who reads the comments as much as I watch the videos, I'm really disappointed and frustrated.
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1 year ago, sub aharrylife on youtube
This app is almost perfect
I love this app! I really want this to be my life career to become a YouTuber! Though there is something they need to fix 1. When I post a video on private five days ago, then I put it on public it still shouldn’t say posted five days ago, though it should in creator studio so I have proof if someone reopload your vid 2. I got demonetized, but I already have all the requirements. Over 4000 hours of watch time, and 1000 subs! EDIT: years and this app has some great content but it’s also worse than I used to be. I’m sure most are familiar with its issues so I won’t state the obvious, but I will say this. PLEASE STOP PUSHING SHORTS! None of any other short content platform is as good as tik tok in both design and algorithms. It’s annoying to see it as the first few things you see when you look at the app page! Fix your issues and do what your good at. shorts should be an after thought.
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4 months ago, MaybeSaying
Poor Censorship
I saw a video talking about Dolly the sheep clone, people in the comment section were spreading how Dolly died because the sheep of the DNA taken to create Dolly was already old, therefore the clone which is Dolly continued the aging and died at 6. I felt weird and went up doing research, found out it’s because Dolly got infected with common lunge disease and got lunge tumor which led to it’s death. There’s also disclaimers about the saying within the comment section, which I decided to write a comment to tell people not to trust it. But my comments got censored whenever I attempt to judge or challenge if the person saying it having any evidences to back it up or even done any research. And I tried to adjust my comment to including only my research results and I got censored again, my comment shown successfully commented but disappears when ever I exit the video and click back in. This is for sure not good and misleading, I can’t even speak up and had to click report button that not even sure if it gonna work or not.
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4 months ago, Don't waste the data!!!!
Big Tech….
Another of the many apps and websites that were once great, but because of greed, are now awful. The number of ads you have to watch anymore is simply ridiculous when compared to other Apps like games and media viewers. I use to watch 3-5 videos and get maybe 2 ads that ran for 15 seconds each. Now, it’s about 6 ads for every 2 or 3 videos you watch and they’re back to back and not skippable(not counting the ads that run after the video). The other thing that’s gotten worse lately is the commenting. I can be chewed out, cursed at, and threatened…. But when I reply to a comment it’s assumed that I’m going to break the community guidelines and my comment never posts, or is quickly removed. This wouldn’t be a big deal if I actually broke the rules or guidelines, or was a troll like 50% of the people on the site. There are no warnings or notifications that I broke a rule, so I’ll never know why my comments are deleted. I’m left to just assume YT is becoming just another Corporate Tyrant, and are trying to influence society through censorship and and greed.
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4 years ago, cay-os
Like app BUT
I actually like this app most of the time, however now that my son likes to watch movies and we have watched the ones we have at home like 300 times each I wanted to let him watch new ones on my phone. Due to the amount of data it takes, we don’t live near any WiFi connections and I only have my phone to view them on, I wanted to down load it to watch later with out using more data. Unfortunately, I am unable to down load any movies rated for children. Now this seems ridiculous to me I would think it would be the other way around where some could not down load rated r movies so kids can’t just down load bed movies at will. I think it would be better if we could at least down load kid movie with a pass word or something if we can prove we are the parent at least come on that is why I use you tube to see music videos and so my son can see kid movies. But I only 5G so he can’t watch his favorite ones two or three times because it used all my data, To bad I really did like this app but now I don’t use it very much.
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