InShot - Video Editor

Photo & Video
4.9 (1.9M)
167.7 MB
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Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for InShot - Video Editor

4.86 out of 5
1.9M Ratings
2 years ago, Addis123
Fast, Easy and Accurate
I love this InShot App. I am a small YouTuber. Since, I had only IPad, I was looking for something easy, quick and accurate to edit my videos. I am using the word accurate because I used some other app, I don’t remember the name, but the editing was so hard, the editing will mixed up or deleted and was running very slow. So many issue, I was so frustrated. When I searched again for something good which will make my work easy. I found InShot app, I was not confident at first because of the previous app experience. I did not get the subscription for the first couple of months. After few month later, I was so glad I downloaded the InShot app because my editing was going so smooth and easy. At first, last year 2021, InShot had only the basic editing features. Then, this year they are adding more new features. I am happy. I will stick to this app no matter what. I am planning to get a laptop. Hope I can do my Video editing in my PC using Inshot app provided for PC. I think they have one for PC aswell I highly recommend this app for editing videos and photos. And get the subscription and used this app to the fullest. I am still learning to use the features they have. For a fast editing, make sure to delete the old videos that are saved in your photo gallery, then your editing will be faster. Thanks InShot.
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2 years ago, Yoyoyotopp
Awesome for the most part for beginners
I’ve never video edited before, and this app was awesome in terms of ease of use. It offers a quick learning curve for video editor noobs like myself. I’ve encountered a few hurdles while using it - I’m not sure if it’s a software or hardware (my phone) glitch, but perhaps a combination. First make sure there is enough empty storage before you embark on a video project. It won’t upload correctly if there is not enough storage. Also, sometimes the audio and sound effects that you worked hard on to sync to certain clips will scatter if you end up cutting some video clips during revisions. Maybe there is a way, but I wish the audio that I attached to certain parts of the video just remained attached to that part even after I cut some clips later. Also, lately, there is a glitch and my project just freezes. I have to close the app and reopen…fortunately, so far, it’ll take me to where I left off. It never went blank on me **knock on wood** when this occurred but my heart does drop every time it freezes cause maybe it might delete all the hours I put into it at that juncture. It happens 2-4 times during a 5 hour editing session. I’ve never tried other comparable video editor apps, but this purchase was worth the money.
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1 year ago, Seth131323232323233
Audio Effects please?
This is the best editor on mobile by a LONG shot. It’s easy to understand and navigate, it has a premium service but doesn’t shove it in your face NEARLY as much as other apps, and the features and options for text and such are really good. But a few things could happen to give it that 5 star. One of those is Audio Effects. The only audio effects you can do in InShot is volume. Which is kind of a bummer. Not only that but the volume itself barely does anything. I can only hear a slight difference. I’d say make the volume, well louder, and make audio effects like, echo, pitch, distortion, and more. But other than that, this app is practically flawless. And I like that the InShot team is doing what they can to make it better. I think the keyframe update was great and really helped out the app. Not to mention the picture in picture update which was inspired. Seriously this really helps out the app. So good job InShot team keep it up! UPDATE: The save feature was fixed great job you guys! UPDATE AGAIN: This is a near flawless app. A few more audio effects would be nice, and I'd love to be able to track the screen itself rather than just text, but these issues are few and far between.
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6 years ago, Brina$$$
Best Video Editor App Ever!! BUT...
This is by far the best video editor app I’ve ever used. I’m a new vlogger and i get the most vlog-like videos using it. It allows me to speed up or slow down my videos, add filters/ adjust brightness, contrast, saturation etc, I can also add pictures to my videos and record voice clippings in the app. There’s also a feature for adding text to the screen. However, my biggest problem is the saving process. I make >4 minutes videos and it takes like half an hour to save videos. Sometimes after I’ve waited that long it goes off to say that ‘save failed’ and I have to do it all over again! Very frustrating. Next thing is I can only save one draft at a time so I can’t edit 2 vlogs at once or else the other one will be deleted. I also don’t like it that sometimes if I pause my editing and go do something on other apps, when I re-enter the app, all my editing has been lost. I would like to be able to use actual songs instead of just tracks and sound effects. Lastly, it would be nice if the app noted me that I need a little more storage space BEFORE I wait almost an hour for a video to process and then I have to try clear some space and go back in the app only to find that my editing has been lost and I have to do it all over again. Other than these things, editing my videos for my new vlog is easiest using InShot. I would recommend it to anyone.
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5 years ago, Person 😝
I love this app but...
I think this is one of the best, most useful apps, I have used for editing. I love making edits so this has made it easier. I think that if you guys could probably make it so we could use our own sound, from our own other videos, like Video Star, it would make it so much easier. I also think that it would make it so much easier to edit and a whole lot less annoying if you could put a transition wherever you want. Of course, some people might not like having that so you could make it so you can turn it off when you please. I can tell you I would not like to have the “new option” all the time.I would also like more options to make your videos/edits better. I think a great idea would be adding options to click and hold on to add an effect whenever and where ever you like, like Musically. Lastly, the most annoying thing ever on this app, is that when adding a transition it messes with the sound and time. Couldn’t you add the transition in without messing with the time or sound? I, also, absolutely, HATE the fact that there is no freaking back arrow. It takes about 10 times as slow as it should be taking because I make one small mistake and have to start all over. Thank you for the time, I absolutely love this app and would definitely request this to anyone looking for an editing app.
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4 years ago, KayCee💯
InShot is the best but I wish it had more features
Skip the stuff in parentheses because it’s not that important The app is very good and every feature it has works the better than any app I’ve tried and is easier to use than any app I’ve tried but there should be some more developments as far as text effects and effects in general go. So like more transitions and more filters and way more video effects like we need vhs and all that jazz. An update like this would bring the app to another level. Tho I still prefer inshot because it’s so easy to navigate and use. (like for instance, video star is a very good app with almost all the qualities I need to edit like a pro even if u don’t have a computer u don’t need one with video star but it’s complicated af whereas inshot has all the basic edits that one would receive on their phone to edit and they work perfectly the way they word the effects is easy to understand which is something video star struggles with. Because all of us aren’t editing experts and I don’t know what half of VideoStars effects do because there’s no explanation or little summary and/or it’s worded the correct way and by correct I mean by the actual name. Which most of us have no knowledge of the actual name of effects we use everyday)
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2 years ago, animal lover 💛
InShot is the BEST EDITING APP I have ever used!!! Believe me I went threw a ton of editing apps.. okay almost all. Seriously! I spent months going threw editing apps. I always knew film and editing was my calling. I have been filming and editing for a couple years now and I went threw PicsArt, Likee, etc… those were great for beginners by the way you guys should check them out if you’d like. But as I learned and progressed in my editing skills I looked at the App Store and found inShot. I decided.. well okay let’s see how this one goes, most apps want you to pay for everything or they give you extremely limited stuff. InShot does want you to pay for very few things, like extremely cool transitions and things like that.. but it’s worth it! I did not pay and it’s still absolutely great!!!! Its great for intermediates and people who want to take on filming and editing. I use it almost every day!!!!! And the best part is… it keeps upgrading! The inShot people add new things to it a lot. Music, filming tricks, etc.. I just want to thank the inShot people for taking the time to make this app spectacular!! I will never delete this!!! I recommend it to anyone and everyone!!! HAVE FUN!!!!!!
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3 years ago, Der Shmeden
Super great
I got this app about a month and a half ago and it’s really awesome. They just came out with a new update that lets you cut out items from a picture that you took, this is a really awesome feature! But it could use a little work. For example you should probably be able to erase the background yourself that way it won’t cut out important parts of the picture because it sometimes does that to me. Other than that this affect is awesome. Also a lot of things you have to get in shock Pro for and that’s kind annoying but there are a lot of things that you don’t have to get pro for. Another thing it would be better if the ads were a little more appropriate, for example summer fine like Grammarly and filmmaker and such, but there are other ones like the choose your story games and the ads pop up on there and they’re kind of inappropriate so I would like you to consider getting rid of those. Other than that this is a really wonderful app. And it’s perfect for editing videos and movies. And it’s also really great because you don’t have to get a separate intro maker app because you can just get a blank stretch of material and put stickers on it to make your own intro from that. Wonderful app I highly consider getting it!
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4 years ago, ektttttttttttttttt
Files are corrupted
Initially I was happy with this app. I downloaded a few different apps until I found this one. I felt it was easy to work with and understand. It had features I was looking for. Plus the subscription price was really reasonable compared to others. I spent hours editing my first video and now the file is corrupted. It won’t load. It stops at 1 and won’t load the rest. I copied it and somehow the copy worked just fine. Until I went to save it and it wouldn’t let me save. Then that file was corrupted too and wouldn’t load. I tried making another copy and this time the copy was also corrupted right away. The copies won’t even load now. I can’t access or save the video I put a lot of time into. I can’t even access the app at all on my laptop which was another huge let down and something I wish I had looked into before purchasing. I might just need to find a new editing software app together. Update: I thought I was getting somewhere. One of the copies finally worked and saved, but of course the text wasn’t right in the file that saved. So I edited the video one more time and then it decided it wasn’t going to save again. I tried several times and it keeps telling me that it failed to convert. It’s only a 25 minute video, it’s not even that long, why am I having such a difficult time with this app?
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3 years ago, 88Octagons
Fantastic Photo & Video editing
Very intuitive and capable editing. Easy to learn how to use. Nice amount of special features that allow for some cool effects. Totally recommend this app. I’m having so much fun with it 😊 To the developers, please add two things for us to make the experience even better. 1 - When editing photos and adjusting the slider values, make it so that the adjustment is viewable in real time. So as we are moving from 0 to 100% of an effect, contrast, saturation etc. the change is viewable as the slider is being moved. Right now it’s drag, select, and then the change is viewable. This makes finite adjustments very challenging. Weird because the video editor adjustments are viewable in real time but the photo editor is not. 2 - Much less important than the previous request, while in the effects tab it would be nice if the value slider had numbers 0-100% just like the adjustments tab. I’d prefer to have the effect slider look exactly like the adjustments slider. The dot and line are more intuitive and precise than the colored bars without numbers. And finally Thank You all for your efforts to bring us this wonderful media editing app ✌️💛😊
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2 years ago, LillyGoatG
The Best App Ever
As a creative as well as a person who has no patience, I absolutely love this app. It makes it so easy for an editor like me to get things done. Whereas it takes me forever to edit on a computer, InShot GETS IT. Everything in my head is super easy TO DO with all of the features. To be completely honest, InShot is so cost effective that sometimes I marvel at how inexpensive they are. My MAC literally could hold my memory and O couldn’t edit and I had a deadline. I literally just edited a freaking short film. A SHORT FILM. PLEASE I BEG OF YOU TO MAKE A FRIENDLY COMPUTER COMPONENT. I NEED YOU. I don’t like the un user friendly software from other companies. InShot has a simplicity like no other. As a person who helps others with marketing as well as my own, INSHOT HAS SAVED ME. One day I expect I’m gonna be a spokesperson because I legit stand by this App. NOT TO MENTION AS I EDITED I WAS LIKE I WOULD LOVE FOR THIS APP TO HAVE A DENOISER. Whyyyyyyy did I just see my update for the app and it included A DENOISER. The Gods are shining on us with this one. NOT ONLY THAT the sound effects. I seriously needed a in the phone sound effect and they now have. Thanks for listening to our ideas!
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6 years ago, Lyzzie K.
Seems a little sneaky
I have used this app for years and recently decided to try some of the new filter packs and effects they offer within the app. While they present it to you as if you’re buying the packs individually at $1.99 and move the aforementioned packs to the top of line when you go to filters to add to videos.......making it appear as if you’ve purchased, and can freely use said filter pack. However, I found out today when looking at my Apple transaction history for the month, that they actually charge you (without a second authorization of the “purchase”) EACH TIME you use a filter from the pack that you had been led to believe you had purchased in full. Not criminal, but a little too sneaky. Although the app has always worked well for my videos, this seems too strange an issue to continue using the app and hope they find a way not to confuse or trick their customers into spending two dollars at a time in the future. Or perhaps, Developer, you could add a feature where the user continues to have to authorize said purchases; every other app I have for every other purchase I make through them requires a fingerprint or at least a “YES” before the transaction can be completed. No more sneaky transactions! This happened 3x before I called Apple Support and they explained to me what the app was doing with my money. Be careful!
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10 months ago, FortyDutch
The best editing app that shout really add more content
As a beatmaker trying to keep up with the age of attention and hooking an audience in 3 seconds or less, this app is the best tool in my pocket. I used to spend a lot of time making content like live performances and highly detailed videos. In this new age of attention, where the quality of the content doesn’t matter so much anymore, you need to get your ideas out quickly. I love this app and how easy it was to build content for my beats. So much that I don’t even need to be in the video, I just need simple special effects like the smoke, water and fire stickers. I time the water splash effect to sound like a kick drum, i slice the sticker and it looks so cool. I wish there were other effects, or to expand on those effects somehow. Maybe instead of the water splashing vertically, it can be done horizontally. Add something like eyeballs so I could give my beat machine an appearance. If they could make these they could make some other really cool effects. I love the filters and video effects like the retro effect. Great job with this app guys. Make more!
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10 months ago, YvridioVaseilio
The Perfect Splice Alternative
For nearly two years, I’ve been using an app called Splice to make my videos, but recently they fell victim to greed and stupidity forcing a new policy where I have to pay just to save my own videos that I spent hours making basically robbing me of my work. Because of that, I ultimately decided to find a replacement and eventually I found this. I have to say, so far my experience has been spectacular. There is a large abundance of tools and features and all of the basic ones that I most often use are included with no paywall blocking my path to greatness. Overall this app is a huge Giga Chad, one thing I would like to gently critique is the row in which all of the tools lie. They are pretty close together with nothing separating them and since there are so much, it can at times be just a wee difficult to navigate around it. It’s nothing too brazy though, I can cope with this if I must. I really hope you guys are racking in an exceptional amount of numbers because it would be very unfortunate for this app to suffer the same fate as Splice. God Bless. - Da Biggest Bird
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4 weeks ago, nwputty
Loaded with features!
This is my go-to for video editing- much more fun than other professional apps I’ve used. Being able to create my own ‘stickers’ from my images quickly with AI assisted cutout is awesome, and I love that I can go in and adjust what the AI picked. Now they added more functionality to animating sticks with by adding key frames and ease. Creating ‘Ken Burns’ type movement on photos could be more intuitive. Some suggestions for minor improvements: 1- I love the text motion graphics, I use them to make animated title cards, but it gets a little buggy used this way on longer videos. Each time I reopen a project, the text elements get reset to the clip beginning instead of where I saved them. 2- I’d like to be able to place the function icons in an order that is my own preference- so that my most used functions are closest together - or is that already available? 3- I like the helpful tips that cycle while your video is saving/rendering. I learn a lot from those tips. It would be great to hold on each tip a bit longer so they can be fully read.
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6 years ago, BeautifulDisasters
Great easy to use However....
This app is very amazing almost perfect.... I am learning new things i this one. I do love that I can put in text and add what I need this has made it easy... if you could maybe add a feature ( I may not have figured this out yet) to only add music for a section of the edited part that would be super awesome! This app is easy to use to so beginners who have no idea would definitely be able to figure it out Great job on the Easy Interface! I personally feel that there could be a couple more color effect ..... the yellow look and blue doesn’t do it for me. Just an example seafoam twilight ivory those kind of color nothing to high class but just more color effects not quite so yellow♥️ I also don’t like the fact that if your editing something and you get a call or text and answer, when you go back you have to start all over again.... yes if you save before you leave your fine but I did notice this not a fan.... other then this I love the App the small bugs are just that and once that’s done really nothing to blink an eye about😉 Thank you for a great app much appreciated❣️
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2 years ago, sunbirst x70
A good honest review
OK, to be honest this is the most amazing editing app I have seen in a while. Making videos is a snap it’s amazingly easy. And the fact is I just got this today, and I’ve already figured it out without having to use the tutorial! I got in the editing a long time ago when my friend sent me like a really cool video she turned me onto Picsart I started using Picsart a lot moreBecause it’s honestly a fun editing app I like the sticker selection mainly but the fact is I can’t make videos I just don’t know how it’s way more complicated… But this app I was actually looking for an app that I can edit with edit videos this is the most amazing app like video editing app I’ve ever seen. Most people don’t understand this but like editing makes me happy I love to edit it’s fun to edit pictures especially videos I never knew how good videos were until I for me my first one! The one thing that I think this game should update is the sticker selection check out Picsart and check out their sticker selection I think you should make years like that!
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1 year ago, hi lol Gamer
So far I have made six videos and nothing else. I think that is you can get this app and you want to have this app then you’re gonna like it because one if you’re a YouTuber and you need to edit something and you only have a couple seconds like two minutes it takes literally five minutes or if you have like a 10 minute warning for something or like you only have five minutes to do some thing and you need to edit but normally it takes like 20 hour like it feels like I’m not trying to be well. This is definitely out for you because my friend has TikTok. I don’t have any social media so I can’t really post any of my videos but so far I’ve made a lot of good videos and it helps me but other than that it’s definitely amazing because it helps people with editing. It takes not that much time and you just have to select what you want to put in radio and then you can just add music or add words you need to and it helps a lot with that so hopefully you want to get the app and buy.
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2 years ago, BrieTiana
InShot I s da beeehst!!!🥳🥳🥳🎉🎉🎉😁☺️😎
I love InShot so much, it has amazingly beautiful features, great text fonts and more. If I could write this 1 million stars I could, but five stars is enough for you guys right? I expect a great developer response from this app, and I don’t need stupid pro features, this app is already amazing enough for me, I use this sometimes to make a beautiful collages of kaleidoscope mandalas, and this app is the perfect place to make collages, and a collage is so beautiful, it makes me feel really happy with the great features. But sometimes there’s an closable ads, but it’s OK, just make sure to not put in any inappropriate ads. And I like how you can switch the photos in the collage to different order, they look so beautiful arranged and beautiful pattern, thanks for making this app🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🎉🎉🎉😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😎😎😎🤗😊😊😊🥰🥰🥰🥰Edit review Hello there so it’s me again but turns out I do need a pro features because every time I try to use a special effect that makes me PPPPP, I wish it wasn’t like that, turns out you developers are actually really greedy and money hungry, you know what I’m done with all the in app purchases that you have to remove, take them off before I turn on fair to you or do you
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2 years ago, Kayymackkk
One of my favorite video editing apps (been using for 3 years)
I love this app I’ve been using it for over three years. I’ll run my online business by myself, and apps like this really help maintain my engagement through social media platforms. I will use this app to edit a video and then I will use it to cross post on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. I also run other small businesses social media and I always recommend this app to many individuals and business owners. They recently just updated the app as well with many features that I love. When I first downloaded the app I used to use this app and another video editing app because this app didn’t do everything that I wanted to but since the new update this app literally has everything I need so I only use this app for video editing. this is now my sole app for video editing. I wish they would allow referrals or affiliate programs since I constantly am referring this app out… but that’s neither here nor there I just generally do love the app.
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2 years ago, boymom1516
Seriously amazed!
I wanted to surprise my husband with a Father’s Day video of our kids. (He edits videos and has fancy software I have no idea how to use) I really didn’t have much extra time to devote to this and deff didn’t have time to learn how to use his software. I didn’t want to make a chinsy video, he deserves as good as I can lol I had low expectations with a free app but figured I’d see what I could do. It literally did everything I hoped for and more! I assumed by time I got video done it would charge me for some the stuff I used or even just to actually download video and I was prepared for that since the app was so easy to use and did what I wanted. I was able to download it 4k 60fps for free!! I paid not a penny for anything, even had the watermark removed for free! I’m seriously blown away by how easy and amazing this app is! I was able to work on it here and there when he wasn’t around right in my phone! Highly highly highly recommend this app!! Thank you InShot for helping me make this Father’s Day special!!
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8 months ago, VisionBerry
If you don’t have this, you’re missing out
I am someone who tries our apps all the time. I also produce results with apps that most people can’t achieve. They don’t really understand all the features. And they don’t use apps in combination to achieve a result that is not available by using just one app. InShot is one of the few apps that I’ve use that puts together, so many great features. You can achieve a high-level of video editing, and effects that are unparalleled. You can pay for Final Cut Pro, or Luma fusion even on your iPad. However, the learning curve is high with some of these. And we still don’t get some of their easy and unique features of this app. I have made contact with this app and have gotten repeated questions about who’s on my team and how did I do that. they recently added the ability to have captions. What I would love to see is that they have a better B roll feature. However, you can subscribe to some free services out there. I just import them into the app.
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1 year ago, gamer Evan
the only way i could see the picture was by looking in a window
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11 months ago, Player since BC
“Save Failed” - Fails to Convert to Video
**Updated review - see below ** What a frustrating experience on iPhone. After paying for the app it refuses to convert project from hours of work into a video to save on my phone. Tried contacting customer support but no reply. Going to dispute the charge and cancel - not paying for something that doesn’t work. Super disappointed, now I have to find a functioning editor and do all that work again. ** Update: Support did respond within 48 hrs, though I had already found a work around. I do like the app for the most part. I’m coming from iMovie mobile and needed more features to learn and grow. Lots of new features but with a few sacrifices: 1) The white text in InShot isn’t nearly as bright and clean white as in iMovie 2) The green screen effect makes some things (real flames) look cartoony and pixilated 3) Doesn’t handle large renders well at all. I guess all those fancy features come at a price, but for a mobile editor I have to say it’s packed with a lot so at this point probably worth keeping.
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4 years ago, Aloe Vera Man
The best video editing app on the app store
I’ve been using InShot for about 2 months to edit my gameplay videos and the occasional meme and it has worked wonders. The app allows you to combine separate videos with an in between animation, adjust speed, add filters, extract audio, and a lot more with not many limitations. There is also a “premium” version, but unlike the many other video editing apps, it is not necessary. It only adds a few more filters and takes away a small “InShot” watermark. Other apps make most their features “premium” only, locking half the app behind a pay wall, so that automatically puts InShot at the top of the list. My only issue with the app is that it lacks an option to manually animate text and photos. As of right now, there are only preset animations, which work great, but are very limiting. Of course, no other video editing app really has this and the preset animations do work well enough for more simple edits, so this is more of a nitpick. All in all, the app works great and is not bogged down by its premium, which I purchased and is VERY cheap compared to other apps.
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4 years ago, Marisa Cohen
This is the best editing app to use for a phone. But since the updates, it’s nearly impossible to actually edit without creating more work. Whenever I extract an audio and speed up the video footage, it cuts off my audio without even letting me know or notifying me. It also deleted extracted audio if I just want to delete video footage. Which it never did this in a previous update. Now I was almost done with a video and I wanted to speed up the video footage and leave the extracted audio the same and all of my audio is now deleted and cut off. I basically have to start from scratch and it’s very annoying. I would give it five stars if they went back to their old update. But this just makes it really hard to edit without double checking for every single change you make if it did it correctly. Sometimes my playback doesn’t even play the audio at all when it is there and I have to restart the app. There’s too many bugs.
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5 months ago, Lena Linny
Amazing Editor App
My CapCut randomly stopped working one day, so I needed a new editor. I’ve used VideoShow for a while but it never fully satisfied me. I even bought pro on some apps but they didn’t work the way I needed. Sometimes I make gacha videos for fun or for my channel, I edit tutorials, and edit photos and wallpapers. InShot really impressed me. I know this might sound like a bot text lol but it’s true. Not many things leave me lost for words but this app has. The editing tools are super easy to use especially because I’m a beginner. Other apps take a long time to export the video but this exports it really quickly. The editing tools are really advanced but super easy to apply to the video! I’m really happy with this app. I like that even if you don’t have InShot Pro you can still take off the watermark for just one ad! There’s an ad normally played after the export but it’s not too long or obnoxious. Thank you for reading this, and HAPPY NEW YEARS! 2024!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳
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3 years ago, LCP4$$$
Hey Inshot and Inshotters!!! I love the App and OF COURSE I have the pro version. Don't get a lot of problems with it but they're two really big ones that seem to be reoccurring. 1. Sometimes my videos lag and the audio timing is off. 2. FAILURE TO CONVERT!!!! 😡 This drives me BONKERS!!!! I really need help fixing this problem or understanding why it happens. I even did a screen shot of a video I edited in the app and re-uploaded it as a SINGLE FRAME that was shortened to only 14mins! I then deleted half the videos on my phone and still it will not convert or save. It is really frustrating because it is messing up my schedule for uploading content and I'm on the brink of tears. I don't want to give the app anything less than 4 stars because I really LOVE IT!!! But this is like the 3rd time I've reached out for help on this problem and still no help. Yes, I uninstalled and reinstalled, and I just updated the app, btw I'm super excited about the new features and filters!!!! Just please, someone HELP ME!!!
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2 years ago, stellarxelar
Great easy to use video editing!
I am an illustrator who likes to take videos of my processes but often had issues with formatting and cropping. This app is very easy to use and has all the features I needed and more. The rotation feature is really helpful for making sure videos are matching the aspect ratios of different social media platforms. In fact the ratio options are labeled with each apps icon so it is easy to find what you need. The time lapse/speed options are amazing as well. I can edit videos in under 5 minutes! As someone who does not have much experience in video editing and uses a phone to film I think this app is very easy to use extremely helpful. I love it ❤️ Edit: it’s 2022 now and I still love this app. Amazing free options, video editing, good cropping tools so much more. I even use this apps crop presets to help edit photos I want to use as backgrounds. It has a feature to crop at apple screen ratios. Always my fave!
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5 years ago, Summit1010101
My favorite editor
Although the app has a few glitches with the music, some people are way too critical. This app is not confusing, my favorite update that they had was the multiple drafts one. I loved that ic oils work on multiple videos at once. I 500% recommend this app to anybody that finds editing fun. The reason why I only gave 4 stars is because that you can’t use any other music except their’s, you have to pay to get the really cool filters, and the glitches with the music. Sometimes music won’t play when you play your vid. Just for a few to new people using this. 1. Always tap the button to get new stuff, you have to pay for MOST of them, but you can just watch short ads to get a few. 2. Explore everything when you have time, if you explore the buttons you’ll find cool stuff you didn’t know about. 3. (This isn’t really a tip) you’ll find that you’ll catch on pretty easy. Let’s cut this short and just say this is my #1 editor, that’s how good it is. I’m not a fan of peachy but I hope you come out with more awesome apps in the future.
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2 years ago, dwest4099
I’ve had InShot for a couple of years. Recently I really dug into it. I was making a video for a friend and had edited the photos for color. Upon import I noticed that InShot had stripped the editing off and in a way that the imported photos looked WORSE than the originals. Not happy about that. So I tried to go forward and re-edit the photos. InShot’s photo editor is so over-blown its almost impossible to get any work done. The app has great transitions and many bells and whistles in that respect, but killing import quality and has more editing than photoshop, not a great thing for slightly above average users. The editing area is just too time consuming to get any real forward progress done. So in summary, excellent in some areas, over-blown and excessive in others. I was going to give 3 stars but changed my mind, for stripping edits I’ve already done and making the photos worse than original. I’m going to finish my project and also give the receiver the originals so they can have them, but I will be canceling my subscription. It has potential, but in the end it just kind of fell off a cliff. Just disappointed with in imports.
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1 year ago, FazeDotsSis
Read for feedback or random highlights
So I just want to start of by saying- this app is a lot of fun, and a great thing to do whenever your bored or just are feeling creative. This app is really fun because you get to create a videos like you see on social media. You can add music , cut and crop it, resize the length of your video and so much more!!! I’m 11 and I started to become more interested in these types of videos, but my parents didn’t want anything inappropriate on there. So what I did is I found InShot, and it’s perfect for the youth to experience. It’s also a great way to express creativity. One thing is that sometimes it makes your video glitchy. And it constantly is giving me things to but. The only other thing I could think of to make it better is to actually add real music instead of beats with little tastes of music mixed in. But luckily I did find a solution to that problem which I won’t get further into. Overall I think it’s a great experience for you, your friends and family members.
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5 years ago, MaryKay consultant
Great fancy features, not great for beginners
I’m a new vlogger and like things to be very self explanatory as I don’t have the patience to sit and figure out contraptions and do dads, I just prefer things to be straightforward and simple so I can move on. It seemed like everything else was right in my face to use except for cutting and deleting. For me being a beginner it was not easy for me to figure out the editing at all. I have an easier time editing videos on my phone than I do this app. It’s very extra and drawn out and frustrating, especially if you don’t have the patience and aren’t a millennial. It seemed like no matter how much I played around with it and no matter how much dragging I did or button pressing or delete this and precut that it just wasn’t doing ANYTHING I needed it to do. So clearly there’s something I don’t get but for me to have to go through all this when it’s already much easier on my phone is just a bit much. I’m already a bit over it, and hopefully I figure it out eventually but right now it’s just a frustrating mess and I’m not a big fan. If you don’t already know how to edit videos this app will be quite difficult to figure out. Just saying
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5 years ago, Jason Tucker
Like the app functionality but locked up a lot
This app is by far my favorite when dealing with photos and resizing them. I run into an issue where I press the add image button and the app will freeze, I’ll wait 3-5 mins (actual minutes, I’ve timed it) and it will finally unlock a s let you add the image. I’ve seen lots of bug fixes over the years but this one issue with images taking forever to be added drives me crazy. Devs, it seems that I’ll add a new photo to my camera roll and I want to crop or resize it or make a vertical photo square and want to add blur in the background. I’ll tap the add image button and the grid of images appear but it just stalls and didn’t accept input. I do use iCloud for phot storage and I know it may be a slight delay but I’m on fast WiFi with 1 GB network connect and it will be slow like this. I’ve found that if I fast switch to another app wait and switch back it sometimes unlocks. I’ll quit the app wait and then open the app again and it may allow me to add the image, usually it takes 2 times to get it working.
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6 months ago, miss slime show
Isabella H.
I have been using this app for over a year for free. Although it doesn’t have all the advantages as the app would have if you payed for it, it still works very well and you can get cool stickers and video transitions. You have the ability to put funny, memes and gifts on your videos or even photos. This is a wonderful app that helped me grow my channel. I would definitely recommend this for beginners because it is easy to get around and figure out how the app works. The only issue I have with the app is for about half of the year I could do multiple voiceovers at once, but one day it would not let me do more than one, so now I have to upload the video and put it back on the app so I can do another voiceover. 1 other problem is the ad you have to wait for it once you upload the video. But I understand it because if you don’t pay for a app, you’re most likely to get at least 1 or 2 ads while you’re using it. Overall, this is a great app and I would really recommend it.
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4 years ago, NICEE GUY 101
I absolutely love this app! I use it pretty much every time I put out a video. I love all the features, especially the user friendly interface, and the new icons. However, I think a few added features will make this app a lot better. 1. A Green Screen: This feature is in high demand and I won’t need to use apps such as TikTok or any other 3rd party app, if this app provides it already. 2. Lip Sync Feature: This feature will allow you to mouth the word of a audio that is playing, while you are recording. This feature is also on TikTok, and I would just rather do all of my lip syncing on this app. 3. Video Overlay: I would love to have the e ability to put videos over my main video, so so I can do reactions or show off a product(if that were the point of my video) 4. Landscape Editing: I like the layout we have now, but using a landscape feature will make editing on InShot easier and less time consuming. 5. More Filter Effects: I love the features we have, like the shake effect and the fisheye effect, but I think other features like a face bloater or a face reshaper will help everyone’s videos retain a comedic factor, and I also won’t have to go to other apps to get that feature. 6. Voice effects: I have to 3rd party apps to get voice filters, I would HELP A LOT, if this feature was added, that would make this app my only editing app. HOPEFULLY THE DEVELOPERS SEE THIS!!
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6 years ago, agentgalahad
I really love this app for so many reasons—firstly, it’s so wickedly quick. Like, iMovie always takes a bajillion years to import or export anything. Inshot imported three two minute long videos by the time i blinked. Also, it’s just majorly convenient. The only thing I think I wish there was (and it might exist without my knowledge already) is the ability to adjust the thumbnail timing like on iMovie—for example, if I’m adding text to a twenty second clip, I can pinpoint the millisecond I want to add my text in very easily. However, if my film is five minutes long, it’s very, very difficult. The little bubble that indicates my text also becomes almost a barely visible sliver because it’s so small. The last thing is adding an option for two or more videos to play side by side or within the same frame. I want to show progress videos for figure skating and do side by side comparisons but I don’t think that’s possible in this app (or maybe it is and I’m dumb). Even so, five stars without a doubt!
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2 years ago, uni girl77777
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2 years ago, dolphingirlteam
Damaged drafts
Hello, i would like to address a situation i have had with your app. When some clips are used for an edit and the clips are permanently deleted it won't allow me to enter back into the draft. I know thats how you made your app but it would really help if you could update it and allow all access to drafts if the clips have been deleted or not. When i was younger i had made lots of videos that i deleted permanently and can not get back into that draft because of how you set up your app. I know a little bit of people might have the same situation and even if its not a lot it would still help the people who would want this update. For example, another popular app called capcut. You can enter everything even if the clips have been deleted. I would really like if you made that update to your app. Your app was my first ever editing app and i have lots of deleted memories stored in the drafts from years ago. A situation happened and there is no way i can get the videos back unless you adjust that feature. Thank you for taking the time to look over this and hopefully you can fix this feature. Goodbye and thank you again.
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1 year ago, XD-S
Plan read devs
OML, this is a really good, but I would like to suggest some things to you (amazing) devs. 1, can you guys make a PC version of this app, I would like to suggest this because it’s hard to edit videos on the small screen, like an iPhone, and some of us don’t have iPads/tablets, it would be nice to have a PC version because you have a bigger workspace because you have a bigger screen. If you guys don't want to make a PC version because you'll get less downloads on the app, I I would suggest making the PC version a login only, so what you have to do is download the app and create an account then go to the PC version and login, so people don’t just go to the PC version create account, and login. Thank you Devs for all you hard work, I LOVE this app, it is AMAZING, and I personally think it should be #1 on the “video editing” apps list in the apple app store. Your work is admired and worshiped, thank-you devs so much.
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1 year ago, Ginger26
Good Enough, Could Be Awesome
There’s no way (as far as I know) to stack a b-roll. So no way to add a video on top of a video. That makes Inshot pretty limited for reaching creative goals visually. Otherwise, it’s pretty good for the basics editing needs. (Okay b-roll is now possible for images & video using the pic n pic feature - still lots of issues matching audio or cutting audio when imported from files. When I clip audio it springs back & won’t stay in place. I guess it’s a bug.) Also, some common editor transitions, filters & movement effects are still unavailable forcing me to have to use my FCPX if I want to use them. For example, placing a shadow below images / videos, whether for an a-roll or b-roll to get that added 2nd & 3rd dimensional effect: like when creating a button. No way to add clickable links either. We need more transitions, filter types, and image correction tools to brighten skin color or remove flaws & imperfections. It’s still a great app overall though. I recommend it.
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4 years ago, ok🙈fine
Just... Perfect!
I- I don’t know what to say. I found InShot about 4 months ago. I was using it temporarily until I found the video editor that was really meant for me. I searched for months. I didn’t find anything. FinalCut, Adobe, or Flimora 9 didn’t please me. I finally realized: InShot WAS the video editor for me. I have Pro, but even without it, it has all you need. From text to transition, stickers to size, EVERYTHING!!! Amazing editor!! Plus, pro is SO well priced at, like, 15 bucks a year? If you didn’t know, that’s a cheap price. One thing, maybe more text animations? But even without, it’s amazing! And the videos you can create, they’ll look like videos from a 100 dollar video editor, FOR FREE! The GIFs, The transitions, The music, everything’s clean, polished, and on point! I’m not into writing reviews and stuff, but I felt like I had to tell The InShot workers how good they’re doing. Maybe some green screen effects, too. Sorry for the long review, but keep up the good work!
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5 years ago, Alayna's Shadow
Best Video Editor I Have Tried
This is by far the best video editor you can ever possibly get. The layout of the app is simple and almost anyone can understand it. I love the new text animations, the transitions, the stickers you can add to make the video look adorable😍 (if you could make it so the stickers have transitions too like the text and if you would make it possible to import GIFs as stickers, it would greatly improve the app), the video filters and effects you can add, the ability to reverse, slow down, or speed up the video (when I do slow down and speed up, sometimes the audio messes up sometime during processing), the array of sound effects and music supplied, and the way it is possible to import your own music or sound effects. Overall a very well put-together app and definitely worth checking out. If you are a beginner to editing and you have a low budget, this is the best app to choose from on a mobile phone that I have tried. Would definitely suggest this app!
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4 years ago, wheelo252
I’ve only had this app for a small amount of time, but so far it is SO GREAT. I have been looking for a video and photo collage app for about a year now. I’ve found some that work but they all have very clear flaws. This app is SO SO SO great. It has all of the features you could possibly want and it is easy to use. Now keep in mind, I have only had this app for a small amount of time, but in that small amount of time it has been a life saver. A couple small things; the logo is in the corner but it is mostly transparent but that’s ok that it is there because this app add a cool side frame to it. After you save it to your device then you can crop it out though so it’s ok. The sides are actually very cool so they aren’t anywhere near negative. I enjoyed this app SO SO much and it is free unless you want to get rid of the logo. I hope this review has helped give you insight on your decision. Have a great day!
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6 months ago, Nonobinibini
Keep messing up my videos
I have been a long time customer of this app Inshot. I’ve been around more than 5 years and I’ve seen all the improvements made so far and I congratulate you guys because you truly listen to us. HOWEVER, the app seems to have a problem with longer videos. I usually do videos lasting between 1 mins and 12 mins. However when I want to edit a video longer than 15 mins the app ALWAYS (no exceptions) finds a way to waste my time, when I am almost done with the editing and adding the final touch the app freezes and impossible to continue editing. So I save the draft, come back to realize that the whole video is messed up. What? 3 hours of editing in average goes to the garbage. With th pressure to be able to post on time, and also given that we have other important things to do, I can’t keep doing this. I’m going to give this app its last chance. If it screws me one more time, I will definitely quit Inshot FOREVER !!! I already have found another app, more expensive but which gets the job done AND on my phone. Thanks
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6 years ago, ThaiFriedRice
Exactly what I needed
Let me just preface this review by saying this. I was looking for an app that I could add text to a video that I already made an iMovie. If you’re going to be using this app for video editing, like Marvel edits or edits based on movies, then I’d highly recommend it. I normally use iMovie, but this particular app was the last of THREE that I had to download in order to find an app that could actually add text to my already made video. When I found this app, I thought that God had sent it to me 😂😂. I was able to add text over my already created a video exactly where I wanted it without cutting or altering the video in any other way. I didn’t have to lift a finger to get to a point where I could add text to any scene, with any font, of any size. I haven’t used it for much other than adding a general filter and the texts, but I’m sure that those features work pretty adequately as well. If you’ve made a video edit and you want to add it text to it, then this is the one you’ve been looking for.
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5 years ago, Ellablake
Amazing super easy to use and you do not have to pay for mostly any of the extra services
I got this app just to edit one video but when I was making my video it had so many great things you can do I realized I should keep it. I have only had the app for about 2 weeks and I have made such great videos and photos/ collages that my friends have asked me to make videos and photos for them. My favorite part about this app is the great stickers that you can use for editing a photo or a video. For videos some of the stickers can be in movement, for example the dog sticker move slightly and cutely up and down. When editing a video you can make it go faster or slower, you can have many videos in one, there is no limit for the time of your video and you can add many filters. I truly think this is a great app and super easy to use and also really great if you are a YouTuber or want to use it for social media.
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6 years ago, newuser102018
Wonderful🤗.....but cannot save projects😭
I too am a previous Flipagram user and was disappointed to have to start my children’s birthday picture/video slideshows all over after discovering the app was gone. I downloaded tons of apps with major disappointment every time. Finally found InShot, and was so impressed that it had all of the features that I needed and was very easy to use! It is so easy to adjust the orientation, cropping, duration, transitions and if you’re like me constantly reordering and trimming things to go perfectly with the music. It allows me to add over 100 pics/videos a a FULL song without telling me I was over the limit. The only downfall is that I cannot save the projects to go back and edit every year, as it only allows one draft to be saved at a time 😭😭😭. Please, please, PLEASE consider adding an option to save multiple projects..... I would consider paying for the app because then it would be PERFECT!!!!!
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3 years ago, Roast52
Absolutely amazing
I’ve written reviews on this app before because it’s a great editing app. Before it wasn’t perfect in my opinion because there was no chroma key/green screen but now that they’ve added it it’s a perfect app. Anyways, the app has lots of things you can do from layered images/videos to importing audio from your photos and videos to the app to save for later. I’ve used KineMaster before but it doesn’t have as much as inshot. Anyone who has read this review should get inshot and use it to make videos or photos or whatever you would need to use it. (For devs) I found a glitch with the inshot watermark where if you press just once to remove the water mark ‘just once’ you can always press the just once option to remove the watermark and that makes it so that people who know the glitch don’t have to pay to remove the watermark. If you fix it that would be great but if you don’t that’s fine too.
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4 months ago, Freebritt7
Customer service only pretends to help …
I’m so disappointed and frustrated with this app. I’ve lost days—weeks of editing because of the glitches. I had a video I worked on over two weeks completely just disappear. I’m currently trying to export a project I’ve been working on for weeks and it’s giving a new message I’ve never seen “processing interrupted”. The app literally freezes and makes my entire phone crash as well and I have to restart my phone. But then I tried to export another draft (twice the size) and it seems to be working. My conclusion is that the video that I’m having issues with has many more effects, pips, and music layers (which I paid extra for!) so in conclusion, paying the extra money for pro features is a scam because the app isn’t even powerful enough to export a video with multiple layers. This app is so inconsistent and unreliable for editing complex videos. BE WARNED. And customer service only responds to these reviews, tells you to reach out via app, but when you do there is no response. Its all for show!
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