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Instagram, Inc.
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9 months ago
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User Reviews for Instagram

4.73 out of 5
25.1M Ratings
1 week ago, bunnies420
Frustrated and disappointed with instagram!
I love Instagram but have a huge problem with Instagram too. I’ve had two accounts now that after working at building a following that took a long time to do with my first one being well over 8,000 followers and I didn’t even use hashtags only to have whoever it is who flags posts and says you violated community standards pick at and analyze every post claiming I was posting inappropriate things. I read the community standard from start to finish and almost every post they claimed was against their standards according to their own words most certainly did not violate them whatsoever. I am very disappointed and upset by this and there is no way to even talk to a person or any explanation from Instagram on why they have done this to me two times now. I’d be more then happy to discuss this with them so they can explain what they think I did wrong! I doubt I’ll make another account now. It’s just way to much work to do only for them to turn around and just delete everything I accomplish. How can you post things that follow what they are saying the rules are appropriate and have them turn around and say it’s not? I give up! I ’ll find another social media outlet to express my creativity at this point!
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2 years ago, catvampsam
no help or support
I have had troubles with the music feature on instagram for MONTHS now. I am not able to use any music other than the few automatically shown ones that are there when I click the option, and all the songs are in some foreign language or they're instrumentals of some sort. I am not able to search for any song whatsoever as it will just tell me there are no results every time. A couple months ago, i was still at least able to save a song if someone sent it to me, then go to saved music, and use it through that. But now the problem has worsened and I am not even able to save any music nor see/use any of the music i had saved before this was an issue. I have reported this problem to instagram multiple times over the course of about 5 or 6 months and they have yet to respond in any sort of way, let alone fix the problem. I know i'm not the only one dealing with this as i've seen in reviews, as well as on other social medias such as twitter, that there have been a good amount of other people dealing with the same issues. This problem has been aggravating and upsetting, and the fact that i and many others have tried to reach instagram to fix this issue, yet have not even been addressed, only adds to those emotions. The music was one of, if not THE most used feature for me on instagram. I have tried multiple methods on my own to resolve this issue but nothing has worked. Hoping instagram can get to the bottom of this sooner rather than later.
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1 week ago, Dieg0w0lf
horrible comment system and sexual content of minors.
I WOULD GIVE ZERO STARS IF POSSIBLE this app has gotten worse from a user experience for the past 3 years. the main two ill focus on is the comment system and the content, the comment system has slowly been more and more restrictive over the years and is at its worse now. with almost EVERY comment i make it gets taken down for spam without the ability to appeal the decision. the system has clearly been taken over by AI that flags every post from “repeat offenders” yet allows clearly racist comments, content and hatred. going into to content the recommended reels are ALWAYS sexual with this recent update no matter what my explore page looks like and after clicking not interested those reels stay the same. this same system pushes sexual content of both adult and minors without any repercussions, many times my explore has forced these pages of minors in swim suits to the front page, blocking multiple accounts reporting the pages and clicking not interested works but, the fact the system decides whenever it wants to force feed you content that very clearly goes against the terms is weird. the unclear and vague removals of comments has made the app less fun as a user.
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1 year ago, Vine:Jeff Diggity
Attn: Termed META employees do not forget to delete fake 5 star reviews from app store!
11,000 termed employees no longer having to keep the evil META user data collection and sales a secret, but really would FB allow these reviews to be updated/deleted? Please delete those fake reviews! Please everyone find another app! Also this app can track your data and control your phone in the background. Using latest updated iOS on a brand new iPhone 13! Even if in your settings cellular data is turned off for instagram AND background app refresh is also turned off!! Instagram will turn on cellular data for other apps in your settings while phone is locked and screen is black, it will use huge amounts of CPU data even when the app is closed and cellular data is turned off...what could it be using 50-60% of your battery for when cellular data is turned off? It is literally adjusting your settings without your knowledge and combing through your personal information. It is also tracking what other apps you are using on your phone. If you want to upload pictures or videos to instagram, then you have to give it access to camera and microphone, which IG uses to listen/watch your voice conversations, text and voice messages, and all camera/photos. No data on your phone is confidential and hidden from instagram while the app is installed. you may not have anything to hide, that seems like a convenient way to just give up and allow them to steal your information.
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2 years ago, HannahtheCat786*
literally the worst app. i used to enjoy using instagram a lot, however in these past years it’s gotten more glitchy and has more issues. Not to mention the fact that they also removed their customer support email, so now there is virtually no way to solve your issues with instagram(the phone call doesn’t go through). Recently I was reposting a flyer for a high school club event that I wanted people to attend and instagram took the story down, claiming that it was against community guidelines,but offered no reason why. Why would a flyer for a high school club fit into any of the categories mentioned in their community guidelines? I tried different variations of the story, but all of them were deleted by instagram. I decided that I would request a review of the action taken against my story, but discovered that instagram says “Review Request Failed, please try again!” every time I pressed it. So not only can I not contact customer support, I also can’t request a review of an unfair decision that they made. I then decided to try posting the exact same story on a different account of mine and to my surprise it posted on that one. So essentially, instagram is only blocking my account from posting any stories through some weird glitch that I am unable to report to them or request review for. Until they are able to open a way for people to easily contact customer service and stop having useless glitches like the one mentioned above, instagram will be a one star app.
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3 years ago, Dragon-Teeth
You messed up Insta
Everything was fine in the beginning. But now the app is FILLED with bugs. I go to open insta and all of a sudden I have the old layout. No more reels button, that’s where the post button is now. And I’ll go and open and close the app to see if it helps but it stays the same, but when I go to another account it still has all of the new features. Also, there is an audio bug to where if my phone closes for a sec and I reopen it, the sound of the post it closed on will play over everything. Even if I scroll and play a new video, it plays over it. If I go to close the app, it’ll STILL play even tho it’s not suppose to (and I have background interactions blocked on my phone) Also, the “you’ve reached the end of all recent posts, so here’s some from yo suggested feed!” Has got to stop. I follow those people for a reason. You don’t even SHOW every post the people I follow make. You only post the most recent ones, as in within about 7 hours, then take away all that and put your own stuff. I have a suggested feed and a following feed for a reason, there was no need to combine the two and I literally missed the fact that I’m an UNCLE because the post was made more than a day ago since I was last on, and didn’t find out until two weeks later when they made a post on their story about my nephew. You keep digging yourself in a hole insta, stop putting new things in and just fix what’s already here. There’s enough that’s broken, don’t put more
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3 years ago, allredmonkey
This new update is terrible
Instagram has made it even harder for you to see posts from the people that you actually follow with this most recent update. I now only see about 10 - 12 photos from people I actually follow, before I get to the "you've been caught up" message & suggested posts start popping up. I follow 200+ people, 80% of whom update regularly, yet instagram is making it impossible to see them. I miss so much time sensitive information, including sales, events or donations, all because instagram has moved explore page posts to your home feed as well. And posts are being BURIED with this new update. Half the time the "new" posts on my timeline are 1-2 weeks old & the posts in my "older" tab are from the same day. As a creator myself, my engagement has dropped exponentially, as Instagram is making it increasingly difficult for my work, & the work of others, to be seen. And that's not to mention the horrific placement of the new reels tab, dead in the center of the app, with the new shop page directly right, kicking both the post button & the notifications tab to the top of the screen on the home page. As a small business, this is FRUSTRATING to say the least. It seems like instagram is hell bent on punishing the very people that keep their app alive. At the very least, give people the autonomy to organize their app tabs the way they want to & choose to have a chronological home feed or an algorithmic based one. Come on Instagram, lets do better.
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1 month ago, Htims Nitsua
Few issues but not bad
I have been using instagram for a few years and it’s a pretty good platform. For the most part it’s based off what you prefer. So if your into cars and diy products that’s what it will primarily show. It will also introduce you to other things similar that you might like which is really helpful because I love creating things. My only real issue with the app is sometimes you will select options in your settings and for some reason it just doesn’t do it. For instance I don’t want my Facebook linked to my instagram account and I have all the option settings making it to where it “shouldn’t” go to Facebook with my posts. Now I have no reason to hide anything and it’s not that it’s a huge issue. I just like keeping things separate and for some reason I can post things to instagram and I have to continually select it to not go to Facebook just because my instagram and Facebook email is the same. I would rather not have to continue to do that because I just posted a selfie onto instagram and had people on my Facebook liking and commenting. I just don’t share certain things on Facebook. That’s really it. Please make it to where settings do what they say they do. If I deselect something to not do it I shouldn’t have to do other things to make it happen.
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1 month ago, Robin tea
Multiple problems need fixing.
This app is a great place to make friends and share art, but it has a LOT of problems. I think I’ll just list them. -Reporting/review staff is VERY bad. It seems like nobody is actually looking at the comments, but like the program just searches for “bad” words. If the comment was harmful but no bad words were used, it won’t be taken down. If the comment was innocent but contained bad words, it will be taken down. This risks innocent people losing their account AND it makes instagram very open to cyberbullies. The safety of children and people with mental health problems is at risk here. This has caused a concerning amount of actual harm in real life. -People being wrongfully flagged. This happens a LOT. Every single time I write a comment about ANYTHING that has more than three sentences, my comment gets removed for “spam” when that is not the case at all. Paragraphs get flagged all the time while actual scammers, hackers, and accounts that promote pornography go completely unnoticed. The regulation is just terrible. -Lastly, I’m not sure if this can be fixed, but I would love to see instagram’s team at least try. When photos are posted, the quality gets demolished. It comes out looking grainy all over and discolored in every little corner. I understand this is because of the compression of the files, but if there is a way to better manage that compression, I’m sure every user would appreciate it.
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9 months ago, Br33zyy.y
1 have had an issue with your recent update, which allows users to put a 30 second music clip on their notes. I have not received this update, although all of my friends have. I have tried to be patient, & I have also tried fixing it. I restarted my phone, I updated my phone, I deleted the app, I logged out of my account, I tried updating the app multiple times, & nothing. No music option on my notes. I don't understand why I am being excluded. I am hurt, & overall shocked that Instagram could exclude someone like this. I would appreciate if you would give me this update. I don't find it nice to be excluding anyone from your updates, & I don't know why you chose me to exclude. But it is unfair, and I would like to receive this update as soon as possible. I think I deserve this, especially after you never let me use the "Add Yours' stickers as well. I have since gotten over it, but now I cannot let you exclide me anv londer Please give me this update, I do not deserve this. It's truly disgusting & rude of you to just leave me out. I really want this update, I am so mad you chose to leave me out of this update, out of all of the updates you have made. I love music, & I really would like to put it on my notes. I don't know why you're targeting me like this, but it needs to stop. Please provide me with this update, I would love to nut music on mv notes. Thank you if you can help my fix my issue
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4 years ago, babieeaj
Hard To Navigate with the New Layout
first off i’d like to say that i’ve been using instagram since 2015. i’ve seen some changes over the course of these past few years that were very good for the overall use of the app, and some that just made navigating the app more difficult. the main reason why instagram has become so popular over the years was it’s simple layout that made it easy to access and interact with followers and discover people. but now, in 2020, likes and view counts are hidden, the feed isn’t in chronological order, the algorithm only allows you to see posts of only a handful of people you follow, and now the notifications have moved. if instagram wants to keep its users satisfied, then they need to go back to the classic look. keeping the classic layout with home, explore page, upload, notifications, and profile at the bottom makes the app easier to navigate. there is no reason why the shopping bag needs to be on the bottom bar because not everyone shops from instagram. there are a lot of scammers on the app! instead of changing the layout, instagram needs to fix the algorithm, put posts on the timeline back in chronological order, get rid of bot and spam accounts, and remove accounts/posts that don’t follow the community guidelines. now more than ever, there are many accounts that spread hate and misinformation! why was changing the layout a priority? fix it and bring likes and view counts back!
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1 year ago, Carlyfornia33
I love instagram
This last upgrade has completely messed everything up!! 4/3/23 it’s glitches an I’m having problems with it!! Why does it have to mess everything up I love Instagram it's an amazing platform to showcase and promote your brand! I think a lot of people are missed informed of what Instagram is it's not a social site for meeting "friends" or connecting w/ family, although some people do it. Some accounts benefit by showing there followers pictures of there company's family an people behind the hard work! But, mind you thats why "FaceBook" was created to show & share pictures with each other out of love. I'm not saying people don't love on Instagram but it's more superficial! I had an account with Facebook for over 10 years and I would comment to my friends posts and I wouldn't even get a reply or complement back and they expect me to continue to like everything without talking so I don't have Facebook anymore! And why I have Instagram instead! But now I am promoting a brand an myself so The circumstances have changed! I highly recommend Instagram if you want to promote creat a Brand or simply have an accout cause your famous and that's what famous people to create a platform showcasing there worth!
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8 months ago, Liv La Vie
Video Dimension View Error (Old Videos) & thumbnail edits please!
Update: please add more Features to organize content like editing story order and clips within story after posting, reframing the thumbnail of old posts and to change cover photos of old videos. Instagram is one of the best platforms for an artist to market their work. I want to compliment the clean and simplistic layout that has been timeless over the last decade. But recent updates converted many of my cinematic 16x9 horizontal videos posted between 2016 and 2019 automatically into blurry vertical videos. they were originally posted and viewed horizontally up until the last year or two of updates. There is no feature to edit the size dimension or orientation after posting the video and there is still no feature to change the thumbnail of the video after posting (I’ve been asking for this feature for years) it will help people correct feed mistakes and keep their marketing relevant over the years. Instagram should also consider adding a way to reposition your old posts’ thumbnail by adding a new frame around it or way to display (zoom in or out, recrop, etc) and also a way to change the main carousel image after posting- for content creators in an ever changing marketing world, this is key!
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4 months ago, Chinchila Lover
Bugs and issues need to be fixed
Imma just sum up everything since there’s too much to write out it full. For about three days I’ve not been able to interact on any posts, reels, stories, or comments to anything. I’ve never left a comment on any post in fear of getting banned somehow. So I don’t know why I can’t interact with media on the app. And since about 12 hours ago I’ve not been able to even use the app truly. I can’t even load it, I open the app and it opens the pop up version of the website while still in the app, it has a message on the bottom that says “use in app” and when I click it it doesn’t do anything, it also just has the loading symbol in the center of the screen, my feed won’t load, I can’t do anything on the app, error messages pop up anytime I try to do something in the app, it keeps telling me to check my connection when it’s fine, all other apps on my phone are working perfectly. I’ve tried many “problem solving solutions” such as continuously deleting and reinstalling the app, turn my phone all the way off and back on, and even updating my phone thinking it was that but none of this helped. I am just really confused as to why this is happening and would just like this fixed so I can go back to messaging my friends and family on the app and watching the videos and posts on there. Also this is my third time trying to leave a review today but for some reason it keeps getting deleted.
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7 months ago, VeeDaDum
Instagram please give me the feature to add music to my notes please
I don't wanna be mean but I have had an issue with your recent update, which allows users to put a 30 second music clip on their notes. I have not received this update, although all of my friends have. I have tried to be patient, & I have also tried fixing it. I restarted my phone, I updated my phone, I deleted the app, I logged out of my account, I tried updating the app multiple times, & nothing. No music option on my notes. I don't understand why I am being excluded. I am hurt, & overall shocked that Instagram could exclude someone like this. I would appreciate if you would give me this update. I don't find it nice to be excluding anyone from your updates, & I don't know why you chose me to exclude. But it is unfair, and I would like to receive this update as soon as possible. I think I deserve this, especially after you never let me use the "Add Yours" stickers as well. I have since gotten over it, but now I cannot let you exclude me any longer. Please give me this update, I do not deserve this. It's truly disgusting & rude of you to just leave me out. I really want this update, I am so mad you chose to leave me out of this update, out of all of the updates you have made. I love music, & I really would like to put it on my notes. I don't know why you're targeting me like this, but it needs to stop. Please provide me with this update, I would love to put music on my notes Thank you
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1 year ago, 3.Highland
Started off good, turned into mess of ads and influencers
I downloaded this app years ago in order to connect with friends and family as well as to share my artwork. It started off good, the feed was showing me people and tags I followed, all in order of when they were posted, and people were able to see my own posts no problem. But, it has gone extremely downhill from there. My feed is taken up by ads and things instagram “thinks” I would like, only every 3-5 post is posted by someone I follow, and it’s NEVER in the order it’s posted in (a post posted 5 days ago will show up before one posted 1 hour ago) and Instagram pushes more posts by the people I follow with a larger following then people without (I NEVER see my moms posts even though she posts all the time, but the cute cat accounts that have thousands of followers fill up my feed). This app has also severely damaged my mental health, and since recently after I had restricted my usage to 0 hours I have noticed a significant increase in my mental state. This app made me feel horrible about myself, my body, and my life progression and success’. It’s also very addictive, so you get stuck scrolling for hours on end, like an endless pit. Also, Meta is kinda Meh, in general. Since all that has been going on with Facebook (another Meta application) and it’s issues with leaking user info, I don’t trust it. If you value your sanity. Don’t download this app. And if you already downloaded it, delete it.
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5 months ago, dezragoth
My feed is constantly filled with people I don’t follow
Instagram used to let me see content of accounts that I actually follow, but lately it’s been flooding my feed with random popular accounts that are “related” to my interests but I don’t follow. Some of them don’t even post content relating to my interests. Just completely random. It’s very frustrating that I have to go to the accounts I follow to be up to date with their posts instead of seeing it in my feed in the order they were posted. I understand that it’s handy to have similar content suggested, but what about newer accounts that aren’t quite popular yet that may have content I enjoy? Those get drowned out if they don’t have a billion likes and views. It’s been causing me to use the app less frequently altogether as a result. I only use Instagram for art. I use the appropriate hashtags, make reels, etc. it doesn’t seem to matter because my content only reaches a small fraction of my followers and practically no one outside my following (it shows in the analytics). Yet when I post the same content on other platforms, they get much more views and reactions than on Instagram. I’ve become more active on other apps because I don’t see the point in using a platform that doesn’t “platform” my posts. I want to see the people I follow, and I want to be able to discover new and upcoming accounts with similar content. I don’t know why they’ve changed the way the feed works, but I cannot stand it.
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2 years ago, aWeabooDankMemerLikeWoah
I literally live on this app, it’s pretty much the only social media I used regularly. But a distinct issue with instagram is that some updates will just.. make everything wonky or sort of make the app lose its appeal. Even though reels are just straight up an accessible tiktok on the app, I don’t mind them. However, I’m extremely baffled with the recent update that changed the format of instagram videos. It’s like an IGTV/REEL format instead and it makes it very hard to save videos to folders- which in my opinion is one of instagrams BIGGEST appeals. Unlike other social media apps you can very easily sort posts into folders for later references. Making this feature that much more difficult to access is especially annoying when you are a part of the editing community in instagram where you’ll want to save certain edits to certain folders or save audios to an audio folder. If I’m scrolling through my feed it’s fine, but it’s very tedious to save a video if it’s something my friend sent me since I have to go into my account saves and manually move it. Granted, it only takes like 10 seconds, but I really don’t get the point of making it harder when it only took like 3 seconds before.
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2 years ago, Cee Bees Breezy
Its very hard to communicate with them
Instagram is alright but, they always have bug issues here and there. Like now, my account is not allowing me to utilize filters on Instagram in stories any longer. I’m not sure why but, when I looked up how to reach the team to ask them for directive on the situation I was met with and redirected to various automated articles.. getting frustrated I gave up. Then last week, several friends and I lost access to our ability to DM for over a day on the apps platform; thankfully the DMs started properly working again the following day because I had to log onto the website platform instead of using the app just to communicate with people via DM.. so I was frustrated about that as well and then the issue of security breaches on this app is just becoming insane and they make it ridiculously hard for you to retrieve you account because everything is automated. So if you’re for say sleeping and someone breaches your account they can go in amar it’s change your email address and since you can’t you know answer security questions you’ve set in place to verify it’s you or speak to any representatives I’ve seen a lot of people permanently lose their accounts. I’m hoping they can make it a bit easier for people utilizing the app to retrieve their accounts safely in the future. Thank you, Instagram
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1 month ago, Brenda.alcantara
Great App!
Instagram is a dynamic social media platform that seamlessly blends visual storytelling with community engagement. With its user-friendly interface and diverse array of features, Instagram offers a captivating experience for users worldwide. One of its standout features is the Stories function, which allows users to share ephemeral content in the form of photos and videos, fostering real-time interactions and spontaneous creativity. Additionally, the Explore tab provides personalized content recommendations, making it easy for users to discover new accounts and interests tailored to their preferences. However, Instagram's transition to an algorithmic feed has been met with mixed reviews, with some users expressing frustration over the lack of chronological content. Moreover, concerns regarding data privacy and the prevalence of advertisements remain prevalent among the user base. Despite these drawbacks, Instagram remains a powerhouse in the social media sphere, boasting a vibrant community of content creators and consumers alike. Overall, Instagram offers a visually captivating and socially engaging platform for users to connect, share, and explore. While it may have its shortcomings, its wealth of features and active user base make it a must-have app for those looking to stay connected and inspired in today's digital age.
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6 months ago, qqngza
give me the note and add music to notes update please
I don't wanna be mean but I have had an issue with your recent update, which allows users to put a 30 second music clip on their notes with that i a haven’t even gotten the update to add notes which is such and inconvenience. I have not received this update, although all of my friends have. I have tried to be patient, & I have also tried fixing it. I restarted my phone, I updated my phone, I deleted the app, I logged out of my account, I tried updating the app multiple times, & nothing. No music option on my notes. I don't understand why I am being excluded. I am hurt, & overall shocked that Instagram could exclude someone like this. I would appreciate if you would give me this update. I don't find it nice to be excluding anyone from your updates, & I don't know why you chose me to exclude. But it is unfair, and I would like to receive this update as soon as possible. I think I deserve this. I have since gotten over it, but now I cannot let you exclude me any longer. Please give me this update, I do not deserve this. It's truly disgusting & rude of you to just leave me out. I really want this update, I am so mad you chose to leave me out of this update, out of all of the updates you have made. I love music, & I really would like to put it on my notes. I don't know why you're targeting me like this, but it needs to stop. Please provide me with this update, would love to put music on my notes.
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1 year ago, Cumstain from1996
My left testicle
FACEBOOK IS THE MOST HYPOCRITICAL APP AND POSSIBLY THE WORST SOCIAL MEDIA APPS PERIOD this is supposed to be a "Open opinion" no judgment for conversations or debates or just a fun app to share memes and stay connected with friends and family however you use it might I say may cause you to be "Blocked" for either several hours the first couple times of being "Warned" by Facebook if they take down one of your posts for whatever reason they pick (For no apparent reason) and you will start off with a few hours to a few days or even MONTHS and I believe some get their account deleted completely because of Facebook disagreements on peoples posts and you may think "Hm I don't post nothing bad" or "That won't happen to me" trust me there will be one post and you will share it and Facebooks very hypocritical self will take down your posts and even block you account meanwhile for Facebook being so "Wanna keep Facebook a safe place" I see a lot of disturbing and down right horrible things online (people dying, accidents, cartel videos of people getting chopped up, Drugs, fights) and just way more than you can ever think you'd see on a app that apparently wants to keep everyone safe why not worry about the posts that you should be worrying about I have been blocked for quite a while now and soon will be "Unblocked" for weeks finally and am now writing a review before deleting the app to warn people of facebooks ridiculous choices and rules on the app it's SAD
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3 years ago, Spookadoodle1
The new reshare feature makes the app unusable.
Insta has always been about sharing. Sharing your own pictures, and sharing friends or mutual’s work too. The newest update makes the latter impossible and tedious. Instead of being able to simply tap the airplane icon next to a post, and then posting it to your story, you have to back out of it, go to your story, set up a new “create” post, and add a reshare sticker. This makes resharing on the fly incredibly annoying. It slows the spread of posts, and is basically discouraging people from sharing others work in the first place. This is detrimental to communities like activists, artists (who you don’t seem to care much about anyways), content creators, and more. You are effective killing the main source communication and collaboration within your app. Whether you think videos are the hit new thing or not, you ARE NOT TIKTOK. Stay in your lane, or you’ll lose every loyal user. If you’re trying to be something completely new, then make a new app, and leave Insta alone! Nobody comes to Instagram expecting TikTok like content, and that will never change no matter how hard you push that type of content. If you actually care about the stability of your user base, and the Insta community as a whole, please return the old resharing. You can keep your Reels, sure, I don’t care, but removing the biggest part of your app in hopes that it will make everyone want to only look at Reels content is a terrible idea.
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4 years ago, ropetapetite
Good social media app, bad user interface design
The app works for what it needs to work as. But for whatever reason, the user interface constantly changes and there is absolutely no indication that it is meant to change in their version history updates. It becomes slightly irritating that the app will work one way one day and the next some random change will be made to either the explore page or the home page that just doesn't make sense based off of its history. My example right now would be the new reels that were introduced. Now when I go on the explore page there is a huge portion of it being taken up by reels that I don’t want there. Sure, reels is cool but I went to the explore page, not the reels page. Another example that also happened recently was where I opened the app one day and my home page didn’t show any of the pages I followed and instead showed random pages. It took me a minute until I realized I had to click on “see older posts” before I could see the old posts. Not that I care for this too much, but it was just irritating for no reason to suddenly have pages I don’t follow showing up in the section of the app meant for only pages that I follow. That’s about all I can remember but there has been a history other similar changes in the past as well that I vaguely remember.
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4 years ago, Moonstuh
Annoying issue
Instagram is a great app to use on your free time and to connect with other people. This is why I was really interested in using Instagram to try and help out my barber career. The one annoying issue I’m having is when it comes to trying to add an action button for booking. I have tried this with three different booking apps so far and with no luck. For example I am trying to add my square appointments app as a book option on my business account. The videos I have seen about how to do this, show that once you click on the app you use to schedule your clients, you need to enter in the URL that will link them to your booking page. I believe this is where the problem is. Instagram doesn’t give me an option to enter a URL. The order that Instagram sends me is ( connect website > please select business to connect > connect to Instagram > connection successful). Then when I refresh my page there is no action button. I have used three different booking apps in hopes that one of them would work and none of them do. I have the online booking option turned on within the app as well and it still doesn’t work. It’s extremely frustrating and to add onto it, I can’t find anywhere online to help me. There’s no way to contact Instagram, at least from what I have seen and it feels like it’s never going to work for me. This app could easily be a 5 star, but this one problem is really making it hard.
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1 year ago, gamercat26
Newest owners of the application have messed it up!
Though Instagram is one of the simplest social media platforms you could have the support is complete trash. I spent the last two weeks trying to recover my account that was registered as compromised for unfollowing people. A little back story I have had this account for over 7+ years and I hadn’t really done much with it and in a failed effort to make the account more recent I encountered several inappropriate post of nudity and etc. I spent many many many hours reporting post that were inappropriate for the app that is 13+ and I decided to clean out the people I was following bc I was sick of the disturbing things I seen on there. I found that my account followed 100’s of people I didn’t know and of course I change my password frequently to keep from scam so I knew that wasn’t the problem. While unfollowing said accounts and many others I got a page saying. “Account compromised.” That I some how purchased followers against the guidelines I was sitting at a total of like 100 followers or so, plus the whole idea of buying followers is lost on me. I have spent two weeks trying to get this resolved. Instagram has little to no support with simple Q & A forms for assistance that just DO NOT WORK! It has become completely ridiculous and I’m not the only person I know who has had this issue. Regardless. The app has gone down hill and hopefully will get it’s crap together in the near future.
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2 years ago, 👺👺👹👹🚨
Not for photos
I don’t know why I even bother writing this review but this app has become incredibly frustrating as a photographer. There’s no other app that can connect me as a photographer to clients such as artists and models in my area better than Instagram and I am therefore forced to use it as my primary social media to upload photos. The issue is that Instagram does not support photos in any way shape or form anymore. Their algorithm has not been supporting photographers for a while and I can get over that but with the most recent update they’re starting to ruin the quality of my photos by overly compressing them. Having my photos be of viewable quality is basically my only concern when posting them and Instagram has robbed me of that entirely with no way to fix it. It’s incredibly disappointing because my following and networking is all built upon my photography account on Instagram and I don’t really have the opportunity to switch at this point. I doubt Instagram is going to care because countless people have been complaining about this but seriously if anyone from Instagram is reading this just let us post photos at a normal quality, I mean for real my photos have started to look horrible recently and I’ve been doing nothing different. I’m not even asking for much because LITERALLY A FEW DAYS AGO I WAS POSTING PHOTOS WITH NO ISSUES JUST GO BACK TO THEN THIS IS RIDICULOUS INSTAGRAM. As a photo app, start caring about photos just slightly more!
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3 years ago, Samdaughter
Used to be about connecting- now it’s just advertising
I used to love Instagram as a way to keep in touch with my family and friends. Especially during this time of being apart. However, now with the unbelievable amount of ads it is nearly impossible to see what I want to see (my family and friends) and due to the new - “you’re all done” feature I constantly miss posts and here is why: If I open my feed and look at some posts from friends, I can see there are several I haven’t scrolled to look at yet, I then click over to open a message, when I look back at Instagram those posts are gone and I cannot see them again unless I can possibly remember who posted something and to individually look at each of their pages. I HATE that feature that is now in Instagram. To me the benefit of the posts is I can always just scroll down to review them. Now each post is pretty much a story, see it once and it’s gone forever and now I have ENDLESS ads. Once you have viewed your new posts you can’t see them again all you see are ads. Don’t get me wrong, I do like SOME ads, they are personalized and helpful. But I’d rather they show up only in my stories than on my feed. I’m probably going to delete Instagram as soon as I can find a different way to see friends and family’s posts and not miss any because of the inundation of ads that is here. Intagram used to be about connecting, now it is just advertising.
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5 years ago, Joe Peffer
Death of Organic followers was the Death of Instagram.
Title says it all. Not everyone wants to be a business and pay for followers and promotions. IG was already making enough with ad revenue. But killing the organic feed was about the most blatant sign of greed i’ve seen from a social media platform. We expected it from Facebook, and naturally everyone saw it coming with the merger. Its absurd to think that because you dont pay per post, even with a good follower to post activity ratio, your posts dont take priority among your own followers or area. Instagram took the fun out of discovering people and forces those who pay to play down your throats. The bigger accounts just saturate the market and everyone else gets forgotten. Personal pages should NOT be penalized for not paying to promote posts where as business profiles should. IG, like every Google product, is self imploding and destroying itself by its obsession with catering to ads. Not the creatives who even bring traffic to IG in the first place. Remember what happened to Tumblr? The first IG? Yea its going in that direction. The censorship and bias towards trending profiles alone is going to kill this platform just like Facebook is suffering from. And dont get me started on the spam and scam messages/ comments that plague this app.
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3 years ago, Sn3kity
You’re killing me, here
I like Instagram. I do. It’s a good app for keeping in contact with friends and for being able to share the things I create as an artist. But I swear the app gets worse with every update. The changes to the layout of the home page that make it so it’s basically a second explore page and so you don’t see posts from those you follow in chronological order are frustrating. The change to messages that make it so swiping prompts a reply to someone rather than exiting is confusing and non-intuitive, not to mention outright useless. The changes to the placement of the notification and posting tabs are infuriating. This is an app for sharing, not for shopping. Keep the shopping tab out of the main tab bar and put reels back with explore. Instagram would be much more user friendly if there was an option to toggle certain features (although calling them features instead of “hinderances” might, in some cases, be generous), such as the swipe-to-reply in messages, the suggested posts after the most recent posts in the home section, or whether posts were ordered algorithmically or chronologically. Additionally, allowing users to set up the layout of their tab bar would also make it more user friendly. I’m sure someone out there prefers the easy access to the reels tab, and would want to keep it where it currently is. But most don’t. Thus, allowing users to choose which features show up on the bar would make the app far better.
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6 years ago, andrew_colin_
I have had a frustrating issue for several months now where certain features either make the app crash suddenly, or do not work entirely. One feature that does not work at all. Not a single time... is the ability to post multiple photos in a singular post. I’ve tried with just 2 photos. I’ve tried with the maximum amount of photos in a photoset(10). Not a single time has this worked. After adding a caption with some hashtags, tagging friends, and waiting for the post to load. It fails to post every single time. I’ve tried this on both my old phone iPhone 6S plus, as well as my most recent phone purchase the iPhone X. This feature has never worked for me, often times being so frustrated I’d neglect the app for a few days and then find myself back. After attempting to delete the app as well as the app cache and reinstalling on both phones the feature is still inoperative. I also agree with many other Instagram users that the feed is very annoying that I’ll see posts I’ve seen already, or posts from several days ago. Chronological order?? If Instagram was more oriented on creating a seamless working application they may have a lot more users, or more frequent users of the app. Every bug I’ve experienced, I’ve submitted through the in app report a bug.
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9 months ago, Developer help needed
Better service
I’ve been using the app instagram for as long as I can remember. I can say that it is a part of me in a good way. I haven’t always followed the rules but for the most part being on the app was a great experience. As someone with a growing platform and growing instagram account, I can say that when you are in need of some help there’s not really anyone to call on. The email and number are from my experience never used, which makes both ways to contact them pointless. But another thing is is the biometric identification bot, is an obstacle to pass. I recently have been trying to access my account and it’s been a nightmare. So likewise I’ve been searching and watching online videos and reading sources on how to pass the “obstacle”. I feel like human review should be put to use more simply because it’s hard for an ai to understand something less perplexed. I think the ai wants you to be perfect which is going to be hard for a lot of people. Currently writing this review I have not gotten fully into my account due to the 2fa which is the start of the problem, but hopefully I can get back into my account this week. In conclusion, the app is great but there are some things that needs to be worked on and changed. For example the identification verification bot and a little more but that’s all. A tip before I finish is to get your 8 digit codes because those will be a life saver (while you have access to your account).
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2 years ago, ENAJF2799
It’s a mess now
I’ve had Instagram since 2013. For a while the updates were improving the experience especially as instagram grew in popularity. Probably in the last year I’ve grown to really hate instagram. It’s following the trend of all other social media sites, It’s 75% ads, and if you respond to ads saying they aren’t relevant or you don’t like them or whatever it doesn’t make a difference. For example I get a lot of alcohol adds, probably because I'm in my 20s, I’ve asked to stop seeing them a million times and I still see them daily. The algorithm is awful. My following feed is always in a weird order, I don’t see so many of my friends posts, and after every 2 posts it’s an add or a suggested account or suggested content. Doesn’t make sense. The popular page or for you page, idk what it’s called, is terrible. I was pregnant almost 2 years ago and my entire recommended feed is pregnancy related. But the worst feature by far is the reels. I despise the reels. It’s trying to be TikTok but it’s not. And it’s really just reposted TikTok’s or content that’s pretty unpleasant in my opinion. If I wanted to watch TikToks I wouldn’t have deleted TikTok. The app is a mess. It’s not fun, and I can’t stand scrolling for more than a few minutes. Also the amount of spam accounts in my Dms is ridiculous. I get tagged in spam posts daily. I report every time but it makes no difference.
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2 years ago, jayssikuh
Still can’t view liked images/reels
For months now I’ve had the same issue of not being able to view my liked picture and reels. Between me and the people I know who also use Instagram for iPhone, im the only one who doesn’t have the “settings>account>posts you’ve liked” setting anymore. And I was willing to let go viewing liked pictures because I found out that reels had an option to view liked reels, even if it was buggy. But now, neither option exists so liking pictures or reels is pointless. I basically have no reason to come back to this app because I can’t even go back and look at the art or tutorials I’ve liked/might want to use as a reference. I’ve also tried to contact whatever nonexistent customer service there is with no answer back whatsoever. Seriously, if you Google their customer service contact list, the only option is to report an issue through Instagram. There is no email, phone number, nothing actually useful that lets you know that your complaints or questions will be seen by a human being. Heaven forbid something good ever comes back to this app, such as the fixing of the broken algorithm that makes you view the same posts for weeks at a time. I’ve had to unfollow so many people because it was the only method to fixing the issue. Lazy, lousy excuse for “customer care.” Might as well go back to DeviantArt if you care about being an online artist in the modern day.
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9 months ago, Brookie32001
THANK YOU for fixing bug, but there’s still 1 issue
*Updated review* a few days ago i wrote a bad review because there were bug issues and my saved songs on instagram weren’t loading and now they’re all BACK YAYYY i love you forever instagram 🫶🏻🫶🏻you the GOAT. finally i feel at ease. i can finally see all my saved songs again. Giving you 5 stars now ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️but…. there’s still another issue i complained about, so every time i delete the app and log back in or go on private then back to public my account bugs out and some of my archived stories are frozen like a lot of them !! :(((( makes the app un enjoyable. please fix this!! like reels i had posted and are now in the story archives are frozen and won’t play… i love watching my old stories and some of them are frozen? not just the reels but some of my own photos or vids i posted in my story archive are frozen. :( once you fix this you will earn all my respect back. this app has been around for so long and is the most popular app, i feel there shouldn’t be issues like this still? the whole point of instagram is the posts and some of my archived stories are frozen and won’t play .. what’s the point then? once this gets fixed i’ll love you forever and will earn my full 5 stars.
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1 year ago, southernxpride
Reporting posts
I absolutely love instagram. I love scrolling through feed and stories a lot. But, anymore, when I do that there’s so many graphic posts that made its way into my feed somehow. It’s disgusting. It’s thinks from completely naked women (or women in only fishnets) trying to sell themselves all the way to the most recent post, a guy shooting another guy with a rifle in the head (with NO graphic post warning). I understand that instagram doesn’t have a lot of control of what people post when they do, but I’ve reported more posts like these than I can count in the last few months with absolutely no response from instagram. I’m extremely disappointed. I don’t need to see posts like this and neither do 13 year olds who use this app. Most of the time, it’s meme/funny pages that are associated with these posts, but it’s not actually them because they’re tagged in it somehow so I can see it. So no matter how many pages I block, another one will pop up just because I want to see quotes! I can’t go through 5 posts on my page without seeing these things. Instagram, PLEASE take this feature away. PLEASE save everyone from seeing these awful posts. At the least, PLEASE give me a response to my reports. I know for a fact other people are reporting them, and I want to know that at least 1 of the 150 posts I’ve reported so far has been taken down. MAKE INSTAGRAM KID FRIENDLY AGAIN!! At least to where I don’t lose my appetite.
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4 years ago, mwat2416
Rules are ridiculous
So I’ve had this app since before it became extremely popular. I’ve always loved this app so much but lately the rules have been so ridiculous! I can hardly comment on people’s posts now without being blocked. It’s been happening pretty much every day. I’m constantly having to write to instagram letting them know that I’m blocked and to please unblock me. I feel like this is a social media app but we’re getting punished for being “too social”. It really takes away the fun of using it when I’m constantly being blocked. I get that there are spam accounts but there are a ton of people getting blocked that aren’t spam accounts. It’s getting a little bit ridiculous lately. A lot of us like to enter giveaways and comment on each other’s posts and we’re getting punished for using the app. I really hope something can change and this can get fixed because it’s really taking away the fun of using the app. I really truly love this app so much but all these rules and getting banned constantly is just so frustrating and really ruining my experience using this app. So please, please, please fix this so we can stop getting blocked constantly. I know a LOT of people would really, really appreciate it. Thank you! ☺️
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5 months ago, Gummies12345
Notes Feature
i don't wanna be mean but I have had an issue with your recent update, which allows users to have the “notes” feature. I have not received this update, although all of my friends have. I have tried to be patient, & I have also tried fixing it. I restarted my phone, updated my phone, I deleted the app, I logged out of my account, I tried updating the app multiple times, & nothing. There is absolutely no notes feature on my Instagram. I tried checking to see if the problem was that I had a professional account, but my account is a personal account. I don't understand why I am being excluded. I am hurt, & overall shocked that Instagram could exclude someone like this. 1 would appreciate if you would give me this update. I don't find it nice to be excluding anyone from your updates, & l don't know why you chose me to exclude. But it is unfair, and I would like to receive this update as soon as possible. Please give me this update, I do not deserve this. It's truly disgusting & rude of you to just leave me out. I really want this update, I am so mad you chose to leave me out of this update, out of all of the updates you have made. I don't know why you're targeting me like this, but it needs to stop. Please provide me with this update, I would love to have the notes feature. Thank you.
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6 months ago, 2015$@&crap
I’ve had 6 comments removed for supposedly breaking guidelines none of them did. simply opinions that have everything to do with the topic posted. No swears, no treats, etc. comments you would have with any adult in a living room discussion setting. That’s irritating enough especially when you see the vulgarities that are permitted to stay posted. But then every time you delete a comment my account get stuck in this not allowing me to post any comment. I’m promoted to retry or tell us. Both prompts do absolutely nothing and lead nowhere. While my account status says I can use all features. If I don’t write in a complaint it stays this way until I do. It most irritating. At this point I’ve spent more time reporting a problem than I actually spend on instagram. Wondering if anyone else has this same issue? How it can be fixed? If it can be fixed? Because if it can’t I may be done with this particular app. It’s not worth the aggravation. Adding to this do you realize that almost all of your reviews are repeating the same review over and over forever. It’s a complaint that is marked as five stars which makes absolutely no sense and changes your review scale. And now I can see why. You send the review and if you want to write another you can’t your original review comes back up and your prompted to send or cancel. These reviews date back quite a way and say the exact same thing. Is anyone working there?
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10 months ago, upset user5
Another Twitter
If you say the “wrong” thing too many times the straight way delete your account without warning. Twitter was se spring people’s tweets during covid, well Instagram is fraught way deleting accounts. They give you zero warning or explanation. They are violating the first amendment of the U.S. constitution just as Twitter was. You know if it’s the “wrong” thing to say because it warns you when you comment saying are you sure because a similar comment was reported. They can even later try to say you violated their terms and conditions as that’s most likely what they’ll say but it’s a coo out as those terms violate the U.S. constitution which is supreme law in this country. And yet they allow liberal trash to be posted. What is wrong with society these days where we can’t even speak the truth or our opinions without being silenced as if the U.S. Constitution means nothing? They have accounts on here where women show basically everything and link their only fans and even some subscription accounts where they have minor females showing in barely any clothes and dancing like a stripper, but yet we aren’t allowed to speak our minds any more. I just recently had my account of many years deleted and have been trying to follow everyone again (including family) just to have it deleted in less than a week, again with no explanation or way or appeal. I’m done with these democrats. They’re not even human, they’re 100% anti-American.
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12 months ago, chile_theghetto
What’s Wrong With You Guys?(still a great app)
It’s been 2 years ever since I’ve ever had to come this far just to report this problem, and I thought that I’d never have to do it again. I don’t know when’s the last time that Instagram have updated their app, or when they started doing this, but it’s pretty dumb. You guys are getting in the way of me being able to get followers and promote my small business/ small account. Every time I try to follow someone, an error message pops up. You guys have put a limit on the amount of people that I am able to follow, and I only follow 45 people and I just made my new account like not even a week ago. I am activity blocked for no reason, and I have no idea why. I can’t follow anyone at all, and this have been going on for 4 days now.. I’d say that you guys are causing problems for small artist like me. I’d also like to say that a month and year ago you guys were an amazing app for small business owners to come on and promote their small business, but now you guys are doing way too much. There’s too many things going on the world for you guys to be worried about who’s following who. Instead, worry about the n*dity that’s going on💗 there’s plenty of it. Lol, to whomever may come across this, or even if Instagram may ACTUALLY read this, please excuse me if I made myself seem like a “Karen” or if like I had a attitude, I am a kind person. I tried putting this in the best way as I can.
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2 years ago, Joe mama01
Good app, terrible support system
Instagram is a good application, but when there is a problem there is no way to fix it. For me the tap in feature does not work, it appears as part of the image and is not interactable. I have looked up a lot of things to try and fix it but nothing seems to work. I tried to contact Instagram but the only way to do that is through reports, and I have reports from 6 months ago that are still in review. And when I report a technical problem such as the tap in or add yours feature not working, it does not even show up in my reports. I think that whenever I report it that nothing happens because I think it should appear in my reports log in settings right? My application is fully up to date, I’ve tried clearing the data from the app, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and nothing has worked. There are thousands of other people claiming to have this problem but nobody can find an answer or solution to it and Instagram does not provide a way to help with this. The help center only provides information for business things or how to do very basic actions within the app. There is no help for glitches and bugs, there is no way to fix or contact about these bugs, which is quite annoying.
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3 years ago, M'Lady Aileen
What happened to the app I loved?
Im in the same boat as many others here. I liked Instagram as it was different from other platforms. It’s essentially become a place to reshare tiktok videos and there’s no longer even a button on the toolbar to make a post. There is NO customer service. My app has been glitched for SEVERAL updates and won’t allow me to share a post (even my own) to my stories. I report and hear nothing. I’ve removed the app from my phone and re download and same issue. The issue even stayed with me when I purchased a new phone! I get that there’s a huge user base, but seriously they can’t dedicate ANY energy to customer service for escalated issues?!? I’m a contractor and can no longer share the posts of my clients and partners - during a pandemic it looks even more to my clients that I’m not involved bc I can’t promote their content without taking a screenshot and creating my own post- it’s hurting my working relationships. It’s gotten so bad that I barely use the app anymore. I don’t like Facebook SnapChat or TikTok and it’s clear that Instagram is just becoming like the others so there’s no point. I’m served adds and content I didn’t follow and am constantly missing out on important updates from people I actually care about - the whole point of the app allowing me to specifically target my experience is gone, and Instagram frankly doesn’t care about its users as they are all the product themselves.
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3 years ago, tkswoop
Sensitive content
I follow several artists / content creators whose content is deemed “sensitive” by instagram. I know for a fact that most of these accounts never show up in my feed despite the fact that I’M FOLLOWING THEM. I’ve even gone thru certain pages and liked several posts at a time in an attempt to show the ig algorithm that I want to see the content that I follow. To make matters worse, now everyone is talking about this new sensitive content filter but I don’t have it available in my settings. I have updated, reinstalled and combed thru the app’s settings to no avail. So basically, IG refuses to show me the content that I follow. Instead, I am constantly having tiktoks and ads shoved down my throat. To make matters worse the only content they seem to deem “sensitive” is nudity, specifically any nudity that may be portrayed from a female perspective. Political propaganda and misinformation are NOT considered sensitive content apparently, so my explore page has no shortage of casual racism for me to pick through, not to mention all the fast fashion and ponzi schemes. It’s honestly pathetic how transparent instagram is. They only care about content that they will get paid to show you. They don’t care about “filtering sensitive content” and they definitely don’t care about preventing the spread of misinformation. I wish more than anything that an alternative to IG would become mainstream, this platform is seriously dead. You killed it. Congratulations.
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4 years ago, Eurasia☺️
New Update
I love Instagram, it’s like a more modern version of Facebook thats basic enough for my grandma to understand but still fun for me to use. However I don’t know if this is a fluke or apart of the update. A message came up saying Instagram limits how much likes we can do on comments at a time to stop bullying... I just want to know who thought this was a good idea. This is a social media app that’s like the whole point, liking is literally the foundation of every media. If you have a limit whether your intentions are bad or not your going to end up being wiped for existence. And also I don’t know who thought a limit on liking comments would prevent bullying but that person has obviously never really been bullied in their entire life because that does nothing. The only thing limiting likes is going to do is leave Instagram with bad rating and have your audience delete the app and go to another platform that allows them to do what social media is suppose to be able to do. Speaking of such I won’t delete the app yet because I’m hoping this is a fluke but I will be switching to another platform, for the rest of the month, that is able to do its job. I appreciate the concern for bullying but find a way to help prevent it that doesn’t effect everyone and take away from the purpose of social media.
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2 weeks ago, Mirror Eyez
I’m unable to comment
So I checked the community guidelines in reference to liking commenting, limiting comments and likes and all that stuff and I was like OK interesting!!! I wasn’t in any violation of anything. My account was not reported for anything or another of that nature and it does it matter if it’s a friend or celebrity or strangers account that I would post to try to post a comment on or like it would not go. So it would allow me to like a post but if I go back to it sometimes it like it’s not there sometimes it is still there but forest commenting on a post, it gave me an error and told me to retry and it would say something about community and I’m like my comment is negative directory sexually explicit mean or any of that nature and I don’t stalk people. I don’t do none of that stuff so I am confused as to why I’m unable to comment on a post and say congratulations or be like whatever you know it’s crazy. and like I said before, I’m not stalking nobody even being rude or mean to nobody, and it shows that my account was not reported for anything or blocked or anything like that and also it showed that I still had access to all features of this app but it seems like everything’s a lie and then it said to update my app. My app is updated so I don’t know what’s going on so maybe you guys can explain to me why I am unable to comment on family members friends in anyone’s post.
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5 years ago, lit_lana
Is instagram deleting people for doing nothing?
Overall I love the app instagram, you can see funny videos and even gain followers on there, but here is the biggest problem on instagram, THEY ARE DELETING ACCOUNTS THAT DID NOTHING WRONG. Instagram needs to get out of their brain dead state and start checking accounts before deleting them because they are getting reported and accounts are being banned and disabled. This is especially unfair to the fan editors out there. There are hundreds of thousands of people who make edits of their favorite people on apps such as TikTok, Instagram, etc. These fans work hard on their edits, tag the people they edited, try to make their day by showing how much they love them just so instagram can delete the photos and videos because they assume that they are trying to be them??? Clearly if you read the caption you can clearly see that they are just simply showing how much they love that user. They are not trying to be like them they are just trying to support them. If they think people who show love to who they support then why don’t hate pages get banned, reported, or disabled? This isn’t the only people instagram has done this to because a nice dancer who did absolutely nothing wrong got disabled at 300k, the followers she worked hard on getting!!! Instagram needs to step up their game and stop doing all this bad stuff to these people who show their support or I’ll just have to be one of the many people who delete this app.
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8 months ago, L3Mami
I’m disappointed in you.
i don't wanna be mean but I have had an issue with your recent update, which allows users to put a 30 second music clip on their notes. I have not received this update, although all of my friends have. I have tried to be patient, also tried fixing it. I restarted my phone, I updated my phone, I deleted the app, I logged out of my account, I tried updating the app multiple times just nothing. No music option on my notes. I don't understand why I am being excluded. I am hurt, and overall shocked that Instagram could exclude someone like this. I would appreciate if you would give me this update. I don't find it nice to be excluding anyone from your updates, besides I don't know why you chose me to exclude. But it is unfair, and I would like to receive this update as soon as possible. I think I deserve this, especially after you never let me use the "Add Yours" stickers as well. I have since gotten over it, but now I cannot let you exclude me any longer. Please give me this update, I do not deserve this. It's truly disgusting and rude of you to just leave me out. I really want this update, I am so mad you chose to leave me out of this update, out of all of the updates you have made. I love music, I really would like to put it on my notes. I don't know why you're targeting me like this, but it needs to stop. Please provide me with this update, I would love to put music on my notes. Thank you <33
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2 years ago, illie42
App never works, dead links that go no where, no app support
As a business owner who uses Instagram to promote my business - I find the app unreliable with tons of glitches and dead links that don’t work, the app is cluttered with options / links that make the user interface look unprofessional and Instagram is slowly making the same mistakes that Facebook made with their Ui design, advertising on Instagram has great results whenever the app works but I constantly have ads rejected for no reason or the app is so glitchy that I can’t login or post ads, I find that Instagram doesn’t know what they want the app to be (reels, stories, igtv, posts… Instagram just needs to make an app that works and quit trying to complicate the user design), app support is non-existent and glitches often keep me from advertising on Instagram for weeks at a time - you would think that Instagram / Facebook/ meta would take ad revenue serious enough to make the app work consistently but this is sadly not what is happening, I don’t understand this whole meta / facebook takeover of the app (facebook has a horrible user interface that is cluttered and scattered between various meta and Facebook links that are confusing to navigate - Instagram is slowly introducing new features in this same manner and is slowly making a simple app complicated for no reason (this is why Tik Tok is having so much success and Facebook / Meta / Instagram is struggling).
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3 years ago, Anysamskwh
Ive had multiple accounts since 2015 … I used to be addicted to social media … Now that I’m not I can see all the many things wrong with social media and especially this app … The shopping feature is dumb … The moving buttons around is dumb … Having only one account get an update when the other doesn’t, even though it’s the same app on the same phone, is dumb … I also really miss the layout where the profile pic was on the right and the followers number wasn’t big in everyone’s faces and the name and bio were bigger as well … That being said I do like that the views and likes can be hidden etc … The reels try too hard to be tiktok … The messages although I like different themes there aren’t enough interesting ones … The porn bot accounts are annoying .. Real people get their accounts taken down while all the bots just keep popping up … I just wish this app was about sharing pictures and 1 minute videos again … Stories are really extra .. privacy is just unheard of these days … It’s so annoying .. Also the comparing your life to others is very easy to do with this app … Anyway I already deleted it but you guys should too it’s not only annoying but it’s unhealthy. Get your real life back and stop worrying about what others are doing. Find yourself. Get a career. Be happy. Read a book or write one. Go outside. Get a job. Pick up some productive hobbies. Just detach from socials. It’s not real life.
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