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Free People
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User Reviews for Free People – Boho Clothing

4.92 out of 5
196.3K Ratings
6 years ago, InTheNameOfFashion
Love Free People..BUT...
I am a huge fan of Free People. I passionately love this brand and would have no issues with giving a 4 star review if it were not for the fact that they use Laser Ship as a shipping company. It has been an absolute nightmare for me. Within the past 6-8 weeks I’ve made quite a few online purchases from Free People’s and without failure my orders end up being shipped through Laser Ship no matter if it’s express, next day, or regular shipping. Out of 3 of my last orders I’ve received 1!!! I am not exaggerating. I’ve had to make numerous phone calls between both companies for items marked as “delivered” that were not. I did not find Free People to be helpful regarding making available shipping options but they did fully refund me. I’m not sure I want to order online anymore..just not worth the hassle. I can write a book about this nightmare experience I’ve had but there’s not enough space. BUYER BEWARE!! Free People does not give you an option regarding what company to ship through so you’re at the shipper’s mercy. Don’t believe me, google Laser Ship and read the reviews. Free People you have got to do better than this.
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3 years ago, family_💚
We LOVE the quality of FP - Please restock items!!!
My daughters and I absolutely LOVE Free People clothing, the only complaint is that items quickly disappear right out of the cart so fast! And all too often items are not restocked or take forever to be restocked. Example the Fuji top was in stock and before they decided what they wanted my Fuji top in the most beautiful blue (sort of looked navy blue) was gone just like that! This color was only there for one day and has since then (per my stalking your website) entirely removed as a color option. Soo Sad!!! Please bring this back as well as the thin beach cardigan. I believe for California this depending on the day is beautiful and perfect even through winter months ahead. Besides that many of us prefer thinner lighter cardigan alternatives! All the colors are gorgeous (I was able to get my hands on one in Bridal Rose) such a gorgeous shade of pink! Other than that the app is super easy to navigate and make purchase selections. Please please restock items!!! 🌸🌺🌸🌺🌸🌺 Three happy shoppers🌺🌺🌺
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4 years ago,
I have issues with the delivery. Horrible delivery service. They marked items as delivered but never received them . Customer service didn’t even want to issue a refund until I called back explaining to them I have cameras and nobody ever delivered my package even though they stated they had proof of delivery. They never came to my property and delivered anything cameras don’t lie . Wish they would change delivery options. It’s hard to get the items as is but to have a company lie and say they delivered them is ridiculous. Free people is my favorite store but there delivery services is awful. Hopefully enough complaints and missing packages that are pretty pricey will change there mind on how they deliver . Make it better for your customers not your delivery service just a suggestion that could go a long way and save a lot of money and time . Someone is ending up with the products and it seems to be a delivery issue as previous customers are experiencing too .
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3 years ago, LuxeShopper
Above & Beyond Customer Service
I had to call customer service about a credit for some items I had to return and they he first person I had the pleasure of speaking with was Colin. He was the most friendly cs person I have ever spoken with. He was so kind, very understanding and willing to do everything he could to fix the error that had occurred when I first returned the items, which ultimately didn’t help with what needed to happen for my issue to be solved. So, he got a supervisor to look into my issue. Amy, the supervisor, was who I spoke with next. She had already looked into my issue, saw what had happened, and fixed it immediately. She was able to fix the problem so that I was able to purchase what I wanted to purchase instead almost immediately. There is no doubt in my mind that this was the best customer service experience I have ever had with any retailer, and I am 53 years old and have had plenty of encounters with customer service representatives. Thank you so much Amy and Colin for going above and beyond in helping me get the item that I had been wanting since it came out! It was an absolute pleasure speaking with both of you! And I greatly appreciate all of your help! Most Grateful, Kelly
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3 years ago, keikeiatl
Laser Ship is the absolute WORST
I love love love Free People products. The clothes, shoes, handbags, and more. However I am confused as to why they contract with Laser Ship. That company lies about delivering products, they’re almost never timely and the fee times they DO deliver, it’s to the wrong address. I’ve written emails to Free People (at least 10), spoken to managers, written emails to Laser Ship - yet this problem persists. This has been happening for YEARS. I buy so may Free People products I should own shares in the company but it’s to the point that I’m hesitant to order because I don’t have another shipping company. And I know I’m not alone because in-store and online reps have confirmed that they constantly receive complaints about Laser Ship!!! Come on Free People- that janky delivery service is costing you business!
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6 years ago, Rosie's record shop
App A+ Delivery Services A+
I actually love the ease of the app. And although review should be about FP APP felt like sharing MY experience with LaserShip as a delivery co -always super fast shipping usually receive my order within 2 business day’s (in my area US SE) and that’s just standard shipping and the boxes and items are intact. as oppose to UPS deliverers when they feel is convenient to them and often time box looks like it was tied to the back of the truck on the way to be delivered. I also order from sister companies Anthro and UO and from other “high street” clothing stores and they also use lasership (I order about 85% of my clothes online) and only 1x had a problem with item being marked as delivered but I promptly called local office for lasership they reached out to driver that was already in my area and within 15min had my items!
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1 year ago, eaymsmg
LaserShip communication is zero
I cannot provide lasership with my info bc the drop down for what I want to be notified has no options. I gave my number to Free People to track the order - why can’t it be submitted to lasership by Free People - its misleading to ask a customer if they want notifications - customer enters all that data, FP confirms it has it, then doesn’t provide to the shipper. I didn't even know it was en route until I came online and the delivery is today. Very poor flow of detail from Free People to the shipper. Very poor quality app by Lasership. And bad customer service by Free People to not text me to tell me to provide my info to Lasership. This has happened numerous times. Please check into this issue.
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10 months ago, Happy Leighster
Huge fan
I'm a very big fan of FreePeople. Great customer service. Good product. Especially if you are a plus size girl looking for some fashion. I sometimes feel some reservations because I'm not sure how sustainable their clothing is. For example, I don't know if they use sweat farms or labor from Third World countries, and how they use those resources. I enjoy the in-store experience and the online experience. My only big complaint is that they have some kind of cookies problem, where when a logged in user tries to leave a review, it will tell them upon the submission of a second review that their user ID is already in use for that reason, I have three different user ID is that I post reviews under. This is very frustrating reality that they haven't been able to fix- either online or in the mobile app!
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7 years ago, 2Persnickety2
App needs improvement
Like the clothes although I do get numerous items that are defective or damaged. Customer service is good about exchanges but it gets annoying. Clothes are unique and it's a hit or miss whether it's good quality or abysmal. Shoes are hardly ever true to size even when it says they are. The shoes are normally of horrible cheap quality. It has taken me numerous times ordering shoes to acknowledge that. I keep ordering because of the good customer service to correct the issues and the feminine clothing rarely seen at other stores. App is very annoying that you can be on page 17 out of 40 and it will randomly take you back to the first page and you can't just jump back to the page you left off. Also hate that the pages repeats itself and clothing isn't all viewed because the page jumps around even if you never did anything to do that. It gets incredibly frustrating it stops me from shopping. What’s unique about Free People is the whimsical and unique styles which are desirable.
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5 years ago, skaterbaby
LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair accessories that are scrunchies or little hair ties THE F are unbelievable love love love for all hair types! ! many different variety, when in a hurry u can put your hair in a pony-tail, braid, or braid& can used in all types & lengths of hair. Also those with the care I can actually put my hair , the hair cLips looking beautiful in a ponytail without it hurting and when you’re in a quick hurry if it one of the hair ties in and no better what your hair looks beautiful you can’t go wrong with short hair w/these hair bands!!! or long hair braided I get the most compliments and when you order the hair accessories online you find them cheaper than you can at Walmart or target & far more selection stylish their my favorite all that hair accessories are you can’t beat 3 beautiful hair ties for 3 of $12
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2 years ago, Grad gift
Online gift card
I tried to purchase an e-gift card online. When I went to check out - I was given the option to Apple Pay or proceed to check out. I tried to process the Apple Pay at least three times and it kept telling me “last name is required.” It would not process the Apple Pay. I called customer service for help and I was on hold for 25 minutes before someone answered. I was told that the Apple Pay with something new to her, and she did not know how to help me. I did end up paying with a regular credit card payment, but this process was very frustrating and time-consuming for a simple purchase.
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7 years ago, SherrieFaerie
I’m going to be that girl
I love FP. I buy their clothes all the time, but usually I have to buy in stores when I’m lucky enough to be in a city where there’s a store that sells them. I’m a size 25/26 (or around a 4, depending on the brand), but I’m only 5’4”, and I think the FP models are just too thin for me to relate to. I’m not judging the girls/women. They’re beautiful, and I love to look at them. It’s just that most people aren’t built like them, so how on earth are we supposed to know if those clothes will look good on us? We’ve all bought a pair of jeans that looked great on HER but doesn’t flatter curves. And I’m not the only person who feels this way. FP, we love your clothes, so we’re asking. Put them on women we can relate to. Other companies figured out what they were doing wrong way too late. Be genuine, and we’ll love you for it.
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4 years ago, BendfendRead
Free People APP=Free Me from buying anything!!
Free people is a true obsession of mine. & so the name carries on to this app, which if you’re a die hard like me you’ll love it as much as I do. It’s more freedom through the app ESPECIALLY during these heavy times, and I feel like going into a botique right now seems ridiculous lol. So the app takes me there and saved me from acting like a dunce 👍🏻👍🏻 really truly though, I’ve never had a problem, and I’ve had a few things delivered. I’d definitely give it a try. You get bonus’s through the app too. Also for being apart of their blog. So for me this APP is ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and completely from my own personal experience. But really..... WHY not?
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5 years ago, DOM CL
Lasership Delivery is Awful
I agree with another review that I love Free People clothes, however what’s the point of purchasing $160 sweat pants if the delivery service Lasership is so awful, it never arrives (which happened to me once). Also, sometimes they deliver at 7AM on Sundays, something that truly scared the crap out of me when I was awoken in pitch black on a winter Sunday morning at 7am by someone ringing my doorbell. I was not intending on waking up that early and it frightened me because I wasn’t expecting anyone at that hour. Low and behold it was Lasership, who deliver whenever they want to. I contacted Free People and the customer service mansplained to me that 7am Sunday delivery is convenient even though I found it highly frightening and inconvenient. Look, I love some of the clothes but hate Lasership and I hate having Anxiety over the delivery process so I will just order from Macy’s for half the price and much better delivery from UPS!
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2 months ago, MissAlysia
…it’s Free People.
Somewhere on their marketing materials, I’ve seen their slogan, “Oh, it’s free people” as a response to compliments. I say that all the time! I buy all of my clothes from Free People. I love that I can find it on my phone, order my size and 99% of the time, it fits. I love that they show the dresses on different models with different body types. I am an hourglass extra small, so seeing it on the models helps me a lot. I will often buy the same dress in multiple colors because I know how it’s going to fit on me. I am not a shopper. Free People makes it very easy for me to have a great wardrobe. Keep up the good work.
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3 years ago, QueeniDolittle
Free People
Old Customer am I. I’m old and been loving your label since the first time I saw it ! I’ll always continue to support you & am thrilled to see some Magnolia Pearl items mixed in with you. My only beef are prices. I love quality but at least throw in a few tiny gifts or can’t you have sales or discounts for us not- so- rich free people? Or are you freeing people who are oppressed in other places with the extra $$ ?? Tell us why so high prices please. I’m happy to pay more for a good reason. Help me understand or am I alone in thinking some prices are high? Sending Love & wishes for Peace- but Most of all Freedom!!!!!
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3 years ago, Karlee: )
They will charge your card but orders won’t go through
Just tried purchasing a cart full of clothes, I proceeded to do just that, and my bank confirmed the charge went through. However I got an error on the app saying my order didn’t go through. Yet it did on my card. Called to see if they could approve the order. Said best they could do was report the charge and I’ll get the money back within 3-5 business days and then I have to go back and repurchase all the items. I have a limit on my card and not will not be able to turn around and re purchase the items in time for a last minute event I have this weekend. Horrible customer service and an app that will go ahead and charge your card even though their app glitches and doesn’t process the orders. Do not buy from this app.
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4 years ago, British
Ordering Online
I used to get my orders without a problem! Now when I order online it gives me the order number and says order was successful but then I get a second email saying order has cancelled and call customer service. This makes me so upset because i want what I ordered so bad and then I try again and the same thing again. I guess I’ll have to just go into the store and purchase my items but then they do not carry what is online. I love this store and the cloths are so so amazing that I have to give 5 stars but the ordering online is horrible.
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2 years ago, cestsoir
Re: Choosing a “ship to” location
is hit or miss on this app. I don’t understand why it only works about half the time. This is my fifth order in the last month. I was only able to get my order shipped at a location for pick-up twice. There’s a definite bug in this app. It needs to be fixed, especially since online ordering is the only option during this quarantine. I hope my packages won’t be delivered to another house like last time! I’ve always loved Free People, but if my packages gets lost or stolen, I’ll have to stop making purchases. Smh.
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4 years ago, wiredmetal
Great App Representing a Wonderful Store❣️
Easy app to navigate and should you need to call their Customer Service you’re in for a delightful experience. I needed to make that call this afternoon and had the pleasure of speaking with a very helpful and sweet young lady. She answered all my questions and I felt she had great knowledge of each product I needed an answer. I usually place my own orders online so this was my first experience placing one with a Customer Service Representative and I’m so happy I made the call. I love Free People and this just adds to my respect and love for your products❣️🥰
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5 years ago, goldenheartjypsy
Free People App Review
Nice to get first dibs on what’s new and of course sales too. Oh I love a sale 😍 Also what’s really nice is that you get to read real feedback and reviews from yes yours truly each and everyone of us!! This app is really easy to navigate there are of course lil things that could be added for more ease like when you heart your favs it should automatically just save in catalogue like dress jeans health and body etc...but it is really nice to have the different options. Thanks Free People for the great products and clothing you offer. You can tell it is all chosen with much thought and real love!! Good Stuff Peeps 👌🏼🎁🎄😻🥰
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5 months ago, Shaktigoddess
I’m a fan
FP has been my go to store for so long. It started when I was walking in the Bellevue mall and saw an adorable sweater in the window. I bought it and have been shopping at FP ever since. So many of my clothes are from FP. I get tons of compliments. Coming into the store now here in Austin used to be great but it’s slipped a bit. The staff isn’t as friendly or helpful. They also don’t have the sale rack or a rack with returns on it of things that weren’t carried in the store. So now I do most of my shopping on the website. It’s hit and miss in sizing as that can vary wildly.
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4 years ago, 〰️♥️〰️LOU LOU〰️♥️〰️
My FB review 〰️♥️〰️
I have to say, out of EVERYTHING I’ve ordered,I’ve only had one item I’m not happy with. Free People always has a great selection of clothes, no matter what your style is. Every time I wear an item I’ve purchased I always get compliments. I have never had any problems with ordering or shipping. The price points are right on compared to other brands and if laundered as suggested, the items stay looking just like new. My only complaint is there are often not enough items in my size. Maybe carry more? 〰️♥️〰️ Just love,love,your clothes〰️♥️〰️
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1 year ago, Petite ladies
Petite ladies
Free people; I’ve been a customer for many years and love your clothing line. Please consider the other group of ladies that are not lucky enough to be tall. A lot of your clothing is amazing and I’ve also read many reviews of others also loving certain items, and it’s comes back to some of the same complaints and items being returned, not because the individual didn’t like the item, but bc it’s was simply too long. If you included petite lengths that would be amazing and also appeal to a bigger group of women, that simply have to return items bc of length.
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3 months ago, T E Lo
I love everything about the Free People.
"Shopping online at Free People is an absolute delight! I've lost count of how many times I've ordered from them, and each time, I'm blown away by the experience. Not only do they offer a stunning array of clothes that perfectly match my style, but their impeccable service ensures I receive my orders right on time. The quality of their clothing is unparalleled, with every piece exceeding my expectations. If you're looking for a seamless online shopping experience and top-notch fashion finds, Free People is the place to be!"
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4 years ago, Woozle scp
The app is TOO good
Due to the ease of navigating your website and your client’s consistent feedback on products/sizing, I consistently budget at least 300$ a month to go towards your store. Haha. It is all good, you only live once and your clothing makes me happy. Great job with the app! Colors are sometimes still off, so that would be my only area of improvement needed. Your client retention is great, but if you had some kind of awards program for your loyal shoppers, that could easily be managed on the app and would make people likely spend ever more on your products. :)
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5 years ago, Msksaldbsk
Too many bugs
This app has too many bugs. Whenever something is in my cart it’ll say “last one” or “only a few left” then you go on the product page and that is not the case. Though, I don’t think that is a glitch, I think it is a sneaky selling method because from what I read this company is going down the toilet. It doesn’t let me connect my Instagram account, shows I’ve made no reviews when I’ve made plenty and would like to add pics, but never can. I’ve uploaded photos to “FP me” several times and the upload never works or sticks. I thought an app was suppose to make things easier, but, these girls can’t even package orders correctly nor refund someone properly, so I’m sure technology is too much for their understanding. Just use their website, you mine as well.
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6 years ago, Rae Lindskog
Disappointed in my online experience.
Don’t get me wrong — I love free people clothing and the brand itself, but their website and online experience needs work. I placed 2 orders with around 10 items total during a sale they were having online and days later after I placed my order received several emails of “cancellation” due to shortage of the product, so I ended up receiving less than half of what I ordered. Why would the website claim to have the product if it’s sold out? The company needs a better way of counting inventory.
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7 years ago, Gehhhhhh
Horrible experience
I ordered a dress before New Years with express shipping in order to have it on New Years and it never came on time. Once the dress arrived it was a completely different dress and not my size. Take about playing a joke on me. I went to my local free people store to return both dresses and I was told I would get my money back by 3 business days. It’s been 3 business days now and I don’t have my money back in my account. Either the employees aren’t trained properly or no one can do math. Very disappointed, this was my favorite store. Get it together.
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2 years ago, Kim153716
App is fine until it’s a disaster
I haven’t been able to post reviews on the app for over 2 years. FP tech support team acknowledged it was an error on their end and they’d fix it but never do. When I reach out to them again and again, the previous person I was dealing with quit so I’m constantly starting from scratch. If you look at the corporate reviews for Urban Outfitters (FP’s parent company) they are terrible. This corporation is a disaster across the board. I like their merchandise but for the high prices for low quality (used to be great, it’s mostly terrible now), no one online knows anything. The worst experience I’ve ever had and I do a lot of online shopping. The major tech issues with the app are a reflection of this brand as a whole. A mess.
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4 years ago, Opie1975
Just love me some Free People clothing and beings I don’t have a FP store within an hours drive, I need to use the app to do all my purchases!! They always have good and thorough descriptions that explain each item which is so nice beings I can’t touch them. The sizing chart could use a little work but it’s only because their jean sizes vary with materials that they are made of!!! Thank you for the free shipping and making returns much easier than other store apps. those of us without a FP store near us really appreciate it!!!! Thanx FP!!!! Muahhh!! 💋 xoxo Opie
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3 years ago, Samnikqi
great my account was charged two times.
I never used neither web or app for this store! In other words never purchase anything from them and never will my experience charged two times and the order never appeared in waiting on their refund my account incredibly two guys customers services great but them one lady was so rude to customers incredibly she was like blame on me that I was given her the wrong order number I kept telling her mama that’s the number you guys emailed me what do you want me to give you? She was so rude! And not helped at all! Thanks for the other two guys they did a great job! My personal experience I will never even try again to buy them anything for me I give zero stars. But 5!stars two the two guys helped me.
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4 months ago, Patricia Ann Kay
This is my go to store
I love this brand. I like how we can leave reviews because they really help me sort through the items and limit my returns. I get my items quickly. I’m surprised to read so many reviews where people complain about shipping. I do like the heads upon quality of fabric. One complaint I read was how quickly items disappear from your cart. I agree. I learned if I really like the item just buy it, because you can always return. Happy shopping!
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4 years ago, Muffy Kitty
Fashion Obsession
I’m so very in love with FP!!! I just found the FP site a few months ago and I have been ordering fashions every week. I am so very happy with almost everything that I get from you. I wear FP clothes every day and can’t wait for Covid-19 quarantine to end so I can go places in my new Free People fashions! I put the coolest outfits together using things I already have with several FP styles. I am a size 0 and 5’6” so clothes usually look pretty good on me. Thanks FP for rejuvenating my wardrobe! My husband hates how much I am spending on my clothes, but he loves how fun and sexy I look!
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2 years ago, loaesida
Orders won't go through
I placed an order and after receiving the order confirmation, received an email saying the order was canceled due to a restriction on my account. There was no information about what the restriction is or why it's there. I talked to customer service, and they told me it could be a variety of things from an error to a return done incorrectly. They told me someone from customer service would reach out within 3 days to let me know what happened and fix it. It's been 3 days, no one has reached out. There is no information in the app about my account or the status of it. The app never informed me there was an issue to begin with. I have never had to work so hard to spend $700 in my life🤦🏻‍♀️
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2 months ago, PockiMocki
Payment fails multiple times
I consistently have challenges at checkout getting the “ oops something went wrong.” I will resubmit multiple times. Sometimes it will successfully go through with Apple Pay, sometimes not. But inevitably, by the 3rd or 4th time one or more things will get sold out. This time if it wasn’t for my daughter’s bday, I would have just left the cart. But it is ridiculous how consistent the fail is. This time instead of being able to use Apple pay (failed 3 times), I had to run downstairs and find a credit card. By the time I found it, one of the items that I really wanted for my daughter was sold out. So frustrating that you make it hard for me to be a customer
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7 months ago, 188cow
I have been ordering a lot from here but the last two orders have been a headache. First headache didn’t receive my order chatted with someone from a different country and all he could say is I will receive an email. That doesn’t help with Christmas. Second headache I returned a product on December 4th. A week later (11th) shows return created. But no refund. The 21st chatted with someone and they said I will get my refund in 2 days, 3 days later I chatted with someone who said I would get my refund in 2 days. Still no refund. I love their clothes and usually no issues, just don’t order for Christmas.
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2 years ago, Panache54
I like the Bohemian Style
I bought a few pieces from Free People. Boots, jackets, vests, blazers etc. your sizing could be better. Include more XL in your clothing. The XL is the first to run out. That should tell you something. You need to include more extra large sizes in your clothing. When your out of stock or no longer stocking a certain item then remove merchandise from the collection. Have more sales and promotions? I’m sure I’m not the only one that have told your clothing prices are a bit unrealistic.
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2 months ago, Gklsmsownsjwb
Orders and Shipping
I have been a free people customer for years and I am so disappointed by the shipping and the mistakes that have been happening with orders. Luckily you have some very good customer service individuals that I have worked with but what is happening? Everything about free people used to be excellent and it’s really disheartening to be experiencing this. I say this in hopes that you will take it under consideration and get back to your old ways. So many friends I’ve talked to feel the same. Hope management considers the comments. And I wish I could remember the two young that helped me with my issues. Maybe you can look them up. I do believe one was Mickey. They were excellent, kmowledgable and so kind. 😃
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4 months ago, DeeNice219
Best Clothing Line
I love the feel and wear of everything I’ve purchased from Free People. I discovered them in Nordstrom years ago and fell in love. I’ve purchased denim, cotton, leather shorts, jackets to oversized sweatshirts, cute sandals and sneakers. The colors are always vibrate and true to what’s shown on the website and the size guide is very help. When I’ve had issues with something I’ve over estimated in a look I’m going for, customer service has been super helpful with resolving my issue. I’ll get a different size of find something else that’s just as nice. Or I’ll return the item to the nearest storefront location for an exchange for something else. The looks are so chic and stylish. I highly recommend this brand to anyone who would like a unique look that is classy, clean and that total pops for any age. It fits my personality. Happy Customer
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6 years ago, simple milkmaid
Great! But....
I love free people and I think the app is laid out very well. BUT. When it sends you notifications for new collections and sales and things, if you click on the notification it just drops you on the homepage and then you have to find it yourself. I impulse buy from free people all the time and I usually get hyped up and then lose interest when I have to dig through and find the thing I was sent a notification for. That, and if you’re searching for more than a few minutes the app crashes. Great concept! Just need to work out some of the bugs.
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3 years ago, E-O 50
Free For All
I absolutely love the styles and variety of Free People. The designs are flavorful, unique, colorful, interesting, artistic, and fun!!! Free People makes me happy with their delightful, excellent quality of merchandise and awesome matching prices. I also love the way my items always come packaged nicely and securely. My packages also arrive on time! Having the different payment options is a great thing as well. Free People is a top quality store of shopping, and I will continue shopping here as long as possible!!! 💜
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6 days ago, Miss Kitty Parker
Customer Service is a joke
I placed an order that was over $150 expecting to get free express shipping like it says right at to top of the home page. Didn’t get it. When I chatted with a CSR they just kept repeating that I had to change the shipping from standard to express. There wasn’t anywhere to change the shipping as I selected Apple Pay and assumed it would default to the correct shipping for my order. When I got an email confirming my order it said standard shipping, the CSR was so unhelpful. I ended up canceling my order. Won’t be dealing with this company again. I guess I am used to Nordstrom-level customer service. (Leaving feedback here as there is nowhere on the app to do it—another problem.)
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2 years ago, brooklynzane
In love with Free People
I am 10 minutes outside Portland, Oregon. I’m doing my best to support my local brewery blocks Free People store, but it has been so difficult because of Covid. This app allows me to still feel like a regular, I have found that the reviews people leave are super helpful and that the product descriptions / quality are almost always accurate. It is also so easy for me (maybe a bit too easy) to place my orders and keep track of them. 💌
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11 months ago, sidneyjerome
The Best!
I have always thought that Free People had unique and outstanding merchandise. This spring I ordered a pair of shoes online - shoes that were spectacular. I love them. Unfortunately, my feet were smaller, and in between two sizes, of which I was not aware, I needed to return the beautiful shoes. I brought them in the store and was treated like royalty. Both the transaction to purchase, the delivery time, and the return were top-notch customer service. Feel free to edit this review if you desire.
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3 years ago, Maki mami
Excellent service and products
I’ve been an avid FP consumer for the last 3 years. I have nothing but good things to say about this company. The fabrics and designs are comfortable, interesting , and creative. The delivery is quick and communicated very nicely on the arrival times. The customer service is excellent as well. If I ever had an issue with an order or a refund it was always handled promptly and professionally. My entire wardrobe is now FP and I don’t want to hear about other brands :-)
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11 months ago, Shreveof6
The only thing I wish is if they would specify how long and how wide their shirts. Because I’m tall if the shirt doesn’t sit on my hips I won’t ware it. I also just found out I’m pregnant so if it doesn’t go over the belly I won’t ware it. I love this brand I just don’t know where to find the length and the width. Some websites if you put your weight and height in it gives you a suggestion and than you can make your decision from their. Clothes are soft and comfy and warm.
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2 years ago, monnyx2
Canceled items
The last two times I’ve ordered from you my items have been canceled. Neither said stick was low or hurry there’s only two left. Actually I ordered them at your store and there wasn’t a problem. I have credits now on my emails from using my gift card, which I wasn’t able to use on this last order. Frustrating again. I love your clothes but this is getting to be to much of a hassle.
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2 years ago, Bleh6667893
Not functional and hasn’t been for years
This is probably the 3rd or 4th time I’ve attempted to use the free people app to order and have constantly ran into issues regarding order processing, login, and successful checkout. Because of the lack of efficiency a pair of pants sold out while in my cart and I think I'm just about done ordering from free people. I’m also just remembering that back in July I was sent the wrong pair of black jeans, and when I returned them in store the employee gas lit me insisting they were the right pants DESPITE the tag not matching the label on my order number? Wish I would’ve thought about all of this 20 mins ago and saved myself a disappointment this morning.
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5 years ago, JaimeWatson
FP Charged My Card 3 Times for 1 Order
I’ve ordered using the app a few times with no issues but yesterday I placed an order for $433 and was shocked to find my bank account had 3 pending authorizations from FP, each for the same amount as my one order. Because of this, my available bank balance is now -$503. When I called FP customer service to help resolve the issue, the answer from them was it’ll take 3-10 business days for it to sort itself out. Oh so in the meantime I get to have nearly $1500 of my money held because of their error?! Not to mention be unable to utilize that money I need to oh say pay for gas and groceries and bills?! I think more than “I’m sorry” is deserved. This is completely unacceptable!
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