Freebie Alerts: Free Stuff App

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10 months ago
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User Reviews for Freebie Alerts: Free Stuff App

4.75 out of 5
157K Ratings
3 years ago, Tita Teresita
The title says it all??
This app is somewhere you can go to find items that people have listed for free on several other apps. This app gathers a collection of items from these other various apps and lists everything here for people. So as you can imagine, it’s a much better process for everyone who is currently browsing the internet in search of various items. It saves you so much time. For example, I’ll share with you my recent experience, which is also my 1st time utilizing this app. A friend of mine told me about this app because he knew I was moving into a 1 bedroom apartment and would be needing various things. He also explained the way it would probably fulfill that urge I get quite often when I want to go to garage sales or thrift stores except this is better because it’s free. Truly. I’ve inherited lots of things from others and I’m sure there will be more. I’m going to be giving a lot of my belongings away on here sometime within this month because I have to clean out some of my belongings from a place I’ve been storing my stuff and also I’ll need to clean out my storage to make room for things I’m wanting to keep that don’t fit into my tiny 1 bedroom apartment I currently live in. By the way, I’ve had some people leave the items on their porch as a “porch pick up” and I’ve had some people offer to load the items in my car which was awesome! I hope you find this app as great as I have. Give it a try atleast. I promise, you’ll find something amazing for yourself!
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3 years ago, Nycole909
Saved $$$100s!!!! Almost like the app PAYS you!!!
I honestly don’t even want to rate this app because I don’t want anyone else to know about it!!! ☺️ Seriously. I can’t tell you how much money this app has saved me! Hundreds of dollars at the very least! 💰🤑 Plus it’s allowed me to beat others to the offer! It notifies me the minute the item was posted! Faster than I can refresh OfferUp! I have found NO downside to this app except that more people keep finding out about this app which makes it harder to get to things before they are gone. 😜 The only reason I am rating it (because I never do) is because I am so impressed with the development team that I felt like they deserve the recognition. 🏆 It’s the number one app on my phone. There was a glitch one time over a year ago and the developers QUICKLY fixed it once they knew about it. 👏 Great job team! 👏 I have one wish which doesn’t even seem possible… I wish it could link to the “Buy Nothing” groups on Facebook. It does link to the Facebook marketplace and the Buy Nothing group is super strict about people getting in! I will continue to keep my fingers crossed that there is a way to make it work. Thanks again for saving me so much money!!!
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3 months ago, Kestrel Pounces
I love this app and can’t say enough good things about it. In the free exchange community, the ability to respond rapidly to a new post often makes the difference in whether you are able to get the item or not. Yesterday we were given a nearly new, quality brand wi-fi color printer which retails for about $970. We were alerted and able to respond within a few minutes to a post on a social media site we don’t usually visit. Last month we received a like-new bathroom sink and a bathroom vanity for our DIY renovation, a desk, and a vintage floor lamp, all thanks to this app. The app compiles free item posts from 5 different common sites in a running chronological list from a area of a radius you choose. You can set alerts for 12 items with multiple keywords. I’m starting to believe that you can find almost anything if you keep this list updated, are patient, and act fast when something you want becomes offered. (Combining a screenshot with Google Lens can even help find the commercial product for measurement and material specs.) I definitely think I may never again purchase many types of furniture, or appliances and equipment such as an air fryer, paper shredder, or treadmill.
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1 year ago, Young Toonz 818
A must have on my phone
I make music here in Los Angeles & as an upcoming artist who serious about making it I spend a lot of time on production which requires me to use and get familiar with a lot of different apps for editing music videos audio recordings etc. rarely do I ever take time to write a review about an app I like but for some reason this app is so awesome in my opinion and so valuable to me I just had to say that if you are in Los Angeles especially and you have an apartment or you live in a house anywhere or own a business want to own a business or even if you live in a homeless encampment somewhere with couches outside your tent this is a must have for Angelinos especially but really for anyone who likes free stuff! Such an amazing app I find so much awesome stuff on here there’s literally too much great stuff on here that I can’t even keep up with it! If you are moving in an apartment or house and need some furniture fast this is a must! Don’t sleep on it if you do your cheating yourself! And to whoever designed it thank you you have been such a blessing !
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1 year ago, FixFox420
Please deliver to someone who needs it
;3$@hours and hours of day and night time to get back home with a good day of love and love to see your happiness when I am happy to help with your heart desires lol love you mommy mama love you daddy license plate on earth angel love ya wanna know rusty lol love love y’all buddy merry Christmas and happy birthday buddy hope y’all have a merry new merry merry happy martial day on your mama mommy love birthday buddy love mommy and Lucky lucy and Lucky Gaia and Lucky me to be refreshing and healthy for allowing me for your heart attack lol I’m sorry for the reason I’m here lol lol yeah ya know FoxCFunds420 is my cashapp I also have a Temu hello what’s up with me and maybe you should come join us and I will give you a heads out of what I can get in this week and if you need help I will do that for myself but I’m still trying my very best self control and self destruct and self esteem becauses our relationship with you is all that matters I love you and so should all my prayers love me with my heart love and happiness for all of us all together we are blessed earth angels and love
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8 months ago, PandaBeAR14
Great App - so many great free item
This app is awesome, I’m happy to have found it. Within minutes of an item being posted the app will notify you of what’s been posted. The Freebie Alerts app reposts all free listings posted on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Next Door, Offer Up, & TrashNothing. Anyone is also able to post their ad directly to the Freebie Alerts app. This application has brought so many things that I have wanted and probably wouldn’t have been able to get in time otherwise to my attention as soon as they become available, which gives me a very good chance of being the first to contact the seller. I recommend downloading and using this app if you are the type of person who enjoys looking for and getting great deals. Notifications pop up anywhere between 3-20 postings an hour. It can get a little overwhelming/annoying somedays but I haven’t felt like the notifications we’re ever not worth it. I hope this review helps get across the point of the Freebie Alerts app is and what it is like.
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1 year ago, Blooflute
Freebie Alert is awesome!
I almost hate to leave a good review of this app because that will mean more people using it, thus making it harder to get the good stuff before anyone else. However, competition is good and this app is the best! Such a great way to stay in the loop on what’s being upcycled in your neighborhood. It’s the first, and last thing I look at in my phone each day. I love that it compiles a list from multiple apps of things for free or on the curb. My living space is furnished entirely of things procured from this site. The only negative I would say are the listings from people that post something for free, then in the description give a price. You can report these and they are removed which unclogs the feed so others aren’t wasting time checking out the items that are not free. Overall, this is s great way to help keep good , usable things from going to the landfill and I would say that’s a huge win!
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7 months ago, Mafumama
To be or not to be! That is the question.
This app would be perfect if when an object popped up you could be sure your correspondence with the owner of an object would be honest about the transfer of their item. More than once, I’ve asked the owner in a matter of minutes if I when I could get the item. Several times I’ve offered to come right then or when they agree. On a few occasions I’ve been asked to let them know when I was leaving my house. I couldn’t get my keys and leave a message I was on the way before the seller would tell me they just sold it. You know, it is not courteous to tell someone they can get an item and to come get it and then just give it to someone else. My other issue is the people who offer free estimates. They don’t put one “FREE” advertisement on the page. They plaster the whole page with the business the they wish to promote. Why doesn’t everyone advertise their business on here? After all, it’s FREE! I love all the broken stuff though.🙃
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11 months ago, Jamie Reed Speegle
Love the site but
As a whole I love the app but as of late I have been seeing use it to try and sell things and I don’t like that the reason I use this app is because it’s supposed to be for people who have free items to help other people with things that they need hence the name of the app but even though It says they will not be allowed to keep the post up I see some people post day after day either a service they have or items for sale and I m starting to look for a site that doesn’t let people continue to do that it’s pretty simple to me either it’s free or not if not people put it on one of the many other sites that are available for that but to the developer please have people look for these posts and do something about them why have a report button if you don’t do anything except remove it from my view just remove it everywhere if they can’t follow the rules your rules.
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2 years ago, Custom Babe
Thank you
This app rocks. It’s esthetically pleasing, runs smooth, oh and it does the footwork to find some awesome “Freestuff”! I have not come across a single glitch. And if I were to, we’ll I guess I would think too myself man I am super grateful I got free stuff handed to me at the cost of someone else’s education and time. To whomever took their time learning how to make apps, and used their creative ability to think up this app you deserve a 10+. But apple only gives me the option to give you half of your starts! Thank you for being awesome. Thank you from a Chick who loves a good deal, a mom of 3 girls that is extremely grateful for hand me downs, and last but so not least a wife of a awesome husband who is getting to live out his dream job, his business has benefited many many times from this app! ~Custom Babe~
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1 year ago, RCF-JR
Very useful but “do not disturb” on iOS needs to change
I have found this app to be very useful. For a family moving into a home, you can find pieces to fill the home until you find your perfect piece to buy. A college student would also benefit to outfit temporary housing. A gardener can also find tools and decorations. My only issue with the iOS version is that you have to pick the number of hours to not be notified when “do not disturb” on the phone is enabled. Because “do not disturb “ is enabled while driving that presents an issue if you also use “do not disturb” during your sleep time. The iOS version should not have a time associated with “do not disturb.” When the phone is in “do not disturb” mode, the app shouldn’t send notifications until “do not disturb” is off.
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1 year ago, Road Kill Treasure Hunter
Freebie Alerts! Your new favorite pastime
Standing on the porch while watching the rain, a good friend mentioned his recent success with this ap called “Freebie Alerts.” He went on to express his excitement and fortunate findings with it. Curious, my husband and I downloaded the ap, amazed by our findings. Sitting on the couch, we would scroll through and giggle about all the treasures that were only a few minutes away. Sometimes we yell from the other room, “Hey babe! Did you see the new post on Freebies! Look at it look at it quick!” Now hunting “road kill” treasures (joyous side of the road freebies) has become more efficient with a quick scroll on this Ap. We are HUGE Freebie Alert fans and excited for the opportunity to upcycle in our own community! Neighbors helping neighbors. We LOVE it!!!!
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2 years ago, Yame510
fool me once
i’ve given this app way too many tries now. I even tried paying for it thinking that maybe the listings would be more up-to-date and actually notify me on time, even then it’s very spotty, about 95% of the posts are already sold and then if you wanna mark something as “sold“ it’s a bit of a process itself that’s costing you several minutes of the valuable/precious time and might make you miss out on something else that gets posted. the idea is great, but the execution is pore. now for the personal opinion (yes those were all facts unfortunately). talk about getting your hopes up, I find some awesome things on here that’ll get me really excited… yeah… you have (and im not being unrealistic here) a ~5ish% chance at getting something you really like, and the amount of time you have to spend on the app for that to happen is simply not worth anybody's time (and im basing that on an hourly/minimum wage job). cmon developers, you’re on to something. I really hope to give this app 5 stars one day.
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11 months ago, KristinMorrissry
Love this app!
The things I have found for free through Freebie Alerts are amazing! Gorgeous solid wood curio, buffet table, landscape stones, etc. Most of these items would have been out of my price range and are beautiful. The best part, it's all free if you are willing to pick it up! Perfect for new homeowners, apartments that need furnishing, DIYers, and even scrap collectors. There is something for everyone. I can’t stop recommending this app, and I plan on listing things I no longer need to pay it forward to others. If you can think it up, it's probably on there. Kudos to Freebie Alerts for helping make products recyclable, reusable, and sustainable instead of ending up in dumps everywhere. I keep my notifications on for this app; you just never know when that next treasure will show up. ❤️
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2 years ago, leeza1961
As soon as you say that you want some thing it is gone on the site there’s no way to receive the things you want fast enough because no one goes by who responds to the ad first it’s who gets there first and most are curve alerts and they do not none of them not even the Cavaleri it’s not in the ones that are in the homes waiting for someone to pick them up none of them will be loyal enough to wait and till you pick it up at the time you say you will they say first come first serve and if they’re in a different town they 10 minutes away 20 minutes away which Mostar from me then I won’t be getting it so I don’t even attempt to travel there anymore because I’ve done so and it was gone
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3 years ago, Paul P in MA
Don’t pay the 10 bucks!!
So I decided to try the app and place an ad for an old reclining chair I wanted to get rid of. I didn’t realize I should have put my contact info in the description (I thought I’d have a chance to enter elsewhere). I wanted to go back and edit my ad but there are no options to edit an ad. When I clicked the “remove ad” button it took me to the subscription page to pay $9.99 for an annual subscription so I assumed that if I paid my money it would give me more options to edit or delete my ads or whatever. I paid my money and got absolutely zero in return for it. The “remove ad” button was no longer available and the ad remained on the app and I could see absolutely no additional functionality available in the app as a result of me paying $9.99 for a yearly subscription. Zero. I had to mark my item as “give away”. Is this a scam??
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8 months ago, DJ Michael Preston
The app is amazing!!!
This app is super amazing! I love being able to beat out the competition for free items by being notified each time a new item becomes available. The only downside is that in my experience the people on Facebook market place are the worst. They are just as lame as I would imagine their dumb personal posts are. They are super self absorbed, lazy, wishywashy, and just well about as bright as a box of rocks. How long do you suppose it will take for the younger generation to realize they are on a platform that their great grandparents can monitor them from lol. Feels a lot like Facebook is the new AOL. Anyways cheers to this app anyway the other various sites are very responsive and make this an important and fun tool.
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1 year ago, TrickENoni
This site has become aweful
I had been a member for years not one issue however I had to create a new email Facebook, well just about everything so I signed up with my new info/ new account everything was great for about 2 weeks then suddenly I got a prompt saying my account was removed n if I didn’t think this was a okay option I could request a review so I did but here’s the thing they never gave a reason I have 0 violations I’ve never sold anything or gave anything away on any of their sites I browse or pick up that’s it? They said 7-10 days for a response I’ve contacted them file another request and 2 months later nothing I get notifications and I can view items but I am blocked from claiming anything or purchasing anything on freebies or marketplace it’s the craziest but not only that it is the absolute worst experience I’ve ever had with customer service of any kind it is completely nonexistent!
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10 months ago, amanda foote
One of the best apps you could have
I was introduced to this app about five years ago from a friend and thought it was a fluke. Blows my mind how much stuff people are e getting rid of for free. I even became friends with some of the individuals I met up with . Most people are friendly and respond quickly. The only issue is u have to really look at what your getting , some people do false advertisement or make whatever item sound better than it is. I always ask for more pics. My advice is to jump on whatever u want asap because things go quick. Recommended to all my friends n family and even organizations or small business owners who are just starting out .
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4 months ago, hi my name is shari
Not everything’s free
Yea it’s a site to post and shop for free items. Which is great but then there’s the posts that you click on and it’s not something that was posted free even though they make it look like it is. A lot of people post things for sale here, and I don’t know if they don’t know how to read or if they just don’t care cause they’re too entitled. But whatever the case, the app has a button you can click to report a listing and you’d think that if a listing is reported that it would be removed completely, for EVRYONE so that no one else gets tricked into thinking something is free when it’s not. But clicking the report listing button only removes it from the feed of the person that reported it not from everyone’s. And yes I’ve tested this fact. My opinion to make the app better is if a listing is reported then it should be completely wiped out, removed from the app, removed from everyone’s feed. Thats all.
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3 years ago, Tifficult89
Great App - Alerts on Free Local Items
App pulls posted items into one place to view freebies in your chosen Local Area. Able to set max distance you are willing to travel to pick up free items posted. It pulls in all items with a $0 price tag or any posted items listed as free from other well-known buy/sell/giveaway apps such as Facebook Marketplace, NextDoor, OfferUp, TrashNothing, etc. This app is highly customizable and provides the option to setup push notifications and email alerts in the settings options. It also allows you to setup filters and search for specific items. Overall this app is genius and a great idea to use one app that pulls information from 5 other apps! Love it!!!
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3 years ago, Ilovemesomefreebies!
Fatal flaw (has been fixed!) in this app!
***EDITED*** The app creators responded to the below critique, and it is now possible to jump straight from the notification to the original listing! Just what I had been bumming about! Now this app is awesome, and you can disregard my previous complaint! Very cool! Ratings bump to 5 stars! This app is a great concept, however, the reality is that if the ad shown does not have an address, there is no way to find out where the free item is, without going to the original ad. This app would be so much more helpful if it had a link from the notification that you could click, that would take you to the original ad. Without that, since most people don’t put addresses in the title, the app is useless.
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2 years ago, Free Sr. Burns
Sucker Punch
By combining the top 4 Free Listing Sites bringing 4 fingers down into your palm and bringing that thumb around (“The Thumb Lock being Free Stuff Alerts”) you lock that fist into position and sucker punch your way to being THE VERY FIRST ONE IN LINE!!! Move over Rover and welcome to “No More Long Time Consuming Flaked Away Long Wait Responses and Posts that waste your time like “Who’s On First” (EBay) or wait a 4 hour window and the likelihood that your package will either be stolen “cause they have enough money to replace it even if you stole your own product and they really don’t care because it takes more time to investigate and have the higher ups even a SECOND of their time could cost them a Trillion dollar deal: A-Z AMAZON*remembertime=money
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2 years ago, picayunehuff5
I just want to let you know, this app is a great way to find stuff that you need or want to have but it’s usually a little bit behind for some reason. But anyway I’m happy to have this app because I can find stuff that I need that someone else is giving away and then I have posted my stuff that I’m trying to get rid of and it’s really easy to get rid of your unwanted stuff lol.. I just don’t know why they let some people advertise on this app because they aren’t even giving away anything at all. They are just using this app to make money by selling stuff or selling their services and that’s not what the app is for. I guess that they don’t have anyone that monitors the Freebie app.
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4 years ago, JROCK7585
This app is awesome!
I absolutely love this app. It allows me as a scrapper to get the upperhand most of the time right when appliances and things that I can easily fix become available so I’m first in line. Then I could easily turn around and sell them to turn a profit however lately I’m just stacking up metal and appliances for my refractory. It’s helped me get quite a bit of material for recycling and even useful goods. Brilliant app and I’m eager to see if the developers will add more listing websites to the app to really broaden our reach in the freebie realm they’ve graciously brought us to. Thanks for a great app, great GUI, and overall great functionality in an app. No complaints here. My only suggestion is to add more websites so we can gather even more search results
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1 year ago, keila faye
One man’s trash is another man treasure!!
This app has been super helpful to me and many others i know around me, people go threw hard times and cant afford something thats really needed, i spend alot of tine looking threw this app and match up alot of free items posted to orhers or myself that were in need of those certain item. i have showed many people about this app and are now using it them selfs. i change my location anytime im relocating or even passing threw other areas, just to see whats available. and its pretty shocking to see all the different stuff that people are whilling to give away knowing it maybe be a more valuable thing to someone else
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8 months ago, Smiles Nile’s
Furnished my home
This app has been such an overall coming of age unified affordable charitable and humbling life savor. My house is modernized and furnished in 2 bed rooms our living room and part kitchen all for free by the generous offerings of our neighbors if you will. As long as people want to make changes out with the old in with the new and not needing monetary take away communities will continue to grow and unite in my opinion. Spread the word about this app because it has benefited many!!!!the best part is we too give back and with our old things someone else will take pleasure in . Great idea just great overall wish listings would just get deleted after gone . :)
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2 years ago, aph0926
Don’t buy, recycle and reuse
This app is the best app in the market. Don’t have the need to buy anymore on thrift shop that supposedly are non profit but what they give back to the community is less than 12% to charity and pay les than $3.00 to people with disabilities. Then they exploit there employees with a minimum wage and lots of stressful internal situations, that you can’t talk about. Since I found this app I don’t have the need to go to thrift shops which lately are abusing labeling super expensive prices for items they receive for free and they are getting every day richer. Donate here, donate the stuff you don’t use to people in need and you will be doing a lot lot better to society. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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4 years ago, Pifer9
Hallelujah finally
Thank you lord for letting me stumble across this app. Thus freebie finder has helped me incredibly in the overall ability to finish my grueling project of a home. I have found everything that I needed to respark the interest in and actually bring to life the finishing of my cozy littje dream home out here in willow Alaska. Also to The awesomely generous people I have met along the way that are basically donating specific items and appliances that have already earned their worth for their original families, To people that need them to continue their very own projects (dream homes) I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. This reality never could have come true without your giving souls. God bless you all. I love you
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2 years ago, Rednosekiller
Great app
Great app for people going through hard times and can use items that are needed for everyday life. And on another note if I’m first to answer and can’t come at that exact moment someone who is closer shouldn’t be able to steal the item out from under me like one women did with a television. It was 9:00 at night and when the poster asked when I could come get it I said tomorrow being I thought it was a little late to be at someone’s house out of curtesy and a women who messaged she could come now got it. Had I known I could have gone then I would have. Sorry rant over but it’s a great app and you’ll find the folks that use it are super nice and giving.
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10 months ago, omi1983
First come first serve
People are putting stuff out on the curb as fast as I can I’m not giving people that replied to them time to come and get their stuff that they’re getting rid of so we have to compete with competition of trying to beat ourselves to a 15 minute rat race and trying to get there to get the stuff that the person is put out on the curb when asked if they could hold it for us until we get there they’re not even willing to do that. I think they should at least give them a 15 minute period before they pull a hold of their stuff giving a person a chance to make arrangements to pick it up.
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2 years ago, rlpitre
Love this app!
I absolutely love this Freebies Alerts app! You get notifications immediately whenever someone near you is giving something away plus the app is free and easy to use. I like how we are allowed to report listings (such as items that aren’t free) and it is removed right away. I just wish there was a way for me (and other people as well) to share free items that we see on other sites. I am constantly scrolling on Facebook Marketplace and I come across a ton of free things that I didn’t see on Freebies Alerts. It would be nice to let my neighbors know about them also. Thank you for this app. 😊
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3 years ago, shelliecoxxx
I thought I LOVED this app
When I found it I was stoked!! I thought it was such a great idea for an app, love the part where you can just jump to the original listing but I’ve had this app now for a month, maybe more and for some reason every single thing I message a seller on I never ever get a response from them. My husband has had the same issue. I’m logged into all these apps with my regular credentials that I’ve been using for years. I’ve messaged on nearly 20 - 30 different postings and have never received even a “no it’s no longer available”. I get nothing back from any of them. It’s a real shame I thought I found a real gem when coming across this app. I’m completely stumped on how this app could even be the issue behind this problem but it’s the only common denominator. I’ve never experienced this before and I’ve been using these apps for years.
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1 year ago, 805live Guy
The PERFECT solution!
I’ve spent countless hours trolling “free” sections of various sites and I find things too late 90% of the time. With this app, I have come up on 10 like new items ranging from smoke detector contractor packs to furniture that’s less than a month old. The last two days alone I picked up enough furniture to refurnish my living room. As soon as someone posts something for free, this app sends a push notification with a button that takes you directly to the listing and platform that item was listed. On average, I am in contact with the lister in 30-60 seconds. This app changed my life!
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4 years ago, AcroLizard
I have to restore my purchase every time I use the app
I would give this app 5 stars if I didn’t have to restore my purchase every time I use the app. It’s really annoying to pay money to remove ads, and then have them appear anyway every time you open the app. Also, it would be really nice if it could list the location of the item. Currently, i can see that an item is X miles away, let’s say 10 miles. I live in San Francisco, so 10 miles can mean Daily City, Burlingame, Oakland, Alameda, Emeryville, Sausalito, Marin City, South San Francisco, and Pacifica... it would be nice to see if I would have to cross a bridge or sit in traffic without having to go to the original ad. One more little thing. It would be nice if I could use this app in landscape mode, not just portrait.
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3 years ago, LizKuhn
This app rocks!
No longer shall I need to scan and scan the free stuff postings in Craigslist, OfferUp or Trash Nothing! Notifications of newly posted free items with a whitelist I can set keywords for or I can allow my phone to buzz & ding away as the day’s listings come rolling into my phone’s notification system while allowing me to be one of the first to respond to listings made in the urban area where I live. Dark mode, light mode and automatic (huh?) makes display customization a nice touch.$9.99 a year for unlimited whitelisting is worth it to those whom survive on the kindness and recycling of others. Awesome!
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3 years ago, Czycatlady79
Nice to find free stuff near me, highly recommended
I have gotten a bookcase and it was as pictured. I really like this app. Only thing is I wish the items that have been taken would be removed when someone posts sold or taken. Also pending have for example a ? In a corner of the picture/ post when u scroll through so you know it most likely will be unavailable soon. Other than that very easy to navigate very enjoyable I’m on just about every day looking for stuff I need. I do have 1 question however is there a place where people can ask for what they’re looking for? There’s things I’m willing to part with if the stuff is truly needed. Ok thank you keep up the good work 🙂
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11 months ago, GunnyB-Wife
Email options only for some items
I have set notifications for FB Marketplace and ND only (I do not have Trash Nothing or OfferUp accounts). My settings confirm this as well as “show items on feed from:”. However, there are certain items that the only option to claim is to “email” the giver. I’m guessing (because it does NOT say) that is to email them through Trash Nothing and/or OfferUp. I have submitted an email to claim several items but have received NO responses and the items still show available. Also, there’s no option to email again or follow up. I’m not emailing Freebie Alerts to “fix” this issue or suggestions to improve the app when all I see in their review responses is to email them and they already know how to fix issues! If you already know, then FIX IT!
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2 years ago, Apegues92
So overall this app is a great idea/resource for legitimately anything under the sun. I’ve only ever gotten one thing, not for lack of trying but more so due to not having the vehicle I need for some things. Only thing I really could complain about is that 90% of things are tied to Facebook Market place. Which I love as well, but only too an extent. It’s just a minor hassle to be switching back from one to another. But even that is something easily tolerated. That’s my one bug-a-boo. But people be giving some of the greatest things away for free and here’s where you should start looking for something before buying it.
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1 year ago, CinthiRose
I LOVE this it’s quite possibly the Best App Ever
Quick simple easy to use free stuff from all the best used stuff apps all in one convenient place. All free items are posted immediately and you can reply to the person giving it away with one click. I have found so many great things on here and it’s posted so quickly I was almost always the first to reply because it notifies you as soon as the ad is posted! Used this for over a year now and I’ve never had any problems! Whoever created this and maintains it you’re amazing!
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7 months ago, Lil’Ms Conduct
I Like This App Lifestyle
I actually enjoy looking & picking up some of the items out there. I look for things I actually need ! Sometimes I run across an item that gives me an idea ! Some items offer helpful solutions ! I like the idea of using the app to help someone else find their own solution ! I think it is a great idea to use things until you cannot use them any farther. We can help each other out when we are done w/an item, instead of throwing something away that still has life left in it, we can pass it to another. We save money & our land fields don’t grow as fast & as much !
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2 years ago, RL from SA
Waste Of Time
While this apps intentions may have been designed to help people, it’s just like the Nextdoor app where you have no monitors paying attention to what’s being listed. You can have people list the same item 10 times, you can have people list items which they never had. The worst part of this app and the people who use it is that once it’s listed, the end of the listing will say, need picked up ASAP or no holds. I understand there are a lot of people who waste other peoples time but please give me a break. If I’m going to drive to your location and you won’t hold the item for me plus I give you my name and my phone number. The app is a joke and it need someone to monitor people as well as those that don’t abide by the rules. This is a complete waste of time!!!
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2 years ago, AimeeRenee
Nothing is all good, but this app is close!
I love this app! My only issue is that “sold”, or much rather, already “taken” items aren’t removed from or clearly marked on the home gallery scroll page. I spend a lot of time opening a thumbnail, then clicking to redirect to the original advert, just to find out it’s no longer available., then reversing back out the rabbit hole to the home page. After doing this dry run several times I’m easily deterred and tend to wander my focus elsewhere. But regardless, I always find myself back here sifting and scrolling.
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1 year ago, mufcfrisbie
Incredibly useful
This app is truly a blessing for my family and I. At first, I was only going to give this app 4 stars. I really like it when I’ve got time to browse but when I don’t have the time the notifications are just non-stop. I did however find out how they allow for the addition of filters and it’s now definitely worthy of 5 stars. One man’s trash is definitely another ones treasure, especially when you’ve got young ones that don’t mind if someone else enjoyed something they’re getting before them!
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4 years ago, Mtech203
Only if
Only if they would make it a little bit easier to put an ad for what you need. I just think it would be a good idea because there are people out here like myself that need things you can’t afford to buy I just think it would be a great idea if you can make it easier to place an ad for what you need it could be people out there that are looking to get rid of items that they no longer need that people really need Thank you so much I am joined this app please keep up the good work.
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10 months ago, And deleted posts
Adds people don’t delete
I love this site I think it’s great but a couple of things that bother me are ads that haven’t been deleted after the item is gone and add set a bin up for one or two or even three years that haven’t been deleted. I think there needs to be a moderator to look into these things and get a hold of the people and let them know they need to delete those adds or relist them because when I see an ad that has been listed for a year or two I just passed them by thinking I’m sure the item is no longer available
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3 years ago, wiisport
Nice app but needs improvement after new updates.
I enjoyed this app every much because of the instant notifications I received when someone posts a listing. However, after the latest updates some of the best features were gone. For one, Craigslist notifications is gone and the app no longer post Craigslist listing which is every disappointing. The Nextdoor is nice but listings don’t provide enough detail of location and map location. So you have no idea how far you have to drive to get there. Also the app occasionally bombarded with scams and pornography listings that are offensive. I hope the next updates will fix some of the issues.
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3 years ago, lexismith1699
I LOVE this app
Truly this app is amazing. I love how I can have notifications sent straight to my phone or apple watch and be the first to know about freebies in my area. Whenever I see something interesting, I just click on the notification and the app has a link that takes me right to the original listing. I’ve some AMAZING scores and it’s helped this broke college student out so much. Only thing I would recommend is to add more websites to work with. Other than that, I love it and I’m on it every day
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2 years ago, vidster69
Great app
I think this is a app that everyone should have downloaded onto all there devices. I have found so many items that I needed but wasn’t sure if I wanted to buy. I am patient and everything that I needed but wasn’t sure if I wanted to buy, I found on this Free Stuff App. I have nothing bad to say about this app. I think this is one of the best apps there is on my iPad and all my other devices. You should definitely have this app downloaded onto your devices. You will love it.
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4 years ago, wiildsage
This app is phenomenal. My husband and I are currently building a home to move into, and being on an extremely tight budget, we figured we’d try and see what free stuff was out there; we expected to find the usual free wood pallets and dirt that you usually get, but after like a week of using this app it has enabled us to literally get brand new laminate flooring, a water filter, and other stuff you would not imagine being able to get because it gets snapped up moments after being posted. I’d recommend this to anybody and everybody.
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