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User Reviews for FreePrints Gifts – Fast & Easy

4.86 out of 5
63.6K Ratings
1 year ago, Nylda 64
All Picture Products
I have to say I totally love everything that I have purchased with you. Printed pictures awesome to have that way. I don’t have to keep them on my phone and I can delete them from my phone and have some extra space. Pillows love them great Mother’s Day gift. can’t wait to give it to them. Tile pictures another great gift which I am gifting for Father’s Day. I made two books, one for my sister for Mother’s Day, and one for my brother for Father’s Day, where it has pictures of his granddaughter and his son who is no longer with us. It’s a great book to look through and have your memories there. I’m so excited to give it to him. I have printed also some mouse pads, one for myself and some for my brothers and sister-in-law‘s for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. This is definitely something that I know they all will enjoy. It’s memory that you can always go back and look at. Thank you so much for all the monthly gifts. It’s really helped financially and I will definitely be a continuous customer here on out. Nylda Pennington
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2 years ago, Happy Costomer 135
Great Costumer Service
I don’t usually write reviews or promote companies. I am very impressed with all the apps: free gift , free tiles, free photo books, free prints. I had an issue two times: Once I couldn’t make my payment go through and once for not receiving an item. Both times, costumer service got right back to me the same day and helped solve the issue. Last fall, I ordered the blanket (upgraded the size). My kids loved it so much I ordered each one for Christmas. The blanket is very soft and warm without being thick and heavy. I’m happy with other items I’ve ordered. The school picture option let you use any photo and inserts just the person onto the background you choose. I used this when the kids took terrible pictures on school picture day and retake day. I’ll probably use it bc again next year.
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2 years ago, Erica Jae
Decent products overpriced shipping (Updated)
The quality of the products are good. The free blanket is more like a throw or a baby blanket. And the shipping is so high you’re paying for the FREE gift anyway. The shipping is expensive on all their products. The free blanket didn’t even weigh 2 pounds, cost $15 for shipping and took almost 2 weeks to arrive (after it shipped) Ripoff. It should be a flat rate shipping. I won’t be ordering too many things from them because of it. The products are good quality but not worth the sky high shipping price. Update: the developers responded with a ridiculous excuse of “look at how many positive reviews we have” response. The products themselves aren’t a problem. It’s the fact that this company has duped people into paying high shipping fees for these items when the actual cost of shipping is half what they are charging. People are rating the products which are high quality. When you pull back the layers, people are being deceived. The free products aren’t really free. You’ll actually pay for it in the shipping cost when the item cost less than two pounds AND it’s been shipped snail mail.
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1 year ago, Tikklemeblue
Don’t have high expectations
I ordered a free calendar on the 4th of December and haven’t gotten it yet it was suppose to be here on the 16th of December but when I track it. It is still sitting in the same place since the 16 of December wherever ups passed it off to usps so my family pictures is just sitting somewhere but I won’t be ordering for free no more because I what I paid for shipping I could have went into a store and got a picture calendar and paid that price and have my calendar already done and picked up so that is what I did but my concern is my family pictures is just somewhere and emailing customer service is a crock because all they do is send you a message saying they sorry for not getting your package give them some information about you and they going to look into it well I did that over 3 times and still no response to where my package is so with that being said I’m going to delete this app and be done with it but I will recommend not to us this site just go to a store and have whatever it is you want done and pay and you will have your item whatever it is you want and your photos won’t be circulating around somewhere waste of money ……. Beware of free lesson learned
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3 years ago, old hussie
Severely frustrated!
Normally I have wonderful service but it is so aggravating that I have paid for an order back in September that I have never recieved I used to never have any problems with my orders but it has happened few times now and I could contact them by message and would get a response and they would make it right they would get my order re sent if needed and didn’t charge extra now I am out $29 for first order and also tracking number they give doesn’t show up from my post office and supposedly they sent out a replacement of what I ordered oct 3 rd was supposed to arrive by the 14 th but it doesn’t even give you an option of a tracking number plus they charged me $8.46 to send that one!🤬 I have sent messages multiple times asking for help or answers as to where my packages are but no response! I want to know why they do not have a phone number to call to try and get this figured out! I have always loved everything I have gotten from them and made many gifts and order every month photos books gifts tiles etc! But I may have to move on to somewhere else!
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1 month ago, alecia35950
Can’t beat free
I read where someone said the shipping price is high. I have purchased prints several times. I paid 0 for the prints and about $4-$5 for shipping. When I ordered 8x10 prints it was about the same. No big deal. Quality wasn’t as good on the second order but I think it was because of the finish I chose. More of a preference. Other people may like it. Google photos become full and locked me out of my account. It had all my photos in it. All of my videos. I had to pay in order to get access. Then in order to actually see my photos it wants access to all pics on my phone. If I deny it, I can’t see my old pics. Being able to print my photos keeps me from worrying about loosing my pics forever.
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3 years ago, Drillert450
Never received order
I would give a zero star if I could..... I ordered a photo blanket in NOVEMBER 2020 For my daughter’s Christmas present. It is now April 2021 and it never arrived. I understand the shipping is out of this company’s hands once they ship it off. (I received a tracking number that quickly became invalid)..... I’ve contacted customer service a few times for a REFUND or to RE-PRINT AND RE-SHIP my blanket. Preferably with priority or expedited shipping since it’s now been 5 freaking months but no one has worked with me to make this right. I don’t recommend this company. Many people seem to have a good experience and that’s great but my daughters photos are too precious to have been printed on a blanket that is just out there in the world maybe in someone else’s hands..... I’ve had no problem with the other photo app “Free Prints” where I just print my photos and just put shipping. But these “free gifts, just lay shipping” I will never do again. Someone needs to contact me about making this right. REFUND OR RESHIP ITEM
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4 years ago, starrylizz
TLDR: thanks for the memorial blanket for my dead dog
I don’t usually promote companies... But let’s talk about FreePrints. It’s a company that gives you 85 free 4x6 physical pictures printed out every month. Just pay shipping. But, then there is FreePrints gifts. They give you one gift a month free (unless you up the size like I did). On the day My dog passed away, I got an offer for a free photo blanket. Usually something I would ignore and pass by - I don’t need more blankets, even if it only costs shipping. Clicked on the offer and enlarged the blanket a bit (I think this was $35 total), and ordered a memorial blanket. It was supposed to take two weeks to arrive. I got this blanket one week after She passed away, on a day I was really struggling. And the pictures are fantastic, and the blanket is so soft. I get to cuddle my girl again.
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1 year ago, unctbufc kn yfcyf
I don’t think I’ve ever left a review on the App Store before
I HIGHLY recommend FreePrints and all its sibling apps! I will forever use them from here on out! 1) the quality is AMAZING! Much better than I was expecting! 2) the customer service is easy to use and great, everything arrived except my photo prints and within 15 seconds I had them replaced free of charge/shipping fees! 3) they make wonderful gifts for anybody, I did the calendar for last months gift and I was pleasantly surprised with just how customizable it was. All of the items I’ve gotten since joining have been top quality, affordable price and fairly quick shipping during the crazy holiday season and winter storm! Wish I would have found you guys sooner!
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5 months ago, Kwright73
Lost hours of work; miserable customer support
I worked on my free calendar all day on 12/31. However, when I got to the very end of the process at 5 mins before midnight, there was no submit or next button on the screen, and no way to save my work. I immediately contacted customer support through the Help feature in the app, and after trying for several more minutes, also by email, sending a screenshot. I received a reply saying they were deeply sorry but were unable to assist, and asking for a screenshot showing the app version so they could escalate this further. When I replied (showing that the app was up to date) I got a response from someone who had clearly not even read the thread. My reply to this message produced another nonsensical and insulting response asking me to refrain from multitasking while using the app. I am extremely frustrated and am done with the free prints suite. I will look to snapfish, zazzle, or elsewhere.
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3 years ago, Trm08
Great company.
UPDATE I wanted to update everyone I got in contact with someone from the company and after some confusion, they made it right with me! Which is awesome as I just got engaged and will be able to use them for everything when my special day comes! I love a company who will stand behind what it tells its customers! Especially now with this pandemic going on! I 10 out of 10 recommend them! I’m very disappointed with this company. I ordered a Christmas gift from them an was told I would receive free shipping but I was inevitably charged shipping. What I ordered came in time for Christmas and was beautiful but I will never order from here again. A business should honor their word in my opinion. So just beware they definitely lie.
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7 months ago, Moron27
Top quality gift
I’m so glad I have this opportunity to review my free gift. I was really hoping for the chance to to express how much I loved the gift I had chose. I have 5 children & 11 grandchildren so it was very hard to choose an item. I picked a glass, sort of like a Pilsner glass. I got it for my youngest son as part of his Christmas present. I chose a picture of his 3 children for the front. It came yesterday & when I took it out of the box ( hoping it would look half way decent) I was amazed how beautiful it turned out. The picture was so clear, it almost looked like a painting. Sorry this review is so long but I just can’t get over the wonderful quality! Thank you so much Free Prints!!!
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2 years ago, Kathy and Gale
The VERY BEST photo app ever!
I have been proudly using FreePrints for several years now, and I have not once been disappointed! There is no other photo app that compares. The rest of them have some “bait and switch” or some add-on that you have to buy to get your discount. I bet you know what I mean. Even the shipping rates are very low in comparison. I get their 85 free prints every month without fail. I give away Bible quotes on beautiful backgrounds. I’ve been doing this for more than 5 years, and I’ve never been cut off or “expired”. They are honest and customer always inspired. Thanks, FreePrints I loved writing this review- anyone can contact me if you want to confirm that I am a real customer😁❤️
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2 years ago, cre8ivecindy
I like what I got
My first free gift was the mug. And WoW 🤩! That was really awesome and made me really excited for the free gift the next month. My second free gift, were the playing cards and they are cheaper quality. They will only last one night of poker. However, I chatted with the nicest customer service person that was great at showing me how to change the font and its placement. AND the family crest image looks great on the cards making the Hubs happy with his birthday gift. So the review, I’m giving them 5 stars based on the outstanding mug and the customer service. The cards are okay but more importantly they taught me to consider the products and what type of quality they could be.
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4 years ago, jackson mckibben
I love this app so much
I really regret not using this app as soon as I was told about it. A few years ago someone told me about how awesome this app was. This app has helped me become a better person, a better gift giver, a better family member and it keeps my wallet where I need it to be, full! All of these products are of the highest quality, they are shipped quick, they have awesome people you can call if you have any issues. I will be using this app forever and ever and I let everyone I talk to know because it has changed my life for the better. Thankyou so much free prints for being such an amazing business and providing a wonderful service to so many people.
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2 years ago, ginscat
Happy Customer
I am just beyond Excited with This Amazing Company! In our World of “Nothing’s Free” Anymore, It Really Happens Here! Everything I have ordered is Picture Perfect. Many Visitors to My Home Honestly Believe My Pics, Tiles & Books are Taken & Processed in a Studio! It also Helps to own a Phone that’s Received the Highest Ratings (iPhone 12 Pro Max.) I have sent My Family & Friends Your App Information and They’re All Thrilled. I have Novice Experience with Photography. I’ve also grown up in My Fathers Printing Co. I’m comfortable with Getting the Angle, Lighting and Cropping, so with that and This Fantastic Company, Everything I order goes over and Beyond Expectations! Thank You so very Much.
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1 month ago, loner1967
Nothing yet
I have tried for four days to order a blanket from the app I pick the style and pictures and add it to cart at this point it says loading and stays loading for hours with no results and about six times it says my session has expired and login again a couple of times it says whoops and then stays in that mode and I have to restart my phone I did chat with the help section two days ago and they gave me a list of what it could be causing it I went through the settings and everything seems correct so I don’t know what to do maybe you will have better luck
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2 years ago, LiterallykNobody
Slow then Fast
Once I got the photos that I wanted to use for my gift I thought I’d got a dud app because once I submitted to add to cart I had to wait and wake my phone for almost 15 minutes however if it’s half as lovely as I hope it’s worth the wait, I had no issues with leaving the app and coming back to finish but I did have some issues with flickering and glitches while I picked an album to get my photos from but I worked with it, I will update my review of the gift if it’s horrid or any issues in the future but over all so far so good
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2 years ago, WorldwideMusic16
The Christmas ornaments that you can order around the holiday time are very cute however I believe they need to be more inclusive to all types of families for instance, if I want to order an ornament for three people I have to chose two adults and one child. Some families don’t have two parents also some families are of mixed races and genders, it would be nice to be able to customize the characters for the ornaments to suit your exact family. Lastly sometimes the shipping fees can be deceiving when you receive a coupon to order something for a discounted price or for free because the shipping is so high it covers the cost you were initially going to pay in the first place. Otherwise a nice app.
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3 weeks ago, CriFroRoc
Terrible Chat Customer Service and Quality
I placed an order for a canvas and the confirmation email came back with a prom picture of my goddaughter full body, and it was beautiful. When it arrived, her legs were chopped off, and there was a huge black band at the top of the canvas. This was not how I submitted the picture and this was not the confirmation I received the customer service agent that helped me chat was adamant and insisted that it came to me was how it was received on their end, despite the fact that I provided them the email confirmation with a picture of what I received in the mail, and proceeded to advise me to double check my order next time. I was issued a refund. I was told next time they will not be able to help me. There will not be a next time as I will never order again from this company.
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3 years ago, savagetoday
Plush blanket 30x40
I got the Free Gift Blanket for a friend with their wedding photos on it that I took. Being a photographer I was worried about the quality the photos may loose being transferred/printed onto a blanket but thought “hey it’s only shipping cost”. BUT OMGGGG the quality, the crisp photo, the VIBRANT colors!, the softness. Everything about the blanket was great! It’s a perfect child size (30x40”)but my friends immediately hung it up in their dining room because of how nice the photos came out LOL we were all extremely impressed with the blanket & my friend immediately downloaded the app haha at this point I assume the other products are just as great in quality
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1 year ago, Cheese on a stranded farm
It’s not free BUT
It cost shipping to get the items and the shipping cost as much as the item would cost in the store HOWEVER the items in the store are not customized with your photos like these are. It’s worth it if you think about how everything is made to order. The mugs would be the same amount in the store just without your image. The blankets are too small as stated in other ratings but had I read the description I would have known, the mouse pad is perfect, the towel was wonderful, the magnets were a big hit.
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1 year ago, LWGKG
Not receiving product
Twice I have not received what I have ordered when I was suppose too. My Christmas calendar was over a month late and now a necklace that I have ordered for my grams memorial will not be here. I understand shipping delays but what is frustrating how many times I had to email customer service regarding my order. They would ask me a question, I would answer it and nothing for days. I ended up receiving 2 identical calendars and now they offered to send a replacement necklace. That is appreciated but I won’t have it in time for my grandmas memorial and that was the purpose for it. I love all their products but strongly feel customer communication can be so much better. Thank you
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4 years ago, lifeoflibby
Free Prints + Photobooks,Gifts & tiles
So far this is the best app I have stumbled upon! At first I thought it was too good to be true but then I ordered a Photobook for a gift and absolutely fell in love with it and ordered one for myself, but I didn’t stop there, I also ordered my free blanket, and now that one! I love it so much I never want to use it because I’m afraid it’ll get messed up. Now I’m up late and I’ve just ordered magnets. I have so far loved every single thing I’ve received and been so pleased with the prices that I have boasted about it and 2 family members have also gone and ordered things!!
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2 years ago, susu01
Need a good IT person
I’ve used ur service for year. Now it is awful . It doesn’t respond to touch well. It is hard to navigate now and some demos too fast Your directions are not detailed enough and there is no one to speak to speak or text with if u haves problem. Couldn’t orders free gift & a lot of no response. I’m really frustrated plz make it easier for us to gets free gift Nd especially a tile. I’m using another service now but come back occasionally to see if things are better. Plz keep trying. Susan.
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7 months ago, Mimi and Pap
Outstanding customer service
I have been using all the Free Print apps for years. Their products are lovely. Today I received my order correctly but also someone else’s order. I live chatted with a representative who was delightful to work with and worked to arrange to get the other customer their order and to reward me for “taking the trouble “ to help that customer. It was no trouble the item was beautiful and I just wanted the family to get it. Best customer service I’ve ever had.
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2 years ago, Woodff
Will keep charging you but not complete your order
Be wary of using this app. Twice it gave me an error message saying it couldn’t process my card, when I tried to complete the purchase . My checking account said otherwise - I got charged twice; however customer support said they couldn’t find my order and I kept receiving “you forgot something in your cart, come back and complete your purchase.” So now I’m $50 out and FreeGifts is saying they can’t help me. I have to go through my bank. Completely turns me off ever trusting this company. I’ll gladly take my business to their competition . Btw I used their website to get photo tiles about a year ago. The photos are now peeling from the tile. Like I said, look elsewhere.
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2 years ago, taygiraffexo
Never have any issues
I’ve been ordering from free prints for a long time now ! The photos app & the gifts app ! The quality is amazing every time . The gifts app is my favorite , there’s so many different things you can buy , also LOVE the fact you get a FREE item each month !!! It’s usually a really great product too & total worth it , you just pay shipping ! & like I said the finished product always looks amazing ! Thank you free prints for everything you’ve done for me !!
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3 weeks ago, Ms. Kacey
First order on this Gift app. I was happy with the products from their other apps so since I’m working on many family ancestry projects I tried the canvas picture. Absolutely love it. These free print apps have made so much possible with my family projects. The quality is good with no problems. They update the arrival of the product which is helpful. I hope to have the same great experience with them as I continue these projects.
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2 years ago, Skylarsdad13
My Father passed away 2 weeks ago, so I ordered the mug of myself and my 4 siblings when we were very young on the front side, my parents when they were Married, the middle side, and the back side was a picture of myself and my 4 siblings 50 years later. She is so very happy with the mug. I love all the products you have. There are so many items to choose from. I will always buy from this site. What an Amazing company. Thank you so very much.
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3 years ago, AllieGillard2012
Terrible customer service
I was really pleased with this app all year. Until I tried to order the personalized calendar and the app couldn’t process my card. I wrote customer service and Corrianne W wrote me back asking me to use a different method for payment. She stated their app was having issues and since I didn’t have another payment method, I was out of luck. It literally cost $8.64 to ship the calendar, and since it was their app that didn’t work, they couldn’t be bothered to cover the cost to make the situation right. I have ordered almost every month from this app and never had a problem, but when I do, they offer zero solutions, even if it’s their error. I’m deleting this app.
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3 years ago, Havengrace
Gimmick As Usual
I humored them and installed the app, took one look and deleted. Was going to get my “ free” gift, a tiny 30”x40” blanket, and they wanted $15 for “ shipping and handling”. Folks, picture it, pun intended. 30x40! One side not even as long as a yardstick, the other 4” longer. They call this a blanket??? I call it a throw! And the BOGUS $15 for shipping!!!! That thing is so light anyone could mail it for around $5! I worked in a shipping dept. for 14 years and believe me folks, theres NO SUCH thing as a “ handling” charge! Its a phony,, contrived term, which just means you are PAYING for the product! Nothing is free! Wake up folks!! Get any of these products done at a local shop support your local businesses and probably pay way less. SMH
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3 years ago, KillAim
I really love this app and wish I could’ve given 5 stars but, my recent order is soooo late. I’m worried it won’t arrive in time for Father’s Day. This is an exceptionally difficult year…and most likely won’t ever change. My oldest of 4 passed Sept. 5, 2020 at 25 years old. My husband doesn’t ask for anything ever. I wanted to surprise him with something special so I ordered a customized photo gift. It should’ve been here June 10th. Then the 12 and after that the 14th. It’s now the 16th and I just tracked it again and it’s saying it will be here tomorrow. Needless to say, I’m not holding my breath.
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4 years ago, javxuciwbrjztwb
Order way in advance more then two months.
I ordered from this place a month ago and still haven’t gotten my product when I emailed they fixed the order to be redone but when I ask when it will be shipped they send back once shipped it will take 7-10 Business days. Holidays are coming up and now I might not have our Christmas gift. Order way in advance more then 2 months to make sure you have your product when you need it.
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4 years ago, Mrs.JWeb
Free gifts is fantastic
I used Free Gifts for the first time, and was amazed and delighted. It was easy to use and had a nice choice of items. The personalized pillowcase I ordered was so nice and was even better in person, soft and a cute design. The blanket I ordered was easy for me to design and I had a lot of designs to choose from. Both items were delivered quickly and the they were so soft, and well made. The prices were very reasonable. I know I’ll use Free Gifts again.
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3 years ago, SidElise
I hardly leave reviews but this app is definitely worth leaving a review for! I’ve had this app for about a year now and have never had any problems! The gifts and prints and amazing! Everything gets delivered pretty quickly after completing the purchase! You can track your orders and the quality of the stuff I’ve ordered has never disappointed me! I will use this app for many years to come 😁
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2 years ago, meggies20
Good app, good item quality.
The app itself is good. Easy to navigate and has a good selection of items. I have gotten quite a few free gift and really like most of them. I just received my free photo blanket it’s so soft. The only problem is they cut my dogs head off in two of the pics. I did edit the pictures to fit so I was a little sad. Can not complain about anything else though. The magnets and ornaments I ordered are perfect and arrived quickly. Overall I’m impressed with this app.
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3 years ago, xela2687
Meant for Valentine’s Day
Earlier this year my fiancé was in the hospital and it was around the time for Valentine’s Day. I got the email for a free gift and decided to get him a blanket with pictures of us. Unfortunately he didn’t make it till then. Now I hold on to the blanket and I’m able to see is happy again. As hard as it is to miss him I can look at our blanket and remember the love that we shared. Thank you FreePrints from the bottom of my heart. 💕
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4 years ago, Blacked Eyed Pea
Free gift
I absolutely love the Prints and tiles and the books and everything but you got this free gift once a month so I ordered a blanket for my lmBFF and care giver who passed away the very next day so I wanted to give the blanket to her daughter it was supposed to be delivered on 19th of June and we still haven’t got it so now I don’t know because I’m traveling cross-country on my way to Florida because I’m moving I don’t know what to do. Patricia Walker please advise
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6 months ago, Frnorris
Thank you so much the item arrived safe not broken and my family loved it Their daughter passed away from cancer I picked that item because the candle will could burn ( by battery) and they could think of her always with love and know she was at peace Thank you for getting it there quickly and with thoughts of them I surely am grateful for choosing you for what I decided on once again thank you Mrs Frances Norris
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4 months ago, Mama Fe 7
I absolutely love the products I have gotten from here and Free Prints. Top of the line and great price. I take full advantage of the free gifts every month. Their customer service is also amazing! I got a response to my email without a hr or two. And not an automatic one. They handled my issue immediately and to my satisfaction. You will seriously not regret getting this app. Get the free prints one too while you’re at it!!
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3 years ago, JD from NY
The 30 X 40 throw
This is the best thing that’s come along in a while. Because it was free catch my attention so I worked on it for about an hour till I found photos that were clear n clean. End results ! My nephew’s family loved it! My great niece (9) and great nephew (12) decided they would each have this very plush small throw in their room for a week each. Do I have to say more? Great gift next time I’ll spend the price for a bigger throw!
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3 years ago, sld ltd
Not impressed
First order was for a blanket. Quality is not what I’d expect, but it was free so - okay. The real problem is the shipping. My last two orders never arrived. In both cases the customer service was quick and responsive. They immediately shipped out replacement orders. The only problem is I never received the replacement orders either. In all 4 cases the tacking shows the package stalling in Windsor, CT enroute to USPS. I just requested a refund for my latest order that was never received.
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2 years ago, wildlife tat
Very Happy
Got my free blanket in the mail a few days ahead of schedule. They did a very job. The blanket is super soft and my photos they printed on it came out amazing. I was totally thinking they would be grainy since the were printed on a soft blanket, not the case at all. Fantastic job to all who were involved in maligning it. I will definitely use this again in the future for gifts with that personal touch.
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4 years ago, GregCleveland
Best Photo Printing Service
I have tried every photo printing app and FreePrints is the one that stands out! Their prints have always been perfect. Even the ones I thought would be a little dark or fuzzy. And for the first time ever, the thousands of photographs I have backed up on cloud storage, I can enjoy every day throughout my home. Thank you for making it so easy to share my children’s smiling faces with extended family and friends.
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4 months ago, ny post rv
Free Prints is the best!!!
Free prints is not only the best. But their quality of work and the detail to the work is phenomenal. If anyone is reading this and is never tried FreePrints and may have tried other apps like them please give free prints a try. Because they are by far, the best in every category. I have been a member for several years now. I would never ever consider going to a different one.
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12 months ago, Tdub2547
I love this app and their other app free photos!! I’ve been using them for 4 years now and they have been nothing but amazing and helpful with not only their products but customer service as well! If I ever need to contact them if I accidentally ordered double or anything regarding a item they are extremely helpful and reply quick and are so nice, thank you free gifts!!
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3 months ago, Uniquelyfitdiva
Personalized Photo Pillowcase
I recently took advantage of my free gift. I received it earlier than estimated. The quality of the item is very good. The personalized photos printed well onto the pillowcase. I’m not sure what I expected because I have ordered personalized photo items before and they were nice but I was pleasantly surprised with the pillowcase. I love the pillowcase!!!! I found just the right size pillow to fit!
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1 year ago, Jigoku enma
After using this service 3 times and only ever receiving one of the three items I paid shipping for I don’t think I’ll be using this service again. Customer service was very unhelpful, mostly because they never followed up on my request for a refund or the whereabouts of my item. An item being lost in transit is out of the apps hands and I fully understand that. I don’t understand why it is so difficult to get s response or a refund. I’m taking the loss because this app isn’t giving me choice but to. I don’t recommend downloading this app from my experience.
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5 months ago, M8642
Product incorrectly printer and no resolution
I had ordered three of the same product, all with the same photo. Two of the three products had not printed correctly and there was a white strip at the top. I reached out via the app to get this corrected and never heard back. I decided to follow up a month later and immediately heard back and was told that had I responded within 30 days it could have been corrected or refunded. The app doesn’t track your mail submissions, so I had no proof that I submitted the notice of error within the timeframe. So, faulty product and questionable business practices.
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