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Frontier Airlines
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User Reviews for Frontier Airlines

4.67 out of 5
836.5K Ratings
1 year ago, lacey and eric's mp3 players
Absolutely horrific customer service!
Was on the chat line for almost 2 hours… Because of course now you can’t even use a phone number to speak to an actual person. Two people on the other end could not figure out why I couldn’t check in for my flight tomorrow. And it showed that frontier owed me $39. And they also had me in the wrong seat in the middle of some people. They don’t have me sitting with my cousin, and I paid for my seat! Long story short, I was the one who figured out the problem and changed my seat to an aisle seat the $39 refund came off and the money part was rectified and I was able to check in on my I’ll seat, ON MY OWN!!!! I have been a den member since 2014 and advocated for Frontier….well, NO MORE! SIMPLY AWFUL NOT BEING ABLE TO SPEAK TO SOMEONE ON THE PHONE. And all of this because the flight that we took to Florida was canceled and we had to change the flight back as well! I also spent over two hours on the chat line yesterday trying to understand why a $50 certificate given to us for compensation for the canceled flight can only be used towards the base fare which of course was only $10! And you cannot save the remaining part of the certificate it must be used at one time. I now believe that frontier airline should be reported to the Better Business Bureau.
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7 months ago, carson___craig
Only a 5 star so more people can see how bad it is! Absolutely terrible!
Never fly Frontier, they have the absolute worst customer service and the app gave us an error which took about 30-45 mins in line to fix. Then, we had to go back through bag check and get our boarding passes, taking a total of around an hour and a half just to get our bags checked! Then, when trying to board our plane, they said the tennis rackets we were carrying were not personal items!! It was 2 tennis rackets in a bag, but because it was just a little too long they didn’t allow it, even though it is maybe 3 inches thick at max and couple feet long, it barely didn’t fit inside of the personal item check. Then, they charged us 100$ for the carry on! If I knew it wasn’t considered a personal item I probably would’ve just brought my big tennis bag instead of my small one. Frontier is hands down the absolute worst company i have ever had the displeasure of flying with. I would not recommend this airline to any person, as it is all trouble and a pain.
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2 years ago, Ebug810
Never again will we fly Frontier. Tried to check into our flights the day before leaving, the app wouldn’t allow it so we contacted Frontier Airline customer support. They told us this happens a lot, that the flight was still on and to show up to the airport at least 3 hours early to check in. We arrived to the airport and nobody was at the frontier desk. We were told by airport employees that the flight was still on and that frontier should be at the desk anywhere from 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours before the flight. We were nervous so we began to contact Frontiers customer support. We waiting on hold until an hour and a half before the flight before being told by a frontier employee that the flight was canceled (months ago) but the day before was told it was still active and to come to the airport. When we became upset over this the frontier employee cancelled our flights on the spot, told us we couldn’t talk to a manager, informed us we were not getting our money back and hung up on us. This entire experience (our honeymoon) was then completely shifted because we needed to buy tickets that day at the airport (for a huge markup). Worst flying experience of our life. This is by far the worst airline, customer support, app, service you could use. Save yourself the headache, debt and stress. They will literally steal your money USE ANY OTHER AIRLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, McNoodle91
So the last two weeks I’ve had three flight with frontier. First one was delayed 30mins, no one told us why. The second flight was delayed an hour and once again didn’t know why. It would be nice to know why a flight is delayed. Then when we we’re getting off the second flight they told us the wrong baggage claim number. Stood there for 10mins and then realized that we were standing at the wrong one. Then the last flight coming home. We got on the plane on time. I was thinking maybe we’ll actually leave on time. Nope, the captain told us they were waiting to fuel up which takes 15mins but we had to wait for fueling truck to even get there and so we sat there for 30mins and then we start moving and get to a certain point and the captain goes, “ so there’s a storm, so all planes are taking off on the same runway.” So it was another 20 to 30mins to actually take off. We sat on that plane for an hour before we even took off. The storm obviously isn’t the captains fault but they shouldn’t have boarded the plane until the fueling had been complete. I’m usually a pretty patient person, delays happen but 3 out of 3 of my flight were delayed. No one likes to have a delayed flight. There needs to be better communication between the airline and it passengers on why a flight is delayed. Just very disappointed with the airline. Love the cheap prices but I wouldn’t recommend this airline.
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9 months ago, Danger Davis
Do not fly on Frontier
Whatever you do, do not fly on frontier. It is easy to get suckered in with the initial low prices, but you will end up paying a similar rate to anyone else, and if your flight is not cancelled, you will arrive broken and angry. Frontier has shifted their business model over the past few years to be as customer-maddening as possible. After you get through the initial up-charges for things like having a carry-on, checking a bag, checking a bag over 40 lbs, and talking with a human ($20-$40 depending on if you know you want to talk with someone before you get to the airport), you are met with a glitchy website and app with absolutely no way to talk with a human on the phone. Frontier also likes to do the bait-and-switch with their flights: I am writing this angry review after missing my flight that Frontier said was delayed for 2 hours until 30 minutes before the flight took off at its original time. Since I quickly ran to the customer service desk, I beat the other unlucky potential passengers that also missed the flight, and was rescheduled (for a $100 booking fee) on a flight that will get me to my kids 12 hours after I told them I would be home. My only comfort is knowing that the insanely hard plastic seats will put me in such physical pain that I will forget the emotional toil I have been through today. Frontier- Just say NO
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11 months ago, lebfkxhejxn
I’ve had a couple problems with this app first time I used it they changed my flight and didn’t say anything I realized because I checked the dates and hours and I had to change it because they added a stop and the flight I got had no stops, they changed it and then I recently got another flight round trip everything was good I bought the flight like 3 months ago until recently they cancelled out flight back and they didn’t even say anything I just received an email saying sorry your plans have been cancelled we tried changing the flight but there were no flights appearing we called and they said the supposedly the flight was not secure and that it had a pop up before you got it saying it wasn’t secure keep in mind I take screenshots of every screen that I pass to make sure there aren’t no problems and that they don’t try coming up with something like this time again because I’ve had it happen a couple times and they said that we had to pay 600 dollars for a new returning flight when I ALREADY PAID THE WHOLE THING!!! We said we were going to contact someone about it and they lowered the price, and said that I wasn’t going to pay for something I already paid for they canceled my whole round trip and again they didn’t say nothing and they didn’t want to give me my money back!!!!
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5 years ago, DoGraK
Do Not Use APP For Boarding Pass!!!
This app cost me my flight back with perk bundle, another ticket with another (but reliable) airline and a hotel night. I checked in online few hours prior to my MIA to PHL. I have TSA Pre check, when I got there, the app would not load my flights or find my boarding pass. This used to happen at times, the app would have forget who I was. This time, it was critical and the app kept giving me an error. Come to find out, other passengers on the same flight had the same issue. We headed to Frontier counter 35 minutes before departure, no one to be found, we were told by other airlines representatives that frontier personal left about 15 minutes prior!! We called frontier, after a looong wait, we were told that we will miss the flight, that the flight is not refundable, we have to pay a $110 fee to be placed on another flight 2 DAYS LATER!! other passengers managed to get a credit for their missed flight, I was not as lucky, and person I spoke with told me IT WAS MY FAULT TO TRUST THEIR APP WITH MY BOARDING PASS!! To add insult to injury, frontier lost my suitcase on the way to MIA (direct flight). They found it yet 5 days after my flight and I am still waiting for my bag back. I will never FlyFrontier again. Do yourself a favor and print your boarding pass or at least take a screenshot. Better yet spend a little more and travel with a real airline in peace.
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2 weeks ago, Wolfy51515
App works fine. Airline doesn’t.
No issues really with the app, but Frontier as a whole. Had a flight to go to DC Washington, got in and got all set at the airport and they ended up delaying the flight because the lights in the cabin didn’t turn on. Got delayed again. Then finally they canceled the flight. The customer service was horrible, tried to wait in line for the customer service desk and people had been waiting for 5 hours before our entire flight was canceled because two other flights were canceled the same day. So three canceled flights in quick succession. Tried to connect with online customer service and they turned off their texting so if you needed to talk to someone the only way to go was through the customer service desk. They had someone come down the line, saying that the only thing the customer service desk could help with was get your flight transfer which you should do on your phone. If you ever need to use Frontier. Don’t. Not only are their planes probably not the safest to fly. They will make it near impossible to get any decent help. They also refused to transfer your luggage over, meaning you have to leave, get your checked luggage, and then go through security a second time. Over all a horrible experience. If you need this app, good luck and hope your plane works.
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2 years ago, Lucky Jarms
Don’t count on your original flight booking
We booked direct flights back in November from Chicago to Miami. Hotel stays and rental car all based around our bookings. I got an email six weeks prior to our trip saying we now were connecting in ORLANDO with a 7 hour delay and getting into Miami at Midnight. Then when we flew back going from Miami to LAS VEGAS and then over to Chicago arriving the next morning. We had no other options to cancel or reschedule for any other flights. Our flight from Orlando to Miami ended up being cancelled so we cancelled our rental in Miami and got another from Orlando and drove in instead for the last leg of the journey. After paying for carry on bags we could have booked flights with American or united for connection flights and dependable service for cheaper. We booked frontier because it was direct. Trying to speak to anyone in customer service was an absolute waste of time on the phone or at a desk. No one cares at all. I work in transportation and understand the challenges of our world today. But customer service and even having a slight bit of compassion or empathy to the situation people are in is what wins your reputation as being an airline to go back to. We will NEVER fly Frontier again and will be sure to share with everyone why they shouldn’t either. Incredibly disappointing.
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3 years ago, Bjb904
Why is it glitching out!!!!!
I usually don’t have any issues with the app. Especially compared to other airlines, yet this past week Oct 20th, I’ve had to login via the website because the app keeps crashing. I called the 800 number to let them know, as this has been going on since Monday. To not avail, it hasn’t been fixed. I’ve had to go to the counter to retrieve my tickets. This is an inconvenience, as I have clear & TSA & I enjoy utilizing my mobile device to have my tickets handy. Fast forward to today Sat Oct 23, I’m trying to purchase 2 flights on the app. I get all the way to the payment only for it to glitch, close and completely log me out. I try it again. This time I can’t login it keeps glitching out. What’s really going on, help paying customers out. I’m not just casually scrolling and gazing, I’m trying to make a purchase. Please fix this as of now this exact moment 7:24 MTN time on Oct 23rd it’s not sufficient or operable.
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3 months ago, Kbug7590
50/50 service
I am a first time flyer, so take my experience with a grain of salt. However, I had a fairly positive experience with Frontier during my first time in the air as I headed to Philadelphia. It took about the same amount of time as they had predicted, the flight was smooth minus a tad bit of turbulence. The flight home though? What was supposed to be an 8:30am flight has been delayed going on 2 hours now, they made 40-ish people put their carry-on bags under the plane because of weight distribution issues, and even admitted they overbooked the flight and wanted volunteers who could wait until 10 PM TONIGHT for a new flight. Not only that, they did maintenance that no one was aware of until we were all on the plane, soon getting a text at 9am that we would be delayed. I sit, now typing this at 10:00am after having deboarded the plane because they kept us on too long. I understand they need to check the plane is functioning properly for us, but at no time was this issue directly communicated until we got off the plane. The lack of communication truly is appalling and I wish we were told why these things were happening more clearly.
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2 months ago, hoopiyton
Delays, Blaming, and Cluelessness
Don’t think I had a single flight in the four I took on Frontier that left on time. On my final flight from Portland->Denver->D.C. our original flight was delayed by two hours which led to 10+ of us missing our connecting flight by literally 5 minutes. There was no communication between the groups of attendants, all Frontier by the way, and they always sounded surprised when we talked to a new person. The Frontier staff at the connecting flight EVEN CALLED AIRPORT POLICE ON US as they turned us away! We were all obviously frustrated but no one threatened them or even got particularly close to them! They started demanding our names so they could “do something” about us as well. Then after 4 hours waiting in the airport for a new flight they booked for us THAT FLIGHT WAS DELAYED BY 2 HOURS AS WELL! We had to deboard after making it to the runway due to a “glitch”, in fact I’m still waiting currently and writing this review. I just hope my luggage is at the DC airport when I get there since apparently that was able to make it onto my connecting flight on time… just not passengers. Don’t fly this trash airline, I’ve never written an app or airline review but this was the most ridiculous series of events I’ve ever taken part in…
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5 months ago, Wilson L1
The current ratings are clearly a product of fake reviews and comment manipulation
I don’t understand how this terrible airline can have a 4.7 star rating, I flew with them once in a round trip from Orlando to Baltimore. The Departing flight got delayed 3 times from 9:55 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. the next morning. The reason for the delay was they messed up scheduling so there was no pilot to fly the aircraft, and the customer service did absolutely nothing. I asked for a refund and they told me no, I asked for compensation on my paid but missed hotel stay and they told me no, all they did was sending me a $10 voucher for dining that must be used within the next day. On my way back from Baltimore, the flight was delayed again due to some “computer problem”, so I looked up some statistics and unsurprisingly Frontier has the highest delay rate out of any airline operating in the United States at 31.9%. This airline is a piece of garbage on both main service and customer service. Yes, even for cheap airline. I’ve traveled with other cheap airline like spirit and southwest, none of them was as bad as frontier. I would strongly recommend stay away from this airline as possible as you can, the 30 bucks you saved is absolutely not worth the hassle and suffering.
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1 year ago, Mich2417
Worst airline ever - still fighting for my refund without resolution
Frontier is the worst airline I’ve ever used! After our flight back from Orlando weeks ago I noticed an unauthorized charge on my credit card from them. There is no phone number so I had to online chat someone to figure out what the $99 charge was even for. They then said it was for an oversized or overweight bag charge. Not one person ever said anything about our personal items being too big. No one ever had us check them in container before boarding. And no one ever notified me that they were charging my card $99. I have been emailing back and forth with them and they keep saying there is nothing I can do about getting refunded for the unauthorized charge. I would have to go back to Orlando ticket counter and talk to whomever charged my card which is impossible for me to do. This company has stolen money from me but charging my card unauthorized not notifying me of any charges and our bags were smaller than the advised personal item sizes. This has been such a nightmare trying to get my money refunded from this fraudulent charge without resolution weeks later. I will make sure everyone I know avoids flying frontier bc of this fraudulent charge to my card.
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3 days ago, BillBlinton
Separated me and my pregnant wife
While booking through this airline they attempted to seat me and my pregnant wife in two separate rows, while there were open seats next to her. If I wanted to seat next to her, they were forcing ME to pay $43 extra “for a preferred seat” I had booked both our seats at the same time over a month prior to our trip. The app is very reluctant to give you a phone number to call to talk to a human being, so I wound up googling it myself. The app may not be the issue here, It may be mine, but I was a little frustrated at the time. I did get a representative in a very short amount of time, I believe the gentleman‘s name was Prosh. After explaining to him that it would be unacceptable for this seating arrangement, He very quickly rearranged me and my wife into different seats next to each other free of charge. Prosh was very professional, and very willing to work with me, for which I will be forever grateful. However, putting me in the situation and putting him into the uncomfortable situation of having to deal with that is unacceptable at a corporate level. I will never be flying with frontier airlines again, because they also make you pay for a carry-on bag.
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2 years ago, URgunnaDIEclown
Several issues
Frontier is not my normal airline, simply because they don’t normally go where my job takes me. Using the app I had several problems. Checking in for my flight went as you would expect. Click to check in. Receive Offer to buy a seat and other last minute things. But, the Frontier app was very aggressive in offering me upgrades multiple times. It also offered me a bundle when I had previously purchased the carry on a la carte. Was it trying to double sell? The second issue was this: It seems that after you check in and get your boarding pass, if you disconnect from frontier via internet, the app will say the session is expired, and will no longer display the boarding pass until you reconnect. Airports have signal dead zones, interference, yada yada - that’s life. I never lost strong cell signal, but it doesn’t reflect any hiccups. Also, my phone recognized airport wifi and tried to connect… unsuccessfully. Not retaining my boarding pass was a problem because at TSA, I lost my digital boarding pass. Later, I needed to know my gate to find my flight. Looks like I had disconnected again. Sorry!
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10 months ago, UnacceptableNoJustice
Flight cancelled - irregular operations
Flight was cancelled 12hrs before the flight. Not due to weather but instead a decision by the airline. Refund was offered but I had $600 worth of other things (hotel, car, dog boarding) booked which couldn’t be cancelled due to late notice. Ticket was only $165 so not much benefit in refund. Only flights they would rebook me on had connections which turned a 4hr direct flight into 12+ hours. How would I trust that my connection wouldn’t be cancelled and then I would be stuck in a foreign city. Some flights were 24+ hours with connection. Total bait and switch deal. Was never told there were other airlines which could get me out. Ended up buying a different ticket on another airline for approximately $500 so I wouldn’t lose my short trip and end up paying for all my other expenses for no trip at all. Very shady. Cancelled because it wasn’t economically feasible for a billion dollar company and instead they stick the inconvenience and $$ with individual people. I don’t know how these people sleep at night knowing they are ripping off the common American. No wonder why the government is investigating the airlines. Crooks monitoring crooks. Unbelievable.
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2 years ago, frontier is crappy
Honestly I wish I didn’t have to give frontier one star because it deserves less. I ran into an error four times trying to book my flight online so I tried through the app I still got the same exact error it said some thing with the host which I will include a screenshot if I can. so I tried to look for the customer service number which is impossible to find because apparently they are all listed wrong and then they tell you to get on this chat. you get on the chat and you get the runaround for booking flights. this is also after dealing with an automated text message service that is no help. when you try to call the customer service number, it says that they’re out of order or if it actually picks up, it’s all “ I can’t transfer you but I also can’t I help you with any of the problems that you had”. you get a lot of attitude and then on top of that when the website is giving errors they proceed to tell you that no you cannot book the flight at the price on the website it has actually gone up and then I have to charge you a fee for me to help you to book a flight and then you get hung up on so hooray!
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3 years ago, Che2u
San Diego to Branson round trip
I took my first trip on Frontier Airlines two weeks ago. I have always flown USAirways, American or United prior to that. Well I was blown away by the service! I traveled to Branson, Mo and the plane was on time! I had requested wheelchair service and when we landed, the wheelchair and flight attendant were right there waiting for me! On the trip home, my friend went to park the car and then come back to help me. The attendants at the desk saw me standing by the door and came over to grab my bags and help me to the checkpoint! My friend barely made it back to say goodbye to me! We left on time and when we arrived in San Diego, we were early. Again the wheelchair and attendant were waiting for me. I have never had such a smooth flight with such nice people helping me! I plan to fly with them again real soon!💕
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2 years ago, stizzlemom
I travel a couple of times a year and book through other airline apps routinely with no problem. This one, however, was an exercise in frustration- and ultimately- in futility. The app does not recognize you or your device, so when it times out because it stubbornly refuses to advance to the next page, you have to start all over again. There is no acknowledgement at any point that you are actually logged in. There is no way to compare prices between a standard fare and THE WORKS, which they tout as being a great buy but most definitely is not. The biggest frustration, however, is the inability to move beyond the screen where you add your baggage (because you pay extra if you don’t do it before you get to the airport!). I tried FOUR times to buy my ticket, but tapping the NEXT button did nothing to advance to the next screen. If this garbage app is indicative of the kind of dumbassery I can expect when I get to the airport, I don’t think I care to fly with this airline. I am deleting the app and paying extra to fly with another carrier who doesn’t make me worry if their stupid app has even booked me a ticket when I get to the airport.
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2 years ago, Irritated and out of $
Not customer friendly!
Using the app to buy seats and carry-ons was not a good experience. You have to book separately for each leg of your flight. We booked outgoing seats and one carry on bag, advertised at $50 per bag and $21 for the seats we selected. That charge turned out to be $244. I went in to select seats and add a bag for our return trip (I was not informed and thought my purchase was for both flights- my fault) the next day. At that time, the cost had gone up and added another $360 or so to our cost. Live and learn- $58 tickets have now run me $750. BUT the seat selections for our departing flight disappeared. There is no phone number to talk to anyone and the chat says an agent wi be with you shortly, but they never came on after several hours. I emailed, and the response time was advertised as 7 days. They did respond sooner, to tell us they see where we paid to downgrade our seats. I emailed a receipt and screen shot of the assigned seats. No response. The gate agent fixed it for us, thankfully. But the app is slow, cumbersome, and apparently glitchy. With no human customer service, it’s not worth the risk.
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2 years ago, S summertime
Slowest Most aggravating website
I timed out. It would not complete the sale so I finally started over. That time it kept saying I was not putting my password in correctly. I have facial recognition and I had just used it successfully. Got a temporary password and it wouldn’t take the copied and pasted temporary password. Got a second temporary password. Would not take a new reset password. Tried 3 passwords before it would take one that was only a slight different from the first two. Finally in. This time it said I needed to pay for a new discount den. I finally just paid it. If I needed to renew Discount Den, why didn’t it tell me that the first time? I think this airline is a rip off and in the past when I have called for assistance I have only gotten a run around. This time I would have given up and gone elsewhere but I had already invested so much time, literally hours, to get when I needed to fly. I will be checking other airlines and if I can fly on another airline I will.
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1 year ago, Scootlog
The application freezes a lot and times out. This is especially frustrating and inconvenient and brings a lot of anxiety when you have your boarding pass open and are about to present it to the TSA agent. The application freezes or boots you out and wont let you back in. It’s pretty bad when you have to literally step aside and there are hundreds if not over a thousand people behind you and the TSA agent even informs you that the Frontier application is known for locking up and kicking you out and such. Pretty bad when you have to catch a flight and you cant bring your boarding pass back up. The TSA agent informed me that if i can get the frontier app to open and show my boarding pass to take a screenshot of it because the frontier app is known for these issues. So as i sit here now im at work doing this review im going to see if i can get my boarding pass to come up and screenshot it before i get to the airport because the app cant be trusted when you are standing in line and get to the TSA agent.
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5 years ago, Josh-in-Denver
Ripped off - app is misleading
Careful about being mislead by this app like I was today. Yes, you can check into your flight early, pay for your baggage, and pick your seat. However, there is a catch-22. Frontier attempts to sell you a package deal that includes a checked in bag, carry-on, and the ability to pick a seat, but makes it seem instead like you’re signing up through the app for an account. I made the mistake of going through all these motions without realizing that I was buying a package deal. How I really got screwed was when I showed up to the airport and the attendant let us know that our “carry-on” items were small enough that we wouldn’t have had to pay fees to bring them aboard. I later inquired about a refund for those two items and was told that they could not do so because I bought it as a package. I feel so ripped off! If I had just checked in my baggage at the airport and taken a randomly assigned seat, then I would have spent maybe less than $60 instead of $120. Frontier is bordering on committing fraud with this app and I’d even recommend that Apple yank it from the store so nobody else gets scammed by it like I did.
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2 years ago, LeveLIIIIIII
Never fly Frontier
I am a business traveler and fly nearly every week. I am usually on Southwest or United. I decided to book a last minute trip on Frontier for a good friend’s birthday party. The flight was from Denver to Phoenix and I paid $343 for my round trip ticket so not particularly cheap. I only packed a backpack as it was a one night trip. Giselle was the gate agent working flight F9 755 out of Denver on Nov 26, 2022. She required my standard Ogio backpack fit in the narrow personal item bin. At first it didn’t fit but I told her I can rearrange it to make it more narrow. I did and it fit but she said I had to pay $100 for a carryon bag. The other gate agent saw it fit and told Giselle she should let me board. Giselle refused and then closed the doors on me and would not let me board the plane. The other gate agent was shocked. Giselle should be fired or retrained in customer service. I found out later that the gate agents are paid a commission on each bag fee they get. Congrats Frontier, you have lost a potential customer for life and I will tell everyone willing to listen to never fly your airline. I missed to party and never flew out.
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2 years ago, RiahsMiMi
I was VERY disappointed at the MADHOUSE that I walked into at the Frontier Ticketing/Baggage Area this morning. Our flight was scheduled to depart at 7:27 am and we made it to the airport at 5:15am. There was no organization at all! People were EVERYWHERE!! You couldn’t tell where the lines started or ended and people were cursing each other and very irate. My 7 months pregnant daughter was traveling with me as well and I was fearful that if a fight broke out her and my unborn grandbaby would possibly be injured. Thank God that wasn’t the case! This was my first time flying with Frontier and although the actual flight and attendants were all very nice, I don’t think I’ll EVER be flying with you all again! I don’t like unorganized events. Again it was a MADHOUSE! I learned that There was a Nationals Cheerleading Championship going on along with Spring Break so the powers that be should’ve planned for the mass of people that were gonna be present. Our flight was also delayed for over 2 hours due to tire maintenance (so we were told). People were laid out like flies everywhere. Thanks goodness we did FINALLY make it home safely!
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2 years ago, sammie780
Horrible experience
My flight got delayed 16 hours and I missed my cruise. They offer no refund no resolution or anything. We were actually on the plane and they were technical difficulties that they had to fix that the latest 30 minutes, they stated that they need to refill the plane that was another 30 minutes we’re on the plane for an hour waiting to takeoff then it starts storming is delayed again now the pilots ran out of flight time so they cannot fly us legally and we had to get off the plane and it was delayed until the nice day. We were stranded at the airport, customer service kept hanging up on us and the women at the desk were no help they kept stating that they were tired and ready to go home. This was the worst experience of my life,From an airline and unfortunately there were other people with children and I will lose my mind if that was me I do not recommend for anybody. If you do just be prepare for you to actually be on a plane ready to takeoff and end up having to turn around and be stuck at the airport for 16 hours with no one to cate
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2 months ago, OgTyeee
would not recommend
the worst airline I have ever flown with. Spirit was better than this. the employees in the airport right before boarding the flight are extremely unprofessional and rude. I even saw how rude they were when servicing other passengers on the flight. The airline has all theses extra fees and unnecessary charges. You think you are getting a deal but buy the time you purchase your ticket and everything else you could have just purchased through a better airline. I booked two flights through frontier and one flight has been changed 3 times ruining all the plans I set accordingly. Although I can say the flight was smooth and how frontier did have a woman during check in when departing from home in Dallas who was very kind. I wish I would have gotten her name. Other than that I feel the service needs a lot of work and the extra fees should be up front. 2 stars only because of the plan crew and that nice lady at check in although I still would not recommend.
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3 months ago, Brandon Larry Riley
Overbooked flight stuck in airport for 17 hours. 4.7 stars is an absolute fabrication
I had booked the same flight with three other buddies flying out out Las Vegas to STL at around 6 am. I lost my phone in a taxi cab drivers car which was never returned (not frontiers fault) they were cleared to take the flight but told me I was unable to board because they had overbooked the flight!! somehow me not having my phone meant I couldn’t get on the same exact flight even though I had all my credentials. So I had to stay in the airport for 17 straight hours to wait for the next flight out to STL. All of this because frontier wanted to sell more tickets while a few others get screwed. They made no accommodations for me, no refund or anything. The front desk lady is just throwing luggage on the conveyer belt one suitcase topples over and she just throws it back on. 4.7 stars is an absolute joke I know for a fact that even spirit airlines is miles ahead of frontier. Oh and the kicker is they charged me $20 for some unknown reason 3 days later. Will never fly with this airline again. Steer clear!!
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1 year ago, Mojo Surf Design
Boarding passes? Really
This app is mediocre at best. You would think a company as large as Frontier could hire some really good designers and coders to make their app work right. As is, it’s mediocre to downright terrible. The digital boarding pass is a major pain point. You should not have go through several steps in menu to locate boarding pass. You should not have to ever “retrieve” a flight with confirmation number. All your upcoming flights for the day should just be there when you login in. Also once you do find your boarding pass, you cannot add it to apple wallet. An error prevents it. So your stuck trying to pull it up later. Another major problem is flight info being cut off on right side of app. I’m using a big iPhone and no option to scroll over. Just unacceptable for an app from a big company. Frontier is big on cutting costs, but things still have to function properly. I’m not going to get into the other downsides of flying this airline but those negatives coupled with this app make me reconsider booking this airline again.
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11 months ago, jiijgdv
Make it Make Sense
Look, we all get it. If we’re willing to fly Frontier, we’re willing to sacrifice for comfort. That’s not what this review is about. The app is just silly and could be easily improved if the developers just fixed the coding. 1) Please remove the departure flight boarding pass once the flight is complete. When we checked in at security for our return flight, the app automatically pulls up the old boarding pass and it’s not intuitive / easy to rapidly access the correct (return flight) boarding pass. 2) Our flight was delayed (duh, it’s Frontier… we expect it) but the app doesn’t update flight info to let you know about the delay. We found out at the gate, and then I had to confirm via Google by searching the flight number with not a single mention of the delay on the app itself. A web browser shouldn’t be more up to date than the live ticket on the app. Just make it make sense Frontier, it’s not that hard to at least have your electronic ducks in a row.
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1 year ago, Mar01312023
Duplicate reservation made due to system error message
I tried to book a flight and purchase the Discount Den membership and after clicking on Pay, I received an error message saying Frontier could not connect to the server and nothing was booked. I went through the whole process again and was able to book the flight and purchase the DD membership. Then I see I have two reservations for the same flight, same day, and both include the purchase of the DD membership. Tried to use the chat for assistance to cancel the duplicate booking and get a refund, but agent Jennifer never responded. Then I figured out how to delete the duplicate reservation and did so, but I have no confirmation email that it is cancelled and no confirmation that I will receive a refund. In addition, I tried to book a return flight and the system would not allow me to select the DD price without agreeing to purchase the membership again! Had to purchase at full price and hopefully get the difference in price refunded. Not happy at all with Frontier’s system and lack of support.
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3 days ago, jazzy10jazz
I am writing to express my extreme disappointment with the lack of customer service I received during my recent experience with Frontier Airlines. On June 10th, I attempted to reschedule my flight to June 11th due to unforeseen circumstances, only to find that the website was down and there was no way to contact an agent or support team for assistance. When I finally purchased a new ticket for June 11th, I specifically requested one ticket and one carry on, which was confirmed by the desk agent. However, upon arriving at the gate, I was denied boarding because the carry on was not added to my reservation. Despite explaining the situation, I was met with indifference and unhelpfulness from the airline staff. Even when I brought up my concerns to a flight attendant, I was met with apathy and was essentially told that my experience was not surprising. I am now out over $200 for a round trip ticket and am extremely dissatisfied with the way I was treated throughout this process. I expect better customer service and communication from a reputable airline such as Frontier.
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2 years ago, Jala Peño
I spent about 6 hours today trying to book a flight, tried using both the app and the website, tried using a tablet, a phone and a computer. Nothing worked correctly and they all just kept crashing every time. Even tried chatting with a customer rep. Waited an hour for someone to finally respond. He wasn’t even paying attention to my messages and kept responding with incorrect info. For example, he tried to book me and charge me for my flight without even asking me any questions on which times or baggage options or seats I would select! Then while we were in the middle of booking, he asked me something I had to look up. Took me about 20 seconds but he just responded saying “Looks like you’re not there anymore, so good-bye”. Geez, after I waited an hour to talk to this person, he just hangs up after waiting 20 sec for my response. I always encounter technical problems trying to book a flight with their app, but this was the worse experience I’ve had trying to book a flight with any airline.
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1 year ago, CyntQueen
Horrible experience
So my daughter flew in from Sky Harbor to Fort Lauderdale Hollywood Airport for my youngest daughter’s birthday the flight here was fine however everyone here in Fort Lauderdale knows the Fort Lauderdale airport was flooded and hundreds of flights canceled . ( not their fault they can’t control the weather, right ) however the app showed the flight for today back to Sky Harbor was still good. Then on the flight status I looked it up to confirm it was still good and saw in fact it wasn’t and it’s been canceled . Nothing showed up in the actual app . Then trying to find out what to do to get a replacement flight for a future date an automated message said a email would be sent to whoever did the booking. It was but was sent to junk mail. We didn’t get any of this information until the flight had already left bigger problem is it wasn’t out of Fort Lauderdale Hollywood international airport anymore. It was scheduled to leave Miami not Fort Lauderdale. We have no idea what to do or who to talk to because no human is behind the customer care .
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1 year ago, onamora
Worst airline
Anytime they take away a phone number for you to talk to a real life person you should run not walk away. I’ve watched as this once decent airline sank to the lowest level of client service and dignity, more than any other airline I’ve ever dealt with. Against my better judgment my wife and I booked our family on a trip which they canceled, and upon trying to receive a refund would only let us buy other tickets that they offered that don’t fit your schedule (most of the options include convenient 12-24 hour layovers). So here’s how it goes, they can change their flight on you and keep your money, But you can’t change your flight on them without paying them extra. And, for the cherry on top, you can only deal with a robot online to try and navigate their systems. They’ve eliminated all possibility of getting a hold of a real person to work things out. This is now definitely my last ever frontier airlines flight, good riddance frontier! Good luck with your business, your going to need it!
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2 years ago, eli_mvp
Won’t ever do frontier again
So I got to Miami at 1:30am. Went to get my bags that were checked in. Got my suitcase and noticed that it was broken. Went around and asked where I could go to so I could speak to someone and they told me to call customer service which I did. I didn’t get to speak to anyone personally, so i had to result to talk to someone in a chat which also didn’t happen. I ended up sending out a email with pictures of my bag and telling them what happen. Imagine my surprise when I finally got a response they tell me “unfortunately we can’t help you because you have passed the 4 hour mark a complaint is supposed to be made in”. Remind you it was 1AM in the morning and we just came off a 3 hour flight there was absolutely no customer service available for me to file a complaint at that moment and granted I did try. but for them to reply in that manner knowing there own companies business hours, how was I going to make the cut? ONCE AGAIN NEVER AGAIN WOULD I FLY WITH FRONTIER AIRLINES AGAIN. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL
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5 years ago, huskypaladin
Dislike frontier
Flying because it’s the only option. Rating has nothing to do with app. I hate the “upswell” tactics of frontier beyond belief..... here is an advertised cheap flight.....oh you expected normal accommodations like a carryon bag and picking your seat at check in.....that’s going to double your cost of ticket and that’s only if you buy it in a bundle with a checked bag.....check your bag now or get charged more.....we are military and per info on the site get all of that stuff for free....even after opting out still being prompted really really grinds my gears.....I said no. In so frustrated that frointier is a budget airline and really after you buy normal accommodations it’s maybe $20 than delta aa United. It bothers me that the customer base is built on a lie and then charging what a real airline is for 2nd rate service. /end rant
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1 year ago, Gracie11/8
Leave your money at the door
My granddaughter bought me this ticket. This is my first time with Frontier and I haven’t even flown yet upon this review. The reason I am writing this before flying is because I’ve already hit several snags before boarding. Unfortunately, my granddaughter when purchasing my ticket didn’t realize it didn’t include a carry-on. Apparently on Frontier when booking a ticket for 10 days and flying over 1200 miles one way you don’t need clothes, toiletries or other important items you might take in your carry-on. When you pay to take a carry-on you don’t even get the luxury of the same size or weight with your carry-on as other airlines. Frontier sizes and weights are smaller and lighter. Although I believe, Boeing and Lockheed, who make jets make the same jets for all airlines. I just hope my flight will change my mind. There has to be something special about this airline that you have to pay for every little thing. If anything changes after my flight, I will change my review.
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2 years ago, 🤮Airline
Worst Airline
Had the worst experience on our flights to and from Denver- to JAX. May 6-13 flight 474 and 475. Got to denver 2 hours early, so 4 am with an 18 month old. Checked in online did the kiosk for baggage , oh that cost $588 extra😡 ONE person working the baggage drop and took 1 hour 40 minutes in line to just drop the bags. Unacceptable!!! Rushed to TSA security only to wait again!!! Not a Frontier issue. We boarded the plane with 6 minutes to spare, got seated in our $288 seats only to sit for ANOTHER 40 minutes waiting for other passengers to connect from a late flight probably due to understaffing where that flight left from. By now the baby is so done with sitting. And we now have a 3 hour flight, no drinks were offered while we waited. When we finally took off and got beverage service, now $3.25 for a friggin soda. Flight home we had the nastiest 3 flight attendants ever , they need to retire if they hate people so much😡😡 You can keep you horrible fee inundated airline, will never get another dime of my money.
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2 years ago, Diabolo7810
Bugs bugs and bugs
Not sure why but I don’t receive anything to my email even when I manually ask for my ticket info or boarding pass to be emailed to me. I am also not always able to login which is a problem if you try to retrieve your boarding pass at the airport. I had to login on my laptop and take a picture or go to the counter and get a paper print of my boarding pass. It is also very much a pain to have to give your last name and booking number to retrieve your flights when you are already logged into your account. That should be automatic. Also I have gost profiles on this app with just my name and phone number. When I open those gost profiles, the green button for delete is hidden by the bottom ribbon with all the icons and I cannot use it to delete those profiles. When I called Frontier, they told me to delete the app and reinstall it. Each time I did that it created a new gost profile. Altogether this app doesn’t work well and I expected more from Frontier.
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11 months ago, LuLatrice
The Worst of the worst!!!!
Let’s start with how I purchased a nonstop flight from Cancun Mexico almost 2 months ago and two weeks before my trip I get a text and email stating changes to my flight that they made without any warning that now has a layover connecting flight in Florida. I never fly connecting flights because of the hassle! Then I think Frontier train their employees to be rude because no one was nice. This is not even the bad part…. Once we finally reached our destination after a flight that took 9 hours that originally supposed to only took 2 and a half.. we got to baggage claim and waited another hour and a half only for them to say that our bags and the other connections passengers bags didn’t make it from Florida! Talking about livid!!!! Then 20 minutes after all of us going back and forth with them , our bag’s finally appear on the belt they told us it would. I will never fly this airline again i don’t care if they were passing out free tickets! This airline disgusts me!!!
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1 year ago, savvy@15
Frontier is HORRIBLE. They don’t notify you when they have a gate change via the site or email like normal airlines do. They say they announce it over the intercom several times, however in the airport they didn’t announce it over the big intercom so that people can hear. Then the attendants are giving miss leading information about how to get rebooked. One say we have 30 minutes to get rebooked at no cost and then the lead says that that’s from when the flight leaves but we had been standing at the desk with them before the 30 minutes was even close to being reached. They didn’t have any other flights that could get us home until days later and they want to charge you $99 for the rebook when it was their fault about the change non-notification. They already nickel and dime you for the flight. They don’t even have a real customer service department, everything is done via chat which doesn’t help anything. “DON’T USE FRONTIER UNLESS YOU WANT TO WASTE OR LOSE MONEY!!!!!”
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1 year ago, KLK'sMama
Chat with customer service is the worst
Listen, I lovedFrontier. Despite the nickel and dime-ing, despite some crazy flights and uncomfortable seats—I have loved Frontier. But the online chat now is enough to make me pay triple for another airline that can communicate consistently. The online chat, for one, does not allow you to leave the screen for any reason before to get the “connection lost, trying to reconnect” message. Even (gasp) Spirit uses integrated texts so you can go about your day rather than be held captive for extensive amounts of time, or being bounced from rep to rep. I have received sooooo many different responses to the same issue, that I cannot trust anything anymore. I keep going around in circles until you randomly get a competent representative. (I’ve done customer service in my lifetime, I know it’s not fun, but this is ridiculous). At least allow the app to work with customer service and credit/voucher options. It shouldn’t be this hard to give you business.
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1 year ago, yoteach7
Not worth it, not even in the slightest!
Unless you are traveling only with an extra pair of underwear, do not under any other circumstances consider Frontier or Spirit. They charge outrageous fees for everything, so only consider if traveling with a personal item only. Spirit lost our luggage, then a week later when they found it, sent it to a different state where another random passenger texted us and said they sent it to him. Now we’re in line for Frontier at CLT where it’s supposed to be kiosk-friendly for boarding passes and checked luggage…nope! Not a single freaking kiosk and two single agents processing hundreds! We were here 4 hours early, just in case, and they had a sign saying they didn’t freaking open until 2 hours before our flight. We checked back almost 3 hours ahead of time, and they had actually opened…only to have hundreds of people ahead of us and now worries about missing our flight! These two budget carriers are not worth the perceived savings!
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2 years ago, tanise neu
Frontier is terrible and lack human compassion
I bought flights months ago for this week with Frontier just to fly from Denver-Cleveland in order to visit family I haven’t seen pre-Covid. I ended up having emergency surgery over the weekend and my surgeons told me I was unable to travel for the next week. I tried to call frontier and let them know I was an emergent state and needed to change my flights for the following week. I talked to two different costumer service representatives and they let me know there was NOTHING they could do for my rare and emergent circumstances and I could pay $200 to change my flight or pay $100 to cancel, which I obviously don’t have to the month for (hence the emergent surgery on top of flights I already purchased). On top of it each time I requested to speak with a manager I was rudely hung up on. No matter what your career is a think a little human care and compassion, is never too much to ask for. Frontier has lost my business for a lifetime.
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10 months ago, Sadeyes60
Canceled Flight
I am so upset about this Airline. I flew from Pa to San Diego for my brothers passing. I didn’t make it . My heart hurts. On our way back home, they kept saying delay after delay, then they canceled it at the last minute. People were lined up and trying to get somewhere and they say if its weather related they can’t help anyone. I was already a mess because of loosing my brother but then after waiting 12 hours they finally cancelled the flight. They didn’t care what we had to do but we weren’t going no where. We had no extra money for anything but we were blessed to have family to help us. Never again will we ride that plane!!!! As we got our luggage they tore it up and refused to replace it. So our flight was cancelled after 12 hours and our baggage is in the trash . They say normal wear and tear isn’t there fault . We just bought luggage to go there. I’m so upset, paying for our luggage and then they tear it up , I’m so mad and hurt. Believe me , it’s horrible
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3 years ago, Graycezilla
Bad info
When choosing the ‘perks’ bundle on the app, when managing a reservation by adding seats and bags, it clearly says that checked bag and carryon bag and seats (specifically INCLUDING stretch/exit seats). When choosing this option and the stretch seats they are apparently NOT included in the bundle. I refreshed several times and spoke with two customer service reps who assured me that THEIR computer says that stretch and exit seats are extra, not included in the bundle. I wouldn’t have been disappointed if the description doesn’t clearly say that they are included. To include these seats would have cost MORE with the “perk” bundle than if I purchased seats and carryon bags separately ($336 versus $399!). I asked to speak to a supervisor several times and the very polite service rep said that they would tell me the same thing and that I should reserve seats and bags on the website, not the app. Confusing!!! I just wanted to let someone who understood know that the app is apparently wrong, the rep agreed with me…….
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1 year ago, jacecryan
Never again
I was charged a carry-on bag fee for a backpack that “didn’t fit”. It was 11:08, one minute past the time they said the doors were supposed to close and they still had about 20 people to check in and load. Everyone was rushing. I was next in line and someone pointed at me and about 7 other passengers in line and just said “your backpacks don’t fit and you need to pay for them.” Wouldn’t even let me put it in the slot to show him that it did. He said I had to either pay or miss my flight because there was no time. I have never been treated like this with frontier in my life. I got off the airline and showed the gate agent here at Denver airport and she agreed that it fit and said to contact you. Below is the photographic evidence of my bag sitting in the Personal bag slot just like it always does, and always has. I absolutely respect your policy which is why I follow it and I’ve never had an issue. But what kind of airline doesn’t give their customer the benefit of the doubt especially when the airline is running late? See photos below. I have had friends say that frontier has screwed them and I have defended you guys every time. If my business isn’t worth $99 especially with the evidence that I provided, then you don’t deserve my business or my companies and you are worthy of the reputation you are quickly gaining. Respectfully, Your loyal customer
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1 year ago, pavan madineni
Worst airline and worst service ever. Deserves a negative rating if possible
I was travelling from orlando to san francisco with a connection at Denver. I have added 2 check-ins at Orlando. I have carefully checked at home and verified one of them weighed 40lbs and the other weighed 35 lbs. The weighing scales are absolutedly rigged and it showed the weight as 55 lbs and the attendant immediately asked to pay 100$ for additional 15 lbs. I was asked to re-weigh my bag and it showed 40lbs. I was again asked to fit my shoulder bag at Denver into a box and since it didnt fit in the box, i was charged 100$ for it. If my bag’s dimensions were not acceptable, had I been mentioned about it at the source itself, I could have adjusted my personal bag and brought it down to permitted dimensions. They have also just recently downsized their paid check-in limit from 50 lbs to 40 lbs and have been on a looting mission from passengers through baggage fees. I was literally asked to pay and board or find another flight.
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