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User Reviews for Fuel Rewards® program

4.75 out of 5
551.8K Ratings
2 years ago, papwams
Shell Gas
The reward program for Shell is an excellent deal. Yes, Shell is like all the other large stations. That is their gasoline is a little pricey. But their gasoline is excellent in my opinion. I get better gas mileage, my engine seems to run better and the Shell Oil Company is a good company. Shell has put together a fantastic rewards program that I have been using for years. If you were to research the Shell Corporation and compare it to all the other companies, you will find out that Shell is the best of all the other big gasoline companies. Unlike a lot of the other big companies Shell takes responsibility for any damages or mistakes that has been made in those countries where they have extracted oil from. They invest money into the countries education systems and many other ways to help improve the country. Unlike other big oil companies that are still covering up their mistakes and not taking responsibility for their errors. Now Shell oil company is no angel but they are trying to improve environment and improve their company. This is all my opinion. I also fill up at stations I know that receive gasoline from Shell. Especially when a Shell Station is not available. Thank you Shell. And continue to improve the world to make linger better for all man kind.
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2 years ago, howmanydo i have to try
Shell rewards
I have the app on my phone to pay at the pump. It doesn’t work. I was at a station in SC and did what they app says to do it didn't work, went inside and they tried it and said it doesn’t work inside, then said other customers have had trouble with it and we think it doesn’t work here but when we checked it works at exit 53 or 69. How are we supposed to know where it will work or where it wont ? I was traveling from Fl to NC. It might be ok when we are local but not traveling. I called the number on my rewards card the guy I talked to said he couldn’t help me but gave me another number to call and to select option 8. That guy said I was at a dealer help number and he had no idea and to to call the number on the card. I did that again and that guy said they had no control over where it could be used but he could tell me where to find an app that would show me the places on a map where it did work. When I said I was traveling and it was kind of hard to drive and try to find the right station especially if I needed gas now he said well you could pull over and look.
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4 years ago, Mydanni327
Can’t login - Customers Reps are a joke
I haven’t been able to login for weeks, after many “Forgot Password” attempts. I called the customer service number only for the lazy rep to tell me he was (get this) doing a “Forgot Password” reset. When that didn’t work, Mr. Intelligent says he’s going to do it again. Yes, this guy really thought the best way to fix a software issue is to keep doing the same thing, expecting a different result. He tried to hurry me off the phone by saying if the “reset” didn’t work, I could call back in and they could escalate the ticket. Now, common sense would say to just escalate it now after a failed attempt by the customer and a failed attempt by customer service. Luckily, I was already proving that he was insane by telling him the new “reset” was also not working. He then huffed and puffed his way into filling out an escalation ticket. It’s 24 hours later, and I get a random email saying, “We received a escalated case from our Member Support team regarding your inability to access your account. However, as of 4/9/19 it appears that you were able to successfully login. If you continue to experience trouble, please reach out to us directly for further assistance.” Wait...I’m sorry. How exactly did I get into my account with a locked out account? And how lazy do you have to be to send an email saying, “looks all good from here,” without confirming anything with the customer? Wow! Just wow!!
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6 months ago, MommaLynne
Signs out everyday since last update
Since the last update a month ago, this app now signs me out every single day. I typically only access this app once a week to add my T-Mobile Tuesday reward balance, but it’s a complete pain to even do that now. It requires me to sign in every single time I access the app. I don’t understand why these rewards can’t be applied directly thru the shell app that doesn’t sign me out every time. It’s ridiculous I have to have 2 apps from shell on my phone to get my weekly 10 cents off my gas. No other gas station would make me keep 2 apps. I can’t pay at the pump with this app, only with the shell app, so why exactly do I have to have this stupid and glitching middle man app to apply my rewards??? If I didn’t need the 10 cents a gallon discount for my weekly gas refill, this crap app would have been gone from my phone 2 years ago when shell decided they wanted to push a second app on me. It’s so stupid that it takes 2 apps for any 1 business. Combine your crap shell, most people wouldn’t want to deal with this, I know I’m not alone. And now that I have to sign into this app every week to access it, it’s further proving that shell doesn’t give a crap about their customers, they literally take joy in inconveniencing their customers with stupid and archaic process like this one. One app for one business. It’s not that hard of a concept really
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2 years ago, Suzy & Babygirl 23$
Fuel points
I love my Shell app & all of the rewards offered & I don’t shop for gas, cigarettes, snacks, sodas, etc., anywhere but a Shell station! My problem is, is I gather up the points & I do the T-mobile Tuesday every Tuesday & again today when I went to use my 15 points that I had accrued from shopping at Shell & the 10 points I get every Tuesday they weren’t there again! I own my own business & I travel a lot & those points mean a lot to me but on my way from Tennessee to Kentucky this morning, I went to fill up all I had was 5 cents off a gallon! This is the third week in a row and I would appreciate it if you could check into this matter and find out why? The people that work at the Shell no matter where I am just shrug their shoulders and say I don’t know. It’s very frustrating & I would like to know why I’m not getting my 15 cents off a gallon every week that I accrue. Thank you for your time in this matter & I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you soon!
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5 years ago, Ree'lynn
BEWARE! Credit Card info stolen after putting it in this app!!!
UPDATE! I’ve had the same card number for years never had an issue. After putting my card and husbands in this app, BOTH cards were compromised!!! Fraudulent charges were made with three days of each other on each card. In addition to this, customer service NEVER responds. Apple should remove this app. After receiving the developer response I called the number and waited on hold for over 10 minutes. They stated in the response that they don’t store the CCV number. This was the only variable in both cases of our cards being stolen that was incorrect therefore the bank caught it and deactivated the cards immediately. Now I’m even more convinced this is how my card information was obtained. I have consistently not received the rewards earned. When I called customer service they said it must be the store, except it is happening with all stores (grocery, hardware, farm stores). They told me to send in receipts. I’ve sent them now three times (bc’ing my two personal email accounts) and they never get them although they deliver everywhere else. So in summary, they are getting all my transaction history for my MasterCard (lots of free data for them!) but I’m not getting my end of the deal. If this isn’t resolved within the week I’m removing my cards and going elsewhere.
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1 year ago, smlas
App doesn’t show price for V-Power grade
Hello, It’s been several months now, but the gas prices are not showing for the V-Power Nitro Plus. It will show a few prices. A few is about 4 out of 15 stations. When this first started I thought that stations were running out of gas. Turns out that was not case. This actually started when gas prices began to drastically increase. I guess that was February going into March when gas had reached the record high. When I switch the grade of gas to Regular or mid- grade, prices show. I only use V-Power and I have 3 favorite stations that are lower than most. However, out of those 3 stations, one or two may be cheaper than the one closest to my home which is where I go the most. But whatever this glitch or error is in the app, I can’t compare the prices for V-Power grade. It just shows a bunch of dashes! When will this be fixed? Other than that, I love my T-Mobile discount, (even though the dropped from 15 cents to 10 cents) and I love Shell gas. It’s always been the best gas to me. But because of the missing prices, I give only 4 stars.
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3 years ago, TommyBlazeHD
If you’re a car guy, get this!
I have used this sooner. I drive a 2009 Civic Si, and it needs 93 or better octane. I never use Arco or Costco gas because they are both crap, don’t listen to what others say! They are garbage, period. Shell gasoline will get you better mileage, and you’ll never get denotation like you will with Arco and other budget fuels. The only thing I don’t like about fuel is the pricing. They always have a higher price point for those who what to use card over cash. So, .05 cents off a gallon isn’t much of a deal when gas stations charge an extra .15 cents if you wanna use a credit card. Our credit cards give us travel and cash back rewards, so we do reap some benefits. But this football season the Los Angeles area gets .25 cents off every gallon on Sundays. So, I fill up on Sundays to take advantage of this. It’s big savings such as this that gives me better savings gas than if I were to use cash. #winning #beatingtheman
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2 years ago, Dennis Stricklin
Fuel rewards takes back!
I get T-Mobile Tuesday rewards of 10 cents/gallon and then the Fuel Rewards cuts it to 5 cents! I eat at the restaurants Fuel Rewards and pay with the credit card used with Fuel Rewards and I never get past half way. I have called and complained but nothing changes! I use Shell so much I get 5 cents off/ gallon without T-Mobile Tuesdays rewards. So I should get a total of 15 cents off/gallon with 10 cents from T-Mobile and 5 cents from being Gold status, but they now cut T-Mobile Tuesdays 10 cents to only 5 cents this time. They have said in December just three more fill ups for 10 cents/off which I did but I am still @ 5cents/gallon off. They make big promises and don’t deliver as advertised! It has saved me a bundle over 1.5 … over $88 … but don’t make promises you are not going to keep!!! Stick with the plan!!!
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12 months ago, Capt. Joe
Shell fuel discount was something that was really good, especially for the people in the World of Hurt, because of the economy. Fuel decreases in the beginning with T-Mobile and Shell combined reduced 25 cents Per gallon. That helped everybody in this time of economic distress but what you’re doing now cutting that to .10 cents per gallon is disheartening and truly Disappointing. Instead of getting positive results for your customers, you are probably frustrating them to the point of negative comments with the possible loss of customers. I would have thought you would have come up with a way of continuing your discounts at least for a year or so, because of the economy. Like I said truly disappointing, especially in this economic climate. I hope you will reconsider and help your customers deal with this poor economic situation we have currently. Off brands are doing just that, helping us deal with the economic downturn not only for fuel, but food also. Shell and T-Mobil should step up and do their part to help us. If you don’t think their will be consequences, well, you’ll see.
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5 years ago, Crashlan
Alt ID Does Not Work
Yesterday I stopped at a Circle K Shell station and tried to use my Alt ID as I have misplaced my card. The pump would not allow me to enter my complete ID number. Having only capacity for my phone number. It told me my account was invalid. After a couple attempts, I decided there was a problem with the pump and left. I stopped at a second location and tried there, same situation. I went in the station and the cashier tried to help but got the same result. He only put in my phone number as well. He told me I would have to call you. I did and the person on the phone told me to go to the app-I could not because my phone would only let me use my phone or data at the same time. He started to tell me what to do, then excused himself and put me on hold. I waited a considerable length of time but decided this was not worth the effort. Today I went to your website and confirmed the Alt ID I have been using is correct. Is there resolution to this problem?
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9 months ago, Angela.Ma.
Service staff. Just thank always giving of your selfless
Service staff. Just thank you always for giving of your selfs to serve us wild humans racking from here to there. Dealing with all the delemias and stressed people. I hope you all just get to see the kindness everyone has to offer and forget that we are human and have bad moments but we always want to be at our best! I’m hopeful for that anyway. I do my part to make it a better day! Everyday even though my life is horrific and I’m dieing very slow painful lonely death, but I never stop trying not matter how sick I feel and am I have lupus, I can’t believe I’m still able to be walking around. Best thing in my life is that I get and can drive!!! I love it.. I get to be able to feel free a little when I drive so too the attendants thank you for your being friendly humans with Me.
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3 years ago, moparstan
App needs work
Fuel Rewards is a nice program. It is too bad the app has some serious bugs. The most serious; it cannot link a Shell Drive For Five card for payment! If you try to enter one, the “scan card” function doesn’t work (though it works for other cards). If you try to manually enter, the expiration date fields are disabled so you cannot enter the date; without that, it says “invalid card entered”. App support is poor. Attempting to message from the app gets the data entry keyboard on top of the message field so you can’t see what you’re typing; app won’t scroll so if there is a “send” button it is obscured and unusable. Phone support number doesn’t work, gets a “we are unable to place your call, please try again later” message from the phone company. This has been a problem for at least a year with no signs of an attempt to fix, and despite repeated marketing emails from Fuel Rewards urging me to link my card. Hard to believe they haven’t noticed that isn’t possible with their app but I guess they are clueless.
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4 years ago, Tetley2005
Download this app ...
if u buy gas regularly. Create an account & you’ll get 5c off per gallon at Shell stations. The more often u fill up, the higher ur discount (to 10 & 15c per). I use this along w the GasBuddy app (to find cheapest local gas) & my GB card to add another 5c off per gallon. Sometimes I use both apps along w/ the GetUpside app to get the discount shown in the app (7c off per gallon e.g.) for that Shell station. T-Mobile customers get an additional 10c off per gallon at Shell by clicking on the offer in T-Mobile Tuesdays & following the instructions. NB: If you stack 2 & 3 of these discounts together, u might not get the sum of all the discounts off. But you’ll likely save more than you would otherwise. To reiterate, regular gas buyers should download this app for a discount (only at Shell stations though). Why pay more than you have to?
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6 years ago, V.R.S.C.D.X
Expired rewards?!? Or a typo bug
Decided to link my MasterCard to a few of the rewards in my local area. This is not as easy as it seems due to rewards having two different expiration dates of the same rewards Link. I thought it was a one-off, but it seems almost every reward I open has two different expiration dates. One for 2018, and one that shows it already expired in 2017 in the terms and conditions fine print. When sending information and questioning customer service, you just get generic scripted disjointed answers or questions that don’t pertain to the information you provide them. The app becomes somewhat pointless if the information provided shows both expired and non-expired with no rhyme or reason. Why bother signing up for something and then finding out later you didn’t gain anything in doing so, except maybe a chance of the shell data base Getting hacked and your Credit card information compromised. If they can’t even get their app and terms of service correct, how do you know their database is safe.
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3 months ago, SoCalCustomer
App not really beneficial
The Member Services department at FR are beyond stupid. They do not understand the difference between continuous problems with FR app not REPORTING fuel prices and FR controlling prices When I report issues with the FR APP not displaying/reporting prices at stations, they keep responding by saying FR doesn’t control prices at the stations. No kidding 🤦‍♂️. This app has an ongoing problem with displaying/reporting prices at Shell locations, which is a basic function of the app. It also routinely does not show Shell locations in my area that I know are there. Once again, Member Services can’t seem to comprehend this issue either. If you like advertising, partnership promotions, and brochureware, this app is for you. If you hope to have an app with useful functionality and reasonably updated information, well, you'll need to look elsewhere. FR has no interest in making a useful tool nor are they interested in listing to or understanding customer feedback. They’ve made it clear that customers aren’t important.
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2 years ago, TRUTH 4 ALL
Not worth the hassle!
Just give me the cheapest price gas without all the hoop jumping gimmicks! I got an email from them with all kinds of red alarm emojis and big red text telling me “$.15 Cents Today!”, so I rush to the gas station and it’s only $.05 cents, SCAM! I called them, on hold forever and they tell me to call T-Mobile! I tell them but you’re the one that sent me the email! Another week on the app where it shows local Shell gas stations around you, there’s one gas station that’s always approximately $.10 cheaper than all the others. I rush down there and show them the app price only to be told by the Shell employees that that “is not” the price… and actually it’s approximately the same price as all the other gas stations in the area and there’s nothing they can do about it because corporate makes all those decisions not them….so basically too bad! Classic bait and switch! SCAM :( The app shouldn’t allow gas stations to blatantly lie like that unchecked! It cheapens and discredits their brand and image! I spent over $80 in Shell gas one week on two cars and saved about $2! Not worth the hassle! I find it better to just go to a different brand gas station that has much cheaper gas in the first place, without all the fake gimmicks and save some real money, versus experiencing all this hassle and misinformation for a few nickels. I wasn’t even going to comment but since this app kept asking me to rate it, well there it is…the truth.
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3 years ago, LittleBossMom
Works when it wants to
I have had this app for a while now it works when it wants to. I like it when it works! I have linked all of my cards to the app. My stop and shop card seems to be a different card now that the app has established so I am unable to link the card. Ask for help no one seems to be able to assist. I was able to use all of my points at one time once it was great I had to pay .69/gallon WHAT yes thank you for that particular day everything was just wrong but the gas pump worked with the app. All other times and now nope nothing works no points can be used I’m disappointed.
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4 years ago, deannak22
Bring back the greatness!
Update: Again, I used this app for probably 2 years (or more!) to buy all of my gas at Shell stations. I didn’t purchase fuel anywhere else. However, something happened in the last couple of months, and this app is full of bugs. Today, it says network connection lost for any action I take on the app, and none of my other apps are experiencing this problem, so it isn’t the network. Please, please revert back to the solid quality that was present for the previous years! This is my first Apple app review. I used to use this app every week (no exaggeration) to fill up with Shell in tandem with the T-Mobile Tuesdays. I never (or extremely rarely) bought gas anywhere else (true story!). Now, this app crashes every time (again, no exaggeration), and I received an error message today when trying to apply my T-Mobile Tuesdays’ reward to the Fuel Rewards app, that says the date is formatted incorrectly. We had a good thing going, Shell. Please bring back a properly working app!
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2 weeks ago, Sean online
Currently disappointed
This used to be such a helpful and easy to use app. It really saves money and that’s always useful when it comes to gas…. However, the app logged me out randomly a few months ago. It currently displays a message stating that the information entered is in the wrong format whenever I try to log in. I reset the password “successfully” twice and only used alphanumeric attempts. I genuinely don’t leave reviews often but I’m only doing this in hopes that the developers can use this info to look into the bug. My fuel rewards number is still active and “works” but I can’t log in for the bonuses I receive from T-Mobile and I can’t check my progress or status either. I have an IPhone 13 that is up to date currently as I’m running iOS 16.6.1. Hope this encourages a fix! I’d really love to adjust my rating to what this app fully deserves when working properly.
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4 years ago, Sparky jonze
Misleading Partner Offers
This app makes a lot of promises it does not keep. I linked my Dunkin’ Donuts account because they say you earn .05 cents discount per gallon for every five Dunkin beverages purchased. I buy from Dunkin EVERY day and have never seen any corresponding rewards in my fuel rewards account. I have contacted this app’s (Shell) customer service several times. All they do is reply with an answer to a totally unrelated question (bizarre) or say they don’t manage the program and I should contact Dunkin (who says the program is Shell’s and I should contact Shell). The people answering these inquiries either don’t read the question, don’t care, or are too stupid and lazy to solve an actual problem and think just sending ANY reply is a good thing. Bottom line. Don’t bother with this app unless it has some value aside from trying to earn gas discounts through partner offers. If there are issues it will never be sorted out and you are just banging your head against the wall and wasting your time.
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3 weeks ago, rigsishitdcj
Glitchy and Slow
This app is horrendously glitchy and sluggish. On top of that are the issues with the program itself. The rewards weren’t working for me for my first several fill-ups and support suggested I add a pin to my altID. I don’t know if the issue is server side or in the UI, because I kept receiving errors trying to put in a pin. Now, after reaching out again regarding this new issue. They said that internally I do have a pin even though it doesn’t show in the app. So, now I have a pin to my altID that I have to memorize or note down somewhere else, and everywhere it shows my altID I have to remember that it is displaying incorrectly. I’m adding a star because after jumping through a bunch of hoops I did get some compensation (although not in full) for my next fill up. Unfortunately there aren’t many competitive options for rewards programs for premium gas stations.
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3 years ago, John Locke jr
False sales
Do not participate in any of the in store deals. I was intrigued, and allowed the app to guide me to a shell station that it recommended and the points never appeared. I put in a service request and was told there was nothing they could do without the receipt, (all of my receipts are electronically tied to my account so that my points auto allocate. Once I printed the receipt from their site and sent it back to them, they said they could not honor the deal because the gas station was not eligible. Then why did the app take me to that gas station for that deal? Either way, they gave me an appeasement 5 cents off my next fill up, Instead of the 15 I would’ve received from the deals. Not a huge issue, but with that being the main point of the app, it’s kinda pointless. TLDR; don’t get the app unless you have T-Mobile. You’ll always get 5 cents off for being a member, but customer service is horrible for any other deals mentioned in the app.
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9 months ago, Jade413799
Good for Rewards BUT
I tried creating an account since I do not have one and when I type my information in, it tells me I already have one so I select “forgot password” and type in my email. When I type in my email it tells me I don't have an account…. So what its saying is the phone number I have is associated with someone else's account (probably the previous owner of my phone number). I was going to contact customer support HOWEVER when you open the app the only option you have is to login. Theres no option to access customer support information on the main page of the app like their email information or a phone number which doesn’t make sense to me. So who do I contact for this issue? At this point I’ll just delete it and find something else that doesn’t make me have to do some research on my downtime.
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9 months ago, Jesus saves 🥰
Please make it easier
The reason I gave this app a two is because every time we try to use it it has issues I want to go to the store I’ve used it eight times and never was able to use it it tells you to put in your phone number at the pump it’s not working download the app to all these great things to save the sense but we’re not saving anything if we can’t use it what is the backup Plan B option when you’re promoting this app to us and the saving the sense to us what else can you do if we can’t get the plan a working what’s gonna be Plan B please do better on letting us now thank you so much because I would love to use the app on a daily but there’s always issues and I have never had this many issues with one thing and never have used it before and it says it’s only at the shell it shows up shell so please help
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2 months ago, Allen Withad
REAL REVIEW! The others are bots!
This app is a waste of time and possibly pure fraud. I got this app after I downloaded to T Mobile Tuesdays App that is supposed to give you $.25 credit per gallon f gas on Tuesdays. It is never $.15. The most I have ever seen has been $.10 that gets added to the regular Fuel Rewards $.05. It’s really nothing at all because each time you go to use it the App has to be updated. So as you sit, sweating, on your phone waiting for the update as cars honk at you, the pressure to just forget the almost valueless reward is great. Even once you clip the reward from the T-Mobil Tuesdays App to the Fuel Rewards App, it doesn’t work. You pump the gas and it wasn’t applied. Maybe it was a glitch with your alternate ID, maybe the gas station cancelled and recharged your card. Who knows… so far it is more scam than anything. I plan to report them to the FCC and put up postings about it being a scam wherever I can.
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1 year ago, ashcaeh
It’s okay
The program itself is nice because every time you fill up at shell you can get cents off. With that being said the amount you get off isn’t much unless you use some of the businesses they partnered with to get you extra money off the gallon. Also this app runs slow and every time I try to enter in a sweepstakes they have it never lets me. It always says my credentials aren’t right but I’ve changed my password and logged in on the app just fine. The app has a lot of glitches and definitely doesn’t run as smooth as some of the other fuel rewards apps I use. Also I have used shell to fill up a lot of times and I still only get $.5 off unless I do my weekly T-Mobile deal. I feel like the rewards could definitely be better.
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4 years ago, Emsmommy9
Wish I had read these reviews first...
I’m a T-Mobile customer, so I get an extra .10 cents off a gallon for every “T-Mobile Tuesday” - great, right? That’s what I thought too. I keep getting logged out of the app and then can’t log back in with what I know is my correct password because it is stored (safely, allegedly) and I can use FaceID to login - except that doesn’t work either. Flash back about a month ago when I stopped to get gas, entered my Alt ID at the pump, paid at the pump, and was on my way. A few days later I noticed a total of $500 plus fees was taken out of local ATMs (the first one being at the Shell station where I filled up earlier in the week). I never enter my pin at the pump, so they had to have had other pertinent information of mine in order to successfully facilitate the tx’s. And they wouldn’t have needed my cvc # for an ATM. Just a few days ago I was notified by Visa Checkout of some fraudulent activity and told my account was shut down as a result. Today I can’t login to my Fuel Rewards app again. Hard to believe the two are not related. Stop saying you take fraud seriously. It’s clear you do not. The first thing I will do whenever I am finally able to log back into my account is remove any and all card information from the app. Really very disappointing. Do better!!
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2 years ago, A Long 1515
This App is Terrible
The Fuel Rewards program is no good, in my opinion. I wanted to use it, but it didn’t seem to work at the pump. I asked the person inside the store, and she said that it will work and not to worry. The gas was still full price, and the lady said not to worry and that the discount would be refunded. I left the gas station feeling like she lied to me and called the Fuel Rewards program number. They told me that I didn’t get the discount and that the attendant at the gas station was incorrect. They tried to make things better by giving me a bigger discount for next week, but I didn’t use it. I was cheated and am done with this Fuel Rewards App and Shell gas stations. My experience has soured my perception of Shell. I won’t be back unless it’s the only station within a long distance. I am getting way cheaper gas from elsewhere now anyhow. 🤨 It was a waste of time…
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3 years ago, angry taurus
This is for the person before me who asked the question about the alt ID. I think you have to enter the number 37 before putting your all to ID end… Looking over the terms and conditions, I happened upon that instruction. But from all the gobbledygook and all the terms and conditions… Which are incredibly confusing, I came across that somewhere, to enter the 37 before your phone number. I also saw in the terms and conditions that the five cent a gallon savings is temporary… But it doesn’t say how long “temporary “is. The app also said: join now and instantly achieve gold status… Well gold status is saving five cents a gallon. I’m not sure what’s happening… Did they want me to get a credit card or something? There’s too much words and not enough streamlined simple information
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4 weeks ago, 9 boys
This shell station is amazing.
It’s amazing because no matter what time of day you go in this store the workers are very patient and very nice it’s always clean everything is always in place to find what you’re looking for. You never wait in check out line over three to four minutes. I always use this shell for my gas and items. The owner is very happy to have these employees doing a wonderful job in his place of business. I love my shell station don’t use any other gas station but this one. It means a lot to walk into a business and feel the welcome friendly atmosphere. You go girls love your store.♥️
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1 month ago, Stuck paying higher prices
Disappointed about online purchases
Overall the fuel rewards program is satisfactory. I do have a complaint about online purchases with certain vendors and getting the fuel rewards credit. Every time I make an online purchase with Petco ( through the fuel rewards app); the credit to my account never goes through. I have to wait the 45 days then fill out a special request to get the reward. Why can’t Fuel rewards and Petco get on the same page and credit my account within a few days? The complete opposite occurs with Dunkin Donuts. After 5 purchases the reward immediately goes to my account. What’s up with this Fuel Rewards? Home Depot purchases are also delayed. Fix it Fuel Rewards!
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2 weeks ago, stationx88
Quick and easy
Living in the Midwest can sometimes be hard. Cold and windy days can push you to misery sometimes. Then there’s those super beautiful days when you’re rolling into the gas station playing one of your favorite songs, either way, pull up the app, load your pump number, pop the gas door open, hit the nitro button and jump back in your car. Bam you’re done! Hang up your pump hit the alcohol gel for your hands and your off! Receipt is in your app and your email so no need to get more toxic chemicals found in thermal receipt tape into your body.
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1 year ago, jennll01247
No discount at the pump? No help.
I was ontroduced to this app through T-Mobile! I’ve tried twice now to take advantage of my fuel rewats savings at the pump & both times no discount? I verified the Shell station is a participating store, i entered in my Alt ID # before pumping. I’m recognized as a member yet the price stays the same! I emailed support the first time with no response. I went into the Shell station for help yesterday and the girl simply said she has no clue! Most days the price per gallon at this specific store is $0.05 higher than others yet if i have a $0.15 off offer then i’d save! But only if it works! It can’t be that hard. The Shell store is located in Cheshire, MA. I will be reporting my experience to T-Mobile and asking them to review all of the apps reviews! I don’t believe this app should be recommended with no one willing to help or take responsibility of errors.
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4 years ago, Mel.a.k.a.Bess
Don’t receive my rewards
I’d been suspecting for months that I wasn’t getting my rewards. I get my .05 off because I’m a gold. But I’m also a Tmobile member and they’ve been offering .10 off shell on their Tmobile Tuesday app for the better part of the last year or entire year. And you have 4 days to use that .10 off or it expires and you have to wait till the filling week. Almost every single week I snag that reward because it’s usually the only that I can utilize. Well this last 5 weeks I’d been paying attention and I’ve haven’t received my 15 cents. Not once. I go in and pay cash we go through the thing about 2-3 times and realize I’m not going to get my .15 cent off. I even show them the fuel rewards app. I only get the .05 off because I’m gold. Drove out of state for a week on Xmas hit other shells between my area in Tx to CO and couldn’t redeem them nothing out of the .05
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1 year ago, Hrchyfdgiutg
Poor customer service- rewards offers don’t pay out
I have received multiple emails with offers to fill up twice within a certain time frame. I have filled up within the time allotted each time. I always get a email the first time I fill up , letting me know to fill up again to meet criteria for reward. Each time when I fill up the second time, not only do I not receive and email, I also am never given the bonus reward. On top of that I have reached out to customer service. They respond after initial contact asking for info. I provide the info and they have NEVER responded. (Thus fars it’s been months since I’ve reached out- MONTHS!) This has happened numerous times with the email bonus offers. Poor service and bonus are never paid. I now will not gas up at shell and have disconnected this nonsense.
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5 years ago, Fed Up, Jr.
Bait and Switch
My rational for 1 star is simply the behavior of Shell. That, and it is the only way to post a review. This card came out to replace the one from Winn Dixie (in Florida), shortly thereafter, all of the Shell gas stations initiated the cash vs credit card amount which is .05/gallon difference. Meaning that if gas is $2.55/gallon for cash it is $2.60/gallon credit card/debit card. Therefore, they created this rewards card to simply have a tax break from the increase they charge to use a debit/credit card hiding behind the smokescreen that credit card companies are who is charging them; knowing that the major credit companies do not charge equivalent to .05/gallon. I implore all of you to only purchase gas a stations that do not have the cash vs card mentality, you are not getting a deal you are paying their fees to the credit card companies for transactions being made, plus tax write offs.
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4 years ago, Gdhktvd
Functions but not well
It is nice to be rewarded fuel discounts via this app! The location of gas stations is barely acceptable. I’ve gone to Shell stations it showed which do not give the discount. There seems to be no real-time connection to the gas prices shown. Operators have told me they hadn’t sold at some price in weeks or months. I now only consider location and not price. The idea or earning fuel discounts by eating at participating restaurants is good but it is not as useful as it should be. It needs a filter system by type of food. In some cities it takes too long to search and find no acceptable restaurant. I find it a waste of time an do not use the restaurant offers. Asking other drivers at stations has convinced me others don’t use it either.
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2 years ago, Maw Jane
Anyone who doesn’t have Fuel Rewards is definitely missing out!! The way gas prices are today every little bit helps !! The stores offers even more products inside to help lower the gas prices!! The Shell on South Main in Leitchfield, Ky. explains the many offers you can get by using Fuel Rewards!! Their store is very clean and everyone is very friendly… I wouldn’t go anywhere else!! So if anyone who is interested in Fuel Rewards… what are you waiting for?? It only takes a phone number!! Download the Fuel Rewards now and start saving your money!!
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6 years ago, Lindabieber
It's alright.
I like the rewards it's cool. But sometimes if you're lucky T-Mobile Tuesday app gives more than the Shell app itself. It'll give $0.25 compare to just $0.05 but when you combine them it's $0.30. It should be every 15 times you pump gas it'll go up $0.05 more and leave it at $0.50 and then drop it back down and start over! I pump my gas almost every week for commuting! It does make a difference if the gas is already low in your area if it's high price it really doesn't make a difference! I've had this app for maybe just 3 weeks and I saved $5.32 which isn't bad but it's really nothing. My car doesn't take that much gas either! Download the app if you rather save $0.05 on gas if not it's really just a hit and miss!
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5 months ago, Medic officer 2
She’ll boi
My first time trying this out I got to say it’s pretty awesome so far and I continue to be a rewards winner as long as possible. Shell has always been my best gas station. I fill my truck up there on my motorcycle my boat my lawn more and I buy all my snacks and goodies. They’re all the customers and employees that work. There are very nice and helpful every time I show up there I just want to let y’all know this probably is the best thing to happen to the gas station with the rewards card that you have granted me whip to use your friend Billy 😎
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6 years ago, ytong2
Very useful app
It's a good app to have when you use the shell fuel rewards program. It's easy to find a gas station nearby and to track your rewards status. The reason I gave 4 star is because it failed to give me the discount one time traveling in Atlanta, Georgia. That was a very nice new looking shell gas station but I got no discount at all. I had been using shell gas the whole trip (one week long). Besides, I didn't get Gold status in the beginning, but was rewarded of gold status after joining and using the program for almost half year. But I'm happy. Its better than nothing. I haven't used it to dine out yet. Will come back and revise/add my comments after that.
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1 month ago, Hajdnsb
Doesn’t Save Declining Data Access
Have never had a problem with rewards in my account being reflected at the pump, which is quite impressive. But the data collection on this app is atrocious. Every week that I open the app, I have to decline a plethora of pop-ups repeatedly requesting my location, motion data, and data across apps. About 80% of the time the app crashes after these pop up’s, whether I agree to them or not. The data can easily be retained in the app memory so the user is not prompted every time the app is open if they’re declined. The fact that the user is prompted every time shows that another massive corporation is just desperate to harvest consumer data without proper compensation.
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5 months ago, Mari_whale91
Customer service
I called back in March about a misunderstanding with a gas station clerk. Had told the clerk I’d like to open up for 20gallons. The clerk only did $20 which I was needing a fill up for a road trip the next day. So I lost out on the cents off/gallon. I called and had explained the situation with customer service. She was very understanding and kind and went ahead and put the cents off/gallon back onto my account with no issues. I appreciate it so much. Great customer support service experience I’ve had in a while!
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6 months ago, Ben:-)
Intrusive Tracking
This app makes it easy to load and view shell discounts but won’t stop nagging on every time I open the app to allow all sorts of tracking. This started with location sharing which I didn’t think was necessary. Some may enjoy local offers for your station but you don’t need to track me for that. You can open the app and see the offers yourself. Now it needs fitness and motion data to track your driving for personalized offers. They also share this data with third parties unless you opt out. It takes a lot of bypassing to not enable these features and it keeps asking even if you skip. Please make it so if you skip or don’t allow tracking you don’t continue prompting for the tracking.
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2 years ago, Havin'Fun-in-Louisiana
I just want to ise the app
The app is ok. Not special! There are better fuel savings using other rewards programs. Sometimes the app works well, other times not so well. For example all I wanted to do today was look at the app for travels info and deals. It lost my log in data, so I had to find that, then when I finally logged in the app would not let me use the app without rating and commenting on the app in the app store. When I hit cancel the rating app popped back up, when I gave it rating, but wanted to skip a comment, it popped back up…so. In all honesty the savings are ok, but not spectacular and that does not breed loyalty. With that stated gas is excellent and I have not had problems when using Shell gas.
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4 years ago, my parrots
Come on in
On the last 3 occasions I tried to use FR ,I was instructed to go inside as my credit card was not being accepted . Bill paid in full every month & I have to go inside to a not very pleasant employee before I can pump gas . “ How much do you need ?“. It my wife`s vehicle & it could be $25 or $30 . Which is it ? Is the reply . My answer is neither . If it is less or more I have to go back for a further authorization. Solution was to go to the next door station where actually I paid 4c more but as my FR was 15c , I was spending 15c to save 11c. Fix it or lose me . 2parrots
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6 years ago, Speedy Pam
Please fix gas station addresses
This app seems to work pretty good for the most part, and it is nice to get extra rewards for using my credit cards at select restaurants and stores. I have emailed and asked customer service to fix the gas station addresses in Recent Transactions on the mobile app because they are not correct (examples: it shows that I purchased gas in Dallas or New York when I know I was no where near those areas). Just got a generic response telling me to delete and reinstall the app., but this suggestion did not fix the problem. I emailed them back but have not received a response. Please fix this.
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11 months ago, zjxhxbxjx
Scam you out your rewards
The reward program is too good to be true. Every time I get my discount to over $1 they lock my account for “fraud”. I work at a Shell station so I buy things frequently while working and I also shop there when I’m off for snacks and fuel because it’s right by my house. When I ask them to unlock my account they need the last 30 days of receipt purchases! I don’t keep receipts and when I pay cash our store doesn’t even give receipts! I shouldn’t have to keep starting my account over because I make more than 3 purchases in a day sometimes! (Drink when I get to work , snacks on lunch breaks, drink and fuel after I get off, etc). Just ridiculous when I spend $400 plus a month in the store!
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6 years ago, Fuel Rewards is a Sham
Not well thought out
I went to fill up. Typed in my alternate ID. It defaulted to Giant Rewards, not Shell Fuel Rewards, so I did not get my proper discount. I called to ask about it. I was told my discount would be added back to my card. I asked for an email to confirm the discount would be re-added to my, because I did not trust the process, telling me I had to wait for the original discount to expire in 3 days. They couldn't just extend the time for another week. I followed up with customer service. They did nothing to help. I waited 3 weeks and kept being told it was being escalated. Nothing happened. Their pumps should have the option of Giant or Fuel Rewards, not just a button for Giant/Fuel Rewards, with BOTH IDs being the same, and defaulting to the discount that is less. Just very dishonest people.
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