Funny Dumb Questions & Beyond!

3.2 (46)
10.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Michael Quach
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Funny Dumb Questions & Beyond!

3.22 out of 5
46 Ratings
7 years ago, Stars are low.
So, I like the app I don't use often, but I think a good idea would be to have a button and let people create there own dumb questions it would make the app a lot better! These are corny jokes that I only use to make grown ups think I made them up. The app is pretty cool though.😐
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9 years ago, KarateGirl1234
SO..... FUNNY!!😂😂😂😂
I laughed so hard at some of them!! I liked the one where it says "if corn can't hear, then why does it have an ear?" Some are so stupid, but all are funny in its own way!! Would give 5 stars but I went all the way around and now have to read all over!!!!! That's it. Just add more!!
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11 years ago, Yeganehg02
Some of them are funny but some of them are just plain stupid and weird, I wondered who in the world would ask that stupid question
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7 years ago, AnAnglsHeart
Fantastically Funny App! LOVED IT!
Superbly Hilarious! Just for fun, I've got a dumb question you can add to your app. No credit needed. Have fun! This app is a great idea! MY QUESTION: "If we create an app called 'Dumb Questions', should we create a write-in space under each question labeled 'option to answer question' (Create a new app called "Dumb Answers")? 🤔 It would be wickedly funny to read some of the answers people send in. Good luck with that. 👍
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8 years ago, Myiah😘😍🌹👠👠
Dumb questions
Corny jokes this is the dumbest game in the world I mean their are some that are funny but some that just are dumb. Like the one that says when a tree falls does the earth scream in pain that's just stupid
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6 years ago, Chloe The Nerd
Holy crap!
I saw the ratings and...ITS 2.8?! You guys deserve better ratings. Whoever rated one star..they are complete idiots.
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8 years ago, Caseyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
I enjoy this app
This app is so hilarious. I recommend it to people who like to laugh arm really wonder about life!
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6 years ago, Smart_mathgirl
I love it so funny and stupid (tht why it funny BTW!!) And if u rated this 1 star u have no sense of humor!!
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9 years ago, Pumpkin scones are tasty
silly app
"dumb questions" is indeed well DUMB! i wouldnt recommend it, rather boring. could be improved, though, by making the questions longer and more sensible.
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9 years ago, Qazxswedcvfrtgbnhyujmk,l.loii
I gave this a one because it some of them don't make sense and it doesn't have the answer.
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9 years ago, bleh12344321
Not much to do except for accidentally watch ads and read corny jokes😕
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9 years ago, 😘😚😗😛😞😙😙😗😔😔😙
I think it's dumb sorry peaps who like it{:<(
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12 years ago, 1235nb
It's "funny" reading the reviews ...... apparently, some VERY young users don't "get it." The questions are not meant to be funny, kids. This is not a jokes app. It's a quirky, interesting app that compiles hard-to-answer questions that point out the inconsistencies in the English language, our culture and our perceptions. Example: If swimming is good for your shape, why do whales look the way they do? (Now, that's funny.)
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12 years ago, oscarlove3380
Loved it!
Like the description says; some questions made me think while the others made my friends and I lol. Loved reading every question and the people who don't get them ... The app IS called dump questions you idiots that's what it's for. One of my fave apps when I'm bored:) if you don't like "duh!" things then don't get this app.
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12 years ago, Jkl sisters
I  it!!! I  these to my friends all the time. You an copy them easily and post them on to Facebook,email them, or use on twitter so EASY! Download and then rate for yourself! Don't pay attention to those who rate 1 YOU download first  
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12 years ago, I'm amazingly amazing
This app is so funny! My friends and I almost died laughing! It is great to do when you are bored. The questions are so stupidly hilarious, I can't get enough of them! How can't you give two thumbs up?
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12 years ago, Starplasma✨
Seriously guys, you NEED this app, it can and will change your perception of humor. It's mind bending and heart mending and soul sending. If u need to pick one app for the rest of your life on a deserted island then this is the one for _______!
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12 years ago, Turanga101
Download this app
This app is so funny I txt this to people and see their reaction or I use yahoo answers and see what the people would answer
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12 years ago, Gamer00347
I ask these questions to all of my friends and leave them puzzle for hours!
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12 years ago, Bigcbark
Great game. Isn't meant to be funny, just a question to think about. That's why they don't give you the answers
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12 years ago, From the eyes of a player
This app is really funny I think it's awesome because they are questions that you never ask your self but make a lot of sense
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11 years ago, Stephyopalis
So funny
There really funny questions to ask people and they also give very funny answers (:
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12 years ago, snow_blizzard
I absolutely LOVE this app!!! It is so funny. I crack up almost every time. However when I don't it's cause I don't get it. Want a laugh?? Bored?? Get the app!!!! (Do not get if you don't know what cussing is) :) 
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11 years ago, Dr MPF
This is very entertaining when you have guest over. They try to answer the stupid questions and then it becomes hilarious.
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12 years ago, Longhairlizzy
This game is beyond horrible hate this game don't get this game this is the worst and stupid game of all time I tried it and I don't get it
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13 years ago, Lollliipop
This is the best ever app u can get and it's free so who's the best app I have in my whole iPod and it has soo many questions in it that I cant seem to stop,BEST EVER
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13 years ago, proudmommy1
When you save some to the clipboard...where is the "clipboard"
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11 years ago, Tunney5
i love this app some of the Q get you thinking. I just think more Q should be added. and that is why it is not a five star rating. so close.
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11 years ago, Pretty girl 2001
I lov it
I love this app so funny makes me want to cry cause I laugh so hard who comes up with this stuff! :-)
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12 years ago, Tori angle10
It is funny and some make u think about them it is awesome
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12 years ago, Crazyy girll
These are really funny! Everyone should have this app. If you don't ... You need to get it !
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12 years ago, Panda so cute
The 3 little pigs
It is about three little pigs and the fox is trying to get all of them
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12 years ago, JJ
People are so dumb!
People who say that the questions are stupid, THAT'S THE POINT!!!!!!!!!!!! dummy's! And if u read what it says, u will understand why it does not give the the answer! But it's an ok app!
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11 years ago, xr1ckx
I seen a lot if reviews saying this app was terrible, but the app is a very awesome one. The questions are hilarious!!!!!!
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12 years ago, Layla bala
Dumb questions
The questions are so dumb my parents don't get it
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11 years ago, mariela Barragan
Well it's not really funny it would be so its not the best game I got sorry
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11 years ago, Apprater824
This app is so funny. It's fun to see how your friends try to answer these.
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12 years ago, Joxzyvzx
Hey hey hey these are actually pretty smart questions
And kinda funny. ( I wonder if they copied them from little kid questions. Lol
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11 years ago, CHPeace!!!!!!!
Dumb questions
Its a very funny game. Who ever made up these is hilarious.
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11 years ago, Humor starts here :)
Some were funny and some don't even make since. I think if was okay but not the best. Sorry :(
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12 years ago, Awsome awsome girl
Why would someone make a stupid app like this?! I wasted my time on this app! Plus it has some bad words so I can't read or ask any of these questions to my friends
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13 years ago, Que no es su número.
Love It
I ask questions like this all the time. :)
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12 years ago, Sebastian Husacek
My opinion
Some of your questions r nasty and some are really funny I really like this app
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11 years ago, Nopenopenopenopedontdoit12
It's really funny and true.. But sometimes they are just stupid....
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12 years ago, Astronomer13
Best app evah!
Read ALL of the things THEN rate What happens if you take a survival course- and fail… Lol!
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12 years ago, Whales r awesome
Not so good
It seems really funny but it doesn't give you the answers for the questions so u don't know if it is really funny but other than that it's great!!
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10 years ago, Coat94
These questions are really funny and very clever!
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12 years ago, Griffy143
Love it
It's funny and it kinda makes u think. I love this app. :)
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11 years ago, Best game I've ever played!
Love it
They are JUST like the things my little sister asks! I love it!
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12 years ago, haruka kokonose
Cute app it's funny lol annoys my friends sooo much u should get it. Got it memorized?
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