FYE Backstage Pass VIP

1.6 (156)
9.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Affinion Group
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for FYE Backstage Pass VIP

1.62 out of 5
156 Ratings
6 years ago, Vikki1220
Can’t get passed security question
Every time I try to register, I can’t get passed the security question. It asks me to select a security question and when I try to do it, there are no security questions to choose from. I tried three times and all three times there are no questions. I just got this reward card today and I already regret it
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2 years ago, MeetingDawn
This app is a scam. I got a new phone but my password and everything about my iPhone account stayed the same. So I’ve been trying to redownload the app because I have a $70 charge on my card and my bank canceled my card due to them thinking it was fraud (I called them and they fixed it). But I can’t download the app because it keeps saying my password is wrong even though I know it’s not. This app and company is annoying. I love the store they have great stuff, but I paid $25 for a 3 month membership and afterwards they kept charging my card even thought I canceled my membership. I go there maybe 2-3 times a year and yet I have to spend excessive amounts of money on this dumb company, which is a pain because I’m in college and can barely feed myself as is. This isn’t including the drawer I have that’s full of magazines that I will never read or use. I would love it if they would cancel that fee but I emailed them months ago and they still haven’t responded to me. So for anyone who wants the membership or app be warned because it’s a total rip off.
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3 years ago, BeauKnowsApps
Love it!
I signed up for this in store because the associate told me about the movie rebates, but there’s also a restaurant rebate that works anywhere. I’ve used it when I’ve ordered pizza during lockdown. I get $10 back each month. I also like the Auntie Ann’s coupon, which I use every time I go to the mall.
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7 years ago, Summers03
Can't log in!! 😠
With this new update I am unable to log into my account. It just gives me a run around. I tried logging in on the app and it says member not found. I try forgot member ID, it says member not found. I try setting up new ID and it says there is no member with this ID. I went online though their web page and made sure it was active there and it is. So why does it say member not found through the app? What's the point of getting this card for the extra benefits if you can't access them easily?
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5 years ago, shxner
Why is this a coupon app?
When you sign up and download the app you think “cool, savings and I can shop from their stores online.” Yeah, no, it’s literally just coupons to other random places you’ll never go and you get a small discount at the stores with it that’s hardly worth it. It’s stupid and a waste of an app and customers’ money. Idk who’s idea this was, but you should be fired. Shoulda just made a fresh new app with a new name so people aren’t falsely advertised into paying for coupons no one asked for.
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3 years ago, Mr Tima
Hard to cancel
If I request you to cancel my membership you don’t need to try for 5 minutes to talk me out of it, I had to repeat myself so many times. Make sure you call, don’t do it through website, because I tried and never got cancel. I just finished my phone call, so I hope this time gets cancel, and I don’t get charge again next month for something I don’t use or ever going to use… this is outrageous.
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1 year ago, AntReynoldss
They need to be sued
Website doesn’t work. The app doesn’t work. I called support and they “helped me” create an account. Went to log in, doesn’t work just gives an error every time time. Very difficult to cancel until I told them all the problems, the reviews and that I’m planning on starting a class action law suit. After those words they canceled for me right then and there.
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2 years ago, KattWest
What’s the point?
I wanted to cancel my subscription but thought if having the card gives me perks I like, then I’ll keep it. The customer service person explained some things to me and I agreed to keep it. 😒I didn’t even know there was an app, what is the point when it doesn’t work. The website doesn’t even work. I’m highly annoyed and will be canceling my subscription.
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8 years ago, Minnie1269
Not consistent
The app doesn't work half the time it's always telling me that it can't find my location when my gps is already on
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2 years ago, AGSRHALYEY
Free?? Not
If I was able to give a zero star rating I would. I had no intention of becoming a VIP but the store I went in pressured me into it. In store I was told I would get 2 months free, two days later I was charged with a pre charge. I was told nothing about this nor does it have this information in the packet I was given. Now I'm having trouble canceling my membership.
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2 years ago, Thirty3medina
Not worth it
They sign you up in store & then u have to use the app to get the same discount if you’re shopping online. Instead of having a feature on the website to enter your membership or email to get the discount .. it makes no sense .. and it’s not worth it at all….
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5 years ago, vanilla buttercream
Cannot submit rebate request on app
Cannot find where to submit dining rebate on app. I go to website through my safari browser and then I find the correct place to submit monthly dining rebates of $10 per month.
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5 years ago, Gditstioysoysoydylzkz
I can’t cancel my account
I signed up for the backstage pass in-store and since then, I’ve been trying to cancel it. I’ve attempted multiple times, but I also can’t sign in to anything because I do not have a member ID or anything like it. I’m beyond confused and I’m very irritated that I am unable to stop the membership from charging my card.
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2 years ago, amberr2624
i can’t even sign in
i called to ask them to cancel and they went on and on trying to convince me to keep it. when i finally got the information i needed from them, i tried signing in on the app to see what rewards there actually are and to cancel my membership. however, my security question won’t even work. and when i try to sign in, im told an unknown error has occurred. i’m extremely frustrated by this process, and im nervous that if i call again they won’t actually cancel it.
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5 years ago, ImaZombieAreYou
Can’t create new account(APP or online)
Tried to create new account on-line and couldn’t so downloaded app to try and still a NO-GO!!! even waited an extra day as associate said to, to be sure membership # had time to “get into the system” . Very leary of this rewards club now and if it works as explained by store manager?!!
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2 years ago, AEB3102
Can’t Login
I cannot give this app a better review because I can’t even login. After I reset my password and everything, still being unable to simply login, is a little ridiculous.
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12 months ago, JorDJ15
Such a Scam!
This company does not let me or anyone else log in to there account. I am trying to cancel my subscription because it is very much NOT worth it at all. Now I have to call my bank to cancel a payment from them.
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11 months ago, Gizmocruz
app and company are a bunch of scammers
From the employee in the store telling me that it's a free memembership, to the guy on the phone ARGUING with me that i should keep it. I told him I wanted out and he kept offering different payments and methods of payment, I hope this company bankrupts.
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12 months ago, MAN 928
Class Action Lawsuit
My husband went in to purchase an album and accidentally signed up for a membership and magazines. He thought he was signing for the purchase. Why are they selling magazine subscriptions at checkout? Deceptive practices.
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4 years ago, Zulchep
The app won’t actually let me do anything. As soon as I try to access anything at all, be it rebate, discount, or even my own profile, it sends me to the login page and will go no further. It’s in a loop of login and will not break!
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4 years ago, Kassarella
Horrible app
Worst app I’ve had! I can’t log in, just gives me and error. I can log in fine to the website. I’ll be canceling my membership since I cant get access to everything. I missed the 12 days of Christmas specials etc.
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1 year ago, EkaLincoln
This app does NOT let you log in.… Very annoying to deal with, especially when they convince you to keep your membership because this app will give you discounts… NOT!!!!
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6 years ago, BatboyLPs
Whenever I try to log in, it gives me a black screen and doesn’t change
Please fix this issue
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5 years ago, hugh jass lobals
Membership number ?
What is the the membership number for i don’t get it.
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8 months ago, Amba13
Got charged
Downloaded the app yesterday. Didn’t even sign in… and got charged instantly today… idk how that’s even possible but I see other reviews like this
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6 years ago, SedonaSunrise
Terrible app
I wouldn’t have given it even half a star but it made me. I just downloaded the app for the first time & I can’t even log in. I put my info in & get a black screen. Thanks for the savings I’m obviously NOT getting
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6 years ago, The DarkenedRose
After I downloaded this on my phone the next day my Instagram account was changed and my emails. This happened before when I downloaded this app and thought it was a coincidence on my old phone. DONT TRUST THIS!!! ...and the app is glitchy.
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4 years ago, BZb36337347
It’s not a scam but it feels like it
Very hard to cancel your membership. You have to call to cancel it and they do everything in their power not to. App is confusing and useless to my knowledge.
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6 years ago, Iomplok
Doesn’t work
The screen just goes black when I try to log in. Tried multiple times with the same result. Couldn’t delete it fast enough.
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4 years ago, Lizraz10
Not a great start
I got hounded to sign up for this at the store, then when I try to log in to the app it is stuck on the welcome screen that says continue. Won’t go past that screen. Not promising.
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5 years ago, Jacks7365
Having trouble logging on
I have spent the last hour trying to log on. I finally logged onto the site on my laptop. Please fix this problem!!!
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4 years ago, Leester46137
Unable to enter app
This app has a continue button to sign in that doesn’t take you anywhere. There is literally nothing in this app!
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5 years ago, Zakattack829
Asks for a membership number...
I’m trying to sign up on the app but can’t cuz it asks for a membership id. How can I give you a membership id number when I haven’t even signed up yet?
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7 years ago, Sgt. Assassin
No service
This ap can never find my location. The coupons they do offer are not from places I use. Not worth the monthly fee.
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2 years ago, sundekpb BBC z
Wont go through
Problem creating password
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4 years ago, StacieMonroe
Software support
I have had the VIP card for a year. The app does not work. I keep getting Opps an unknown error has occurred. I’m ready to cancel my membership at this point. Please fix your app
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1 year ago, autumn787rose
Can’t log in
I’ve tried logging in and it keeps saying error or fail.
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5 years ago, Chinchillasaur
Utterly Useless
This app is a huge waste of time. I made an account and every time I try to sign in, it just says authenticating and doesn’t do anything else.
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1 year ago, Alexis Marie W
Doesn’t work
I tried over and over and this app doesn’t work. Useless
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6 years ago, melmason7
This is useless in my area no one honors it and I can’t get anyone to cancel it. Now I have to go to my bank to cancel it. If you love in a small town it’s worthless.
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6 years ago, Dragon killmonger
Doesn’t work at all!
I got this app for a while the cashier wanted me to get the member ship it all ways member not found i’am not even a member yet
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6 years ago, cogar22
Can’t log in
I type my log in info in then the screen goes black. Really annoying.
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1 year ago, alyxiananicole
i just got charged $12 after never signing up for a membership of any sorts and deleting the app months ago. i have never been charged before. im now having to contact my bank to remove the charge 😪
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8 months ago, living_the_dream💕
Scam Ripoff
I can’t cancel my membership no one responded to email or customer service
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4 years ago, Ld.comm.JonSnow
Only one regret
The only regret I have about this absurd “vip pass” is that I can’t give it zero stars. Waste of your time.
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7 years ago, Mikotochan
Can’t login
Keeps saying the app encountered an unknown error and won’t let you log in.
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3 years ago, fjjnvfg
Getting in
It keeps saying that there’s no membership number ID with it
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6 years ago, DJ PHUNone
Can’t log in...
Screen goes to black after log in. Can’t wait to cancel.
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7 years ago, AlyMae93
This app costs me too mush money and nothing in my region accepts it as a discount.
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4 years ago, KILLA_PAISA5x
I canceled but keep getting charged
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