Güey Spanish

4.6 (22)
73.4 MB
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Online Language Help
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Güey Spanish

4.59 out of 5
22 Ratings
6 years ago, YayaCarreno
Que cura! Esta bien Nice!
I speak fluent Spanish calo (slang). This app is so accurate with it’s translations it makes me laugh! I’ve been sharing it with all my American friends that’d like to speak street Spanish.
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6 years ago, 2sweet2furious
Legendary app
I love this app. Finally this app has come.
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2 years ago, Mr. Help
Audio issues
Audio doesn’t work redownloaded with no luck. Needs an update
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2 years ago, Stephy Cyn
It’s nice.
It’s pretty good. I know most of it. But was hoping it had sound so I could share it with others.
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1 year ago, DADDYTONYYYY6912
Listo para ir a Mexico ya
This app is helpful in understanding most of the slang and dialect utilized in Mexico. Ya estoy listo para ir Mexico ahuevo q si.
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2 years ago, lelly-boo
No audio
This app is awesome but the audio doesn’t work. 😒 How can we speak slang like a pro with out hearing the correct pronunciation? ¡Ay ay ay!
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9 years ago, Mexx fer life1234567890
Very accurate slang app
Lived in Mexico for two months. The slang words in this app are pretty comprehensive and accurate. Missing some slang (not that you could ever account for it all) but overall great app.
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11 years ago, Joel Axel
I like it And the guy on the bottom you shouldn't juged a book by its cover, because not every mexican is the same.
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11 years ago, CindyRoseTruman
This will be helpful
I always wanted to learn what Spanish speakers are saying about me.
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12 years ago, IgiveUp2
There are a lot of words that I've heard and now I know what is being said. I just wish there were more words on this app. Overall it is still a fun app.
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9 years ago, SW Grad Student
Would have given 5 🚫❌🌟❌🚫
This app is amazing and I would have paid $1 for the sound. However, before I could even think about doing so, it kept asking me to upgrade. I hit cancel 20 times before I had to delete the app all together. Hope they fix the bugs.
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12 years ago, ConnerRojo
Really funny! But ándale doesn't really mean to walk yourself--that would be andate or andese, the le at the end of a word is just simply Mexican slang with absolutely no meaning at all. Another example is pasenle or pasale.
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12 years ago, 4Luets
Learn Spanish slang from Mexico City
Este App es la neta del planeta... This App is everything you need to speak like a real guy/gal from Mexico City!!!!!
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11 years ago, Carlosacostac
The best app on my phone!!!!!!!
I love it .... Very accurate...
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13 years ago, Niko Vie
This app is meant for chilango slang, which are amongst the most notorious mexicans.. It's meant to be vulgar. Then again I got it free so I'm not complaining
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13 years ago, alkingstad
Guey Spanish
Love this app! Love it because it's vulgar. Knew most the words and phrases and it's awesome I can spell them now! Thanks!! I'm recommending y'alls app!!
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12 years ago, Draconis0868
Minor correction
Ni modo - it's actually more like "doesn't matter". Or the slang 'fuggetaboutit'
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8 years ago, 257-161-442
Not very accurate.
Many of the words in the app aren't accurate or are from a very remote area, someone from Mexico City could help fix this problem.
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8 years ago, Bellevue Fine Art Repro
App is broken
Paid my $1 and sound stopped working the next day. This could be a nice app Id the developer actually put in a little effort. It's broken. I want my $1 back.
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8 years ago, Rickwouldgo
Doesn't Work
Loaded the App twice and it doesn't open. I don't know why they would even offer this in the App store. Don't waste your time.
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11 years ago, SeanCanaday
Great words to learn!
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8 years ago, siempreus5
Great app but can we get an update? Need some new phrases and words please
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11 years ago, Lyb832
A ridiculous way to tell the people how the mexican language is.
I think is not the right way to tell the world how a countrie is, it's useless not get it.
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12 years ago, (Bre)
It gets boring after a couple of minutes. Not worth it!!
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7 years ago, thepickl0
¡Muy útil!
Esta app me ha enseñado todas las jergas mexicanas; además, ¡lo hizo muy fácil!
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11 years ago, Happy:)Happy;)
@Team tre
Not all Mexicans watch soccer and listen to narco music..there are some that actually hate it. Go educate yourself. And think before you say something stupid.
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8 years ago, mOltOcaprOne
No sirve
Se cierra sola y no muestra resultados deben corregirla
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13 years ago, Scott Sepanek
Don't buy.
This is an extremely vulgar low life assortment of ad hoc words thrown together in a so called dictionary format. It only has a few dozen words or so. Pls don't waste your money. Mexican Slang is much better and put together well. This app is a waste (unless you're a drug addict or social loser). After all the apps I have gotten, this by far has garnered the lowest rating.
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13 years ago, Jsloan1212
Keeps closing
I haven't even been able to use it cause it keeps closing itself!!!! Not cool! Either fix it or I want my money back!!!!!!!!!!!!
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14 years ago, TrentMC
$1.99 for 71 words
I'm a gringo that lived in Mexico for a while. Most of the words in this app are just vulgar slang, 90% of which I already knew and the other 10% I had heard but didn't know the exact definition. It would be nice if it had more slang terms without adding more vulgar slang.
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