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12 months ago
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User Reviews for G2A

4.68 out of 5
12.1K Ratings
1 year ago, GoodVibes0rDie
Solid Most Of The Time
Just buy from a reputable seller, who has many sales, and positive feedback. I only buy from sellers with 99 to 100% positive feedback now. It’s possible to get screwed on this app. It’s happened to me a few times. But only with subscription services. I’m still giving a five star review because of how much money it saved me on games throughout the years. Almost never have a problem, and even when I do have a problem, it’s because a game key stopped working a year and a half later. Bummer, but oh well. Very rarely happens. If I could give this app a more intricate rating I would say 4.8 out of 5. Sometimes you’re literally paying a quarter of a price on the official marketplace. There’s no beating that.
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2 months ago, Ty266??
Just a scam really
Everything isn’t as it seems. Trust me it’s basically like seeing a tv ad. Or pop up. The keys barley work half the time nobody will contact you for support they will entice you with leaving a good or changing your bad review in exchange for 10 steam keys. It’s honestly the worst app to use to Try and save money on games just don’t waste your time
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6 years ago, Got 3 ❤'s
Not the deal it states it is.
I don’t know who is trying to be fooled, but I assume if you know about G2A then you probably know the legit price of the game you’re looking for. I don’t get the point of saying the game is originally $72 and it’s 25% off for $55, when the game is in fact $60.. and that’s not even the best example. I saw Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and it said the price was $70 and on sale for like 80% off for like $10 (not exact). When the game is in fact around the price that it’s apparently on sale for. I don’t know who is being fooled by this, but in my opinion it seems unnecessary and a bit scummy. I get it’s supposed to increase sales because it’s like a marketing tactic, but I just don’t know who’s falling for it. Oh well though, still offering reduced prices and i’ve got some good games from here.
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3 years ago, Saengtawan
It’s all a scam
This is a 50/50 chance you’ll actually get the correct product key from sellers on here. I highly don’t recommend this unless you’ll be willing to take the risk. Yes, they guarantee money refund. But they required police report and official documents in order to continue refund process. It is a headache for them to submit claims. They are trying to make the process as hard as possible so you don’t continue with refund process. I’m out of luck for my $27. Defiantly will stop using this now. June 28, 2021 Update for G2A comment. Their refund “Money Back Guarantee program is free of charge and protects you from really rare cases”. They made me laugh when they responded to this review. The key word “protects you from really rare cases” Don’t expect to get your refund from scammer seller.
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1 year ago, sockoou
No longer is working
I’ve been using this app for about a month and everything was going fine. I bought games and every single one worked fine. No issues. But for some reason recently no matter what I do it won’t let me purchase anything anymore. I add an item to my cart, I go to purchase, but it just gives me a message saying “your cart has been updated, some deals may no longer be available” but no matter where I go EVERYTHING says this message. I’ve asked on the reddit page, I’ve looked to see if there’s any help sections on the app, I’ve logged out and logged back in, NOTHING is helping. I would’ve given this 5 stars but this recent event has completely destroyed this app. And I have no idea what to do at this point.
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5 years ago, AcGuyGus
G2A will SCAM you!!!
My friend told me he was able to buy a game for much less than the listed price from G2A. I bought a game and input my key. I could not load to the next page no matter how many times I tried. I thought, luckily G2A has a money back guarantee. First I tried to contact the seller with no response. Then I created a support ticket attempting to get a new key or my money back so I could try again. After going back-and-forth for weeks with the support team they finally told me that I needed to file a police report. I made a second account and tried again thinking it was just a fluke. Same BS happened. It’s been a nightmare dealing with these thieves. Save yourself the headache and just buy it from Steam.. Hope this helps people not get scammed like I did...
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10 months ago, Better Morals
Cancelled my subscription to G2A because honestly didn't want it anymore and realized I wasn't saving any money on games. Shark cards for gta cost the same as in game or at Walmart. Clearly I didn't pay close enough attention to the charges on my account the past few months because today it turns out these slime balls had me set up on PayPal to pay them £1.31 per month even after I cancelled thru this app. These people are shady and should be treated as such. There is no such thing as a "good deal" at the end of the day because someone always gets their pockets filled somehow. Again. Shady business, don't give them any of your money. Shouldn't trust companies that are sponsored by sellout YouTubers in the first place either
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4 years ago, Kawaii industry
Maybe It Was Just Me But.......
I don’t trust G2A. People can say whatever they want and it won’t change my opinion. The fact that they banned my dads account, which I was the one who told him to try it and I saw him trying it i front of me, the moment I wanted to buy one thing says a lot. And not only that, but today was the first time we tried using G2A. Even though many people give them goods reviews, it really isn’t. And I know I’m not the only person who has gone through this same thing. See in a way this could be my dads fault because he’s stubborn and didn’t want to contact them, but still in a way G2A needs to fix that too. Anyways, love you my lovelies~
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6 years ago, xacabresx
fix/add this features
fix this bug/crash- you can’t save photos on the iPhone app please fix this issue “as soon as you try to save any photo the app crashes.” (sometimes I want to save games photos as a reminder that I want to buy them or look them up on the Internet) add this features - we would appreciate it, if you add a wish list. (I wish list could help us remember the games that we want to buy and keep them on a look up so we always check their prices) - we would like it watch list. (on eBay website they have a feature called watch this feature provide you with a list of stuff you have watched so you always keep them on a shake up to know if there is any change happened to their prices or if there he are still available or simply to save them for later)
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11 months ago, ReviewHoodz
Great app but it didn’t like my Apple Pay
I originally found this app from my friend. Which I originally thought it was a scam… but I tried to but a 4 dollar game with my Apple Pay and it worked I had 60 dollars of random games for only 4 bucks. Then I tried to get a game I wanted, but all my payments kept getting declined. It went on for 2 days till this morning I tried once more and now I have a game for half its original price!
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2 years ago, Von Ostrand
Refund not guaranteed
Their process is wait a week after seller stops responding if they do stop. Then you go to 3 places to get all tracking numbers and grab screenshots so go through the whole process of attempting to activate 7 codes and then deny you provide proof or have a ticket. Finally they close the ticket with no refunds telling you they have no reason to refund someone who admitted selling trial codes now months ago. Each step was half a week for a single point to be acknowledged glazing past my guaranteed refund they have no good support or way to fix or desire to protect buyers.
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5 years ago, UDP FLO0D
Why do you need my drivers license
So I forgot password yea I know go figure what a uncommon issue. And to get to the point they dont have phone support it takes 3 days for them to respond via email to tell me only way to unlock is to send drivers license and bank statement just with the address and company part. They dont need full statement just to verify but why for a password. And im even willing to buy priority support but cant since they are blocking my transactions cause I tried to buy 2 xbox live gifts cards which they deemed suspicious to start this whole debacle. I have the emails as proof I really dont know what to do might contact the BBB.
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3 years ago, Leeonk4
I say yes and maybe?
I have brought two games for now, I haven’t been scammed or anything like that for now, please if you are looking at a game, look at the positive score, it gives you the rating if it’s legit or not. Other than that I think the app itself it's great, I think the look of the app can change for better but yeah. 🦔
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1 year ago, Koala Sama
Best gaming purchase app
The only only only complaint I have is that the payment isn’t inter-grated into the app and instead redirects you to a webpage to submit payment. But that doesn’t even matter tbh 10/10 service
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4 years ago, menace59
DO NOT USE G2A!!! Sellers scam you and g2a does nothing about it! They tell you to contact seller. Contacted seller Mtc_game about a used key and after a 7 days of slow responses (responded 3 times) they just stopped responding completely. There is nobody to call for support and G2A supposedly offers a money back guarantee 7 days after you contact seller but that takes 3 more days just so they can tell you to file a police report! What kind of guarantee is that??? Worst experience ever!! Hope this helps somebody before it’s too late. If I could give them no stars I would!!
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5 months ago, Sentitstfu
Don’t buy with bitcoin
I bought gifts cards and they never came in (via email) it’s been days. Just saying “waiting for payment” even after I sent my bitcoin payment it said my purchase was successful and the funds withdrawals from my btc account. So I contacted support and payment team etc. Finally days later after waiting for it to come in threw email and waiting for response I still can’t get my money back or the gifts cards I purchased because “lack of information” was provided, so they supposedly cant see my $90 purchase ..
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5 years ago, The king of kings Cali.
Add A New Filter Suggestion
Hello G2A support team I insist you guys should add a new filter into the filtering system labeled “Region” letting the customers look for specific regions such as “North America” “Europe” “United States” and aswell as “GLOBAL” for fast production and more customer satisfaction which allows the customer to find what they are looking for immediately instead of waiting minutes scrolling through foreign regions whilst they are in the US and not Europe!!!.
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3 years ago, yeet skeet and goto sleep
Garbage app.
Open the app to a barrage of fake deals and why would an app send you to a website instead of creating an actual working app? More importantly, trying to buy from here doesn’t allow Apple Cash, so don’t even bother if that’s the way you would like to pay, ON A IPHONE. Not a chance I’ll even take a 50/50 shot spending money with the reviews this app has, especially since I had to make a new account with the SAME email. How is that even possible? Great development skills, team! 👍🏾
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7 years ago, Djlytedh
Used to be good
When I 1st started using G2A I was telling all my friends about it. The prices were incredible and games were real cheap. Now I go on trying to find some good deals and can’t find anything at all, the exclusives for the day or game of the day aren’t really that special either. Why sell an old base game with no DLC? Or how is it that the app says buy steam cards for cheaper 5$ card but checkout it’s around 8$?? Doesn’t make sense. There are barely any games and today is Black Friday and the deals on the app are just plain AWFUL.
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2 years ago, bigfatidiot
Awesome site and app for games
On the several times I've purchased product keys or games from g2a I've never had any major issues and find good prices on the games i’m looking for. I love using this app
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1 year ago, mg6277
Minor issue with new app update
With the latest app update, the main screen isn’t showing up. It’s just loading (I can go to search and other facets of the app though), wanted to bring it to the attention of the developer of the app.
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5 years ago, mouadoux
Alot of fake cards and no refund just lying
I buy a card of 75$ and i found it all ready used and when i talk to the seller he confesse by his mistake and he propose to send me refund, but they tell me there’s an error with the refund... and i talk with the seller again then he tell me that he send me the refund and it just an bug in G2A and he stopped replying me. I work alot for this money and they take it very easy 🙂 but from now i’ll stop buying from this app and i’ll ask all my friends to do the same.
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6 years ago, Nova172
Great for deals
I love this app and I shop here for most of my games but I can’t see the weekly deals. It’s not really to big a problem but if I want to see the deals I have to reinstall the app every time I click on it. Would be nice to see em though.
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6 years ago, Mr derping holes in mine
One suggestion
I love this app. Great for getting PC games. Already bought 2 in fact. However, I wish there were more console games. This, of course, is probably based on who is selling, which makes sense. But it’s overall, it’s a great app.
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4 years ago, Tvyler
Good app I definitely recommend
G2a is an amazing company, I have bought so many codes/games from them and they all worked like literally all, none of them were wrong/fake/used.
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4 years ago, seanismac
Update: I ended up creating an account with my personal email as the issue below was never fixed. Another bug I've found is that if you have G2A plus, the discount doesn't work through the app. When you are checking out it also directs you through your browser. At this point I'm not sure why this app exists. Gives the option to sign up via Apple iD, but gives a constat error.
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1 year ago, QuirkyGamer
It was great for a while but then I got randomly banned
I loved using this website and genuinely got great deals on this website. But then I woke up to my account being randomly banned and when I contacted support they said they wouldn’t be unlocking the account. I’m very disappointed in the support team and they wouldn’t help me get my account back. Don’t waste your time with them.
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4 years ago, iskander1128
Great savings
Great app I always say support the developer but if it’s EA always buy from here haha but seriously if you have a budget here’s the best place don’t worry but always check the ratings before you buy
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6 years ago, Jimmy951
Not sure if this was a coincidence, but a day after my last review the devs pushed another update which fixed the euro and dollar issue. Just goes to show they have a team that’s on it. Great job and great app!!!
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4 years ago, mortheuis
No facebook login
Went to log in and it is lacking a Facebook loging button that the website has
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5 years ago, Bob36435
Unable to pay
When I am in checkout I receive a error message and am unable to pay, please fix asap
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3 months ago, AngryCitizenP
Worked 4 out of 5 times
It usually works for games. But beware if you want to buy UK Mastercard and you are not UK citizen. It is impossible and G2A support useless, they all the time side with the seller, even if the seller failed to provide that most important detail in the listing description and/or in activation guide. Also takes around 3 days to hear anything back from support.
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4 years ago, Gangsta6036
Love this app❤️👍🏽
This marketplace is one the best if not the best place to buy games or game content. They have awesome deals that save users a lot of money and I would highly recommend this app and marketplace to all gamers.
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4 years ago, nanaOseiKuti
G2aPay does not appear as payment option anymore
I can’t pay for product with my G2A balance. I have over 27euro in, but I can’t pay for any product with it. Why?
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4 years ago, diggy dogs
Just a question
I don’t know about this about it kind of seems a little sketchy to me that the prices are so low but for the GTA V shark cards they say (PC) and I don’t know if it will work on Xbox plz answer
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4 years ago, £uck this app
I’ve bought from this app and all they do is scam I got money stolen from me multiple times g2a will side with the seller every time I’ve been given used codes and the seller will say they’ve bought it themselves and tell you to contact customer support for usage time which customer support don’t do due to privacy this app is garbage and I will be during them for supporting thieves
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2 years ago, lllhjghn
I purchased elden ring and it was a scam, I then reported it to my credit card company and G2A declined it. Extremely disappointed, they locked my account and to be honest the are one of the worst company’s I’ve dealt with over the years, they don’t care about their customers only about selling. I will NEVER be buying another product on here again.
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6 years ago, miloinnes5
Great app
This a great way of getting games for cheap I got like 5 great games such as DOOM , CSGO, far cry primal and many more all under 60$ If the developers are reading this please have a higher limit to how much can be in your cart it would be so helpful. Thanks
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1 year ago, xXxHILARIOxXx
1 purchased and everything went fine but I will do Some more and I will change my review
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6 years ago, jgaine
Hardly processes
It hardly ever works when I want to purchase something my transaction has an error! I have been alerted to this scam. It is withdrawing money out of my bank account! Slowly but surely. I have been in contact with the support team who told me that the charges were for some kind of g2a plus. They said they deactivated it and I am still getting money taken
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6 years ago, Blutimate
Buyer Beware
I do not recommend you utilize G2A for deals and if you do, the insurance is not worth it. You can never provide definitive evidence that you were scammed and support sides with the seller and immediately closes your claim, even with their insurance. Buying from them is a risk and contacting support does nothing for you. Once you try to utilize the key/link and it is no good, they assume YOU are the scammer.
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1 year ago, drannse
I buy a card and is not activated and my money is gone 🥹🥹🥹
I buy a card and is not activated and my money is gone 🥹🥹🥹
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2 years ago, chris fanf
Thank you
You have saved me around 200 dollars because of how cheap the things can be THANK YOU
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4 years ago, DaddyBoomalati
Great service, Nice App
I originally had a ton of problems with the app, but I honestly think it was something with their servers. I have it another try and it works fine. The service is great; you can always save some money on G2A. *Original review-It is a crashy, glitchy dumpster fire. *Edit-developer reached out, which is nice. I gave up on the app and use the web interface instead.
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2 years ago, mlipenko2019
Good games good prices
Better than buying directly off of steam. + good key deals. 10/10
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5 years ago, Waffleextremist
Changes made and the app works just fine again!
The app is finally working again and it gets the job done. Discounted games and subscriptions like Xbox game pass.
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4 years ago, Str82dmall
Just a scam
I bought the new assassins creed and the purchase went smoothly but after about 13 hours of playtime it says that I no longer own the game. The seller has now stopped responding to messages and g2a won’t do anything without me alerting the police, who have said that they can do nothing about a video game. Don’t waste your time.
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6 years ago, Legoloncher
I could love g2a
I have bought 2 games on there and I dot think I’m going to any more. I have heard about too many people getting keys that don’t work or stop working after a month or so. G2a if you can find some way that keeps scammers off the site and keep prices around 50% off the regular price I would buy every game from you.
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4 years ago, PixelRo
Spent hours trying to make a purchase NO SUPPORT
Update: while there was no support through the app, nor support channels - someone did respond to this review, weeks later, instructing me to go through the same hoops. Made the purchase elsewhere - better luck next tine. —- Support is terrible - no options beyond a community, requiring yet another set of credentials to manage separate from the app. Purchase not worth the effort already furnished. While PayPal, Visa and Amex all authorized the purchase, G2A would them deny afterwards. No info. No support. No options.
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7 months ago, $Taz72$
membership app disappointment
i’m not getting my G2A memebership deals i’ll get one game that has it but the others i don’t have it. i had 3 games in cart only one of 3 had memebership deal. go on website i get all 3 games with membership deal. this app is only good for looking at what’s available.
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