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User Reviews for GameStop

4.8 out of 5
153.2K Ratings
2 years ago, SGA Jesse T S-2431
GameStop Overall Review!
Hi My names Jesse Twomey and I’m an SGA here in Seguin Tx store 2431. I’m not giving you guys a 5 start because I work for you all but because the customer support service is phenomenally better than any other support service out there. You guys are fast and technical, you guys do whatever you can to satisfy your customers and employees who are looking for help. I just had someone recently merge an account so I can gain access back on the app took him 5 - 10 minutes to do something more difficult than most. He was awesome good manners great small talk and didn’t talk to much or too little, I regret not getting his name because I would definitely mention him with his permission. If he isn’t making more than $15 an hour than he needs a raise. People like him keep our support system clean and organized, this community of gamers and collectors and support operators is awesome. Keep up the great work GameStop! We make this community better!
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5 years ago, His_Kitten9895
Good Company, App Needs Work
There is a lot of misconceptions when it comes to GameStop when it come to their memberships, trading policies, returns and so on. The one thing that they need to work on though is the app. Sometimes it doesn’t show my preorders and most the time it doesn’t tell me the right date of when my preorder product comes out. I would also like to mention that the company doesn’t hide anything from their customers, there policies are always printed out on the back of the receipts so there’s always a remember of how returning a product works. Last time I bought a preowned system their policies are also written on the box right under the name of the system I bought. I would say that those you complain that they are being scammed have ever thought about the call and demand of an item that is being traded or returned. That and I’ve save 100s of dollars using the pro membership and I maybe go to gamestop 3 or 4 times a year. I’ve never had my point taken for coupons unless I have redeemed them myself as it is a simple setting on your account page that you have to change when you officially set up you account online. Plus it gives you 250 extra points if you do finish your profile... THIS PART IS FREE BTW. I don’t know about you but I like free things... enough rambling now, overall great company but I would see about maybe sending out a overall new update for the app so it works smoothly like it use to...
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2 years ago, pro club disappointment
Can’t use Proclub online certificate
We pay for proclub and have no issues using our membership coupons in store. However, I can’t say the same for the online rewards coupons. When I try to purchase online rewards coupons with our points, we have no trouble being awarded those coupons. They show up as purchased and redeemable. When we try to use them, it states it has just sent me a verification email. First of all, I’m not sure why I need a verification email to redeem a coupon already available for use. Secondly, I never receive the email! We have applied countless times and received countless pop ups stating a verification email is on the way yet we receive nothing. My guess is that possibly a long time ago, I opted out of GameStop promotional emails. I still receive emails from GameStop…just not promotional emails. This would have been done before becoming a proclub member. Even after explaining this to customer service reps, NO ONE has offered a solution to the problem. They tell me to use my computer not my phone. Done! They tell me to check the spam/junk folder of my email account. Done! We’ve been rerouted through representative after representative with no solution to date. It’s frustrating. We won’t be signing up for pro club again!
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4 years ago, Ike2100
Okay App but has glitches, needs work
As a consumer I have had nothing but great experiences shopping at GameStop for all my video game related products and the team at the store I shop at is 5 Star Good! The app however is a different story and unfortunately the App isn’t fully functional and though it recently received an overhaul it still is not very consumer friendly and I have experienced numerous glitches and problems with the app! One issue that has been extremely frustrating as a consumer is that the “Pre-orders” tracking feature has not been working in I don’t know how many months! I can’t remember the last time I was able to track my pre-orders without having any issues! Currently, when I select “Pre-orders only” under the “My Orders” section of the app all I get is an error message that says “No connection to server” and as such the app is incapable of displaying my pre-orders :/ I have even had trouble placing orders through the app and instead have resorted to visiting the website or calling the store in such situations. Overall it has a decent interface but GameStop still needs to fix the functionality of the app!
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2 months ago, theAmpler
Do not support this company
I’ve never written a review like this and if you don’t want to read what happened please believe me and cancel your account and delete this app. I preordered a game at the start of December, a week before the game was released I started receiving emails stating to update my payment method, so I did. I even placed a separate order that I didn’t need to make sure the card was working. I kept receiving those emails so I called an agent and they confirmed that I had updated my card info and was good to go. They then canceled that order so I called them again, they told me because there was another item on the initial order that despite what the system said it was not possible to update that order and since the time was sold out there was nothing they could do. So the item I pre-ordered 3 months earlier I will not receive. The customer service team offered my nothing for the fact I would not be able to get my item and I had spent over an hour on the phone being proactive doing what they’d asked. I’ve supported GameStop for over 10 years, in 2023 I pre-ordered 10 games with them,I try to buy all my games from them, they could not have treated me worse, please please do not support this company.
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2 years ago, MLinton4
A Far Cry From It’s Former “Glory”
Ever since the “major” overhaul they did to the app a couple of years ago, it’s taken a downturn. Before, you could score 5 PUR points per day by checking in on the app if you were near a store, and now that’s been done away with. Nothing is streamlined anymore, you have to go around the world just to view your preorders, trade values, and pretty much anything except for basic prices. Pre-update, it was easy to search different stores/locations for specific items, now it’s a hassle that will only cause you headaches. While they did improve the search bar itself and the loading errors (after years of constant issues), they traded off the better accessibility it once had. Instead of fixing all of the previous issues with the app, they decided to simply get rid of everything that caused them problems entirely. So if you just want pricing, the app is fine for that. If you’re looking for detailed info regarding a store/game/preorder or anything else, you’re better off saving a link to your PUR account or the GameStop website to your phone’s browser.
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3 years ago, game_slave26
Love the company but the app needs work
I absolutely love the app and the store it’s the only place I shop for games and other related items. I also love the fact that I can order this stuff online but I’ve noticed that the app is not accurate when it comes to what the store has in stock. When I go to my local store and see the games and other items then look on my app over half the things in the store are not listed on in the app which really brings down the profits and it makes people not want to use the app. Also the app is very glitchy every time I try to order something for pick up I press the check out and pay option then it glitches out and says there was an error in my transaction which is really annoying and also when I preordered a game it took me 1 hour to finally get it to go through because it kept glitching and saying that there was an error. Over all I really love the store and will still shop here but the app definitely needs improvement and updates for me to use it. I have had multiple times I was going to buy some games then it says error and I just give up and not buy them at all.
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6 years ago, Squeekyfoot
App is extremely unreliable
This is my first ever app review which means you can see that there was something I clearly needed to get out of my system. Put plainly, this app is extremely unreliable and a complete waste of time. To be honest, I believe you should always start at Gamestop’s website to get what you need...definitely not this app. If you forget your password, and try to click the ‘send email’ link, you will be pointlessly mashing a dead button that never sends an email. Also, their error messages are extremely vague and don’t give you direct info on what went wrong. Lastly, I can never see my account reward info on this app—it seems to crash every time it tries to fetch this information. Just to explain that I’m not writing this out of a single, bad experience, I’ve been encountering these issues for months...even after updating. Usually 10/10 times I have to switch over to their website. I am a software developer myself, and I just wanted to say that the current release of this app is simply unacceptable. I love the Gamestop store and I enjoy my membership with them.. but to make lives harder for your members (instead of easier) is just bad for business.
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3 years ago, used2luviFunny
horrible app horrible business
I’ve been a customer with GameStop for years, started when I was 15 and am 24 now, I’m fairly tech saavy, however the GameStop app has made me feel as though my “rewards” are nearly impossible to get. Consistently I never receive points for purchases and have also redeemed my points through the all for digital coupons TWICE just to lose all my points from my hard earned cash. Their solution is to call customer service and they will be able to redeem your points. Customer service was unable to help me as the representative said that she saw my coupons but was unable to refund my points due to the fact that the coupons had expired. I had explained to her that I was unable to use my coupons as this is why they expired and she told me there was nothing else they could do. Not a super big deal but very upsetting when I spend over 100$ just to save 10$ and I am unable to even save the 10$ Super sad that a company that I used to love has turned into a company that many of my friends and I have grown to dislike. ALL in all DONT GET THE APP AND DONT WASTE YOUR BUSINESS WITH THEM. you’ll ultimately waste money and time with their “power to the players” mantra.
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5 years ago, Mookie Da Goon
Let’s be realistic, we all know we love GameStop but also hate them at the same time LOL ! The reason why i say we also hate GameStop is because their really cheap !!! A perfect example of this is i can buy a brand new game for example a Xbox game for $6o and let’s say i open the brand new game infront of them. Even if i didn't play the game and i open the wrap in front of them and try to sell the still brand new game just without the wrapper, GameStop will probably give me around $3o the most and that’s just me being nice to GameStop. How does that make sense? How do you give me $3o for a game that i literally just bought not even a few seconds ago and opened it in front them and tried to sell it back to them? All you had to do is put another wrap around the game and bang it’s a brand new game, & and give me what i actually paid for. But since GameStop will forever be cheap there’s probably no changing their policies! But i also love GameStop because they do sell their games for cheap too.
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2 years ago, Simman
Continuous improvement
Around a year ago, this app was straight out of the early 2000s. The app pages were just wrapped web pages and loaded slowly. Now, it’s a completely different story. There’s continuous updates and improvements to make the app run faster and more efficient. The app is now completely redesigned with a modern homepage and account menu. I love being able to easily keep track of my points and rewards now. The app is truly in the 21st century now. I would love to see continuous performance improvements to load times. An overhauled cart and order status section is extremely needed. I’d like to be able to wish list products, create and edit lists, cancel orders and preorders in the app, and be able to post product reviews in the app. An enhanced experience for redeeming rewards would be welcomed. Keep up the great work!
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2 years ago, you knowdagut
search function for product in local stores is worthless
Giving this two stars simply because one of the most necessary features in the app is almost worthless. For prior versions of this app, conducting a search for product inventory in local stores was a snap - you simply put in your zip and desired range, and it would display the stores that had available inventory. Simple and clear. With this newest version, one inputs the same info but it now displays all stores within range whether they have the stock or not. It’s hit or miss in the store you select. And then to check a different store, you have to start over and input the same info. Terrible design that should be fixed asap. ** 06/24 update** Gamestop, thank you for addressing and restoring the requested feature to efficiently check local product inventory. But now the problem is that it shows 0 out of 0 products available at local stores no matter what is selected. Products that are literally right in front of me in store show out of stock on the app. Man, one step forward and two steps back.
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5 years ago, Chrisgonzal3z
Complaint! Since I won’t be helped!
I placed an order for Pick Up on an Xbox one X Fallout bundle in white that was on sale for Black Friday at $430+taxes. That was on a Sunday, they had already closed the store so I passed by on Monday to pick it up, and the cashier tells me that they cannot hold any products that are on sale. I said fair enough, they have plenty of them in stock so there should be no problem, BUT when it came down to the order I had placed, he couldn’t do anything about it. Instead of just checking that order online since I did place it and it went through, they made me spend ANOTHER $430+ tax at the store to get the Xbox. I placed it on a Sunday, it was processing until Tuesday where it changed to “Ready For Pickup” and that they’re gonna hold it for 7 days. Doesn’t make any sense, they’re gonna make me wait about 9-10 days or more for me to get my money back instead of just canceling it and having the money be refunded within a few days or so. I emailed them twice but got no response. I also called and I wasn’t helped at all, I was just told the same thing, “You’re gonna have to wait until it cancels itself.” Are you kidding me? Def not a good experience at all
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1 year ago, daba y
Shipping and cancellation of orders
I bought a Xbox headset from the app I didn’t realize that it said wired when I thought it said wireless. I purchased a he headset and didn’t think anything of it I paid for the 1-3 day shipping on December 29th it is currently January 2nd it’s been 4 days and my order still isn’t here and when I try to cancel it to get my money back it always says that there has been a error trying to cancel my order. I can’t get my money back and it will probably be a lot longer just for it to arrive at my house. When I clicked 1-3 day shipping I expected my order to be here yesterday and it still isn’t here I feel like I should get some of my money back since the 1-5 day shipping is only 5$ instead of the 8$ 1-3 day one. I also should get a small percentage off of the price that I paid like 5% or something. So far this app has just been a inconvenience to me from my order not arriving on time and not being able to cancel it. Not to mention when I go on order details it says that it is still being prepared. 4 days and it still hasn’t even left the store.
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3 years ago, The Gamestop Incestor
GameStop won’t stop, buying GameStop!
Hi my name is Brandon and I’ve been shopping in your store since I was a kid. Now that your transforming into an e-commerce giant for all your electronic needs I will be continuing to shop at GameStop and only GameStop any time I need any electronic device. I’m a first time investor in the stock market and I’m happy to tell you that I’m all in on your company. I truly believe in GameStop and I believe HF got greedy and planned on running GameStop into the ground for there own personal gain. I won’t stop, can’t stop, buying GameStop and hope to see this company grow so I can pass my childhood on to my kids. I don’t have a lot of money and I don’t come from money but I will hold 100 GameStop shares till I die and pass those on to my kids. I just wanna truly thank DFV,RC and his team for making dreams come true, even if I have to lose everything in the process.
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2 years ago, koala guy 69 ape
I bought decorations for my twitch stream setup.
I bought a bunch of figurines, a couple flags, hoodies to wear while streaming. Speaking of my twitch Set up, I bought almost my entire stream set up (excluding my pc of course, but maybe soon plz GameStop❤️) from this store. Some online and in store. However the quality the packaging remained in was the same in store as online both were excellent. I favored the in store experience a bit more because while there are reviews for certain items, The employees at my GameStop are extremely helpful on selecting the correct item. For instance which streaming camera should I get? Or which capture card is better for what I need? My point being is I’ve never ever had a problem with an online purchase or an in store purchase. I must say the hoodies are cozy.
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4 years ago, somedude543
Failed app by a failing company
The app rarely works, but when it seems like it is, the info it supplies is wrong. An item I searched for wasn’t available to order but was listed available at a GameStop 45mins away. Google says their hours are 10am-9pm. I leave at 9am, double check the app one more time and it says its in stock. I get to the store and a sign on the door says opens at 12pm. So COVID-19 I get it. I go grab some food and wait until 12pm. I come back and there is 2 people waiting out front to get in and the doors locked. I ask them if they’re there for the item I came for and they say no, so great. We wait for another hour and a half and the store “manager” comes out and says he can’t open because the system is down and IT told him they can’t fix it. I then ask him if he has the item I came for and I’ll pay cash. I know sales tax is 7.5% so I’ll just add 10% just to be safe. He then tells me that he doesn’t have any in stock and when I point out the app he says, and I quote “The app is garbage and never has correct information”. So if the companies own employee says it’s garage then one star it is.
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4 years ago, leatherface38
Trade credit issues
Yes, so when you open the app at the bottom right is a tab that reads rewards. And when you tap on it, it takes you to your powerup rewards page. In the middle on the right side of the page right over top of the tab for gamerinformer that reads view latest is a tab that reads card details. Now when u tap on that tab it opens up your card details like, membership status and account number. So at the bottom of this page is a message that reads(want to have easy access to your trade credit? Provide your membership card pin). And when u tap onto the message it takes u to another page. So on this page it shows the back of a physical card where u would find the membership card’s PIN number. And under the card is a symbol and the words enter membership card pin with 4 squares under them. And under the squares is another message that reads (I don’t have a pin). We who have the digital cards don’t have a pin to enter so how can we have easy access to our trade credit when we don’t have a pin? That part of the app needs work cause even the store workers and the GameStop help line have no answer on how to help me access my trade credit. In store they didn’t even know how to put the trade credit on my account. They gave it to me on a trade credit card. Please update that part of the app so it’s easier to add and access trade credit on the digital cards. Thanks😁
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4 years ago, vprma
Don’t shop here
Not to mention the fact they are bordering on bankruptcy, I waited three days to get a response to my inquiry and still haven’t received any info. They also shut down their phone lines as soon as they announced store closings. After that, I spent an hour on hold waiting to have my question answered, and was immediately hung up on after ‘hello?’ I then waited another hour and was told to ‘go to a store location’ for a refund for my preorders. THEY CLOSED THEIR STORES. I understand coronavirus is leading to expanded measures, but for the people in your call center to TELL ME TO GO TO A STORE THAT IS CLOSED, WHILE THEIR IS A SHELTER IN PLACE ORDER IN MY STATE, not only is IGNORANT but DANGEROUS. I am not risking my life for your company to do their jobs. You promised me I when I preordered I would be able to pick it up. Then, when you told me I COULDNT pick it up, you told me to go to the same location that you announced was CLOSED. Terrible company, shop somewhere else. Just declare bankruptcy so all your employees can work for a company that deserves their time. If I could leave a zero star review, I would. I have already filed BBB complaints. Good day.
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3 years ago, ole beasterson
Little glitchy
Love you and I love the new app. But I wanted to let you know what I saw. I’m on an iPhone and when I was swiping down to the bottom the screen kind of glitched out and jumped up and down really fast. Like hundreds of times a second fast. I thought “oh that was weird,” did it again, and got the same result. Basically swipe down to the bottom and swipe down and just hold your finger down. Maybe you’re already aware, maybe not. One more for you, I placed (my first!) order, and I put in my current address. I just moved and still had my card attached to my old address, so long story short I used the wrong address. Then I went to correct it and put in the correct address, replaced the order, hit submit, and the app froze and gave me your spinning grey loading wheel for around 20 seconds, then they just froze. I closed the app and reopened it, and my cart was empty. Long story short, you should make your app work like a google doc, not a word doc. Don’t need to hit save, whatever you put in is automatically saved and even if it freezes and crashes, it’s right there. I really appreciate YOU whoever is reading this, and hope you have a great day. I love the direction this company is moving and wanted to share my feedback so you can continue to grow better. Thanks! Andrew
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4 years ago, Etanlikey
Why did you update the interface?
The GameStop app after the developers changed the layout is now confusing. Where do we go to check in to receive power up rewards points? The only thing felt to have been improved after the renovation is the overall aesthetic and that is still flawed. Currently there is a “1uP” sale promotion within GameStop and conversely in the app and the first side scrolling of images doesn’t match the description; personally I was unaware that the Star Wars force pack contained a Detective Pikachu game for Nintendo 3DS, or that the “ultra slim charge pack for Xbox One” was in fact a Super Smash Bros 3DS game. Who asked for this update again? Either way please fix the issue regarding the interface mapping and clearly direct users to the proper navigation channels and not just information stating that we are able to when in fact there is no way to.
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12 months ago, AOtheGOD
Intuitive Performance
GameStop continuing to do what they’ve been doing for the last 3 years… delight customers. As someone who has been a GameStop shopper for over 20 years the changes they’ve been making lately are evident. This company cares about its customers. And it shows. I ordered the wrong iPhone from GameStop and the return process was completely painless. Customer service was responsive and understanding. I do a lot of my shopping at physical stores and every time I go in the employees working are knowledgeable and happy to help. I always leave in a better mood than when I walked in and I can’t help but think that a big part of that is the culture that GameStop is cultivating. It clearly is trickling down from the top. Keep up the great work!
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6 years ago, The long nailed tapper
It’s okay, but not great
This review is done on an iPhone. Let me preface by saying I love the handiness of the app, but it could use some work. Should the app change, my score and review will change accordingly as well. I would really like to see this app flourish and have both customers and employees save time with this app. Pros: -Quick access to account information -Easy coupon redemption -Shows ongoing promotions -Preorder information readily available -Trade-in tab is handy -GameInformer articles readily available (I have their membership, this probably affects availability of GameInformer articles) Cons: -Does not show every item available -No Image Gallery; images are not large enough either -Search engine needs tuning; when going to an item page and backing out to the search, it loads the beginning of the list again. -Redirection to the mobile website; it seems the app isn’t equipped to handle certain things like the mobile website is capable of. -GameInformer article icons unload and reload when scrolling or switching tabs. -Every update logs you out of the app if you had an account logged in. -Semi-Minor Issue: Cannot use barcode scanner for trade-in. -Semi-Minor Issue: Dates for the beginning and end of promotions. (Not related to app functionality; consumer Quality of Life change I’d like to see.) -Minor Issue: I’d like to send feedback without having to use my email.
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7 years ago, Themusicman08
Very disappointed with the apps design
I am very disappointed with the apps design and excess ability. Let’s say you have someone who is visually impaired and they have a niece, nephew, or a son, or daughter. Maybe the parents, or grandparents might not play video games, but the examples that I have mentioned do. You would like to be able to be independent and shop on this application for video game systems, or games. Unfortunately, if you are visually impaired and use voiceover, you are unable to do this. I understand that app developers are not familiar with voiceover, this is one of those times, that the app developers should be familiar with voiceover. It’s on every Apple device that is out there running the latest iOS. I hope that game stop take a look at this and re-designed this app. Turning on and off voiceover does not help us. I am not going to use the magnifier option in accessibility to run my iPhone battery down. That makes absolutely no sense. I would like to even shop for myself using this app. However, I can’t. Because of the reasons I have mentioned above in this review.
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4 years ago, Adam Ashbaker
After many years they finally overhauled the GameStop app and the only real improvement is finally being able to see your online order info in the app. However now you can no longer check trade values and you can no longer see what you have preordered. For those who don’t know you use to be able to preorder stuff in store and then the app would show what you have preordered, at what locations, how much you have to pay off and how many days until release. Although this feature stopped working like a year ago and now it’s just gone. Not only that but other stuff is missing like how much store credit you have and many other features. Guess what the store credit feature also stopped working about a year ago, their internal systems that communicated stopped working and so instead of trying to fix the issue they just removed the features. This is a joke. This app is completely useless and it still directs you to their website for stuff like the deal of the day and more. GameStop is clueless.
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9 months ago, Punkash kid
Absolute garbage company
Lost a loyal customer by ripping me off. Had ordered a PS5 through their GameStop app and even paid extra for same day shipping as it was my fiancé’s birthday. Received the “delivered” notification and ran downstairs like a kid on Christmas. Continued to run up and down the block like a crazy person trying to find where this item was dropped off. Silly me, as I called the store and they told me it happens all the time. GameStop uses Uber to deliver over $600 consoles and the drivers take a photo of the item on the steps before walking off with it. They knowingly employe thieves and don’t care at all about the customer. Which is just what happened. Instead of reimbursing me, they refuse to take fault and blame Uber but refuse to give me any driver details for me to pursue any action against Uber. Have given me the run around for weeks. Will be disputing this with by bank but this will take months by going through them instead of GameStop taking any ownership of their mistakes. Shame.
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2 years ago, Roscoe 3000
5 stars but room for improvement
I use the app quite frequently but somethings are irritating/dated. I feel like a few updates should be done in the shopping cart area, as well as in general related to product listings. As far as the cart, I feel like a “save for later” option would be nice if there isn’t a way to do that in the actual item listing. Other internet retail apps allow you to share product links externally from the app but this does not.. such as sharing deals or pre-orders. So, the work around is going to the site & then finding the product and sharing.. which is a lot of clicks :). I also feel like having a “favorite” option or something similar for items you are interested in would be very valuable.. my current work around is adding things to the cart and forgetting about them (as a favorite you all could push price notifications and reminders). Additionally the ability to “notify when back in stock” would be great.. I’d like to spend my money here than with other retailers. Power to the.. 😊
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4 years ago, Thans95
Convenient but...
The app is pretty convenient for buying stuff online for home delivery. That aspect is fine, but what I cant seem to understand is how they have yet to make this app work on iPad! Seriously, this app has been out for so long, you would think it would be optimized. I opened it on my iPad, and its just a weird crunched down screen. It directly mirrors the iPod/iPhone app! The image doesn’t even stretch to the iPad screen, and worse, horizontal mode doesn’t work either. I have a keyboard cover for my device, and I cant even browse the GameStop store like a desktop or laptop can. All the iPad gripes aside, it’s fine if you still like going to Gamestop, plus its basically the only way you can access gift certificates to redeem with your points! (Was gonna talk about the lack of real rewards, but that’s a GameStop thing not an app thing. Not fair to the app if I include that.)
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6 years ago, Jillibean!
Constant issues with this app
I’ve had this app for a couple of years. When the app is actually working it has a few great features: 1. The trade stash which gives you an estimate on trade-in values for items you may want to trade; 2. Redeeming rewards points for coupons; 3. Looking up an item, checking store availability, and placing a hold request. These are the features I use the most (again, when it actually decides to work). As other users have pointed out, the app is really unreliable. It is common to have store employees say the app has a “glitch” and is being worked on. This can be very inconvenient if you planned to use a coupon or redeem points and the app gives you errors. I continue to use it because it’s more user friendly than the website (in my opinion). I do wish they would actually consider the reviews and maybe find a better developer that can build a functional app.
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5 years ago, nelly96
Please fix the app
I love GameStop even with the absurd return credits lol but I’m giving it the review towards the app. It works fine but there’s this really one annoying glitch that keeps happening. When I’m scrolling through games and click on a game to see the details and then return to the list of games, the same games keep repeating. You keep scrolling down until the page is loading to load more games and the same games appear over and over again. I have to close the app and open it again for it to reset and then if I check out the details of another game, the same thing happens and I have to do the same thing to fix it which is close the app completely and open it again. Please fix the problem it’s very annoying. Once again, I love GameStop and have no problems with it. This review is towards the app. Thank you!!
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5 years ago, Me this guy right here
Not great
This app has some some nice features but ultimately is just frustrating to use. When your trying to search for games some of the filters don’t work. For example the pick up in store filter will show me games I’ll click on them and it will say not available in my store. My biggest issue is when you are scrolling thru games it will just randomly bring you back to the top and you will have to scroll back down again just to get a little further then previously and have it go to the top again. This has been a problem for a long time on this app and they have done nothing to fix it. You basically can only use this app to look up specific things. The trade in value feature is nice if you like to trade in games. I also like how it tells you if an item is in stock and at which store. Nothing can really make up for that scrolling problem for me though.
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3 years ago, MazzaWifey
Needs work
The app looks much better now but the newest version has removed the check in feature which gave you 5 points for everyday you checked it. 5 points isn’t much but it adds up. The app itself is not always accurate or sometimes it still directs you to the webpage version. Preorders, purchases, and trade ins are delayed. Lastly the stores don’t utilize the app nor do they even know about it. The could harness it better to show how points matter and how you can monitor your trade in potential. Locally a store has even prevented items from being purchased with a one per household rule that is not printed anywhere making people either go to another GameStop or another retailer all together. Maybe a GameStop social media team to read his out and help customers. Price match policy. Waiting lists. To name a few ideas.
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3 years ago, JDubb505
What a transformation - Love same day delivery!
I’m so pleased with the service GameStop continues to execute on. The transformation of this company from what it was just 2 years ago has been absolutely amazing. I’ve shopped at GameStop for over 10 years, and it’s never been better. The new focus on quality customer service is phenomenal - it rivals any company I’ve purchased products through, at any point of my life! I mean this!!! I love and greatly appreciate the same day delivery. I like having hard copies of my games, so the fact that GameStop can typically always get me the games within hours of purchasing, is why I will continue to be a loyal customer. Aside from this, the LARGE selection of new and different products now offered via their website, which speaks to gamers and pop culture alike, is really exciting to see and will definitely replace as a main source for Xmas shopping and gifting in general - not to mention, they just have a ton of cool niche stuff that I want for myself. Loving this company. Can’t stop. Won’t stop. GAMESTOP!
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3 years ago, c_ybarra75
Don’t waste your time
If you’re getting this app in the hopes of getting something look elsewhere. Not only are their deals garbage but their checkout procedure is ridiculous as well. You might think you’ve snagged something good only to have your moment ruined by the amount of hurdles you have to go through to checkout but also the fact that this is a first to pay experience. Your shopping cart means nothing if you can’t enter your credentials fast enough. I had a PS5 bundle in my cart and proceeded to checkout only to get error after error message claiming that the amount of traffic was causing system errors and try to checkout again in a few minutes. I waited a minute and tried to check out again and then get a cart empty message and “sorry but this item is now sold out”. It was in my cart!! This won’t happen in a store so why let it happen on your app.
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4 years ago, BetaPreacher
Good app, but...
It works great when I want to get to something quickly, but it acted funny when I went to buy something. I went to buy a game, and it said my card had an error, saying it basically wasn’t working. Now this is probably my error because I didn’t realize I didn’t have enough cash; however, when I realized it wasn’t working, I held off and let it be, but I got an email later on, saying it went through as a pending payment for the same order, saying it may charge me THREE times for the same order that said my card wasn’t working! It hasn’t gone through, but still, don’t make it go through as a pending payment and scare people of being possibly given a penalty for something that wasn’t 100% their fault.
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4 months ago, Mayoqueen
Ordering online is a joke….
Against my better judgement I decided to place another order through Gamestop. The first time I ordered off the website and it was for Xmas presents valued at $500+. The payment processing glitched and THANK GOD I knew better than to try again. Then I find out it charged my account. (Of course!) Had to wait until Gamestop opened to call their customer service. They were able to find and process the order but told me it could take up to 3 days to show up at my pickup store. IT TOOK THE ENTIRE 3 DAYS!!! Picked up the order, everything was fine until I decided to try using the app this time to place another order and the EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED AGAIN! So guess I have to wait ANOTHER 3 DAYS? I should’ve just ordered it from the store 😩. Or better yet from some place else altogether!!! Glad this wasn’t exactly a Xmas present I needed to have before Xmas. I’d be S.O.L!!!
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6 years ago, xRealTeXasDonX
Can’t process my credit cards even the game stop credit card
Can’t purchase anything on the app it says the billing info of my credit cards are wrong to contact my Financial institution even with the power rewards credit card the website is the same even on another note they were hiring cust reps for stores the other day got an email to go I go in there it started at 1pm I got there at 1:15 and three store mangers go to lunch at 2:00 pm what a waste of time game stop is dropping the ball overall app stores people running the stores haven’t gotten my powerup points either for the credit card either step your game up gamestop I’m regretting getting that cc with you now
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4 years ago, lightnerd
Good app idea but ultimately broken
When you’re able to pay with Apple Pay the app works great but when that availability isn’t available I have to use my actual credit card. The problem is that it’s impossible for me to delete my old payment information in the app as a result I can’t use my actual credit card because it has the wrong information saved when I try to save a new information it doesn’t overwrite or create a new credit card to save meaning I have no way to buy a new games using this app since most of them cannot be paid for with Apple Pay and cannot be pre-ordered. To add to the frustration with the app when I go to click the Feedback button and select the different options none of them work it’s laughable. If the company can’t fix these problems and respond when people bring up issues then there’s really no way to GameStop will be able to succeed.
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3 years ago, KyleBlowers
App is pointless. Avoid at all costs.
The previous gamestop was relatively swift, functional and useless for many things. I was able to easily find out which store in my area has games or products available that i could get, it also let me preorder games easily, in addition to that it helped me find trade in values and curate a list of games i owned, wanted, and the trade in values for those games. The current app has none of thatv and basically just opens up the gamestop website in its own terrible browser of sorts. It takes eons to load, has no redeeming functions whatsoever. It's a complete waste of time and space, and I'm genuinely sad for the people with good ideas and apps were passed over to make room for the current app. Seriously avoid this app.
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3 years ago, Kid_Can_
GameStop has really stepped it up, and looks promising!
In the past couple decades, GameStop has most certainly left a bad mark on our memories of selling us short and then turning around and selling our very items that were purchased from us at mere pennies to an exorbant price tag of near new or a ridiculous offer of an in-store credit; however, in recent months, GameStop has come under new direction with a promising new plan to revamp the online gaming community in ways we as consumers have never experienced! It seems that with a fresh mindset and a new head on it’s shoulders, GameStop may no longer be the cheapskate of the block, but rather the turn of the century!
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1 year ago, Magnolia9854
Horrible customer Service
I ordered a 75 dollar game (the Callisto protocol day one edition) and never got any emails or text messages or even phone calls about any updates on shipping. Then two days before it said it would be delivered it got “delivered” then it got forwarded twice and then it got sent back to the carrier and then back to Texas. I sent GameStop two emails asking for a response, an update, anything, on wether or not I was getting the game or what, the first email got an automated response, nothing else and the second got nothing at all. Finally after a week I finally got an update saying that I will be getting a refund. The game that I ordered was a day one edition so I will not be able to purchase this again. Horrible HORRIBLE customer service. Really disappointed in GameStop. I don’t think I’ll EVER be shopping online with them again.
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3 years ago, Matt Ancheta
What Happened???
I used to rely on this app a lot. I had a wish list full of games I wanted and I could see the prices upfront and I could see which stores had the games I wanted. Nowadays, I can't even look at it the same anymore. If I want to look at the price of a game I want, I have to have it in my cart? Why? Can't I just search the game I want and have the price be right there? Why did they get rid of the wish list system? It helped give me a list of possible games I want right then and there and now I can't even save any game I want to my wish list? Why? As for the game availability, what was wrong with what you were doing before? It saved a ton of time just fruitlessly going from location to the other. What happened to the app I relied on so much? Why all these drastic and unhelpful changes? Why?
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7 years ago, Afro Master
Pre-Order Issues
Not sure if this is related to the app or GameStop’s servers, but the preorder section is all kinds of messed up. I’ve checked in store, and all of my preorders are paid off in full, but the app says they aren’t. I also have some preorders from literally 2 years ago that won’t go away. Not really sure why this has been an issue for so long, but c’est la vie. The rest of the app is great. Checking games prices and availability is a breeze. It’s also very convenient to check how much a game, console, or accessory is worth for trade value. The recently added fingerprint sign-in feature is a nice touch too. Excellent app all around, but the preorder section really needs some work.
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12 months ago, Riztic
Amazing Framework
This apps front end and back end framework is amazing compared to how it used to be. I saw someone say that it constantly adds their old address but they must have bigger issues than that because all you need to do is change the address in profile and it will add whatever new address that’s on file every time. They clearly never updated their current address because mine works fine. I love how fast their delivery is, I never thought I would be able to get same day delivery on a video game. It is insane how far GameStop has come since the good ol days with midnight game releases.
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3 years ago, Sir_robot
Game Stop 100 years!
And together we're gonna run around, GameStop, we're gonna... do all kinds of wonderful things, GameStop. Just you and me, GameStop. The outside world is our enemy, GameStop... we're the only.... friends we've got, GameStop! It's just Me and GameStop. Me and GameStop and their adventures, GameStop... ME AND GameStop FOREVER AND FOREVER A HUNDRED YEARS Me and GameStop . some...things.. Me and Rick and GameStop runnin' around and... Me and GameStop time... a- all day long forever.. all a - a hundred days Me and GameStop! forever a hundred times.... OVER and over Me and GameStop... adventures dot com.. W W W dot at Me and GameStop dot com w..w..w... Me and GameStop adventures.. ah- hundred years..... every minute Me and GameStop dot com.... w w w a hundred times... Me and GameStop dot com......."
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5 years ago, Imperfectuchiha300
Good until...
I was using GameStop to add games and a ps4 console and I had 12 stuff in my cart and then added a pack for one of the games i wanted and then it said added to cart continue or go to cart and when I pressed continue I looked at the cart icon and it said one and I got so mad but I said oh ok and I added everything back and then added a different pack and it did the same thing, and I got even more mad but I thought that it would have done that for the last time and when i did it again and the same thing happened, I got so mad more mad then the time when I glitched down the stairs and got killed by a default in fortnite, so I deleted the app and downloaded it again wish me luck Please fix
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5 years ago, PhantasmicBones
So tired of sale notifications.
I have turned off all notifications in app, and outside of the app and I'm still getting notifications. It will log me out randomly, sometimes while in the middle of trying to do something, and it's super unreliable. Also it won't let you send feedback, even while logged in. It says you have to "set up a mail account". I've also had issues with not being able to pull up my power up rewards, saying my password that I've used 100x's is wrong so I have to reset it... The list goes on. I've tried to call someone and talk to them about the notification issues and other things, but after waiting on hold for 30 minutes while I had to listen to two girls spoil the plots of games, and try and sell me others instead of just music I finally just hung up.
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6 years ago, Kevinsmak
Terrible support (Power Up Card)
Trying to register your power up card online? Good luck! Don’t buy the power up card they will tell you it takes 2 days to become active and for me it never switched over and really? 2 days what are we in 1995? Lol Called the store they said go to the website, which takes you to GameStop’s website. Searched online for the support number and waited 42 minutes till someone answered. Then they wouldn’t let me make sure it’s active because I was not on the main account holder. I understand security but you can activate the card when I have all the info, card and receipt in front of me purchased by me. They wouldn’t even check, about to take everything back, will never buy the pro card against. Man GameStop I really liked your store for a long time and now this...from a tech you need a better process or company to rely on.
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3 years ago, Jackalantyrn
Keeps getting worse
This app just keeps getting worse and worse in my book. You keep taking stuff away, and now I cannot even look at my pre-orders? I order some of those years in advance and I rely on that to remember which ones I have pre-ordered. Bring this back, and bring it back NOW! I’m already about through with shopping at game stop for several reasons and this will be the last straw if it doesn’t come back. I should NOT have to go into store to check on something that has always been there, and if it’s still on the main website why even bother having an app if I can’t do anything on it. Also sick of the double cart thing it keeps pulling. I want one game not the same thing 2. This is the 2nd review I have ever left on an app, and both were one stars for this app. Literal last chance. Fix it.
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2 years ago, serve app
Package order
I usually don’t write reviews or give three star ratings if I give someone a three star rating I usually don’t write a review the only issue I have will GameStop is that when you order a package online or through the app you never know when it’s going to get here there’s no way of tracking a package because they didn’t give you any tracking information I’ll order submit all the 18th a lot the app today which is the 27th and they still haven’t told me where the package bishop or Winnipeg arrive or a tracking number they need to approve this on the app the only other thing that is so good is that is a good tool to see was in the store and this is what me and my grandson use it for that’s it
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