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Gap Inc.
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10 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Gap

4.87 out of 5
213.5K Ratings
3 days ago, Bark Wahlburg
Gap Mobile App
Update: I was contacted via phone from Gap and they were very helpful and were going to notify the developer to have the application fixed. In the meantime, I was able to pay my bill by phone. I made a separate call and the customer service representative answered quickly (no hold time) and took my payment information. I loved the application until this month when the payment feature under my account stopped working. I have tried to notify Gap there is a technical issue with the payment functionality on the mobile app. I have been transferred multiple times between Gap and Barklay’s customer service area that services the credit card. It appears nobody understands who is responsible for the GAP mobile application. Gap customer service even told me the mobile application was only used for purchasing products. Very frustrating.
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3 years ago, MAL5000
What’s going on?!?
******PLEASE FIX THE APP GLITCHES******* I used to love this app but for the last month it’s had some terrible glitches. I cannot shop, search, or filter. When it does work, it will restart the search mid scrolling and display only a few items even though at the top of the screen it says there are 130 items in the search. It will also continually populate the “uh oh” screen and say that your request cannot be completed at this time and to refresh, I have great internet service so connectivity is not the issue. Recently, I placed two orders and both of them are not recorded on the app. I called customer service and they told me that I used the guest check out. There’s absolutely no way that I checked out as a guest because I used the saved for later items and you have to log on to have access to them. I did however use the Apple Pay option, they said that what happened was the app used the Apple Pay as a guest and override my login and that I would not be able to access to those orders on the app. That’s absolutely ridiculous! Their other conclusions were that the server timed out or that my login timed out and that because I used Apple Pay I didn’t notice. That’s seems rather convenient. At the end of the conversation with the rep he said they couldn’t do anything about the app or the orders. He had me on hold for 30 mins trying to take down my complaint. I called to get help with the app’s technical issues not to vent to a stranger for 30 mins.
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2 years ago, Catt624
Tired of this & Old Navy apps
Every single time I open either one of their apps (& the only reason I have two was because I was trying to bypass this problem, but I can’t) I am asked to sign in. Yet, no matter what I do, 9 times out of 10, that’s not happening, and the other one time, it will take many, many tries to get in). After about the 10th time I try to sign in, I get an “access denied” message that tells me to do a couple things, and if they don’t work to please click on this link to let them know. Buuuut, when you click on that link, it never opens. Btw, if you’re curious about The Gap’s ethics: I just purchased something that was sold and listed as being made of the material Modal, which is essentially a luxury fabric, but it ended up being once I received it and according to the tag, 95% polyester! I don’t do polyester, ever. It is a garbage fabric, is plastic and the equivalent of wearing a garbage bag, and it’s the cheapest, hottest, most unbreathable fabric on the planet; it’s just disgusting. And I don’t trust The Gap, anymore. They even put that it was Modal in the title of the item. Shame on them! And I’ve spent a heck of a lot of money at their company stores, recently, but after that, some issues with not receiving credit for returns, and the apps, I’m done.
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11 months ago, smeaglia
Buyer beware
Read the fine print on the app regarding return policy. If you are using this app then you are probably buying online and shipping the items to yourself. Therefore, be aware that currently all items are essentially final sale outside of the 30 day return window which begins as soon as you place your web order, regardless of the date upon which you actually receive your items. If you are outside the 30 day window, and attempt to return in person in store, then you will have to do a “no receipt Return” and they will take your drivers license/ID and cross reference with a database managed by a third party and May deny your return altogether (as in no exchanges for other sizes, no store credit or refund at all). I spent $400 on my online order and attempted to return within 60 days for store credit today. My return was denied altogether but prior to receiving the denial, the store was offering me the cure t sale price which was less than what I paid for some items but MORE than what I paid for others (because I bought in same and the item is still for sale but at full retail price). So basically this makes no sense to me, as an average consumer. Athleta retains their 60 day policy :)
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2 years ago, Irritated with Spam
I love the app but…
I have been using the gap app and shopping gap online for a very long time. There is one thing that I have noticed that makes me a bit crazy that other stores don’t do. When showing a single style of an item, and I click on the icon, it shows every color available for that item. This is perfect. I can go through each color and see a different model and a different view. However, when continuing to shop, I see every color has its own icon, so it appears as though there are more styles, but it’s the same thing I just viewed. I’m not sure if that makes much sense…for example: I want to view women's short-sleeved t-shirts. I’ll see 20 icons but all it really is, is 4 styles, just different colors of each item. From the corporate aspect, I get it. You want the customer to see all of the colors on different models as they may not have viewed it before, but really from the time-limited consumer aspect it is quite an annoyance.
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4 years ago, Ajima777
Great quality products
We love GAP and especially the quality of the clothing is impeccable, so durable and can withstand even industrial type laundry machines, after so many washes still holds up the shape. Anything, from pants, sweaters to socks last for years and still look very presentable. We love special promos and discounts, and Gap rewards can accumulate quite a significant amount of $$ after a while and 10% extra with my Silver Gap card makes a big difference. If you shop smart, this is actually one of the most affordable stores around. Best dollars spent! I love the design and varieties of options offered. There is a special feeling I get as I enter the store, a comforting, cozy safe and secure feeling and I totally home-like knowing I have grown up wearing Gap most of my life and now my son is growing up wearing this brand, - it really makes me emotional in a good way.
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5 days ago, HartajS
Solid App for seriously solid clothes
Full disclosure…I have been a loyal Gapaholic since I “…fell into a Gap store…” (1980’s ad) back in Chicago more than 30 years ago. Gap clothes continue to be a large and foundational part of my wardrobe. Solid go-to clothes, some of which are in my wardrobe 30 years+. The quality and craftsmanship - at the price point - make most Gap clothes one of the best deals on the planet…in my opinion. As is the case with the App. Easy to use, intuitive, never ‘bait and switching’ by indicating clothes are available and then…not (happens even in digital land it seems). I get good deals. And ease of use is phenomenal…did I mention that? Thank you Gap. 💗
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3 years ago, Mmmkay86
Old app was great, new one is junk
I used to love this app, but it seems as if the most recent major update caused the app to go downhill. There used to be an option to switch between their sister retail sites (Old Navy, banana republic, and athleta) and that option is no longer available, making it more convenient to use the web browser to combine multiple purchases between the stores. Another major issue is the “refreshing” of the page as your scrolling through items. I’ll be browsing a specific item (ie dresses) and mid scrolling it will refresh and replace where I was originally, making it difficult to figure out if I have scrolled too far up or down. And on occasions, I’ll be scrolling and many items just vanish once it refreshes. The gap company needs to hire some tech people on their team to iron out these glitches, the previous version was so much better. This new app is junk.
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3 years ago, BrittHen09
Disconnect between app and fulfillment
This is the third time I have placed an order on the mobile app and there is consistently an issue with fulfilling the order. Last time the item wasn’t in stock yet I was billed for it. One month after the estimated in-stock date, I had to email customer service to locate the item. It finally arrived four months after placing the order. Before that, my order took an entire month to receive. I find that unacceptable. And most recently, I placed an order on 4/12 with an ETA of 4/21. Then shipping changed to 4/24. Here it is 4/26 and still no order or update received. I have doubts that the app is actually sending the orders to the correct area of fulfillment. Maybe it’s just poor operations of the company but nonetheless, very disappointing, especially when I made the purchase to have clothes for my daughters school pictures and we missed that date.
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5 years ago, j. cleveland dennis
This is the only retail app you need really...
I shop a lot. Like, enough to where people ask me daily what stores are having sales. Enough to where my husband never has to step foot in a retail store because I buy his clothes before he even realizes he needs them. Needless to say, not many stores have mobile apps that allow me to shop with ease. Actually, none of my staple stores do...EXCEPT FOR THE GAP! I don’t even go to the website anymore, because the app is just that perfect. It’s almost as perfect as most of their clothes, but that would just be too much perfection, yknow?
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1 year ago, Leanne Rebecca
So buggy
This app has so many bugs it is super frustrating to use. I am constantly getting errors when logging in, checking out, or adding things to my cart. Somehow the app keeps saving my same address over and over again but then won’t default to my address even though I’ve manually deleted all the others from my account. Currently, I keep getting a card read error when it is a Gap brand card that I am using. Since I’m getting a card read error, I also can’t add in my rewards during the checkout process. Adding promotions is super confusing and I’ve yet to have anything apply how it says it will. The promotion will literally say “combinable with sales across site” and then when you try to apply it, it always says it’s conflicting and does not apply. 100% of everything I try to apply Gap cash to is always excluded.
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2 years ago, E1izabethEva
Horrible app
It is unbelievable that this app has high ratings. Ratings are supposed to be based on the functionality of the app not how cute the clothes are. I will continue to shop in the browser because this app on iPhone is horrible. The filters are inaccurate and not well organized, “denim” isn’t an option for filtering pants even though they show up together, the search function doesn’t pull up known products, it stalls at login, it doesn’t allow the app to use keychain/passwords to log in, it lost shopping cart items during the login process between the browser and the app. The worst part is that there is an ad right now for an additional discount to use the app. It’s like gap is confused about why their app has such high ratings but people aren’t actually using it? Does anyone who works for this company actually shop in the app??
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1 year ago, ssangyi
STOP exposing personal billing details
why do you ship with personal billing names. if my ACCOUNT name is the same as that on shipping you should not be exposing my personal information so much the unhelpful chat bots can’t even move forward with a simple question during chat unless i again expose my BILLING NAME? why does the billing NAME matter when i’ve given all my other PERSONAL address details along with apartment #. the customer service phone line is exactly the same. the real life people are even worse and take 5 minutes just to relay what you’ve said. this is my last day with gap. don’t trust them. they even need these useless details just to delete your account. any other platform allows you to send an email. gap doesn’t even have an EMAIL ADDRESS. blocking and force removing account , done with this company and their partners.
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3 years ago, AROD0214
This app was great about a year ago and recently I started noticing that as your scrolling it switches you to a different page as your scrolling down. It’s really confusing to find items this way and it has made me close the app and not place an order. Instead I find myself waiting until I can place the order on my laptop. Also, the app no longer leaves you signed in to your account like before. It’s really hard memorizing the hundreds of usernames and passwords for all the apps or websites that require it now days so it’s nice when you can just go in and shop or pay your bill with the Face ID function. I’ve noticed that I have to constantly log in to shop or pay my bill and that the Face ID function is not activated and it’s very frustrating. Please make this app functional again.
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2 years ago, ellebelle317
Good products, terrible app
This app used to be so easy, I loved it and used it frequently. I could shop, manage my card, and make payments all here. Now EVERY TIME I open the app, it makes me sign back in and reactivate the facial recognition. Then if I want to go to my wallet and check out my credit account, I have to sign in again and it’ll tell me my password is wrong, even though it’s the same. I’ve had to reset it multiple times. They make it difficult to PAY them, imagine that! Most recently I had a cart full of presents for my family, thought my transaction went through, but it did not. No sign of an order placed anywhere and suddenly my cart was empty. So frustrating. They are absolutely losing money with all these bugs.
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2 years ago, Stelugo Baoughil
Nice clothes
I love everything I have purchase from Gap; everything is good quality, stylish, and comfortable. However, I cannot handle how society today has to shove disgusting propaganda down everyone’s throats and Gap has done that as well. It is horrible and it makes me and many other people sick. I am not judging anyone, so don’t label me as a racist, homophobic, transphobic, judgmental, woman hater, like everyone else who isn’t afraid to speak freely is labeled; I am simply saying that people are tired of the sickening propaganda and it’s about time that it is stopped once and for all. It’s this same propaganda that is dividing our people, instead, we need to be united and stand together against the evil. Have a wonderful day, God bless. ✝️❤️
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2 years ago, emarzee412
Glitchiest retail app I’ve ever used
I’ve had the Gap app for years, and despite updates supposedly resolving bugs, it never works properly. Sometimes there’s a way to save favorites, sometimes there isn’t; looking at a product within a category page means going back to the category page and finding the items are now in a completely different order; I get the “something went wrong” refresh prompt every couple of minutes; and the latest issue: Face ID popping up over and over, forcing you to quit the app in order to try again. I remain hopeful, hence two stars instead of one, but this is truly one of the most frustrating apps, and inexplicable from a company that seems to have significant resources.
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2 years ago, DCMalcolm
4 stars
Overall a good app. My main gripe is this… Look I’m all for security but Gap goes a bit overboard in my opinion for a clothing app. It logs me out after every single time I use it. Which, I wouldn’t mind that much except half the time it doesn’t even ask for the face recognition which I’ve setup on it, but instead I have to manually enter my password. It even logs me out if I go to another app for a few minutes or lock my phone and I have to search all over for the items I was looking at. I can understand this level of security on a banking app or something but for the Gap? Seems a bit excessive.
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2 years ago, Cricket653
So many weird issues - here are two: I made a purchase with Apple Pay yesterday and was logged into my account for the free shipping. I made my purchase and the amount charged to my card all of a sudden included a shipping charge. Called customer service and they refunded it but let me know if I use Apple Pay it ‘logs me out’ and shipping gets charged. Why offer Apple Pay if it doesn’t even work with the app??? Today when I enabled Face ID and logged into the app I was stuck in a never ending loop of it scanning my face, logging me in, loading my account…then re scanning my face, logging me, loading my account …repeat…repeat…repeat…repeat. I can’t even get into the app to shop. Finally I covered my camera with my finger!
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1 year ago, Running_Again_2012
It’s ok
I guess it’s an ok app. If you step away from your screen for a second you have to start your shopping experience over again. That’s pretty annoying and makes me want to stop my shopping. I mean, you come here for some jeans, think maybe I can find a cute top too, then a kid beckons and when you come back you’re starting from scratch. So no new top, Gap! Other than that very easy to use and super easy checkout. And I like that they post the sales codes at the top of the screen making it incredibly easy for you to get a low price. I love their jeans, which keeps me coming back. Fix the start over glitch and it would be a 5-star app.
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4 years ago, Roxiehart9
Always trouble
I like the app for shopping. Quick and easy. But for some reason, it always makes me sign in again when I want to manage my gap card and pay off my items. Says my password is incorrect, even though I’m on and in the app. Such a pain. I can’t even count the amount of times Ive had to reset my password just to pay my bill. They also double took a payment! One time I paid my bill, the app never updated, I logged into see if a payment was pending, it didn’t show anything, so I paid the bill, again, and they took my money twice! I was in the phone for over an hour getting them to reverse it. Why on earth would you take a double payment? This app alone has curbed my shopping with the companies.
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4 years ago, Queen in Queens
Almost perfect
Only reason I gave a 4 out of 5 is because I to leave room for improvements. I love the ease and accessibility of the filter... by size, color, gender even hi to low in price. These small things mean a lot. I am happy to know that Gap looks at the minor details. It makes me confident knowing a company cares to get their product out and have the customer in mind. I wish a lot of other retail stores would put in this much effort on their apps making the online shopping experience better and easier to navigate.
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1 year ago, 66thparallel
Gap does not refund shipping if a product is uncomfortable or defective
While I love Gap's recent revival and its focus on GenX and older millennials I don't love their online ordering policy. Recently, I've been trying to reduce synthetic products in my life and decided to order a pair of organic underwear through their website. When I tried them on the seams around the legs felt too tight and started to chafed, so I tried to return the underwear. Gap didn't want the underwear back and refunded me only the cost of the underwear but didn't refund shipping, so I paid $5.50 for a pair of underwear that is now going into the trash. I don't recommend shopping online unless you don't mind losing your shipping money if you decide to return the product.
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6 years ago, Orlando.B.Bispo
The best but still needs work
Haven been able to switch between all of the stores is amazing. Cloths are easy to find and I almost never have a problem. However there’s might be a bug. When you go to the baby section of the app pictures and product information does not load properly and or becomes inaccessible. Some items are not in there section but can still be found using key words like “indigo” other then that this app is amazing. 10/10 would use/buy again.
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4 years ago, love! but...
Love this app...but...
I love this app and I love gap. Everything they sell fits and fits me well and is such good quality. I’m not complaining about their quality in products but some minor changes they could make in their app! I love using the app to make all my online purchases and I purchase so much I get a lot of gapcash to redeem. However, every time I make an online purchase I WISH they would prompt me to use my gapcash when checking out!!! I constantly find myself discovering I had gapcash I could’ve redeemed AFTER I’ve made my purchase. I’ve even called customer service and they can’t help me. Like I said, I love this app just wish they had easier ways around this!
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6 years ago, gmemery93
I do not know who manufactures your jeans now, but the craftsmanship is is just awful! I used to be able to purchase 2 different sizes to find my fit, and then pick any color of that style there after. Now, every single jean that I try on fits differently even in the same style! If I switch to a different color, then that is a whole new arena! I would love to have a conversation with someone about this, because even the quality of the material has changed. I have read reviews and I am not the only one who feels this way.
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2 years ago, Kathyspeih
Painful to use
Please filter out maternity items from women’s search. Give them their own space but don’t, by default, include them with women’s.. especially with no way to filter them out. As someone who has suffered multiple miscarriages and a stillbirth it makes looking for something on Gap an emotionally painful experience and causes me to look and buy elsewhere. I love that Gap has maternity clothes but please fix this issue. I’m sure I’m not the only loyal Gap customer that feels this way.
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3 years ago, Hey, Jain!
Applauding your online systems and this APP!
Very easy to navigate. Quickly able to find what I’m needing. Terrific selection of styles and upbeat colors. Appreciate the variety of bras and swimsuits. From experience, I’m confident of your sizes which have always fit me best and compliment my height, weight, and shape. Frequently receive positive feedback on my appearance wearing GAP clothing. Excellent sale prices, especially the 40% off! Hopeful of being able to renew my GAP Card and to get a good credit line. Thanks very much!
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4 years ago, Laurie Heart
Back to last place
I enjoy shopping Gap App because I no longer have a store close by - I have to drive 2 hours to get to closest store. I do have one suggestion- if I add something to the bag, then want to continue shopping I have to go through all the previous selections to get back to my place. It would be so nice to just return to where I left off. I don’t like having to look through all product to keep shopping- does that make sense? Other than that the Gap is my favorite place to shop. Thanks- Laura H.
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7 years ago, al2crooked
This app is the worst thus far!!
Every single time I have to log in, i have the hardest time ever! The finger id doesn't read my finger properly and I always got locked out. Mind you this app takes a different password from gap factory but then again u can build one password for gap,old navy, and banana republic! Every month I have to change my password! I'm getting ready to call them and give them a piece of my mind once again for the fourth time in four months that I've had this card!
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1 year ago, Izgh
The gap
The gap app is one of the best app shopping experiences I’ve ever my cart rarely ever gets deleted I love the ease of everything I love how the discount codes are displayed everywhere so I’d never miss it I love how fast check out is and I love how I don’t have to repeatedly enter in my info and the app is Face ID enabled and my info seems to be kept very secure and private shipping is always fast and of course the quality of the clothes is always great
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5 years ago, MonikaG.2019
Makes My Life Easier...ALMOST.
Love the Gap app. Makes shopping for my toddler so much easier. BUT... I had to take one star off because I hate (seriously hate!) how Gap lays out the product. I scroll thru the exact same product (same color/print/everything) at least a few times. I don’t have time for that. I saw it already Gap! If I wanted it, I would’ve clicked on it the first time around! Now show me something new or the rest of the product that I haven’t seen so I can be done & move on with my life. Stop making me spend quadruple the time!
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2 years ago, ndangerfield
App keeps crashing
I downloaded the app to get an extra discount but every time I added something to my shopping cart the app kept crashing. After trying multiple times I finally was able to get to the shopping cart page, then the login wouldn’t work!! The gap logo kept loading on top of where I have to enter login info. The discount was only available until midnight I tried over and over and missed out on the discount so now I am not buying ANYTHING! Ps- I tried to buy on the website instead, not the app, and the same thing happened. The shopping cart page is messed up. YOU JUST MISSED OUT ON A SALE GAP!!!! And I’m deleting this app now.
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7 years ago, Silversparkxxxx
All American Classic Clothing!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽
Always my go to for classic jeans 👖! Love that they're bringing back some of the old classic designs and "reissues". The App just makes it easier to shop and access the site, so I gave it 5 stars for convince. My 14 yr. old, style conscious son even agreed he liked some of the clothes, which came as a shock, his style is modern mixed with casual cool added with work/woodsy/country undertones, it's confusing but as long as he's fully and decently clothed I don't question his look.
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2 years ago, •katkom•
Needs IT Help
I have been a gap shopper forever. This app this the absolute worst. Having to log in every time I want to checkout and renter my gap cc is so tedious and time consuming. And that’s when it actually lets me sign in, most of the time it circles the gap sign endlessly. I just updated the app for the umpteenth time thinking that would magically help… nope! Still can’t log in to MAKE A PURCHASE! An app should stay logged in, unless I want to log out. I couldn’t even retrieve my last order status because of these issues. For such a big long standing company these IT issues are just unacceptable.
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2 years ago, Bink28
Fix the app!
This app used to be awesome but lately I can’t get anything to load. The app will open to the home page then if I click on anything else (deals, shop, account, etc.) I’m met with a white screen that won’t budge. I love Gap but the mobile webpage isn’t very user friendly and since every store nearby has been closed and the app isn’t usable I guess I’ll have to shop elsewhere.
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2 years ago, smick2022
Cannot Sign In
I have been using this app for years (the Gap website has so many pop-ups and distractions that it is pretty much unusable) but for the last couple of months, it will not permit me to sign in (on any of the Gap brands). So between the website being unusable because of horrendous design, and the app being unusable because of inability to sign in, there is no way to purchase online.
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7 years ago, 7Teddy0
Hassle free shopping!
The styles are what I like. I can search for casual, work, formal wear and etc all in one place. Gap is a small store that offers so much without the clutter or hassle unlike large department stores. Whatever you are looking for it will be easy to find, If you are looking for a pair of jeans, no worries you will not be disappointed. Their jeans are in one place, not all over the store. Gap is like that with whatever you are looking for. Shop Gap, hassle free!
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4 years ago, marcelalopez
Great but needs some fixes
I love how easy it is to shop around all the different Gap companies for items, and it’s all put into the same shopping cart. It’s also easy to track packages and make credit card payments. However, I always need to manually log into my account every time I used the app - why can’t it permanently keep me logged in or prompt me upon opening?
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3 years ago, mmckeer12300613
Fix the app if you want business!
Super super frustrating, I buy clothes from here all the time. Have a favorite list go to the app fairly frequently, I would buy more frequently if the app would work at least 80% of the time but currently it works about half of the time and I’m so over it but I’m gonna start shopping somewhere else. Get it together Gap!
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4 years ago, browneyes16
Overall OK, but lots of small annoying hiccups
Docked one star because I can’t stay logged in, and sometimes the app freezes up not allowing me to make really important changes. Got a package sent to an old address because I was not able to update my address without the app crashing on me. Luckily, it worked out, but yes I also don’t enjoy having to constantly sign in. Once signed in though, it works well to shop all of the Gap brands at the click of a button.
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2 years ago, bah644
It’s like they don’t want you to spend $
The app is terrible. Visually it looks fine but there are to many glitches. It’s poorly organized and god forbid you have to leave your phone unattended for 90 seconds bc then you have to login, which is the least reliable login experience ever, then you have to scour the app and scroll to find where you were last shopping. I genuinely think the app developers are playing a trick on the company: make it look good but make the user functionality garbage so we give up and just shop at H&M instead.
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5 years ago, ElSancho1825
Need more selection of length sizes
My son is growing out of boy’s category, but has not made it into men’s as of yet. He is picky about the kids of clothes he selects as am I due to comfort or fit. Every time we go in the stores, they never seem to have his size. I am told to order online and the jeans he wants are also not available in his size (28/28) on the application. He likes the athletic fit with flex. You need to have a better selection of length to compensate for what you don’t carry in the stores.
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5 years ago, satori_
No orders yet. What!?
For the most part this is a great app that’s easy to use. I appreciate being able to buy from multiple stores in one order. But there’s a bug that drives me nuts. When I check under “My Orders” it says that there are no past orders associated with my account. This makes it difficult to check on order status and order history. I have a lot of history! Please fix. Thanks!
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6 years ago, Bfarrahb
This app used to be the best...
For a month now every time I go to check out, I get an error message “something went wrong” and have to refresh, which continually brings me to more of the same error messages. I see I’m not the only one reading other reviews. Ive tried restarting my phone, deleting the app and re-downloading, everything. I’ve notified customer support now three times with a week or so in between, hoping for an app update. Each time I get a standard “restart the app” response. Gap customer service won’t even acknowledge my issues. It’s unfortunate because I would be spending a lot of money but the app won’t let me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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6 years ago, Pennies0901
Solid new app
The app is easy to use and looks nice. Used on mobile iOS. Issues: -On the home screen, when I clicked the toddler boy icon, it would only ever take me to toddler girl. I tried a few times- it definitely wasn't me. Both girl and boy went to the girl section. I had to go to a sub menu to actually get to that section and shop. -filters in a category don't let you filter for size- just color and price. This is very inconvenient if you're trying to find available'd have to click each item and then check for sizes. -also can't easily search for a fabric type in a specific category -categories seem silly (largely the branded products) and often repeat the same items.
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7 years ago, Elena8607
I love the Gap!
So I love shopping at the Gap in store and online, I buy for my entire family so I love that I can do all of it at one store. The reason I give it 3 stars is that the App isn’t the best I don’t shop in store too often (we don’t have one in town) but I shop online at least once a month and when I input my coupon it erases it I have to input the coupon several times, sometimes I get so frustrated that I end up canceling my order I don’t want to sit here for 20min inputting a coupon that as soon as I go to check out it erases it.
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2 years ago, Kackerdity
Glitchy, glitchy, and more glitchy
I love the gap and shop there often but the app is a mess even after the update. It won’t redeem gap cash, signs you out all the time, takes forever to load, and is just so frustrating. Also- I don’t need to be told constantly how to use different functions in the app. It’s so annoying!!
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8 months ago, denicola75
Promo codes
I purchased stuff a lot online since Covid and don’t really understand if the promo codes are automatically implemented or do I have to remember them write them down and then use them at check out?? It should be automatic that at the time of checkout, all sales or promotions are included so we don’t have to stop what we’re doing and write things down. I’m not sure if this is automatic or not.
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5 years ago, Shopgirl1029
One really annoying thing
I like almost everything about the Gap app. The thing that seriously annoys me is that the app resets anytime your phone goes to sleep. So if you are shopping and doing anything else that may take your attention away for a minute, you have to start back at the home screen. I really wish it would just save that spot you were on for a while before resetting to the home screen. It took much longer than necessary to buy a jacket and shirt for my son today.
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