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User Reviews for Gapplin

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5 years ago, 施耐涵
Great for conversion of svg to pdf
Gapplin has been great for the task of coverting .svg files to .pdfs. I set up an automator action on a folder to auto-convert .svg files that appear to .pdfs, and it was fantastic. Unfortunately, when the latest version of the software added support for time-based extraction, the ability to use automator with the app seemed to break. I'm still giving this 5 stars because it has saved me tons of time doing manual coversions. I hope a fix will available for this in a later version.
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7 years ago, Captain Petter
Great little app
Works great as a previewer! I use it to automatically display my result, as I edit my svg files manually in my faviorite text editor. As soon as I save my file, Gapplin will update the preview. Export also works great for me, although I don’t use it much as I prefer my files in the original svg format.
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6 years ago, isaac32767
Works OK, but ....
I only installed this because it didn't occur to me to try the graphics file previewer built into Finder, which is simpler to use. Web browsers can also render SVG (obviously!) but tend to leave out the page boundary. There's a text editor, which I don't see much use for. Also a simple format converter, which could be very useful if you don't want to bother with advanced SVG tools. Really the only reason to use this app.
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7 years ago, mapleleaf87
Exactly what I needed
I had an SVG from work that I needed to convert to another format while keeping the transparency. Free online sites didn’t render the shadows correctly at all. This free little app loaded the SVG immediately, rendered the image perfectly, and exported the image to a PNG perfectly. 100% what I was looking for.
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4 years ago, grandexar
Great for viewing SVGs in Finder
Apple has terrible native support for SVGs in Finder, they show up as a tiny little icon with a TON of white space. After installing Gapplin (and restarting) the SVGs show up BEAUTIFULLY in Finder. Everything else is the cherry on top
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1 month ago, charmon79
Seems broken on Ventura?
I just downloaded Gapplin because someone sent me a really big SVG drawing that Chrome won't let me zoom in far enough on. But when I open the file in Gapplin, after beachballing for a few seconds, I just have a blank window, zoom controls grayed out, and it won't actually display the SVG content.
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6 years ago, ScorpioRisingScorpio
Pretty Much Awesome
Made some AWS cloud diagram things and was able to export the svgs from that to png from Gapplin for use in a GOOG doc. Could not have been easier. Thank You!
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5 years ago, Luke_k_
Life saver for any iOS dev
Having vector assets is a huge plus when it comes to iOS development and this app lets me get svg files turned into pdfs hassle free.
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7 years ago, Bikrrr
Great overall, but doesn’t show thumbnails on High Sierra
I mainly installed Gapplin to enable better thumbnails in Finder, and it does that well on two of my three Macs. But the one I’ve upgraded to High Sierra, doesn’t show thumbnails. I’ve submitted an issue with the Gapplin but no response yet.
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7 years ago, kaolin fire
worked like a charm
I’d been running into issues viewing and exporting a particular SVG with ToyViewer (and with Illustrator), but Gapplin nailed it.
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5 years ago, Duane Murphy
Scroll with Shift?
I want to be able to zoom deeply into in various areas. I would like to scroll in a zoomed image. I can see the high resolution data in the zoomed SVG. Scrolling requires pressing Shift? What about scroll bars? That would be useful.
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7 years ago, kbanon
dies upon export
Got this for one purpose: convert svg’s into something else. The export command claims to work (the dialog box goes away), but when you switch to finder to see if the new file is actually there, this app hangs and you have to force quit it. Disappointed - I could have really used this simple functionality.
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3 years ago, Dexter Davenport
Spotlight Quick Look Does Not Work for SVGZ
The reason I got this is because I work with SVGZ (gzipped SVG) and Apple doesn't provide a way to preview it in Finder. This program said it does. It doesn't.
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2 years ago, Jde1126
GREAT Svg Editor
BUT the 2.0 update removed the Edit button from the default view, WHY?! That is the whole point of the app. How to add back: *Open Image* View > Edit TOOLBAR, (not touch bar) Drag "Edit" back on.
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3 years ago, raynermn
Works exactly as intended, and the png export is great!
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3 years ago, appleforeverplease
Not even a hand tool to explore the SVG
It lacks basic navigation tools
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7 years ago, GrantGiesbrecht
Simple and Effective
Works quickly, simply, and effectively. The user interface looks like something designed by Apple because it is minimal yet contains everything you need. I can’t think of any way you could improve upon this app.
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8 years ago, daedalus97
Needs some polishing
After successfully exporting a SVG, if I go to export the same SVG again, it will crash. I basically have to close and reopen the SVG file to perform a second export. Also when exporting, it would be nice to be able to specify the dimensions of the image. Right now I can adjust the size of the exported image using the scale property, but it is annoying to have to calculate the scale percentage for my desired dimensions.
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10 years ago, HeardTheWord
Excellent SVG viewer
The quick look plugin is exactly what the default OS X plugin should have been. It has consistent scaling of SVG documents and I will probably end up installing this on every Apple computer I own. Not only is the quick look plugin great but the app itself is very useful to export SVG files to PNG/TIFF/PDF.
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9 years ago, Anthony Lewis
I need to download svg images for later viewing and it worked perfectly!
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7 years ago, robo-hamburger
Works for simple svg files
Works for simple svg files I produce for debugging things. Zoom in and out seems to be greyed out and does not work which is really annoying. It would also be nice if it had auto-reloading.
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9 years ago, nurkamol
Works really good
Really faster when i do export to png, thank you for this product!
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9 years ago, Evil Closet Monkey
Unable to Export Simple Path
Unfortunately, Gapplin has failed to export a simple SVG (with a single path element) to PDF on multiple occasions. I am unable to zoom in/out, or scroll, when previewing the item too. I hope development continues, and I would be happy to pay for an application that allows me to simply open and export to a vector based PDF.
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9 years ago, TryingToGetWorkDone
I have a ton of SVGs that I would like to convert to PDF. These SVGs load perfectly into Adobe Illustrator, but when I load them into this software, it doesn’t get the size right, creating a small version with scroll bars and onlhy exports what is within that small scroll area. Waste of time and space.
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9 years ago, LDaudelin
Does what it says it does
Works as expected. You can’t beat the price!
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10 years ago, Liquid Snow
Works great for converting SVG to PNG
Gapplin converts SVG to PNG files quickly and easily, even with huge scaling factors.
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10 years ago, Harsh But Fair
Export doesn’t work.
Tried this app with a very simple image that had just a couple linear and radial gradients, which it displayed fine, but all I got in the PNG was a big black circle.
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9 years ago, Sandman601
Doesn’t work with multi-page or multi-image SVG files
Sketch is at least able to open the files and show all of the images, but it doesn’t include text. This app doesn’t even show all of the images.
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9 years ago, wochenschau
crashed seconds after its first SVG image
It crashed shortly after an SVG image I downloaded from the internet, it's first ever. I find LibreOffice, which I have already installed, can open SVG image too. So this app is no longer installed.
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7 years ago, Azfotoman
I downloaded this application based on the reviews and my need to open an SVG file that won’t open in Illustrator. When I launch the application and select the file I want, it shows a window and crashes. Utterly useless.
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9 years ago, shawnhank
Great in Theory, but cannot export without crashing
Running latest version of Gapplin on OSX 10.9.5 on a MacPro 2 x 3 GHz Quad Core Intel Xeons with 12 GB Ram. SVG and SVGZ files open just fine. However, I am not able to extract either file type. Crashes everytime I try to export.
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9 years ago, RichST99
Bought this app for one reason
And it crashes every time I try to use that feature (export from SVG to different file type).
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8 years ago, Mostafa Hajizadeh
Exactly what it should be
Exactly what it claims to be and exactly what it should be. This functionality should have been part of It is a must for everyone that might have something to do with SVG files. I’d be happy to pay for it.
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10 years ago, Mahyar Shariat
It’s just capturing
It doesn’t render a full version. my images are splitted...
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4 years ago, abedzaza
Not working
The App launches with a top menu bar but without any window. Right click on the icon in the Dock and choosing "Show all windows" is not working either. Clicking Open from the App Store is also not working. I'm on Mojave 10.14.6
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5 years ago, Oo_Nickname_oO
cannot preview in Finder @10.13.6
SVG files can show in preview if change default open with e.g. Safari, but if change default to Graplin, no show. double click open is OK. Please fix it. t hanks.
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8 years ago, Trevor Sullivan
Can't view SVG properly
I downloaded the "tux.svg" file from Wikipedia, and tried to open it in this program, but I just got a blank screen. Doesn't work at all for my needs.
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10 years ago, ComicBook
Great app for Web coders
This is a great app for Web coders who are hand-coding Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) to create simple UI elements or icons, or integrating SVG that they received from artists into their projects. It enables you to view the SVG’s both within Gapplin and also within other apps via Quick View — for example, browsing a folder of SVG in the Finder — and it enables you to easily open the SVG for editing in your coding environment. Gapplin can also convert an SVG to a compressed SVG (SVGZ) and to Portable Network Graphics (PNG) for fallback code. One thing to keep in mind with any SVG app is that there are a lot of bad SVG graphics in the wild, because app support for SVG in graphics and coding tools used to be really awful. If the SVG you are working with doesn’t work with Gapplin, the fault may lie with the SVG itself, not with Gapplin. I’ve used Gapplin with lots of SVG that were made in Illustrator, iDraw, and hand-coded, and they have all worked exactly as expected. Gapplin is also a nicely-made app. It has a great icon, it has Quick View support, it has AppleScript support, and it has a great user interface. Really well done.
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9 years ago, Not a Gapplin fan.
Couldn’t render a green circle, crashed
Gapplin failed to render the simplest svg: It crashed while I was exploring menus to see if there was a switch to get it to not demand styling. Shrug.
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10 years ago, the great gonzo
Like Marked (the markdown preview tool) for SVG
This is a very simple app with a simple goal: to make it easy to preview SVG files on your mac. I use it for editing/tweaking SVG files using this workflow: I open the SVG in Gapplin, click the Edit button in the Gapplin toolbar to open it in my code editor of choice (configurable in preferences), and then keep the preview window and code editor window side-by-side. It automatically updates the preview when I save changes to the SVG file in my code editor. It also has an option to toggle the background between white and dark grey (called “Dark Mode”). All in all, a nicely executed and very useful app.
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