Gas Guru: Cheap Gas Prices

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6 months ago
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User Reviews for Gas Guru: Cheap Gas Prices

3.07 out of 5
2.6K Ratings
6 years ago, 1500Contacts
Wish this app worked better when traveling along a route.
I have been using the Gas Guru app for quite some time and have found it useful. I only wish the developers would add a feature which is selectable in the settings to only search for gas stations along my current route of travel. I find it frustrating when Gas Guru gives me search results for service stations that I’ve already passed along my route. Unless I am totally out of fuel there is no reason for me to double back 5 or 10 miles to get to the lowest prices for gasoline. I would like to limit the search to gas stations ahead of me along my route and then I can choose which one(s) have the best prices. I can also determine what my current range is for the fuel I still have in my tank. Please consider this feature request for future releases.
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2 years ago, nxtlifenow
People complain the most when it’s free….
I LOVE this app! It has always worked for me. I travel my very large state from corner to corner and everything in between via main arteries to unmarked logging ’roads’ weekly. I’ve been using this app to find gas (and the occasional mechanic) during my travels for the past 2-3 years and it’s never failed me. I’m reading a lot of reviews saying it’s lacking this or that. If it had this or that, it probably wouldn’t be free anymore. The app does exactly as it states so I don’t see how anyone can be intellectually honest and grade it below 5 stars. There are gas apps out there that do exactly what the complainers want but they aren’t free. Again, ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, app does what it states.
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8 years ago, Rmeep
a minor complaint
I am astounded by the application's minimalistic design: the icon, map, buttons, etc. I think the interface is easy to use while I'm on the go. This app has the best appearance compared to competitor applications. I would love to see a "settings" button near the "info" button because I want the opportunity to set the default "sort by" to "price" instead of it automatically being set as "distance". I think it would be even greater if we could also set the default application view to "list" instead of opening directly to the map. Great work! I'm glad I found the application that works for me.
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3 years ago, JLFB96
Superb app, definitely recommend it!
I’ve been using this app for several years now, and I love using it. Although gas prices are sometimes off by a few cents, it’s still very accurate and has save me a lot of money on gas over the years. The only thing I’d like to see the developers add to this app would be to have the operating hours of each gas station on the “gas station more details” page. Whether those hours are posted by the developers themselves, or if there were a feature to allow users to report the operating hours of specific gas stations in the way that the app allows for users to report gas prices for specific gas stations. Again, I would strongly recommend getting this app, it’s very useful, and with little to no hassle
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6 years ago, Lynrooks
Very disappointed
Today 6/9/18 Saturday morning family out on a drive in the country we needed gas as I had used this app previously and I did work I trusted it to be on point again, BOY WAS I WRONG!!! This app told me of a cheap gas location that didn’t exist and it was a 6 mile drive to Mississippi just to have to turn around and find our way back to another gas station I’ll be uninstalling this app glitches like these are dangerous sending people on wild goose chases to non existent places I would have understood a wrong price or even if it was a place that had closed and maybe you guys didn’t know but there was nothing there but an crop field not a store or anything that could have been mistaken for a gas station very frustrating. I googled that gas station when I got home and the directions provided weren’t even close to where we should have been.
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1 year ago, Fwcii
Ok app
This app is okay, but it could be so much nicer. First, if there is a way of clearing locations from the drop down history, I haven’t found it yet. So looking for gas prices while on a trip keeps that location as a ‘favorite’? But I’m hardly ever in that area. Second, one station near me lists prices from two years ago (they are out of business). If prices aren’t current ( as of two weeks ago) then the station should be removed from the results. Third, if prices are wrong, why should I report the correct ones? I would like to mark the station as inaccurate and have that warning pop up for other users to be wary. But the station should update its accurate prices, not me. This app could be so much better.
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8 years ago, goodtutor
Saves money
Gas prices vary considerably from location to location even within a small urban area. For obvious reasons, gas stations on roads less travelled charge less—as much as 50¢ a gallon less. My car takes something north of 15 gallons to fill up. That’s $7.50 in my pocket. Worth a little trouble. Gas Guru finds the cheapest station near me. It’s usually not far. It doesn’t always have the price exactly right, but it’s close enough. Its interface is well thought out. The fact that it makes the marketplace more efficient (as an economist would put it) is a pleasing thought.
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8 years ago, IrishAce PDX
Sometimes accurate = NOT dependable
The app loads fast and has a sleek, easy to navigate layout. But where do the prices come from? Over the past month or so, I found several that were rarely correct. Accuracy is apparently not a strong point with this app, and with the volatile market of fuel prices, having current information is the primary key for apps based on fluctuating figures. Another missing data point is the cash price - often the standard when comparing gas prices between stations. Without the date and/or time a price was posted, or information about where the price came from, it's not worth my time to check this app when there are other more reliable apps at my fingertips.
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7 years ago, DevilsAngel619
Awesome App!
I've been using this app for about a month now and I absolutely love it! I had tried out a couple other similar apps and was very disappointed with the results; so I was skeptical about this one at first. But I have to say, this app is very very accurate. This offers me the option of looking at all the prices in my area and compare them without even having to drive around! The prices that are given to me is accurate 98% of the time. The only times it isn't accurate is when the prices are suddenly surging too fast. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone that needs it!
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7 years ago, MikeinPV
Great easy to use app
Are used to use fuel finder but that became an outdated. So I look for a new app. I tried gas buddy but it seem little over-the-top for what I needed. I tried this app and it's very simple to use give me exactly what I needed it is for the most part very accurate as it gets and bases this pricing directly from the oil industry. I also like the fact uses location services only while using the app unlike gas buddy which uses location services all the time which can be a drain on the battery. Get this app, you won't be disappointed.
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2 years ago, CrapApplication
IT WAS FIXED; Not opening after latest update; fix it please or better don’t update if it works
I m so tired of all these apps, computer or phone, to be afraid to update because it will not work anymore; stop issuing updates to fix bugs if you make it worse. After a few hours it is back working. Not related to the update. For some reason it doesn’t show all gas stations close to my zip; an Exxon location is always skipped. It would be helpful to be able to make your own list of gas stations using the map.
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6 years ago, Lantana, FL
I’m reluctantly switching to GasBuddy
I used to love this app and had recommended it to friends and family. Unfortunately, in the last update, you no longer list Costco in Lantana, FL which consistently has the lowest priced gas in my area (“great price”). I don’t know how or why this happened. Costco is still selling gas at a lower price than any other gas station in the area according to one of your competitors. Last summer Costco renovated and added several more pumps to meet the demand so it’s not like they’re getting out of the gas business. Please put Costco back!! Until you do, I have to check it out with one of your competitors. Also, you show the Mobil station at 1510 Hypoluxo Rd in Lantana, FL is a 7-11. I don’t know if the store is a 7-11 but the gas is Mobil and the only signs say Mobil.
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8 years ago, Grandma SJ
Reliable, convenient, and easy to use
I checked out several apps, and talked to a number of people before selecting this one. I have found it to be very easy to use, even as technology-challenged as I am ! It has been accurate so far, I have been using it for almost a year. Several people warned me about the "other drivers using it" feature of a different, well-know app and I certainly did NOT like that - neither did those who were using it. I definitely recommended that they switch to Gas Guru !
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5 years ago, Linlu22
Inaccurate data
I would like to see an option for reporting an incorrect price. I’ve frequently gone to a gas station and the actual price differed from the price in the app. This morning, a Regular price was ‘updated 18 hrs ago’, and the app price was $0.32/gal lower than the actual price. The mid and premium grade prices were updated 1-2 hrs ago and were correct. If 2 grades of gas are updated, why not all 3? Seems like bait and switch to me. Also the app price sometimes shows the price with a car wash, or if paying with cash, not the true gas price.
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3 years ago, AmandaAug
Better than Gas Buddy!
Have used this app for years. Very helpful and is easy to use. Just wish there was a feature where you only see the gas stations along my current route. But I guess it would some how have have to link up with the Apple Maps or something. Would be cool though! And we could use it like Waze where it can be brought up on my trucks screen. Other than that, I’m overall satisfied. Does what I need and it finds me all the stations and the current prices.
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8 years ago, Ms. Kevin
Very poor app.
1. Station names very confusing. A lot are not what is posted and you have to guess which station is which. 2. Prices look to be copied from Gas Buddy. I checked and most times listed are very similar to when prices were posted on GB. 3. When looking at list view of prices, cities are not listed. This is confusing when looking in town. 4. No option for cash/credit price differential. I redownloaded this out of disgust at Gas Buddy's horrible upgrade, but find the exact same problems which made me originally delete this waste of time app. I have left the rest of my review the same since this app has the same problems which caused me to originally delete it. Gas Buddy wins by default.
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2 years ago, TACOinUSA
This app helps me fined best price in town.
I like this app not to complicate to use like other apps. Simple and don’t need to add credit cards or earn points for nothing it’s just a basic app to find best prices in town or any town/city I select. I can switch from different gas grade to diesel, I can switch from list to map view. I travel a lot and I can start looking at next town for best prices along my way. I can pan around and zoom in.
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1 year ago, Regular Joe Too
Great App, Needs more filters
Great app, but needs more filters. Would be good to filter gas locations that are in front of my driving route, as opposed to behind. Maybe limit the behind and right/left to x number of miles (e.g. 1 mile or less). A link to Google business busy times would be a plus as well. That would help me determine if the time savings is worth the higher price. Thanks for keeping this app current. I use it weekly and have been for a very very long time. Again, GREAT APP.
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6 years ago, Luckydog65
Saves u Time and $$$
I live in a suburb of Milwaukee and this app is the most reliable by far. Rather than rely on motivating busy drivers to enter accurate prices, this system relies on station operators to call in their price daily. If they forget, then their station is left out of the results which costs them customers and money ... so most stations enter accurate prices! It truly is worth your while to try this app and see how it works in your area.
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2 years ago, alllkeks91
Helpful, but…
I really liked this app. Until a few times including now the app has shown me gas station with really wrong information. Prices per gallon were really much even higher then average. And it is in Simi Valley beyond midnight. I had a nice driving around… tired and angry. Thai you a few hours before the app was shown pretty proper prices and locations. Who does this wrong price corrections I don’t know. Gas station owners?? This should be controlled somehow. That was really weird and big waist of time((
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1 year ago, Shane Daly
App is gamed by vendors, info cannot be believed
This could be a great app; such a simple idea which is universally applicable. BUT. It gets gamed by dishonest traders, I’ve given up traveling further to an apparently cheaper gas station only to find the price much higher than advertised. I assume the scam is that once you are there and disappointed you buy the gas you need anyway. I complained to the dev team, no reply and no update so I stopped using it. Maybe they’re in on it and take backhanders from gas stations. I’ve n any event the app is unreliable when that should be it’s USP. And that’s a shame.
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7 years ago, Seriously eat Rite
So far its like magic
The magical part being, the prices don't seem to be crowdsourced!! I think i have a little clue how that trick might work but hey! I won't tell anyone as long as I have this one basic feature that the other couldn't give me!! A dynamic gps based map interface. Thank God. I would like to contribute to the community tho but, whatever. I guess well leave the crowdsourcing to them others, and the usability to gas guru
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5 years ago, Bookbinder57
Useful (most of the time)
I use Gas Guru because it doesn’t hog memory and battery as Gas Buddy tends to do. The map is easy to use to scan ahead along the route. What I don’t like is that the best prices are often not correct. Several times I went slightly out of my way for an exceptional good price, only to find out that the price had gone up. As there is no crowd feedback, I assume that the gas stations submit the prices and sometimes use falsely low prices to lure customers.
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6 years ago, ssr2132
Update horrible
They recently updated this app and it’s HORRIBLE since. The map used to be interactive in that it would quickly update with gas prices based on where you centered the map but now it doesn’t update as you move the map, you have to type in specific towns and hope it catches all the stations in that area. Even the current location setting is super glitchy, especially after you just checked a specific town and then try to go back to current location. Only have 2 stars because up until a week or two ago, this app was great
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2 years ago, watchmemscali
It’s ok could be better but useful
Been using this since 2020 and when I need it I did my search and found my gas just that simple. But now here when times are crazy this is the chance to kick things up in high gear in many ways for users. So lately the prices haven’t been updated. I will continue to use for another month or two in hopes it’s worth to keep I just had shared this app they downloaded it and so far they are not impressed.
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8 years ago, ChiTownDave
Just switched from Gas Buddy
I got tired of Gas Buddy's app getting progressively worse so I decided to try out new apps. So far so good but I am concerned about the inability to report inaccurate pricing. In Gas Buddy I noticed that some gas stations would have their price consistently underreported which lead me to believe the station operator was responsible. Therefore, an app that depends on station owners to report their prices (rather than users) should allow users to report inaccurate prices and have delisting as a penalty for stations that consistently underreport.
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5 years ago, Flip Crazy
Prices not updated 😡 I have had this app for quite some time. It used to be quite accurate but lately it seems the prices are not updated frequently enough. I just checked it before writing this review and the more current update was 10hrs old. With the rapid change of gas prices that’s too old. They are commonly 2 days old. Not sure if gas guru is responsible or the gas stations for the updating of prices. It said my Kroger had premium for $3.05 but when I got there it was $3.30! 💰 I haven’t found the prices to accurate in a very long time. Can’t trust this app to be accurate anymore. Most likely going to delete it.
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7 years ago, X3MissAmandaX3
Great App
I've been using this app for about two months now and I think it's great! The prices have been updated reasonably often and, so far, have matched up to actually current rates. The only thing I'd change is that there's no option to save your preferences, like distance vs price listing order, which isn't a big enough deal to drop a star point. It's a very useful and reliable app.
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4 years ago, RJT 1111
I personally like it. I’ve had good luck with it. I find that on occasion one or two prices may be off. Usually it’s because the gas station hasn’t reported the new price. Sometime it’s a Conveniace store that hasn’t had a chance to report the change immediately because they’re busy. Most of the time they’re right on. It’s much better than riding to the different stations in your area.
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6 years ago, 4 My Family
Good enough
High ratings are hard to come by with me, so 3 stars means just what the title says, “Good Enough”. However, l could actually give it 5 stars if it had a “favorites” feature. One where l could choose and store my favorite gas stations for future reference. I travel every day for my work. I usually need to fill up every day, but not at regular intervals. So l want the option of knowing which of my favorite stations along my daily route, has the lowest price fuel, so that l can determine when and where l want to refill for that day.
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6 years ago, Jejmaj
Doesn’t include Costco or sams club
After using this app for several years now, it has suddenly stopped including Costco and Sam’s Club gas stations! They were almost always the best price nearby. I’m very disappointed as this was an app I used all the time. I found another app and check the price at Costco on that one first now. I wish there was an app where you could tell it a route and it would find the best gas prices along that route.
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2 years ago, Archaeoamy
Not helpful
I want to look at my route and see what options are coming up on the map. Instead all I have is a list of places and prices and even though I have it sorted by distance, those places closest to me are off my route- I don’t want to drive into a city, I just want to pull off the hwy - which exit has the best prices? Instead I have to click on the price and see where it comes up on the map compare it to where my route is by zooming out, then click on another and do the same. Ugh
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6 years ago, Copier guy 123
Not terrible as gas apps go
Obviously gets its prices from gas buddy whether it be contracted or simply the same mother company. Much nicer interface thing gas buddy streamlined and without the ads. Also the gas prices on the station list match the details when you go into the details of a given station. That’s more than I can say for gas buddy. I tried to correct the price in gas buddy earlier but it rejected my information because I was not us signed up member. And that’s what brings me here.
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8 years ago, Cincymark
First Impression....
Very positive. Based on fill up this morning prior to downloading the app, pricing looks accurate and all of the stations I know to exist within the immediate area are coming up. I especially like the fact that it shows all grades of gasoline since one of our cars requires premium and there's now such a big gap between the posted prices for regular and what's being charged for 91 and 93 octane.
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6 years ago, Mikeaussie
Could use a tweak or two
First off, what a great app! Gas prices are color coded so they are easy to identify at a glance. There are only 2 things that could use an update. 1. When you pinch and zoom, the gas prices stay the same small size - almost unreadable for me. Please have them zoom and enlarge when zooming in on the map. 2. Map should be the opening screen rather than the list. If you’re on a highway doing 70 and the nearest gas station is behind you, it’s probably not the nearest gas station because you would have to exit and turn around. 3. Okay the 3rd of 2 issues 😀 the map should be oriented to your direction of traffic. As it is, it’s oriented north up. App will be spot on when thesebtweaks are made. But thank you for a great time and money saving tool!
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7 years ago, KKFin
Love the app, but doesn’t always reflect the current price
Used the app to choose the gas station, app showed it had regular at 2.149, while neighboring stations were rather higher. Well, in the 4 hours since that price was posted, the station raised the price to 2.179! I still purchased there because it was on the route i was taking for another errand after that, but I had passed stations that were slightly cheaper than 2.179 en route.
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2 years ago, Very very Irritated!
YP Yellow Pages Offers No Support For This App and Says They Do not Own!
Unfortunately, this app is not updated at all. Gas stations that haven’t been visited in over 2 years always come up as having the cheapest gas. Delete or suspend stations with no postings in over a year, please. Also it looks s impossible to add any stations. The cheapest gas locally is always at the Walmart Superstore. They refuse to allow this gas station to be added. Please fix! Who do we contact? Email is for yellow pages. Yellow pages insists they do not own this app.
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7 years ago, Keny Blu
New Features
I just want to be able to flag or verify prices. Users should be able to verify prices because in the area I am in I have gone to some gas stations and the prices did not match the app. Verification can include taking a clear photo and the app can time stamp it. It doesn’t have to be required just an option. I’m tired of wasting gas to find the best prices of that is the purpose of the application in the first place.
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6 years ago, GaCzerni
Does the job
It does a good job for a free app. In response to some criticisms, it’s data is based on credit card transactions from OPIS, so there wouldn’t be “cash prices” and the data currency is based on that as well (as opposed to people entering prices). I get prices from Sams Club as well as “mom & pop” stations, not just “the big boys”. Now they want to show ads - I hate ads! I would be willing to pay a small fee if they would include Top Tier annotations.
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8 years ago, Thunder-—-Chicken
I use it everyday.
Works great! I rely on it everyday, and it does what it says it will and it's accurate. I suspect that some of the other complaints regarding Costco, for example, are due to Costco being a "members only" station. Also, maybe the corner mom and pop store doesn't advertise their prices online. I think for the price we paid for this app, it's awesome!! Thank you!
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7 years ago, RLPThree
Not always accurate
I've used the app for a few months now and at times found it to be a valuable travel app and at other times a frustrating waste of time due to price inaccuracy. Where do the prices come from? I tried to offer an update on the price but that wasn't an option. Today it claimed a local gas station had the best price, but when I got there the price was wrong -- more expensive than listed.
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8 years ago, pixellolis
Not bad - Great UI
The app looks great and delivers awesome functionality. The only con about it is that it doesn't list credit prices. It only shows cash prices. Most of the gas stations nowadays stilling money from drivers by making us pay more if we use credit card. It would be nice to have the option to see only credit prices or both when u tap on the gas station of your choice.
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8 years ago, Talister Foxfire
Free app, convenient, mostly accurate
Title pretty much says it... Very useful (sometimes it doesn't update as fast as the gas stations change but it's better than guessing) I'd recommend it to anyone who travels through different towns for work/school since the prices tend to vary so much. When I'm not sure of accuracy, I just take the average price and go with that. I've saved up to $.50 on the gallon, on average about $.02-$.06
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3 years ago, 1980Int'lDT466
Choosing cities and delete
I use this app every time I fuel up. I would like to drop cities in my search list but there isn’t a delete function to allow that. It also only allows 4 to 5 choices. I like to list the cities I anticipated fueling at when making a trip and keeping my local listings. Dispite these shortcomings this is the best and most current fuel app I have found.
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2 years ago, taylorteacher12
Favorite gas stations & gas grades not here
I have used another gas app for a few years, but this app was recommended so I downloaded it to try it out. My favorite gas station, a Walmart Neighborhood Market, is not listed on the map or lists. I also use Unleaded 88, but the two stations nearby that carry extra grades, like E85 and U88, do not have those gar grades listed. The app would not allow me to submit this information either. I will be deleting this app because GasBuddy is more informative.
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6 years ago, jsusnzjaj
Almost ran out of gas because of this app
I finally used this app, and almost ran out of gas because of it. I needed to find a shell station, so I went to the shell station on the app, come to find out it was not a shell, and it hasn’t been for over 2 years! The nice guys there told me where to find the closest shell. I pulled into the shell on gas fumes. I tried to give the app makers feed back, that they need a edit button so customers can tell them when stations change over to a different company. But the email got sent back saying it’s undeliverable.. needless to say I deleted the app!
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6 years ago, LittleNipas
The perfect app to track gas prices!
Everywhere I’ve been, especially the small town I live in. The prices are directly on point. So I always have gotten the best deal saving me a lot of money in the long run. I use this app every time I get gas. The UI is clean and easy to use. There is no hassle! I’d give more stars if I could. It’s not often you can say that.
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8 years ago, DesiatHowardU
It never works
I was so excited to finally take advantage of a mega low price for gas because I happened to be in the area where GG said this station was located. The price was significantly lower than its competitors. Unfortunately, it was about 15 minutes out of my way, but it was worth it. When I arrived at the station, not only was GG off, It was off by 40¢ per gallon for the premium gas (what I use)! Since I was already so far off my course, I bought it anyway. This will be the last time I will use GG though. This isn't the first time something like this has happened. Oh well.
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6 years ago, Spob1965
Needs a LOT of work
I started out liking this app but over the last 6 months I have developed a dislike for it. I travel all over the country and I have lost count of how many times I got off the interstate for a good diesel price only to discover that the station doesn’t even sell diesel. When you try to scroll ahead of your route you have to sit and wait for screen to update, and it is very slow. Finally, the app is obsessed with showing you the prices of fuel that you have already passed.
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5 years ago, 37@Sweetness69
In the road
I’m taking a road trip to visit family and every time I try to use this app it consistently is wrong. Perfect example I am off of I 10 in Florida at a marathon gas station end it said premium was $2.44 a gallon. I get here and it’s five i’m taking a road trip to visit family and every time I try to use this app it consistently is wrong. Perfect example I am off of I 10 in Florida at a marathon gas station end it said premium was $2.45 a gallon. I get here and it’s $3.05 a gallon. And this is just one example. If it was possible to get a negative star rating I would give this app a -5.
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