GasBuddy: Find & Pay for Gas

4.7 (445.5K)
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GasBuddy Organization Inc
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2 months ago
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12.4 or later
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User Reviews for GasBuddy: Find & Pay for Gas

4.71 out of 5
445.5K Ratings
5 years ago, Myheroisme55555
I’ve always liked this APP, but over the last year or so alone is all, I’ve learned to love it. It’s just gotten better and better every time I use the APP it seems like. It’s really grown a lot since it first started way back then, and there’s just so many things you can do on the APP now and they’ve turned it into an amazing APP all the way around. It’s almost addicting in a way, but not in a bad way at all. It gives you a good and also a very fun chance to win gas money and get points for entries to win free gas, or get gas % or gas $ back when you purchase anything from certain stores listed on the APP. There’s a good amount of stores to pick from actually. So whenever you make a purchase at that store through that APP, you get gas money no matter what. They also send you a free card to use when you actually get money built up on that card, and you’ll be able to use it just like debit card or credit card and just swipe it at the gas station pump instead of your regular bank card that you may have. It’s pretty cool actually and it really helps if you actually try it out. 5 stars all of the way.
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2 years ago, Darryl R
Keep up with the times
GasBuddy was and is still a great concept, and I was happy using it once upon a time - when gas was cheaper and they hadn’t “sold out”. Times change. As they became more popular, it seems the discounts became less focused on fuel savings and more focused on cash back to spend in stores (I.e. sponsored advertising). But it came to a head with the record fuel prices and I gave up on them. At this point, saving less than $1 per fill up doesn’t help anyone like me. Maybe if you have a small car and/or don’t drive much, but to me it doesn’t help. The “premium” membership isn’t worth paying $10/month for either, because on average I’d only save about $7.50 in a month with their rate. Not worth it! But the final two nails in the coffin were this: Several times I had fueled up using my Pay with GasBuddy card on deal alerts and didn’t get the deal even acknowledged or applied in the app. CS was less than responsive about this, basically saying they didn’t know why it wasn’t working. Lastly and most importantly, they have a $75 daily spending cap and $300 weekly spending cap. I can’t even get 3/4 of a tank with $75 these days! They claim they can’t and won’t raise the cap for contractual obligations. Well, I’m gone. That does me no good. With the entire nation at $4.50+/gal now, y’all need to get with the times or lose once loyal customers such as myself.
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6 months ago, Blasteroid77
I wish that my card worked
I really wanted to give a better rating. I remember when Gas Buddy launched and the creator did a segment plugging the app. The idea and intentions of the creator are well. I just wish the card worked as well as any debit or credit card works. Sure there are issues here and there with bank cards, but more often than not my gas buddy card doesn’t work. It’s disappointing because I know it doesn’t have to be like this today. I hope it’s only me or just people who have this problem and the card works smoothly for as many users as possible. I did try and contact gas buddy about my problem but I don’t think they understood or I was clear or maybe one of them annoying customer and subscription killing chat bots tried to answer my question because they answered an unrelated question based on some similar words I used. I try not to think about the savings I am missing out on and genuinely disappointed. I gave up even using it and did not want to. I was pulling for gas buddy to be a success. I was even entering gas prices while my card wasn’t working until the last time when I entered the price an hour later when I got home and because i made the decision to share my location with gas buddy and whoever they sell it to, the app knew that I wasn’t anywhere near the gas station and doubted my entry. 😞
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2 years ago, G4DJ3TMAN
Totally Worthless!
Today August 28, 2022, for the first time I required Roadside Assistance as I had a dead battery and the company let me down big time. Gas savings is good but to guarantee Roadside Assistance when you’re stranded in a desolate location within the $9.99 per month fee and not being able to find my information even though I’m using the card on a regular basis is just absurd. First of all they couldn’t find my information in their system! then the representative asked me for a customer ID number which is not printed on the card that they give you and only listed within the app. I had a dead battery, a low phone battery and panic was setting in. The representative could not find my information even searching through my first or last name, phone number and address. After a lot of tinkering around, he said Yes! he found my information but that my membership did not have Roadside Assistance and asked me if I would like to use the pay per use service. WTH! I paid $9.99 per month membership fee and this is what I get? For anyone that’s planning to call Roadside Assistance through this company with a low phone battery and one that does not have the phone app Will not be able to get through the first step of finding the customer ID enhance will not be able to be provided Roadside Assistance. I immediately canceled my membership. Gas Buddy you scum bags! I will be doing a charge back for the entire year and there’s nothing you guys can do about it.
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5 years ago, ChiTownMo
GasBuddy Seems To Like Hiding Info From Its Customers
GasBuddy has to be one of the most frustrating companies I’ve done business with. Easily 50% of the time that I fill up my car, I get a discount for less than I’m supposed to. I check and double check the math to make certain that I did the math correctly and used the correct figures and and it’s wrong all the time. The receipts fail to give you the exact amount of the cost/gallon you were charged for each transaction. It will tell you how much you saved but not how much you were charged/gallon. Also, you cannot see how many gallons are left for the month of the 40 gallons/month you get a month at the $0.20/gallon discount, so sometimes you do not get the discount amount you were expecting because you allegedly already used all of your 40 gallons at $0.20 off/month. GasBuddy says on its Customer Service outgoing message that your monthly 40 gallon balance is clearly shown on the receipts, however I have checked both the paper receipt from the gas station, as well as the receipt emailed to me from GasBuddy itself, and neither receipt shows the balance. I checked all over the app too. The app does not show you your monthly 40 gallon @ $0.20 off/gallon balance anywhere. I suppose you just have to guess how many gallons you used each month so far to even predict if you will get a $0.20 discount or not. GasBuddy is a constant frustration in these (avoidable) respects.
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5 years ago, HansenBoards
Hardly user friendly hardly worth the effort
Followed the initial instructions. Verified the small deposits in my bank. Card arrived. Tried to activate card. Error. Sent request for support. Solution: enter banking info again and wait “x” days for deposits to then verify. Meantime: I have a card in my possession. All I wanted to do was make use of saving money at the pump. At this rate I may as well not bother at all. Total time wasted on this app: 3 weeks. Also there is NEVER anyone “free” to take your call should you have a question ( like mine ) about setting up, or anything else for that matter. As loyalty bonus and payment cards go this one is pretty shoddy. Update: even premium membership month to month doesn’t get anything by way of rapid or transparent support. You can call the number all you want and still get an automated message to leave your name and email?? And someone will return your call... if you actually need to use what you pay for you’re pretty much SOL. The “offers” are for online only purchases. So if you use your VISA card anywhere, for example , it has to be online to get the added bonuses. They have been rolling out forever some winsome ideas that on paper look great but have yet to manifest - parking , car detailing , oil changes - how about you get customer service right first and then work from there ?
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2 years ago, rdanvers
Don’t Trust It
When I first downloaded this app months ago I was surprised that it seemed legit. It would save me a handful of change at the pump, and it gave me an overview of all the gas stations in my area prices. The prices were off at times, but that’s also just gas prices. It claims that people win free gas, but I’m honestly not sure how true that is. It takes little effort to fake an account with a stock image. So I can’t verify that. Things were going well until last month. I got gas with the Gas Buddy card. It came out of my account as usual. Then I got an email saying my transaction couldn’t be processed. I was confused because my account showed that they’d withdrawn the money, then deposited it back in my account. I thought maybe there’s an issue on their end and it’ll resolve itself…couple days go by and I see an email from Gas Buddy. They’re telling me that I could be sent to collections because of the money I owe. I’m confused and check my account. Nothing’s changed and it still shows that they took the money, then put it back. I email them on the issue - they tell me that there’s insufficient funds in my account - which I checked and wasn’t true. I show them proof via a screenshot (no personal info included) and they’ve not responded. I just deleted my account and the app, but wanted to come here to leave this review. Be careful here.
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2 years ago, nycboyga
Great app/concept except for one issue
I have been a GasBuddy member since the app first appeared on the AppStore. I also had signed up for the GasBuddy card as one of the pilot customers. I loved it but do not use the card anymore because of issues I had years ago with promos. I never got them so I stopped using the card. This was and is a good idea (to crowdsource gas prices). I loved the addition of other features, especially of keeping up with fill-ups. Every time I fill up at a gas station, I record it in the vehicle section of My Car. My most pressing issue is that it has gotten messy. I only keep records on one car but my car appears 4 or 5 times and the records are spread over the 4 or 5 iterations of “my car.” I see no easy way to combine them but to add and delete them one by one. Since I’m a long time user, this would take too much time and effort. It seems that every time there is an update, it doesn’t recognize the previous entry of “my car” and forces one to add your car once again. Please fix this or have some way to combine everything into the same “car.” It’s a bit annoying when you only have one vehicle recorded but have multiple listed.
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5 years ago, DumpsterFireCompany
Simply stated, this company is a scam. I made my first online purchase at Walmart, after clicking on the “deal” link that’s in the app. Presumably, the idea is that as long as you use the link and complete your purchase online, they will give you 4% “gas back” on your purchase that can be redeemed at the pump. I spent over $500 on tires, and submitted my proof as requested (email confirmation for purchase being the same as on file with gas buddy acct, order number, etc). Took 3 days for a response and it was quick and rude when I received it. “Thanks for the email” followed by telling me pickup orders aren’t eligible for gas back, as well as saying I should check the fine print (which I carefully read the disclosures before I completed my purchases and nowhere does it say your choice of delivery or pickup affects anything). I work in banking so disclosures are everything to me because I see people all the time have their expectations not met because they never read the disclosures they agreed to. If I had paid for the premium membership, I’d be even more annoyed because it was something I paid for to be treated as such, like we are bothering them for asking to hold up their end of what they are promising. But since it is free, I will be simply removing my bank account from the gas buddy card and going back to using my fuel rewards card at Shell stations like I used to. Not worth the hassle. At all.
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2 years ago, Taylor.Tackett
Hidden Gem
I had this app installed on my phone for a solid 6 months and probably used it twice in that time. When I went to fill up my vehicle (2019 Mercedes-Benz sedan) last month and noticed I was paying nearly $70 for a single tank of gas, I had to find some solution that would work for my needs. This is when I realized the full feature set GasBuddy packs into their easy to use UI/UX. I have since been earning real cash back (gas back is the term - credits redeemed in fuel) every time I pay with my GasBuddy card and get to be apart of an actual community of members who are usually locals or people who visit the same gas stations you do. Can’t say enough good things about this app so far. I pay $9.99 (this is not required! The app is free and is useable without ever paying for anything). I wanted to opt-in on their $9.99/month plan for two reasons: 1. I wanted to have full access to the apps features and 2. The amount I save using this system far outweighs the fee I happily pay each month. I’ll pay for quality every time. This app is that. Try it out! Also, nobody asked me to write a review or had any impact on my opinion. GasBuddy included. I’m just here with the facts!
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2 years ago, Krava2
GasBuddy is not supporting iPad
I have reported problems to this company for months, but the issues still have not been resolved. Now with their new "challenges" the company has decided to leave the iPad users out of the "challenges". Also, if one was interested in getting their points which are used to try to win a free gas card, forget it as I found that they never gave me all the points I have earned. Even told them about it, but adjustment as of today, has not been made. Prices can be over 24 hours old. Why? Because when you use your iPad to post a price the price is not updated promptly. I have seen it take 12 or more hours for my prices to be updated. And, I think some people are just posting prices just to get points and not really seeing the prices at the stations. Ran my own test and saw the same old price being posted at the staion to the entrance to my development. I did not update to the price just to see what would happen. If my freshly posted prices are not showing up promptly, then how reliable can this app be for finding where the lowest gas price is? I don't like to do bad reviews, but when a company just does not seem to care what else can I do? Yes, I am not going to use the app starting day. Might check it out again a six months to see if the company has fixed their many issues.
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2 years ago, ex word star
Can’t use the card at the pump or in store at most stations
I used to use GasBuddy ALL THE TIME, but now I only occasionally use the app to search for the best price. The card doesn’t have a chip, so no longer works at most pumps. I tried to use it inside once, so I could get the special extra-cents-off “deal,” but it wouldn’t work inside the store, either. This coupled with the difficulty finding a way to contact GasBuddy, and the need to get a new card each year that doesn’t automatically come to you and you don’t get a reminder email or a link to click on to renew, I rarely use it anymore. The whole Gas Back thing doesn’t really work for me because it requires me to SPEND money that I otherwise would probably not have spent. My time is a commodity and there’s precious little of it, and I really don’t have the time to go through the GasBuddy gas back “deals” before I shop for something I need. Most of my needs are pretty basic anyway, and the “deals” are for things I don’t need or wouldn’t use, PLUS I don’t shop online much. So, I’m very disappointed because GasBuddy used to save me money, and now it really doesn’t do anything but direct me to a station that is a cent or two lower per gallon of gas.
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2 years ago, Xmichi
Terrible user interface
I’m still frustrated with how hard it is to enter the price/prices for gas. Gas Buddy knows we are entering these prices while driving or sitting at a red light trying to enter them quickly, it should be so much easier to do. Not only that, but there’s ads. Even on top of the list of closest gas stations. So if you want to quickly tap on the closet top gas station, you may tap on the one which is advertised and 15 miles away. Remember, we are all doing this app a service really. Everyone is entering gas prices for free for them, and as a thank you and complication, they throw ads in there. They also need to do something about those who cheat and just update prices without seeing them. In my small town I’m one of the only one who actually updates prices. Even when the prices change, people are still updating the wrong price. There needs to be a closer distance limit. Or you should get more points when entering the price while you are very close to the station compared to being let’s say more than a quarter of a mile away. But seriously, get rid of the advertised gas station on top of the nearest list. And to top it off, now there’s a pop up window to link your card before you can access the app. No, I’m not linking anything and I’m not updating prices anymore either. So long.
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11 months ago, KitneB
Not showing all gas stations any more!! Updated::
I have loved and still love using this app. Great concept and especially when they started linking your actual bank account card and being able to use discounts I’ve really been diligent to use and tell others! My only complaint is that in the last month or so the Sam’s club and Costco gas stations have disappeared from the lineup of gas stations! I have a membership to Sam’s club and even though I may go there and not use my gas buddy card if it’s cheaper it isn’t always cheaper! I get it that they don’t give anything to gas buddy but I thought this was crowdsourcing type app. Please return the “non-participating” gas buddy apps back to the app!!!! I’d hate to have to go to another source and for this app to lose business. Update::: I checked back on the app after downloading g other apps very inferior to this one and I had turned the filter on to only show GasBuddy stations. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ New users,Please watch out for this and don’t make the same mistake I did!!
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5 years ago, Javier rover
I actually love this app it ain’t what it used to be
I gave you 2 stars because when I can get it to work it works but just okay. I’m using a iPhone 10 with the maximum amount of memory available and about 80% of the time I cannot get the app to open. That’s very frustrating as my wife drives most of the time and we both love getting prices sometimes we used to pull into stations and get the info just for fun. At first I thought it was just my phone but not so as virtually all my other apps open fine. Also when I shutdown everything and reboot my phone still it doesn’t work. Please fix this as I’ve been a user from like the very earliest days of your app and it’s a concept I fully believe in. Just yesterday I got gas a full $.30 cents a gallon cheaper than in my neighborhood and not at a discount station. At the station people were blowing their horn for me to move it took so long for the app to come up. I was persistent and parked and waited until I could get the app to work. I’ve got over 4 million points from posting prices help me out here. Anyway, when the app does open I still love it but it hangs up and doesn’t immediately post my changes even when it doesn’t hang up. I now write down prices and update from home. Fix your app guys there are customers missing out here.
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3 years ago, Haralamb0s
Unreliable Crowd Sourcing
The app itself is designed very well. The user interface is attractive, it’s very easy to use, and it gives you filters to select what kind of gas you want and the map works seemlessly. Honestly the app would be above and beyond 5 stars if there was any accountability or way to report abusers of the app. For weeks now two people in my area have been consistently reporting the wrong diesel prices by 40-50 cents at a number of stations. One of them doesn’t even sell diesel and people are reporting diesel prices. There’s no way to report them, there’s no way to contact customer service listed anywhere in the app, and it just makes the whole entire app useless if you can’t trust people. This app was designed for people to help each other find gas prices by crowdsourcing the information and basically using an honors system in the hopes someone else would come behind and also verify the same price. If people are being dishonest or just ignorant and misreporting the price for the corresponding fuel type, then there either needs to be a way to flag it, or flag them for not knowing how to use the app properly. Either way, the app is great but the fact that the app doesn’t hold anyone accountable for false reporting makes it useless if people aren’t using it correctly.
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2 years ago, Cluedo Man
Good carrot 🥕
Let’s be clear, First it will not report the correct fuel prices as they get defaulted back to lower prices and others who are more preferential get their prices reported. Second always needing you exact location turned on all the time is suspicious. Thirdly the gas buddy car needs youDrivers license number and a personal checking account number all for a discount card!?! Those two things are very sensitive information and this company is supposedly based in Massachusetts and has another website that treats the main gas buddy website is like it doesn’t exist or as second thought so this is a big red flag right there. Don’t give them your ID number along with a checking account number unless you really want an identity theft crisis especially coming from a business from the East Coast. And forth the so-called points system that allows you to win $100 fuel card if go around reporting fuel prices….. well that’s a good carrot to entice people to use your service. The main rule and warning for using this app is don’t give them full access to your device and do not give them any form of identification especially an ID number and a bank account number. Second there are people who are going around reporting false gas prices that are .35 below the real costs.
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5 years ago, Life4dabeach
Use to like this app
I have had the GasBuddy app on my phones for many many years (with an iPhone 4) and it has worked great. In the beginning it was easy to use and throughout the years the developers kept adding new features to it. The Recall feature for your car, I don’t use. I think that it does not need to be there because I get those notifications from other sources. But this last update makes it EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to find the gas station near you. I have updated the price of a 7-Eleven that was listed at the top of the list, but that station was 5 miles away. This app is supposed to be quick and easy to update and see where the cheapest gas prices are near you. It is not supposed to try to sell you other gas stations that ain’t even close to your location. One more thing. With all of these new features, this app takes forever to open, load, and update the locations of the surrounding gas stations. I wish this app was simple and easier to use like it use to be.
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2 years ago, jweaver1982
I downloaded GasBuddy not knowing anything about the app or the GasBuddy Card. No matter how many times I opened the app I was always confronted with messages telling me I can save more by getting the GasBuddy Card. So that’s exactly what I did. I ordered the card and linked my bank account. It told me I needed to confirm 2 small deposits when I received my card. I finally get my card and quickly open the app to activate it but it never gave me the option to confirm the 2 small deposits it did however tell me my card was activated and linked to my bank account. So I am really confused. Why was I not given the option to verify the 2 small deposits firstly? Secondly is my card really activated and connected to my bank account? I will be so enraged if I get to the gas station and it declines my so called activated GasBuddy Card. I also agree with other reviewers that the GasBuddy Card needs the chip and contactless pay. It’s not only more convenient but is also an added security measure. I haven’t gotten the chance to really use the GasBuddy App or Card as of yet but will update my review based off of my experience.
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1 year ago, JesusBenNazareth
Awesome lil app ‘til 2023. Data could be made better by...
Great app ‘till 2023. I’m not sure what happened but it’s total crap now: they’re not showing most stations – they only show ones that pay fees of some kind, I guess, or are they getting dramatically fewer price updates from fellow users, or are they throwing them away way faster? in any case it’s really bad! Old review: ALSO, why don’t they keep track of which stations accept credit cards for gas? I mean I know most Arcos r like that but not all and it would be super helpful!! Did they take away this feature!? -2 ⭐️. And, I just want gas prices and all the new extra features I am not interested in mean more clicks to get gas prices. So -2 more ⭐️, till I can again set it to zero clicks to gas prices near me. Also, show estimated price when no recent data is available. Stations generally have a predictable mark-up over competitors’ and/or wholesale prices. Use grey and ~ to denote when this is done. +4 ⭐️ for this! 🤩 OLDER ISSUE- HANDLED BETTER NOW: Great app. But, data could be made better by a)making it clearER to us that CREDIT price is what is to be entered and what is shown, AND/OR B) have users pick cash or credit when entering prices. Users near me USUALLY enter CASH prices.
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2 years ago, 1111ihateusernames12345
Location setting discrepancy
When I logged in using my Apple login private relay GasBuddy asked for my location setting preference. I selected only ‘while using the opened app,’ not the ‘always’ option. I went into the app’s setting menu and where it listed the location setting it showed ‘Always.’ I clicked on it which sent me to iPhone settings location and that showed what I originally selected as ‘while using app’. I then changed that setting trying all the others ‘ask next time’, ‘never’ and then ‘always’. Then each time GasBuddy app’s location preference correctly showed my iPhone’s setting. Thus, it looks like when logging in at least the first time on my new iPhone or even when creating an account the app is able to ‘Always’ access my location even though I selected something else. Will iPhone’s location setting override the app? Is this intentional on GasBuddy’s part? I don’t know but I’m skeptical and reported it to Apple. I tried the app a few yrs ago and immediately after (less than 5 mins) giving them my phone number I got many spam text msgs not relevant to GasBuddy and still do. Rarely did before. Heads up and be forewarned.
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5 years ago, DaisyBlaze
Service takes too long to set up!!
So I got the Gasbuddy card and wanted to start using it for savings as soon as I got it. I was very very hesitant to even sign up as I was skeptical as to whether or not it would work. So I get my card in the mail and immediately went to open the app and activate only to find out my account was not verified. I’ve used several apps that wanted to link to my account and the moment they were linked I was verified so I was super sketched out when this wasn’t the case and was told to wait 4 business days to verify and activate. I waited over a month and kept getting the same response from support until finally Cailin a manager with gas body reached out and said the account had become “frozen” and that she unfroze it and once a charge of .01 would appear and I’d be able to activate. WRONG!! So I go and wait the 2 business days for the charge to appear and process and still there is no sign that it was verified on the app and I’m still unable to activate. I immediately wrote to support about my new frustrations with my needs still not being met! I’m waiting on a response but now I’m even more doubtful that this service will work at all! I’ve never been so annoyed to actually ask for my penny back ! Like really!
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6 years ago, 1H1B2G1C1D
Flaws Needing Attention
The concept of this app I love as it lets consumers aware of the best gas prices in the area. Your prediction option ALWAYS suggest that we hold off in buying as gas prices will go down tomorrow. A senseless option as it's not accurate. Since last update this app is difficult to open before closing completely. Once open have experience many "Something went wrong" and does accurately tally entered posts or allow you to enter posts due to the app flaw. Turning into a nuisance to use the app. App has difficulty in finding gas stations that I am at. Some gas stations are no longer listed yet still operating. Mind boggling My assessment of flaws needing attention continue. I love the concept of this app but since the start of using this app to today the system is boggled down and oh so slow. Stations will have been passed by to report price updates as the app is still concentrating on updating one station you already drove by...the app will send message “something went wrong” or cut out and prematurely close. Really frustrating to the point I don’t use the app as frequently as I did in the earlier years.
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2 years ago, Stephensonsing
Love the concept but
I have had this app for about 6 months, I had a similar experience like one other review I read, customer services nonexistent. I had to make a ticket for not receiving the discount in the beginning of June and every five or six days I get an email back saying they have a high ticket volume, so I am to type above A specific area in the email and respond saying if my ticket was taken care of or not. Of course it isn’t taken care of they’ve never given me the discount….. why continue to send the messages? Hoping I wouldn’t respond and the ticket would close….. I mean it’s pennies on a dollar for the discount I get and everyone in the household has to have their own card to even use them to be useful because there is a dollar limit on the amount you can fill up…. It’s really not worth asking for the discount to be applied but now it’s the principle of saying it will be given and it wasn’t. How is that helpful at this point? I’m very close to finding another app that would work better for discounts.
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5 years ago, Sloppy cheeseburger
Great App
This is one of the best apps that I use, I like to look at it before my wife and I go out for a day of shopping. This way I know where the best price for gas is in my area. Plus we use it when we are traveling as well. I wouldn't be with out this APP. I can't say that I like the latest update, it makes it harder to navigate from 1 location to the next. I don't understand what was wrong with the old App. Why don't you listen to what users tell you? You have taken a great App and turned into something one has to wonder why you have it on your phone. I can't enter a Sams Club location that I have on my I pod but can't get it on my I phone. What the hell have you guys done??? I still don't like your new format, but I still use it.I have been trying to get the Walmart station located in Henrietta New York back on my list but you guys fail to do so. It's a good thing i have it saved under favorites because that's the only I can get the prices when i need it. Get with it and fix your app.
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2 years ago, Kipperly
Can support PLEASE contact me?
On multiple occasions I have tried contacting support. I’ve been (attempting) to use this app since 2019- it did work in the beginning until the GasBuddy card was introduced. It took numerous exchanges with support over a timespan of months and 1 entire year to receive a card…that was expired. The card doesn’t work and I’m losing out on my cash back because of it. I cannot for the life of me get support to respond. To deal with one single issue, the email thread went on for literal months, and that’s when I actually received a human response. My most recent message to support was sent in October and included all of the issues I’ve been trying to get fixed. I received the automated emails requesting a reply if I still need assistance, which I kept replying yes to, but as usual those automated emails have stopped and I have not received any response from support. I know from my past attempts that this means I have to start the entire process over. GasBuddy has great reviews here, which I don’t understand because my experience has been a continuous issue for years and I can never get a human to respond to support requests. I just want someone to help me fix this.
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3 years ago, dubie2us
Signed up for this and got my card in the mail. When I went to activate my card the app would send me an email link to click on. Each time I did (cause I tried multiple times) the link sent me back to the App Store to download the app I already had installed. Frustrated by this, I called the customer service line.... it’s 100% automated. Meaning, you only get to talk to someone if you leave a message and wait around till they decide to call you back. There’s a number in the app and a different number on the card... guess what? Leads you to the same automated system where you can’t reach a real person. So good luck getting any help there. I also sent an email, to which, I never received a reply. Brand new card and I already want to throw it in the trash. Companies like this really need to take more stock in their customer service because what I encountered is a joke. I’m sure if I could actually use the service as it’s intended it would be great but sadly whoever structured this company clearly has no real consideration for its customers and the lack there of with offering actual customer service. Thoroughly dissatisfied. I hope more people read this review and proceed with caution before signing up to this service.
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4 years ago, RaptorzI
Used to work great but no more
I have sent in several feedback responses indicating that there is a problem in the app with editing the price per gallon when at a station while entering a Fuel Log. When I first downloaded the app, everything worked fine. If I got an instant discount at the pump, say $.20 off per gallon, the app let me edit the price to reflect what I ACTUALLY paid for gasoline, not the current reported price. Now, it will NOT let me change this, no matter how many times I try. This problem gas persisted for quite some time now and the only response I’ve received is that my phone is running an older operating system, which is BS. The current iOS is 13.6.1, which has been on my phone since the version was first available. How many times does a person have to comment/complain about a problem with this app before it gets fixed?? Its to the point where I don't even want to use Gasbuddy anymore to help keep track of and calculate the miles per gallon. After I post this tonight, I’m signing out. If you can’t address an issue in a timely fashion, then whats the point in using the app? Maybe I’ll check back in a year or so and see if you’ve fixed the issue.
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7 years ago, Kareve
Thank you!
I just want to write a quick note of thank you to the developers of this app. You were a real lifesaver this past week down here in South Florida during hurricane Irma. I was frozen in terror of whether not to get on the road with the stories of all the gas outages. I have a toddler and couldn't imagine driving around town looking for stations and waiting in long lines. Once I read about your app and website online, I downloaded it. Within five minutes I found a gas station that still had gas and not too long of a line. I was able to make my drive up Orlando a little less scared knowing that I had you guys on my side. As soon as I got to my evacuation point, I used the app again to find gas before the storm hit so I was immediately able to get back on the road afterwards to get home. I can't say thank you enough! During an incredibly anxious and scary time, you made things a little bit easier and that means the world to me.
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2 years ago, jie mana
Zero stations
I just downloaded the app; I live in Phoenix, the 5th largest city in the Lower 48(and outlying 2) which, if I may be so bold, has a gas station at nearly every major intersection, if not two or three or four sometimes, suffice it to say, thousands of stations. When I make the search parameters to levels that should return thousands of options, I’m shown ZERO. NONE. NADA. LESS THAN ONE. The app had 42k reviews and I’m pretty sure it showed a 5-star rating, which is hard to do with 42,000 diff ppl, but how can this be possible if there are zero stations shown? I’ll tell ya why- it’s all B\_/|_|_$#;+! Complete fabrication of the review platform and the owners who have obviously put a lot of work into cultivating a lie upon the World to see, tho that work is just as empty as their souls are, and hopefully their bank accounts soon. Please, do not subscribe to this farce. Do not validate the worst the innerwebs can offer. I’m not sure why this can’t be regulated. There should be recaptcha-based review platforms so these charlatans can’t prey upon the ignorant public-at-large, -small, -infinitely small and at the same time -infinitely large too. I hope they know shame and live the life of an empty balloon.
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4 years ago, Roc2cho
this app has gone downhill recently
I have been using this app for years and it has gone downhill. The ads have increased over the last year or two and slow down the results and get in the way from being able to read the results - it’s now a royal pain! And even worse last week there was a change wherein the find gas results have no direct correlation to your exact location when selecting “current location”. The results are in the same town but not the stations closest to you. If you select the map view in lieu of the list, the dot for your location is correct so my phone is not giving bad information. Current location had been working well for years and now it does not. It also appears that the designers have changed the results so some stations don’t show up when you use “current location”. It makes me think that they may be receiving money from certain brands to make them show up in searches and are not showing others. If you use map view and zoom in far enough the missing stations usually show up but you have to work for it. I would say the best thing GasBuddy could do is to revert back to an older version that works better!
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3 years ago, Drob518
Works but confusing UI and watch app is poor
The fundamentals of the app work, but the UI is a bit confusing. For instance, access to favorite stations is not intuitive and should be more prominent (should be one of the primary navigation buttons at the bottom). I live near a river and the distanced-based metrics are nearly useless. Sure, the station with the cheapest gas is 2 miles away, as the crow flies. But it’s 25 miles away in terms of driving distance because I have to go across a bridge to cross the river and the bridge is several miles away in the opposite direction. The ideal would be to interface with a mapping app (eg. Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, etc.) to figure out “closeness” based on driving distance and time. Without that sort of capability, favorites are critical. Then, I can use favorites to override the app’s naive, as-the-crow-flies distance algorithm. The watch app would be very useful as a quick way to see this info, but it unfortunately only shows stations by the naive distance algorithm and has no ability to view favorites. Fix these problems and it would be 4 or 5 stars.
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5 years ago, KY-doc
Desperately needs Top Tier search filter
Wonderful crowd sourced program. However, many major vehicle brands recommend using ONLY Top Tier certified fuels. We need a filter available to search only for these certified fuels. Each of these automakers recommends the use of Top Tier Detergent Gasoline in their owner's manuals. Top Tier Detergent Gasoline and Top Tier Diesel Fuel are performance specifications and trademarks designed and supported by several major automakers. BMW, General Motors, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ford, Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Navistar, and Audi support the gasoline standard, while General Motors, Volkswagen, Detroit Diesel, and Navistar support the diesel standard (as of 2018).Top Tier fuels must maintain levels of detergent additives that result in a higher standard of engine cleanliness and performance as compared to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirement. In addition, Top Tier fuels may not contain metallic additives, which can harm the vehicle emission system and create pollutants. As of 2018, Top Tier Detergent Gasoline is available from 61 licensed retail brands and Top Tier Diesel Fuel is available from 5 licensed retail brands.
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11 months ago, Goldstar6256
Beware of fake gas prices.
I have had very mixed results with Gas Buddy over the past two years of using it. The gas price can be easily manipulated by anyone (gas station owners?) who want to lure you in with a low gas price, only to find out that is far from the actual price at the pump. One gas station in particular showed their Gas Buddy price at 50 cents less than what the price at the pump was. I corrected the price on the app and left to find another gas station. A week later, same gas station, same scam. I pulled in and it was 50 cents more per gallon than what Gas Buddy showed. I noticed it was the exact same person who had “updated” the price the week before. Frustrating. I drive by this gas station all the time so I thought I’d just see how often this happened. It was almost every day by the same person. There is no way to notify Gas Buddy when this happens and it has happened at several other gas stations as well… not just a few cents off, but significantly off. Gas prices fluctuate but not by 50 cents a day. Definitely room for some checks & balances on this app.
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7 years ago, Lakush13
Love This App
I have been using Gas Buddy for quite some time now and have experienced no issues with it. On our recent drive out of the state of Florida and then back in after Irma passed, our search for gas would have been far more difficult had we not had the Gas Buddy app. Kudos to the Gas Buddy team for quickly updating the app to include information about stations out of gas and out of power. For those dinging the app for having incorrect information, you have to know that the gas price information is provided by the app users and it is helpful to look under the price to see when that price was submitted. The older the submission, the more the chance that the prices have changed. The prices are not a guarantee, but it is still far better than having no information at all. And saving money on gas over time using this app is the biggest benefit. Thank you Gas Buddy!!!
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1 year ago, Abner1988
Like it a but could use improvements
Update again 2/8/23: very frustrated it doesn’t tell about ethanol fuel. Drive all over looking for non ethanol fuel. Exit numbers on interstates would still be helpful! Update: it would be nice to know if the fuel has ethanol or not. Exit numbers on the map would still be extremely helpful. Love this app for finding fuel prices but some added features would improve it significantly. Improvements I would make are: 1) It would be very helpful if it showed exit #"s for interstates (especially for times when location services was not working) 2) If it showed wether the stations were truck & trailer / RV accessible & if they had lanes for such or just for semi's. (We ended up wasting time stopping at stations that we couldn't get our truck & trailer into or that was really only for semi's which was inconvenient & we got charged extra road tax on.) 3) If prices were to show weather it was cash or charge or both. For using with a car only, it is great but exit #'s would still be great.
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6 years ago, snuffy 1963
I really like this app for a long long time but lately you guys always update things changing the app now you’ve got things on here that has nothing to do with Gas Buddies this app is something to do with gas prices not my personal vehicle or car there is no need for all the updates that you guys do I’m constantly updating this app I like to report gas prices I really enjoy it but there is no reason for my personal vehicle to be on this app and all of the advertisements in between gas stations I just did an update this morning now I can’t Hardly find my points how to get on my points also leaderboard’s are for my area I have people on the leaderboard‘s that were in Chicago 500 miles from me that is not my area it’s not right or fair make this app fun once again to do as it used to be bring back the old Gas Buddies instead of adding all of this garbage to the app like your vehicle and other things there’s no need for it people want to check gas prices not their vehicle. Thank, snuffy 1963
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3 years ago, Hank Guichelaar
GasBuddy tries to be your friend
Outside of GasBuddy ‘s control, likely, are the restrictions encountered when using a promised discount at a service station along the route. Most of the time, we are unable to fill our RV’s sizable gastank because the purchase is limited. At $75 or so, it cuts you off and leaves you with the decision to continue to fill up at full price - and using a different payment method - or venture to the next ‘deal’ down the road. This is strange because GasBuddy appears to be targeting RV-ers and the likes. We’re not using this service to fill up our smart cars and save a dime or two, we signed up because we use serious gas and hope for significant discounts. Nothing is more disappointing than being promised a ‘deal’ only to be cut short. Hopefully GasBuddy will be able to address this issue because if not, better deals currently available like Murphy’s and even Kroger have no restrictions and don’t shut off the pump in a manner that’s not unlike being flashed the middle finger.
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2 years ago, Hollythehun
Scam and a rip off!
Thought this would be a great way to save money on gas. We use A LOT of gas between all the cars we have and places we go. Especially hoped it would help me save money on diesel for my truck. I got the card and connected it to my bank. I went to use the card, however, and it made the pump stop after only 9 gallons!! I had used some of my Marathon points to get 50 cents off a gallon and only got 9 gallons!! Finally had to move to a different pump. Then it stopped after only 4 gallons!! It wasn’t my truck, it wasn’t the pumps - I used my regular bank card the third time and was able to finish filling the remaining 7 gallons of diesel. The Gas Buddy card cost me my 50 cent discount! And I have emailed customer service and have received absolutely no response whatsoever except “Do you still need help? We are experiencing a delay due to multiple inquiries” I BET!! Probably other people having trouble using their card!! Save your time and your money and just sign up for Marathon Rewards, Fuel Rewards from Shell, and whatever other gas station around you offers fuel discounts!!
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2 years ago, Eihle
Best app!
I use this app more than any other. It has gotten painfully slow. It is also unfair that some users have more opportunities to get daily points than I and others (I assume). How can I improve my ranking if I can't get credit for all of my reporting? Also, when I update a gas station, the updates are ignored. That is annoying because I stop and take the time to update station info, only to find on my next visit that nothing has changed. Do they need 100 reports before accepting an update? Lately, some stations, that I drive into on a regular basis and were included before, don't come up in your app. I try putting in the address...nothing. This happens a lot. Before, when temporarily closed for renovations, it still showed up On the list. Now I can't get them on the screen. I tried customer service but got no response.
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4 weeks ago, CornFedAtlas
Great unless you need accurate information
This app in theory is real nice but as I am on a long road trip(PA to FL) and needing to find e85 gas stations on the way, I am seeing that this app has an immense amount of flaws. One of the biggest I’ve seen is it doesn’t give you the address to the gas station you are looking for. It gives you a street address and then another road which so far has never been right. It’s also taken me to areas with zero gas stations around. When you are on the map, it will show you stations and then they disappear and you can never get them to show back up. For half this trip I had to google gas stations in the big towns I would be hitting and just check if they had e85 because of how inaccurate this app has been. If you could make it to show actual addresses and maybe even let you navigate from the app to set routes with stations that would be great. As it is now I just get more frustrated trying to use it than not.
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2 years ago, Laura3gsd
Doesn’t work well
I’ve used gas buddy online for years. Appreciated it about 80% of the time but some gas stations report their own prices and draw you in on a lie. Anyway, The site has been glitchy so I downloaded the app. I’ve tried to use it a few times since I downloaded it a day ago and it’s very glitchy, freezes up etc. I decided to figure out how to create an account and report price at a Sam’s that that’s easier today was listed as lower than it is this afternoon. Since my husband has an account I tried using his phone & app first but he said since he got the GB gas card they will not load Sam’s clubs for him anymore. So I went into my app and I’m not even a member/ contributor yet, and it refused to load Sam’s club. I typed Sam’s, selected the preloaded address from a list, and the app STILL won’t load it for me to select that I want to report a price. My husband said he thinks they only want to air gas stations now that take the GB credit card. So this app and website is now useless to me and those who want to find who has the cheapest gas in their area! I deleted the app from my phone.
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5 years ago, Kammykakes
Don’t do any memberships!
I’ve been on a memberships for over a year. They have charged me $5 every month since I’ve started. I email after I get billed every month to take my membership off. A bot will answer and tell me how to report a loss card every time and I emailed again and again. They saving I make is less than $5 a month and therefore I am at a loss. GasBuddy is practically stealing money from me. They even messes up and double charged me 40$ twice once when I got gas them another time because they said I didn’t have the money in my bank and I had to pay an extra $10 fee. I had emailed them and said I’m not repaying my gas when I had proof it went through and then a fee and told them to cancel my card but when I looked at my bank they charged me the fee and to repay gas that I had already payed for and on top still didn’t cancel my card. That was months ago. I’ve been still trying to email them but to no prevail. Stay way from this app until they can real people and be able to solve their problems. I don’t want other people losing money and getting their money stolen from these people.
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3 years ago, jonathanlanchovilla
It does not work as they say
First, after getting my card activated I went to use it for the first time with the proper discount activated through the GasBuddy app and the card was denied 4 times, send a message to GasBuddy customer service and no solution. Second the drive offer that gives you Teo extra cents per galon does not work neither, it says tha my GasBuddy app is not allowed always in the location services, but it is. I’m conclusion, I was very excited about using this app and saving on gas but it looks like just another simple company trying to use a bunch off advertisements (aka marketing) to sell our information, I’m tired of being treated as a product. I will use it for one more week because I believe everybody deserves a second opportunity, but if I find more problems or false promises, I will delete it forever.
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3 years ago, consumer rights advocate
Waiting over a month for the card to show up. Bot emails. Find out today in order for a replacement I might have to pay a shipping fee. Seriously?! Bad business right there. Fishy. Punish members because GasBuddy can’t seem to properly mail out cards? Yeah thank goodness I was experimenting with the free membership and not paying for premium. Get it together GasBuddy or you’ll lose big time. I’ve seen reviews for the app where cards haven’t been received. Currently I save more money with Safeway gas rewards. You got competition. Update: still getting the run around. I’m being told to wait till July 5th, which is still part of the holiday meaning it won’t be delivered. I basically told them if I don’t have it by then or a few days after they can forget me requesting a replacement. I’ll be requesting to close my account and I will be leaving bad reviews as well as recommending people not use it. If I were paying for the premium I’d demand my money back and if they were giving me the run around I’d be going to my bank and claiming fraudulent charges for a product never received.
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1 year ago, Shepherdsheart
New or unlisted stations
It’s way too hard to Add a station or edit a station, actually it’s impossible!! I find it impossible to add Diesel to stations that have diesel and get it to stay up. And it’s also impossible to list the cost of no ethanol fuel which I search for quite a bit. in my town I go to the trouble to make sure that the prices stay up but it’s a constant battle I can post them late last night and this morning half of them are gone. Why ? some of these stations only change their prices a few times a year only a couple of stations once or more than once a month. I love planning my route when I come back from California driving across the country around the gas stations. This last time most of the stations had no prices !! stop dropping the prices !! my gas buddy card has been on the way for almost 2 years when is it gonna show up !! yes I should’ve asked to get one resent but you can’t do that on the app !!
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4 years ago, fskrotzki
Stop with the teen eye candy crap
Ver. 6.20.1 come on more dumb eye candy crap. Seriously. We don't need full screen animated graphics for entering points, we are not 12. Just simple positive feed back to let us know you got the prices is what is needed. The full screen and 1/3 screen black stuff is annoying and gets in the way when you sit at a corner trying to enter multiple stations pricing. Now you showing station prices with the $.05 off if we use the app for special deal except is NO BETTER then what I get on the card already and it taking up more screen space so I need to scroll LOTS MORE. I want option to turn it off. Same for locations that don’t honor the card as I don’t shop them already but somehow they get more screen space this more promotion. Way back on Ver 3 we could see 6-8 stations no problem now lucky if you see 4. Make a reporting persons job easier not harder and more time consuming. I want version 2.4 back it was so much simpler, efficient and easier to use. We used to have a setting that would take us directly to the station list we want it back. The home screen that shows 1 station and other stuff is really useless. The sorting option does not need to be a banner across the top of the station list ALL THE TIME. We want to see the stations so we can get pricing and enter pricing. Everything you do to take away from that is bad.
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3 years ago, McFarland83
When I first started using gas buddy I was just using it to find low gas prices. After doing that for awhile I decided to get the card and link it to my checking account to start saving 5 cents a gallon. Then deal alerts came along and things began getting frustrating. I would activate the deal, use my gas buddy card and make it to the station within the 4 hours required, only to just receive the usual 5 cents off. Try to contact customers service, you can forget about that. Only available through email and you get an automated response telling you how to use the deal alerts and then they close out the request for help tickets. Only one time out of the many did I finally receive to correct discount and it took me replying to 5 automated emails continually complaining that my problem still has not been resolved before I was credited 99 cents. Now starting March 1st the are going to reduce the saving to 3 cents a gallon, but increase the deal alerts that never work. Use at your own risk, there is no customer support with this company.
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2 years ago, Monthly Commuter
Inaccurate info and
I tried it once. It took me to a gas station that was under construction. The info can’t be accurate. Follow up - I decided to give GB a second chance. In the search. In my search, GB highlighted a station on the way that was offering a discount. I accepted the offer and proceeded to drive to the station. Once I paid and while still at the station, I immediately sent GB a picture of the receipt with all the required info. After a week, I never received the credit. I called the gas station, and they said they don’t have anything to do with providing the credit - GB issues the credit. I tried to contact GB, which is not easy since they don’t have a phone number or email. I needed to file a complaint on line, which I did. I immediately received an automated response, saying my issue was being investigated. A week later, they sent my a follow up email to ask if I was still having issues and if they needed to look into the problem. Clearly they had not done anything to investigate the problem or resolve the issue.
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6 years ago, Zildjiancat
Terrible app. Used to be wonderful.
I have to agree with so many users who have posted negative reviews lately: this app has devolved into one of the worst apps ever. Too many ads. Please put static ads up. Not the animated ones that hijack your phone, obscure pertinent gas data, and eat massive battery power. The vast majority of users need to locate stations on the fly. Not sit in some parking lot scrolling through endless stupidity (ads, login requests, etc.) searching for the spot that shows gas stations and prices. Too many games/challenges/ads/extraneous junk cluttering up the app, which cause it to run slowly or crash. And what’s the deal with eliminating Sam’s Club prices? Ridiculous. I had one near me marked as a favorite, yet GasBuddy has deemed it not worth including. Let users make that decision. Your job is to include ALL stations. Users choose which to visit. Very sad. This used to be one app I used constantly. Please consider users’ needs when “improving” your app. This one hasn’t been improved in several years. It’s cumbersome, tedious, and time-consuming — a chore just to find the best gas prices. ☹️
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