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User Reviews for GetMyBoat

4.92 out of 5
10.9K Ratings
3 years ago, WburgtoNYC
Amazing experience… every time
I rarely ever write reviews… but GetMyBoat has thought of everything. I’m a repeat user and will 100% continue to book future trips through the app. It is super easy to use. After researching several competing platforms, I can confidently say GetMyBoat is the most user friendly, by far. They also seem to have the most boat options in each of the various cities I’ve now booked a boat. And, the boat owners/captains have always been immediately responsive, as well. Five stars for sure.
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4 years ago, ERICH2020
Stay away horrible support
Stay away. We got stranded in a wavy area with a broken boat! The "owner" gave us a broken boat and blamed seaweed. Owner in caps because he was offering us every boat on the marina and the registration which he only showed a picture of and did not provide was in another name. There was absolutely no safety training and only one life jacket on the boat and we were two. We did not realize this until after we left and there was no safety initiation. Also there was a broken sound warning system and the floating mat fell off as it was not attached properly. Was very dangerous for us to be stranded in wavy waters and there was no documentation given and we only had problems with this transaction. GETMYBOAT is a complete joke of a company and would not help us at all in this case. Their website took our money and does not have direct phone support. They are completely unable and not willing to help you when you need them. They would not help at all and their customer relations is a joke! Stay away.
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10 months ago, Signed T
Scam on site - no help from customer service
Was caught by scammer on site lying about availability. While customer service was kind on the phone, was told someone would call me back to resolve my issue in 24 hours. That was a week ago - have received no callback. Beware of scams on the site, customer service won’t help you. Backstory: I was looking for a boat to celebrate my fathers 60th birthday on Saturday. Boat owner responded to one of my requests by changing the the date to Friday. I booked the boat Thursday night without realizing the change had been made (the thought didn’t cross my mind that someone would change the date like that). We were “no shows”. Boat owner made no attempt to call me, he was just messaging on the website and I obviously was not frequently checking my email. I called boat owner after the fact on Friday to see what could be done and he said there was no availability for Saturday. My sister and I keep searching on the website for another boat as we still wanted to celebrate my fathers birthday on Saturday. Boat owner responded to one of my sister’s many inquiries and offered her the ability to book the same time slot I had requested on Saturday. We obviously didn’t go with him, went with another boat owner. Seems like the date swapping is a common ploy of this boat owner to defraud people and GetMyBoat isn’t doing anything to stop it.
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3 years ago, VKqqqqqq
Absolutely outrageous, horrible experience. After hours of researching for a yacht during my vacation I finally booked a yacht with a captain and a crew. After I paid, they blocked me from the app and called me with the request to send them the copy of my ID and the photo of my face via some third party app with unclear privacy policies. I told them that I am just renting the boat with the captain and the crew and already paid in full, so there is no need for such strict identity policies. Moreover, if it’s mandatory, why didn’t they request my ID at the first place before I paid in full?? Why didn’t you inform me at the beginning of the process? They just hang up on me. And yet you still have no access to the app to even cancel the trip or delete your profile. It took me another hour to get a hold of them to cancel the trip and delete the profile. I am surprised bt number of good reviews. It’s a a shady company with unethical practices. Use it if you don’t care about identity theft or privacy practices. Truly disgusting!
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2 years ago, yuhjikmn
Our boat was a no show
Scheduled and paid for a sailing charter in Cabo months in advance. We arrived at the dock early and was excited to see our boat there. But where was the captain and crew? No where to be found! For the next hour I went back and forth with GMB on the phone. They were nice, but helpless. They could not contact the captain. After an hour I decided to cancel and request a refund. GMB a processed the refund promptly. Later, the captain called me and told me he made a mistake on the timing. I informed him we had already cancelled. He then offered to do a cash deal with me without GMB. I declined. Instincts told me not to trust him. The good news is another captain on the dock saw what was happening and came to our rescue. He found us a boat and crew. We were sailing 2 hours later. GMB is nothing more than a scheduling service. I’m going back to working directly and locally to arrange our next boat.
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1 week ago, W Bret
First time user and very happy
We were renting a house at Lake Norman and wanted to rent a boat for the week. I found the GetMyBoat app and took a chance on it. The experience was super easy and the boat we got was exactly as advertised. I would recommend it to others and use again in the future. Communication through the app was easy and transitioned over to direct contact from the rental company to coordinate drop off and pick up.
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2 years ago, JR.Boston.23
Booked two boats and both times the captains reached out stating they double booked parties on same date and time. This was after payment and several conversations back forth confirming reservations. This booking app is not dependable. Even if a date is available in the calendar it most likely is already booked privately because the captain can’t keep track or double book on purpose in hopes they can convince one party to go at a different time so they can get more money. Super disappointing and had to re-plan a bachelorette party after being double booked twice on two different boats. Was able to get a full refund but was very disappointed considering it was booked months in advance.
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3 years ago, StepfordStew
Had a boat booked for June 22 for 4 hours. It was confirmed and paid for ($2400). My caterer contacts me two days before our trip to tell me the captain (Captain Carl) claimed he did not have a reservation for me. He was double booked. Double booked means you obviously have the reservation. We found out many of the operators in Hawaii often book through Get My Boat but also accept bookings for higher prices on their own and that is exactly what Captain Carl did. Luckily we found a reputable operator who took our booking at the last minute. Get my boat did NOTHING to help us or ensure Captain Carl honored our reservation. They only refunded out money. There was NO acceptable customer service. It was awful! Do NOT USE Them! Especially in HONOLULU!!
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4 years ago, Frustrated in Miami
Don’t own a boat? No problem.
GetMyBoat app was the perfect addition to our family vacation to west Florida. We were able to connect and rent a boat that became one of the highlights of our vacation. What an amazingly simple way to get connected to boat owners and captains that rent their boats with and without a captain. The app takes care of all the details and makes it a simple transaction. Great find! A permanent part of planning our future vacations.
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6 years ago, Coolnat@highnoon
Does not offer good support
My family rented a boat from Getmyboat and our whole day was ruined. We rented a boat that in the middle of the ocean the boat ran out of battery. We had to rent a jet ski to tow the boat back, where the owner gave us some jumper cables and we jumped the boat and once again we were stranded. The owner of the boat was very nice and work through the issues. However we were given 50% back of our total rental. It took a few days to get a response and a few more days to get a resolution. I feel that this was not fair that we rented a boat and our time and vacation was completely ruined and refunded 50%. This app does not protect its renters. Very dissatisfied with this company on how they handle customer service.
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3 years ago, Orchid
Don’t use this company, they have a shady company policy. They take your money and charge you before you even step in the boat, and won’t give you a refund if you want to reschedule. You won’t even get on the boat and your money is gone. I had an emergency situation happen and I needed to reschedule, they took it as a no show, didn’t even accommodate us for a new booking. This company should be shut down and will be taking legal action, especially that boat owner AMAL. She doesn’t even reply just take your money. Avoid this company at all costs unless you want your money gone. It’s FRAUD. Amal & get my boat need to be shut down for business. Please do not use this app!
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4 years ago, kleogh03
Not reliable
This may not be the apps fault entirely . Good idea but I have had the worst time with the boat owners . I was cancelled on the night before my paid for booking with one guy. And every other person I have tried to rent from either never replies or they tell me they have time available and when I try to book they ignore me or say they can’t suddenly even a few minutes after they confirm they can . It’s all very frustrating and none of these owners act very professional or courteous in dealing with people . It’s all just a pointless hassle . I have wasted entire days trying to book a boat at expensive rates with nothing to show for it .
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4 years ago, Tim V20000
Doesn’t really have a usable workflow
The app is reliable and functional for quick bookings with no needed follow up. The “Booking inquiries” page isn’t intuitive for me. How come inquiries I’ve declined or offers I’ve canceled remain in needs action? I would like to have a filter that only shows current status of “sent”, the sent screen includes Basically the same stuff as needs action so is useless from my perspective and I have no clue about the value of archiving an inquiry because it doesn’t help me clean up any of the other screens.
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2 years ago, Razilla Visuals
Completely excellent experience
Was able to rent a private boat with a captain for an excellent price. Nothing felt better than to be on the waters of Cabo San Lucas with just my lady and a boat captain. Great customer service pristine boat handling conditioning and sanitation and very polite and friendly and informative crew. Couldn’t have asked for any more. Made my ladies birthday one that she will never forget! Five stars all the way!
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2 years ago, S*Jex
Boat Setter is Better
I booked a boat six weeks out for one day. Had to cancel due to a back surgery. Cancelled two days after booking. The company kept their “service fees” but refunded me the hold on the boat. I have never seen this done on any other app. For example with Airbnb if you cancel you get all of the fees returned. If anything the person providing the boat should get to keep money not the app that did nothing for this particular transaction. When I called, the call kept getting dropped and all of the agents were super inexperienced. Such a bad booking experience for something that is otherwise so easy.
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3 years ago, katkelej
Do not use this app!! Horrible experience and customer service. The boat owner canceled on me the day before, stating that the police were after him for illegally renting his boat and he “didn’t want that smoke.” I found another boat to rent for the next day but it was twice the price of the original booking. When I contacted customer service, they responded once and then did not honor the original price. I’m now out an extra $700. I’ve been calling every day and emailed them four times with no response. I really wish they would honor the original price since it was not my fault that the owner canceled.
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3 years ago, soremyoshwke
This site is amazing!
I was hesitant booking since I have never heard of this site/app. However, after looking at reviews I decided to give it a shot. It seems like this is like Airbnb but for boats. Super transparent about prices and no extra or hidden fees/deposits. I booked with Landon Martin & it was super easy to book, the boat was clean & the captain was knowledgeable & very accommodating. & the price was right!
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3 years ago, Dchurc
All Around Win Win
I love GMB and it’s service. For the customer and myself we all love it. I’ve had visitors from across the country use the service and I e made money. All users have been respectful of my boat. Without GMB I would just have to take out my new pontoon and enjoy Lake Tahoe without putting money in my pocket. That’s why I say “It’s a win win with Get My Boat”. Thanks all!
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10 months ago, N.Rod
Great service great product
Getmyboat has always helped me in a timely manner with any grievance or support that I have needed cleared up. I’ve never had issue. always been quick into the point in resolving all my requests. I like this product much better than Boatsetter, and for that reason I am exclusively with GetMyBoat.
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5 years ago, alkalaa
Dishonest and poor customer service
They are not upfront about the refunds when you book through the app. When checking out, there is nothing that says the service fees are nonrefundable. In fact, with my particular booking, it read “100% refund” multiple times, including directly below the service fee. After inquiring about the only partial refund, I was told that “ The app is not intended for people to read our policies,” and that I should’ve logged onto the website before booking, and read the terms of use. This company lacks transparency and makes money by tricking customers.
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2 months ago, Tranz4orm
Amazing app!
This app made it SO easy to find a boat wherever we are. I was getting so frustrated looking for boat rentals on vacation until I found this app. Communication with the boat owner was easy, quickly got boat rental quotes and responses and it took all the frustration out of it! I will definitely keep using this app!
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1 year ago, Angry vacationer
I’m sure there are some reputable companies in this app but the one I got was not. Alex with a double decker pontoon with slide and trampoline along with captain lance, cancelled my trip 2 hours prior to arrival, with no resolution other than go to another company. Thankfully I did receive my refund from Alex for the cost of the boat after a few days. But I lost $360 to captain lance and lost a whole vacation day, disappointed family etc. what an absolute waste I will never use the app again and will just go directly to the store fronts even if it does cost more.
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1 year ago, Poppenhoffer
Has some bugs.
App is great when working. Recently had an issue where I could not see messages or reservation. Called 1-800 number. They recommended downloading 16.2 but didn’t work. Found that deleting and reinstalling app worked.
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12 months ago, Captain Bob Bloom
Captain Bob Bloome
As a licensed captain, retired from the Chicago fire department, Air Sea Rescue/Fire Boat 688. I have seen a tremendous amount of Illegal Boat Charters. Get My Boat app should recommend proof of a captains license. There is other apps out there that I am on which require a captains license and commercial insurance. Someday this could get you in a pickle such as a lawsuit letting people get on the app and not be license captains. Please bring this attention to Dug, thank you Captain Bob always at your service.
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3 years ago, Vsbanavns snsbsbbevv
Pick wisely
There are a lot of owners on this app that either just don’t response or confirm a booking with you then stop responding. I suggest you have a conversation with the before you book because if you don’t you may not get on a boat at all. I’m giving it 3 stars because customer service did do very well helping me. They were fast in responding and trying to fix the situation
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4 years ago, vic162516
Great app as a middle person to connect you to boat owners but app doesn’t properly vouch all owners to ensure boats are in condition to go on the water. I reserved a boat for a birthday and after spending over an hour waiting for the boat at the dock, I was then notified by the owner that the boat had mechanical issues, which were known days prior but I was never told. Customer service was friendly and gave me refund but very little was done to accommodate me for the inconvenience of wasting hours and having a poor birthday celebration.
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2 years ago, arthur3168
Does NOT care about protecting customers who get scammed by boat drivers
we were unexpectedly charged for gas at the end of the trip and this was not discussed whatsoever prior to us boarding the boat and it was not detailed anywhere in the initial listing. This should have been communicated at the time of booking and after communicating with several get my boat personnel, it was clear that they would not be able to refund us and made it clear that they weren’t going to say anything to discipline the boat owners. unacceptable
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1 year ago, 👌😚💨
My experience
I’ve had a trip booked and paid for a 2 months in advanced and out of nowhere I get a notification that the captian cancelled my trip. Not a single word on why or if there’s anything I did. When reaching out to customer service all they said was the person “isn’t renting the boat anymore” how does that make sense? I paid for it and everything. How does someone make a booking, confirm it and then all of a sudden just isn’t renting it out anymore? Make it make sense.
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1 year ago, Writing this as unknown
Horrible support
GetMyBoat has a bunch of red flags. Every time I would try to process my payment the booking will always cancel on me , and when I got the chance to to book it finally it had canceled. The Persona company said they will refund the money right away and they took 2 days to complete the refund and they say it will take 2-10 business days which is way to long of a wait where they can’t even refund the money process as soon as they said they will.
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2 years ago, SenJohn89
Best place to book a boat
Really enjoy doing business with you, and I always have a great experience. As long as you are in business, I am likely to never book with another boat. Thank you for your consistency and professionalism.
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1 year ago, Giovannie03
Can’t complain too much
The only issue I have is just customers being committed. 1/7 people actually book. Every time I send an offer I have to cross my fingers that can be frustrating. If you don’t have the money or the luxury to do any of this don’t ask for an offer.
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1 year ago, lexxxx2288
HORRIBLE experience and customer service
I had the most unprofessional boat ride for my experience. The captain was very rude. My trip was from 1-5 pm. The speakers didn’t start working until 4:14. His boat broke down multiple times on us to the point that I had to be dropped off at someone’s private dock & called an Uber and was nowhere close to our cars. I reached out to customer service & they did nothing for me. The boats aren’t what they look like. Don’t waste your money on this scam of an app
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3 years ago, MajorQ10
Great Sevice
I just used this service to rent twoWave runners. They were easy to find, easy to rent, and my communication with the owner was really pleasant. As a avid Airbnb user, this site is very similar. If you’re familiar with Airbnb, you’ll be able to use this service, no problem.
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4 years ago, jdezzy123456789
Great app but needs a feature
I love the app and it’s the boat version of Turo which is cool. My only complaint is that it should have a feature where one can filter availability by date/time so you don’t have to keep trying a time just to get a message that the time asked for has been taken. Otherwise awesome program
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3 years ago, Teresa Crocker
The App and website WILL NOT allow less than 5 Star Review!! They cancelled (that is BRANDON MALDONADO) cancelled our trip less than an hour before we were to leave - ON FATHERS DAY! We could not leave review b/c Owner cancelled (and conveniently left a preemptive review about us “Upset customer” and “tried to accommodate customer” - we agreed to have our trip delayed 45 minutes because they couldn’t get their previous party off the rafts! We didn’t find out he cancelled our trip - UNTIL WE READ THE REVIEW ABOUT US!!
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3 months ago, Well Played Charters
Get My Boat
If you’re looking for a platform for your business I highly recommend using GMB! We get 90% of our business here. They’re always available if needed and their Marketing team does an amazing job!
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3 years ago, hilllandon
Fantastic boat rental!
This was an unforgettable day and made very special by our experience with Captain Bryce! The boat was perfect and we will definitely recommend this to all our friends! Cannot wait to do this again. Thank you so much.
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6 years ago, the_young_salsa_kid
4th of july
WOW!!! My 4th of july experience was the best! Ryan went above and beyond with his service, had the correct playlist, was informative about the ocean, hospitality exeptional, and my friends couldn’t stop dancing throughout the trip. I recommend this one in a life experience to anyone that wants to feel free in the ocean! 👍🏽👍🏽
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2 years ago, M. Vozzo
Do Not Use - SCAM!
GetMyBoat has a sneaky little hidden provision in their rules that even if you cancel within the timeframe that is allowed, they still keep their service fee. This means you rent a boat, owner doesn’t have insurance for young children or owner has a boat that doesn’t comply with local laws, you’re within the window to cancel for a refund, you do, GetMyBoat still takes a cut of a rental that never happened and refuses to refund their fee. DO NOT USE. My parents got scammed.
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2 years ago, DaveS3345
Great experience
We had a corporate outing and we had an OUTSTANDING time! Crew was phenomenal and couldn’t have been better. So great! Highly recommended. We will use them again next time. Found them through the websites.
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2 years ago, Toast bass
Great company to work with
This app is incredible they are making my clients dream come true being out on the water and helping me run my small business I highly recommend this app and company
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7 months ago, Boiler man 201
Problem Corrected
Had bad experience with initial rental being cancelled on us twice in two consecutive days but the help received got us a last minute replacement to save the day
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3 years ago, WaltKiki-
Great application can’t wait to get more bookings but be aware that both renter and Hosts pay a fee.
This is a great application when I called customer service before listing my vote I was not advised after specifically asking that there is a fee charged to the hosts
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6 years ago, Kojonu
Best app for boat charter
I am a charterer and a boat captain. This is the best app out their hands down when you were looking to rent or charter a boat very easy to use very convenient!! it is the best. I have been using this app for nearly 3 years never have I had a problem.
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2 years ago, shabiavi
THE WORST ‼️‼️‼️
By far the worst boat rental company, I would give them 0 stars if I could. They can cancel your order at any time after you rent the boat and you have no legal protection. And will not refund your deposit. I got my deposit back after calling them at least 50 times. And their customer service doesn't give you any solution. Be careful and check your contract before you place any order.
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5 years ago, chitown boater
It would be better if the calendar updated when a charter is booked and be able to manage calendar view via mobile
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6 years ago, Kyleed
Don't bother using this app
The app gives you almost no options or opportunity to control your listings data. For instance, they auto place a 5 day grace/cancellation period that you cannot change. The app must be designed by bots as you have almost no control to do anything with it. Then come to find out my first customer who appeared to be real was one of their bots faking an interest in my boat. Is bs. Dont bother reading all the positive reviews. They're fake !!!
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3 years ago, Abodebythesea
****Boat Owners Take Extreme Caution****
Get my boat will NOT reimburse you for any damages caused by the boat renter. They will tell you they hold a security deposit however after reading the conversation that Walter(GetMyBoat employee) had with my renter who damaged my boat that they actually DO NOT have authorization to charge the renters credit card beyond the rental amount. My boat was heavily damaged by a renter and I had plenty of before and after photos from the day prior.
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2 years ago, O. Dandan
I can’t tell you how easyTheir platform and app are to work with. It makes it very convenient to make bookings and to respond to upcoming charters.I highly recommend GetMyBoat for booking or charting your own boat.
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2 years ago, captainjameson
Easy to use
Very easy to use app for finding rental boats. The only reason I took off one star is because it doesn’t let me see the price in map view. Otherwise it’s very well done.
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