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User Reviews for GetYourGuide: Travel & Tickets

4.86 out of 5
49.8K Ratings
2 months ago, Mbchdzbj
Tour guide, Jeff, at Griffith Observatory
Jeff, the tour guide, met us on time at the astronomer’s statue at the Griffith Park Observatory. He had a group of 15 from five different countries yet he was engaging with everyone. I had a student with me from Italy and two American grandchildren ages six and eight. The children were quite energetic, but very interested in everything Jeff talked about—Mount Wilson, the sun, the galaxies, the moon rock and the asteroid sample. Jeff is a 10 out of 10 as a tour guide. He had an orange hat that he would hold up so everyone always knew where he crowded observatory. He told an interesting story about Griffith J Griffith, and was grade mixing humor with a serious note. Best of all, you could see his fascination with space— the mystery, the dedication of scientists, and the potential of life elsewhere. He talked to us about the two films, but they are not included in the tour. Still, we decided to stay, and were very happy to watch the one explaining the history of the belief regarding the Earth or sun being the center of the universe. This tour is excellent and I got immediate feedback from Get Your Guide personnel when I emailed a question beforehand. I wanted confirmation and got it, as well as answers about bringing water bottles and asking about the number of people on the tour. Please inform of this compliment because he deserves it, and I told him I was going to write a review!
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9 months ago, *={]€¥£
They won’t let you leave less than a 5 star review
I tried to give 2 stars but they don’t even allow it!! 😂 WOW. I recently tried this app/company for the first time on an international trip because they seemed so convenient and they had many more tours and opportunities than I had been easily able to find otherwise. However, after booking 3 items through them, I have spent more time on help chat with them tracking down and fixing their mistakes than the time spent on actual enjoyable activities, which is supposedly what they sell - convenient access to activities. My experiences with this company have included waiting in 15 degrees F for an hour for a tour bus that never came, an hour now on the app and phone after that to get that tour refunded, and more recently, more time out of my life after vacation is over tracking down why they are apparently recurring charging me according to my credit card alerts. Thanks Get Your Guide for enriching my life! I will say that their customer service people are very friendly (they clearly get alot of practice), however, I prefer companies that get it right in the first place. Avoid them like the plague.
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4 years ago, ChinaCassy
App charged me but no tour booked
On Jan 20 I tried to book a tour. After completing the booking the app stated that something went wrong but not to worry, they’re working on it. I contacted them after noticing my credit card had been charged, but GetYourGuide stated they had no record of me booking that tour. I was asked to send a screenshot of my charge from my bank. Nothing could get resolved as they still had nothing showing that I’d booked that tour. I then had to contact my bank, who then filed a dispute resolution claim. I’m giving the app 3 stars because I had booked another tour that went through just fine about a month ago. Customer service was also quick to respond. However, I’m reluctant to book another tour with this app as I don’t want to go through this again and possibly lose more money. UPDATE: Victor from GetYourGuide responded promptly and has taken care of the issue. I am giving them 5 stars due to their excellent customer service!
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4 years ago, MsMagooToo
Don’t buy Innsbruck cars through this company
I read an article about Innsbruck, which recommended I buy an Innsbruck Card. The card is a way to get around Innsbruck and includes admission into multiple tourist attractions. I clicked on the link to buy the card and it brought me to this company. I assume this company sponsored the article but I could be wrong. I bought the Innsbruck card through this company because it touted instant mobile ticket vouchers. We got our ticket vouchers instantly as stated and headed off to our first attraction. When we got there the mobile tickets didn’t work. After much ado with the ticket office we discovered that we didn’t actually have the Innsbruck card, but instead just ticket vouchers. Not only could we not enter the attraction but we‘d have to travel 30 minutes away to exchange the mobile vouchers for the actual Innsbruck Card tickets at a specific location. We could have just bought the Innsbruck card where we were but we’d be out an extra 68 euro. So we went to the tourist center 30 minutes away to exchange our electronic “voucher” for our paper Innsbruck Card. There we waited for an hour in line to get our Innsbruck Card. Only then were we on our way...what a waste of 2 hours. This company offered no convenience. We could have just bought the card anywhere in Innsbruck for the same price and without the hassle. This company offered nothing but inconvenience.
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3 months ago, Motocolumbo
They did eventually refund…
I clicked to buy tickets to an attraction for a same day admission. Two people were with me and watched me click tickets for the Space Needle for a time a few hours away. When we got back to redeem our ticket, we were told it was for a different attraction a few miles away. The Space Needle employee said she has seen this happen frequently. I contacted the app and was told there was no refund possible and I would have to contact the attraction we mistakenly had tickets for. No one at the other attraction would answer the phone. No new tickets were available for the Space Needle for another 3 hours and we didn’t have time to wait. So no Space Needle and no money. Since the employee has seen this happen many times, the problem is with the app and they won’t help. Update: After being refused a refund a few times, I emailed again due to their response to my poor review. A few days later I did receive a refund so that’s good. They even changed the listing name of the other attraction per my suggestion although they didn’t tell me, I just noticed. Their mistake did mean that my guests did not get to see the Space Needle like they wanted and I had to spend a lot of time trying to get help.
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5 months ago, BigGayTom
Tour guide never showed up
I had to download this app in order to book a tour that I found online in Charleston, South Carolina. The tour was supposed to be a true crime pub crawl. They were supposed to tell you all the stories of organized crime and murders etc. that happened in Charleston along the path of this tour. We were very excited about it, it was going to be the highlight of our trip. but the day came for the actual tour, and we were at the meeting spot as indicated in the email, but no tour guide. We were there, along with eight other people who were there for the same tour. Everyone called the tour operator, but we were not able to get in touch with anybody who knew the status of our tour guide. We were directed to contact GetYourGuide for a refund. That has been a nightmare. I contacted get your guide twice on that trip, and requested my refund. Both times I was told that it had been submitted and should be available within three days. It is now seven days later, and I just got off the phone with another customer service agent who said that this is the first they’re hearing of it and there’s no record of my earlier calls. Now she’s telling me that I will have to wait another three days for my refund to be processed. This company is a mess. Avoid them at all costs, their customer service is absolute trash.
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9 months ago, donceci87
Last minute cancellation
In my trip to Spain, I did not have any issues with bookings until my short one day trip in Seville, Spain. I had booked an entry ticket to the Alcazar, at 2:13 pm and the only available time was 4:30pm. We walked from our hotel and at 3:29pm I received an email from Get your Guide that the booking had been cancelled with no specific reason, and that I would receive a refund within 7 days. I decided to walk over to the Alcazar but the ticket booth had closed by the time we arrived at approximately 4pm and the entry closing at 5pm. The staff there simply told me I could not purchase entry and that I would need to talk with the third party company that I booked with, and referred to them as “competition”. This sidelined what we really wanted to see in our 1 day trip to Seville. I feel that we should have received the cancellation notice a lot sooner to make other plans before wasting our time, and getting stuck in a situation where we could not book any other attractions during our stay. It made more sense to visit the attraction directly or book directly with their website rather than using Get your Guide. I am hoping I do not have issues receiving my refund at this point.
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1 year ago, Eaglepanther43
Use TripAdvisor………
I usually use TripAdvisor however the tour I want to go on was all booked up so I decided to use this app. I have to say that was the worst decision I made. The tour guide had no idea what she was talking about she was extremely unorganized. she was walking and talking and the group was at least 2-3 feet behind her and she just didn’t care she was speedwalking people had children she was talking to at least one person and it was at least 13 people in the group. So me and my partner left 20 minutes into the tour because it was horrible we couldn’t hear anything. So when I went to ask for a refund they only refunded half the money. we didn’t even get to take a tour. I had the same experience with Tripadvisor but it wasn’t as bad as this, we actually stayed for the whole tour and we just wrote how they could have improved on the tour TripAdvisor gave us 100% refund back plus we still took the tour this one we didn’t even take the full tour and they would not give it to us. the customer service honestly didn’t even seem to care like this is what you’re getting and oh well. it wasn’t a nice service to use it wasn’t professional it wasn’t accommodating my experience with this was horrible. It was my first and absolutely my last.
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5 months ago, Mizganda
Booking/Reservation process overcharged
This company charged me for a tour that they said I booked but never sent me the vouchers/tickets which cost $162. Now they are saying that they can not send me a refund because it has past their 24 hour cancellation policy. They claim that I must have booked 2 similar tours for the same time and date so I was charged for both of them. However they only sent one email with vouchers for one of the tours that they charged me. And that email with the vouchers was for the one tour that I believed I booked. Had they sent me an email with the vouchers of the alleged tour in question then that would have flagged me that I booked two tours. Even my booking history in the GetYoirGuideApp is only showing one tour which is the one I believed I booked and used. I keep telling asking where are the vouchers/tickets for the other tour but they keep responding that I can’t get a refund because it is past their 24 hour cancellation policy!! I keep asking that maybe their was a glitch with their system/process that day I booked my tour but they won’t even try to check that. I booked my tour the day before the actual tour. I will not use this company again - their system/process is not reliable!
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4 months ago, AnneO1234
Terrible customer service when no tour guide shows up and tried to get your refund
W me booked 2 tours on 2 separate days. The first tour, we were there 30 minutes before the start time. No one showed up, period. I called the tour operator and emailed; no answer and no response. I went on the app and chatted, the lady who was helping me concluded that it was a no show and told me she’s processing a refund and file a complaint about this tour company. Days later I’m getting e emails asking me for more information and I still have not received my refund. The second tour, same thing happened except i I was the only a few minutes before the tour start time. Again, no one was there. This time the chat person was giving me a hard time and told me because I wasn’t there exactly 5 minutes before the tour I forfeit my position, never mind that no tour guide was there. We spent over 30 minutes on chat to no avail. An hour later I received an cancellation email on the tour at 1 hour 11 minutes after the tour start time. All I can say is that these people will find any excuse to hold on to your money even when the tour was non existence. What a horrible experience. I’d never use them again.
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1 year ago, moejoe4
The app stole money from me
I tried to book tickets to NASA in Houston for July 22, 730am. I used their app to purchase 3 tickets for $92 and when it was time to pay it read invalid error , can’t process. So I logged out and went thru the process again to purchase 3 tickets and at payment time it read Invalid error. So I logged out an logged back in and went to try a 3rd time and boom, they did process the first 2 sets of attempts I had made even though it had said it didn’t process! So they charged me double amount. I called them immediately and spoke with a representative at 730am. My tickets were for 1pm that same day. They said they would look into . My wife an I called back a few other times and they gave us the run around each time. This all happened on a Friday . I called again today ( Monday ) and they gave me run around some more, they said they would look into it. I received a email on Sunday stating that I wasn’t going to get refunded my $92 that they over charged me. Also the 5 different people I spoke to from costumer service for this app was from India and could barley speak English. They all gave my wife an I the run around. Do not use this app!!!!!
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5 years ago, Jchrismob
Safe and reliable
I have used GetYourGuide twice now and both times were flawless. The friendly guides pick you up on time, and they are knowledgeable about their tour. I went to the DMZ in South Korea and the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary In Phuket, Thailand. Both times I booked the tour alone because no one in my group wanted to go. I was a little worried about being a young female and doing excursions alone, but I felt safe the entire time. The guides offered to take pictures for me since I wasn’t with anyone. They are really flexible too. I needed to make a last minute change in my pickup location, the night before, and being in a foreign country I had no access to call anyone, but I had WiFi. Thank goodness GetYourGuide has a WhatsApp account that allowed me to communicate with company to make the switch. I can’t say enough good things about this company. They are safe, reliable, and punctual!
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2 years ago, Leo C of NY
Sold me an unusable ticket
I was in Lisbon on Dec 31, 2021, looking forward to visit Jeronimos Monastery, one of the few tourist attractions that do not state New Year's Eve as a closing day. Arriving at the Monastery, it was true that the Church was open and that's free entry. The ticket is for the Cloister which was closed that day. I confirmed that with church staff. So I requested a refund, mentioned that the paid section of the monastery was closed. The response was a screenshot from the monastery's website on closing dates, denying the refund because the website doesn't have Dec 31 as a closing date. That's accusing a customer of lying. When a customer tells you something contradicting what you find online, the least that you can do is to verify with a human. I replied that I wanted them to email to the monastery and verify that the Cloister was closed. Their response was it's their policy that they couldn't refund for requests made within 24 hours of event starting time but that's completely missing the point. The problem is there was no event and their staff accused a customer of lying with insufficient due diligence. Don't expect customer service when something goes wrong.
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9 months ago, sjk1973
Co. is a disgrace, allows passengers to travel with Covid, ignores emails, DO NOT USE.
DO NOT BOOK TRAVEL WITH THIS COMPANY. I was in Las Vegas recently and had a trip booked to the Grand Canyon but came down extremely ill with Covid and was isolated in my room. I was merely hours within the company’s cancellation policy yet they refused to refund my $107 trip fare unless I went to a Dr. and showed evidence of a positive test. Unable to leave the room (and return cab fare to an urgent care in Vegas plus copay would wipe out my refund anyway) I sent them a dated snapshot of my drivers license and positive test. The company flat out REFUSED to refund me and suggested that, instead, I GET ON THE BUS AND TAKE THE TRIP. Sooooo - this company is so desperate for $107 that they were willing to expose a busload of unknowing customers, many of whom were elderly, to Covid (my friend took the trip and verified later the demographic) rather than DO THE RIGHT THING. I have snapshots of the chat and subsequent emails where the company repeatedly tells me to get on the bus with Covid- I’m happy to post them online. This is customer service and safety at its worst, makes you wonder how often they check the brakes on the buses….. DO NOT TRAVEL WITH THEM.
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11 months ago, anna_freeman23
I planned my trip to Paris to minute by minute… thought of everything that was important to me… Arrived at the louvre early, found the people that was on the voucher. Got the “sticker” as I was part of the group and after that all went down the drain… Asked the girl who was “the guide” how long until we got inside the Louvre she was frantic, didn’t know what to do and kept saying “it is my first week of work, I don’t know…” I bought this for english speaking… well… that was out of question… I had to translate her spanish to some people… we enter the Louvre after a lot of hassle and a couple tat was with us look at the other group and said it to me, let’s go with this group and that is how we got in!!! I don’t know what happen to the people that was left outside. NOT ORGANIZED… UNPROFESSIONAL… i called the phone number on the voucher and the person said she couldn’t help because it was Sunday. Emailed and got a message stating that I should get the tour guide… so my advice, do not use this people. Eiffel Tour is about $28 euros. Not what they charge at their app for all the hassle we had to endure.
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1 month ago, Tom 1950
Plitvice Lakes Tour
This tour was wonderful, Marco was very good in explaining the overview of the tour while we were on the bus. Even though the park was very crowded Marco explained the various areas of the areas as we toured the National Park. However, what he did following the tour, along with I Ana and the bus driver is what impressed me most. After disembarking the bus I discovered that I had left my cell phone behind. The bus had departed and I assumed the worst. However I contacted the local tour office where Ivana told me they would see what they could do. Between her, Marco and the bus driver they found my phone on the bus which had by now been garaged quite a distance away. Marco the delivered the phone personally to where I was staying. This is what I call over and above service. Thanks again Marco, Ivana and the bus driver.
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2 years ago, mcmdominguez
False advertisement and argumentative!
I booked a tour that said “waterfall hike, kayaking and paddle board.” After several stops and the paddle board and kayak, our tour guide said we were done and returning to our drop offs. I asked why we didn’t do the waterfall hike and he said “you booked your excursion off get your guide, didn’t you?” He explained that it’s one or the other, waterfall hike OR paddle board/kayak, not both as listed. I emailed get your guide with a photo of my booked excursion that clearly stated “waterfall hike, paddle board AND kayak.” It should say or if we have to choose. They are aware and not sorry about the issue, I asked for a partial refund since I paid for something that was not given and they declined. They said if you read the small print it explains this. I said my voucher says AND, where I booked says AND no where on it does it say OR. I do not recommend this company, it’s an issue even the tour buses of Hawaii is aware of after several complaints and they refuse to change the listing to be accurate, then manipulate customers.
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1 year ago, gold gymnast
Technical error with the app
Update-After reviewing my claim, GYG realized that I was not at fault, and reimbursed me for the extra charges. Thank you for following through and making me feel like my business with your company is valued. Tried to book a tour 4 times through the app, only to get to the end after I’d entered my credit card information, and was told there was a technical error and to try again later. I was actually charged all 4 times, and the company is refusing to reimburse me, even though it should be obvious that I do not want the same tour 4 times, for the same 4 people, on the same day. And should be obvious when only 1 voucher was redeemed!!! Terrible customer service!!!
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4 years ago, jallenlaw
Horrible service gross incompetence
My wife and I booked tours of the museum in Florence where they keep Michaelangelo’s David. The website did not work well and it took a while to get the two tickets. When we arrived at the appointed place 15 minutes early we encountered rude and abusive representatives who tried to deny us entry because they did not have the proper information notwithstanding that I had email confirmation of both tickets and copies of both tickets in my Apple wallet. They tried to tell me that one ticket was for a different date, notwithstanding that the email and the tickets in my wallet both had the same date of September 5, 2019 ( the date we were there). We finally got in and there was no guide and, as far as we know, no tour as promised and paid for. Due to my complaints, I received a call from another representative who had no idea what was going on. She said she would check and call me right back. That was over an hour ago and there has been no follow up call. I told her we wanted the tour or our money back and have received neither. I will report the transactions to the credit card issuer and ask they they be charged back. I would only recommend this company to someone I disliked. I have no intention of ever dealing with it again. If you choose to, good luck. I gave it a one star rating because the system won’t accept negative ratings. I would have preferred to give it the minus 5 I think it deserves.
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1 year ago, JessMung
One Star
I showed up for our morning tour to find I was at the wrong Hard Rock Cafe. Knowing we were not going to make it to the correct one on time, I called the office, and the representative informed me there was nothing she could do. I asked for a refund since it was an honest mistake. - We are staying in Ontario, and there is a Hard Rock Cafe; I thought this was the one to meet. I did not know NY had one too. - until it was too late. I asked the rep. for her supervisor, and she informed me one was unavailable. I asked when I could call back, and she said she didn't know when one would be available for me to talk to. I felt stonewalled and evaded by her. I am very disappointed in this company and how the representative handled my situation. If the tables were turned, I would have refunded the guest and taken note to make it crystal clear to future customers which Hard Rock Cafe to meet at. I will never use this tour company again, nor will I ever refer any of my friends to use you.
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10 months ago, Steven Bickel
Mexico City tour
I originally thought this app was good until customer service gave me false information. I booked a tour and put the same name as the second pick up destination that was given. The second destination was 30 mins later than the first pick up destination and as someone who is not a morning person those 30 mins make a big difference. Well the app selected the first one which was further from my hotel. When I called a couple hours prior the day of the even the tour company didn’t answer. So I contacted the support through the app. They lied to me and said they were the same location which is incorrect. Thus having me to have to rush and use an Uber instead of the metro which is a significant difference in pay and to skip breakfast. If the pickups were the same I wouldn’t have an issue but seeing how I was blatantly lied too and it cost me money that’s a problem, I will be using trip advisor from now on.
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3 months ago, JRUSSP
Wonderful e-bike tour today!!
We had the most surprising tour today with a young guide. He was an art historian and painter. So knowledgeable about each stop on the tour. It covered all the major Paris sites. He has a beautiful commentary and wonderful positive outlook on Paris and the world. He also spoke wonderful English as well as German and French! The e-bikes and people and cars took one second to get used to but once we got going it was quite easier to sort out, just be smart and don’t ride in front of a car just as you wouldn’t at home. The e-bike power made doing all the sites easy, we ended the day with enough energy to take a walk! Such a lovely and refreshing day in Paris!!
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1 year ago, PilarRoger88
This app will link you with various providers for cruises, guided tours and more. The problem is YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT KIND OF PROVIDER YOU WILL GET. You may get lucky and get a service that’s great OR YOU MAY END UP LIKE ME! I ended up with a service provider for a day trip that never communicated a cancellation, was rude, unkind, hard to get ahold of and did not care about the customer’s concerns. This caused me to lose out on two trips due to me cancelling one AFTER ENSURING THE TRIP I BOOKED with this app WAS INDEED GOING TO HAPPEN and expecting to be exhausted after. I’m not a difficult person so I was actually surprised how just how much the provider and this app didn’t care. When I contacted this app’s customer service, they basically said “sorry you’re sad” and never mentioned customer service or encouraging increased communication between provider and customer DESPITE ME NOTING THEY ARE LINKING PPL TO SCAMMERS. Go directly to this apps CS for ALL refunds…. They at least did that!
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7 months ago, graphicmuse
Easy to use and a bit frustrating
I received four vouchers each worth $500, and wanted to book a tour for six people BUT… you can only enter one voucher per order and one didn’t cover it. So I thought okay, I’ll do separate reservations and the balance will carry over. Well I thought wrong! After I entered a gift card voucher it’s not captured in their system and I have to keep entering it until it’s used up. I can’t combine the remaining balances from different vouchers to use on another activity. So kind of a pain, and probably designed so you leave a balance on each voucher. Bottom line if you don’t have a gift card/voucher this isn’t an issue. I would not give this as a gift like I was planning on doing.
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2 years ago, cmorrill1997
False advertising what the pass is for
We had went to New Jersey and bought pass though this app and when we went to go do 2 of are activities it was declined and said they no longer take those passes and they have tried getting a hold of the people to take them off the list and they never got a response so with that be we bought 6 ticket which was almost 400 and when we called them and asked for a refund bc we couldn’t do what they advertised and drove 7 hours with 4 kids to do the stuff they said they could only refund 80 dollars and no more and for them to even do that is was a 3 week process and poor customer service I had to keep contacting them to see what was going on I would not recommend this to any one look into the city passes which most tourist city offer and it right though the city and not a third party like this place
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1 year ago, KathyG58
Desperately trying to book but transaction won’t complete
Just updated the app. Trying to book multiple adventure days and it lets me select my tour, number of people, days - says there is availability but won’t take my money and complete the transaction help please. UPDATE: My original review was 2 stars, changing it now to 5. Less than a day after posting the review above I received an email with apologies for any inconvenience, offers for help etc - seriously, they couldn’t have been nicer and the problem was quickly resolved. All set now, this and other tours booked. Have used this app in Italy & Poland and have never had any trouble at all.
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5 years ago, Sonoto
The pocket wifi is the BEST thing you should have when in Tokyo... the connection is very strong, it’s handy and battery charge lasts for more than a day! I ordered for. 7-day service. The unit was delivered to my hotel before I arrived. From Tokyo, Inwent to Shibuya, Shinkuku, and back to Ginza.... I brought and I used the pocket wifi only and my celln phone to navigate my way! Then with the self-address and stamped mail envelope that was provided by the pocket wifi company, I just dropped off the unit at the post box in Narita 2, 3rf floor on the right corner before the Immigration check gate... So convenient! Thank you for the excellent service and the way you do business!
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10 months ago, Emindhdhd
Do not use this app
This was my first time using GYG for a trip, and I regret it. People have stated the quality of the experiences themselves, but there is also the quality of the app itself. Not only are instructions for the meeting points usually vague, but the app itself is the worst. I almost missed an event I booked because when I asked GYG to provide me instructions, they took me to the wrong location and I practically sprinted to get to the right one. I’ve lost far too much time and money when I could have spent a little more on another service and had more peace of mind. Don’t get me started on customer support, who closes the chat if you don’t respond straight away. I had to rebook another experience of mine because they refused to reschedule it due to their inability to just tell people where to go. I am done. Hope you enjoyed the money you took from me. Never again.
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2 months ago, MSin123
Over Priced, Never Worth It
This company has over priced every single activity. It’s not insignificant, it is 3x, 4x, 5x, and sometimes even more expensive than 6x booking directly from the activity that you’re planning. It is not more convenient, it is not a better experience, it is NEVER worth using. I’m telling you this because I have done this on more than one occasion until I recently spoke with a local in Paris. They told me it was way too expensive what this company was charging and he told me to look directly on each website. After doing so, he was 100% right. Do not fall for their scams! If you are like my wife and I you probably like doing what the locals do. This is NOT it. We are looking to get a refund for a recent booking only to be told that 50% refund is the best they can do. Terrible, terrible, terrible service and if I could give it 0 stars I would.
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1 week ago, USA visiter
Terrible experience
We booked a 5 hour premium English tour to Concha y Toro with GetYourGuide with a pickup at 8:30 AM. The night before we were informed our driver would pick us up at 7:15 AM. The driver spoke no English! We were the first ones on and then to make it worse we were the last ones off at 2:30 pm!! When we got to the winery at around 9:00 am we were given tickets to an English 2 hour tour that didn’t start until 10:40 am but we were told to be back at the bus at noon. Fortunately the winery tour guide called the driver and said we could not be back until 12:45 pm. This made everyone else have to wait for us which made us feel bad. The separate tour of the winery was great and I would rate it a 5. I would recommend anyone to avoid GetYourGuide services but I definitely encourage the Concha y Toro tour just find a better way to get there and back.
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9 months ago, BostonMa Ed
Awful Experience
Booked a tour through GetYourGuide website. When I clicked to get the ticket, it kept forcing me to get this app as well. App asks for very intrusive and unnecessary data. I found that the tickets had been emailed anyway. Address was ambiguous and not quite at the location of tour. When I found location, tour operator said that tour was no longer available at the time on the ticket. I called the telephone number on the ticket, which led to a middleman who tried (unsuccessfully) to contact GetYourGuide. GetYourGuide’s business model seems to be to post ads for tours and take a commission. But they and their app do not function. Huge waste of money, Uber fares, and lost a chunk of vacation time. And they will not or have not refunded my money. I need to chase them down through he credit card. Hopefully they credit card company will cut them off.
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5 months ago, Todd from Phoenix
Scammed us
My family and I signed and paid for the San Diego Gaslamp District Tour game. Drove down there, parked ($$), and went to the spot we were told to go. Nothing there, no one, no office, no stand, no sign, nothing. Instantly got that old, “ we got scammed” feeling. After contacting customer service and never speaking to anyone just texting and emails, and being sent around the area in search of whoever was to check us in, they finally tell us the employee who is supposed to be there left. Then asked for a refund, we were told it takes up to 5 days to do that. Look folks, it wasn’t a great expense, I spent more on lunch for us, it is how it was operated and handled. I’m sure others had a great time doing it. We didn’t. If you want my advice, that part of San Diego is amazing, just go there and walk on your own, and leave this so called game alone. JMO
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4 months ago, ScrollPastThisApp
Riddled with incorrect information
This app is not good. We booked 3 tours through them and 2 had completely wrong information. We were told that hotel pick up was available for the Sunrise Lake Tour, but then when we tried to book it we were told it wasn’t available. For that same tour, we were told the wrong pick up location. Had I not tried to book the pick up, we would have been out hundreds of dollars. Then we learned while on the tour the guide had preordered food for everyone but us - it was never offered to us through this app. Then I confirmed the pick up not once but twice for the last tour. Turns out they had the location on the wrong side of the hotel. Once again, had I not called we would have been left. Recommend trying another booking app if you are in Banff.
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3 months ago, PapaTra
Amazing time at Niagara - Thanks Steph!
Honestly, one of the best all-around experiences we’ve had during our time in Canada. Steph brings her charismatic personality and humor to a great tour. She did a great job breaking down the agenda & throwing in some facts about the area, whilst also still being personal. Steph also recommended other attractions, food spots and activities to do in the area at the end, which was really helpful. We loved Niagara-on-the-lake. Truly great vibes - only wish we had more time with her! Thanks Steph and See Guide for a great experience! Will definitely be booking with both again for future tours.
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3 years ago, Lkamp
Great Customer Service!
I had booked a tour using the Get Your Guide app and didn’t realize until too late, that I booked the wrong tour time. Not only had the free refund cancellation window closed, but the missed tour had also already taken place! I used the chat function on the app to contact them just to see if refund was even possible. The customer service agent was very understanding and helpful. They followed up with me through the process of contacting the company, kept me informed of every step, and was able to get me the full refund! Long story short— the app is easy to use and has incredible customer service!
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5 months ago, Diddlediddle4
Very helpful
My husband and I used this app for 6 different places and events on our honeymoon to Europe. We loved how user friendly it was, and how detailed the directions were. We were glad to see that most of the things needed for the tickets didn’t require mobile data since we wouldn’t be using any on our trip. The emails and reminders about each event were helpful. We believe that every event we purchased was well worth every penny. GetYourGuide was very helpful and I recommend it to anyone needing to book fun things on your next trip.
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1 month ago, Charter Engineering
Trip to Italy
My first trip to Europe, went to Italy and did not know where to go but my Neice used this app on her trip and sent to me and really was the best thing happened, was so easy to find things to do with many options and reasonable prices. This app truly made me and my family enjoy the trip by being able to plan multiple tours during the day. Few times I needed to cancel or change and they answered the phone right away and helped us and also the chat was immediate response. Thanks to all who are part of the great app “Get Your Guide”
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1 year ago, Dickridge
Deceptive Practice and Terrible Service
I booked and paid for a 10:00 am non-refundable tour of the Alhambra in Granada through GetYourGuide. The next day, they passed on a message from the 3rd party that is conducting the tour. The message was “This tour may be overbooked. Can you change to a different time - either 8 am or 3 pm.” I responded that I wanted to keep the 10 am time. Three days later, I hadn’t heard anything so I contacted GetYourGuide requesting the status. They contacted the 3rd party and informed me that the issue would be resolved within a few days. One week later I still don’t know if we have a tour nor do I know what time to show up. To book a tour, take the money (non refundable), inform you that they can’t fulfill the obligation and then not even follow up is inexcusable service. Do not use GetYourGuide!!!
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4 years ago, Aeroboy93
Amazing customer service
I was on a cruise ship headed to Palma de Mallorca which had to turn around to search for an overboard passenger. I emailed customer service to let them know that our ship would not be making it to port and they promptly responded. They checked with the local vendor in Mallorca and he refused to refund our money for our excursion, but under the circumstances, get your guide stepped up and refunded my money out of their own pocket. It’s so great to see a company that has such good ethics and treats its customers so well. I will continue to use them for all of our trips. Integrity is rare in businesses these days.
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4 years ago, Tallfella44
Quick results
While visiting Lisbon Portugal we wanted to go to the Pena Castle in Sintra. Reading a bit on the park itself, I saw an ad for ‘skip the line’ ticketing thru Get Your Guide. I ordered the tickets, took an Uber to the park entrance and walked thru after showing my virtual tickets- all painless and rapid. We are now in Athens, and I have gotten my City Sightseeing (hop-on hop-off) tickets through GYG and again it was easy, smooth and quick. The search function is very good, requiring only a few keywords or parts of description to deliver results. All in all a very useful and useable application.
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3 years ago, Big Country 1987
No refund policy or sensible customer service
I bought two tickets to the Met Museum in NYC. It was only after I bought them that I learned they would not in fact grant me entry, and that a time slot also had to be reserved. They would not refund a single bit of my $50 reservation, even though they provided no value to me at all. Will never use again. The name of the ticket is for “entry”. I was cautious of this, even going through to read the “full description” tab. Nowhere on the “full description” of the reservations I purchased, did it state that a time slot must be chosen. I would understand if you were unable to refund me because my reservation kept others from going to the museum, but it didn’t. Maybe $50 isn’t a lot to most of your world traveling customers but it is a lot to me.
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4 years ago, Spinning wheel watcher
Horrible experience in Florence — AVOID THIS APP
Arrived early for a Duomo tour and found exactly the entrance for our meeting point (thanks to GPS coordinates) but was sent away by museum staff and told we needed paper tickets not a mobile voucher and to get these from “Entrance 7”. Finally found “Entrance 7” around the corner and across the street, where we attempted to use a kiosk to exchange our mobile vouchers. Of course the machine couldn’t read our vouchers and the “local contact” was an answering machine so the only option was to wait in exactly the half hour line to get tickets we had paid to skip! And by then of course our tour guide would be long gone. Why couldn’t the tour guide have met us outside?? Would have been better off showing up early without a GYG Tour and visited the Duomo on our own. Avoid this app!
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5 years ago, Boxrz
Worst tour/excursion company ever
As a foreign visitor trying to book excursions “on the fly” we booked an Eiffel tower dinner through this company after multiple attempts due to poor cell coverage, while in Italy. Received confirmation email with confirmation number and reservation number only to find out in Paris that though this company took our money they never booked the dinner! The confirmation #’s had been canceled & it was too late to re-book or even get tickets to go up the tower!! Also even though booked via google you need their app on mobile device to get mobile pass (which was very difficult with poor cellular coverage while traveling) though they send email confirmation. Very disappointing!!! Still have not got money back as promised! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!!
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6 months ago, Chooperc
Filter by rating no longer accurate
I used GetYourGuide over all other search engines because the filter options were accurate. It used to show me all the 5 star options first, in order of the most reviews to the least. Then 4.9, 4.8, etc. Now it’s all mixed all over the place, a 5 star one can be on the first and third page, with 4.6 and other random ratings in between. Whoever made this change- that is a horrible idea. Keep it simple. Now I have to look at every single tour and it is horribly inconvenient. That was the best thing about you, GetYourGuide. Why did you have to change it 😭
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11 months ago, michelle@@3
worst experience ever in Paris!!
I booked a birthday dinner cruise for my best friend and I We are on vacation so we took an uber to the address sent in my receipt we were dropped of at a location and there was no signs to stairs indicated on the receipt so after walking around for over 30 mins we missed the cutoff for the cruise. still lost we called and no one answered i messaged the chat room and was told they cannot do anything for me and suggest i buy a new ticked for over $80 more than the ones i bought. i am so devastated i spent $150 on those tickets. I would not encourage anyone to do business with a company that doesn’t care about their customers. They never even offered a discount they wanted is to pay for a more expensive cruise how cruel!!
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8 months ago, Ms4dmin
Helpful - But Maybe Add Original Description to Booking?
This has been an absolutely amazing resource for booking my trip! So glad there is a review system for excursions. But it was a bit frustrating that I couldn’t reach the original itinerary/photos etc. from my booking (instead I had to search for it by name and pretend like I was trying to book again to see details… could there be a link to each activity’s original post in the “My Bookings” area? Thanks!)
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3 months ago, Roike
Good when works
We used this app to book tours and entry tickets to our trip to Italy. The app worked well and if you do a good job picking the tours you will do well. The entry tickets sell for many times the actual face value. Our one horrible experience was that we booked a “skip the line” ticket to the Vatican and the booking was not honored when we got there. I contacted the company via the chat and they refunded me but we were stuck with our daily plans ruined and no recourse. If there was an issue with the booking I would have expected they make an effort to reach out and try to help with an alternative.
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4 years ago, Mcgowse
App okay but not intuitive; customer support awful
I found the app surprisingly not user friendly and poorly integrated with web. I had to reset password multiple times for no obvious reason, and it is not at all obvious how to save a reservation in your wallet. I gradually figured it out, but it is not a favorite app Worse is customer support. I had a sick kid a few hours before departure and saw at least three different numbers to call. I finally found the right one and am pretty sure I was hung up. I called back and was told to send an email asking for a refund. Why do I not expect a response? I don’t love Viator, but I wish I had used them instead of trying this operation. Maybe customer support will surprise me!
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4 years ago, kendylk238
This is a HORRIBLE COMPANY. I am currently on my honeymoon and they sold me a ticket to a tour that did not exist because it was already sold out. When I discovered the tour was not real, they refused to refund my money without “confirming with a local vendor” and did not offer any replacement tour. They kept my on hold for about 30 minutes and told me it was “company policy” not to allow customers to speak to supervisors. So now I have had to adjust our entire honeymoon schedule due to the lost time. SHAME ON YOU, Get Your Guide. The best part of the whole experience? That tour is still listed as available on their website. So they’re still selling tickets to a sold out tour. And it’s posted under three separate listings! So you can’t tell which tours are real and which ones are fake.
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2 months ago, 543800
Great company
I was trying to book a tour in the Bahamas (Bimini) but the website was stating that the place I was going to be staying at was to far for the tour guide to drive to pick me up. I reach out to “Get Tour” by email and they was able to reach out to the tour guide individual and get confirmation that they do indeed pick up from my location. It took a little while as expected because the contact was being done via email, But none the least it was done. I got the information I needed and they updated their website with the information as soon as they got confirmation. When I went back into book the tour I was able to input my location without the error message and everyone was happy. They are the best! I would definitely use them again. #hasslefree#effortless#thebest
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