Giant Eagle

4.8 (68.9K)
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Giant Eagle, Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Giant Eagle

4.78 out of 5
68.9K Ratings
2 years ago, JAN🧚🏻‍♂️
“INNOVATION” Because you are always trying, we always make it together!
I’m new on the App. I would like to know where the drop down menu for the notes, on six items, which I wrote, disappeared to? I don’t want to hide my notes, and I do hope my shopper sees the notes, if not, it will cause problems. I did find the notes if I moved the food item slightly to the right, on the screen . If you can help with that issue on this order, I’d be grateful. And, let me know how to access the drop down menu myself. I am going to love this App, the more I use it. I did, however spend a great deal of time researching items, and the App.. I can’t do this every time, hopefully I will get better at it. I do love being able to enlarge product to see the fine print for the number of items in a package, and, the ingredients in a package, as well as nutrition information. Giant Eagle has terrific employees from the bottom to the top, for it is very evident in your service, your new ideas, you keep improving in every way! Now If prices wouldn’t keep going up for all of us, I’d be a very happy camper, I’m sure you would be too! Thanks for everything!! Jan
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3 years ago, alsime1
App mishaps
I have no choice but to use the app because it’s my grocery store of choice and I really like the curbside pick up. However, it is hit or miss with whether or not the app is working properly. There should be some option to have alphabetical listing of the food so you can access items and figure out where things are more readily. Lately the issue has been after I place an order and go to start a new order, I pick one item and it doesn’t let me pick any other items and I have to delete the app and reinstall the app in order to be able to place my next order. Quite the pain.
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2 years ago, mummyof4kids
App is difficult/behind the times
Difficult to be able to tell which items are on sale on the app. It doesn’t list the sale price it just says it’s on sale so I have to keep going back to the online ad to be sure of what I am buying and the quantity needed to be able to get the sale price. Also, too many items that you carry in store are not found on the app. For instance if you search “goldfish crackers” only two flavors show up on the app! You really have to dig to find the rest of the flavors, I believe you have to search “pepridge farm” instead of “goldfish crackers”to see the other flavors. How is a customer supposed to know this and why do we have to keep searching?? This happens with many items. Same with the Lysol wipes. Not all the types show up on the app and you do carry them in the store I’m shopping at. It’s frustrating. You have to keep trying different descriptive words in the search bar to find the items you are looking for and hope you can find what you are looking for. No other store website is like this. It’s a struggle to find the items I am looking for. So I end up shopping elsewhere or not buying everything I need from giant eagle. You should be able to simply search for “Lysol wipes” and all the Lysol wipes should show up. I don’t have time to guess and search anymore.
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1 year ago, Thunder1092
Digital wallet disaster
I loved the digital wallet to hold gift cards. The ability to add physical cards to the wallet was short-lived. Still, I persisted using the e-gift cards purchased through the app and stored in the digital wallet. I was a loyal user. The balance of some cards and be updated. I tolerated this. The app malfunctioned and I feared that all my digital cards were lost. I panicked, called Giant Eagle, sat on hold and eventually found No satisfying answer, but after a few days it would function again. This would repeat itself, and sometimes I would have to delete the app and reinstall it to gain regain function. It was always scary and frustrating, but I persisted. I began printing out copies of all e-cards for fear of losing them digitally. Now it has been about a month of waiting for the most recent glitch to be resolved and I am simply done with this app. They have finally burned through my loyalty. The gift cards in the wallet can’t be read, scanned, or deleted. The company sent me a print out of codes and PIN numbers from the day of my request. When I call the company there seems to be no dedication to fixing this problem. I seem to be more motivated than they are. I no longer trust the app and am reverting to purchasing only physical cards. I’m very disappointed.
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4 years ago, Jdkdksnsbanaocivkfj
Needs a lot of improvement
What I would like to see mostly is a way to sort search results. I don’t see that they’re sorted in anyway and it’s painstaking to go through all of them. Also, some of the descriptions on the initial search aren’t there. For example, if you search for “foundation” there will turn up results like “bare minerals escentuals fairly light foundation” and then just “foundation” and a picture of what it is. More consistency with that would be great. Also, it doesn’t seem like all the products are listed. I’m not sure if that’s a store thing, or if just that’s what is available for pickup or delivery or what, but for example, Walmart has every single product listed (perhaps because you can shop online) but sometimes I like to make lists to see what I’m going to get later at the store so having more products listed would be helpful. Lastly, it seems a bit unorganized and hard to navigate. With several modifications it has the potential to be a useful app.
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3 years ago, 1234171525373
Pick up times should be picked before shopping
I feel Giant Eagle has a nice she personable pickup service. All the humans involved are wonderful. This app definitely needs improvement. The search options are weird and it’s very annoying that we have to shop for our entire order before even seeing the available times. Simply stating the next open date is not good. Customers should se all upcoming dates and times. It’s a huge inconvenience when you spend the time to do an order just to see you can’t make any of the available time slots work. Also, it’s great that the shoppers communicate with us about what we need to add or change on our orders...but I’m rarely available to text back and forth when they start messaging. This app needs an option to edit your order up to a certain cut off time. I always realize I missed an item I needed to add to my order. This app needs to offer an edit option. Overall, the service is good. The app is definitely not good.
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1 year ago, MinaV
Nice app but
How do I know WHEN my deli meat will be cut if I can’t get a time slot until the next day? Can I specify when it should be cut in the notes? Will they actually shave or chip the meat? I don’t like sliced meat. The whole point of me downloading this app at all is because EVERY TIME I go to a giant eagle after work - I’m talking weekdays after 4pm but not before 4:30 - the deli is ALWAYS CLOSED!!!!!!!! The deli meat I want is NEVER in the to go section or it’s always too much/too expensive. WHY?!?! I’m sorry if the deli people have called off, but that’s what supervisors or managers are for. You get in there and you fill the time slots so your customers can keep their trust in you and not have to go to a different store. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
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4 years ago, Kelp715
Needs some upgrades
I have used a couple of other grocery apps, and this is the first one I couldn’t click on the product photo to zoom in (or have multiple product views/photos for one item). Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between two products and a zoom option would be nice. Also, I’m surprised you don’t automatically put your brand at the top of product search results! Wouldn’t you want to put the Giant Eagle products first for brand loyalty? That, and the high probability that customers would choose the Giant Eagle brand product more often instead of having to scroll through the list. As the wife of a team member doing the shopping and looking for store brand products, I was surprised this wasn’t already built in! Overall, not a bad experience but could use some improvement.
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11 months ago, Donna b99
Time to fix the bad issues
I love my curbside pickup at giant eagle! That being said, the app needs some fixes. I usually pay with PayPal, super reliable, but sometimes I will do that and then I will be alerted that suddenly my time slot is no longer available and I have to do the entire process again. It would be great if I was just given an alternative time slot. Also I don’t understand how my time slot would be unavailable within a minute. Seems weird. The biggest issue I have is the sale prices. You have to keep referring to the ad to know what the special price or deal is. When I choose Diet Coke it would be nice to see that it’s 3 12 packs for $12, not the individual price of $8.79. Please fix these issues. Also an add on would be super without having to check out again.
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3 years ago, Kstormsmartin
I miss shopping the ad
I find the app more frustrating than helpful. I used to use the website and it was much more user friendly. I typically only shop the ad and my previous order history, the way to shop the ad is beyond frustrating. While it’s nice that they added the additional items below when you click on say 1 flavor of yogurt it suggests other flavors... instead of having to scroll through or manually search it... the app sometimes lags and when you click on an item it will show a completely different product. Like today I clicked on a coffee to see what flavor it was and it had yogurt pop up. It really makes it frustrating and time consuming to shop. If you made it so we could shop the ad, like view the ad. Click the item you want and all qualifying items pop up that would be much more user friendly.
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4 years ago, P56B
I’ll wait.
Too many issues and too cumbersome to use. There is no place to enter notes for shopper or for special requests like there is on website. Notes and special requests are especially needed if you use mostly fresh ingredients or use the butcher/seafood counter a lot. Search results pull up things totally unrelated no matter how specific you are. Don’t want to have to type everything, especially since you can’t rotate screen for easier typing. Still don’t have all items in search results, not even Giant Eagle’s own brand of things that are in the store(e.g. Giant Eagle Half & Half in all sizes, not just gallon size)But that’s a problem on the website too. For now I’ll stick to the website and try the app again after more updates are done. Seems like this was thrown together quickly and you want your customers to fix it for you.
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3 years ago, bowyer_ss
Life is Better!
I -love- this app. I haven’t been in the grocery store in months, because of it. I’m a single guy who has a dog named Lenny. I hate grocery shopping, and I like Lenny. I order, I go pick up, then me and Lenny sit on the porch and enjoy coffee and Beggin’ Strips. No bugs, great selection, great service during pickup, meal plans and recipes me and Lenny can try, my rewards count and are tracked, my favorite items are remembered…. Seriously, download this app and use it. It will change your grocery shopping life. Well done to the developers! As a software engineer, I appreciate a friendly UI and solid and robust backend, and this app delivers.
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2 years ago, EiffelElysee
Good but could be MUCH better
Why does it just remove items from the cart without any notification?!? I assume the items became out of stock from the time I added it to the cart but before I place the order but not telling the customer an item has been removed is unacceptable!! Every other store has this feature!! Why isn’t the order in the app updated to reflect the changes the shopper makes when fulfilling the order?? There’s no record of what was substituted or removed except for the paper receipt when the order is picked up! There’s no final total amount except on the paper receipt! Why isn’t the order detail updated and the customer notified? Again, other stores do this - Kroger, Tom Thumb, Target, Walmart. The app is only partially designed and needs to be improved!
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4 years ago, Age/aja
Every problem that could be faced was.
I made my order on Thursday night/Friday early morning. I was scheduled for a Saturday pick up from 4 to 430. I showed up at roughly 4:05 PM. I was told my order wasn’t ready and it will be prepared for PU Sunday. This was really not a good solution for me as I do not have a vehicle or a car to use at my leisure but I always make do. When I called on Sunday, today, my order was now canceled. I am very disappointed at this easy curbside pick up. I spoke to the store manager, Jerry, he was very helpful and kind. I fully hope my pick up is available on Monday. I’m so very frustrated with how NOT easy and NOT simple this curbside pick up has been for me. We needed food on Saturday. We have had to make do with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches since then. Hopefully, my order will be filled and prepared for PU Monday and I can finally be done with this “easy” curbside pick up. Sincerely Yours, a disappointed shopper, Adriane Simovic
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3 years ago, Ginikinsfroggy
Customer service and display in app
When listing total items it showed 22items ((but 58 actual count))? Took me many orders and wouldn’t use it for awhile cancelling time as I thiught ordering thus way didn’t add up right! Please show the “”22 product items/58 total in order”” so it doesn’t appear to have wanted to bill me and not deliver “all” the selected items! BUT you are doing a FANTASTIC JOB MUCH APPRECIATED! Camp Horne Rd is champion for me as they all are doing an outstanding job! I am a senior/ LOVE MY GIANT EAGLE STORES AND THE WONDERFUL PEOPLE YOU HAVE HELPING TO KEEP US FED WHEN NO ONE ELSE IS ABLE TO HELP! Bless you all with good holidays and prosperity in these trying times! Virginia
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2 years ago, Big Bruceter
The only thing missing…
This app is good. It would be great if it had an item locator included. It would be nice to type an item into a search box and the app tell me what aisle it is in in a particular store. Home Depot’s app and Lowe’s app has that ability. I’m familiar with the Giant Eagle stores I shop in, that’s why I go to them. Every once and a while I get “brain fog”, and don’t know where an item is. Instead of wondering around the store like I don’t know where I’m going or what I’m doing. I don’t want to stop at the service desk with a list of items and ask “where is this”. The people at the service desk have enough to do without being my shopping buddy.
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1 year ago, KimmyB44
Weekly add no longer in print and no longer on the app
I contacted GE through the app because the pdf file of the weekly ad hasn’t been loading. “Come back later” is the message every time. GE’s response was to use a different browser! So it doesn’t load on the app and I’ve tried 2 browsers. Still doesn’t load the pdf. I don’t have time to scroll through the list of sale items. I want to scan the weekly ad which is a lot quicker. Needless to say I have been doing a lot less shopping at GE. I also shop for some neighbors, so GE is missing out on 3 household’s purchases. I’ll stick to BiLo, their online pdf is available every week and they’ll mail you one if you request it.
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5 months ago, Hawk1363
New app for Meijers reward points
This app is not even worth a 1star. Meijers wants this place to take over the rewards points but at least you could sign in and out of the perks app to see what you had. This app you can not even setup a place to be able to see what points you have. There are people that use these points for food and gas but I guess that does not mean anything. Meijers should have just left things alone instead of letting someone else take over. This new app is not worth the time to get it to download because it just tells you you can not sign in no matter what you do. People use these points to make it easier to make it from week to week but I guess this new place will lose business because it is not people friendly and more into themselves than helping people.
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4 years ago, Gman313
Works great mostly
Love that they have finally created an app for this, however there are still a few things to be worked out. Some ingredients that I know are available using the website still don’t show up on the app. Alcohol was finally added but when you try to check out you get an error message that your order could not be processed because there is nothing set up to age check for the beer,wine etc. Still the app works well for what it is designed for and is especially convenient for online ordering.
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4 years ago, PMNC777
Not useful if your not ordering online
I liked it when the original giant eagle app showed the weekly specials and you could tap an item to put it on a shopping list to use while shopping in the store. This new app does not provide that. Instead it puts it into an online order which is useless to me since I am not looking to order my groceries for pick up or delivery. If you are looking to do an online order it may be great. It also makes it more difficult to look at what’s on sale because it breaks everything down into individual items such as if there’s five flavors you will find it five times in the weekly sales list but it’ll be separated by many other sale items. So it takes too long to look through the sales. I find it easier to just pull up the giant eagle website and look at the weekly sales on there.
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1 year ago, G.G.Lynn
What happened to this app?
For years, the app worked great, but lately it’s giving me trouble every time I’ve tried to use it. I’ve had to uninstall it and reinstall it on all my devices, multiple times. It doesn’t want to let me put items in my cart sometimes, and sometimes refuses to acknowledge my home store as valid. Sometimes it won’t show my “reorder/buy again” list. Bottom line is, for three months now, I’ve had to uninstall/reinstall it every time I’ve tried to place an order, because it’s been glitchy every single time. When it works right, it’s a great app and a great service, but for the past several months it’s been really frustrating.
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4 years ago, lisab222
Need option for tipping
I have used service both delivery and pickup. It is great service. I wish there was option to tip, especially to tip driver for delivery. My first time used i thought i would have option to tip and review after delivered because i like contactless option . But there wasn't and i felt bad i didn’t tip driver when he was here. I used a few delivery services during this pandemic due health concerns. Was hapoy to see GE offer this cause i love your quality of foods. And we are grateful to have service and would like have option to tip as form appreciation.
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4 years ago, LuvsSummer
Mostly happy
I’m thankful for the opportunity to have my groceries delivered to my home. However, the site could use these improvements: Show a list of items from my past orders for quick reordering. Under food categories such as produce, have a box to click for organic. Shopping by a particular isle, please list all similar items, such as dinner napkins, in a row. As it now stands, one brand of napkins shows, followed by one brand of toilet paper, followed by Dixie cups, and so on. This makes for time-consuming and frustrating shopping — too much scrolling.
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2 years ago, Vlad's wife
Can’t log in, clip coupons, or order
Every time I have used this app, I have not been able to use it to its full capacity. I’ve tried uninstalling and re-downloding and closing and opening the app but nothing changes. The app shows that I have four notifications on my profile. When I tap on my profile, it tells me to log in. When I log in, it tells me if I have an incorrect password, but when I get the password right it just pops me right back into the app with that “log in” button still there, like I didn’t just log in. When I want to clip coupons, it opens up a web browser page like it’s going to take me to a login screen, but it is only there “loading” for a second before snapping me right back into the app. Unsure what to do at this point.
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4 years ago, Eskargo
Total Waste Of Time
I just spent 2 hours building my first Curbside order, and when I went to select a time to pick up, there were no open time slots. So I selected the next day. It too, was completely filled. And the next day, and the next. Not counting today, the next 4 days were all completely filled. So I chose to have them delivered. Nope! The next 4 days for delivery were also filled. They only give you a choice of the next 4 days. That’s it. I can’t pick them up and I can’t have them delivered. I just wasted 2 hours.
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10 months ago, elspnw
In need of serious improvements
This app is horrible and frustrating. When shopping online for pick up this app fails nearly every time to process credit/debit card payments, forcing me to use PayPal instead. Search feature won’t return Granny Smith apples when searching for green apples. Also searched for flour street tacos and the app returned only two varieties, neither were simply plain flour Street tacos. When clicking on one I see in the recommended the exact match. Needs some serious improvements. Furthermore when shopping in the store the app will not tell you where products are located like so many other shopping apps. Not sure who is reviewing/using this app but a 4.8 it is not.
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4 years ago, yahoowolf
Available pick up
My 1st time using and while this isn’t the best time to be a new user - the available pickup times that show available were not available. Each time I was able to select another time - the credit card info all had to be entered again. This was a learning experience to say the least and at 73 years old - slightly challenging. Just glad this service is offered and am anxious to see what’s going to be placed in my car when my selection of time and date comes up!
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3 years ago, Acocobean
Love online shopping!
The Giant Eagle app saves me so much time going to the store with two little ones, especially during the pandemic. My orders have always been accurate and the shoppers leave the communication open by texting you while they shop, so there are never any disappointments. I love that I can just pull up and pick up my order when I get there. My only critique is it would be nice if there was inventory update for specific items in stores through the app, so we can know what’s there and what’s not.
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4 years ago, juleshar
This app is the worst! It is too difficult to scroll through the hundreds of items, takes hours. What happened to being able to get on the Weekly Ad and order from it? That was so much easier. Even ordering from my favorites takes eons and the constant having to scroll through is painful. You should totally scrap this app and go back to the previous format. I’m shopping on the Walmart site from now on. You guys really missed the target on this horrible format.
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4 years ago, WilledorfVenus1259
Item sort and item listing and item value
Has the same problem as all other shopping apps. Need to be able to sort by value like price per ounce or per serving or per load (laundry detergent, dish soap, shampoo etc). The aisle product view should automatically come up the same as the aisle in the store, all one type of product together and all products from the same vendor together (example milk, yogurt, snacks, laundry detergent, etc.). I shop by product, value and brand or vendor when I am in the store. It would improve my “virtual” shopping experience if i could do the same through the app. These changes would make this a 5 star app for me ( and in my opinion, for everyone). These sorts should be the default for everything.
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1 year ago, stevelys
Works but good luck searching
The good: We can order groceries for pick up. Usually we get what we ordered, but that’s a people problem, not the app. The bad: everything else. It logs me out randomly, but doesn’t tell me. If you add stuff to your cart, then notice you’re logged out, that stuff is gone from your cart after logging in again. Searching is just the worst. Try searching for “cage free eggs” and laugh at the terrible results. Results are ordered randomly. You can see variations on a product, like size or count, and have to find the exact thing in the list. If something is out of stock, it’s just missing entirely, no different from if Giant Eagle doesn’t sell it.
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1 year ago, Hornbeck_Taylor
Deletes your
I use to use this app to order my groceries all the time. I would through the week add the items to my cart as I run out of stuff and at the end of the week I would checkout and not have to go through and find everything at once and that way I don’t forget anything either. But nowww you guys did something where the items in your cart don’t even stay in there for 24 hours. I added a whole list of stuff to my cart yesterday around 3pm and this morning at 8:30am I go to check out and NOTHING is in my cart now. Nothing I add yesterday is in my cart. The app cleared my cart. So now, I’m not even getting my groceries with you guys. I’ll just go to the store by my house, acme. Fix this problem please.
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2 years ago, kleppick
Very pleased
We began using curbside pick up during the pandemic, bc of our age. We have been very pleased with the service we’ve received. We have arrived at a variety of times, always on Senior discount day, and though we have occasionally missed out on some sale item, our personal shoppers have always stayed in touch to find substitutes when possible. We live in Ambridge but it is worth the drive to Aliquippa for the kindness, service, & selection offered, as well as the Senior discount. Ray & JeanMarie
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8 months ago, Without groceries
L Pylinski
I’ve been using phone for a couple of years… I have mobility issue and can’t go through store this app is really necessary. It hasn’t worked for over a month and I haven’t gotten any resolution either through local or helpline. I’ve tried every suggestion provided with no avail. I’m past frustration… and have consistently been told that no one can help. That’s both at store level and the 1 800 help line. Let me emphasize that everyone has been very patient and kind and that I worked my second job in the grocery industry so I know how difficult it is dealing with customers. All I’m asking is that I have someone please HELP and not be referred to an automated system or tell me that that they’ll file a report.
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4 years ago, valora1
App is wonky
I searched for several simple items like celery and potatoes and the results only showed canned tomatoes! I searched for Chobani yogurt and no yogurt came up. Izze sparkling juice - maybe you don’t carry it any more - no options for any sparkling drink worked. I’m frustrated and going to go with another store’s app. Last time I used Giant Eagle’s app there was no way to add to the order before the day of pickup and there was no option to choose substitutions by item. Sad. Hopefully this has been corrected, but I won’t find out this time. This app needs some serious improvements. :(
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11 months ago, Nickluvbigfish
Last upgrade made things worse
The check box on each item for substitutions very unstable. I have been told by shoppers that because I type instructions in the notes box that it causes the app to be unstable. So I am getting doubles of items I did not ask for and the substitutions allowed box keeps blinking on and off for different items so I am also getting substitutions I don’t want. So I have to write NO SUBSTITUTIONS in the notes box. Easier to use Instacart! Have deleted it and reinstalled it and rebooted the phone. The NO SUBSTITUTIONS AT TOP OF THE APP NOT WORKING AGAIN??!?? I even mark the do not substitute for each item but it’s still showing best available as choice.????
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4 years ago, Slotonotomania
Gets me my groceries!
I love to order my groceries for pick up and have done this at different stores across the country for years. The app is good. I like that it saves my notes from previous recent purchases. Some features that would be better are if I could extend the time on my reservation because I put lots of notes about substitutions. Also if it kept my previous purchases longer and brought them up when I searched for the same item or brand again would be great. All-in-all it’s a solid app.
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3 years ago, Niki and Dan
Exceptional Service
I have had nothing but exceptional service every time! I love the fact that I get texted when the orders are being filled and I get asked about substitutions they are offering so I can make the decision instead. Everyone has been incredibly kind, helpful and have gone out of their way to ensure I’m satisfied even when the error has been mine. I love shopping here and refuse to use any other curbside service because of the incredible job everyone does!
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4 years ago, Joralymom
Search results need to be better
This app is mediocre at best. It is difficult to find a specific item that you are looking for example... if I type in Herbal Essence Shampoo it should bring up all the Herbal Essence Shampoos and then show the rest of the shampoos available. Also when shopping sale items you should be able to see the Advantage Card price. Also I don’t want to wait until I have spent all my time fighting the app just to find out that I have to wait a week to be able to get my order. Once again you have lost to the Wal-Mart Grocery app. With the Wal-Mart app you can choose your pick up time before you waste time choosing items for your list. I have always loved Giant Eagle but Wal-Mart’s grocery app is so much better and easier to navigate.
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2 years ago, Deejay Doug
If you use voiceover, this app is difficult to navigate through.
I have used different strategies to make this app a somewhat usable experience. If you are totally blind and decide you want to use this app, you have to do the same. Browsing through isles is impossible. The app developers haven’t told these things, but nothing changes. And this is why I’m giving it the bad rating that I do. The shopping experience is not a pleasant one at all to me. this app used to work much better with voiceover, and although the developers have been told what to do to fix it, things remain the same.
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2 years ago, Wxhtuop
Something has gone wrong with this app
I used to love this app. I’ve been doing curbside pick-up since before COVID because it’s such a timesaver. But this past week the app has malfunctioned multiple ways. First it wouldn’t place any items into the cart. A couple of days later it let me add items, but I couldn’t pay. Tonight I got as far as hitting the pay button- but it scrolled endless and would not go through. I hit cancel, tried again and the same thing happened. Finally I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and was able to place an order. Hopefully it’s stabilized. But I wasted a lot of valuable time trying to get it to work.
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2 years ago, Cynphany
My new way of grocery shopping!
I’ve tried Instacart and Walmart and nothing comes close to this Giant Eagle shopping!!!I get assigned a personal shopper who text me as they’re going through the grocery store to let me know if they don’t have what I want possible substitutions to check to see if I wanna add anything on and then it’s delivered right to my front door bag so nicely and I have to do is carried into the house for my porch I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the grocery store again!
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3 years ago, Bee7475
Really buggy & frustrating to use
Took three or four scans for it to finally recognize my card, then it kept wiping the number every time I clicked away from the field. Finally got past that and tried to use the list portion so I could keep my groceries list in there. there is a scan function to add to the list but when you find the item your only option is add to cart which doesn’t put it in your list. The app seems to be badly thought out and doesn’t function like you would expect- I will continue to use a third-party grocery list app instead since this isn’t worth the time or frustration
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6 months ago, Duhvfdvhik
Fix the substitution system
The new system of substitutes doesn’t make any sense. More often than not the limited 2 suggestions for substitutes aren’t remotely what I want. I would much rather the shopper ask me or to be allowed to select from any item I wish on the app as a substitute. Maybe offer 2 suggestions and then have an additional option to pick my own substitute. Also, give an option for substitute quantity so if they need a certain amount of a product, they still end up with the quantity they need even if the package size is smaller. But some may only be getting a larger amount due to a sale. This new system is too constrained and is terribly frustrating.
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2 years ago, Thankful in Northfield Center
Due to a worldwide pandemic, it is necessary to change how we live our lives. Shopping for groceries has become more difficult for a lot of people. It is a much needed convenience to be able to submit a food order and be able to pick it up at a designated date and time. Being a senior citizen, it has made this stressful time in history, easier. I have been pleased with this service and with the workers that make it possible.
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3 years ago, BarkingChad
Curbside pick up at Giant Eagle is awesome!
I actually look forward to getting my groceries each week. It is easy to use the website to select my items. The store has most of the items that I need. I schedule my time and I let them know by text that I’m coming. It only takes a few minutes to get my groceries in the trunk of my car. And I am on my way. The staff is friendly, courteous and professional. I have using this service for a long time and recommend it to everyone.
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3 years ago, SamieJo16
I find myself continually needing to close out of the app snd reopen during the course of placing an order. If I view the ad for instance and then want to go back to use the search feature, it glitches and will not allow me to click search. If I search and then go back to home and try to select a department to browse, I cannot click on anything without closing the app and reopening. Rather annoying but still more convenient than dragging the kids to the store. It just takes 15 minutes to place an order instead of 10.
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3 years ago, Tlbuddner
Nothing has changed since last review
This App has aged enough that it makes no sense how much it lacks! Search “still” not working properly i.e. item return are not what you’re looking for; search not working at all (just cycles) and the list goes on. The Developers should merge to One App for Giant Eagle! The new feature of earning an extra 150+ is not well developed and should have been held until it was working properly. Insufficient to say the least and, the confusion of 2 separate Apps leads to the strong argument of: One App! Recovering from major surgery, I changed store location in order to have groceries delivered. Even received the new feature of “adding a tip”…my order went into pick up at store, leaving me no other option than to drive, painfully and on narcotics, to the store, having to carry groceries in the house. Upon picking up the groceries and reporting that my order was “delivery”; the GE employee said “we were wondering why there are no deliveries today”.
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4 years ago, HaJaRN
Time slot issues
I really wish you could see available time slots prior to creating your order. Today it did state there were “times available” but did not state specific times. I spent quite some time building my order only to find at checkout that only the last slot of the day was available. Had I have known, I would’ve just gone to the store instead of wasting my time ordering online. I know the time slots might change in the time it takes to build an order but at least you could see at a glimpse if the times available are something you can work with or if you should go a different route.
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10 months ago, OhioPineapple
I hate the online checkout process passionately
I have wasted an hour and a half trying to get my payment to be accepted when it has work successfully just last week. I kept getting the error your order cannot be processed successfully sorry for the inconvenience!(no you're not or you would fix the website already) This is a recurring problem. I refuse to keep it reinstalling the app on my iPhone every time I want to place an order and then have to reenter my debit card every time. There seems to be a problem with your side returning of the correct information because there's nothing wrong with how I enter it I'm not that stupid! It's also irritating to have to enter my snap card every time when I don't elsewhere. You also cannot add an item and have it covered by Snap once you have already submitted the order it has to go on another form of if it takes it at all!!!(I am disgusted) I will be changing my business to Acme. My time is worth the extra drive.
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