GIANT Food Stores

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Giant Food Stores LLC
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2 months ago
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User Reviews for GIANT Food Stores

4.45 out of 5
24.7K Ratings
4 years ago, Jlh12991
Why update in the middle of a pandemic???
The app was working just fine and then they did updates. I spent 2 hours on hold to find that Peapod could see my order even though I could no longer access it through the Giant app. Then there was no receipt on the day I picked up the order because apparently the system was down. I was able to place a new order and all seemed somewhat back to normal then yesterday I started getting an odd msg that says hmmm we are unable to open as it’s under maintenance! Now I can’t see or alter my order once again. And the last email is showing the wrong order as I’ve updated since then!! I am so upset right now! If I get the wrong food or no food at all I’m going to lose my patience completely And stop shopping at Giant entirely!!! Seriously get the app up and running like it was before you felt the need to “improve” things. Things were fine until you touched it!! Again during a crisis is not the time to risk changing. Extremely disappointed!!😡
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2 weeks ago, TiffanyWiker
Great info but bad order format
I like the Giants gives the options to have coupons on the app and extra rewards deals which is nice. I wish it would detail all of my purchases, and the rewards that I gain from that purchase to keep track of my purchases at the store and to make sure I got all my rewards points. the one thing I don’t like the most is ordering from the store specially one you order on a Thursday for the bonus buys that are that day but you can’t pick them up that day you have to do Friday. I find that sometimes I get the deals that were there at the time I purchased on Thursday, which is the reason why I was purchasing them on that particular day or other times. I don’t get the deal that I’m supposed to. I spoke with multiple people in the store and, not one person could really give me a clear answer. Also could improve on the app when you go to pick up there should be a button that says I’m on my way. That way the people at the door can be ready with the order and I should be able to use the app to tell them that I’m here instead of having the call and hope that somebody can pick up, the phone. Target is a great example of efficient pick up. They have a button that you hit when you’re on your way that way they have the stuff ready for you outside and then you know when you are there and what parking space.
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5 months ago, Not useful for Scan and Go
Doesn’t Work
I was super excited to try this app as I love the one that Sam’s club uses. Bypassing the register at the end of shopping is a premium experience, even if you sacrifice some annoyance of scanning each item as you walk through the store. This app, however, is garbage. Initially, once stepping in the store, you have to connect to their WiFi, which was a little annoying but whatever. My first experience, I immediately noted that you cannot use it for produce, there is no option to input produce numbers / lookup items. The app tells you to set them aside and add them once at the register. I also noted that there’s no option to say you have multiple of things (we had 4 cans of tuna, had to scan each individual-not a massive inconvenience but I’ve used other similar apps that allow you to enter quantity) The absolute kicker though, was getting to the register, pulling up the barcode, only for it to, of course not scan. I turned my phone around and increased the brightness, and immediately after doing that, the barcode disappeared. When I tried to bring it back up I got some generic message saying my trip wasn’t validated or something. I asked the girl at checkout and she had never seen the error before. I closed the app, and was not shocked to find that when I when I went back in it had deleted everything from my cart. Had to scan everything all over again. Was not amused.
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4 years ago, Viva-Tonal
Nowhere to enable notifications
Unlike the Peapod app (Peapod is still technically the vendor handling delivery for Giant), this app has no means to enable iOS push notifications. Frustratingly the app itself recommends us to “enable notifications,” yet there’s no way to do so. So if one is expecting a delivery, the only notifications we will receive come from outside the app, via txt or email messaging, both of which rely on protocols that are subject to delays and interference (e.g., text service limits, email spam filtration and server delays etc.). The Peapod app which we were obliged to use previously before Giant’s behind-the-scenes grand unification of their online shopping services began was much better at keeping users alerted at every step of the fulfillment process. Not so with this replacement. Giant is very enthused about using this app for their new in-store shopping / pickup services, but they seem to have lost track of the app’s alternate use for home delivery, ironically during a time of COVID lockdowns when home delivery is much more essential to online food shoppers. Somewhere the clumsy marriage between Giant’s in-store and Peapod departments (each with different inventories and thus business goals) is failing as evidenced by this app’s failure to implement the most basic of functions: push notifications. My guess is no one knows who gets priority to use this feature: Giant’s physical stores or Peapod. As a result, neither do.
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2 years ago, Jf2375
New update is awful
I used to actually enjoy shopping with this app. The new update allows you to manage more than one order at a time. What this has effectively done is eliminate the ability to easily see what is in your current order and modify it quickly. Before, you could look at your list of past purchases and see what was already in your cart and easily add or remove items. Now the past purchases list does not show your cart contents so you need to constantly toggle back and forth. Clicking add then forces you to go through an additional step of adding to the current cart or start a new cart. If you click the option to continue adding to the current cart, it puts you in a new smaller window where you can’t click on the item information. It also no longer shows you what item your item will be substituted with if it is out of stock, you can only choose yes or no to substitute but not see with what. This is a huge problem as our family has a severe food allergy so I can’t see if the substitute option is safe. I had to use two devices to actually complete my order. This is a terrible update. I may actually switch my weekly store to Whole Foods this is so frustrating to use.
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4 years ago, Anni Nish
Don’t expect to use coupons through the app
So the app works well when displaying the weekly ad and coupons but don’t expect to use it for coupons or anything related to using your card. Whenever I try to “clip” a coupon, the app asks me if I have a card or need a card. When I say I have a card, it asks me to enter my name and either my phone number or 11 digit card number. First off, card numbers are 12 digits, which Giant should know, so I can’t enter that. When I try to enter my phone number, it says they cannot be linked even though they are already linked on the website. Why are there two different databases for using the website and using the app? Shouldn’t these be synced together? I’ve already called customer service twice and they said to just use the website which is no help when you are at the store. The website is terrible in mobile devices. This should not be that hard to fix. 10/1- lowered my review to 1 star based on the response from the developer to contact customer support. My whole review is about how I already contacted customer support and they couldn’t do anything. FIX YOUR SYSTEM SO THERE IS ONLY ONE DATABASE STORING KEY IDENTIFYING INFORMATION.
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4 years ago, Since the start
Where’s my store? Important! See update below
The app lists all the Giants in Chester County except the one near me-3 miles away. Idiots! Update: Been playing with the app for a while and it will require a change in your way of thinking for people. The more I use it, the more I like it. First, it appears to be oriented to online orders with delivery or in store pickup. I get that since more people, especially younger and working people are going that way. But it’ll be a big change for some. Second, it appears your shopping cart is your shopping list. You create a shopping list, give it a name, and add items. As you add them to the list, they appear in your online shopping cart, and are sorted by department/isle. When you’re finished you can checkout online with delivery or in store pickup. If you’re shopping in the store, your online shopping cart is your shopping list. You can click on items and delete them as you take them off the shelf, or delete the whole online shopping cart when your finished shopping in store and go to the registers. At first I thought the shopping cart is your shopping list was stupid. As I thought about it, for people on a fixed income, some sort of budget, or still use cash, it’s brilliant. You now have a pretty good idea what the trip is going to cost before you even leave the house. At the end of the day it’s pretty good, it just takes a different way of thinking. Hope this helps.
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1 year ago, Sddggh
More effort than it’s worth
Clipped coupons sometimes work, and sometimes don’t. Employee know nothing about the app and cannot usually help if there is a problem. I have a problem where a reward or coupon didn’t come off almost every visit and when I ask about it I have to stand there for what feels like 5 minutes waiting for a manager to come and look at it since the employees cannot do anything. Often times I add items to my cart because of a deal and it’s frustrating when the deal does not work and I usually just tell them to take it off so I don’t hold up the line. Redeemed rewards can take upwards of 15-20 minutes after being redeemed to activate at the register so what’s even the point. I use them while I’m shopping I’m not sitting there waiting to save $2. The five point freebie items are either sold out half the time or hidden in the most obscure area of the store. The rest of the time they don’t work at the register and I have to take them off my order. I never have any of these issues when using the app to shop at target, BJs, Wegmans, or Acme. Makes me dread shopping at giant.
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3 months ago, Delco dad
Where’s the “I’m here” button?
I recently switched to shopping at Giant because it’s much cheaper than the other grocery store I was shopping at. Today; as I was leaving to go pick up my order, I couldn’t find the “on my way” button. When I got to the store, there is no way for me to tell the store through the app that “I’m here”. You have to call the store number on the pick up sign, press 1 for this place in the store, press 1 again to reach giant direct. It’s a small pain but seems like old technology. I should be able to just click, I’m here, and the store be notified. The giant direct employees have told me that normally, you click “on my way” and the store tracks your location to the store. That’s kind of strange to be honest. I don’t really want them tracking my location. Am I missing something or is the “I’m here” button not on the app for grocery pick up?
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1 month ago, HcVcT
A nightmare to use
This app is so dumb that not one customer service people could even help me use it. At least 5 times now I have attempted find find/use the digital coupons from this dumb app… nothing but frustration. Customer service at the store ended up manually override the price every time… after spending 20’ on it not knowing how to help me (after I’ve already spent 20’ on it trying to figure out what to do). So I am DELETING THIS STUPID APP. Everytime I want to get something that says “digital coupon” in the flyer, I am instructed to go straight to the customer service desk to get the price override. It’s the only way to deal with this app. The question is where Giant found these dumb coders that are so out of touch with the promotions/discounts/coupons that Giant runs? This app was supposed to make it easier to promote goods offered by Giant. It fails miserably. I hope the programmers that wrote/maintain this dumb app would spend one day in the store to see how they can actually make this app works. They have no idea what they are doing right now… just a lot of pictures but totally useless.
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2 months ago, OhMyRosh
Very convenient
After learning nuances, the Giant Direct App has been a life, time, and cost saver. Working overnight and having kids can make food shopping a hassle. Giant Direct allows me to add to my cart as I think of things we need before I forget them, and saves me from impulse buys (maybe I shouldn’t mention that to the Giant people, lol!). Ordering lunchmeat took some trial and error getting the right thinness/thickness, and I’ve gotten burned a few times when there is a special that says “if you buy X, you get A, B, and C for free to make the meal” bc the “X” won’t be available, then I’m charged for the A, B, and C that I wouldn’t have bought if the deal wasn’t presented. That’s what keeps me from giving the full 5 stars, especially since the items not found have decreased greatly since I started using the app. (Thanks for that!). If I could have given 4.8 stars, I would have! Thanks Giant!
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2 years ago, ZombieRobb
Clipping Coupons Fail
This app is the worst. If I didn’t HAVE to use it for clipping coupons and getting rewards, I would delete it. The coupon clipping part of the app is the most frustrating of any app I’ve ever used. Why not include a “Clip All” button? I’ve asked for this in the past, but the coupon clipping part of the app just keeps getting worse. When there are 100+ coupons to clip, and you have to tap on every single one, it makes it a chore that I loathe. You can only fit three coupons on a screen at one time, and literally half of the time when I click clip coupon, nothing happens, and I have to tap it again. Also the movable coupons header at the top, gets in the way, and prevents the clipping of the coupon at the top most times. Right now, I can’t even see the coupons I’ve already clipped. I could last time I clipped coupons, so where did it go? I’ve been a software developer for over 20 years, and I would be ashamed if I was involved in a product like this.
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4 years ago, TomPG
So Disappointing
What on earth are you people doing! This is horrendous! It took me 20 minutes to put 10 things in my shopping list and was half done before giving up. It is the most cumbersome and frustrating app to create a shopping list. Your coupon feature is terrible as well. The other was so easy to search for coupons, this didn’t work at all. The last app was Perfect. So well thought out and so easy to use. How you can be proud of this one just boggles my mind. Do you people try to use it yourselves or put out a beta version before replacing and launching it? I want the last app back. Give us the option. I am so angry over this. Going back to using the notes app on my phone. Seriously considering switching to ShopRite. I’m not kidding. This app is awful. You should seriously consider firing whoever designed and developed this for you. It’s a mess.
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1 year ago, Swimming otters
Works, to a Point
While I do like the app, and all of the ways to earn points, I get extremely frustrated that the digital coupons only show up whenever they want too. I log in, to “clip” the digital only coupon advertised in the paper ad and it says that all coupons are clipped when I haven’t clipped any. Nothing shows up. This happens a lot for me and I have the most updated version. One time they decided to show up 30 min later when I was about to enter the store. Another time they showed up after I already shopped! If your company is going to push, push, push for Digital coupons, then perhaps it should make sure that they WORK! And I am sure I am not the only person having this issue. I try to have everything prepped before I walk in to make the trip fast, because I have a life outside of trying to see whether or not your app has its crap together. Thank goodness for paper copies.
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2 years ago, *megumi*shimizu*
Constantly Crashing
I love this app other than the fact that it’s always crashing on me! It kicks me out every few minutes, even if I’m not doing anything on it! I tried just leaving it open on the home page to see if it would still crash, and a few minutes in, it did! I love using this app to make shopping lists and use the cart feature to get an idea of what my trip will cost. And then I use the Scan-It app as I shop through the actual store so I can be in and out as quickly as possible, then just bag everything at my car. But the constant crashing makes it really frustrating to shop! I’ve been dealing with this issue ever since I downloaded the app over a year ago, and kept hoping they’d put out an update to fix this issue, but at this point I’m beginning to wonder if they ever will. If they do end up fixing this issue, I will gladly update my review with 5 stars!
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7 years ago, dcau626
Still a very frustrating app!
Like many of the other reviewers, I really want to like this app and hope that corporate is monitoring these comments. There are many good coupons but extremely frustrating navigating the coupons, needing to scroll through 290+ offers or the 50+ I decide to add to my card. Unless I write everything down, it's hard to remember what items I mean to purchase, and only after I look at the actual item to see how much it is and how much I'm actually paying. A few times already, some coupons don't show up during checkout -- trip to customer service! Thankfully they've always been extremely understanding. Once I told the cashier that an item should have had a coupon and was told if I added it in the morning (it was afternoon), likely it hadn't registered yet. Really? In this digital age, information takes that long to process? And is the Giant app trying to force us to plan our shopping days in advance?? TIP: BE SURE TO DOUBLE CHECK YOUR RECEIPT BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE STORE.
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4 years ago, Sm1118
After I finally reset my password and was able to login, I get a popup telling me I need to agree to the new terms. I hit agree then I’m prompted to update my profile. When I try to hit finish, I’m prompted with an error message. I’ve tried dozens of times on the computer and two different phones and I can’t fix whatever error it thinks is happening. This happened while I had a pending order and I was worried it would affect the order and the delivery spot I had secured two weeks in advance. Please don’t tell me to call customer service because I’ve tried multiple times today and can’t get through (my driver yesterday dumped all of my groceries outside of my apartment building at 10pm and I had to carry in SEVENTEEN bags, 3 cases of soda, 2 cases of Snapple and a 35 pack of water. Every other time they deliver directly to my door). I’m so aggravated with Giant and Peapod right now. The fact that you would rollout a new platform in the middle of a pandemic when more people than ever are relying on your service is just crazy to me. Please fix these glitches!
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2 years ago, Laura_717
Recently have had issues with my order clearing out. It has happened three times. It seems to be when I switch stores to pick up or change to delivery. Also once when I had to cancel and change stores it said it would save my cart but it did not. Both instances it completely clears out $300 worth of groceries I just spent 20 minutes adding. Also, you should fix how if you click on an item in your past purchased to look clearer (example rotissary chicken doesn’t display if it is hot or cold until you click into it because it cuts off the title) you go all the way back to the top of your past purchases instead of back to where you were on the like 5th “show me more” page down. Search field is great and catches spelling mistakes which is nice. Overall app works better than others but could use some improvements to make it friendlier.
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11 months ago, Shmathen
Not consistent across devises
For some reason there is no “I’m on my way” option on one device but it’s present on another device signed into the same account. For clarification: I place the orders on my phone or computer browser and my partner tries to use his phone to pick up the order at the store. My phone app shows an option to track my location and tell the store that “I’m on my way” but his app (signed into the same account” does not show this option. It tells him to park in a designated spot and call the store when he gets there. We have the same settings for location sharing and notifications. And I do not have the app running in the background. We both have the same version of the app. And it makes no difference if the order is placed using a web browser or the mobile app. He used to be able to text that he was on his way but that option is no longer available.
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3 years ago, LarsLooperMan
You think we will be thrilled with an app to order and pickup. Well, if you sling crap out into the metaverse then it is just crap. First time user and you have made what was easy is now too complicated. Stating that you have to use the app to pickup is STUPID. Why would you make doing business so impossible? All you software developers take note. I DO NOT WORK FOR YOU. TEST TEST TEST WITH OEOPLE WHO DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT YOUR APP. So, Giant. Fire the people who developed the app and fire the app developer. They have embedded dead endS in the app that does not allow you to complain about an order. JUST OPENS THE ORDER AND THERE IS NO WAY OUT EXCEPT TO REMOVE THE APP. Well, done. Our order was more than 50% out of stock which we found out about an hour before pickup. We will find another grocer that wants to do business. Been a customer for 20+ years, it I have had it with CRAP. If you make CRAP then you clean it up. You just lost $9000 annual revenue from us. Goodbye. And, good riddance. Really truly sad that the app ingrates have ruined your business.
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2 years ago, whatever21572
Keeps crashing
I would love to be able to use this app to see what’s available in my local stores, set up a list or, hey, maybe even grocery shop 🤷‍♀️, but the app crashes and shuts itself down after one minute. I’ve literally tried everything, opened all the setting and gave it full access. Nope. Still crashes. I’m using an iPhone 12, and have great coverage and wifi, so it’s not the network or phone. I now removed the app because it’s pretty much useless. (Not bragging but I’m blessed to live in an area where there are at least 10 other grocery stores. None of Giant’s competitors, some of whom have much lower prices, have apps that crash. Seriously, Giant needs to get with the program)
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3 years ago, JacksonB015
Wouldn’t use it if I didn’t have to
This app constantly freezes. Trying to place my grocery order takes over an hour for the number of times you have to stop and exit out and restart. The finalized payment process is an issue as well. Sometimes you’re charged twice, waiting for one of the amounts to drop off which can take up to a week. Other times your given a credit for the difference. There is no rhyme or reason to which one it is, and customer service doesn’t have a clue. The customer service section in the app has an option to leave a message/note for someone to reach out to you. Never has anyone reached out to me after leaving a message. When you go through your past purchases, it will list the same 20+ items twice before you can hit “see more” and it shows you additional items. Placing an order through the app is frustrating. Unfortunately it’s my only option right now due to the pandemic.
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3 years ago, blondieb828
Most infuriating app
This app works when it wants to. Coincidentally not when u need it to like when your at the store and would like to view your coupons. I’ve had the app for years. Pre pandemic it was an amazing app. Easy to navigate, always ran smoothly, overall a great app. After pandemic when they made all the changes to be able to order online and such it turned into an app that honestly I can say I feel was developed by a 10 year old. It never works. It’s not user friendly at all. Every week there’s something new that isn’t working with my card. I can no longer use my phone number at checkout because even though it’s linked in the app the number doesn’t work in the store. It did for years so I don’t know what changed. I had over a thousand of my points disappear randomly. Coincidentally when it was time for me to redeem for my ham at Christmas. I could go on and on about the issues with this app. If I could give less than one star I would.
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4 years ago, Budd33
New app working better.
I updated to the new app with Peapod integrated into it. It has been a rough start but becoming more reliable. It still freezes and locks up at times. I do like the convenience of it, so keep up the great work on it. One issue for order is, I cannot start another order after placing one. In Walmart or Instacart I can have multiple orders going to ensure I reserve the time most convenient to me and also can go back and edit those orders till hours before they are filled. With giant been booked out real weeks, I am only able to maybe use it twice a month since I have been I have to wait until my order is fulfilled, before I can start a new order to reserve my time which is always booked until at two weeks In advance. Please allow multiple editable orders like the others. Thank for all you do!
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6 years ago, klunkle4
Please fix your app!
Who ever redesigned this app must not have a smartphone! You can only see a small part of the offer but not how much you have to buy unless you open every single coupon. For instance it may say $1 off toothpaste but unless you open it, you wouldn’t know you had to buy 3 to get your discount. I also had issues with the discounts not even coming off. I called the corporate headquarters and they recommended I check my receipt after each visit and go to customer service to get credited for the ones that didn’t work. Who wants to check out just to have to drive a full shopping cart over to customer service and stand in line again just to get a free yogurt they were promised!? I also suggested they go back to at least putting how much you have to buy back on the scrolling coupons and they just blew it off. How is a company supposed to get better if they don’t even want to listen or help?
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1 year ago, AppleNicknameIsGoofy
Coupons are not easy to use
The coupons are difficult to use. They have to be “clipped” long before getting to the store, because there is an inexplicable delay until activation. There is a long list of coupons each week, and there is no apparent way to search within that list or to simply clip all coupons at once. Some electronic coupons in the paper flyer do not appear in the app. Really, why not just set all coupons to apply by default? Of course, the manual clipping forces the customer to see all the deals, but it’s so time consuming that I don’t want to bother. In fact, seeing the electronic coupon sign in the store discourages me from buying the item, just out of irritation. Has the CEO of Giant ever tried using this app? Maybe he or she should. The app is good for scanning prices in the store when the shelf tags are missing, so it gets 2 stars instead of 1 star.
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1 year ago, ddsmith21
Coupons are a Joke in the App
Besides the overall confusing experience of the app, the coupons are a joke. You can’t search, however, you can filter. You can filter by departments, but not all the departments are even there. For example, the weekly circular that is mailed out has a coupon for produce, but there is no produce filter, and the coupon does not show up in the app. This, despite the fact that on the circular, it says “download this coupon in the app.” To make it even more frustrating, I got a notification today about a coupon for fried chicken. I tapped it and it said “load the coupon in the app.” It took me to the other 216 clippable coupons, and after going through each one, that coupon was not there. Other grocery stores do a far better job. Going through the most recent reviews, it seems that everyone has the same issues. Then you get a blanket blah blah response from the developers.
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1 week ago, Kevin A 62
First try
Today was our first time trying the giant direct pick up. We felt that the process went well and the worker bringing the groceries to the car checked about substitute and loaded things quickly and safely. We will definitely be using this service again. I did choose the Red Lion store because I knew that the East York store would’ve had many more substitutions. This has been historically the way things have gone between these two giant stores that are within 4 1/2 miles from each other. It has everything to do with management m and complaints seem to go on resolved at the East York store. Two thumbs up for the Red Lion store for the fabulous service this morning.
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4 years ago, Zoneout5
Deli Order Location Not Setting
I have used the app before for pre order from the deli and have had no problem. The last two times in the last two weeks orders were not received at stores. Find out that when you set the store you are shopping at on the main screen that location does not carry over to the deli order section. The deli order, I assume, went to the last store I order from before the update. They also do not show you what location you are ordering from when you order. You have to tap the arrow in the upper left hand corner to change the store for the deli order section only. It is only then that you get to confirm the store you are ordering at, it does not ask even before you submit the order. I have never had this problem before from ordering from different Giant stores.
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4 years ago, Siouxzie82710
Deletes my phone number/Alt ID daily!
The app is improving from the hot mess it was after it launched (in the middle of a dang global crisis-great timing!) BUT IT WON'T HOLD MY ALTERNATE ID INFO FOR MORE THAN A DAY OR TWO! So I go to type in my phone number if I forgot my card & I get "That number isn't recognized" at the check out! Grocery shopping is stressful enough right now without this arbitrary frustration & it is awful to not be getting the discounts I should get as a card holder because of an app bug! If it asks me to accept the new privacy terms for the millionth time when I open the app, I know I'll also need to re-enter my info. It will say my account has been updated after I enter it & hit "Save", but I know it's a lie & I'll be back entering it again tomorrow. In the scheme of all that is happening in the world I know this is a petty annoyance, but I NEVER HAD THIS ISSUE IN ALL THE YEARS BEFORE THE SWITCH & IT'S RIDICULOUS! PLEASE FIX THIS BUG!!!
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1 year ago, MomMD of 5
Digital coupons missing!
Update: Back to only one star. The digital coupons do not consistently show up in the app on Friday. It’s Friday morning and I want to go to the grocery store, but I can’t because I have to wait for digital coupons to show up?!? This is unacceptable. restarting my phone does not help. The coupons just aren’t there. This is false advertising and frustrating! The digital coupons listed in their mailer no longer show up in the app. Some of them in the mailer still have a paper option to clip, but many do not. This is false advertising and very frustrating as you have no way to access the coupons if they don’t show up in the app. Update, I was able to get the coupons to load by completely shutting down my phone and restarting it. Hopefully I don’t have to do that each time… Still only 3 stars because of how buggy the app is in general.
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5 months ago, Maggiemoo72
Shopping List 👎🏻 Cart👎🏻
The most recent update now limits your shopping list display to 30 items. If you change how it’s sorted other items can sometimes be seen. It kind of defeats the purpose of building a list if you can’t view all the items saved. The other problem from several updates ago is the cart. I add items to my cart so I know what to grab in store. If I open the cart and click on an item to see where it’s located in the store - I can no longer jump directly back to the cart. The “back” link is gone. You know have to go to the home page and navigate to the cart from there. It used to work fine but is now a total pain. These comments apply to both Giant apps (Maryland and Pennsylvania headquartered chains).
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3 years ago, Cupcakey89
This app is actually pretty useful, and helpful (if it didn’t glitch). However, I have updated my phone and the app whenever I need to, and it STILL glitches when I am in it. I will be in the middle of either looking for coupons or making my list and looking through a list of items to find something, and poof, it all goes away. This has been happening since I have downloaded this app about a year ago. It’s beyond inconvenient and starting to get frustrating to the point that I don’t want to shop with Giant or Giant Direct anymore. It was something that was supposed to make things more easy and easily accessible, but it just messes me up.
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4 years ago, Jayda24
Constant Crashing
Why does this keep crashing? Actually, let me clarify, it can only crash when it opens ... which is another issue with this app. It’s hit or miss if it will even open. When I’m shopping, all of a sudden it will crash and any progress I’ve made such as clipping coupons, building my shopping list and all items in my cart will be deleted. And of course, then I have to start all over again. Very, very frustrating and irritating. C’mon, this app has been around long enough that a lot of bugs should have been fixed by now. When are you going to get a weekly flyer specifically for delivery? The message that ‘you’re working on one for delivery customers and will be coming soon’ has been on there for months! I’m being gracious by giving this 3 stars. The only reason you’re getting that is because it is convenient (when it works properly). Also, work out the kinks with being able to see the invoice via the PeaPod website. You include a link to it in the confirmation email but I have yet been able to open it. I reached out to customer service and was told that they are aware of this ... so why isn’t it being addressed? Grocery shopping on the Walmart app has been seamless, maybe ask their developers for some assistance.
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3 years ago, KierraV16
App Constantly Crashes
I do love the ease of this app and being able to use coupons as well as earn bonus points, but it’s so frustrating that it crashes constantly. I mean, every couple of minutes-constantly-while trying to place an order. Luckily for me, it saves my progress. I’ve updated my phone, deleted and reinstalled, and it still crashes. I’ve also left a complaint in the app (and of course it crashed a few times before I could finish typing the complaint so I would have to start all over again). No one got back to me on the technical problem complaint, but one good thing is if I have issues with a coupon or something, someone does always get back to me quickly to credit my account.
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7 years ago, LuvF1
Come on doesn’t anyone know how to program over there at Giant???? I got a flyer in the mail where I got like $10 off my order if I used the app. I had used it before and it was awful so I thought maybe things were better now? NOT!! I got the app and it asked me to log in. It told me to update my email so I did, thinking it was a one time thing. Well I just came back to use the dumb app and AGAIN it wants me to log in, which is stupid to do every time I am at the store, but AGAIN it asked me to update my email and I did, but it won’t let me in the app! I hit the arrow and it takes me back to the login screen. So annoying and a waste of my time!! I am tired of this company making apps that dont work so I deleted it and I will go to customer service for my $10! Is this some sort of scam sending us stuff in the mail and then the app won’t let us in to receive the higher coupon??
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8 months ago, Frequent Customer - Lori
Please scan more products for online shopping.
Hello! I like the convenience of shopping online, but many of the itemsI would’ve probably added to my cart are available. I have sent requests for them to be listed, but those items are still unavailable online Plus,sometimes the app doesn’t allow you to clip the available. For example, a couple of orders ago I bought a box of tampons, and there was a$3 coupon for them, but it would apply the coupon even after trying several times. I am often disappointed by the freshness of the produce that I order for pick up. It seems like the Spring Garden St store trains it’s order pickers to choose the oldest produce before it expires. I order much less produce from Giant than I wouldif I could trust getting fresh food. Besides that, I enjoy the convenience, the friendly employees, and that I can easily fill my cart with past purchases. It’s a great service than could be made even better. Thank you, LoriT
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4 years ago, SecondActDiva
App is Down
I agree that having the app down for at least 12 hours is unacceptable. I had a delivery today and was flying blind. I got a text notification the driver was almost here, then here. I have no idea what my order actually cost and do not know if the order was truly received last night. I become extremely frustrated when I see things still listed in stock after I receive my order, that did not get delivered. I can only order one or two of something, but I cannot allow for substitutions, so I end up getting none of it because your app will not update to your inventory. I cannot go to a store due to an extremely immunocompromised state. I like your delivery service and your delivery people are most friendly and safe. However, it is very difficult to get needed items from your store via the app.
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1 year ago, 2b42day
Giant on Tilghman
The Giant store on Tilghman Street in Allentown, Pennsylvania is the best store in town! Everyone in the store is available to help. The folks at the front counter are excellent when I go to check my lottery tickets or have a question about anything or just talk. Furthermore, some of the workers know my name and greet me with a smile when I come into the store. This store could be the model store for Giant Foods because I have been to other Giant Stores and the personnel is nothing near the folks at the Tilghman Street store. I hope this review is shared with the folks at the Tilghman Street Giant they need to know how the public views them. Thank you, Santa Doud
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6 years ago, Tobie6687
It’s just “okay”
I like that I have my Giants card in the app & I love the digital coupons (no clipping, sorting, & carting them to the store). I’ve used other grocery list apps and here are my suggestions to the developers for the next update: — let us organize our list according to categories, ie., pastas/grains, produce, dairy, baking/spices, like other grocery list apps. — once organized make the list stay that way ... I will sort my list alphabetically but the next time I go in to add something, it has reverted back to “last item added” ... very annoying — let us mark items that we have a coupon for or allow us to tag a digital coupon to an item on our list — allow us to make notations under items on our list — make our list front and center. I understand that couponing is important but I have to tap the icon at the bottom of the screen, then my list to get to my list and then back again to look at my coupons ... not very efficient. — allow us to tap an image in the weekly flyer to add it to our list. If I have to write down what’s in the flyer so I can remember what to add to the list what’s the sense in using the app? Thank you!!
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7 years ago, Ed McCurdy
Digital coupons
I spoke with technical support, well over a year ago... regarding the ability to delete coupons being offered that I’ve no interest in purchasing, such as lady feminine products.... no Disrespect to women, but there’re are no women in my household... so why do I have to continue to look at these coupons over & over again. If I can add a coupon to my card, from the list of available coupons, then I should be able also to delete coupons, I’m not interested. Not the Bull💩 of loading everything to my card, & I’ve to look at hundreds of coupons every trip. It should be as with coupons I receive in the paper, the ones, I want, I cut out, the rest get discarded. Also, the digital coupons, I choose, I should be able to move around in an order as I’d find the items in the store, instead of the expiration date. Maybe Giant should hire 1 or 2 computer programers, who actually are knowable in the writing of computer programs, instead of the team of programers who seem to thing, that appear to take forever or never to address. I believe the problem the people whose programming tasks do not use coupons, so they may not fully understand, how; we who do use coupons actually manage the use of the coupons,
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2 years ago, jennifer1684
App keeps glitching
WORST APP INTERFACE. Downloaded this app because co-workers of mine rave about how easy it is to order groceries online for pick up. I made an account, signed up for rewards, and started shopping. All pretty seamless until I tried checking out. The app would not let me change my store preference and kept rerouting me. It kept asking me to select a time which I did and then I proceeded to check out. It was an endless loop of trying to change the location and checkout, only to get an error that I haven’t spent the required $60!! I spent about an hour before I completely gave up, tried deleting and redownloading. Once it loaded, I tried changing it again and it said error with retrieving data and just did not allow me to sign in. I would hit the sign in button and it would just redirect me to the Home Screen.
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8 months ago, Lukerl
Bad app
Thanks for bringing back the in-store shopping history! The app is improving. ———————————- The app used to track past purchases. Tech support had me log out and log back in again. After a very long conversation, I was told the app now only tracks what you buy on line through the app, not what you pay for in the store. I shop in the store. I use the app to take advantage of digital coupons and to track the weekly ad sales. Many times the discount is not given at check out. If I want the digital coupon discount, I then have to go to the office and show them the digital ad and they will give me the credit. The old app was great. This app is designed for on line shopping. You need 2 apps!
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2 years ago, Noloveforme
Most of the time the app is great. There are two times in particular I get frustrated. When I’m shopping in the store, and when I’m trying to place an order. It never fails every time I try to do one of the two anymore it tells me that no account can be found for me. Most of the time I wait a bit and then it works again but it’s still frustrating because then I miss the time slot I was aiming for on my pickup orders. I can never use the app in the store. My giant in boyertown area of pa had claimed it’s their wifi interacting with the app but I’d hardly think the two issues are connected since I’m able to access other apps and websites without issue when I am in the store.
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1 year ago, Chasey_Mom718
No customer service
I spent 5 days trying to check out my order because the app was not working. In trying to get help Giant was absolutely no help at all. Customer service gave me 5 separate numbers from the help line to the warehouse and all things in between. Not one person called me back in almost 5 days of trying. When someone did finally call me from the help line in order to just get my order completed, she tells me she can put my order in over the phone. Then proceeded to explain she was going to charge me almost $20 extra dollars because my order was almost $500 and she would need to input each item separately. The system for this app is ridiculous and when you call to get help.. there should be a person not a recording where you have to leave a message.
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11 months ago, Cris the Shopper
Excellent Service
Steven V. assisted me with creating my Giant Rewards account, with linking my Giant account to my Giant Rewards card and transferring my Giant Rewards points to my Giant Rewards card. He was courteous and efficient enough to call me back when we were disconnected on the telephone call. He was patient, pleasant and knowledgeable. He asked me if there was anything else he could do. In my opinion, Steven V. is an asset to the Giant family of Customer Service associates. If I ever need Customer Service again, I will request to speak with Steven V. as I know I can trust him to resolve any issue I may have with Giant. Thank you!
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4 years ago, AFG19028
Bring back the Shopping List
Update 2: although convoluted, this will work IF there are related items. For general categories or cases where there are no related items, this method does not work. None of this was an issue in the prior app design. Update: the original review stands. The developers instructions are correct if you navigate the “aisles” in the app, but not if you access an item through the weekly ad or coupons. Original: The new app experience is a step back for the Shopping List. You’ve basically destroyed that functionality - no ability to browse the ad and add items to you list with a tap (or at all as far as I can see). Same with coupons. I’m not even sure why you have a Shopping List anymore. When you navigate through it, it just adds thing to the cart to start an online order.
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6 years ago, Stevomac daddy
Can’t trust the app
Horrible app when it comes to the shopping list and coupons. Not sure how this was ever tested. They need some new app developers. A few issues (1) selected coupons do not get applied most of the time. You have to stay in the store and review your receipt and then go to customer service. (2) sorting is a pain. I want to see my additions before the coupons. Every time I add something I put a ‘1’ in front of it and then select alphabetical sort so my things come first. (3) sort preference does not get saved when you leave the app. You have to reset it every time. (4) you should be able to load as many coupons and have them automatically apply if you buy the item, regardless if you check it off in the app. (5) I’m done with coupons at Giant so I have no reason to stay. Hello Weis markets!
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4 years ago, kimos71
Very Frustrating
Almost every time I try to open this App, I’m unable to. I just get a blank screen. I have to delete the App and download it again. Very frustrating. Also, since they’ve ‘upgraded’ the App, I can’t use just my phone number at the store or gas station!! Im told they don’t have it in their system. I have called and was told they do have my number, however when I tried the next day, same thing. It is especially annoying when my husband goes to the store without me and can’t use my phone number to get the points. When he brought this up, he was told to take a picture of my card and just show that every time he checks out. Why on earth would he have to scroll through the many, many pictures he has on his phone when he should just be able to give my phone number???? Ugh
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4 years ago, mfgnb
Don’t use the grocery list...
I used to make my grocery list on the app and it was great, everything all in one place. Now since they’ve updated it making your grocery list is so frustrating. When you type and item in automatically brings up a different screen asking if you want to browse the aisles. So each time I want to add an item is super frustrating. Also you want to add something to your grocery list that you have a coupon for it asks if you want to “shop now “ and will add it to your cart. If they want us to use the cart as our list then why even have the option of making a list. For me I don’t want to feel like I have to go shopping twice, I just want to write down what I need while I’m thinking of it and be done.
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