Giant Food

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Giant of Maryland LLC
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2 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Giant Food

4.39 out of 5
7K Ratings
2 years ago, Bess55
Good not great
I mostly use this for curbside pickup but also a few times for delivery. I really like being able to add things to my cart when I think of them, then finish the order when I'm ready to pick up. I really like the Past Purchases listings. My store is quite fast about bringing out my groceries after I arrive. I still don't like this app as well as the old Peapod app it replaced. This one still can't do substitutes. The feature is there but it never actually shows me the offered substitute item like Peapod did. It feels like this was designed first as a tool for in store shopping, with on line ordering tacked in. There is an awful lot of clutter for features I never need or use. So, the in store shoppers are complaining because this combined function app isn't as clean and easy to use as its predecessor because of the extra clutter and the on-line shoppers are complaining because it's not as clean and easy to use as Peapod. Why did they ever decide to combine them?
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3 years ago, ACH176
Bring Back the Old App
I have religiously shopped at Giant for two and a half years using the old version of this app and it was wonderful. If I had one complaint about it it would be that the items you selected appeared on your shopping list in the order you selected them instead of by their location in the store. Still, all in all an easy to use and very convenient app. Fast forward to 10 days ago...I can’t make heads or tails of what’s happened. You clip coupons but the items don’t appear on your shopping list. You search the weekly ad and when you tap on something to add it to your list, it brings up every single variation of that item available in the store (like all six degrees of pulp Tropicana orange juice offers) and when you select what you want it ends up in your shopping cart instead of on your list. Sometimes if you tap on something, like ground beef, a message appears that says there was a problem finding related products; I don’t want related products I want ground beef and I can’t even add THAT to my shopping list OR to the shopping cart. I have to make a paper and pencil list to go to the store tomorrow because I can’t figure out the changes to this app...and I have a college degree. If I weren’t moving away I’d be shopping for a different grocery store.
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4 months ago, Douggie2023
Newer App Version is Much Improved
The newer app version is much improved. Performance is boosted significantly. The interface is a little more modern. The only thing I don’t like is navigating past purchases. I don’t like that I have to load more items after scrolling down. A few times, the app automatically scrolled down my past purchases lost after clicking load more, which meant I had to scroll back up to where I was
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8 months ago, RMajor
Features continue to deteriorate
This app has become less user friendly since it went from Peapod to Giant. In addition to requiring more steps to do just about anything from adding items to an order after checking out, adding driver’s tip, etc. Now, it has taken away all of my “All Time” past purchases. Yet, it allows me to see purchases from the last 6 months, three months, or last order but for All Time gives me a message that “You have no past purchases.” It then instructs me to “Try searching or browsing for your favorite items.” Which is yet another frustration as the app has deteriorated in its ability to pull up basic items that are in stock with simple search terms. I now have to go broader with a search term to get the specific brand of an item because it no longer responds to nuanced searches. Almost every other grocery app has these features enabled and Peapod used to. This has become the most time consuming grocery app to use and has resulted in using Giant weekly to maybe once a month, and for fewer items, in favor of stores with easier, and less time consuming user app interfaces.
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3 years ago, stephanyvaldez
New Update
The new update version is very busy! I just want to go straight to my coupons and shopping list when I shop in store. Now I have to scroll and look for the coupons and shopping list. I feel this new update is catered more to the people that order online or for pickup. I feel that my in store experience is ruined. The shopping list is a nightmare. Before I used to be able to just type eggs and it would put eggs. Now when I type eggs I have to actually pick a specific brand of eggs to add to my list it’s just an added step for me. I would like for in store past purchases to be included as well with the past purchases. It might help me make my list making a little easier. Overall I think the app is just too overwhelming and busy right now. The home section is just too much! I prefer the original home that they used to have. The only thing I like about the app is the new scan feature. I like to be able to check prices in store because sometimes hang tags aren’t current.
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3 years ago, App sad
I hope that in time they figure out what makes this app unreliable some of the time. I have spoken with Giant employees who also find it very frustrating so I know I am not alone. If I didn’t do nearly all of my grocery shopping at Giant I wouldn’t care. Once again the app isn’t working. It just spins and spins. It looks like the update caused it to work slower or not at all. It would be nice if when this happens and you click on flexible rewards to find that option isn’t working, it would be nice if there was some message letting you know it is being updated, repaired, down for maintenance or something!! Instead I will skip going to Giant again today because the app isn’t working. This app is so unreliable. It is frustrating. I like Giant. I am there every week. Sometimes a couple times a week. But I won’t go and shop there when the app isn’t working - like today. Very disappointing. I guess having an update means someone is trying to improve it. I hope you have another update soon that helps to fix the ongoing problems with using flexible rewards.
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5 months ago, IanNVA
Spring 23 update has made it harder to use
While there have been some improvements with the spring 2023 release, overall it’s stepped backwards for usability. While the shopping list is easier to find, it’s functionality has me avoiding it now and trying to kluge a different way. The shopping list no longer gives you the ability to add items to the cart, at the item, nor adjust quantity directly. You must check boxes, then find a buried control to add them to the cart. *Then* if you want more than one of that item, you must adjust it in a separate step. Also, the shopping list gives no sense of in/out of stock. If you add an item to the cart that is out of stock, there is no indication of that failing. You’re just left to discover it some time later (hopefully). The controls give you no way to clear the check boxes - you may remove items from the list… or delete the list only. Like many, we have items we buy regular that are permanent residents of our shopping list and now I’m afraid of misclick wiping them out. Please bring back the functionality still seen in the past purchases, have a way to preserve a reoccurring list and make the shopping list controls more transparent
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2 years ago, Spunky Armadillo
Online Pickup
We use the giant food app to build our grocery order and then do curbside pickup. At some point, the app added a feature where you could share your location and notify the store that you are on your way for pickup. About 1-2 months ago, that feature stopped working. When we open the app, the pop-up message no longer populates and we now have to call the store upon arrival. Not a huge deal, but the feature eliminated a step. re: Adding Items to an Existing Order - When you are looking through your past purchases list and get to the “Show More” button, once clicked the options expand upward. This requires you to scroll up to where you left off or review your items in reverse, and scroll back down to get the “Show More” button again.
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6 months ago, Sandmansmx
Good food, but poor app
While I no longer prepare my own meals, I like to have snacks, especially some cheeses and beverages. The reason that I give the site only a three star rating is because the app is not easy to use on my iPad. It is very slow, doesn’t respond well to my touch, which most all other sites have no problem with. Also, I don’t like that it seems to operate only in a vertical mode on my iPad. Other details that, specifically, don’t come to mind right now, just make it a less than easy site to navigate. For example, I thought I had made a purchase on Wednesday night when I could have saved on the Thursday delivery at no cost, but it turned out this hadn’t happened. I no longer drive, so delivery is necessary, and Giant does a good job of it. (I should point out that I have been using the internet since it was made available to the public around 1994 [if I remember correctly], so I think it is safe to say that I am computer literate, when I make my comments.) I advise Giant to have ordinary people who haven’t used the app to come in and have the IT people observe the behavior of the participants, and then make changes to the app.
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4 months ago, Auntie Yaya8176
Please fix points redemption
Whenever you go to redeem points they expire on different days. When you hit redeem, your oldest points should be redeemed first and any left over points should be from the newest set of points. For example, I had 1254 points, and 982 of the expire on 5/22 the rest expire on 5/29. You can only redeem in increments of 100, so I redeemed 1200 and had 54 left over. Now the app says these 54 points expire on 5/22. They should keep the expiration of the most recent date, 5/29. This happens every time I redeem points and it’s very frustrating!!!!!!!!! Giant is cutting you out of your hard earned points. With as much money as I spend at the store, I should at least be able to keep my 54 points for as long as possible. A seven day time difference isn’t huge but I’ve had points expire months apart and it still does this.
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3 years ago, _myownriptide
Can’t View Account Info
Over the past 1.5-2 weeks, I have been unable to view my Giant card, view account information, add coupons, view points balance, and designate flexible rewards points to grocery or gas rewards. I have tried both in the app and on multiple different browsers on both my iPhone and MacBook Pro. I have even tried calling customer support and they were not able to tell me why I couldn’t view my account info, and even started giving me a slight attitude over the fact that the app was telling me to create an account to view my card in the app even after logging into my account. If this persists, I am tempted to see about deleting my account as adding coupons and designating flexible rewards points towards groceries is the whole reason I use my Giant card and have the app downloaded onto & taking up space on my phone.
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9 months ago, C467373783
Great Service, Glitchy App
I love using the Giant online order and pickup service. It saves me time, money, and my sanity - I hate crowded grocery stores and not being able to find what I need. That being said, this app is pretty bad. Normally while doing a big order I’ll have to force quit and reopen the app as it’ll freeze on me. Or the app will just crash, which is fun. Plus when I try to click on my current order to see updates or change items the system says "sorry we're having trouble retrieving your order details”. This happens literally everytime and has never worked for me. Because of this, I never see my substitutions before arriving at the store and I can’t let the store know I’ve arrived without directly calling… everytime.
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3 years ago, Giant Shopper 213
Terrible Update
I appreciate the innovative spirit that designers and developers went for with this app. It looks pretty and has nice aesthetic elements. With that said, that’s all the positives. This app is not user friendly, does not allow you to add coupons efficiently, has way too many distracting elements, has design flaws ex. where the “chat feature” covers the “details” under special offers. I think the point was missed in this update, it’s about coupon and point tracking. I understand that you want to sell, but most people don’t use the app for purchasing a full load of groceries, they use the website or the store scanners. As such, emphasis should be placed on easily tracking offers, coupons and points. That’s it. I honestly would like to go back to the old app, I think some serious thought needs to be put in rolling back the changes.
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4 months ago, mikedapple
New Version 7.19 ruined a functional app
So there were always little annoyances with this app - random crashes, the fact that it thinks certain items are carried by your local store when they aren’t, not having many items that ARE at your local store. But, it was mainly functional. Now, with the new version they’ve tried to beautify it — which has destroyed some basic functionality that was there before. Primary issue - your personalized shopping list of items you buy often and save as favorites. It used to be that you could go through this list with big icons and the ability to immediately add each item AND multiple quantities of each item to your cart. Now, you have to check off tiny little boxes, at the end, hit some far off three more menu to reach a hidden “add to cart” option. THEN go back into your cart and increase quantities of items you need more than one of????!!!! Do these guys have any focus groups of actual customers. This is the problem with the monopoly grocery market in Maryland where Giant is almost the only option in regular middle class areas. Time to try out Safeway, even if it’s further away.
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7 months ago, L is for Irish
Could be way better
The app could be much better. Most of the time it doesn’t show your rewards properly nor does it allow you to change which store you’re ordering pickup from. Every time you try, it just stays on the one you currently have. It also says I should be able to keep it open when doing pickup and if my location services are on, the store will know when I’m there and bring out my order, that’s never worked. I don’t mind calling when I get to the store, so this doesn’t bug me much but if you make the claim, it should work. Honestly, 3 stars is a bit generous as these issues have been ongoing over the past few years.
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6 years ago, Former yikyak queen
I️ use this every week but it’s not reliable
Every week when I use the app I have to double check the whole time things are scanning that all of my coupons go through. I have to stay on top of things and remember every coupon I have, which can be a pain (one time I only got something for “free day” and it rang up as full price). That said, being able to digitally look at the circular and use the coupons is convenient and has saved me a LOT of money. I save between 30-75% each trip from shopping sales and using coupons. Currently my problem with the app is that it won’t open. I even installed the latest update, but it continues to say sorry for the technical difficulties, come back later). The app is absolutely useless if I can’t open it!
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2 years ago, Zz top234
Worst app on my phone
I am a long time Giant customer. I started using the app a little over a year ago. For a long time I had no issues. Then apparently something was changed. The app constantly crashes when using it and it makes my phone overheat and drains my battery faster than any other app. I use apps for other grocery stores and do not have any problems with the other apps. I have read other reviewers complaining about the same problem with the Giant app. The response is always that it will be passed on to the tech people, however there seems to be no resolution. It is most frustrating and I shop at Giant less and less because of the app problem. Giant - if you want to keep your customers you really should solve this issue with your app.
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2 years ago, Ranz2
The recent changes have ruined this App
I have shopped for large orders using this App for years. It was user friendly, efficient, and it worked. The recent App updates have caused so many issues: It is so slow now, it spins after every add item. It now takes 3 times longer to do a large order. Also I get frequent error messages when trying to add items from past purchases. It now takes 3 selections to add one item because it asks to select from current order, then it goes to another screen, then you have to hit the arrow to go back. This cannot be the way it was designed to work - something is wrong. Please fix this App - I get you wanted to add a new feature to do multiple carts, but do not destroy the existing features that were fine.
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2 years ago, VASongBirdVA
Crashes so often
I have been a loyal Peapod shopper for many many years. Since the change to Giant my frustration is with the mobile app crashing while I create my order. I never encountered issues with the Peapod app. Once service was changed to Giant delivery I had issues adding/correct my information to the system. The system would not save the updated information. It took months to get my account information correct. Now as I shop, the app crashes constantly! I cannot complete my shopping without it crashing at least 2-4 times. So frustrating! Bring back Peapod’s functionality or fix the crashing!
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7 months ago, ctina21
Must have bugs
I have not been able to use this app successfully. I look up a product, it SAYS however many results were found, but none of them actually pop up. Sometimes it shows the product but I can’t add any of them to the cart. The add to cart option is there but nothing happens when I select it. I’ve tried on wifi and off. I also had issues selecting a store initially. I would select it, but it never confirmed it was selected and didn’t show up in the pick up box. I’ve been able to select it since then. It now says ‘selected’ instead of ‘select’ and the location appears in the pick up box. This is really frustrating because I hate shopping at either local Food Lions. I guess I’ll try the Walmart app 😤
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3 years ago, appmiky
Coupons not applied, No Apple Pay, Won’t show accurate total price
Atrocious incompetence. Order invoice shows they did not apply any of the coupons. Have screenshots showing coupons added to order. Contacted them via website & have not heard anything back for a week. Never shopping Giant again. They have no idea what they are doing & don’t care. Never had such problems with Instacart which resolves any problems immediately. Weird to have an iPhone app that still requires manual input of credit card. Also it takes a while to show actual total after savings. Frustrating to have it change to total every return to the cart. Also instead of automatically applying coupons you have to manually reapply every single time you open this app!
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3 years ago, C&M G
2020 Update/New App NOT User Friendly
I am a regular GiantFood shopper and used this App every single time I shopped. I also used the GiantFood website in conjunction with the App. Unfortunately, this update/New App is not user friendly at all. The best part of the previous App was being able to browse the Weekly Ad and add items from it directly to your Shopping List while also having the ability to add your own custom Favorites. It was also easier to add the Coupons too. Now I have to go through hoops just to find and add anything. I even tried to add the Coupons & make a Shopping List on the Website thinking that may be easier but both the Website & App are too time consuming. Please look into trying to make this more user friendly. As of now, sadly it's unusable.
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2 months ago, OmiPaparazzi
Dissatisfied with degraded functionality
I’ve shopped at Giant and used the app for many years. Recent versions have become increasingly more difficult to use. I have to repeatedly logon every time I try to use it. And it often crashes or just won’t load when inside store. Searching for a specific items shows many in-related items. I.e. when searching for “bread crumbs” app displayed ground beef and frozen fish! I usually shop in-store, though during COVID I did curbside pickup orders. However for 2 days now, when I login AGAIN, app is set for delivery and prompts me to choose a delivery time. I have NEVER done delivery! Unable to switch to in-store — app displays message “Oops something went wrong. Try again later.” PLEASE MAKE THIS APP FUNCTIONAL AGAIN!!!
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2 years ago, 2MamaBear
In theory the app would be great if it didn’t crash constantly, like at least 5 times in as many minutes. So many reviewers saying the exact same thing. FIX IT! I’d rather clip paper coupons at this point, but it would be so much better if all the coupons were automatically tied to your card and we didn’t have to “clip” anything anywhere. Especially in this unreliable app. And for some reason we haven’t gotten the paper ad in the mail for at least a month and now I have to resort to this faulty app to plan our weekly shopping. With all the choices for grocery stores in the area, you’d think Giant would want to keep their customers happy. More and more we’re thinking of calling it quits on Giant.
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2 years ago, Eze II
Very Unreliable & Unstable
I like this App, when it works! When I need it most, while in the store grocery shopping it blanks out. I restart, restart and restart again. So now I want to print a list before going to the store but that function has disappeared or buried so many levels down I can’t locate it. So option C, is to get a piece of paper and write it down. Really! That defeats the main purpose of the APP, IMO. The bare minimum requirement of a APP is that it doesn’t crash and burn when in use. Giant App use to be a entirely useless due to it’s lack of functionality. The techies added lots of useful bells and whistles. Now stop it from crashing so frequently please and you have a winner.
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2 weeks ago, MerleTheTraveler
App recently became dysfunctional
App has always been a little clunky with minor bugs, but it worked and was very functional. I have very large orders. App became dysfunctional a few weeks ago. I used to be able to fill my cart with my entire last order and start from there. Now the fill cart option only fills with PART of the last order. Too much manual work, searching, and reviewing now. I am always missing items from my order since you can’t fully load cart from the last order. Needs better testing before doing software release. I never order everything I need now. What a pity that you ruined the app.
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11 months ago, Margie188
Great time saver! Great experience!
Highly recommend. We’re a busy family with three kids. Time is limited and we try to out source where we can afford to. We gladly pay the annual fee. It’s actually really incredible for the amount of time we save every single week. I can’t imagine going back to having to go to the store every week. Love having everything I need and everything I would normally purchase delivered to my front door. Thank you Giant!!!
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3 years ago, rbs18ret
Card barcode in July update
All of a sudden I can no longer get the barcode for my card displayed for in store use, just the number. I was told by customer service that is part of the new update. So either the cashier has to type it in or I have to type in my phone number. Very inconvenient, and going backwards In Technology. The readers were purchased and installed and now are worthless. I feel like this app is only for and totally geared to ordering online now. (Which I also do).
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6 years ago, clenative
Needs improvement
Started shopping Giant of Maryland in September. Have tried multiple times to use that app, but it’s very slow to load and requires that I sign in every time, which is a pain. Developers need to really look at other grocery store apps (Kroger’s is very good, Safeway pretty good.) My three major complaints about this app (besides how slow it is) are as follows: 1)no ability to remove or delete coupons from your list; 2) no coupon organization-you have to scroll through ALL coupons. It’d be nice to have them organized by category like dairy, deli, frozen, etc.; 3)it’d be nice to have the app customize to the store you are shopping. Too many coupons for products not available at my store.
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2 years ago, smg21778
Worst app I’ve ever used
This is hands-down the worst app that I’ve ever used. It is incredibly slow and crashes all the time for no reason, regardless of which device I use. It is the most infuriating thing to use. As suggested, I have tried re-installing it multiple times on different devices but the problem persists, and Customer support has been of no use either. As you can see from the reviews that this is not a problem unique to me, it has gone on for years, and no one has ever bothered to fix it. Instead, they just blame the user or blow off the complaints with a rote, meaningless response. Why is this impossible for your developers to fix??? Giant should fire them.
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2 years ago, jourabchid
App works great usually…but
I have an issue when scrolling through the cart or searching for and adding items where after about 3-5 minutes the app crashes and I have to force quit and relaunch then try to find the items I was trying to add or remove from the cart. There is always a bit of lag while loading. Would be nice if the final bill was accessible in the app from an online order. And if points didn’t take 2+ days to post. The app crashing happens on both my iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone XR. on both iOS14.4 and rc 14.5
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2 years ago, SkillyP
Constantly crashing
App crashes EVERY TIME when searching coupons by brand. Mostly when I’ve gotten to the letter O in the alphabet. This forces me to have to start all over again at the beginning and scroll through coupons already seen! VERY ANNOYING!!! There needs to be a way to: 1. Lock in your option preference when searching coupons (I prefer by brand), and 2. Coupons should all load at once so user doesn’t have to keep tapping “load more” button. Fix these two recurring problems and I’ll give it five stars. Until these problems are addressed , it’s the most frustrating app on my phone and deserves a big thumbs down.
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8 months ago, Dinka 214
I use it because it’s the only one for Giant. I love that my order is received and I have all of the correct items. The part that is usually frustrating is the website the website is just not user friendly I wanna look at the weekly circular and it only shows me things that I might be interested in instead of everything I search for bottled water and I get tuna packed in water. And Lord knows if I want to scroll around the website it will crash and I’ll have to start again it is not my expectation of a website that you use for ordering in 2023.
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2 years ago, DPTGirl
Needs work
We use this app every week and I really want to love it but it’s super annoying and needs to be fixed. It crashes constantly and the new update is weird. If you have a pending order it’s no longer showing in the cart and you have to scroll down to see it. Worst of all when I want to add things from past purchases there are too many steps. This should be a smooth, streamlined app and it isn’t. I want to be able to order my groceries in five minutes on here, not 20. Please fix!
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2 years ago, Megs2Hooligans
So. Glitchy.
I started using this app during quarantine to do curbside pickup, and the service is so convenient that I’ve continued to do it. In fact, even though there is a minimal fee for curbside, I probably save money not bringing my 3-year-old in with me and having him ask for all sorts of food. Pros: the “past purchases” and “fill cart with last order” options are great for creatures of habit like my family. Cons: the app is SO GLITCHY. It quits out on me at least two or three times while I’m using it, and then I have to scroll though and find my place again. Plus it uses up a ton of battery life and makes my phone hot. Also, when a product is out and they offer to show substitutions, they never actually show you any substations. So weird. All in all, it’s less time consuming and safer than the grocery store, but only slightly less frustrating.
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3 months ago, GwenMB
Good concept, still has bugs
I use the app for adding deals to my card and curbside pickup orders. These are great ideas and will be fabulous when they work consistently. Unfortunately, I’m not sure the curbside order status or letting the store know I’m there has ever worked for me. The deals are also useful but not always working. The app is buggy enough that I’ve tried to use my desktop instead with limited success also. I look forward to the curbside order pickup feature working most of all!
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8 months ago, Quick to Rate
Love the coupons
I appreciated how you could automatically check that you wanted to coupons and they even showed you what was being applied at the end of the order. He used to be that you had to load your coupons prior to doing the shopping trip for them to work. This is a great change.
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10 months ago, PurpleFlower777
Bugs Need Fixing
Tried to set up a pick up from my local store. I selected a date and time slot. When I went to check out, the app asked for my delivery address. This was odd since I was PICKING UP but okay. I entered it and then the app said it could not process and to return. So I’m stuck on checkout with no way around this error. Apparently I cannot pick up an order without an delivery address. Makes no sense. I proceeded to try to get assistance in the chat option only to be greatly disappointed. By asking my question I was told “select a time slot for your local store”. Duh.
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2 years ago, DCtrade
Recent update is horrible
With the recent update it is IMPOSSIBLE to update an existing order. This is a huge issue and makes the home delivery service pretty much unusable. Please return the ability to update an existing order to how it worked before, including being able to update an order from your past purchases. With this current version the app seems very focused on a user having multiple delivery orders at the same time which probably never happens. The app needs to be set up to focus on your current order and allow that order to be easily updated prior to the cutoff time.
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6 years ago, Stephy2
Please make it easier to sort/keep track of coupons.
I use this app mainly for the coupons, but it is so frustrating. When the register misses a coupon, I go to customer service. They usually ask me to see the coupon on my phone, and I have to scroll for like 5 minutes to find it. Also, I wish that I could add coupons to my shopping list to make it easier to look at the size, expiration date, and other restrictions on the coupon. I also wish that used coupons would disappear or be marked somehow.
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2 years ago, BlueAppK
App crashes continually and never addressed by company
I have been using this app for curbside pickup for almost 2 years now. And while I love the curbside option with the store the App is terrible and frustrating to use. It constantly crashes and just randomly closes. In fact just before I wrote this it closed over 20 times in 30 minutes. So it takes hours to make an order as you have to keep restarting from the beginning. This is an ongoing problem that has never been resolved. It also drains my battery faster then any other app (30 minutes takes 50% of battery power).
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2 years ago, 17nickname17
Should be great. Crashes all the time.
Please fix the app. The app is a great idea and I’ve been using it exclusively since COVID started. But it crashes all the time. I’ve crashed five times in the past 10 minutes trying to fill my cart. It would be faster to drive to the store, walk the aisles, checkout and drive home than using the app right now. And I have all five bars! Update: Nothing has changed - hating this app more and more every time I use it. Just now within five minutes the app crashed at least five times and shows spinner on blank screen while I’m scrolling through my list and past purchases.
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1 year ago, docwayson
Works 25% of the time
This app hardly works. I constantly have to delete it and re-download it to get it to work. It says cannot connect, or it freezes up on a certain screen and never goes away, or I can never move from one screen to the other, when I went for curbside pick up I couldn’t check in. It’s constant suckiness. It’s faster for me to open Safari and go through the web browser there and log into the Giant Food website then to use this broken app. I have use this app probably 20 times and five of those times it worked and the other 15 it didn’t.
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2 years ago, Mrichardson16
App continually crashes
So I like to fill my cart using the all past purchases tab. Nothing is more frustrating than being 1/4 of the way thru my long purchase list then crash, then 1/3 of the way, crash again. This continues on and on. I find myself treating it as a race to see how many items I can hurry hurry hurry up and add before the dang thing crashes AGAIN! LOL funny not funny. I see from other reviews this is a common problem currently. After all birds really need to fix this please!
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5 years ago, celinenme
Decent but coupons need lots of help
Decent app but coupons could use some big improvements. We need to be able to filter by category instead of scrolling through all of them. Please fix the issue where coupons remain listed even if you’ve used them. I can’t always remember if I’ve used one. The Coupons app removes them once they are used. My other issue is that I’ll make a shopping list on the web while logged in and it usually doesn’t carry forward to the app but it should.
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2 years ago, LiamKell26
This app is constantly down for maintenance whether it is scheduled or not. The app especially likes to go down “for maintenance” during business hours. Convenient for them not to give you your rewards points on purchases. When the app does work, upon opening they will never fail to bombard you with pop ups to turn on push notifications (no matter how many times you’ve opened this app before). People have complained about this annoyance for a long time yet they will never removed it. Your grocery store would be good if you would just simplify your app.
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5 years ago, AintLifeK
Trifecta Benefits!
Not only does it hold my “clipped” coupons electronically and apply them when I check out, I also get discounts on fuel and rewards for my grandsons elementary school. The app itself is a bit hard to edit on my mobile device. But saving money makes up for it. Yesterday I saved $26 on a $127 total order. The gas discount and school rewards were in addition. Get the app. Use it and save!
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3 months ago, Ms Lindsay
Best Giant in Bowie Area
Always clean, bright and produce is fresh and crisp ! Staff pleasant and eager to assist any time. You can ask a question and staff will walk you to area to find what you are looking for. Meat department is fully loaded with products at all times! Seafood manager explains items and very helpful in describing items. Bakery always provides fresh items and cupcakes are outstanding !
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9 months ago, Mom-Mom the book worm
I can go to other grocery stores, but I don’t! When I walk into another one for one item, I feel like I have walked into a foreign land! At Giant, i know where everything is, the employees are always top notch, and I can depend on the quality of the products I buy! There are other grocery stores closer to my home, but they aren’t Giant Food! Thanks!
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4 months ago, jec-fitzy
Earn rewards
I recently updated the app now the rewards that you’ve already earned do not go away. So you have to remember which ones you’ve earned already. It makes the list of items to earn rewards long. it’s frustrating if you don’t remember you already bought the item and buy it again to get the rewards then you don’t - you can only earn the reward once. This is a bug and should be fixed!!
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