Gift Card Granny

3.3 (18)
50.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gift Card Granny, LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Gift Card Granny

3.28 out of 5
18 Ratings
8 years ago, HeatherC1983
Love it but some layout improvements would make it even better
A great app to find deals from multiple stores and multiple vendors. A sort option when you go to the buy cards tab to separate into categories like clothing, restaurants, etc for when you want to peruse the best deals and don't have a specific store name in mind would be great.
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2 years ago, Irritated NES Fan
This app makes gifting so easy! I especially love being able to put a picture on a gift card!
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1 year ago, Igor Polovinkin
This app has changed. From the best to worst.
This app was my best gate way to purchase gift cards on discount from 5%-15%off. Now it $1 per $100 you spend. Don’t recommend.
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1 year ago, Kfbrjgnelfn
Does not work with Apple Pay
What not can I say it’s the most incompatible gift card app I have ever used
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2 years ago, Arabella7777
Virtual Visa only works for Online Purchases but not AT&T
Got this card as a gift from a sweet but untech savvy relative. Cannot be used to buy gas or for in-store purchases: online use only since its not a plastic card just virtual. Works for Walmart food delivery if you remember to schedule their pickup or delivery in advance or expedited. AT&T won't accept virtual Visa gift card to refill a prepaid account online so card is limited use. Told my relative many thanks but that an online guest-only payment to my Paypal debit card would let me use the gift money anywhere anytime. Big difference.
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5 years ago,
They do not do their due dilligence
Update Feb 7, 2019 I would like to point out that after I contacted GCG support they have also acted on my behalf and opened a ticket with the seller. I do appreciate their gesture however almost 2 full months passed as well as a lot of time was invested in making this happen - what should have been a smooth sailing experience. Please be careful as you might be in for more than you bargained for. ———————— Please avoid selling through their app - especially for Adidas gift cards. Their top offered vendor for buying and selling is CardFlip that claims they paid for the cards however - the money never came. CardFlip’s customer service at this point seems to be a fable and my $200 gift card has been stripped to $63 without received payment up until now. Please learn from my mistake and even though this app comes from a reputable source such as App STORE their vendors might not have the same Acclaim. Martin
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5 years ago, Samadhi.99
Reliable and Fast delivery
I tried different apps to buy gift cards. I usually buy gift cards when I am ready ro check out at a store or online. It is vital for the card to be delivered instantly or at least within 15 mins. The other apps I tried would often take more than 6 hours to deliver the card. By that time I have often paid for the purchase. Whereas Gift Card granny hasn’t disappointed me so far.
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9 years ago, KaniacAngel
U gotta try it! 🎀⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🎀
I love 💟love 💟love this app! If it only🎈compared several GC sites for the most savings on each store it'd be a great app., but it does so much more to help you save $$ making it an awesome app! It lets you 🎈save favorite stores,🎈buy & sell cards, 🎈set various search features,🎈and even check your card balance. If you're a gift card fanatic like me, you gotta try this! 👍🏻👍🏻😎😎😎
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5 years ago, Dee Colburn
Please beware
I purchased a $25 Redbox gift card then when I went in (within just a few days) to use it for the first time I was given a message “this gift card has a zero balance”. I issued a refund request which was denied without explanation. Of course I have emailed them at this point & am waiting on a reply but in the meantime I’ve contacted Redbox who looked up the Gift card & said there have been no transactions nor does the gift card even have a balance. The card has never even been loaded with a balance. Please Read the reviews folks.
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5 years ago, Socialshanny
Not up front with details
This app looks like a good idea but it’s not. They did not have the gift card information available before purchase. They expect you to look that up separately if you buy an e-gift card or regular gift card. For example I bought a Taco Bell e- gift card that can only be used through the Taco Bell app. No where was that information delivered on their website! Don’t buy e-gift cards from this website. Period. When I asked for a refund for this they said no. There’s no phone number to call just an email.
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8 years ago, Dmagee32
Great app
I love to save money any way possible. This makes saving money easy in convenient...i highly recommend!
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8 years ago, Seven7
Money Saver
This is by far the best app around to save you money. Whenever I plan to make a big purchase, I use gift card granny to check on where I can get the best deal on that specific retailer's gift cards. This app saves time and is updated every minute so you know what is in stock and what isn't. Easy 5 stars.
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8 years ago, Casilversurfr
Awesome app! Thank you!
Big time saver to access this app to find a gift card at all gift card sites it's being sold at and know which site is offering the biggest discount. I'm not sure what Favorites gives you and if I can add alert for my favorite gift cards like I do with Raise that would even be better
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9 years ago, SamerIWarrior
Constant regression in features rendered it useless
Pathetic really. Most apps get better and more features are added over time. But not this one. They removed favorites. They removed eBay listing type filters. They broke the interface. I emailed them with feedback and next release got even worse. I'm done with waiting until this app is fixed. I'll give them two stars since they still do aggregation but usability is terrible.
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8 years ago, Stop8:)
Helpful app but please remove ebay on searches!
Please remove ebay on searches they are no the real price, it alway show big diacount and when you check it is always bidding, make an option to choose what type of store we want to see on searches. The. Review will be 5 stars. Your just tricking people to see how much discount they get then finding it is not real because it is ebay bidding!!!!
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8 years ago, Jacqueline Z.
Awesome App!!!
I heard about this app last year around Christmas when I got a $60 gift card for my favorite store for only $30. That's 50% off! My friends are buying as well. We will no longer buy full price gift cards. Thanks, Granny! :)
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6 years ago, bluestreak426
Too limited
When I compare this App to similar Apps that sell identical products I always get disappointed by the limited/small amount of search results. When same search is done on one of their competitions App’s, I always get enough search results to ensure I don’t have to purchase an overpriced gift card. I can’t seem to find anything on Gift Card Granny that truly offers deep discounts like the other popular gift card sites.
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8 years ago, scooterPia
Legit money saver!
I was skeptical about this app at first but after trying it out, I'm so glad I did! I have saved over $600 from Lowes alone. We are remodeling our kitchen so I bought $6000+ in gift cards at 11%+ off, it's awesome! Great options and great service
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8 years ago, SodaPop678
Great Deals
This app helps me to find best gift card deals from all of the major sources. It is quick and easy, and takes you right to the website you choose. Five stars!
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7 years ago, nancy1191
Totally thrilled!
Been using this for a few years. It's great to have one source to summarize the available deals. I only purchase the deals through here. I'm leery of anyone else.
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7 years ago, Aeh4
Gift card granny is a scam. It is paid with “gift card flip” and is worthless. I had entered 6 gift cards and was supposed to get back almost $150 into my bank account. They emptied the cards and a week later, I still have not seen the money in my bank account. I am sure, since they now have my account information, they will use it inappropriately as well. Be careful using this app.
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8 years ago, Wpeed001
I love the notifications I get when my hard to find gift cards are listed anywhere on the Web.
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11 years ago, Ashley2985
Love this app!!
This app works great! It's easy to use and I'm glad you can filter gift card results by seller. The Favorites feature is nice and I also like how you can check balances on the fly.
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5 years ago, dale19@
Beware of “partner” sellers
Note the lifetime guarantee applies only to gift cards you by directly from merchant through Gift Card Granny Third party sellers using this app provide a warranty of as little as 7 days per the Gift Card Granny fine print. So if you buy an “electronic” card that has been resold multiple times, you might only get part of the advertised value with no recourse back to seller or Gift Card Grannie.
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8 years ago, Rannn_JJ
Save $$$$$$$$
Actually I want to sell some unwanted gift cards and download this app. The app can compare buy & sell price from many sites! I sell my cards and buy a lot of Sephora! Average save 12%! Sooooo great!
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9 years ago, Christservant
Helps me make tons of dough
Helps me make tons of dough buying and selling gift cards with minimal amount of hassle. Plus I buy cards at best rates and get serious discounts at all the restaurants I eat at. Thank you giftcardgranny. Boo ya!
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9 years ago, Todavid6945
Horrible Update
I lost all of my merchants. Had to add all of them again. I used to click eBay auction and Buy It Now off and it would remain off. I clicked ABC Gift Cards off and it would stay off. Now everything is out of order and it doesn't remember any of my settings. Please fix as soon as possible
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3 years ago, Egg farm
Bad gift idea
If you plan on giving this gift card to someone Dont, it is extremely limiting on what they can spend it for. It’s a extreme hassle to figure out where the card is valid or not. If you need a gift card just go to a local drug store, I got one for Christmas & couldn’t use it anywhere so I gave it back to the person.
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7 years ago, jjpretty
Good GC buying site but forget the rewards
GCG has a nice selection of gift cards to purchase through other sites & I have done so several times. My issue with it is that for no reason whatsoever all of my "granny points" have disappeared & my reward balance is back to zero.
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4 years ago, anthony89m89
The people they work with are scammers
I highly suggest not using this app. They connect you with gift card spread and card pool. Both of them company’s are scams. 100s of people have gave them the gift card info and or gift cards and never receive payment. I have been trying to contact these company’s and I’ve had no luck after selling them two gift cards.
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6 years ago, rdeco54
Suggestion - add account info
I love the Website and just checked out my updated app. The thing I wanted to see first on my home page is the status / info for the cards I follow. Please consider making that possible in your next update. Thanks.
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9 years ago, Ram99205
Phenomenal savings!
This app keeps getting more and more cards, with deeper and deeper savings. I love buying cards here. What a great array, with very clear ability to buy from whichever merchant you want to.
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3 years ago, xxxironmanxxx07
I had not checked this app in awhile and decided I wanted to check out some deals on cards and was sad to see that they no longer do that. They make you purchase full price now with cash backs (pennies cash back really) that are not worth it. So sad, this use to be a really good app now it’s trash. Deleting app and will never download it again
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11 years ago, Needwindex
Love granny gift card!
Been using her web site for years to save on discounted cards. Now I can watch cards in the go! Thanks granny for this great app. Works and feels good.
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6 years ago, s.c.ham
This review is for the Company in general
If I could give them 0 stars I would. They don’t have any support staff that works the weekends, and being able to buy any gift cards is such a struggle. I tried to buy 4 gift cards and they suspended my account. I would strongly recommend any other gift card reselling site.
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7 years ago, spbugge
My budget is forever changed!
I love GiftCard Granny so much, I often check the app before I check the news :)
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7 years ago, Katsudon23
Liar app.
This app is absolutely bad. Entered my correct login details and kept getting errors that I have entered too many times wrongly and skip for now. Took few times an hour break, tried again and still the same thing happened. Deleted the app and reinstall and nothing is changed. Angry 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
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7 years ago, GubMints
Needs to stop listing cards from eBay
The other card referral sites seem to work fine, but know that if you see a gift card deeply discounted on eBay it is likely a scam. GC Granny needs to stop scanning eBay for cards- Too many fraudulent deals. I've been burned twice now on eBay.
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2 years ago, M.J.P. 89
Can’t Even Create an Account
Tried to create an account to access digital giftcards and couldn’t even set up an account. Encountered multiple errors, deleted and downloaded the app multiple times. Do not recommend. Not user friendly.
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9 years ago, IPad gal 2
Great Way to Find Gift Cards
I have used this app many times to find gift cards. The choices are the best
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8 years ago, Kimmysaki
Saves me money
It's almost better then using a fantastic coupon! I love gift card granny
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9 years ago, Dan Gaffey
Great savings
You can find a discount gift card for basically any store you want to buy from. Awesome app.
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10 years ago, AreKayEmm
Great app!!
I love this app. Wish there was a way to get rid of those adds by paying $0.99 or something.
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8 years ago, Ujee786
Love this app and the savings it offers from so many different sites... ALL in one place!
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8 years ago, Shops sweets
Love it
The app is my new favorite app. I check the app for deals on gift cards before shopping for birthdays and holidays.
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8 years ago, rldave7
Good but....
So many gift cards are not for the actual business they are listed under. You should be able to report miscategorized cards.
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7 years ago, C00kieMonster00
Save tons of money
The savings from discount gift cards really add up over time!
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8 years ago, Jon_in_AZ
Do NOT use this service...
What a waste of time! We purchased 2 different cards... no luck. So frustrating! They say we'll get our money back, time will tell. Regardless, we bought them as gifts and now we need to scramble and buy them elsewhere. DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE. Read the reviews, I wish I did.
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6 years ago, dan_apps_free
Great app!
I was able to save money using the new cards inventory of the app.
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8 years ago, KenHouston
Great app
I love this app. It has enabled me to save a great deal of money in a number of stores. Highly recommended.
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