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User Reviews for Giftful

4.85 out of 5
12.1K Ratings
2 years ago, guy27394862
Good app, one minor inconvenience
Just downloaded, really enjoying the app so far. Pretty straightforward to use, share lists, add items manually & with links, etc. Being able to “claim” gifts without the recipient seeing was my core reason for downloading and this works great. My one gripe thus far is that, when pasting a link from a website, probably 65% of the time the app auto fills with completely incorrect photo options. For instance, on a whiskey website with the whiskey bottle front and center, a huge photo, the app auto selects a photo of a dress (assuming from an ad?) and a completely different whiskey shown elsewhere on the page as a “related item” as my “photo options” for the gift. So I have to manually take, crop, and upload a screenshot for the photo to be correct. I think some sort of relative photo size qualifier/filter would be helpful for the app to more accurately auto select the right photos from the web page, as the item in question will almost always be the largest photo on the page.
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3 years ago, winningmomma
A Family Favorite
Our family is now spread out in different cities and states and Giftful has been amazing when those special moments come. When it’s time to purchase a gift that is meaningful or a special occasion, sometimes gift cards just don’t seem personal enough. Giftful helps us know some of the secret wishes that others may have and not buy for themselves; that makes the gift even more special to give. Giftful is so easy to use as it sets up links for you, so you just click on the picture and “there you are”! You place your order and done! This has been a great tool during CoVid and when someone is long distance. If there is ever an issue with the app it gets corrected quickly and your back to shopping for that special person. The creators of this app came up with a brilliant idea!
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7 months ago, Jordanrae_
Love this but I think it needs a major update for 2024
My husband and I have been using this app for a few years now and we got our families to join as well. We love it overall, but I think it needs an update. Things I wish it had was a bio area for myself so those who look at my page can see. Maybe with little boxes under the bio featuring our most “needed” gifts, or favorites…. I also wish I could see who other people were following. This might be too advanced for the app but it would be neat if it showed current deals somehow. When I see that there’s a deal, I’m more likely to purchase. I think more people would use this app if it was more updated all around. I find there to be a lot of glitches when trying to add things. This interface I like better than “like to know it”, and it would be cool if they offered influencers to share their pages similar to the other app in a way. I’ll continue to use it, I just wish it was improved, it would make it a lot more fun, and unfortunately, I don’t see this app going far if it’s not changed.
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2 years ago, ast3r79
Amazing!! A lifesaver, has everything you need
This app is perfect for buying gifts and making lists to send to your family. They thought everything through, and it’s so helpful to have the claiming function, where you can claim a wish on one of your family or friend’s wishlist, but they can’t see which ones people have claimed. It’s so easy to paste a link from anywhere, and I love the “most desired” function, where you can prioritize items that you’re most excited about. I know this sounds a lot like someone paid to write a good review, but I just really love this app 😅
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7 months ago, t.tonyo
Love this app !! just needs a few touch ups .
Giftful is the perfect app for putting all the things I want from my cart from literally anywhere, I even had my grandma to make a wishlist and she did it with ease ! One thing that could be improved when making the list is allowing me to put multiple links under one product in case if I want to give my family more options of place to buy my wish item in case if it sells out or the price changes. Another thing is, I love using giftful sooo much but the part I don’t like is sharing my list. I wish my family didn’t have to do a full signup to see my list. Overall, giftful is easy, all age friendly, and after going through many and many apps, this is the best one ! save yourself some time bc yuhh this the ONE. - tony <3
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1 year ago, Syydy Can Flyy!
Almost perfect, recommended to all my friends!
Seriously this app has changed the game. I have a wishlist for myself and my daughter, I share the lists with my friends and family when birthdays and holidays come around. Claiming gifts makes it easier for her grandparents to buy her things without worrying they’ll accidentally buy the same thing. I love that gift givers can click a button and go straight to a link. In the notes, I can add sizes or even promo codes for the website! The only thing that would make this PERFECT, is if I could make mini lists inside a main wishlist. I’d love to be able to organize the items beyond having my most wanted items show at the top. If I could have sections like Pinterest does with their boards, I’d be even more thrilled!
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6 months ago, Marioalvan
Great app, minor issue
Giftful has been a great app and I love its ease of use. However, I do have one issue which appears to only be present on the iPad version. For whatever reason, whenever I create a gift, be it on safari or inside the app, I can’t fully scroll all the way when choosing which wishlist to add my gift to. It stops about half way and it wont scroll go further. This issue is very annoying as I then have to manually go into the wishlist I want to add the gift to. This issue has been present ever since I got the app on IPad. The iPhone version works fine and does not have this issue. As an avid IPad user, I would like to see this minor inconvenience fixed. Other than that, this app is stellar!
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4 years ago, PiECRUSH
Love it just needs some improvements
I just downloaded this app and the simplicity of it is what attracted me to it to begin with. However I do see a few bugs already; it’s hard to set your profile as private even though it is an option—I had to tap, open, reopen the app several times before I could “activate” the private profile option. Now that it is on, it won’t turn off. You can’t change your email or name if you wish to do so. Besides this, it seems promising and I’m going to give it a try :) I’ll update as I continue using it.
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3 years ago, Toneconsultant
This concept is super cool! I was so excited to find this app. Everything worked smooth and fast, and the auto fill feature is fantastic. Everything is user friendly. When I first left my review, I was under the impression that when you send a list, the recipient needed to create an account to view it. However, the developers kindly reached out to me to inform me that there is a setting to let anyone view the lists!! This is great for the older members of my family who are less computer savvy! Thank you!!
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6 months ago, bfcfcghfcghfcfyjfcjtc
Love the App!…. But it could use a few things
This app has been such a great way for me to organize and list down wishlists for every occasion. However, I do wish that there was a way to further organize products within the wishlists. Additionally, when I go to share to add a product to the list, it usually takes two tries to get the details to pop up. Otherwise, this is an incredible app and I HIGHLY recommend this app to anyone with wishlists especially during the holiday season!
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3 weeks ago, EmmaClaireG
AMAZING! I just have a couple of suggestions!
1. You could combine two wishlists. I would love this because I think some of my wishlists may be similar so if I could combine them it would be much less time consuming. As of now, I have to individually edit every thing into a different wishlist! 2. If on a wishlist, adding in to the first one, you could also select the items on your wishlist that you want to move to a different one. This would be like Pinterest in a way. 3. Also, you could press a button to select items, such as is mentioned in the second one, where when u select it you could also select the ones you want to delete. This would be very helpful. Overall i love Giftful, just things could be time consuming. If y’all could consider some of these that would be amazingggggg!
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3 years ago, dr4680402
Amazing but still missing a couple things
I personally love this app. It's great, does most things for me, and usually works. One thing I did notice it was missing was a price update. I mostly use it for the personal wishlist maker instead of the group one for weddings, and I've noticed that the price doesn't change from what you input. A few other apps I've tried did in fact change the price if the price was changed on the website. But that just me. Also, the last update was a whole 10 months ago? 😭
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11 months ago, emojiqueen141
Great app! Some suggestions
I love this app! It is so easy to use and easy to share. I love how you don’t have to fill out everything manually and that’s one of the reasons I love this app! It’s quick and easy to add to and make wishlists! I wish that there was an option to shown the total cost of all the wishes in a wishlist. For example if I had a Christmas list with 15 items it would show the cost of all 15 items at the top or bottom of the list. Otherwise it’s a amazing app.
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8 months ago, kitten lost meh mittens
Good App
I really enjoy this app. It seems to be the best out there so far, however, I have a suggestion. Could you pleaseeee add a way to organize the wishlists? For example, we can put the wishes into categories like Body Care or Clothes. It would be even better if we could make our own custom categories that our friends can search through. I plan on using this for Christmas this year nonetheless but I hope you can add that!
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6 months ago, ggshshhdgvfbbf
Why isn’t 5
The only reason why this amazing app isn’t five stars is because when you are trying to get an item of a website sometimes it doesn’t fill in the picture, and that bugs me because I look at the rest of my list and there is all those pictures except for the few that are a picture of a present, not a picture of the gift you want. But that only happens sometimes, or on the rare occasion. But other than that this is a great app.
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1 year ago, skinny legends
In Love
I’m actually so impressed with this app!! I’m a very visual person when it comes to the things I want to buy for myself or for those in my life (birthdays, holidays, etc). I wanted something I could put into different categories BUT what I love so much about this app is that it has a very pleasing design, it links everything SO EASILY and I loveeee that it has the function to add comments to your items for sizing, color, quantity preferences. Highly recommend:)
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7 months ago, Art League Student
Must use Chrome
I had the same problem as another reviewer when I tried using it on my laptop (it crashed), so I called the support line. They said that I needed to use Chrome as my browser. I did that and I also added the extension to Google (there's a link on the app itself for this) to use when tagging items on a website. It hasn't crashed since.
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2 years ago, kcleveland04
Great idea but flawed app
This app is a great way to share a wish list with family and friends. Only problem I keep coming across is shared lists often disappear off the receivers end and you keep having to re-share and unfollow and refollow the person to be able to find the list again. As being a college student it’s a great way to share with family what you need, but the whole process of your list disappearing is very annoying, and makes the whole use of the app overly complicated and pointless. If this wasn’t such an issue the app would be a lot more convenient.
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1 year ago, GuySwann
Doesn't work on desktop
I kept trying to give this time to sort out the issues when i first downloaded it, but its been half a year and still every single time i try to add an item, it crashes. I've literally never been able to use it on desktop to bridge what I save from mobile. If they ever fix it, that'll be nice I guess. But at this point I've given up. I suspect that don't care or even use the desktop version for it to behave the way it does. They should just remove it and go iOS only. This was a pointless waste of an install. If you want the app (which is actually useful) go mobile only.
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1 year ago, bobobryant
Very cool!
You get to see your friends items and what they want for the holidays! Also very great for secret santas. This app has a great portal and overall has a great moral to it. It has things in mind that Giftful shared that you might like for the holidays. It has everything you need on there, ideas and anything to get your interest. The latest technology and everything. Would definitely recommend
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3 years ago, J-Gitz
Links are blocked by Apple’s default Safari content blocker
Most of the links are blocked by the default, built-in, Apple iOS safari content blocker. And the app hides URLs, so the user can’t copy and paste them into a browser to get around the broken links. The only workarounds I’ve been able to find are (1) to manually paste the URL into the item description of everything I add to a list, or (2) to disable contact blocking altogether for all purposes on my device. I’m not going to do #2, obviously, so it’s #1 until the developer fixes this or I get sick of it and find another app.
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4 years ago, Shadow Dow
Mostly great
This app is mostly great so far! Using it for personal use to take inventory of wants and needs for our new house! Love that you can mark items as complete as they are purchase/received as gifts. I wish there was a way to sort items so that items you have completed go to the bottom of the list and items you still need jump to the top. Otherwise I love how you can save from ANY website! Excited to try the registry/birthday feature and share with friends !
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7 months ago, abc abd abe abf abg
I love Giftful
Giftful is an amazing app that lets you gather all the items you want into to one app, it is so easy to add things to your list and is very easy to navigate. I have loved using giftful as my way to share what I want for Christmas, my birthday, Easter etc. and for other people like my friends and family. I highly recommend this app especially since the holiday season is officially here.
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3 years ago, AddUpdateProfileFeature
For someone to claim an item they have to sign up
I really do like this app but unfortunately the one thing preventing me and (I’m sure a lot of other people) from using it as their main gift list app is that for someone to claim an item, they have to sign up and log in first. This the main issue for me. This doesn’t make it convenient for the guests viewing the list or helpful for the person who will most likely end up with all repeat gifts because nobody wants to sign up to claim an item. Sadly, I believe it’s the primary downfall of an almost perfect app.
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7 months ago, em oliver
Wish I could sort/rearrange my wishes.
Great app, my family uses it every christmas. I just wish I could rearrange the order of products on my list. This way I could have all products from one site together rather than spread all across the wishlist. Making it easier to identify which products are from the same site so all or multiple could be purchased at once. I have manually re-list things from the same place as wishes to ensure they're all in the same place.
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4 years ago, misskiaya
Missing Key Features
Update: you can mark claimed and can view what’s claimed if the list is set to “for someone else”, but this setting is not intuitive at all. I still had to use the FAQ to find it even after their response to this review. If the list is for me I want to see what was purchased. This setting has nothing to do with who the list is for. I recommend updating the language so it’s general. “Show Claimed Gifts” or something. Added another star for the feature being available, but it still needs some tweaking. - When viewing your own list, you can’t see who’s claimed an item or even view what item has been claimed - For friends and family to claim an item, they have to log in - You can’t mark an item as claimed on behalf of a family member/friend Looks nice, but we won’t be using this again likely unless these features are added.
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7 days ago, nunya biz nesse
Great app ! But something’s missing…
Don’t get me wrong I love this app it’s so fun to use and it’s really convenient to store the clothes I’m planning on buying in the future but I just WISHHH I could drag and rearrange the link’s pictures/icons inside the wishlists I store the way Pinterest lets you rearrange pins in the boards you store because I think it looks cluttered because of the random order I have them in, pls can you guys add a new update to fix this
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7 months ago, laura429870361
This app helped me organize my Christmas list. I made a PowerPoint but that’s hard because I didn’t know where to buy the stuff from. I can also see All of my friends and family’s lists so I didn’t have to ask them. The only issue is it sometimes gets the price wrong but you can change it to the correct price. 100% would recommend
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2 years ago, oddburrrito
Great idea, minor adjustment
It would be a good idea to be able to include an item on multiple lists. At the moment, you can only move an item by selecting another list to move it to. It makes sense to be able to keep an item for personal lists or wishlists so items that were not purchased can easily sync to a new lists (ie Christmas 2022 —> birthday 2023 —-> Christmas 2023)
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7 months ago, Remohe
Easy to use, but no way to share list without creating an account
Easiest app I’ve tried so far for creating a list. I love the way Giftful auto fills most of the information just by pasting a link. I just wish there was a way that my family could see my list without creating an account. Creating an account shouldn’t be that hard, but it seems to be a major problem for my older relatives.
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6 months ago, Ein Fisch
Love it, but
This is my favorite app to use for wishlists, and I'm always recommending it to others. I can easily find things that should be added to though. 1. be able to copy/paste from anywhere regardless where the listing is. 2. Be able to make the thumbnail blurry, or be able to manually change the thumbnail from your own photos. This would be awesome for surprise lists or to keep things more private while viewing your lists. 3. be able to make estimated prices. this has been a reacquiring issue for me and those i've recommended the app to. 4. be able to have more than one account a minimum of two at least. for smaller circles.
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2 years ago, Real_Reviews*
Great but could be better
The app is awesome, I love the design, easy to use, overall it’s great. I just wish that recipients could see the wishlist and mark certain gifts without having to create an account. I get that it’s important in order to promote the app and everything but it’s truly inconvenient for the recipient that just wants to see what I want. But besides that the app works amazing.
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2 years ago, hdvehdbd dhdu
Very good app
This app is a very good concept and the execution was perfect. I do have a couple small bugs, however. Notifications stay unread even if you’ve read them. And if you go to safari through the app and accidentally halfway back out of the tab and then go back to safari in the app, the whole app crashes. That’s it though.
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3 years ago, Awosborn
This App Saved Christmas
I loved putting my list together and still enjoying the surprise of not knowing who or what was bought for me! I found it especially helpful with the a ability to include the link and sizing information. It was so intuitive that even my 60 year old mother found no issues navigating the app. Thank you so much!
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1 year ago, unicorndjsinnger
It’s such an amazing app. And gives you the chance to make a wishlist of stores and add them to it. It’s much better then wasting up your phone storage and sending screenshots of what you want to your family or friends. You get to friend your family/friends, and they can see your wishlist and, maybe even buy them for you!
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6 months ago, kait-xo
App needs a bug update
The app is great but I’ve come across an obnoxious bug. Recently, the app hasn’t been processing links very well. Even when I share the link from my browser it seems to not work like it normally does and it takes a couple tries to get all the information to go over. I redownloaded the app and I’m still having the issue so it’s definitely a bug.
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9 months ago, 333_sinon
Great but it won’t let me delete items
Not sure why this is happening but whenever i try to delete something from my wish list it won’t let me- the Are You Sure menu pops up and i press continue but it simply doesn’t go through online or on the app and i’ve reloaded the page plenty of times and made a new list but nothing will let me delete items
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4 months ago, Harper Dickson
So good!!!!
I just LOVE this app. It’s amazing! All of its cool features are so good, and I love how you can claim an item from someone else’s list, because that is always something I had always struggled with before I got this beautiful app. They also make it so SO easy to add an item to your wishlist!! If you are look for a good app for shopping, then this is what you need. I love Giftful!!!
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10 months ago, stillman_
this is a great app overall !!
i wish i could give 4.5/5 instead of 4/5, because this app is so close to perfect. i just downloaded it and i enjoy the experience—it runs very smooth and allows me to add items to various wishlists that i create! the process to add items is very quick. i love this app !! however, there are a few little things i wish would be fixed, like how the item photos are fetched from the links i copy. sometimes they’re the right pictures, but most of the time, the photo that the app gives me is completely different from the product i linked. it would be cool if we could have in-app themes, like changing the mint colour to different colours! overall, amazing app !! love it!
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1 year ago, Yay good job!
Good Whenever It Works
I love the app and all the features, but sometimes when I am in the middle of looking at things, it just closes the app. Right now, whenever I try to open the app, it immediately shuts off. Please fix this because if it worked it would be a 5 star app. (My friends phones also do this, so it's not just me) Also, everybody this is happening to uses an iphone, I don't know if this is happening to people with androids too.
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7 months ago, me is cool😎
I’m obsessed!
I recently downloaded this app and I’m obsessed!! It’s so helpful! I love sharing it with friends and family! I don’t really have any ideas to improve but I know there is always something. My friend showed it to me and I instantly fell in love! I already have 24 items in it. And that’s just for Christmas! I definitely recommend it👍
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2 years ago, 28monty28
Fixed my problem
Update. Got help with error. Everything is back. Great Thanks a bunch. Suddenly, I had to login or something and when I did, everything was gone. My lists, my friends, everything. I am absolutely disappointed with what had been a useful app. Don’t know if I want to start over.
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3 years ago, Winipoodesigns
Viewers must register to see wishlist
This app is easy to use. It is easy to add items from all different websites. I spent a lot of time curating a holiday wishlist. But when I sent it to my family, they have to register to claim an item. I HATE THAT!!! Wasted my time and am deleting this app. Regarding the Developer’s response, please read what I wrote. They can view the list without registering, but they can’t mark anything Claimed. If this is ever “fixed” I would for sure use the app. But I’m not forcing anyone to register for anything. That is tacky.
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5 months ago, Book_Luver
perfect except one thing
Love this app, only thing: I wish you could organize/move around the wishes within a list. Sometimes I want things to be in a certain order. Like being able to hold and drag a wish up or down the list would be perfect.
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6 months ago, No wrotong posts?
Easy Organization!
This app is perfect for families trying to buy Christmas gifts for each other. Each user can see what the others persons lists are and check off a persons items, but the creator of the list cannot see if anyone if their items is checked off so it stays a surprise! Love it! :)
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7 months ago, Iplaygorillatag
So helpful
It is so much easier to make a wishlist with this app!! I was never able to make a real wishlist because I would always forget when I find something I liked, or the list would get messy or get lost. With Giftful I can just grab my phone and add it in. Giftful is so easy to use and I think it’s a really great app!!
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7 months ago, Tigerteam11
Awesome app!
I was using Pinterest at first for my Christmas list, but my mom and I heard about this app so we were gonna give it a try! I will say you have to mess around with the app, because it took a while for me to figure it out! I am the daughter so this is really helpful for my mom when Christmas or birthday shopping!
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8 months ago, W Reviewer123
I got this app and many others hoping to see which was the best one, and this one won by a landslide! The layout of the app is amazing, and it is easy to use and make the best lists that you want. I love it, and even though I just got it I already have multiple lists made. I would reccomend.
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1 year ago, SympliSam
Almost Perfect!
I am loving the app, but I’ve encountered a few website links that just don’t transfer over. It stays stuck in the loading screen. That’s no problem, however I wish in the “Add Manually” portion, you could still add the link to make it clickable instead of pasting it in the description box. Super minor, but would definitely help!
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4 years ago, ellebelle718
Easy, Convenient
I tried a few other universal gift wish tools that didn’t work nearly as well or supported a limited of stores. Giftful is very easy to use and creates a beautiful list. It has the features I really need, like the ability to make something as being “most desired”, and remains straightforward and relatively seamless.
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