Giftster - wish list registry

3.8 (302)
38.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
MyGiftster Corporation
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Giftster - wish list registry

3.82 out of 5
302 Ratings
2 years ago, JollyJoseph
Good app for gifting. Needs some improvement though.
My family has been using this app for a number of years for birthdays and Christmas. The user interface has not been visually updated after all these years and really needs to be as it is a bit bland looking and still has usability glitches that have existed since its launch. Scrolling is frequently glitchy and jerky, for example. The colors need a bit more vibrancy. It’s sort of drab looking. However, we’ve got it to do what it was made to do. We need to be able to add images that reside on our phones as another example. I have tried many times to get an image for a product but have to use the web site link and the app most times never finds the image or finds the incorrect image. So much simpler to just add an image. As I said, good app, but some visual and usability improvements needed. I want to give it a 5 so please do improvements. I have been tasked by my family to find another app to replace this aging app. <>
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4 years ago, ldralsto1
Love this app!
I love this app! It’s awesome to use year round for birthdays and holidays! It helps me keep track of things I eventually want to get so I keep a personal list just for me on here too. We have been using it for over 5yrs now for both sides of our families. They are quick to respond and always answer my questions. The only small thing that drives me nuts is with secret Santa it seems like if I get one person one year the next year my spouse gets the same person. But there are ways around it by choosing the add draw exclusions option. The other small thing is you can’t suggest items for people if they just create their profile but haven’t created a list yet. We have a few elderly folks that don’t always want to put stuff on their list so they just create a profile so we can do the draw but if they don’t create a list we can’t suggest gifts for those that got that person. Other than that the app is awesome! ❤️ love ❤️ love it!
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8 months ago, markjfun
A gifting game changer!
I have been faithfully using Giftster for 2-3 years, for my own gift lists and for my kids. The latest updates to the iOS app (from ~1 month ago) have solved a lot of the pain points I had previously. The new version also gave the app a much-needed redesign of the user interface. It’s more slick and intuitive now. Once you have your account set up and you’re logged in, it is so easy to quickly add, remove, or edit items in your list, or even manage your kids’ lists. I have convinced several family members to use it, and I love being able to check their lists before an upcoming birthday or holiday. Giftster has all of the features I was looking for, and I am SO GLAD that they have put a renewed effort into their app.
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5 years ago, AlyssaRhae
Great Concept, but VERY Glitchy
Listen, I love this app because there’s not really anything like it out there, but as soon as a competitor comes along with an app that really works, I’ll move on, no question. Good luck trying to upload a photo or getting the “fetch” feature to work the way it’s supposed to. I’d say 75% of the time I can’t even get it to pull up the upload photo option, and the few times it does work, it doesn’t actually upload anything. The fetch data option usually works, but occasionally it pulls in photos of the wrong product...which then requires you to save you own photo and manually upload it (and you already read how that goes). If you’re good with manually writing in everything and trust that your family/friends will find the item that way, then you should be fine. But if your family is anything like mine and you need photos to help them out, just be aware that you’re in for a frustrating time.
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3 years ago, Coach Krys
Must have app
If you ever have to make a gift list, this is a MUST have app. Whether it’s for birthdays, holidays, or just a wish list, it is the best way to share with friends and family. In my house, we have 3 kids, 2 sets of grandparents and an uncle all to shop for. My mom insists on buying everything in July while others wait until the last minute. This app allows me to easily add something I’ve found online or when the kids see something they want. And it’s always there until you take it off. I love that it tells you who bought the item, although only on desktop…..I wish it would do mobile as I’m always on the app on my phone. It won’t allow you to see what’s been purchased from your own list, so it’s always a surprise. Is the app perfect? Nope, but it still a Godsend!!! Highly recommend.
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8 years ago, soccermom#34
Reliable, Clever, and Easy To Use!
I'm a busy mom and this has decreased the chaos at Christmas time like you wouldn't believe! Even the people in our family who don't have smartphones can use it with the website and now we can get the perfect gift for them every time! It's simple, clean design makes it easy for the grandparents to use. Not only does it have lists that you can reserve and purchase items from, but they also have a gift preferences page that can help you learn more about things they may want that aren't on the list. So many other great features too! I can't tell you how much this has helped my family. After searching and searching for something like this I finally found Giftster and can easily say it's the best wish list/gift registry there is out there!
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4 years ago, mercychica
It solves so many problems
My family started using this years ago, and it’s solved so many problems. You can assign people to multiple groups, but they only have to make one list. We’ve got one group for my relatives and another one for my husband’s relatives. This keeps the groups separate but not my list. No longer need to divide up a list in hesitation of duplication because both groups see the same list. You can tag items as purchased as well as on hold (which you can release at any time), so it’s easy for other people to determine what’s left. And the list owner can’t see any of the claims; they just update the list as needed. Items can be linked to websites for easy purchasing options, but items don’t have to be found online. I’ve listed backrubs as an item. And once you receive items, you can mark them accordingly, so you don’t need to make a new list each year. With the reminders feature, you get heads up for both upcoming events and reminders to update your own lists. And parents can list their dependents (children/pets) on their behalf. Super easy to share kid info like clothing sizes and current interests with family members.
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4 years ago, Wndrwmn846
Game changer
The Giftster app takes the guess work out of gift giving and prevents duplicate purchases. I like that you can create a profile of your preferences and sizes in case someone wants to buy items not on your list. The ranking feature lets everyone know what you most hope to receive. I use the item description section to mention coupons or sales that may be coming up. If I know someone in my group really wants something they haven’t included on their list, I can add a suggestion to their list that’s not visible to them. I also create private lists of gifts I plan to buy for people with links so I don’t forget where I saw something. I do wish there was more color contrast between the purchased and available items but it’s a small criticism of very good app.
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7 years ago, golferlady48
My whole family and extended family have used this app for Xmas 201. It has been such a timesaver and really made gift giving easier than ever. You know the gift you’re giving is something they really want because with Gifster they make their own list. You can see if someone else has already claimed the gift, (purchased it), so no longer any doubling up on the same present, best part is the recipient cannot see what has been purchased. Links can be added to the gift list making it easy to buy the correct item along with the cost so you know how much you are spending. There are so many more cool features I could go on and on but you get the idea. I highly recommend this app if you need a way to simplify gift giving within a group.
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6 years ago, pooch3429
Making shopping easy
I don’t know how I ever shopped before Giftster. Since I’ve found Giftster, this site/app has made shopping so easy. I invite my family and friends to join my group. I make a wish list. They make wish lists. Then we shop. We mark our items off the Giftster lists that we are purchasing for each other, so others don’t buy the same thing, but the list owner still stays surprised. You can then purchase the gifts from any online or retail store. You can even start a Secret Santa exchange! Giftster is so helpful not only for Christmas, but birthdays, bridal and baby showers, etc. I can bring up my app on my phone while out shopping and check lists. Best of all, Giftster is free! If you need help getting organized this holiday season, check out Giftster!
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9 months ago, Jellybean32196
Redesign Rejoice
I’ve been using Giftster since 2020 to organize wish lists for my extra large family and while the old app worked fine, it felt stuck in the late 2000s. The redesign was a welcome surprise when I opened the app recently. It’s really simple, no in your face ads or popups. A must have for anyone who regularly has to organize lists. My only annoyance at the moment is when I go to group lists, invited members (who haven’t joined) are at the top of the list of members and there’s seemingly no way to “cancel” these invitations and remove them.
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2 years ago, MDinHeels
Used to love this app—very glitchy now
I used to love this app for giving family members ideas for birthday gift for the kids. Regarding gift exchanges, it’s okay. My biggest complaint is that I have gotten the same family member 3 out of the 5 years that we have been using it. This is a regular occurrence for everyone else in the family, even when you maximize settings to avoid repeat picks. Also, in the past couple of months, the app has become incredibly glitchy. I have to sign into the app after every time I close it. It freezes a lot. I frequently cannot access lists in general and accessing my child accounts is even more unreliable. I just get blank pages or missing lists. Giftster, you could be great. Please fix these glitches.
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3 years ago, NW-B
Using as a shared list, unable to see suggested items
I am using this now. And asked my family to use it too. I hope it works well as I would hate to go through the trouble of sharing lists and it not work. However, I asked my husband to use it. I created a list for us to both use as house wish list and needs for the house. We both need it and want to be able to add to it. But his show up as a “suggested” item and they don’t show up on the app. It just says there are some things there, and I can’t see them. When I share and copy the link on the web it’s there, but the app is blank. Please fix this or it will be unlikely that this app will work for this purpose and that’s unfortunate! For holidays and birthdays however, so far so good.
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4 years ago, SmilingAtU4ever2
I finally can get the gifts I really want!
My family uses Giftster for every birthday and yearly for Christmas. As long as your group members are diligent about reserving items, you’ll be a happy gift receiver... and gifter too! Nobody wants duplicate gifts! My parents are in their 60’s and aren’t too tech savvy but are able to use the app and the website. Sometimes I wish I could reveal who bought an item on someone’s list which is available to see online but currently unable to see in the app. Overall, it’s been super easy to use and haven’t found anything quite like it.
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10 months ago, Zenon 555
Will continue using each bday Xmas
The concept and functionality are exactly what’s needed for big families. And non-phone savvy family members can use the website! There is a glitch that needs fixing: when I’m creating/updating item on my list using the app, it freezes halfway through, then closes/exits out the app and does not save the changes I made. It gets infuriating. Does not do this while using the website on a computer, so I can work around it but it’s inconvenient. Please fix. I will continue using despite one glitch because it’s incredibly helpful with organizing holidays!
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5 years ago, Falcon_X
2019 update, still no indication of what was added to list most recently
The app has promise but we’ve waited over a year for some indication of what item was recently added to a list. The service will send an email notification that “so-and-so just updated their list!” With absolutely no indication as to what was added. There is no way to sort the list by “date added” and I have nephews with over a hundred items on their list. Today’s update added a time stamp in each item’s detail page as to when it was added. This is not very helpful and a recent message sent to users indicates that this is their answer to the “most requested feature” and it is a miserable non solution.
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3 years ago, list coordinator
Makes large family gift exchange easy
We used giftster for the first time last christmas for wish lists and it worked great. Then the lists remain so it was available for birthday gifts all year. Our 2 nd year using giftster for a secret santa draw and the app remembered who each person had last year so nobody drew the same name again. Also you can set up secret santa draw exclusions so spouses dont draw each other or whatever exclusions you want. Really works well with a large family. No complaints.
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6 years ago, Allison Malone
Allison Malone
Great, user friendly app! My family uses every holiday season! It’s exactly like a baby or wedding registry - you create a wishlist and can include links to your wishes. Your “group” can then purchase gifts from your list. Other group members will be able to see when a gift has been purchased, but the requestor will not know. Keeps the secret and surprise aspect! Recommend to anyone with a big family who is spread out over the holiday season! Or anyone with kids who want a specific toy that you’ll never be able to remember on your own.
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2 years ago, Fresaxmartinez
Love the app! 🦊💗
I recently found this app a couple of days ago and I love it!! It’s so easy to use and it’s very useful. I got my family into the app and they love it. Now with the holidays coming up, we are using this app to display our Christmas presents that we want to gift each other!! Such a awesome app! One thing I do dislike is that every time I open the app, I have to log in. I’m not sure if it’s my phone or maybe due to the fact that I’m out of storage, but overall I give this app 5/5 stars. 🦊👍🏽
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2 years ago, MamaHannab
Gifting game changer
I’ve recommended this app to so many people, it’s ridiculous that it has taken me this long to right an actual review recommending it. It is so easy to use for all ages and has really helped my family of gift giving stressors. Now I get something off a family members’ running giftster list that I know they want and something off giftster that I hope they like for a winning birthday and Christmas season! Love that it works on iPhones, androids, and computers too.
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2 years ago, ShailaRenee
Used the app for 5 years now...
Really liked this app, had minor issue with it up until this year. I’m no longer able to pull photos up through the Fetch Link feature. Every item photo has to be manually searched and then majority of the photo options won’t fully download so I have to keep re-searching until something actually comes through. So time consuming. Please fix this! Never had an issue before but this issue makes it more work now that I have to manually search for each item to find a matching photo that will actually fully download. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled, still nothing.
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4 years ago, Lllllllladefu
Makes life easier
We have a large family. My kids have always made a list, given it to me and then it’s up to me to give out ideas to family members. Then I spend countless texts and emails gathering ideas on what I will buy for others. Giftster is making this year so easy! The older kids have their own accounts and the younger kids have accounts managed by their parents. It is so easy to add gift ideas and browse other people’s list. Huge shout out to Giftster customer support also. I accidentally moved an item to my “I got this” list and couldn’t figure out how to move it back. They replied to my email almost immediately with very clear directions. Then, they updated the website help section based on my comments! We haven’t been using the app long enough to say it’s perfect but so far we are Very impressed.
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7 months ago, rory457
Very helpful
My family and i got this app so we could organize what we wanted for holidays and it is so helpful. You can make groups and add people to it so you can look at their lists and they can look at yours. It is very simple to add things to your list, all you have to do is name the item put a price, description, picture, and a link. You can add anything for any website. And it is easy to use for little kids as well.
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3 years ago, nicole stoney
Get the app!
My family and extended family have been using this Giftster for several years, and it’s been SUPER helpful to keep track of who is getting who what present. No more duplicate presents! Not only that, but people are getting what they want. And also, I no longer have to communicate what our family would like multiple times to different family members. Could it be sexier? Sure. But it does what we need it to and we love it!
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2 years ago, ChampagneMoonlight
Fastest Way to Ruin Christmas
The Secret Santa feature worked seamlessly last year. This year was a whole different story, glitchy would be an understatement people ended up being assigned receive a present, but no one to gift to. People that had been excluded from the secret Santa drawing were somehow still assigned to people (even though I double checked that they were excluded from the draw), several people ended up with the same secret Santa as last year despite checking the option to exclude same-draw. And at least two people in our family ended up without gifts. Trying to avoid family drama and this just created even more. Will never use again.
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2 years ago, Jennifer K.S.
Makes the holidays more fun!
We have been using this app/website for years. Both my side of the family and my husband’s side of the family use the app. We can see everyone’s wishlist and whether items have already been purchased (but that part is hidden from the person who made the list so it’s still a surprise!). We love to buy gifts, but it can be a big task, so this app has taken the stress out and made it more fun!
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4 years ago, ShopGirlPro71
We Love It❣️
We have used Giftster for (at least) 2 full years of Christmas & Birthday & other shopping with great results. The features have always worked for me. I love that the recipient doesn’t see what is purchased, and that there is a ‘reserve’ as well as purchased feature. NWhile we still get ‘off list surprise’ gifts as well, this has taken the mystery out of shopping. We no long have to pester people for their wish lists & it’s great to add to my own through the year.
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3 years ago, BeFierceBeYou
Love Giftster
Love Giftster! Very easy to use both on computer and app and helps me keep my mind clutter free with being able to make a list of items to buy not just for Christmas but items to buy for the house or for myself that I can keep private. My whole family uses it for Christmas so shopping is a breeze for buying for others without worrying about duplicates!
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3 years ago, Glock5150
Not bad, but needs work
Great concept, but as others have stated the “fetch” feature needs lots of work. Fetching only works about 25% of the time. This wasn’t a huge issue in a previous version because you could just screenshot a pic and load it from your photos. It appears that the developers have since removed this feature. Disappointing. Searching for pics inside the app is not very good. Very rare to find the correct item. Overall the app is ok, but definitely needs some tweaking.
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2 years ago, Another Ohio Guy
Nice, needs “share to” feature, and photos
The service and concept is great, and it’s great that there is an app to manage lists on the go. But, I really wish the app had the ability to be a destination for the iOS “share to” feature. I want to be able to see something and easily add it to a list. As well, it needs the ability to add an item on the fly and take a photo of it (such as if you're walking through a store).
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8 months ago, Jhené
Great app but missing a good feature
I love this app and love the new redesign! my family has been using this app for years for Christmas. One thing this year I noticed is once someone purchases something from someone’s list you’re able to reveal the name of who purchased it. I wish there was an option to turn that off in the group settings. It ruins the surprise element of who bought what. Other than that this app is great.
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9 months ago, Jeff Wilcox
Good update, but plz let us rank list items!
I’m enjoying the redesign of the app, and it makes Christmas lists for my family very easy. That being said, I have one suggestion… currently you can assign items a “Star Rating” but I don’t see any way to just straight up rank the items on your list with numbers. It would be very useful if you could choose between star rating system OR number ranking system.
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3 years ago, rfreiburghaus
Thanks for the update!
I’ve always loved this app, and keeps getting better. It’s nice to share with multiple families, be able to mark as reserved/purchased, move to an “I got this” list, and edit visibility of lists has been so important to making this a great gift list app. I also love being able to recommend gifts for others and they never know!
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9 months ago, Robyande
Gift giving made so easy!
Callings all couples!!! You don’t have to get or give a gift that doesn’t fit, wrong color, or wrong size! Always be the hero for those special events with best gift! It’s so easy to use! You can add a link from your favorite sites! I love the email reminders for upcoming birthdays. Website and app are easy to add items from your favorite sites.
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4 years ago, RachelRox123456789
It’s the only option out there
I’m going to agree with another review that I read earlier. This is a good app because you can share with others and add items to you list and check things off on others lists as they buy them. BUT there are several glitches in this app. A huge one is that you CANNOT add pictures of the things you take from your own phone even though it says and seems like you can. If they fixed this I would probably change my rating from a 3 to a 4.5.
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3 years ago, LorrD2020
Almost great
Links won’t work on iPad 😬 love the app otherwise. Only other glitch I have seen is that if you list you want 2 or more of something, each person can only mark that the purchased 1, for example if I list I want 6 towels and my mom buys 3, the app will only let her show she bought 1. Kinda dumb since that’s the root use of any gift app. Our family has been using it for all gifts for about five years. It has helped stop double gifting from our old paper lists.
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4 years ago, pb0205
Good but not great
My family used this for my sister’s birthday. We liked it but it has glitches. Pages don’t load instantly and unless you wait you think there is nothing there. It would not consistently retrieve images of items. Things don’t auto populate, so lots of manual entry. Also, all notifications are through email. Would be easier if things were sent as text messages to get instant updates on additions and changes. It’s a good free app but I would be really disappointed if I paid for it.
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5 years ago, Savesforsix
Love the app, but frustrating to use.
Our whole family has used this app the last 2 Christmases. It is a great concept, and makes shopping so much easier! However, I have to constantly hard close and reset the app, I’ve even uninstalled & re-installed. It gets so frustrating with how many times it freezes! Even with the constant freezing, we still use it, because it is the only app out there that has these great features. Once all the bugs are gone, I will recommend this to everyone!
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2 years ago, G Mom 2
Great app but has quirks
This app has been really useful for our family. However, I used to be able to upload pictures from my iPhone camera roll and no longer have that option. If I try to look up the item, pictures pop up but it does not allow me to scroll through the images anymore. My sister in law doesn’t have these issues with her Samsung phone.
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4 years ago, Reader-News
I think this is a great app but it’s not as obvious as to what is purchased. Sometimes something shows purchased as a white background, sometimes a greenish, sometimes a yellow. Last year we got a lot of duplicate gifts because a relative wasn’t noticing Gifster said purchased. I sent a message to Gifster earlier this year and was hoping it would be corrected but it’s the same. My suggestion, the green background for anything purchased. White for not purchased. Or a notification that something was already purchased.
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8 months ago, Retro Seeker
Among the best
This is one of our family’s favorite apps. We use it for every gift giving event and it has helped us to not have to focus on gift cards or else things that wind up returned. It’s also an awesome way to stay connected as a family. If I could rate it more than 5 stars I would. Amazing!
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8 months ago, Sgk2011
Love it :)
I’ve been using the site for a few months since my best friend recommended it to me for our favorite activity — online window shopping. It’s easy to use, and my mom bought me some stuff from it a few months back for my birthday. Only reason this isn’t 5 stars is because on my phone, the app won’t let me use the fetch feature or upload pictures for some reason.
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2 years ago, ccccccttttttt096457
It’s an Okay app
It’s a great idea to share gift lists. However, the amount of work you have to do to get one item on your list is just not realistic and not made easy for families to upload. You have to manually enter the website link, info about the item, picture of the item, all yourself. As opposed to other Apps that let you search the web through their App and you just simply have to click “add to list”
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7 years ago, Goofy green
Great for families!
I love this app. It’s been so great for my large family. I just wish it had a few more options. I’d love to be able to organize things by website or at least indicate what website it’s from in the teaser. That way it will be easy for me to purchase multiple items from the same site. It would also be nice to be able to organize the members of the list by family. Just some thoughts. Thank you!!!
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7 years ago, Ariscotl
Best app I've found
This app has been great for our family but I wish it would add one feature: I would love to be able to add items to someone else's list. For example: my brother asks for a coffee maker but I know he also doesn't have a grinder and I'd like to get him both. I'd like there to be some way to indicate to this to other family members so he doesn't get a repeat gift. Some way to add an item so everyone but the recipient can see.
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6 years ago, Sniggid32
Needs to be simpler
Starting our second christmas with this app. Really hard to get whole family to buy in. Making my list this year and it kept logging me out. Really a drag to have to log back in each time I search for a gift and go back to the app. Feel like giving up and going back to paper lists or pinterest. I read advice on other reviews and did a hard reset. This app still logs me and members of my family out as soon as we leave the app. This makes the experience very cumbersome.
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5 years ago, Elisabeth0108
The app is nice & convenient to be able to open up someone’s list while out & about. Also, to be able to buy an item with one click with their provided link. The app can get buggy though. If you are trying to add items to your list all at once, the pages switching back & forth can freeze up. Also while editing preferences, it just goes back to a blank screen. Still like it for large/small groups & gift exchanges.
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5 years ago, greenlinds
It’s perfect!
This app has been the perfect way to share lists with family members. No more worrying about giving the same items on your list to multiple people or worrying about getting something that someone already got. It’s a very simple app that is easy to navigate through. It does everything you need!
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6 months ago, Sushi U-U Rolls🍙
I got this app to make a College Dorm wishlist for my roommate and I to share with friends and family. I kid you not, I spent a good 20 minutes trying to figure out how to add items into our group wishlist. I tried using the Help icon, and that didn’t help. The app layout is so confusing and not straight forward. You have to go through all of this extra stuff to add things to the list, and even that the instructions are so incredibly unclear. Honestly just gave me a headache to even try to figure it out. Will be deleting the app.
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3 years ago, d gets what d wants
Great Concept, Bad UX
In a digital world where “UI/UX” is an absolute necessity, the app is far from it. It’s unfortunate, really, because I do like using it. However, the data fetch is so glitchy that it defeats the purpose of sending my wish list off to my shared group. I’m a tad embarrassed that I recommended use of it for my group because everyone within my group has opted out of using the app and desktop. It’s a great concept, but until there’s improvement in user interface and experience, I’m unfortunately looking for another option.
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