GiftYa - Send Gift Cards

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GiftYa, LLC
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2 weeks ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for GiftYa - Send Gift Cards

2.94 out of 5
233 Ratings
5 months ago, BL’s Review
The most frustrating thing
I have never been so frustrated with an app or product in life! I will take the $100 loss. Never to purchase from this site again.
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2 years ago, Loves it 💜
Such a waste
I tried this because my sister was stranded with no money. Her wallet was stolen, and her car wasn’t working. When I was originally looking for an e-gift card such as vanilla or something I saw this and text and assumed, hey this is probably better…but Unfortunately it’s not any quicker than getting an e gift, and it’s ironically more complicated and stupid as far as activations. I feel like this company was trying to be “different” by separating themselves from the rest of the e-card companies except there’s a reason people continue to use them ant not something new and different, and that’s reliability. This was a waste of time. Cost dbl the money because k had to buy an e-gift card regardless from another supplier to send her. And wait what might take a month to get a refund. Such a sham. Oh not to mention, the only way to contact them is by email which takes TWOOOOOOOO DAYSSSSS to get a resolved ticket. That’s awesome! vanilla gift card is WAYYYYYYYY MORE convenient. What was a process started about two hours ago has turned into my sister still unable to use the money because her only options are either mail the physical card or trade for merchant which does us no good. there’s no chat, can’t get anyone on the phone, this is just a waste. It’s no wonder I never heard of it. Do yourself a favor and do not go with this company if you’re looking for a fast and easy way to send or receive money immediately Don’t do it with this!!!
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4 years ago, Dozzle Shmuz
Do not use.
The worst app ever. I had received my bday gift for a restaurant in the area and when friend and I went over, the staff at the restaurant wasn’t able to get it to scan, so we followed the app instructions and linked this gift card to a master card. I happened to leave my wallet in the car so we thought not a biggie let’s use her card, ya think?! So the linking was successful and we paid the bill, the balance on the gift card showed $0, we thought okay not bad, tipped our waiter to compensate for all the hustle she did trying to get this thing to work. Few days later my friend informed me the charge did not go through, I go back to the account it shows my original gift balance, but now there is no option to link your cc account to the card, they had removed but forgot to update that in their FAQ as it is still there under the e gift card. So I engage with the customer service and send pictures or screen shots of when money was spent as we had issues with it and I happened to take the pic at that time showing 0 balance, and I sent the pic of what it look like as of today. The customer service is constantly telling me the money is there and that is not what it should be. The money was already spent and not trying to use it again or spend it again. The worst. Not again. Advising strongly against using this business.
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3 months ago, KittyBooty
GiftYa easy to use
We received an ecard for a merchant we don’t use. It was extremely easy to trade it for another merchant that we prefer. Plus, we added our credit card and got money added to our balance. We use our credit card for points all the time and prefer that method. GiftYa allows us to continue to use our credit card and it credits the gifted amount to our credit card after use. This is such an awesome feature!
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2 years ago, KaityAnnO
Won a $10 dollar gift card thru Instagram. Had them email me the card, I chose Dunkin. I clicked on the link sent to my email, which took me to their website, entered in my info, and chose to have the card as an “e-gift Card,” so I did not have to attach a credit card. The e-gift card generated within seconds, and I added the card to my Dunkin App right away. It was so easy and quick! I would definitely use them again.
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3 years ago, ALB_1922
Give my mom back her money
My mom thought she was sending me an e gift card not understanding how this company operates… so I get a text with a link that doesn’t work. Now I have no gift card and my mom has 50 bucks less. Why on earth would anyone think that sending someone a “gift” that requires the person receiving the gift to link their personal bank account info in order to use it is some kind of miracle app is beyond me. I hope my mom can get her money back. And I hope these companies can be a little more transparent online so people understand what’s happening with their money. Companies like this are just legitimized scams.
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2 years ago, whattup88
Doesn’t work
Recieved a GiftYa for $25 from work for UberEats. Attempted to use it, followed all instructions to link the GiftYa to my credit card…purchased overpriced UberEats meal with that credit card, as the directions say and now I’m fully paying for this meal because the activated GiftYa will not work. This app is in its infant stages and is either not at all user friendly or just plain doesn’t work. Either way I’m completely irritated I just wasted my money on an overpriced delivery meal rather than picking something up for carry out. Their customer support program is just as useless and extremely delayed also fyi. I DO NOT RECOMMEND USING THEIR SERVICES.
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3 years ago, TeacherWee
Confused of the purpose.
I would just buy a gift card instead of using this. We just got sent one of these, and it’s a very cute idea! It says a million times on the app and website that you’ll be immediately credited the amount you spend, but that was not the case for me at all. If you comb through the FAQs, you’ll see it can take up to three business days. This whole concept just seems weird - like here’s a gift, but you need to go buy it first, then I’ll pay you back! I don’t know. I appreciate the thought, just a weird idea. Would not recommend as I am not sure if my account will ever be refunded 🤷🏽‍♀️.
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5 years ago, goatmumz
You just have to try it once and you’ll be hooked. It’s so simple. I was guided through a few easy steps and quickly ready to gift my friends. I knew my daughter was having a crazy day and sent her a GiftYa for a coffee at her coffee shop. How cool? An instant gift right when she needed it. All she had to do was swipe her card - credit applied quickly - coffee enjoyed!
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This was one of the worst experiences I have had with a gift card. The card would not work at first when trying to connect it to my card and when trying to do my transaction it would not work. I changed it to my Apple Pay instead of my physical card. My cart did not get pursued but my credits were taken out my gift card and now it says that I used them when I did not even get to purchase anything. this was a birthday gift form my god mother to me and it makes me upset to know that her money was wasted.
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10 months ago, jrk321
Perfect for all gifts
Giftya makes the gift of giving so easy. I love that I am able to see what stores are in the area I’m sending it to. Being able to remind the person to use it is a bonus or even just to be notified when they have used it is wonderful!
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1 year ago, MDF1001
Fraud - do not be scammed
I was scammed by this site-- in a hurry to purchase a Home Depot card in the store and clicked this link from my phone without realizing it. When my 13yo son went to redeem the card at checkout he was told this is fraudulent. I emailed with Giftya support and they told me to give them a credit card number, to which they'd push a credit. Wow, how's that for bold. It's a scam. I've called my bank, repoted this as fraud, had my bank card canceled and hopefully Apple will review and remove Gifya from the apps store.
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1 year ago, IshSpeaks
Terrible Scam. Do not buy
Ok Christmas Day I’m thinking I’m sending a last minute gift card to a loved one. I pay through Apple Pay, I get a notification that my money is taken and the payment went through from Apple Pay. On the the giftya site I’m told my payment can’t be processed with no explanation as to why. I look at my bank account and the payment is taken! On CHRISTMAS DAY I am getting scammed by this company and their customer service is terrible. Money taken and no gift card.
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2 years ago, appstorebc
Scam, never got my credit reimbursed
I used gift ya and never got my gift card credit reimbursed after going to the restaurant even though the app said they paid me back. Customer service is a joke and literally makes no sense. They said they reimbursed me on the 4th of October which is before I even had downloaded the app. Really disappointed as the concept is great but not paying back customers is a big no no. Save your time and buy a regular gift card.
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3 years ago, loriknox
Love this APP!!
I use this app all the time especially for last minute guess. Super easy and straightforward seamless and allows me the convenience of not having to go purchase a gift card. Love it! Always have had a great experience no issues.
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4 weeks ago, Craigb2107
This is a scam stay away from it
I got scammed out of $10 trying to get a gift card. This whole app is a scam its a front just to take your money They don’t really give you gift cards or do what they say. They take the money pocket it and then pretend like they’re really gonna give you the gift so you can gift it to your loved one. It’s a complete scam stay away from it. I gave them two months to try and give me my money back.
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1 year ago, dat guy boi
I want my money back
I sent a $5 gift card out and was later emailed that it was unable to be sent. After the email I attempted to change the email address that I had sent it to but was surprised to see that the order history was gone. I payed $6.95 and didn’t get my money back and the order was wiped from my account. I wouldn’t have used this app is I had known that I would’ve gotten robbed.
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2 years ago, R_12222
Best App
Need a quick gift that has an experience tied to it. I used Giftya to send a client a gift and i recorded a message and sent the gift. She told me she received it via text and used it the next day. Worked flawless!
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2 years ago, vdog90
Great new idea and works fantastic
I was able to send a digital gift card to many family members. This is going to change the the world of gift cards!!! So easy to use!
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4 months ago, BizzK18
Horrible idea.
With all the scams going around… yes, let’s buy a gift card and then have to enter my bank info to receive it!!? This is so dumb. It Was a gift from my Dad for Valentine’s Day and I feel like he was completely scammed. I will be waiting for my gift card in the mail as that was an alternate option. We’ll see if it works before reporting it back or contacting my Dad’s bank to get his money back.
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2 years ago, Jesus Juke Skywalker
Easy, fast, and best way to send Gifts!
This App makes gifting super easy and fast and they have created an awesome product that has taken gift card to a whole new level!
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5 years ago, Reviewer1220
So convenient!
My brother lives out in California and his birthday is coming up, I’ll be sending him a personal video with a gift to one of his favorite spots in the Bay.....all within second! Simple, personal, and this!
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2 years ago, Glacjedi32145
College Mom
Love sending my two college kids gift cards that arrive on their phones! Think of GiftYa as this generation’s “care package” and my kids appreciate it so much more!
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5 years ago, lam9616
Local gifts
GiftYa makes it so easy to give gifts in the moment to my friends and family to their local merchants that they love! I love that it’s so quick and easy to send a personalized gift to any merchant in the country.
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5 years ago, and i never write reviews...
A revolutionary improvement over gift cards!
Now I can give gifts instantly! AND, also personalize! It’s SO easy for me, my friends and family, and also the restaurants and stores! Venmo-like technology — love it!
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5 years ago, N.B.H.
Easily Send Gifts To Anywhere
Plain and simple: I can easily send gifts (that will actually be used) to friends and family for their favorite spot. I’m talking literally any store; local or nationwide. Pizza joint, ice cream shop, shoe store, you name it.
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2 years ago, Esteeboa
Don’t waste your time
I never have issues with my cards, or PayPal for that matter. This site shows an error message every single time I tried to put the order through. I tried with multiple cards and with PayPal. The birthday kid never received their gift but yet I was charged!!! Now I have to reach out to my credit card. Buyer beware!!
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4 years ago, mm090116
Great idea
Love that you don’t have to carry around the gift card. You just pay at the restaurant or wherever with your Visa and get credited the amount you spend.
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5 years ago, YEAHSONWHAT
Game changing gifting app
Buy anyone a giftcard to anywhere and the gift card amount automatically appears on their credit or debit card. Need I say more?
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3 years ago, Nikki Rence
Such a great way to gift!
Amazing! I love being able to send someone a gift instantly! This app is becoming very useful around the holidays!
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1 year ago, LocalAlexx
I bought a card and it said it couldn’t go through. Even though my debit card was still charged with the amount I paid, for the gift card. I still haven’t gotten my money refunded. Don’t send gift cards with this app. Better off going to the store and purchasing one from there.
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5 years ago, Jamin2961
So easy and great for procrastinators
This app is great because I procrastinate gift giving and recipients don’t have to carry a gift card around! Highly recommend
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5 years ago, shane2084
Much better than a gift card
I use this app a ton. Love how you can upload photos and videos to every giftya
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2 years ago, RichasAF
Just What I Was Looking For !
As usual I “almost” overlooked my bestie’s Birthday … The selections on website are many! Website is very easy to follow 👍🏾
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5 years ago, amb1833
Great gift option!
GiftYa is such a unique and great gift idea! Easy to use and the recipient is guaranteed to love it with so many merchant options all over the country!
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2 years ago, We As Human Fan:)
Does not work
Got a gift ya and tried to use it but did not work. Had to pay with my credit card. Later I checked the balance and it said 0 on the card. Seeing plenty of other reviews like this. This is a scam and In no way should anyone use this as a gift
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5 years ago, Kitty535
So easy and convenient
Love how easy GiftYa makes it to brighten someones day in just a few clicks! It’s perfect for someone who is forgetful to buy things in advance😊
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5 years ago, mjm3234
Love it!
Simple and easy! Much more convenient than buying a gift card at the store. Everyone should be using GiftYa!
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2 years ago, rbnail
So easy
Loved the ease of this gift!!! Nice to have a selection of local options too!!!
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2 years ago, dan_apps_free
Simple and fast. Loving it
Easy and quick to use .
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3 years ago, jakob dolney
Do not!
I have had these gift cards sent to me from multiple people for the past year I tell everyone not to fall for it. The app never lets you create a account and all the gift cards are unretrievable I 10/10 would not recommend this to anyone! Horrible app
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5 days ago, Jaya1414
Don’t waste your time and money on this scamming app! I sent 25 gift card to my sister to get some roses for Mother’s Day and it took her to these weird pages asking for so much information and after summiting her information it said “gift card is activated “ we never got that money!! Scammers!!!
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2 years ago, Upalemisifu
Very bad and awful customer service
The app is so inconvenient to use. Recipients don’t get the right information and if you want to get the money back there is no option to get it Also the hot line no one answered and it hangs when you try to get help.
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5 months ago, Real product is you
Coworker gave me a gift through this. Honestly would have preferred a gift card or Venmo/paypal. It was a pain to set up and did not fully reimburse my last purchase. Ima try one more but it looks like a big ol nope from me.
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1 year ago, O jacks
Great way to send gift cards without the hassle of going into a store and handling cards
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2 years ago, Anomyous User
Couldn’t Receive Gift
Sick unable to visit family for the upcoming thanksgiving my Nana gifted me something through this app and I am unable to retrieve the gift card because I rightfully believe putting my bank information in is completely unjustified.
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1 year ago, bldl6
Complete Scam
Do not by for anyone- do not buy for yourself You get the credit on your account but it’s not an instant refund- takes up to five days or longer and in the meantime your bank account is deducted from.
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3 years ago, zlmuir
Easy, safe, efficient and personal
My husband sent me a GiftYa and I just loved it!
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1 year ago, pete69534
Sent a gift to my brother, because he used my mobile number to redeem it, now it says There was an error claiming your gift. Please try again or contact customer service. $100 down the drain what a scam.
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2 years ago, itisnicoleyo
Try before you buy?
I was offered a $5 Dunkin card to try this app- and it didn’t work/credit me. Not a good way to ensure you gain customers. I’d suggest not using an important card because this seems like a way to gather free info. 🤷🏼‍♀️
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