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User Reviews for Go City -Travel Plan & Tickets

4.7 out of 5
17.4K Ratings
3 years ago, tualias34
Extra discount of $20 :)
My family and I recently used Go City to visit the charming city of San Francisco. It goes without saying that if you want to visit more that 3/4 places, this card will make you save money. Moreover,they gave me a special offer to share with my friends. I’m treating you to an exclusive $20 off a Go City Pass on your first order over $200. I’ll also get a reward, so it’s a win-win! The only thing you have to do is putting my name (Fernando Martinez Lara) during your purchase (recommended by a friend?). Enjoy your trip! Florence, Fernando, Marc and Sophia As my son always says, easy peasy lemon squeezy
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6 months ago, CandidReviews24
Not worth the hassle
“If it is too good to be true, it probably is”. At first look you would feel they provide better value for money. However, most attractions will treat you like a freeloader. I took a two say pass for miami. And the pass stated “just show up and show the pass”. But Most of the good attractions mentioned they only allow limited people from gocity pass. That means each day, if you go early, you can get one to one good attraction and by the time you finish it all the other ones are sold out. Their customer service is horrible and do not honor the misleading claims stated in the pass. They offered us a partial refund provided we go to multiple attractions and prove that none of them is accepting go city pass. That makes no sense given our valuable time of lost in the process. That said, it is still worth it if you plan to go to multiple attractions. I got a 50% discount on the pass. So covering 4 attractions from the list of 40+ attractions (some are far away from miami and some are not worth your time) will make up for the cost. So plan to book and pay directly for the main attractions like speedboat and if you did end up taking a pass, use it for the less popular attractions. Always call ahead and try to book it as much as possible.
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2 years ago, jlangfy
It works but has some issues
This has the option to add activities to an itinerary, but I couldn’t figure out how to view that itinerary after adding activities to it. I eventually figured out that if I add activities to my “favorites” instead, I was able to see a list of favorites. The favorites button is a white button which is displayed on top of an image of the activity. Unfortunately one of the activities I wanted to add to my favorites had an image that was white too in the area where the favorite button was (white on white) so I had no idea whether I was successfully tapping the favorites button. I eventually figured out that I could tap where I thought the favorites button probably was and then go to my favorites list and check if the activity was listed in my favorites…nope, not there. So I tried again…That time it worked. So after some trial and error I got this to work acceptably to be able to see a list of the activities I plan to do and tap on them to get directions to them. It would be helpful to have these things improved though.
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2 years ago, LKP80
Bait & switch
I purchased 5 Explorer passes for our upcoming trip to San Diego. I double & triple checked that the things we wanted to do were available for the dates we were traveling before purchasing. The day I purchased, the Patriot Jet boat changed its opening from Apr 1 to Apr 15. Then the Hornblower Whale Watching tour that, I booked weeks in advance, canceled “due to unforeseen circumstances” and every other tour was full until Apr 11; so unable to rebook the tour. The iRide GoCar & Scooter say they only allow two vehicles out at a time (so 4 people max - 2 in each GoCar) when I asked if they could possibly do 2 cars + 1 scooter for a family of 5 they approved it because it was a weekday BUT said the driver of the scooter had to be 18. Their website says 15+ but the person said “only if an adult is WALKING alongside the scooter.” Seems strange. How slow are these scooters? Just really disappointed that every attraction advertised so far is unavailable. Like I said, I planned this over a month in advance and double checked everything. Things only changed after my purchase. Either their contracts aren’t very strong with their vendors or they’re doing something shady on the back end. Either way - buyer beware.
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4 years ago, Lwestbrook78
Customer Service
We bought a one day pass and made several reservations to use it the next day. One company went ahead and scanned it at the time of reservation, thereby activating it, so when we got to the first attraction we had scheduled the following day, it showed as expired. Customer service was incredibly unhelpful. We would not have bought a $70 pass at 10pm to use on one attraction that would have only been $17. They could see that it had only been “scanned” at one place. They absolutely refused to help us until they received confirmation from the attraction that we had not been there. However, the attraction is question was a ghost tour that was not open at 9am. We spent a ridiculous amount of our limited vacation time calling, three way calling, and basically pleading for help. We finally got ahold of someone at the tour, after burning a considerable amount of our day, to confirm we had not yet used a pass. By this point, we had missed a different reservation. I think the passes are a great plan, but I was very disappointed in the lack of help.
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2 years ago, cyndi45231
Hassle not worth the Savings
We purchased the family a 3-day pass in Stockholm after having an extremely positive experience with the Copenhagen Card. Unfortunately this pass and the app are NOT as user-friendly as that one. We couldn’t get on any of the boat tours we wanted because you can’t sign up in advance without being at their kiosk which doesn’t help on a short trip. The hop on/off buses were very confusing as there are two different companies that run practically identical looking buses but this one only ran 3 to cover their whole city route on a busy holiday weekend. When asked about it, the customer service was very defensive (to the point of being borderline rude) with little to offer as a solution. They also dropped a few of the attractions between the time I initially looked at it and booked the passes. Given our experience I would have rather booked tickets directly with Stromma and paid for the various museums than deal with the hassle that has been navigating the pass/app.
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3 years ago, uarkgrad1996
Waste of money for Vegas! Do not use it!!
We purchased the Go City pass for Vegas. The information on the Go pass was wrong for 3 attractions, which caused us to waste our time. We were denied use of the pass at two attractions…the Legends Show and the High Roller big wheel because those attractions changed their policy on how the pass could be used with no notice on their individual websites. Just found out when we showed up to use the pass and was denied. We purchased the 3 day pass for $189. We were able to use the pass at 5 attractions. However, if we had paid for those attractions rather than using the pass, we would have only spent $120. I sent an email to Go City after we were denied use at two attractions and asked for someone to contact me. 5 days later, I had to call Go City because no one has contacted me. The only thing Go City would do is give me a 10% refund….$18!!! That is it!! I will never use this Go City again!!!!
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2 months ago, gdrone1
Buyer Beware
Be wary of purchasing GoCity passes. Purchasing a GoCity pass does not guarantee you entry into the advertised attractions. GoCity website nor app maintain updated information regarding their advertised attractions and reservation requirements. GoCity website, app and confirmation email advertise many attractions as walk up only. GoCity website and app do not permit you to make reservations for attractions that are advertised as walk up only. While GoCity may not require a reservation for an advertise attraction, the attraction itself may actually require a reservation. Before purchasing a GoCity pass, check each attraction website directly for the most updated information on reservations in order to help ensure entry into an advertised attraction. GoCity will not issue a refund once the pass has been activated nor provide any corrective actions for losses incurred due to their deceptive advertising practices.
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3 months ago, wonderbel
Absolutely must have!
We did the 2 day pass.. family of 6.. did Universal on day 1.. you have to reserve the morning of the day you plan to visit.. did it, they scanned my phone, no problems.. second day kids wanted to do knotts.. you have to show your passes at both 11/ 12 and they exchange for paper tickets.. same thing, no issues.. highly recommend! Saved so much money! Just pay attention to which attraction you want and follow their admittance rules and you’ll be fine.. will be purchasing again wherever we go!!
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2 years ago, L. Reddick
Worth the money
These passes are great. Saves time having to order at every individual attraction & money… one set price for all depending on the number of attractions. The difference between all inclusive & explorer is… inclusive pass gives you 35 attractions for a set amount of days while explorer pass allows you to experience the number of attractions over several days/weeks. I chose explorer. 😍
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2 years ago, Bfbfbfbfbfbfbf
Where’s the customer service?
Recently bought a 5 day Philadelphia city pass for each one of our five family members. For most of the trip the pass worked but on the website they advertised that the pass was accepted at the Philadelphia Zoo. When we arrived at the zoo we were informed that the pass actually wasn’t being accepted at the zoo, so we had to purchase zoo passes. I reached out to customer service and initially received a prompt response to my inquiry, but when I requested a partial refund for the entrance fee I had to pay because of the incorrect information posted on the Go City website the communication went silent. I will be giving another company a try next time I go visit a new city. Go City’s customer service failed when it really counted. Buyer beware.
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3 years ago, MomofGavin3
Saves a lot of Money But…
I think the passes are absolutely worth it money wise. However, on anything you need a reservation for, it is very hard to use. We went to the Willis Tower around 2 pm and the last reservations they had were for 10 pm. We had to come back at the right time which can get expensive and time consuming if you are taking taxis. If you’re going to Chicago, the Star Line tours and Big Bus tours were great with this because no reservation was needed. Also, 360 Chicago let us do reservations through the app. Not sure why we couldn’t with the Willis Tower.
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2 years ago, LJ S
It’s the real deal!
We had a two day pass. We saved $147 each above what we paid for the pass. We used the app and just presented our passes on my phone and in we went. No problems. Probably got to do and see more because we didn’t worry about needing to spend all day at the aquarium to “get our money’s worth”, for example.
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2 years ago, jdwschool
This pass is useless in Amsterdam. The pass doesn't book tickets so you have to make reservation online with the sites, but you can't pay for the reservations with the pass. Either you chance it and hope that when you arrive you can get in with your pass, or you pay separately and the pass is worthless. DO NOT go without reservations because you will not get in. The sites cost less than the pass in total. And the ferry to the castle was closed entirely so we got stuck 10 miles from the castle without a way back. The Uber cost $70 round trip. Absolutely a waste of money.
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2 years ago, jeff237
Saved Some Money, but Inconvenient
Used the 2-Day unlimited pass for Barcelona. I did end up saving some money with this, but only because I felt compelled to go to more destinations that were covered by the pass than I would have otherwise if I hadn’t ponied up. Tours booked up fast and for the Picasso museum in particular you are not allowed to visit if you don’t go with the tour, which was disappointing as we then had to pay for that out of pocket. Not a disaster, but I can’t recommend this pass.
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5 years ago, jody1625
Great experience
Downloaded this app, bought the Explorer pass, put all the attractions in that I wanted to see and use the pass for...linked my pass into the app and it worked perfectly on my 5 day NYC trip! I only used the app each time I needed to gain entry...while walking into a venue I would open it and get it ready to go before scanning and I had all sites scan without any issue. :-)
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1 year ago, Poojah Bear
Awesome time in Boston!!
I and my family used the All Inclusive pass and had a blast in Boston!!! We went through sooooooooo many places and there was no hassle of waiting in line or worry about ticket. The best thing about this was after the whole trip, I calculated the saving of about $1200. Yeah, next trip to Hawaii!!!!!!!😆😆
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2 years ago, Sauveh
No Disclaimer on certain Reservations
The GoCity pass has no disclaimer or forewarning on being able to reserve a 10pin Chicago Bowling after 6pm. We were denied access because it was 8pm. Also you cannot reserve times for the 360 Chicago either, had to go their website to find out the hard way. Other than that, GoCity Pass was amazing and worked on all the attractions, but just failed to leave some important details for first time consumers such as myself.
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2 months ago, CaptMontyJack
Go City is a waste of time and money. I do not recommend at all. I purchased a 4-pack for myself and my children for a special trip to New York City. The total cost was $400. We were only able to use 2 of 4 passes due to the horrible procedure to exchange this pass for actual tickets. If you want to wait in long lines to redeem your Go City pass for an actual ticket and then wait in another long line to see the attractions, then this app is for you. If you want to spend your time vacationing, buy the tickets directly from the vendors.
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4 years ago, bullet club ryan
Go City Vegas!
We found out about this last minute and I am so happy we did. We got the Vegas 2 day pass, did nearly everything it had available and in the end added up the cost of everything we did and we saved $438! Can’t recommend this enough. We will absolutely be using it wherever we travel!
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1 year ago, BadgerPride96
Very pleasantly surprised
I saw the promises this app made and was skeptical; it just sounded too good to be true. This app is 100% worth getting. We were able to save $50 with this (we did the 2 day all inclusive). Absolutely get this app if you can
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9 months ago, d.marie1223
Must Buy Days Before
Don’t buy the pass the day you arrive thinking you can use it. It apparently has to go through security checks which takes about 6 hours so now we are here waiting with nothing to do since this was our plan today. I called and they “flagged our order” to be processed sooner but still will take hours. Absolutely ridiculous!!! They don’t advertise this and I’ve been to many other cities using go passes and never had to wait to receive it!
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2 years ago, Roxana-Diana
Great app, saves tons of money! Instead of paying $440 on individual tickets per person, I spent $180 per person on all inclusive city pass ticket! I absolutely recommend this to everyone! ♥️♥️♥️♥️
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3 years ago, Cletis McSnoggleston
Risky purchase
The City Pass is great in theory, but when you can’t make reservations ahead of time and the attractions aren’t selling tickets due to long lines and short staff, it’s definitely a Vegas gamble that doesn’t pay off. If you like walking for miles to attractions you’ve paid for, but can’t actually experience, the City Pass is the way to go. This is probably no accident. I’m sure they profit off of failed promises and underused passes.
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3 years ago, rmdesai
Not a good option if you want to make prior reservations
The go city pass will not let you make any prior reservation. You have to go to attractions and wait in line for your turn to come up as other patrons may have booked that particular slots. I suggest not to buy the pass if you are not ready to stand-by in a queue and just wait. It’s better to book a timed reservation directly using the particular attraction’s website.
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2 years ago, Reestee
False Advertising and Lies
When I bought the pass it was supposed to include a lot of things. When I got to Paris none of the things that were supposed to be included were part of my pass. Almost everything said I had to pay more. I would not buy a pass again from this company since they changed what was included right as I got to the city and started going places.
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3 years ago, RoyTM
Great app, when it works…
We downloaded the app post Covid since several places where moving toward touch less entry and ticketing. The app freezes and boots you out every time you use it. We all put the app on our phone with the hopes at least someone in the group could access our tickets when needed. Fix your app!!
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2 months ago, 87871687
Uh oh
I wanted to ask a simple question but their “24 hour” line does not appear to be manned. It just blares a continuous message about how to apply for a refund online. Not helpful, as this isn’t what I needed, and leaves me with a sinking feeling as I prepare for the trip, if that’s the only reason why people call. Can’t wait to see if this thing works…
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2 years ago, Jay Iz
Product Review
So far the product is promising what they advertise, come the date of our trip we shall see if there’s any problems. Hopes are good👍
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2 years ago, Shell091496
A huge portion of the activities were unavailable in general but you don’t find this out till after you purchase and try to make reservations. Then overnight 1/4 of the remaining options disappeared. Our premium activity was cancelled by the vendor 10 minutes prior to our reservation and they won’t reschedule or refund, of course on GoCity it shows up as utilized.
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3 years ago, prat213455
A compromise
Don’t buy this pass. Many of the places are limited availability. You don’t get any information about the location if its sold off for goCity. You get know about sold out tickets when you go to actual spot. We went to Skydeck chicago, reaching there they just told they are out for goCity pass bit allowing cityPass. I would recommend to buy city pass instead of goCity!
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10 months ago, Lord Stitch
Everything tells you to make a reservation right? You can only do it same day. Customer service is non existent, I’ve seen 5 year olds with better manners and customer service skills. Was told no problem as soon as we get confirmation you didn’t go we will redo the tickets. No call, no email. I called back to be told they can not help me. HORRIBLE DO NOT USE!
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3 years ago, AnonymousAZ21
Better to have a physical pass than this dog-water of an app.
The only reason why I gave 2 stars was because of the selection of fun to enjoy that they have to offer with the plans. If they didn’t have a selection, then I would call Apple to give ZERO stars. In the end of all of this… DON’T download the app unless if you want to have an app crash on you anytime you edit your own personalized itinerary on the app. That should be quite simple and shouldn’t cause it to crash,… But it does. ***This Star rating is based on app experience, and not experience with the business.***
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2 years ago, Whozeyadaddy74
Love it
Great app & it’s super easy to use. Plenty of choices to pick from to see various sites within a city. Highly recommend.
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2 years ago, Mdrew210tx
Go city application
Best bang for your buck when it comes to bundling deals AND saves you money in the end. The Inclusive pass is where it’s at.
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2 months ago, sneakerer
LBJ Ranch not worth it!
This was a nine-hour trip. It didn’t live up to the hype. You your his childhood home and see his ranch. Then there are a few stops along the way. The German town of Fredericksburg was the best part, but we only had 90 minutes to eat, walk the town, and visit a WWII museum. Not enough time when you realize it’s nine hours you’ve committed to this tour.
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3 weeks ago, US traveler 24
Constant guided trip cancellation
Four out of five booked guided trips were rescheduled to either another date (a month after) or another time slot the day notifying you the day right before the scheduled day, which I booked a month ago. It totally ruined my vacation and plan. The only option is to go with amigo tour. Their service is shady.
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4 weeks ago, Avonturier1111
Cost more than buying tickets direct! Don’t do it!
I spent more buying thes than had I just bought tickets direct. There were no lines anywhere so it didn’t save me any time either. I still had to convert this to tickets anyway. One of the museums even admitted this is a scam. Talking to them about not working with this company. Grrr.
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3 years ago, Too long of lines
Too long of lines
Go City passes should have a fast track check in line.
Show more
3 years ago, Tatianadesigns
Excellent app
It’s very smart program for active people . It’s great saving when you travel with large family. We truly enjoyed it.
Show more
2 years ago, FF$$2022
User hostile company
Tried to purchase from their website, won’t accept payment. Called the help line, they said use the ap they apparently no longer accept web payments. Used the ap, get “unknown failure” message with 2 different credit cards. Guess my money is not worthy of their product.
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3 years ago, AnnfromWis
E sure to ask
I paid for 2 3-day passes but the large man at the kiosk told me the trolley is only available to me the first 2 days. He says that’s how it’s always been, but I cannot find this anywhere on the website.
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5 months ago, i cantmakeupa nickname
Don’t bother
They have a “savings guarantee” but it’s only if you book 3x a day which is virtually impossible. I used it for 3 days to get premium offers. One of them cancelled on me due to weather. I did the math and I would have saved money if I would have booked everything individually 2 events a day.
Show more
3 years ago, RareKase
Go City
Very reasonable!!! Great time. I’ll definitely use City Pass for all my trips. So many different locations to travel.
Show more
4 years ago, realvadim
Filter out what is not available!
Why would I even see attractions that not only closed (understandable, covid, pandemic), but also those not included into my pass? With this logic you could also include attractions in a dozen of other US cities and just put stupid red cross icon on them, instead of hiding them completely!
Show more
3 years ago, Bratton-the only
Incomplete Instrt
Note that you have to have everything scanned the on the first fay of use. If not, the pass will be invalid despite certain attractions being available the following day. Screwed our vacation. Customer service was rude and not helpful.
Show more
3 years ago, bridiBorealis
Good savings on attractions but has incorrect directions on some of the included maps, causing a lot of wasted time getting places. No option in app to add feedback to the maps.
Show more
3 years ago, Monet Kay Love
It’s okay I guess
It doesn’t really make any sense that when you buy an “all inclusive pass” everything isn’t included and you basically get better stuff in the explorer pass.
Show more
2 years ago, busy.family.of.four
No reply
I bought the Go City Paris pass because it came with a Disneyland ticket as an option. I was told to send an email and I would get the tickets in 48 hours. It has now been 10 days and 3 emails later andI have gotten no response. I even checked my junk inbox just in case.
Show more
2 years ago, ounvdjdgaj
It’s all a ripoff!!
Every time I tried using this pases I’ve have some type of issue entering the park!! It’s taken two plus hours to deal with the customer service representative! Not worth my time or money better pay full price and not be embarrassed because you can’t enter the park!
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