GO Miami-Dade Transit

1.8 (889)
137.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Miami-Dade County
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12 or later
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User Reviews for GO Miami-Dade Transit

1.78 out of 5
889 Ratings
2 years ago, Hoser135
Not very user-friendly!
I am new to Miami-Dade Transit. I have been using the bus system for more than 2 weeks. It has been very frustrating trying to learn how to use the app. The main problem is buyingand loading passes. I had to buy a physical card to obtain a 7 day pass, which I don’t understand why it cannot be a digital mobile pass. Then when the week was over I bought a one month pass. But when I look at my easy card details on the app, it shows a value remaining of only $1, not the $112 that I paid for the monthly pass. Also, it states nothing about my easy card being loaded with this monthly pass. I would be happy to meet with employees of the transit system to explain in detail how I think the app and card purchases could be improved.
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5 years ago, Sandividin
This new update is the worst UX I’ve ever seen. I’m tech savvy and it’s wasting too much of my time to navigate. I can’t even imagine the positive reviews here are real. Very creative with the black background alternating fluorescent highlights (It’s like Lightbright!) but has almost no functionality or accessibility. Whoever got the pitch and decided to approve this update clearly never actually tried to use it the same way you would in real life; on the fly from your mobile while rushing to catch a bus. I’ve been looking for the bus schedule. Not the next arrival times but actual list of times it will leave during the day and still haven’t found it after three serious attempts at the app. It takes forever just to locate the bus info Im looking for, once you adjust to the color assault on the eyes. The whole purpose of the app is to locate your bus info quickly and easily. No frills necessary. I normally don’t write reviews on anything but your app just went from very useful to acompleje waste of time in one update and it needs to be fixed. Please fix it. If you all need someone to facilitate a design thinking workshop, particularly your empathy mapping exercises, I’m happy to help.
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5 years ago, latia212
Please help me
I downloaded this app for my aunt and my mom unfortunately they don’t have a car so the rely on this app heavily like most people in Miami the ones that use this app are elderly and don’t understand how to use their phone properly at first the app was a little wonky but still usable with its light colors and easy to find options now it’s harder for my family to use and all I do is worry about them how they will get home if they will miss the bus it’s dangerous waiting for the bus and the train I understand it cost money to make an app better to develop it and launch it but please, please make the next update better not for me but my family and everyone else that relies on this app to get home safe add a Spanish option and an easy to find options like before the latest update I hope someone reads this soon and if whoever does read this does something to better improve the app thank you and god bless you just remember who you make this help for and what you do does matter and it affects the lives of the people you help
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4 years ago, goatie100
Terrible update
This update is awful and I can see I’m not the only one who thinks that. I liked how the old one was organized and I hate how confusing this one is. Makes it so difficult just to look for a stop or station and it does it by distance now? Which isn’t even 100% accurate most of the times?? And it mixes the train stations with northbound and southbound (keep them separate like the old one). Didn’t even let us transfer favorites from the old app! And now for this one some favorites don’t even appear after you added them! Lately I’ve been trying to track the buses and it doesn’t even load! Just a blank screen or no GPS of the bus shown at all. There’s probably other things I’m missing as I’m writing this review but please either go back to the old app or mix it up with the new and old. Keep the old format but change the appearance/colors and add that you can add value and use your bus pass on there as a feature.
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5 years ago, jake150@
The new version ruined it
The new version of this app is terrible. Everything is too big, it is near impossible to view the bus route map, finding bus stops is a pain since they decided to sort it by distance and not order, and navigation is extremely unintuitive. Yeah the old version looked a little dated, but it was better and more functional in almost every way. One of the things they changed with the new version was the ability to manage your easy card within the app. And, although it does work to view the balance, everything else is near worthless. I tried reloading the card in the app, but that didn’t work and I had to use the website. It’s not even a native app, it looks like they used HTML5 or react native or something like that, so it’s slow and system gestures such as swipe back don’t work. There are a number of visual inconsistencies and glitches. It looks like whoever was commissioned to make the app did a hack job, and the app they made proves that. Miami-Dade should be ashamed for publishing an app like this that is clearly a step down from the older version in so many ways. The update has made the app largely useless for me, and I’m sure anyone else who recently updated to the new version shares my frustration. Please either revert to the old version or hire someone else who knows what they are doing to make the app.
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5 years ago, thrillz16
This app needs updating ASAP! In the span of one school year, it has made me miss my bus about 10 times. This is despicable. In the mornings, I get ready for school and go to the MDT tracker app to see how many minutes until my bus arrives. This morning it told me three minutes and sixteen seconds and I kept on reloading it and it said the same 3:16 minutes until my bus comes. I heard a sound outside that sounded like the bus passed, I reloaded the app again and it still said that same amount of time. I already don’t trust this app, so I walked outside to my bus stop, and kept on reloading the app and it had the same time on it, but my bus already left. I stayed at the bus stop for a couple more minutes, reloaded the app and now it told me the time for the next bus that comes in 30 minutes. This app needs a serious update ASP!!!
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1 year ago, Ken Geras
The app is constantly glitching. Generally it works for basics like buying a daily pass and then getting on the bus. But wow does it falter all the time. Hardly user friendly. Bus information about the schedule and where buses are is often wrong! Paying for a pass requires way too many steps. Can only buy one single use pass at a time rather than a few and then activate them when needed. Someone need to really clean this one up and update it to make it work like promised.
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3 years ago, dhentntnkwksk
This app has to be one of the worst apps in the App Store. It’s always giving me the wrong time and the wrong schedule. I check the bus schedule to know more or less what time I can catch the bus so I’ll be at work on time and the schedule will tell me something like the bus runs every 10 minutes, and when I get to the bus stop and check the bus time it’ll say the next bus is in 45 minutes. Not only that but also when I get on the bus and try to use my mobile pass, the app won’t show the pass like if I never purchased one. So now I have to pay a extra $2.25, that I shouldn’t have to spend, out of my pocket to get on the bus because the app doesn’t want to show my mobile pass. Not only a waste of time and money but also have to spend extra money and constantly be late to work. PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP
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5 years ago, 666666666656556555
Useful and accurate
I am a student who has been taking the bus to school and to work for almost one year now and I have used this app since then and it almost never fails. It gives accurate enough arrival times and it would get you to where you are going without a problem. It’s easy and simple to use, sometimes it fails, obviously, but for me it has been a lifesaver. I recommend it 100% if you are in the need of taking the public transportation. (In my opinion it’s better than the other fancy apps since this is one is straight to the point without complications)
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5 years ago, Lilyputt
What did they do to the app!?!
For some reason they modified the app with so much crap on the home page, it’s actually more difficult to find what you need. It’s also changed to white letters over black background which is more difficult for me to see. There’s no way to report issues with the app but 3 ways to report issues with the buses or trains. What it doesn’t do is tell you the difference between them. I miss the plain, boring app that was at least user friendly even if it didn’t accurately track the buses, let you know when transit was on holiday schedule or tell you if a bus is broke down or running late. This has all the same defects of the old one but it’s uglier and more confusing. I’m thinking of just picking up the paper schedules and just laminating them. It would be much more useful and accurate.
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1 year ago, Updeinva
Very poor design
This app is extremely frustrating to use, at least for someone who is visiting Miami. With every step, it is unclear what the app is actually telling you about routes or how to get from point A to point C. Even more frustrating was purchasing a pass. I tried to purchase a one day pass with a credit card, but the app was rejecting my street address and was trying to auto fill it with other addresses that had nothing to do with my street name or location. I could not purchase a pass. Plus, it is not Apple Pay friendly or set up to recognize credit cards you have in your existing files. All in all, one of the worst apps I have encountered. It makes me wonder if the developers of this app have ever actually used it in real life.
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5 years ago, Mel83535
Bad Update
I’m a high school student who rides the bus every morning and afternoon. The app was a great deal of help with bus scheduling and somewhat reliable ETAs. But now with this update, I can’t find the list of times a bus stops at a certain station and the app is now overall not user-friendly. I’m young and kind of adept at working a phone, but sometimes I’m just confused by the UI design. I understand it costs to change/update/fix an app, but many people heavily rely on it and now it’s very confusing. I liked the app better before this update. It was plain yes, but so easy to read and it didn’t need all the fancy colors or big buttons. Is there anyway people (like myself) can download an older version so that we can actually use the app?
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3 years ago, xixic10
Worst APP ever
Hands down the worst! I am a college Student, they had suspended the sale of physical cards on campus because of COVID-19,I had to order mine online. 1) there’s a long waiting period, which fine because they provide the active wallet option. 2)You can’t rely on the active wallet because it doesn’t always appear on the app. If you are from Miami you know rude these drivers be! When you try to explain them you already pay and the active wallet is acting up and you waiting for them to ship your card! They make you feel like you are trying to ride free. The county is really doing a poor job when it comes to facilitate transportation. Always carry some change.
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2 months ago, Codgod1335
Horrible service!
The app is constantly glitching out. Almost every day I get error messages when buying a bus pass on this app. My local bus stops don’t have working stations to buy the bus passes on your own so my only option is to use the app.. this app will charge you and still give you an error message. Charged me 3 times on one card. Tried for the forth time using a different card and it finally went through.. using Public transport should not be this hard. Especially considering the buses breaking down every other day. I have traveled a lot and have never experienced public transportation as bad as the one here in Miami dade.
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6 years ago, Marge1312
Terrible app!!!
Cannot use the trip planner. Once you place location and destination it takes you to the next screen to where it tells you “Could not plan a route with information provided” sub-par app for a city like Miami. Definitely shows the incompetence of this county. Don’t pay attention to the 5 start reviews from bots to boost this app that looks like it was designed by some kid in Asia. The optimization is really bad, the bottom of the screen is out of reach from newer devices like my iPhone. The fix this mess I would suggest starting from scratch and have it done by local developers where you can have better quality control and optimization. Fix it ASAP and don’t be incompetent like our city!!!
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2 years ago, Fixyourapp2.0
When i first started it worked completely fine then all of a sudden the issues came about. I bought bus passes and they wouldn’t load, it’ll not allow me to login at times and even when logged in it’ll log me out. I bout two weekly passes and they robbed me of one of the two i purchased. I was only able to use it once to board the bus and as soon as i tried to use it on the train it logged me out. I reset my password and logged back in after numerous times to come and find out that one of the two bus passes that i purchased no longer showed on my account. I paid for two passes and only received one.
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3 years ago, 2ThompsonAS
Looks Nice
I’m usually the one to type up great reviews on businesses and applications but this one which is so vital for those of us that have a car in the mechanic shop or none at all will depend on apps like this. I registered for this application 2 days ago and have yet to receive a confirmation email so that I may be able to ride the public buses. Not 5 minutes or 10… over two days is more than 2,880+ minutes/48hrs. Thankfully I can walk to areas nearby but I need this mode of transportation temporarily and to get to college. This app looks nice but unless you have confirmed your account you might as well delete it.
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5 years ago, Bunny C.
Please change it back
I used this app all throughout 2019 and I loved it. It was very convenient to plan out my bus route at any time of the day, view all connecting bus routes and bus stops, and track which direction certain busses were going. Now, with the January 2020 update, I can barely figure out anything! Why can’t I see the bus routes and times during the whole day? Why are the north and south busses mixed? What if I need the bus information for a different day? I heavily relied on the old version to go to school and work and I’m afraid of how this update will affect how I get around. Please, PLEASE, allow people to access the old app because many people really rely on it.
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6 years ago, DonnaFlorida5
I love this app!
With this app, I know before I leave home whether I can take the Metrorail and be downtown on time. If I also check my map app for driving time to the Metrorail station considering current traffic, I’m all set. It has removed the stress of driving to the station and rushing to the platform and panicking when I see a train coming, “I’m going to miss it!” Now I know all about that train, and the one coming behind it is mine!
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4 years ago, Niqgemini
Initially it was terrible
Initially after the new update it was completely terrible. Key word was. Tracking the MDT system was non existent after the update. I couldn’t care any less about graphic designs and colors. The most important thing was being able to track buses,metrorails and trolley as close to real time as possible. I’ve notice things have gotten waaay better. Go Google maps and the Go MDT Transit apps are working hand and hand now. I would’ve given 5 stars, but my experience right after the update was very stressful.
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3 years ago, Piinky15
Useful but needs FIXES!
This app recently started saving my billing address at the checkout for mobile passes, but where it says “City/Town” it’s supposed to say “Apt/Suit” because if I don’t put my Apt # there it won’t let me check Out, please fix this. Also, it would be very helpful if it would save the Card information as well, that way I don’t have to keep adding it everytime I need to check out.
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4 years ago, 171739
the app is now as functional as Miami Dade Transit itself
I never actually had any overwhelmingly negative experiences with the old app- I liked it. It was compact, organized and provided you with all the information necessary. The new update has only brought unnecessary clutter while slicing off half the information. Why is half of my screen immediately taken up by useless buttons and advertisements? Where are the schedules? Why are the trackers so difficult to decipher? I’m not entirely convinced that the developers of the app actually used the old app with any frequency, because these are immediately recognizable problems. It’s awful.
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7 years ago, rojol
Servicio malo
El servicio es un fiasco , es malo , la aplicación no sirve de nada, se saltan buses hasta una hora y media específicamente el 120 Aventura , dan pena , lo mejor sería que sacaran la aplicación ya que eso te lleva a perder tiempo y los choferes muy mal servicio .... The service is a fiasco, it is bad, the application is useless, buses jump up to an hour and a half specifically the Adventure 120, give it a shame, it would be better to take the application as it takes you to waste time and the drivers very bad service .... The service is a fiasco, it is bad, the application is useless, buses jump up to an hour and a half specifically the Adventure 120, give it a shame, it would be better to take the application as it takes you to waste time and the drivers very bad service ....
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3 months ago, jasmine3274
Not worth the price (FREE)
The app claims you can purchase train tickets. We attempted 4 times using different credit cards and got the SAME error message every time and were not able to do so. Also, we navigated to rider alerts to see if there were any issues with metrorail or metromover, and there were none listed. In reality, however, the metromover was only running the FULL loop AFTER 2 PM. The times presented on the app fluctuated every time we opened the app and were often inaccurate. It’s almost better to wait on hold for an hour with 311 than download this app.
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1 year ago, Dumbroad
Probably the most sought after feature in an app like this would be the Plan a Trip feature. When you tap on that feature, it takes you to a website about COVID-19. It doesn’t have any helpful information or features allowing you to put in Point A and Point B and get the train info you need. It’s basically useless. Presumably, you can get the map and schedules and figure it out from there but it should not be advertised in a way that makes it seem like it would work anything like Google maps, etc 👎🏼
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5 years ago, Sanpeg
App not working properly
The trip planner hasn’t been working for a while now. Once you enter your location and destination it takes you to the next screen that says “couldn’t plan your route with this info. I depend on public transportation to get to and from work. This app is very necessary. Please fix this ASAP. I see from previous comments that this same complaint was already posted and nothing has been done. Your attention on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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3 years ago, applehb
Horrible outdated
App still shows Orange Line going to Dadeland a couple years after changes to routing. Weekend train schedule is blank at Dadeland. No way to see how frequently trains will be running on weekends. That is all just the app. The service is worse. Last time I took the train from airport to Dadeland north I watched as the 104 bus left 4 minutes before scheduled time showing in app, while we were coming down stairs from the train. Inexcusable for bus to leave while a train is disembarking before any riders can reach the bus. App and management and drivers need total overhaul
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5 years ago, Bad Internet
The Worst App For 2020
First, you didn’t give any options to transfer our favorites to the so called new app. Second, when looking up bus stops for any route, it’s not in order like it was on the old app. Third, it’s very slow keeping up with the arrival time. Forth, by the time I called about why the bus is behind, hours later, it’s posted, which means someone is not keeping up or not doing their job. If this so called agency wants to stay afloat, get it right or like in any business, time to close up shop.
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1 year ago, Mclozano1111
Horrible App hit and miss constantly
Not user friendly. Not easy to reload. If you set up automatic reload will charge bank account daily. When you add amount it does not show as a available for use to pay rides even if the balance appears available it does not seem connected to the card. Once loaded many times the readers will not read the card with the tap
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5 years ago, isa finol
bad UI, impossible to navigate, feels like there are ten steps to do anything. also hard to read- just the bus' number is sufficient information, but instead they load way too many words on each button with small, spaced out, hard-to-read font. all using white text on a black background. I havent even been able to tell if the app is accurate or not because ive been using google maps instead from how much this makes my brain hurt.
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5 years ago, BleuQue
Updated 2020 App is still lacking tools
This new updated 2020 App still lacks. Before it lacked the ability to plan trips & make payment. Now you can do those things but at the expense of getting rid of bus route info. If you don’t have the correct address or if you believe a bus goes in the area; you cannot check it with listed stops of that route. Suggest make the old app available with route info until if & when new app is upgraded!
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7 days ago, Yovan21
Good so far
I've been using this app over 6 months now to buy tickets for all the public transportation in Miami, including Tri-rail and so far is working fine for me. I know people is complaining about how to use it, but for me. it is very simple to use. Also It is very convenient for me so I don't have to deal with machines tickets at all.
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3 months ago, BurnMamaBurn
Go Direct Transportation
Whenever I call there is a problem with the system. It seems too that maybe they can or can book a trip. Everyday it is something different. The app also sometimes, well most times, that there is a system error. It’s always so difficult to use the service and I sure would love to. Thanks.
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5 years ago, Janet0357
Awful, please go back to previous version!!
I agree with all of the negative reviews. This new app has handicapped folks who depend on public transport. We can no longer favorite different trips, look up bus route schedules, bus stop schedules and the new map when looking at the current location of a bus is glitchy and doesn’t stay put when you move around the map. Please, please, please go back to the previous version or at the very least don’t take away important features when you upgrade, it defeats the purpose!!!!
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1 year ago, chemturion
Last updated 9 months ago?
Dear Miami, please start taking pride in your work. Hire a UX designer. Read the 1-star app reviews. As a mobile app dev myself, here’s some suggestions: 1) make it ridiculously easy to take my money by not requiring registration, 2) allow multiple fare purchases so a single device can pay for multiple riders, and 3) integrate easy payment options like PayPal and Apple Pay.
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1 year ago, iveryc
Was able to purchase a ticket
Despite everyone’s negative reviews - yes the phone number formatting is infuriating, perhaps the cart isn’t easy to find, and sometimes when you press buy it opens up the track menu - it IS possible to purchase a ticket! At the end of the way the Miami-dade app is functional and we should all look on the bright side. please link app to Apple Pay or something.
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4 months ago, Touring Miami
Disappointed in Miami
We were in Boston and used their public transportation which was excellent. I thought it was typical of East coast transportation but was very wrong. The app. Is difficult to use and doesn’t track where the buses are. We bought a 7 day pass thinking it would save us time but we ended up walking. We got inpatient waiting for the bus to arrive which was at 15-20 minutes late arriving. It would be beneficial for you to look at Boston’s app to get ways to improve.
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5 years ago, Nonamegggggggg
Old app worked just fine. Now it’s disorganized, I can’t find the schedule s for anything! It only shows buses or trains arriving in the next few minutes. Northbound and southbound are all mixed together. No search function to help using this new app. Whoever made and whoever gave the ok for this mess should be fired. It’s almost completely useless. Now I have to go find some of the old paper bus and train schedules and carry them around with me. For the record, I spent @ 30 minutes trying to figure this new app out
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3 years ago, kavirome
Doesn’t work !
I registered two days ago but I never couldn’t access because the email has not been confirmed. I don’t really use public transportation often because it’s the worst in the world but I wanted to buy a day pass this thing never worked and there is not chat support or something similar. Terrible I don’t know how people with no car or motorcycle can move in this pathetic public transportation. Two and a half hours to go from NMB to Coral Gables? Ridiculous!!!
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5 years ago, UniversalSpider
Terrible “update”
The January 2020 update is a bad one. The track time used to provide the approximate minutes and seconds before the train/bus arrived. Example: Arriving in 4:10 Now, this update only provides the approximate minute the train/bus will arrive. Example: 4 minutes. Tracking transport to the second is extremely important. A few seconds is the difference between catching the train or missing your transfer. The map feature is useless. It is very slow. Too slow. Also, to track the train or bus, one must load the map and then zoom in with two fingers to see where the train is. Due to arthritis or other impediments, the elderly and the disabled may not be able to navigate this feature easily. You guys need to hire consultants and experts to make this work. You owe it to riders of all ages.
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2 years ago, Artime12
Needs More Work
One of the biggest drawbacks is that it does not update the balance immediately. For example, after reloading the Easy card using the app the balance is not updated until days later. The phone itself should be the Easy Card without the need of a separate plastic card (this only works if you buy one fare at a time).
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1 year ago, patty_in_miami
Can’t renew my card
This is the worst app ever!!! It’s not intuitive at all! It won’t update the cash value so I can’t use it. On top of this crappy app, the machines at the metro station were only accepting cash. If it weren’t for this nice man who saw me struggling and gave me $5 I would have missed my medical appointment. I have this set up to auto renew but it’s not doing it. I added a day pass… then added $25 and nothing! It still says I have $0.65 in my account. I would give this app 0 stars if I could!
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5 years ago, scs7000
Terrible - all useful functionality from original app was removed
This update is terrible. Way to many clicks to get to track train. Favorite station does not work. Times to departure are now rounded and do NOT refresh. Thanks for making me miss the trains!! North and south are in the same page. This is a terrible update that pretty much removed all useful functionality from the original app. Please bring back the original app and fire the developer of this version - they clearly have no clue what they are doing!
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4 months ago, mawhii
Don’t bother - fake data
Don’t bother with this app. Like everything else in Miami, the data is fake and the system never works. I’m sure some government entity had their brother in law write this app for 15x the actual cost because Miami. The mover tracker locations are completely made up. It will show you the location of cars that don’t exist. It’s on a rotating timer - not their actual positions. This thing is always in full loop mode and even worse broke entirely.
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3 years ago, Ernie-Miami
Metro-rail portion
This is regarding the Metrorail application. It would be nice if we can refresh the times of arrival by swiping down on the screen or if you make the refresh button a lot bigger since currently on the iPhone it is very small and hard to get to. Regarding how the app works for metro-rail, no major complains, the times seem to be pretty accurate.
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1 year ago, ShadasiaTravels
It did it’s job
I seen a lot of bad reviews but I had no trouble using the app. I used it for a week while in Miami. Bought the 7 day pass on the app and it easily scanned for entry. No issues with purchase or scan.
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2 years ago, Jimothy Farnabus
6-10 minutes to buy a ticket
TLDR: You’re better off paying cash than downloading this app. It’s November 2022 and unfortunately all these bad reviews are still true. Remarkably bad UX. No integration for payments like Apple Pay, Elaborate *required* account creation that asks for way too much info, and then not even a dedicated bottom bar tab to locate your active pass? This app makes buying a ticket way worse than digging cash and quarters out of my pockets.
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5 years ago, Edpocalypse
Good app but something’s s missing...
Would love it if you could add more to your favorites other than just Metrorail Stations. Would love it if they would allow us to put bus stops and routes in their also and tie it into trip planner. Would be much more convenient to guesstimate your departure and arrival times. In my opinion it would turn this app from an eh app to a really good one.
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11 months ago, Fabileska
Not helpful
This app doesn’t provide accurate information in regards to the waiting time. It says that the bus will pass at a certain time, you wait and then the bus doesn’t pass. It evens updates later to a different time, you wait and that time is also inaccurate! The only helpful thing is the mobile passes but that’s it
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2 years ago, jtfreeze17
Horrible app
I’ve had a car for majority of time I’ve been in Miami but as of recently I’ve had to use the bus I’ve gone on their website and I’ve attempted to use their app to load a card up and it will not allow you to update your card I filled out all my credit information but for some reason it still keeps on saying that it cannot update my card it’s been like this for over a year
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