GO / Taxi app for Japan

4.8 (2.2K)
225.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
GO Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for GO / Taxi app for Japan

4.77 out of 5
2.2K Ratings
6 months ago, senpai8
Finally able to use the app after four years!
I’ve been living in Japan since 2019 but have been unable to use this app due to having a US phone number or lack of a Japanese credit card, etc. I was finally able to use this app with my US phone number and credit card! I used it twice recently and FULLY intend to keep using it. My only issue was with our first driver from this app dropping us off half a mile away from our requested destination (which wasn’t too different of a distance from our starting location to the end location anyways), but it could have been something we did incorrectly, so I’m not docking any stars and will assume it was just that one time. This will be SUPER useful for any situations that may make it difficult to get to a train station on foot or otherwise. THANK YOU for listening to the feedback!
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3 months ago, Eman-E93
Great for Tourists!
First time in Japan and after a day of walking and jogging to next train station. It's nice to call a Taxi and relax. So far every cab we've gotten has been extremely comfortable and welcoming. The app has an English version and is easy to use. We even got a persistent coupon that has saved us over 500yen. Uber is essentially Go with added fees and the benefit of working with your original payment method. Once you attach a valid card to the go app. It's much better to use than Uber.
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3 months ago, dree_
I love this App!
As a foreigner coming to Japan from the US and being new to the train systems/buses in Japan, sometimes it was just easier and convenient to request for a Taxi to reach my destinations. This service was very easy to use and our drivers have been very polite. I will definitely continue to use this service during my time (and in subsequent visits to) in Japan 😊
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4 months ago, Erob125
Excellent app available now on US Apple Store
The GO app used to be unavailable unless your Apple Store was set to Japan. So glad they’ve fixed that issue! The app works perfectly and is extremely user-friendly. The coupons are also wonderful. I’ll always use this app now when I need a taxi, or when I need to reserve a taxi to get to the airport.
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2 weeks ago, Opus dude
Japan Vacation 2024
I absolutely recommend and love the app and services, cleanest of taxis inside and out, the incredible efficiency of pickup and drop off. But most importantly is is very inexpensive and best option when struggling w luggage, locations, etc. The drivers are awesome!! My experience in Japan was great with the help of these kind folks drivers. Highly recommend.
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1 month ago, AZ_Customer
Americans in Japan
App was easy to use. Taxis came quickly. You can’t reserve XL cars on the app. Max 4 ppl. Had to book 2 taxis several times as we had a bigger group. Happy with my experience. Able to get Taxis via app even when I could not reserve anything by calling a Taxi service directly
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4 months ago, wrangler_usmc
Somehow the app allowed me to join, add my US credit card, with my US phone number and verify everything…and is now telling me I have my fare hasn’t been paid. The cab driver gave me the thumbs up, I left, and then later logged in to see my receipt. Turns out I didn’t pay, and now I can’t figure out how to pay because not a single VISA card I own will work. I should have just given him cash; I thought this would be more convenient and now I feel like a ripped off an old man with no way to fix it.
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9 months ago, Jamming Ruri
Great app but has flaws
It’s an absolute must you have a Japanese phone number which is unfortunate but I didn’t have an issue with that. I don’t like how I cannot use my email to login but always have to receive text message to access my account. What’s the point with registering with email then? The app isn’t tourist friendly if you do not have a Japanese phone number otherwise.
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2 months ago, bohaiboy
Great Service
First time in Japan and app was recommended. If you have an address written in Japanese or know where you want to go on map, it works great , otherwise you need to speak Japanese. We have used 4 or 5 times since arrival only one week ago
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6 months ago, jwyan
Cannot Make Payment
I was able to register the credit card, but for some reason I can’t pay with it. So I tried to change to another card but then it said my account is locked temporarily and asked me to wait…however it didn’t tell me how long I need to wait. So after some time I tried again still not working, tried 2nd time, locked again!! Come on, I just want to pay the taxi fee!! Idk if I fail to pay within certain period will I get penalty or something?
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3 months ago, Lost in Kyoto
Ripped Off
Kyoto driver went in the opposite direction of the address entered in the app, and after verbally confirming the destination. After a few minutes I pointed it out to the driver. He apologized and turned around. Total fare was double the $25 quote. When I asked for a partial refund the driver said the company would take care of it before it was posted to my credit card. The full amount was changed and when I protested to the credit card company the taxi company fought the protest. Very disappointed result.
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1 month ago, MRE MRE
Very good app
I really like the app, but it doesn’t let me review my rating of my driver. It asked me to review my driver and I clicked too soon which meant that he received a neutral rating. He was great and didn’t deserve that. I want to fix that but I don’t see a way to do it.
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8 months ago, C. in Yokohama
Early morning ride
It’s better to book early morning rides in advance. I booked my ride one week before departure. My driver was on time, efficient and friendly.
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5 months ago, lux24556666
A typical Japanese website/app that is pretty janky
While it can work well there numerous issues with the app. No ‘cancel’ button and no way to message the driver and type your own message is pretty frustrating. Especially when a lot of users are from out of the country. They should fix this app to make it more usable and logical.
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5 months ago, WhiteBunny24
Can’t set up account outside of Japan
Account set up needs a phone number to verify but can’t do it while you’re not in Japan. However, the US phone number isn’t available in Japan to receive a text verification message. Could you update the app to allow the verification process by email? Just want to register and have the account ready to use as soon as I arrive in Japan. Thank you!
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8 months ago, SemperFiVMI88
Great for Foreigners
Very friendly and efficient. Always on time. Reservations are easy. Drivers are great. This app disappeared for a couple of years for foreigners. Glad it’s back.
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2 months ago, Globetrekker 42514
Very easy to use
The app is very easy to use. Plus the cabs arrive very quickly - within a few minutes.
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2 months ago, Dk42728282
Worked great for Japan
Used this for taxi service in Japan. Worked great, easy to use. Just needed to copy and paste Japanese addresses from Google maps and bam.
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1 year ago, Talos42
Requires Japanese Credit Card
I live in Japan and have a Japanese phone number (another requirement). However, I can’t get a credit card in Japan due to my residency status, so I can’t use this app. I know of thousands of US military in Japan in a similar situation. This app would be very helpful, but the credit card requirements are keep many from using this app.
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3 months ago, Harrisonmaximus
Great Service!!
Very efficient application and service!! Driver was very informative and incredible hospitality!! We will use this app again!
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8 months ago, ColeHansen88
Advertised for tourists- but tourists cannot use.
This app is advertised as one that tourists can use to find a taxi- not so. You have to have a Japanese phone number. No way to even check fares- which is what I was wanting to use it for. I don’t care to use it to book a taxi I just want to see what the fare would be and I cannot even do that.
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1 year ago, nob808
Not Tourist Friendly. Yet.
Not tourist friendly yet, even though advertised for tourist to use. As many other reviews state, it’s won’t work currently without a Japanese number which isn’t tourist friendly due to the hoops needed for tourists to get. I happen to have a short term Japan number, but I don’t have a Japanese credit card, as that is the second issue that this app is having for Tourists. They need to fix both. This app works great for friends that have both, but they live here full time. Not us visiting. Guess Uber is our only app option that works to call taxis.
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2 weeks ago, Tye23123
Easy ride
Very easy app to use. Driver was quick, courteous and friendly. Great experience n my first use of this app
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4 weeks ago, Uncle LSI
My first GO taxi
Very easy to access and setup. And coupons are properly. Thanks.
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3 months ago, SiliconValleyEngr
Great app, great service
Works just as well as Uber. And I mean that as a complement since I have had good experience with Uber in u.s. and France.
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12 months ago, hikko-us
使えないー not a great tool
海外在住で帰省中に使おうと思いましたが、日本国内の携帯電話番号&日本発行のクレカが必須で断念。英語で宣伝する意味が分からない。インバウンド観光客や一時帰国者には全く使えないです。Requires Japanese mobile number and credit card - one of the least useful apps ever!!
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1 year ago, shanball
Cannot verify without Japan phone #!
Downloaded app easy enough, but NO WAY to verify without entering a Japan phone # to text to. It simply needs a way to text any foreign number in order for tourists to use (& yes, they’re marketing for tourists to use). Love to see a fix asap for this or future visits!
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2 months ago, Dr Please leave me alone
Used for 2 weeks in Japan
Very easy to use. Similar to Uber app.
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7 months ago, iPod is legit
Longest route
Taxis make a full circle avoiding you taking the longest route to get to you. This is poor customer service. I shouldn’t be charged a cancellation fee when the driver purposely takes the longest route to get to my pickup location instead of the shortest most direct route. TELL YOUR DRIVERS TO STOP TAKING THE LONGEST ROUTE TO PICK UP THEIR FARE!!!
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1 year ago, Foreignsand007
It won’t work if you don’t have Japanese phone number
What is the point of this app to list in non-Japanese App Store if you can’t use it without Japanese phone and Japanese credit cards? So many people are complaining about it and why they won’t fix it?
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1 year ago, demeyer
Cannot use with non-Japan phone
This is marketed to tourists and foreigners as a better alternative to something like Uber, yet you cannot register without a local Japan phone number. There’s no justification for requiring a local Japanese phone number to use this app.
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3 weeks ago, The Contented Clicker
Solid app. Easy to navigate. UI was pretty well made.
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1 year ago, JoeStrout
Cannot create an account, so unusable
Step 1 is to enter your phone number, but it will not accept my US number (even though it works fine here in Japan). They submit button is never enabled. So, the app appears to be unusable.
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2 months ago, Rakshan94
Best taxi
The cleanest taxi I have ever seen. Felt super comfortable and price is not bad at all. Courteous driver too! :)
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2 months ago, peracarina
It would be great to clearly display the route of vehicle on the map, including time remaining to destination.
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11 months ago, nasukaren
Need a Japanese phone number and credit card
This is practically useless for foreigners. You need a Japanese phone number and Japanese bank issued credit card. So no foreigners or tourists need apply!
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1 year ago, Nyseegal
Japanese phone number only can not use either phone from another country
Japanese phone number only can not use either phone from another country
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1 year ago, sk.808
Make more accessible to foreigners
It is marketed towards foreigners but you need a Japanese phone number which foreigners don’t have. So please fix this problem because I’d love to use this app instead of Uber or something else.
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3 weeks ago, Fern1788
Great Service
Easy to use app.
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1 year ago, jjgarcilazo
Non tourist friendly
Only able to use if you have Japanese phone number to use
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11 months ago, Akaguma
Requires Japan phone number and Japan bank credit card
Only useful for residents. The issuer also lobbies to keep Uber from being adopted by taxi companies, so making this app useful for foreigners is a double insult.
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4 months ago, Jdjdbdudnan
Thank you
very convenient! Arigato!
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1 year ago, Anna Fi
Cannot use this app without Japanese phone number
Not tourist-friendly because you can’t register unless you have Japanese phone number..
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1 year ago, Étude71
Not Tourist Friendly
You need a Japanese phone number to registered and get setup to use the service. This is so 20th century. Another example of Japan going alone and not use world standard. Very unfortunate.
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1 year ago, Yasobara
Can’t use without Japanese phone number.
I am traveling to Japan and tried to use this app. Alas you can’t sign up without Japanese mobile phone number. Useless for foreign travelers.
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2 months ago, Anonymous 9/10/2013
Battery drain
App runs in background and drains battery too fast
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5 months ago, David Z-
Credit cards don’t work
It won’t accept any of three different USA credit cards so I cannot use the service. The cards work fine with Uber.
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11 months ago, PatNikSash
Cost deceptive
The quoted amount is never accurate. It’s off by at least 1000 yen every time! This is a deceptive and unacceptable business practice to lure customers and then overcharge.
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1 year ago, MaemaeABT
Unable to sign up
Was recommended this app by several People in Japan. But you need a Japanese number to sign up!! Doesn’t help tourists !! Please consider expanding
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1 year ago, TT221vx
Useless for tourists without a Japanese number
I would love to use this app and get a taxi, but it does not connect to WhatsApp or email only SMS messaging
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