Good Sam Camping

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User Reviews for Good Sam Camping

1.73 out of 5
738 Ratings
5 years ago, Betsy & Charlie
A digital card seems obvious
I’m surprised to see you can’t access your membership from the app. Thinking I could add my membership card to the wallet was the whole reason I downloaded this app. I thought I could because the description included it was compatible to Apple wallet in the App Store.. please either upgrade the app or remove the description. I’m sure you guys developing the app are millennials- so let’s get with it! After a wallet feature the options are limitless!! Create a ‘Sambot’!
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3 years ago, Riverwalker333
App is Worthless
I see no difference between Good Sam parks and others. I have yet to find out how to post comments about problems with Good Sam parks. I can’t access my account. I joined Good Sam months ago and was given a temporary card and that I would receive a permanent one in the mail. That never happened. I see no benefit to us to be Good Sam members. I can get all the same discounts in other ways. We are currently in a Good Sam park that has trains (with train whistles) that run all night long making it hard to sleep. The cable TV does not work properly and I can find no one who has ANY idea what to do. The lady in the office doesn’t have a clue and has no idea who to contact. I talked to another camper who has been here for two weeks and the problems have been present all that time…they are apparently ongoing issues. WHY is there no mention of these issues on the app? I can’t figure out how to get one posted. Good Sam rates this park highly? I’ve run into these kinds of issues with Good Sam parks before. What dies it mean to be a Good Sam park? Apparently nothing.
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5 years ago, Climbergirl2002
App could be better
Right now the application is somewhat useless with it just shutting off when attempting to search for a campground. The website is working When the app is working we can find nearby sites and their phone numbers, but have to have our good Sam card out when we call for a reservation at a park listed as a Good Sam, can’t make a reservation from the app, some sites didn’t show as Good Sam in the app, but turned out to be Good Sam when we arrived and had already made reservations by phone and paid full price. And that was after the app wouldn’t come up until it allegedly updated with the latest information before loading. It also doesn’t show current reservations at Good Sam parks, previously made. It would be nice to easily make reservations on the fly from the app, without having to go into individual websites and calling each RV park. And don’t say it’s not doable, the other guys do have that capability
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3 weeks ago, TrekenSteve
The updated GS app is horrible compared to the original!!!
I updated to the new app, sorry I did that! I have been a GS member since 1987. The original version of the app was light years ahead of this current version. I can longer search easily by using a city or town or by using a specific RV Park name. I get frustrated trying find GS campgrounds that I have been staying at for years that won’t show up in searches. I can’t get to the information on campground layouts, site and hookup information, websites, photos, rules etc. Please go back to the original version or at least supply some new instructions for navigating the “New and Improved “ upgrade! I have to go to google now to find all the information I used to be able to get at one location, the old Good Sam original version!!! HELP or I see you losing your customers.
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2 years ago, newnewjp
Good Sam
I think a application for scanning prices should be added to the app.. as an employee of camping world it’s very important we give the customers the best cost possible.. not that I don’t promote putting the phone down or tablet and enjoying a family camping trip and disconnect from the webs… lately with all this high tech Stuff we sell for our camping world followers I see a huge need for a marketing team to come up with a way to let customers also scan products in our stores to help there experience be streamlined!!
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5 years ago, NotAGoodSammer
This is a terrible app. Don’t get it
I cannot even find out how to log in to my account from anyplace on the interface. There is no “help” available. I just want o go to the trip planner and work on my trip and there is no way to get there. I will be dumping the app and canceling my membership as soon as they finally get around to sending me confirmation of my membership so I can do that. I joined and THEN I find out that it will take 2 weeks TWO WEEKS to get my cards to me. Where are these people living - back in the 20th century I’m guessing - maybe somewhere around 1950 or so. Petra26And just to add some frosting to this s sandwich the view doesn’t auto-rotate on my iPad. Hello - maps usually go right to left or vice verse, not top to bottom. Awful in all respects, just ... awful.
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2 months ago, Just Me 358
Better tan the new one!
The newer (GS TRAVEL) App is unbelievably worse! Doesn’t transfer saved personal data such as favorites & comments from this one, and buries the original goal of the club (Rating and detailing RV park info) under a bunch of rental and sales related stuff. Makes me embarrassed to be a Life Member of GS. This App does a pretty good job of providing the key information needed to plan trips and book sites in a manner similar to the printed books and maps. I don’t plan on dumping this App as long as it still works.
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5 years ago, jhs2
I used the old app through camping world to plan multiple trips across the country. Had planned my trip from Michigan to the Grand Canyon...alas ALL that information is no longer in the Camping World app. This app is W...O...R...T...H...L...E...S...S. First, it is NOT made for ipad. Second, little useful information for trip planning. Third, it duplicates RV Parky and other campground apps. Hardly worth the download time. I will be deleting it as I use my iPad NOT my phone when traveling....does anyone who develops these apps even use common sense before developing? Do you actually ask people who use these apps what they would like??? NO. NO. NO. What a disappointment from Good Sam.
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5 years ago, gordondh
Doesn’t work on iPad. At. All.
I got a new iPad and now the app will not do a search of campgrounds. I type in a city, hit “Search” and nothing happens. It won’t let me sign in after I deleted the app and re-installed it. I can’t even find ANY place to log in. The only thing I can see that actually works is the Join page, although I didn’t go through the join process because I’m already a member. This app is totally useless except for getting new members. If the developers expect us to use the phone app, they haven’t tried to actually USE the app to make a reservation on a small phone screen. Useless app!!
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2 years ago, m99m22
Poor App and web site
Just received an email to confirm my account info. It states I will have a much better experience because the app is being updated. It refuses to let me log in. It says my email is not associated with any account, but they managed to reach me with that email address. I cannot reach roadside assistance either but it takes me to a page to sign up for roadside. It seems I’ve had trouble with these same things each time I have tried to use the app/service. I do not feel this is a very good app nor is it good customer service.
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4 years ago, Non-working App
Quit working!
Used to be a great app. Used it many times saved favorite places to camp but then all of sudden quit working tried to reload app, hard re-boot and soft re-boot to no avail. Lost all the favorites I had. When I open and push search now it just kicks me out of app over and over ago. Got it fixed with the last update working great again!
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3 years ago, Tjdink
Rating system needs revamped
I have used the app for 5 years to find campgrounds. In the beginning, The ratings were subjective but somewhat accurate. This year I stayed at several campgrounds that were rated 8 or 9. that I would have a hard time rating a 2. Bathrooms rated 10, should have been 4 or 5. I would not trust their ratings at all. If you are just using to locate a campground it works well.
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2 years ago, dmp0588
Campground Ratings Inflated
We relied on the app to find a highly rated campground only to discover that the camp sports were tiny, not level, had no amenities (including restrooms and showers). Good Sam is ignoring our communications regarding the problems. Others have posted comments on the hard-to-find Good Sam website reflecting the same concerns. I don't know how the GS campground evaluators do their work, but they missed badly on this one. I can't help but wonder if they are being bribed. We'll probably not renew our GS membership given that their campground reviews are meaningless.
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4 years ago, Georgia & Nick
Very useful
I really like using this app while we are on the road in our big rig. The ratings are helpful and it helps us avoid the hassle of pulling into a park that can't accommodate us. I also use the map view often to find parks that are on our route. I haven't found anything better.
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3 years ago, MP3Cap
Needs a big update
Leaves a lot to be desired. Would like to see an option to login in and see membership card info. We also like to book reservations or just a link to the campgrounds online booking. Some “Visit Website” buttons don’t work. It does give you the amenities etc which is helpful but man get out of the 90’s. Update this bad boy
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6 years ago, Virtual.Rooster
Just a sales pitch for membership instead of useful information.
I downloaded the app hoping it would show me where the discount Good Sam’s gas stations are located. It would be helpful to have a search page available on its own. The campground and RV repair map is somewhat helpful but it seems quicker to just use Google for that information. Information about membership and how to join takes up too much space in this program. This app seems to be designed more as a sale pitch for the Good Sam’s Club than an app to assist it members.
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6 years ago, Bouscal
Mixed bag
The application functions well and provides some good information but there is certainly room for improvement. Showing last years pricing is deceptive, we stopped at one place listed at $36 last year to find that it was over $80 this year. If users were able to enter there own findings/ratings as they visited there would be significantly more value to the app.
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2 years ago, JMargrave
Huge Improvements
This is SO much easier to use than it used to be! Finding RV parks is easy, and the directions and map locations are more accurate than using the park’s address in Google maps. Thanks for updating! 👍
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3 years ago, D&D&W
We live by the app. We have found it to be a great tool. Although there was an issue with my most recent IOS version, it made a recovery quickly & is fine now. I highly recommend it we have used it all over the country
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5 years ago, washandstore
Wouldn’t leave home without it !
We find the Good Sam App to be our go to when either on the road or trip planning. Great when you’ve had enough driving for the day and we open the App to see what’s coming up ahead, Good Sam also has many more travel assist options available, it really is a must have
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5 years ago, eriddle543
App is worthless
Have used the old app for over 6 years planning trips all over the United States, and while it needed some work it was at least useable and got you where you wanted to go. Then we spend weeks on the old app creating routes and stops for 2019 summer only to have you trash them without the possibility of saving the old app until you could make the new one functional. It is enough to make me drop Good Sam membership. I have never seen such blatant disregard of customer needs.
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3 years ago, BummedSam
I signed up through the app & expected to get my account info in the app. Didn't happen. I had to call customer service and they were able to send a digital card - this functionality should be built into the app. It should also have an option to download it to the Wallet on the iPhone. The Customer Service rep was helpful.
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2 years ago, way blick my review
Missing parts of a good pro
The app needs to be updated to be able to leave reviews good and bad. It would also be helpful when yiu make a reservation on the app you should be able to review your reservations. As full time RVer I have to revisit my list and on other apps that we make reservations on we can find the reservations we have made.
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6 years ago, DubCu tyrell
Pointless App
The only purpose this app serves is simply for Good Sam to say they have one. The app shows some campgrounds in the area you are looking for but definitely not all (or at least the majority). The ratings inside the app in inconsistent and inaccurate based own our travels. Good Sam should seriously consider hiring a firm to make this app better. It’s totally doable. Additionally this app doesn’t allow for road trip planning or incorporate a member login function. Google works a lot better folks.
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6 years ago, Abby Zarazun
Doesn’t interface with TRIP planner
App enhancement request: I would love for you to include the website Trip Planner and the functions of the trip planner in this app!!! I’d love to be able to download my current trip and access without WiFi or internet since many areas we travel don’t have very good service.
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2 years ago, Barb Lynne
No member details & no feedback option
I cannot link my account to this application - instead I have to carry a card around with me to get the benefits. Additionally I am married and only get one card - if I want another I have to print it on paper and laminate it for my spouse. This app says it have an option to email for issues but it won’t send. The app is not providing the member services it should
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6 years ago, Bad App 63
I am an existing Good Sam member. I am not sure if it’s operator error, but I have not been able to find a way to sign into my profile. Would like to have an app that allows me to place my roadside account information on my phone, in case of an emergency (like AAA has). The only thing this app provides is a way to sign up for a new membership.
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3 years ago, Peggy Harmann
We love the app
We use this app to consider, select, contact, and navigate to each campground or resort we visit. We like all the details that tell us what the park has to offer, price range, and ratings. . It’s great when there are photos.
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3 years ago, Missouri Me
My travel assistant
After 8 years on the road as a full time Rv’er, it’s still my go to camping app. No better way to quickly find the next Good Sam park for that 10% off.
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9 months ago, Love Disney Mickey
Needs work
I agree with another post about not being able to comment about a park in the Good Sam App. It’s frustrating when you see a park rated high by Good Sam and then you go there and it doesn’t match the rating!!! There has got to be a way for members who PAY to BE MEMBERS post what we actually experience and show photos to back up our claims!!! So they can be re-evaluated properly !!!
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6 years ago, retired will travel
Mapping is way off
The app is very helpful in finding Good Sam affiliate parks but the mapping directions are often way off. Our most recent problem was finding a park that the app said was 18 miles from the closest town when it was actually only 2.5 miles. This was not our first encounter with bad directions.
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4 years ago, RockyMtnLvr
After app was updated to be compatible with ipad OS 13.1.2 it quit crashing on searches. Helpful in locating campgrounds. There is room for improvement, like the ability to read reviews, add your own reviews, submit corrections, etc. Looking forward to future updates to see what might get added.
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3 years ago, Ratabor
Does not function as expected
The search feature of the application which would be the most important to users trying to find a campground “down the road” simply does not work. This is getting dropped from my phone. I’ll also drop my paid membership with Good Sam, because if they can’t get this right, what else will they mess up.
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5 years ago, Dr Nedlog
Love it!
Love being able to find parks when we are traveling, and really like the links to easily call or go to a parks website. Seems to get better all the time!
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4 years ago, bg652
Might be a good app
The app is okay on the iPhone as long as you can read the tiny print or don’t mind moving the screen after you enlarge it. I would prefer to use my iPad as the screen is larger and since I’m old, I can actually see it. Don’t know why they won’t fix the app to work on the iPad.
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10 months ago, la_filósofa_americana
Search Function Gone After Update
The app is useless since the latest update. It won’t search for campgrounds and when you choose the map option it says ‘0 results.’ I have to use the website to search for places to stay. Since it’s now a useless app taking up valuable space on my phone, it’s getting deleted.
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9 months ago, Steve363892
Worst possible app
This app is beyond useless. The menu choices are not consistently available and it seems to forget you signed in It is almost impossible to find the sign area There is no way to check membership info Most of the time it won’t even let me enter a search city I really regret doing the membership because it is all so unusable and even on the website when you hit something it is not associated to your account unless you call them and get the number and then manually associate it I can’t think of an app or website that I’ve ever seen that is worse than this one
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3 years ago, Megmaghersh
Can’t search anything
I can’t even log in, can’t search cities or states, and I even put in a good Sam destination and NOTHING. I really need this app to work guys.... need destinations, safe roads to travel for highest and width steeps and tree coverage windy road, gas stations, and potable water and dumping stations, laundry mats. I am looking at going full time, and will cancel this membership if you guys can’t get a move one making travels better. Please!
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3 years ago, emsfire1995
App useless
When are you going to fix this app so you can log in and use the trip planner. Finding campgrounds is next to impossible. The only reason I haven’t already deleted this in the past year is I thought you might find someone smart enough to fix these issues. Guess Marcus is to busy with his show and screwing up Camping World.
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2 years ago, SannySue
Can’t log in/Can’t reserve
What’s the point of this app? I wanted to log in and get an electronic version of my card. Nope. I want to make reservations from the app. Nope. I can find campgrounds and reviews on so many better apps. If Camping World is the parent company, they’ve got to have the money to invest in making this app useful. This app is just a waste of space on my phone.
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5 years ago, steve20011
Too Bad
Why did you mess up a good system? Good Sam app used to be able to find campsites anywhere in the nation and I could plan my trips on the Good Sam app. The investors who took over good Sam are only interested in promoting Campers World, which makes me less interested in their store. Too bad. The app is worthless just like everyone is saying. Why would campgrounds continue to Pay a fee to this worthless arrangement.
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4 years ago, Coca7
The app crashes as soon as you try to do anything. An app update has fixed the crashing. More access to features of the Good Sam Club would be nice, but at least the app works.
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5 years ago, Sven1955
Poorly written
First off there’s nowhere to login With your existing account they only let you create a new one. Map search is horrible as you drag your map across it stops to figure out what campsites are there even though you’re not at your destination. This app should display no campsites until you press the button that says show me campsites in this area.
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3 years ago, Full-timers
Full timers - full time users
We’ve been fulltime RVers for 11 years and use the Good Sam app all the time as we travel to find parks. Especially like the map view and ability to phone a Park right from the app.
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4 years ago, KD2059
Please add more functions
You can find campgrounds and make reservations, and that’s about it. The app does less than the web site, and you can’t sign into the app to create a profile, save your member info, save trip planning, etc. it’s like 1/2 an app I guess.
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2 years ago, RonnoPaolo
Not working
I am a good Sam life member I’ve had the Good Sam app downloaded for a while now and so far this season the app does not work I have tried to find nearby parks and search state wide and nationally and absolutely nothing comes up I’ve tried refining my search that doesn’t help is there a problem with the app is there a solution.
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3 years ago, Jayco SLX BAJA
Un-Happy Camper
Got a phone call from here in Tucson camping world. They moved up my appointment to August 5th from September 7th. I took send them an email and going on their live chat in order to get results. They are busy with a lot of new campers and campers built during COVID. So, carefully inspect and make sure everything is working properly. But, they are trying to make it right.
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3 years ago, App less
Unable to find a use for this app
I would expect an app for any product company to be a landing place. It should have info about your memberships, expiration, reservations, and place you’ve stayed. Also should provid links to all service, good Sam, camping world, roadside protection etc. I’ve found none of this and will remove the app soon if there are no plan improvements arriving shortly.
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3 years ago, softbird501
This app is good, but it is very small to read, us oldsters need it to be bigger so we can read it. That is my only grief, please make the app and site bigger so we can read it!
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3 years ago, Forgetful Fro
Needs updated
Really enjoyed using the Good Sam app to find campgrounds. Used this app more than any. Stopped working when I got the iPhone 12 Pro. Contacted support and was told it will not work with iPhone 12 and they do not have a projected date for any updates.
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