Google Drive

4.8 (6.2M)
265.6 MB
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Current version
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Google Drive

4.77 out of 5
6.2M Ratings
2 years ago, @Recommendations
Best file storage app created
Let me start by saying that I have never attempted to use another file storage system long term. Mainly because nothing could compare to Drive. I practically grew up on Google, so I just knew it and automatically used Google Drive. Everything else I’ve tried honestly was nothing to Google. I would recommend this 100%. I find nothing wrong with it except for one small thing that was not near frustrating enough to make me remove a star. This issue is the fact that we can’t edit directly through Drive on iOS mobile devices (and I’m not sure about Samsung or Chrome mobile devices). If it could be arranged to where we on mobile devices could edit files directly through the Drive app and not through branch apps like Slides, Docs, and Sheets, that would be greatly appreciated. If not, I’m sure there are reasons and it will not be too big a deal for me. As for the recommendations part of the review, I would say to anyone considering using Google Drive: DO IT. You will not regret. It’s easy to use, free, and includes every option you might need for editing and collaboration. So, yes. I hope everyone takes this into account.
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3 years ago, Sam J-V
Ease of Use
I overall really like the functionality of drive. There are just a few kind of UI and workflow things that I'd really love to see implemented. It would be great to have a more customizable storage system where you weren't limited to the different macro-tabs like home, starred, shared, and files. It would be cool if we could add our own to make drive the most optimum file storage system for us. It would also be great if there was a way to enable those same tabs, just in different iterations for different file types, so that I could just swipe over to another screen and see all of my starred and shared mp4 files, swipe again to see PDFS, and again to see JPEGs and PSD's or something like that. Additionally, it would be amazing if the download functionality was less cumbersome. I'd love to be able to open the share sheet, and just have the normal iPad menu system options of saving to files or doing all that other stuff. Most importantly, please make it possible to do things like download and move files off drive in bulk. There is nothing more annoying that having pictures of pages of a book and having to download and move each one individually because the function of the Drive's share sheet changes depending on wether or not multiple files are selected. Thanks!
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9 months ago, heidispiano
Love Google Drive Sharing and Organizing
I first started using Google Drive regularly as the secretary of my local music teacher association several years ago. I love the ability to organize with colored labeled folders, easily share and automatically update docs, and drag and drop files. Being able to actually see snippets of documents is so much more helpful than just a doc title. Having a platform that I can have easy access to on my pc, phone or any other pc I sign in to away from home is so convenient! I also love that I can add pdfs, word docs and view files and spreadsheets without the hassle of opening multiple programs. My husband and children have begun using it for college work and business after I showed them how intuitive it is. It’s like having your computer with all its docs right in your pocket for easy access on the go. I can share resources with piano parents via text, track tuition in sheets, use forms for music camp sign ups and create slide presentations for music workshops and view things on the go on my phone if I have inspiration to change a doc, need to check the status of forms etc.
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3 years ago, Tech How
Design & Functionality
No complaints so far! Been using Google Drive on the web for a long time, and decided to try out their mobile app. Unlike other apps, this doesn’t become finicky and slow when used on older Apple devices running iOS 12. The transitions when switching between folders and menus are snappy, even better than the website! They don’t have to take time to load, they’re just ready when you are. I also like the ability to open pages like Sites and Forms through the in-app browser, instead of redirecting to another app. With that being said, I have a couple of suggestions. When I want to edit a file, it doesn’t appeal to me that you have to download separate apps and switch between them. It would be nice if it could all be done in one app, like the new Office app by Microsoft. Secondly, native support for editing plain text files. When working with small amounts of data, I commonly use .txt files. To edit those on the web, I use a separate add-in. But I have no way of editing those files on the mobile app, like other cloud services can. Please consider adding these features!
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8 months ago, Moneymike DeLuca
You can get all your stuff anywhere without your computer…
It’s so awesome if you’re on the go. And you need something that’s on your desktop From home… Anything…. Just click on whatever you got and save it To Google Drive. If your computer dies or crashes!? No worries…your Google Drive Will have your back… It will save all your documents So you’ll never lose them ( that is if your hard drive on Your computer does crash? You won’t lose sensitive material That may be important or Has sentimental value, especially Pictures you may want to look Back upon…. All this and so much more… Also you can share items to Other members of Google Drive… Maybe PDFs Bonus Reports, etc If you’re into marketing Like I am… You name it! You May have good reason For you to use Drive for Purposes that are special to you. Good thing is you can Access Your Google Drive Docs, Fiiles, Folders from any device…. No longer do you have to go To one place to get access To what you need… Mike Deluca
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2 years ago, Lukester116
convenient and reliable storage
i use the Google Drive IOS app to store thousands of photos that I would rather not have taking up space on my phone’s internal storage. the interface is simple and easy to use. my only complaints with Google Drive have to do with its lack of a few convenient features that would have made this a five star review. I find it frustrating when I can’t simply select all photos from a certain folder on my phone when uploading them to Google Drive. I often have a folder with a couple hundred photos that I need moved into Google Drive from the Photos app and you have to manually select each one. The other feature I believe it’s lacking is the option to quickly rename a file. on the iPhone app, it currently takes 5-6 taps to rename a single file. I often like to rename my files with the name of a person, location, or a hashtag so I can find it later. it currently takes 10-15 seconds to simply rename a file (tap, scroll, tap, double-tap, tap to save) when it could just be a single tap-type-save process. if these features can be added, I would consider this to be possibly the best cloud storage option.
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5 years ago, painthorsebaby
Almost GREAT
I love Google Drive!!! It is a very valuable tool. I use it hourly during the work week. I am able to jot down an idea on my phone, turn it in to a project at home, present it at work, assign it to my students, have them finish it on their computers and grade it all through Google Drive (and Google Classroom). It is impossible for me to forget my thumb drive, cd, or any other archaic storage device, because Google Drive is always there from any of the devices (my phones, iPads, Chrome Books, and generic school desktop computer, or another business computer). I rarely have trouble with formatting issues from one computer to another system and if I do, it’s minor. Where Google Drive fails a five star, in my opinion, is organization... especially when sharing files. I have files shared with me that I have no idea what is in them and if I tried to organize all of it, someone else could unorganize it. I rely on the search bar MOST of the time. But, that means I have to remember what I labeled something three years ago! Then, I will likely find something else equally good from a shared file I didn’t know existed that could have been used LAST week.
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8 months ago, Alien to A Computer
Give me some times
I like G-dr, a lot; somehow, there's that I bumped a few minor's. Too bad, at this the particular moment, gotten a mental blockage. Didn't want to blame of my at of a 70's a simple's. What if you send my an appropriate address allowing my a recollection, I Ll follow my this the promised. I am as a user, ESP, for an English is as a second language, get a quit bit of the benefit's appreciated! Again, thanks with appreciated if you ll permits my a follow up's identifier-able!! Sincerely, Jane C Ti, one of the users appreciated deeply I'er. Oh; at least, recalled an one state here; for those of a two to three of your's the words recommend for my a choice for accurate s a fitted; of that always confused my; for un-sure s off that which of the one will be most appropriate fit's or fitted. If am a capable s; then, I wouldn't make that mistake's at the prior's off !? your's the recommend s' ?? But, honestly, for this part, might'Ve been better than nothing. Anyway, you're the specialists good in of a master's of the language's. Again, if you leave me a reliable of an address & with some time's, I will follow to complete of that what my promised.
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7 months ago, daggonet
Best is yet to come
This is my favorite store ,I love working with People,all kinds I’m originally from NY and have worked in the garment center for 10 years! Working with Byers in a showroom setting! And worked in a savings and loan and Commercial bank as a head teller for 5 years until a job opening from a customer of mine ,a manager from American Express offered me a job make m more money and I would love it , it was. 3 and a half work week,I’m ready I’m a grandmother of 2 teenagers and know how to handle them and defuse an argument between Mother and Grandmother with the child’s purchase!!!!! Im a great record keeper and a schedule maker ! I m an honest Sincere , person mature and responsible very ! But I do have a disability with back problems that is just my concern ,I can clean up and keep the store neat and clean and I don’t mind working on Friday nights and weekends or what’re plan you may have for me! I can lift no more than 25 Pounds ! Im 75 don’t look it I look in my late 50@s !! Im about to fill out an application!!
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2 months ago, Tina L2356.
Accessabilty nightmare
An update — i just love when trying to read a document and the title just pops in and out based on scrolling. Not distracting at all. Can you add firework animations as well? Why not? People love stuff flashing at them when they try to focus. Using basic functions of this app safely is becoming impossible with all the new animations added. I experienced vertigo symptoms pressing the hamburger menu. It rotated into an arrow. A line shoots across the top of the screen over and over when listening to mp3 files and viewing pictures. Just trying view files and this animation fires nonstop. “Responsive buttons” pop in an out based on scroll speed is super distracting. You can only open the edit option if you scroll really fast. This feels like early snapchat where you needed to know secret gestures to access all features. Who is asking for this?? It restricts us all to one workflow. oh you're scrolling up? Let s make the header pop down because clearly you want that! And if you don’t, we don't care! Please use less aggressive animations or give users to disable them. Ive used google products for over a decade and never had any issues until now. These changes to the UI are discriminatory.
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3 years ago, Imagine_Dragons_#1_Fan
Amazing, but there are some things missing
So, I have been using Google Drive — and Google in general — for a very long time now. Even on mobile, I have access to Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets as separate apps. However... there is no mobile app for Google Forms or Google Drawings. This is very annoying, because Google Forms on mobile Google Chrome can get very glitchy (same applies to Google Drawings). It is especially annoying because I use these two services MORE than Google Slides, which does have an app. On top of this, I also cannot create a Google Form or Google Drawing on mobile Google Drive, much less edit one. I would greatly appreciate it if Google Drawings and Google Forms could be made into their own mobile apps. I would even be perfectly fine with editing them in the Google Drive app. As long as I don’t have to use Google Chrome to use these two services on mobile, I’m happy. Thanks for taking the time to read this!
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3 years ago, Shadowoman
Regret switching from Dropbox to Google :(
There’s no way for me to get my Google Photos onto Google Drive... I’d have to manually save all the hundreds of thousands of photos to my phone or device AND THEN re-download them to Google Drive. What am I paying $100 a year for?!?! And I just spent 4 months HAND transferring millions of files from DROPBOX to GOOGLE.... I can’t believe it.... Why did they get rid of that feature?! Google Drive and Google Photos should be connected. It’s absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to organize photos. And considering I take a crap ton of photos, I really need something that can save and organize my photos safely. I also thought that using Google Drive would make it easier to share things. But, it doesn’t. I still have to share things through Google Drive/Google Photos and if people don’t have that, they can’t see it. What’s the difference between Google Drive/Google Photos and DROPBOX?! Honestly, I wish I would have never switched to Google Drive/Google Photos :( Dropbox is better... But after spending months transferring every single files and picture by hand, manually.. I don’t feel like going back to Dropbox :(
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2 years ago, GuinnessHunter
G-Drive: my primary organiser
Been using Google Drive for 10 or more years. Multiple times daily I open up to store new documents, or to reference accounts and files. I use Google Docs, Google Sheets, Slides, etc; Excel-type Spreadsheet for budget; Tax folder for current and past 1040’s and statements; Household for utility bills; Travel folder for airline tickets, expenditures and packing lists for a variety of trips; Veterinary file and info on pets; some photos which are relevant to certain Folder categories (but mostly I use Google Photos for photo storage); Insurance files; folder for school; folder for work (bi-weekly timesheets and other docs, etc. I couldn’t begin to count the number of times daily that I am accessing my G-Drive. I use mostly my iPhone, but also can use my computer—it’s all seamlessly connected. Easy Search function to help me find a certain document by using keywords. Love my G-Drive. My primary organiser.
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2 years ago, BrandontheViking
App constantly crashes when transferring
I’ll preface this by saying that I don’t know if this is a Google problem or Apple problem. I don’t really care. I’ve been a Drive subscriber for some years now (TB level) and I’ve had this problem with multiple iPhones. When transferring images from iPhone to Google Drive, the process continues to randomly crash/stop causing incomplete transfers. I’ve gone as far as putting my phone in Airplane mode and WiFi only, shutting all other processes/apps, and let it sit. I’m pulling over 200MB download and over 10MB up. Data does not seem to be the issue. Currently running the 12 Pro Max. Hardly think it’s a hardware issue. I’d like to see this get fixed since it’s been happening for at least 5 years. My current work around is to manually transfer my images to my computer and then upload them to Google Drive. This seems to be a dumb solution for 2022. I can’t reliably backup a single trips worth of photos. Would be nice to transfer a couple hundred photos without these types of issues.
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6 years ago, CurlyQTina
Google Rocks!
Google’s versatility and full functionality have made so much of what I do easier. Previously I used three or four different online services. One service could store images. Another could store text. A third and fourth were used to take notes for research and compose files. When I needed to compile all of the information between those different sources. I would open content in one environment, copy and then paste the content into a completely different environment. Then have to worry about trying to remember which platform my final continent was stored on. Many times I would recreate content because I couldn't find the last version of my file. Or forget where a part of what I had created was located. With Google’s amazing features and tools, I now know that everything is stored in one location. I can easily work on my files in a single seamless environment. You have made my processes faster and allowed me to cut unnecessary time.
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6 years ago, GravelGrinder64
Has become the essential tool in my office
In my previous office we used Microsoft Office, Outlook and Box for file storage, sharing and editing. Box edit works but is super clunky and hopeless for real time document editing. Google Drive just works better across a shared workspace environment, with Google docs for group editing, commenting, comment resolution, taking, etc. Perhaps even more importantly, Google Drive and Docs and Sheets are a great way to collaborate across operating systems. My office is half Apple and half Windows environment in HQ, and about 30-70 in our international offices. Google is platform agnostic - I use Drive and their office suite from my iPhone, iPad, Windows desktop and iMac. It just works. The one area where I still prefer Microsoft is for email. Gmail is just not sophisticated enough for enterprise use. We are stuck with it in my office and all use different workarounds. I’ve been waiting for a decade for gmail to have half the functionality of Outlook!
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1 year ago, over the road reader
Mazon Resurrection
Seems to be a book written about the future of war between men and women, but after the first 30 pages it moves you through the life of the last male child. This is a large book! But as a man, I loved seeing the outcomes designed for men, women and children. I loved this book! And found that it is part of a series. I will read everything this author puts out on these Amazonian women and the lineage they create within time. I want to tell you all the fabulous things I found in this book! But I would be spoiling a wonderful read. I want to suggest you keep from sampling this book and let it shock and amaze you with it’s constant creativity. It took me four days to read this book, because I had to stop and think about how much of it was fact or fiction, looking up things as they were revealed along the way. I’m happy to have a hard copy of this book in my library. Enjoy
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6 days ago, NYCArtist1
Seamless Everything!
I've had my 2tB Google Drive for about 5 years now. I've never had an issue. It's user friendly, and I haven't had any delay issues. Works fine without a WiFi connection provide I have a good cellular connection on my iPhone. I've even watched MKV files while in transit with no WiFi. It's basically seamless. I prefer it to iCloud. It's faster, and less militant than Apple. My only complaint is when I connect to Google Photos via login online through a browser it does not recognize my actual iPhoto Albums or Folders - only the entire library of photos in chronological order. However, if I return to my iPhotos and select a bunch photos and assign them as 'favorites' then Google Photos will list them as favorites, making them easier to find. That's a bit cumbersome though. I'd pay an extra $1.00 a month if GDrive recognized all my iPhoto Albums & Folders.
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5 years ago, MJZ810
Best storage and Access ever!
I recommend the Google drive to everyone and anyone. It is so versatile. I found it Stream Lee useful when I was handling an estate and needed documents repeatedly. Whether I was dealing with insurance companies and banks or lawyers, all I had to do was tap on a file I had scanned and stored on the drive and I easily emailed it over to them while sitting in front of them. I have told others to scan anything and everything they can to be able to access it when needed. I also love doing crafts and keep patterns on the drive. Rather than carrying around papers that can easily be misplaced, I pull up a pattern on my phone or tablet to zoom in an see things clearly and easily. Naturally, it works great for my work files. I can update files without being in front of my laptop. I can back up all of my files and know that they are safe. A difficult question would be why wouldn’t you use Google drive?
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4 years ago, Mr. T-Wrecks
Hate the app. Love cheap extra storage.
I absolutely love how cheap Google Drive is. It’s wonderful to have the option to offload files from my various devices for practically nothing. That being said, this app, just like many other google apps - both desktop and mobile - is absolutely awful. It suffers the same fate as most of their other apps - terrible navigation, not intuitive, convoluted processes to do anything, and a host of other issues. I’m not sure who’s making the UX decisions at Google - it seems like it may be Helen Keller - but they should be canned. Nothing is where it should be, or where one would think it is. I’ve had this app for years and I still can’t navigate through it without making multiple errors. There is no rhyme or reason to 99% of the design choices in this app, or if there is, I’d love to know what those rhymes and reasons are. Maybe it’s some conspiracy where Google makes their apps really difficult to use so that people then have to do a google search so that they can figure out how to work google’s abysmal apps.
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5 years ago, Maliikm
Great App
This app makes it really easy for me to manage and create documents. I save a lot of time by having all of my important documents for business in one place, and I never have to hunt for anything. The app does nearly everything Google Drive does on a computer so I never feel like I’m missing out on anything. I really like that this app allows for some level of interoperability with iCloud, which I use to save files from the Microsoft Word app. Once I finish with a document in the Word app and save it to iCloud, I just share the document to Google Drive. If I have any complaints, it’s that there’s no option to save to Google Drive from the Microsoft Word app! Other peripheral functions like search and quick access are also useful and help save time. File management works well with the right folder structure, and there’s a good level of detail included in the document information summary. Overall a good app 👍🏾
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5 years ago, Fond of Words
Handy Beyond Believe
I’m retired, but when I worked, I was the guy colleagues came to with questions about MS Word. I wrote books on Word, 2 of which were technical with graphs, charts, tables & statistical formula (with all those Greek symbols). I admired Word for 20+ years! But a problem with Word for me was portability; before leaving for or from work I had always to copy files from the home or work computer to a jump drive—and many were the times I had to travel back to home from work or from work to home to get a file I didn’t think I’d need. Google Docs & Google Sheets brought all that to an end. I was in Portugal last month & opened several Google Docs & Sheets in a flash. Docs is not quite as sophisticated as Word—& I am especially unhappy when working on a painfully stupid PC keyboard with Docs’ arduous process of inserting special characters (e.g., é as in sautéed, & for and, ° for degrees)—but Docs’ ready access from Chrome makes it terrific.
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7 years ago, Patches RN
Everyone must remember, I’ve never worked on a computer in my life. I’m a “real newbie” at anything to do with a computer. I promise i will get better. At this point I am “learning on the fly”. I have to learn as I go, you just have to because everything is done via the computer and internet. I can’t even fill out an application on paper anymore, it all has to be done online. Anyway, just wanted to say that I am beginning to pick up a few things along the way and this app has honestly helped me so much, especially when it comes to importing my resume. I was lost before on this, but I’m a big girl now and can do it all by myself without having to have my kid show me how to do it EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! My kid is also appreciative of this app, just for that alone. Again, thank you so much for making at least one thing in my life easier. I am having a very tough time right now but this app does relieve at least a little bit of stress knowing I can at least do one thing by myself.
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5 years ago, The huge big fat update
glitches and annoyances
it’s really annoying that you can’t upload files in the background, you can only continue uploading while your in the Google Drive app and it still doesn’t even do it when your phone is on sleep. and sometimes it randomly has to retry for no reason, and you should let us share multiple files with people at once instead of doing them individually, also even if you just go out of the app and to another app or even just to the home screen, then when you come back to Google Drive even if you’ve only been gone for literally one minute then it’ll either say “waiting” on your already previously partially uploaded file and sometimes it’ll start back at where it was but some very unfortunate times it’ll restart the entire upload for no reason, please fix this and most of all let them upload in the background, please!
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2 years ago, ShawnDH12
Great app but recent bug found
I’ve been using Google Drive for many years and have been very impressed with its capabilities, especially when it comes to collaboration using Google docs. Synchronization seems real-time and I’ve never had a version control issue like MS. However, recently on iOS 15 I’ve noticed background activity draining my battery when I haven’t actually opened the app in months. My phone was at 30% 5:30am this morning from last night which I thought was strange. I went back to sleep for two more hours. With no use, screen off, no messages no calls, literally no phone usage, my battery dropped to 19%! I look at the battery usage by app and Google drive has been running for 5hrs 19min and I have not even opened this app for at least a month. I like the Drive app but if they don’t fix this I’m going to remove this app all together and just use the web interface. I updated the app, turned off background refresh for the app and still found 5hr of activity last night when I have not used this app at all. I just deleted the app! Goodbye Google Drive.
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12 months ago, Enhappy
Navigation& organizational options
I would love if you would Please allow us to adjust the width of the columns - not just the size of the window - so we can see the full file names all in a row at a glance without having to hover or click on each one individually. Also please allow customization of landing page to be like finder or explorer windows, rather than a giant pile of recent files that’s constantly changing. It’s visually distracting and extremely annoying every time. I’d like to turn off recent files, and be taken immediately to a home file structure. Again, just like finder or windows explorer. I just need to be able to get in here and find my files according to the organizational systems that I use with all my o5er computers, so I can easily know where I am in my own drive. Also please allow for a more clear “path” view. Rather than having to click om the dots to see the full file path, it should be displayed. Better yet, introduce a columns view like on Mac. Thank you,
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6 years ago, SLBMarrow
Great Storage Option anywhere you Go!
I have been using the 15GB google drive for years. I LOVE DRIVE! I can easily access my family’s files from anywhere, on any device. The add on options are helpful when I need them. I love the sharing option and how you can choose the individual’s privileges. It has come in handy many times when my husband is at work and has something to save, that I may need. Or my middle schooler forgot his homework on the table, so I scan it in on his drive, so he can access at school, and I don’t have to cart my toddler in to drop it off. When I need important documents on hand for various things, we just refinanced, the mortgage company loved that I said, “Hold on I have that right here. I’ll email it to you”. Highly recommend the program and so far my friends in the past year or two that use it after my recommendation love it. What would we do without Google Drive!!??
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6 years ago, M_seattle
Google has Abandoned Support and Compatibility for iPhone
Drive has become totally useless on my 7plus. Started having streaming issues about 6 months ago. Most videos won’t play or stop part way through. I struggle to open photos most of the time. I don’t know what happened. Phone has been reset. Completely reset to factory. App has been deleted more than once and reinstalled. Every successive update gets worse and worse. I really think the reason is competition. Regardless of the numbers of Apple users, Google just doesn’t care as a priority about non-Android phones and making sure compatibility is there. These issues have been going on for so long I honestly feel like Google has just abandoned support for iPhone. As I was told from one Google employee, Drive is not meant to stream content (even though it’s my own and I PAY for storage). It’s simply meant as cloud storage. I have gone from limited use to now, after the latest update, not being able to stream any video or even open a photo from my account. This isn’t some third party created app...this is Google. I seriously can’t understand how this is possible.
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3 years ago, MeBerlin
What a relief!
I recently switched from Mac to Chromebook, when my 2016 MacBook gave up and I was facing a $1300 setback to replace it. I also had issues with Apple’s Photo App which for example seems to be unable to detect duplicates, and would not give me a good option to prevent my iPhone from getting inundated with all my old pics. So I canceled my iCloud subscription (which by the way Apple made pretty difficult to do) and transferred all my stuff to Google Drive. First of all, I was amazed about the power of the search function. While Apple’s search more often than not would not find what I was looking for, here I was able to find old docs that I had completely forgotten about just by limiting the time frame, adding search criteria and the file format I was looking for. Within an hour I had found all movies and most important, all duplicates, freezing some 50 GB of space. I also lIke a lot the simplicity of the design, the perfect integration of all other functions, Google Docs, and Google Mail specifically and when it comes to writing’ which is what I mostly do, I just love the fact that you simply cannot forget to safe a doc with Google because it saves the moment you type it. All in all, I am very very happy that I made the switch and loom forward to further advantages that I sure will find.
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7 months ago, Rafael David González
Great app
I live deep in the Apple ecosystem, so yes, I do use Apple's first-party app, Files, as one of the cloud storage platforms where I keep my files. However, Google's cloud storage platform, Drive, is an excellent platform to use as a back-up option (and it makes a great primary option for cloud storage, as well). Google's various cloud storage options are quite reasonably priced. Google's Drive app is extremely easy to use and it's nice to know that I have access to my files wherever I may be, and even regardless of the operating system I may be using at the time (so, for example, I would be able to access my files if I had an emergency while vacationing in Spain and without access to my Apple devices). I highly recommend this app to anyone who has important documents he or she may want to keep, safely and securely, in the cloud.
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4 years ago, Pastel 🦋 Girl
Yes you saw, I gave this app 4 stars. You guys are lucky because most of the time I give 2. Sooooo I have a suggestion 𝗙𝗜𝗡𝗔𝗟 𝗗𝗘𝗟𝗘𝗧𝗜𝗢𝗡: I am so annoyed by how short deletion is. 30 days. One time I had something SUPER IMPORTANT saved for the next month. My sister DELETED IT. Then a few days later it told me “ October 13 your trash bin will be emptied” I just Xed it out because I look carefully what I don’t need before I put it in the trash. A month later i was going to turn in my SUPER IMPORTANT COLLEGE ESSAY, but there was a problem I went to google classroom and simply searched the name of the file. It didn’t show up. So I when to my drive and searched up the name. It showed no results. I look into my ‘recently opened’ thing and searched and searched. I couldn’t find it. I remembered I emailed it to my regular gmail account. I went there and when I pressed it it said “file not found or you don’t have permission to access this file” I had a mealtdown so thanks! Thank you VERY MUCH!!!
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9 months ago,
Could be great, lacks too many features on iPad
The main issue with this is its essentially the iPhone app (which is also pretty bad if you ask me). The main issue is no navigation menu. Because of this you have to go back , back back, forward forward, etc over and over to get to new folders. This is extremely tedious and having a navigation window (like regular google drive on a desktop) seems like a no brainer? iPads are essentially laptops now….Why would you make it harder to use then a desktop? Same for the phone. This really alienates customers who use google drive for work and companies with lots of files to move around and navigate. It should be much easier on all devices to find a folder you want to move documents and files too…this goes for the move function on a shard document on the desktop too but thats another review. Otherwise this would be an amazing app since google drive is a great tool in theory.
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7 years ago, julesklett
Classroom technology wonder!
I started using Google Drive about 2 years ago, starting small and quickly adding applications and lessons. Google Forms has become my sole source of homework for high school science classes. I have also converted some of my labs to Google Forms; I love the fact that students can add documents to the form. I have attached short videos to give students the ability to review or clarify directions. Sheets and Docs have many options for lessons and data analysis. Sheets has templates for grade books. Students can share data or written information to collaborate when working in groups. They have learned how to attach photos to Forms and Docs. The only thing I have not figured out how to do is link the student grade in Sheets to a specific email address. Kind of like the old mail merge idea, but with the ability to let parents access current grades.
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5 years ago, fdacpano
Good but...
Using the workspace feature feels redundant on the app as workspace should be allowing me to access specific files easily, going from one to another fast and quick. However, when I try to use the files I’ve moved into the workspace, it will bring me to into another google app which does not give me access to the workspace that I created unless I go back to the drive app and relaunch workspace again, which in my opinion, makes workspace feel redundant on the google drive app. I had the app when docs, sheets, and slides were all integrated into this app. I think the workspace feature would greatly benefit from this. Drive is great as a “central hub” and I like how it is organized, but that organization feels (again) redundant if you have to switch between different files and different apps. Drive feels like a middle man that could be cut. And the only reason that it isn’t cut is that the other apps can only view their respective files (i.e. docs can only view documents).
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5 years ago, EdsBrain
No settings for sync frequency! Or a button to force a sync.
It is amazing to me the difference in the actual files within Google Drive on my laptop and the Google Drive on this device. iPhone 6s Plus. Lots not syncing. There are whole folders that are on the laptop app and not on the phone app. Wifi is working. Settings of iPhone say to allow data and all of that. So, I go searching for a sync button to force the operation and it doesn’t appear to have one. I know you can “pull down”. Doesn’t seem to work. However, files are still missing on the phone. While I gathered a picture in an email and hence needing to upload it to a certain customer folder... the folder is just not there. Open Google Drive app and the folder is there. Laptop app=visible (where I created it). Mobile app=visible but no when I hit the upload button to save this picture to this particular folder. As I’m scanning the option of customer folders with my eyes, I see many new customers folders missing. Suggestion: increase settings available to users so that they can force, schedule these syncs. Also, check how this iPhone “upload” icon fetches the info Google Drive. It’s not working and seems to be a version of the distant past. Pretty depressing to leave the office knowing you uploaded stuff, your trying to continue your work while traveling and it just won’t get done because Google Drive is failing to allow me to add files/pics/docs from multiple entry points. Please help!
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6 years ago, Shaun M2
Love this app / Google Docs!
It’s been a game-changer for me! I use these tools for virtually all of my professional, personal, and volunteer projects now: from tracking treasurer expenses to writing my novel(s). Having everything easily and instantly available for simultaneous editing on each of my devices at once has been a dream come true. Compared to other apps? The only other similar app I also use is Box—and Google apps works much more smoothly. Though Box works directly with Microsoft apps, which have many more features, Microsoft’s online apps are SLOW to load and that would make the fast-start and instant-access I’m gushing about in the previous paragraph impossible if I tried to use Box in the same way. I would presume Dropbox has a similar suite of fast-access apps, but I’ve never tried any others but Google-docs, so I can’t compare.
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7 years ago, Jesseondrums
Stuck between redundant and awesome
Drive works great as the main app to house the files but there are a few changes that would make Drive amazing. 1.) Drive should function like an all inclusive program rather than a hub to connect to the separate programs. EX: If I open a Google doc file I should have the option to access the full Google doc tools.. STOP MAKING NEW TABS AND SENDING ME TO GOOGLE DOCS EVERYTIME! It should be an option to make a separate tab or window not protocol. 2.) The Drive Landing page should be customizable so you can see your docs, slides and excel knock off. 1 click makes it expand (like peek for iOS) and let you see all of the files the you can click the specific file or a 2nd click will open the app. This will prob need Java but it be worth it. 3.) There needs to be quick access between accounts or a way you can make something available on both accounts that is more intuitive than downloading and re-uploading. If drive gives more functionality and essentially replaces the need for individual apps and programs, then it will be a great all-in-one otherwise it would be easier to scale back drive and just make it a simpleclean hub where you click on the file and it opens the doc or presentation in an edit mode. Like an online hard drive. Otherwise Drive is just straddling the fence between unnecessary and redundant.
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4 years ago, McClendon415
Google Support is a scam
I’ve used google drive for almost a year now for my personal email account. My credit card expired recently and therefore my service. When I clicked the renew subscription button it automatically brought up a screen where I proceeded to pay for the annual price instead of monthly. Only to find out I had paid for a subscription on my work email as opposed to my personal. I immediately requested from support that the funds be applied to my personal account to which I was told that could not be done. So I requested a refund and was told no. Support has for over a month been telling me “they are looking in to it” for me only to find the same response each time I follow up with them. Separately I chatted with them via “chat” for over 45 minutes to find the same answers, no refund no switching to the correct account no help. I’ve had start up companies and small businesses provide quick no questions ask help and get google a giant cannot apply my mere $20 dollars to the correct account for which my credit card expired in the first place.
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2 years ago, Mal5177
My Right hand for an organized life
After leaving a professional life after many years for life at home and a small biz Google apps and Drive in particular have been a lightening rod to enabling both home life and my small business efforts. On the home side, I have been able to declutter my life from paper by organizing everything from budgeting, taxes, medical histories, trip planning, and household docs down to my house appliance owners manuals. On the business side being able to share files with clients and seamlessly share/edit files has been a godsend without the need to worry about backup’s and servers that came with my previous professional life. Separately I have small home organization biz where I’m able to share these techniques with clients …. Spreading the knowledge about a paper free society.
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7 years ago, Zansberree
It’s good but could be better.
I downloaded this because I was having issues with my iPhone and I was afraid of losing my photos. I was happy with the unlimited storage, however I have close to 8000 photos. It took me a very long time to go through and click each picture individually because there is not a “select all” button. This is highly inconvenient and time consuming for anyone who is using the app for the first time and trying to backup the photos they already have. I know not everyone has as many as I do but even if I only had 100 photos that still would have taken a while. Then to make things better (sarcasm) when I finally finished selecting all of my photos and then hit upload, it said “uploading”, and then it just stopped and went to the homepage. It did not upload ANY of my photos. Also I had to leave the room for a moment and my screen locked, when I got back on all of the photos I had selected, had been unselected and I had to start all over. Please fix these issues.
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2 years ago, sgtcombs
Thank goodness for archiving
Even though Yahoo group was a less popular social app, at the time, it was my only connection to solid information in regards to Celestron telescope mounts and how to fix the darn things. I loved the pool of intelligence collected in the “Celestron uncensored” forums, so when “yahoo” …… disappeared, I found myself at a loss. Fortunate for me, the Nexstar resource site had links to this app, which had copied ALL the files from the groups. Google Drive has been a Godsend with the archiving of such a large index for me to access and keep the mediocre product of a once respected company, running like a top end piece of precision equipment. Then there was it’s usefulness in creating and sharing project collaborations while earning my masters. Couldn’t have done it without you Google Drive. Ok, getting goofy, I’m outta here.
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2 years ago, freakchylde
Update usability for searchable PDFs
The latest update has resulted in my inability to search PDF files because the search field will disappear as I'm typing then be completely inaccessable once it's gone from the screen. I have yet to find a setting that allows me to adjust this on either my iPad or within the app itself. I have not yet checked to see if this is an issue on my phone, which I hope it's not. Because if it is, Google drive, as my default PDF reader will have to be replaced. Given the developer response, I've had to remove a star. I get that drive is a file folder for storage, but google does not have a PDF file reader (and I don't have enough storage space on my iPad for sheets or documents), much less the ability to download a maintenance manual for a car so that I can search it on my Apple's PDF reader. The whole point of keeping it in drive was because it was easier to access online. The previous versions of Drive allowed viewing and searching PDFs, so I'm at a loss as to why it's suddenly a problem.
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6 years ago, ThunderPhoenix4
Praise to Google Drive!
This app (and the website, too, of course) is amazing. You can create and easily organize docs (word), slides (PowerPoint), sheets (excel), and others with Drive. It’s not only for creating files, either. You can upload files of any type from your computer or device. Office files can instantly be converted to Drive files, too. Plus, add-ons can help you modify files even more effectively! And Drive can be accessed anywhere. It’s great for moving files cross-platform. Files can also be shared with other users easily for live, up-to-date collaboration. And it’s linked to a gmail account, but that’s another story. If the free 15GB of data isn’t enough for you, you can always pay for more. Overall, I find this app incredibly useful and strongly recommend it if you need free storage space.
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7 years ago, AlissaAnthropologista
A step away from perfect file management.
Fantastic tool for managing my field data, overall. Truly. A great piece of work—-with a two significant issues according to my use. The first is that it is much to difficult to download multiple pictures, videos, or files to my physical device from the app (two menus in), which is a necessity when I travel to remote regions without internet access. The second is that when you have thousands of files, they do not load all at once. I have to scroll to load.....and scroll....and scroll...making it very difficult to find what I need, rename files, or locate a specific piece of field data within the app. Also, the search is iffy for item details details, where I often put codes for my research on photos, videos, etc. Sometimes it searches these and sometimes it doesn’t. A reliable tag function would be supremely useful.
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5 years ago, Joefilo
Issue moving files and folders
I generally love Google drive but the iOS app used to be sooo much more user friendly when it came to moving items between folders. You used to be able to press on an item's icon, it would drop to the bottom of the screen, and then you could drag it right into to the folder you wanted. Now, every time you want to move any item, you have to select Move and then begin at the very beginning of your drive and click through every single folder until you find the one you want! Am extremely tedious step backward in design :-( Please consider switching back to the more mobile friendly style of moving items that you used to have. Please also add the ability to ADD TO a folder instead of totally moving an item into a folder... On computers, we can click Control and then the green Add button to add an item to a new folder while also keeping it in the original folder.
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6 years ago, xX_Pablo420_Xx
Great but......
My experience with drive has been nothing short of magnificent throughout my usage. I have a plethora of memories in which I needed drive to perform to perfection and not only did drive deliver, but did so in such a fashion that would make every app developer who worked on it proud and every app developer who didn’t jealous. The beginning of the issue stems from one unfaithful day in which drive decided that today was not a good day to perform the task I needed to. Instead of uploading a video drive decided to act like it did and then not process the video leading to crushing negative repercussion in a deep emotional, mental and physical level. The sheer amount of disturbance my mind felt as I realize that the thing I trusted most in this world had failed me was excruciatingly painful. However this should not take away from the overall performance which I believe to be almost not short of exemplary. 4/5!
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8 months ago, coollarer
It’s not worth the time to install
I want to recommend some things overall my main problem is that the setup of the app is hard there is a setup on my computer at my school which is really easy but mobile is bad setup! My second problem is that you need to download 2 apps like the google docs and this app to edit the drives, my third problem is not being able to see all drives, so one time i was trying to edit a drive from school for homework and i couldn’t find it because it wasn't in a folder which made me mad and i had to go on my google cromebook to get it and be able to do my homework BUT on the computers you can edit all drives and that shouldn't be too much to ask! I’m not trying to be a critic but overall app isn’t worth buying it’s just like the website if you wanna access drive and if you want these things i suggested copy and paste all this like all the others! And lets get google drive to notice us!!
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6 years ago, Marsh Waha
Google Drive is awesome!
I absolutely love Google Drive, I love the fact that I can access documents from anywhere just on my computer just online but also from a tablet or phone. It’s probably one of the best things to have. It’s super easy to use, you can save PDFs you can convert them to Google documents even save slideshows, spreadsheets, and do much more. It’s help me save a lot of space on my computer, because the hard drives 10 to get clogged up with documents and data and I really do like the fact that I can use Google drive to save my documents and put them somewhere safe. You can also upload your documents and Excel sheets Microsoft or presentation slides. Google Drive allows you do so much with documents, you can even upload pictures too. Although for pictures I use Google Photos.
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2 years ago, BMurphy53
Easiest to organize and find files
I have been using Google Drive and sharing files for almost two years now, and once you’ve used it you understand why it’s the best! It’s simple to organize, name, share, delete, comment on without changing the original, and use multiple formats with ease! If you don’t have it, get it. Gmail is the most secure platform to use when sharing files, and I trust it with my sensitive information. It’s so easy to organize your files, and move them around. I like to store them by organizations and put all our minutes in one folder, financial statements in another, and only share the files with people you choose. Images sorted by themes, videos by subject matter - any number of options are possible.
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2 years ago, August The Dragonfly
For the love of whoever you pray to fix this
Update: I was contacted and they said to uninstall and reinstall the app. This not only fixed my issue of the app freezing but also improved my load times immensely. I’m guessing a cache overload issue? Perhaps an option to clear out the cache would help if that’s the case? Either way thank you! - previous review: I’ve used this app for years and for whatever reason now the latest update is freezing constantly. I have an iPhone 13pro everything is up to date lots of storage space yet I go into my google drive folders and it takes forever to load contents like an old Win95 system then I can scroll and sometimes get 1-2 tasks complete then it just freezes. Completely unresponsive.
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