Yahoo Mail - Organized Email

4.7 (3.4M)
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Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Yahoo Mail - Organized Email

4.69 out of 5
3.4M Ratings
7 months ago, Turtledav
Lots of email options missing
So many email options missing, one of which I think is highly important; I want to forward an obvious scam email to report it as phishing, however there is no option to forward the email without opening it. Of course I’m not wanting to open a scam email that I already know is a scam email. On top of that, the email shows it’s from a legitimate email when I hover over it in which I know is not legitimate by looking at the preview of the email, & that btw only works on my desktop computer & not on my phone. I could go on, but right now that’s my two biggest concerns. I’m trying to stay safe, but it is obvious to me that AT&T is not going to provide safety without me being forced to subscribe to their $7 a month upgrade in which only says it provides features I already have & pay for & don’t need. Also I’ve been getting quite a bit of spam lately, where it use to all go automatically to my spam folder (would never come to my inbox), but for some reason things have become less secure. I wish I knew how to solve that on my end, but that’s not possible, as I see no option. Revised Review: I guess maybe I’m directing my frustrations to the wrong entity; instead I think I need to direct my frustration towards AT&T since they are responsible for the workings of my email, maybe my frustration has nothing to do with Yahoo; so I’ve decided to change the star review to 5 stars, but I’m leaving my comments on here.
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5 years ago, jetnova16
Doesn't Allow Scrolling
When you try to advance to new emails further down the scrolling section of emails in the Inbox, Spam folders as well as your own created folders the app automatically scrolls up enlarging the scroll bar as it advances back up on its own making it 100% impossible to scroll down to any and all emails that are off the screen and thus further down. The only way to get to them is to go to Full Screen View on one email and using the arrows to advance down to earlier previous emails. Because of this it makes this app 100% impossible to use and thus really not worth any Stars whatsoever. Especially since this problem has been going on for months (since well into 2018) and all Feedback complaining about it has been ignored and it's only gotten worse with each update to this app. It used to only effect the Spam folder, then it also affected Created Folders and the Archives folder and most recently it's been effecting the Inbox as well. Thus with each time the problem has made the Yahoo Email App 100% impossible to use and requiring going to Safari or a Computer to get it to actually work right. With Yahoo also ignoring Feedback on this problem for months and not fixing it in any update this app is 100% NOT WORTH IT!
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3 years ago, Timc266
Great app one small flaw
I like this app I have no problems with its functionality. Perhaps others should update it if having functional issues. One thing that would make it perfect in my opinion (thus deserving of 5 stars) is if one had the ability to change the sound that is used for notifications of new mail received. I tried doing so in both phone settings and in app settings to no avail. One of the main reasons I switched to this app instead of using the Mail app in iOS was because for the last month or so (maybe longer) the iOS Mail app was not receiving pushed mail from Yahoo. It was before because I paid for that ability from Yahoo (paid so that POP mail would be supported). I guess Yahoo decided to stop that service or make it slow or whatever maybe to push (no pun intended) their own Mail app. It's fine. I'm not too disappointed. (I will be stopping payments for that though) Anyway, like I wrote, the main reason I got the app was so I could get mail as it's pushed to the server and now that's happening again. But the sound is too much like other notifications (like Tweet notifications and calendar reminders) so I can't tell by sound alone what just occurred on my phone. The sound is too much like other notifications in other words. So if we could change that notification sound that would be awesome. It would make the app perfect, IMO. I already submitted this as feedback in the app but I thought I'd write a review about it as well.
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2 years ago, Very Disappointed with ATT
Bad Business Plan
I’ve been an ATT/ Yahoo customer since 2016 and have found that it’s nearly impossible to correct issues with this combination of ATT, Currently and Yahoo. When I switched to ATT, I found that all I had was a Yahoo account. My email had a ATT address, but it was routed through Yahoo. If I had wanted a Yahoo account, I would have never gone to ATT. This past week, I’ve been on the phone with ATT and Currently for several hours trying to resolve issues with the different routers communicating with one another. This affected my laptop and IPHONE. I shave talked with several people who tried to help and one last night helped me with the computer. They couldn’t help with the phone because somehow it was routed through a tv service called Uverse. They gave me a phone number for Uverse and they found the issue and resolved it. Funny thing is, I don’t have Uverse as my service for the tv. All of the people who tried to help were Great , professional and tried to be helpful. The problem is with the products. I wish I had never switched to ATT. This has truly been a very difficult time and the I have no idea how I got so lucky to have been chosen for this experience.
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2 weeks ago, Carrie (west)
Can’t stop random emails being added to my contact list
Emails being automatically added to my contact list is very, very annoying. I only want my contact list to be people I actually email, not every random contact who emails me. Please change this. Viewing my email on a computer does not show all these extra contacts, only on the app, so please remove them. I also made sure an option in the desktop version about enhanced contacts is off, which it is, but that did not change anything. I took two hours the other day to delete them one by one, and now I take time daily to delete the dozen of contacts that get added. It’s ridiculous I don’t have any say in my own contact list! Edit: There is a button at the bottom of the contact list that says “view less” but clicking on it crashes the app! It is mind blowing how Yahoo can’t keep up a contact page for their email app, considering it’s something so simple we’ve been using for over 20 year on our phones and other email clients. This is not a problem on the desktop version of the app, so WHY is there such a problem with the app? I shouldn’t have to take time each day to delete these new contacts for every random email I get in my inbox. I have nine contacts, I only want those in my list! Plus the photo I set for one of my contacts keeps disappearing, which is annoying, but not nearly as annoying as all the other problems with this app.
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9 months ago, Davidb123321
Love App, Hate Updated Versions-UPDATE
UPDATE: I love this app and have used it for many years. I have never had an issue except for the below. Within 2 days of leaving my review the developers responded and fixed the issue. Thank you! Updated to 10 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ OLD Review: I have been using this app for many years. I like the convenience and features. Easy to use and much faster than checking email on the web. My issue is with the last updates in the past month. Suddenly when opening a fresh start, the splash screen, Yahoo+ splash, starts for a longer time than previously. The app works fine but this is an annoyance. I have uninstalled etc and this is a new characteristic. It used to open rapidly to your email. Now there is a consistent delay. I understand this is just a small pause. But I check email all day long and this is definitely new and annoying. I hoped there was a new setting slipped in that I could turn this off. I have an iPhone, newest iOS etc. No issues with the phone. Easily will give 5 stars if this gets fixed.
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2 years ago, JayJay28282
Update: The original complaints have stopped, but I still don’t like it. I get the same spam over and over again...Squarespace is about to delete my nonexistent account and I have to update my credit information. I send every email to Spam and I’ve been doing it for at least a year. Does Spam mean anything? Is there no way for Yahoo to stop our spam? Also, if I send an email to 3 people and one responds, I read it and delete it. Another responds and both of the responses show up. I deleted the first one; why is it there? I delete them both, and the 3rd person responds, so all 3 responses show up. I end up with a whole line of emails when all I want to do is see the most recent. Why doesn’t “delete” mean “delete?” Original: Whenever I get an email with something to open, I just get a blank screen. For instance, I tried to add another email address, but had to change the password for that address. When I got the change the password email and clicked on it, I couldn't do it because I got a white screen with Only the time on top. Same happens if I get an attachment, coupon, etc. All I can do with this app is open word emails. One plus is I don't get the "Rate it" popup I was constantly getting before, in which I rated it many times and nothing was improved.
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4 years ago, Me123ues
20+ year User :(
...maybe 30+ years. I’m a long-term user, short term hater. A year or two ago, after Yahoo’s biggest upgrade I could ever remember, learning to use Yahoo with all the bugs it brought was sheer agony. For years, I was able to log into our 3 email accounts ‘once’ and then switch between accounts with a keystroke - that went away. Working through the problems finally ended with losing my departed wife’s account being lost...with all it’s history that we’re memories of her. Then I entered the ‘season of constant login’ and absolutely hate how you set THAT up. I struggled with access via ANY browser but usually use Chrome. I’m still having TIME CONSUMMING problems with that - YES I HAVE YOUR APP on my iPhones and iPads! The use of the Yahoo app is a time synch and a constant source of frustration...if not un-Christian thoughts: more times as not, I don’t get the tool bar at the bottom to reply, move or delete emails and have to start a NEW thread just to reply - business associates complain a bit when I do this. The ONLY reason I’m still with Yahoo...again, the ONLY REASON is I don’t know how to switch my personal URL over to another company and also save my ‘history’ for my remaining two accounts. Does Yahoo EVER, EVER, run a new release through a ‘test group’ for feedback?
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2 years ago, MABasenjis
I have Yahoo! basic were I don’t pay anything for it
The only thing I don’t like about this and the reason I give it only two stars is not only do I get advertisements at the top of my email inbox but sometimes I get spam emails in my inbox instead of going into my spam folder and when I ask Yahoo! about this they tell me to upgrade to where I have to pay $.99 so I won’t get those spam emails or the ads up at the top of my email inbox that’s another annoying thing if it’s free then you shouldn’t have to pay anything to have the ad removed if you say you just like the ad you shouldn’t have to pay anything for an email service unless it’s a business account and you have a lot of other features and with me I just go ahead and send emails every once in a while and this is the same account as I’ve had for about five or six years since I opened my email address account and that’s my opinion of Yahoo! basic if I don’t want the ad they say it’s called the Yahoo! pro program and I don’t want to pay that because when I signed up for Yahoo! basic I was looking for a free and non- ad based email and that’s what Yahoo! was I know they have do you have to use Yahoo! pro if you don’t want the advertisements at the top why should you have to pay if it’s a free service for no advertisements why is it deleting enough
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2 years ago, myangw
The mail pro is only working on one email account
I am an AT&T customer for wireless, home internet, etc. I have been paying the annual subscription for several years to have the mail pro benefits, mainly no ads. I have multiple email accounts I use, all AT&T, under my home internet account. Prior to the last app update, I wasn't seeing ads on any of these email accounts. Now, it's only the primary one. If I try to turn them off, it tells me that feature is only available through that primary email and wants me to pay a per month amount to remove the ads on the other accounts. Is this an intentional change or accidental with the last update? Because if it's intentional, I'll be finding another app to use and will cancel my subscription. I pay enough to AT&T already and I don't feel that I should have to pay for each email address. It's ONE app. Other apps, if you subscribe, then it's for the whole app. ---Edit--- I have reduced my rating to one star. I contacted Yahoo support and could not get a straight answer. All I got was the run around with him talking in circles and basically saying all my subscription applies to is the one email address I signed up under. It makes me mad that I'm paying to remove ads on an app but now they want me to pay for each email address used in that app. I will be finding another app and will cancel my annual subscription.
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2 years ago, BeerClub
If you don’t want to pay for plus, this app is garbage
Update Sep ‘22. Moving this to one star as I have said adios forever. None of my complaints had to do with anything that could be solved with a iOS update. They are all features not bugs. Get your mail a different way, it will save you stress. I have begun the frustrating process of moving my important email off of Yahoo. If you don’t want to pay for their “upgraded” email service you have to endure… In-message Spam - Yahoo fills the top 75% of your screen for each message with affiliate links that it thinks are related to your message. They did a nice job of making it look like it is part of your message but they didn’t do as nice a job on their matching, so you have to scroll past irrelevant junk to read the actual message. Every. Time. Inbox Spam - Yahoo used to have a decent spam-sniffing AI that learned from every message you marked as spam. No longer. I get hundreds of junk messages daily, some that I mark as spam again and again. Bad Browser - every link in your mail opens in a clunky yahoo browser. Be prepared to live without many conveniences you take for granted with good browsers. Especially fun is when you start filling out a form in said browser, put your phone down for five minutes and open the app to your normal inbox, with whatever you filled out lost to the ether.
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6 years ago, Daman M
No Setting For Notification Sounds
Deleted app finally. I linked yahoo mail through gmail. I highly recommend. More flaws to report with yahoo app. I am using an iPhone X. Mail would disappear from the inbox if I clicked on a new mail notification. Would take hours to appear back. If I used the search to find an old email it would find the email and when I click on it the email it would just load and load an nothing would appear. I finally had to forward the email to gmail so I could view it. Also why should one have to pay to remove annoying ads which aren’t even applicable to what I am interested in. Worst app ever. Minus one star for not being able to change sounds for incoming & outgoing mail. If you have an iPhone you are stuck with the generic default notification and can’t change it at all in the settings of the app or in the settings for the iPhone. Second minus star that they show irrelevant ads in the top of the inbox. I don’t want to pay a dollar a month to get rid of it. If you want people to use your app rather than the default mail setting in the iPhone then get rid of that like gmail and outlook have in their free versions. Update to the developer’s reply. That is untrue. Both the Outlook and Google mail apps. let you change sound notifications within the “settings” of the widget themselves and not in the actual Apple settings.
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1 year ago, Shock J
Run and Hide from this app, and Yahoo Mail altogether!
I opened my Yahoo account in 2005 for the sole purpose of having a “throw-away” email address, to use in places I didn’t want to give my primary email address. I used it infrequently and stopped using it altogether around 2012. Now, in 2022, ten years later, no one, and I mean NO ONE has my yahoo email address. I use it for NOTHING. In searching for a potential new email client I came upon Yahoo Mail and started reading the reviews. I saw a lot of recent comments regarding a large preponderance of unfiltered spam. I decided to check my Yahoo email, which I still have but NEVER use. Lo and behold, the inbox is suddenly flooded with spam. Between 2005 and June of 2022, I literally had about 15 spam emails. In June of this year, the floodgates opened. From June 2022 - Jan 2023, I have 260 spam emails, of which only 30 were caught by the spam filter. Now let’s think about this. I have not given this email out to anyone in over ten years. How could I be receiving spam? The only way this email address is out in the wild is if Yahoo gave/sold it to someone. There is no other explanation. It’s pretty clear to me that your privacy means nothing to Yahoo. This combined with the fact that they are either unable or unwilling to stop the flow of spam into your inbox, users should be abandoning ship here post haste. Run and don’t look back.
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3 years ago, KingSnarkle
Worst Ever: Yahoo Mail - The Newer Crappier AOL
Remember how horrible AOL was, and how excited we all were to leave that mess? Well let me introduce hot mess 2021 - Yahoo Mail. They are nice enough to sell your personal data to their partner sites without your permission. Go to settings. Go to Privacy Dashboard. Click the underlined words “privacy dashboard”, and you can see each individual partner, what data they are collecting, and who they’re selling it to. If you have 30 minutes to spare you can go into each partner and “opt out”. But wait…..there’s more. In the case of three of their partners, you will need to perform this action on a daily basis, because Yahoo Mail loves you so much that they’re gonna opt you right back in the following day. I’ve sent feedback regarding this. Especially since I am a resident in a State that has very specific guidelines regarding the sale of my personal data, and my ability to opt out of such practices. I don’t expect a response or resolution- that would be too much like “the right thing to do”, so I will post this as fair warning to anyone using, or looking to use this mail platform- They’re going to sell your data. They’re going to make it as difficult as possible to opt out. They’re going to make it difficult for you to even know it’s happening. I wish I could give them half of a star.
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3 years ago, Junglejimrr
Yahoo has been threre since day one !!!
I have had Yahoo probably since I was about 12 years old I am 37 now and I love yahoo I’ve never had a problem with it I’ve had plenty of problems with other apps another mailing services you know, losing your mail , locking you out of your own Mail not giving you access to it holding your personal files and memories that ranson dang near , they make it a secure enoughTo trust the fact that your files will be there tomorrow and for years to come , I haveBeen blocked and denied access to my own accounts numerous times either milling apps sites what ever you want to call them , a few times actually yahoo has been the only one that’s ever been there threw it all , they have never turned there back on me it’s always been there for me that’s the only account that I have I can trust and I am always feel that I am secure and that if somthing happened , they would have my back here for once are you and I probably always will always been ther fir you , yahoo thank you
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2 years ago, Darktrine
Useless UI changes, cluttered and with ads
05 October 2022 update. They have now moved the unread mail button from the bottom of the screen to half off the top and replaced all the useful buttons with stuff I don’t need in an email app, like shopping and recipes. Now with years off muscle memory you will just be clicking shopping all the time instead of unread, the funny part, I already had folders for “shopping”. This app has become so cluttered with crap, the only reason I have not uninstalled it, is because of the Authenticator. Older complaints. An email app has one job, to download emails. This app does not even do that. Most of the time it says your box is empty and all the other times, you can't read your emails as they don't download. Also had it using my location without asking and it does not need my location for downloading emails, and by use my location, I do mean that it was tracking my phone constantly without stopping. I had to go into the phone setting manually stop it from using my location service. The last problem with this app, there is an ad at the top of every email folder or box that looks like an email, but is really and ad. I would use any other email app than this crap, it used to work. Now I just use the one that comes with the phone.
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1 week ago, Mujjuman
Small annoying flaw
Please fix this issue! I want the notifications on the notification screen to show the Y! Logo instead of the new style of notification. Please make that an option! [Addendum] I got a notification that the Yahoo dev team contacted me to ask me why I want it back to the old way. The reason is because I cannot tell that the notifications I’m getting are from the Yahoo mail app. It looks as if other apps are sending me notifications and people are sending me messages on other apps, rather than me getting an email in Yahoo. For example, getting emails from my banks (Wells Fargo and Bank of America) appears as if I’m getting notifications from them through their respective apps. Emails from UPS and FedEx appears as if I’m getting notification from their apps too. This is because the notification icon is matching the logo or photo that’s part of their contact. I just want all my Yahoo email notifications to actually appear as if they’re coming from Yahoo mail app, like how I can tell notifications from my Gmail account are coming from my Gmail app. Like Gmail is more obvious, rather than a small, tiny purple Y! at the lower right part of the icon. Please make the whole thing a big purple Y! Thank you
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2 years ago, NwkEWR
Dark theme setting is glitching AGAIN...
Monday, February 21, 2022: Developer(s,) Thanks for your prompt reply. I have completely uninstalled (deleted) the app, followed by rebooting the iPad (6th Generation) redownloaded it from the App Store, saved its Theme setting to its darkest option, however, the glitch remains, I've repeated this process three times already, the results have been the same, the app's dark Theme works on most of it with the exception of the eMails' contents. Friday, February 18, 2022: The eMails' content element is NOT applying the dark theme ever since the V 6.47.0 update of Feb. 16, 2022, however, this glitch is present ONLY on my iPad 6th Generation (OS 14.8.1) it is NOT present on my iPad Air 4th Generation (OS 14.8.1,) this issue appeared before (~ late 2020 or early 2021) and was subsequently corrected. Developers, please fix this again. Thank you. Friday, July 23, 2021: eMail(s) NOTIFICATIONS have STOPPED working for about... I have tried to remedy this new issue by taking a number of steps that usually fix apps' glitches, however, not one has fixed the problem. eMail(s) NOTIFICATIONS are ESSENTIAL in this day and age, thus, I'd be grateful if Yahoo Mail's developers could take a look at the problem and find a solution. Thanks devs.
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4 years ago, EgyptEntitledNot
I don’t want to sound entitled
Yahoo! has truly become a terrible email service in the last 3 years or so. Before, there would be one or two SPAM emails that would get through the SPAM filters, in place, every month or so. Now it seems that everyday there are multiple SPAM emails that make it through to my inbox and it’s fairly annoying. I have to keep marking them all SPAM but that’s not stopping anything. I’ve had this email address for 10 years, but it’s time for a change. I’ll be looking to close all of my Yahoo! email accounts and move over to Gmail. I’ve noticed that the email address I’ve had for 12 years with Gmail has not gotten more than a handful of SPAM emails in my inbox over the last 12 years! It will definitely take a few weeks to change my email address with every online account I have, but it will be worth it once I have an effective SPAM filter in place by having Gmail email addresses. UPDATE: Someone on the Yahoo! development team responded to my review, but did not thoroughly READ my review. Suggesting that I make sure to mark the emails spam when it clearly states in my review that I have been marking them all spam and it’s not working. Then follows up with they’ll let the “anti-spam team” know. Laughing - What a joke!
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3 years ago, AliceJ21
Spoofing issues on my yahoo emails
A few months ago I started having problems with my iPhone and iPad and everything was giving me problems! Called every Technician I could use and they thought I was crazy because they said there was no problems with my devices or WiFi! I kept having issues with my emails going missing or I was receiving emails from PayPal that said I owed a payment or mentioning my card! I don’t have a card with PayPal but have account that I’m paying off with PayPal Credit! Issues constantly and money came out of my bank account from PayPal then received a package with similar items I had recently viewed from 4Patriots only not the same and no invoice and item was no good! All this to say I have been hacked from my yahoo emails because security is bad! My personal information is all over the internet now! Had to erase my phone completely last night because the problem has grown so big! Using my iPad right now hoping they don’t get in it! BEWARE!!!!! Spoofing is a horrible issue with your email accounts and can turn your life upside down it has mine! My bank is threatening to stop my account from online banking and it. Isn’t my fault! Not always on your email provider! 🙁🙁
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1 year ago, Widget cool
Good but needs improvement
I like Yahoo mail but two important features are missing, which I like better on outlook and Apple mail is 1. the ability to filter on specific senders with a date parameter over 30 days. Yahoo assumes anything you have over 30 days is not of value. Many of us buy online and have digital receipts to balance to our credit cards or other important emails. Wish I could filter using SENDER + >x days. Also I only want to delete what’s in my inbox. If I put it in a folder that means I want to keep it and NOT delete it. 2. The SPAM identifier appears to do nothing. Yahoo does not seem to have a way to block these mass mailers, I am not talking about legitimate ones. I’m referring to the ones that have the cryptic email handles with lots of numbers and letters, when you open them it’s very clear they use the same and the same technique to try to get you to provide them your credit card and address information. It would think it would be very easy for coders to block this type of stuff and turn it back on those guys and the IP address it’s coming from.
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9 months ago, Fateless
search engine needs major improvement
I’ve used Yahoo Mail all my life and I still think it’s one of the better email services, but something really bad happened with them since my last review here. I didn’t use one of my yahoo addresses for a lot of years so Yahoo went ahead and erased all of my previous emails and completely emptied all of my boxes. That was a rather big inconvenience because I had some things I was hoping to reference years later. I understand the need for storage space but I wish you/they had warned me that this would happen when I first signed up, or something. It was kind of a loss. Also the search field and spam blocker is still not that great. I think it might’ve improved, but it’s still kind of bad. The amount of spam in my inbox still rivals the amount in the spam box. I hope they/you can improve that before long too, because I’m actually getting so much spam that I can’t afford to go through it anymore and it’s building up. Obviously this illuminates the whole reason for Yahoo trying to save space to begin with.
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2 years ago, ffghhdee
as an Uber driver the constant and flow of unwanted advertisements interferes with the GPS and I almost had two accidents because I am constantly taking my eyes off the road to see something coming in when I’m trying to navigate. Did used to be the advertisement came in but now they are coming in at five or six at a time blocking where I am supposed to be driving with the passenger. Uber cannot do anything about it said to contact you… Why are they flashing across the screen when before hand they were just going to my regular mail please do something about it before you get sued for distracted driving this is very serious and there are others that share the same opinion. Like I said they used to come into regular mail but why do they have to flash across the screen and interfere with the GPS. thanks for the update really a great idea to turn off notifications and of course once I do that I won’t know if I have any messages according to the Verizon people why can’t you just send those emails to my email so I can delete them I informed uber of the problem thanks for getting back to me but I don’t think you really understand the danger i’m trying to drive him forever wiping off the unwanted solicitation settle up next time huh
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1 year ago, hoooneydrop
Logging in issues
I reported many times of logging in issues still nothing I photo everything step by step doing everything to get my account back without missing anything of it still the same issues I don’t receive any notification from yahoo on my phone I gave feedback on yahoo search because all of the apps are locked from you this is bad situation although I didn’t violated any of your policy one of the steps I’ve took is subscribed to the premium mail organizers it’s and nothing happened no notification no response this is bad from company like you I’m sending from same mobile 💡When I saw the quantity of complaints this gives me bad impression and it’s disappointed how it’s easy for you to accept it with poor response different than before 💡still I’m disappointed and my trust is down because it’s from your app yesterday I try to logged in by my gmail that you choose as a third party nothing today the same issue it’s your app the main reason And still nothing about the notification I didn’t receive any although I set it on right checked everything nothing happened 😡still I can’t login to my account you don’t send notification I want my account back with everything on it it’s this is so bad
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3 months ago, Peelage
Last two updates January 2024 broke the app
I’ve been a loyal Yahoo Mail user since 1997 through many changes; however, things have been relatively stagnant in the development and enhancements sector. The last two releases cause the app to crash on delete on iOS 17.2.1 with an iPhone 15 pro max and iPad. Many unexpected restarts occur during primary mail navigation. I pay for the Yahoo Pro version to avoid ads; however, there is no ‘push’ functionality for other mail clients like Apple Mail, which is absurd for 2024. Sometimes, I like the idea of going to one place for all of my accounts, and the Yahoo one is always delayed because it will only ‘fetch’ instead of push to the device as my three other accounts do. I will always use the Yahoo Mail app primarily, and it's good to have options for when the app releases an unstable version (like this past week). As of writing, this is a one-star app. I'm waiting for updates to bring it back to five stars. Updated to 4 stars for the quick fixes. Still no third party mail app push support. Much needed.
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7 months ago, Artintin
Service needs improvement:
Signing up for an Ad free business service, and a few years later finding out Yahoo has started to target personalized ads in my inbox is very disappointing and dishonest way of making additional money off of your already paying customers. I rather have paid a rate increase, than a policy change that fetches my data, and Targets ads to me. Also, on one of the Yahoo updates, Yahoo completely stopped supporting email aliases that started with a numerical digit. One of my main email aliases that I had used for hundreds of login accounts, was deleted by yahoo without warning, which locked me out of dozens of service providers that I had used that email to create my accounts, with no way for me to recover those account without the old email address. And in most technsupport cases, after navigating the labyrinth of robots, the process of getting to a human tech support is very timely and frustrating. The only reason I stayed with Yahoo biz mail was the fact that all my clients have this email and I have a history of emails I dont want to loose, but I will never recommend this service to anyone until the service quality improves.
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5 years ago, GOVS Fan
Absolutely WOULD NOT recommend till bug is fixed!!
My PROBLEM/COMPLIANT is Yahoo continues to automatically add contacts to my contact list, even from all my Spam mail folder, without me telling it to. NOT a GOOD THING Yahoo. See previous review info below with details about what is going on. "Yahoo/App allows very little user control, yet their security seems to be very suspect. For example, every address, even from Spam emails, is added to your contacts list. Yahoo should NEVER be taking it on themselves to decide who I want in my contact list. I should have control of who I want added to my contacts, not the other way around. Certainly not Spam addresses! And once they are added, Yahoo makes sure you cannot batch delete them. (Here's an example of how many unwanted contacts are added in a short period of time): I had just cleaned out my contacts about a week ago. Today I had to go in and individually delete another almost 80 unwanted addresses. Should NEVER have happen in the first place Yahoo!!! Who wants Spam addresses automatically added to your contacts list? And if you want help, have a suggestion, or need to write Yahoo for assistance, there is never any help or response. They make sure their privacy is intact, they just don't respect ours."
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3 months ago, nickname0100
Stop with the ads!
STOP WITH THE ADS! I am always reporting them but you never stop! And I should NOT have to pay money just to go ad free!! Have you heard of inflation?! I had to cancel my streaming services and stop buying certain “luxury” items while grocery shopping because of inflation! You think i have money to spend for no ads?!?! JUST STOP WITH THE CONSTANT ADS! Why are they so frequent?! Why do you have to have them at all?! I REPORT them and they still come back! I REPORT them every time! And after reading your responses to other complaints about ads, why are you so proud of yourselves? Does Yahoo not care? You seem so happy to harass people with add. Why does that make you so happy? Why does the feedback from people who use your app not make you want to change things up? It’s like you get off on the negative feedback! Or you get off on making people upset! Just stop harassing people with ads!!! What is your financial situation that you need money that bad that people have to pay for no ads. Why can’t you be more understanding about inflation and how its not easy for so many people right now! STOP WITH THE ADS!!! And DO NOT come at me and say i need to swipe them off and report them and don't tell me to pay!
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1 year ago, Mary Gatica
Very unhappy
You guys may have higher good reviews from your competitor , which sadly doesn’t mean it’s easy to work with yahoo for everyone. I understand that whatever restrictions I have found to change my password, may be good for my privacy, BUT, for a person like me that is not wise with technology, yahoo is not friendly at all. Three days ago my yahoo stopped working, I was disconnected so I tried to sign up again and my password didn’t work, I entered another one I remembered and it wasn’t that either. So the requirements to reset the password are either the alternative email or phone number , for which I don’t have access anymore. New phone number and alternative email that I never used and don’t remember password. So I am stuck. I called yahoo and in order for them to help me I have to get a subscription for $4.99 a month, that I can’t pay. So what’s the next step? Just give up my email that I have for over 30 years? Very upsetting.
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6 years ago, Tmprmntl13
It gets email!
Outside of retrieving email, this app is not very user friendly. The Apple email app, which is already present and cannot be deleted, is equally as good, if not better. Or there are other apps like gmail that are cleaner and easier to use, even with yahoo accounts. After the initial review (above), Yahoo contacted me to ask me to tell them how to make their product better. I will try to put this into perspective. The Yahoo app is like a stiff version of Apple mail. Things are placed awkwardly and do not function smoothly or easily. And when I set up an account, my first attempt didn't go as I wanted it to. So I set up a second, duplicate account, thinking I could delete the first. But the app will only allow me to delete the correct account. The incorrect one does not show under Manage Accounts. The only way I can see to eliminate it is to kill the app and start over. As stated previously, my review is that until Yahoo does their own homework, there are better apps to handle your email. I recommend trying a side-by-side comparison with this app, the Apple app and the Gmail app. Then you can make up your own mind. I would lay odds that the Yahoo app is your first delete.
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4 years ago, jsmithdmi
Great except for the “Deals in this Email” that dramatically slow you down
I’ve used the iPhone Mail app well...since I’ve had my first iPhone. I’ve also always had a yahoo email address, and had seen they completely overhauled the yahoo app a little while back. I tried it and it was fantastic!! It made moving through all the mail (including junk mail) so much easier and quicker by simply swiping from email to email! However then the “deals in this email” started popping up and that wouldn’t clear the “unread” status. I tried emailing support to ask if there was a way to disable the deals component as it was quite annoying to have to back out of the message and go back in to “clear”and was given a canned response “we can’t respond to all emails so try our support page/FAQ”.....well, I also don’t have to use your app and can go back to my mail app. Then an update came out and that was gone...but then it’s back. Long story short, the app is good and user friendly...except for the pain in the behind deals from this email stuff, which if it stays will likey push me back to my native email app.
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6 years ago, hjohnnym
You know about spam reaching inbox for months
But yahoo keeps sending to my inbox.. Tiffany and Co, Louis Vuitton are your favorite spammers. Why do I say that? They probably pay you to let them bypass the spam filter. You let them spam multiple yahoo accounts and from .eu email addresses, that means Europe. Now before you say, we will fix it, I’ve read reviews complaining of the same thing from Late 2017 and into January and February 2018. It’s May 2018. You refuse to do anything about it. Yahoo and Oath is a crap company. I’ve complained on Oaths Facebook messages and posts. You don’t even read them. Your a corrupt company that spams its members for profit. I don’t have this problem with gmail and I recommend gmail to anyone reading these reviews. You refuse to do anything about putting the spam in the spam folder( your not smart enough to do this) The spammers are smarter than your corrupt mail and spam teams. You like spam, you let them spam hundreds of millions of users, they complain, you do nothing. Fix your bad spam filter today. Oath is a spam company. You get rich off it, that’s the only reason for derelict of duty. 5 months ago someone complained here on these reviews. You haven’t and won’t fix it because they pay you to bypass the spam filter.
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6 years ago, LLarmon
Just not as good
I downloaded the app quite some time ago but after giving it a try, I closed it out and went back to the original Yahoo Mail that came on my phone. After several emails urging me to try it again, I re-downloaded it thinking maybe there had been improvements. IMO, the original is still far better for several reasons: 1) no ads - the original is free and has no ads; 2) I always start reading the oldest email first. On the new app when I delete an email, instead of scrolling up to the previous unread email, it goes down to the one I just read; 3) on most emails with the new app, the overall size of the email is reduced making it difficult to read; 4) on the new one, there is no way to move up or down the emails without backing out to the list; 5) when I check my spam folder, I have to back out to the folder screen in order to delete all. Granted, all are minor inconveniences, but taken all together, they're a pain in the derrière.
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3 years ago, Spartygal22
Slowest email experience ever
I downloaded this app because I kept getting notices that the preloaded mail app on my iPad would no longer work with a yahoo account. It has been an extremely frustrating experience. The app takes at least 30 seconds to load every time I open it. Then the deals for any newsletter I’m subscribed to display display at the top and it takes 15+ seconds to unfreeze before I can scroll down to read the message. When I delete a message it takes another 20+ seconds to move on to the next one. Flipping from my inbox to another folder isn’t even worth it. When composing an email, if I have to exit the app to look something up in Safari (like how to spell a word, etc.), it usually will reload when I come back and I have to go find the message in my drafts. (Even if I was only gone for less than a minute.) Every action takes forever. Also, formatting text is extremely limited. I can’t even change font sizes, indent paragraphs, nor make bullet points. The only plus I can give it is that it allows me to report messages as spam. Seriously, I had a faster experience on my PC 20 years ago when it was infected with a virus.
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6 years ago, NotedSinger
After AOL, yahoo.
As my title intimates, my mail requirements suddenly changed and I was searching. Several products appeared promising with a apparent good fit,but I was paranoid. I decided Yahoo was my choice primarily for the organization parameters like my own filing system. It wasn’t perfect, yet we both seem to have grown-up a bit together. I trust Yahoo is not offended by such a comment and I, certainly, have not been. I feel your App of Yahoo has become like a brother or some animus energy with which I have a relationship. WhenI turn on my mobile phone, iPad or laptop, it is Yahoo with which/whom I communicate. New growth spurts are a bit difficult, but I figure at my young age of ~71 yrs. that is normal. Please, continue your most excellent Good work. I use your App because it is familiar. All of the branches from the tree trunk are exciting and new. However, the may be grafts with new issues, new DNA with wonderful possibilities. Do not forget whose roots are in the ground. So, “PS. I love your tree.” Best wishes.
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1 year ago, Duck Lipscomb
App Crashes
I have a lot of unwanted subscriptions and I thought the ability to unsubscribe to them was a really great feature until I started using it. After unsubscribing to a few of them, the app will crash and I’ll have to unsubscribe all over again. It’s a pain and honestly makes me not want to use the app at all. If you want to see the emails you have sent, forget about it. That isn’t a feature they give to you. There are ads and you have to pay if you want certain features, like blocking. You can also try to mark all of your unread messages as read, but the app will most likely crash on you after the second attempt. Last thing I’ll complain about, the spam is absolutely ridiculous. All of the spam is in my inbox even after I’ve been marking them as spam and the important emails from friends and lawyers are being sent over to my spam box, It doesn’t make any sense. It’s the worst part about this entire app. Overall, not the best experience with this app and I really went in wanting to enjoy it. Very likely I’ll be deleting and moving everything over to gmail.
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5 years ago, Debi1226
Help me see people emails among the tsunami of sales emails!
Can you help me prioritize/ separate emails from people and minimize emails from companies advertising sales? I unsubscribe to many, but it is only a temporary relief. I do not want to unsubscribe to all stores as they’re helpful at times. Email lists get bought and I continue to have more solicitations than I could ever care for. The downfall: I miss important personal emails among all the solicitation emails. Is it possible to create a sorting mechanism that I can turn on/off at will? Thinking you need to expand capabilities currently available. Your system has a too simplified view of sorting as excel format. By dates, when you can switch views at the top of the column: A>Z, Z>A, people> organizations? How about this: by Subject line: no solicitation indicated>sales: stores, fundraising, political messages indicated in subject or message??? High Priority (from contact list?) > low priority ( add a mechanism for me to indicate level of priority?)
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9 months ago, SpiralFoo
Very Good With One Significant Omission
First an editorial. I find it a bit silly that users expect Yahoo to provide unlimited email services without either charging a fee, showing ads or sharing data. Are Y employees supposed to work for free? Personally, I forego ads by subscribing to YM+, then configure data sharing at max privacy. OK onto the review: I find the mail client to be nicely responsive. It easily handles the two accounts I throw at it. The search is reasonably fast. I’m still exploring the many organizational features. Overall the client has been relatively ( though not entirely) bug free. I subtract 1 star for the lack of undo/redo in the editor. This is a feature that’s been a staple of writing on computers since the 1980s, so its absence surprises me. It’s bitten me a couple times where I accidentally overwrote some text and that was it; it was gone. I imagine there are plenty of mature open-source libraries that implement it, so it should not be hard to add right? ( Yeah, easy for me to say). Anyway please consider it. Thanks
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1 year ago, SammyWitt
Buggy with Ads
I’ve used yahoo mail for 10+ years and the features which have recently driven me crazy are the intrusive ads,the way they interact with the page, and spam email management. The app has issues formatting properly when deleting emails as it attempts to reorganize and keep ads in front of you. Sort or delete emails too fast and the page will jump or skip while reformatting causing the wrong emails to be selected often. I don’t have this problem on gmail or outlook, which I also use daily. Yahoo has also put features behind a paywall which other mail services allow for free such as blocking of specific domains. You are limited to 3-5 if I remember right, and have to pay if you want to add more. The amount of spam and phishing emails I get through my yahoo account is exponentially higher than I get through my other email services and because I cannot constantly add new domains to my blocked list. If you’re willing to pay for the premium features then maybe the app is decent, but the free version is horrible compared to other email services’ free apps.
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3 months ago, Honeykman
Not an email any more
Yahoo used to be the best of the best, now it’s worse than google, useless features, constant bombardment of ads and no privacy. Yuck. Update: ‘developer’ requested feedback but unclear how to contact unless I signup and pay for yahoo+, no thanks. So I’ll give more feedback here… useless features: on the bottom of the page are the folder access button, something called shopping, something called receipts and so on, not sure what the purpose is for these, but this is useless to me. A good feature would be an option to block spam, of which there is a sort of feature that offers to unsubscribe, however if you use this feature you apparently open yourself to a massive spam attack, for me using this feature once has resulted in between 500 & 1000 spam emails per day, so much for privacy on yahoo mail. I’d quit them, except occasionally someone will contact me via yahoo email, bummer. ANOTHER UPDATE: Tried again to rid of a ridiculous spam email, even after many stupid attempts, I failed, followed by another onslaught of spam emails, no reason unless these count as traffic thus are worth $ therefore no way to get rid of.
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3 years ago, Uncivil high
This is app is honestly by far the worst mail app i have ever seen!! They way things are organized is just one big MESS!! Every time i go to look at my recent email it for some reason will remove the email i just opened and then it will be about a couple minutes of me refreshing the app so that it will pop up again !! Also i have no idea why i can not look at past emails that are more than a week old ??!! This app is so stupid. You touch one thing and it’ll pop up a screen where there’s more options and everything is just kind of thrown in there. It is so hard to maneuver. I can’t find my old emails i need and i absolutely hate this app!! I’m 23 and this app makes me feel like i’m 40 because of how difficult it is to use. I am currently in the process of replacing my Yahoo email with a new gmail on everything i’ve used the yahoo on because this is app is a nightmare. and I didn’t even mention all the ads you get. I don’t feel very safe knowing companies can just go through my email and send Ads based on what information i feed it. And this app doesn’t even filter out spam or virus contained emails. Please do not get this app!
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3 years ago, Cerealkeller
Pay to get emails when they arrive!
Yahoo mail basic used to be very reliable. It would notify you when you got an email and there was an inexpensive one time fee to remove ads. In the past year or more, the app only checks for mail a few times an hour and notifies you, when it checks, if you have any new mail. It’s important that I get certain emails immediately. I wear an Apple Watch for that specific purpose, well that and for text messages. Because I can’t hear or feel the phone often times when it notifies me. The point is, with the paid option, I can get my emails when they arrive! It’s ridiculous I have to pay for it though. And ads? I paid, what was intended to be a one time fee, to remove ads from the Yahoo mail app years ago, and for some reason they just started displaying ads again and there was nothing I could do about it. Am I happy with the app? Yeah, it performs extremely well, and I am generally happy with it. But the fact I am forced to pay a subscription to make it perform basic functionality is unacceptable.
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6 years ago, Dasleeper
My honest review
Yahoo Mail was my first ever email address when this whole internet thing took off. I eventually found out that I was going to need a different, or another email address because this Yahoo address was filling up fast with garage mail, or spam and my important emails were getting lost in all the spam. This was years ago, whenever all this started out and I now have 4 email addresses. I use each email address for a specific purpose, but I still use my Yahoo mail for getting information from the net knowing that whoever I’m getting the information from is going to sell my email address to a spammer, that’s why they’re is nearly 10,000 emails in my inbox and I have to delete another nearly 2000 garbage emails in my Spam Folder every week. It seems like the more I Unsubscribe to many of the emails the more I get. It seems like Yahoo is nothing more than a Spam destination, but now some of my other email addresses are more spam lately. Although you could say I’m not exactly happy with Yahoo mail, I very much like Yahoo Financial & Yahoo News. It keeps me updated on the things that I’m interested in...
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4 weeks ago, okc reader
Yahoo mail app
This is the worst app I’ve ever seen. My previous e-mail carrier switched over to Yahoo mail and it was the worst possible move. Can’t access my address contacts and doesn’t seem to be a way to do it on y phone. My other devices permit some e-mail contacts but not all. The “B” section of my address book is gone and had some significant addresses for me. You can’t contact Yahoo for help. I called their “premium support service “ . They put me on hold 5 minutes then hung up. I tried the chat room. Put my problem in and got canned choices of problems, none of which were correct. When I replied none of those were the problem, chat room told me to call the helpline. I got an e-mail from Yahoo asking how they were doing and if I needed help . I responded with the contact list problem. They responded with a list of possible topics I could read about, none of which was my problem and said they can’t answer individual questions. This is the most abominable service I’ve ever seen. And you get ads in with your e-mails you can’t delete. You have to pay another $2/month to get rid of ads. Run from this as fast as you can.
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6 years ago, Cori C.
Notifications fixed in latest update
Update: 4.5 stars The notifications finally got fixed for me with the latest update, and the badge on the app now finally shows the correct number as well. My only complaint now is the ads that show up in the list of emails that you have to scroll through. I think that the ad at the top of the list is enough. Previous review: This app has become nearly useless to me because it doesn’t show me incoming emails in notifications. At first just the badge notification (the number on the app) stopped working and showed either nothing or the number of new emails since I had last opened the app (which wasn’t always accurate), but now it shows no badge and it also doesn’t send push notifications when new emails come in. I have tried re-downloading the app numerous times (which is how it got messed up in the first place, I re-downloaded the app to free up space), and no luck. If this doesn’t get resolved, I’m gonna find a new mail app.
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6 years ago, KaolinKid
Yet another improved version that is not an improvement
If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!!! Where is the viewing sort email by sender function? I use that to delete emails by sender and it is so much easier to clear the inbox that way. Swiping to delete a couple of emails is OK but when you have hundreds or thousands of emails to delete swiping or touching each one is not a desirable option. Before the change, I could sort by sender and highlight one email, hold the shift key click on an email way down the list which highlighted all other emails in between, hit delete and in a couple of key strokes I have deleted a hundred emails. Why take that ability away? That has been one of the major problems with gmail, you cannot sort by sender, which made yahoo mail more user friendly thus more desirable than gmail. Developers pat themselves on the back for giving users the ability to use emojis or gifs on a grand scale but take away the basic functions we use more. If a user is not interested in emojis or gifs then you have not improved anything with new and so-called improved versions you have just create a great deal of frustration and animosity for you product.
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1 year ago, Tea smokin' hippie
An e-mail server to collect spam in
I’ve had Yahoo! Mail since I was in high school. Since then not much innovation has happened in the realm of yahoo! You’d think it would be much improved in 25 years. Nope… not really. Things have changed, yes. When e-mail was new I made a goal to receive 100 emails. After several months of dedicated e-mailing to anyone I knew who might have an e-mail address I reached that goal. Now, I get that many e-mails in a day. Mostly unsolicited. I don’t know where it’s all coming from. I suspect yahoo sells my e-mail address to pay for its services. Well, yahoo, I throw it all in the trash without looking at it. Also, I now get yahoo! News, which is the most biased garbage news source you could ever find. I imagine at one point some rich guy bought yahoo just to spread his own political views. I pretty much never agree with their news point of view even to the point where if there is a news item I agree with on yahoo news I seriously reevaluate where I stand on the issue. Let’s face it, yahoo mail is pretty much the worst e-mail of all the free e-mail services.
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2 years ago, SAK092179
Worst Email App Ever
Upteenth update I officially talked to a lawyer about Yahoo’s porn spam emails and how yahoo by purposely neglecting this issue is complicit in the very act. They are flooding my work email with this garbage and refuse to do anything about it *****UPDATE TO THIS REVIEW ***** now I am getting PORN spam in my direct mail box if this continues I have lawyers who will sue you!!!! We should NOT have to pay to keep such spam out of our mailbox ******* Still no reply from Yahoo on the porn spam *****class action lawsuit***** who’s with me **** I am taking screenshots of these and forefinger to my lawyers & am going to have them do a class action lawsuit, who’s with me****** First let me start off by saying YES I DO MARK EMAILS AS SPAM; all in caps because reading other reviews it appears response teams do not thoroughly read reviews beginning to end. I mark emails as spam yet nothing happens, this has been going on for months and the same emails are sent “straight to my in box instead of my SPAM folder even though I’ve marked as spam over & over” horrible app. Be forewarned IF YOU ARE THINKING OF DOWNLOADING & USING YAHOO EMAIL *****DON’T DO IT***** If I could give less than 1 star I would**********
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2 years ago, Ford~Girl~4~Life
The name on my account
Hi I guess the complaint I have is that when I'm in the Yahoo! Mail app and I look over to the far left where I should be able to look up information about my account and instead of my name being on the top line, there are a bunch of capital letters there are like 16 capital letters there where my name should be. Now I've had this account for probably 15-20 years, and I don't ever remember seeing MY NAME on my Yahoo Mail account... Can somebody please tell me how to put my name there instead of those letters? To me looks really unprofessional to me (even though I am the only one who sees it) nonetheless I am tired of looking at a bunch of random CAPITAL LETTERS that in no way represent me, and that's why you guys lost one star!! I tried the help center many times with no answer EVER! If somebody could please tell me how to fix this I will I'll do it in a minute, & I'll put back the star to make it 5, because I REALLY LIKE MY Yahoo Mail. So can someone PLEASE help me? Thank you!
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4 years ago, DeeTee38
Horrible App - Makes You Want to Switch to Gmail
This email app is absolutely horrible. I’ve been using it as my primary personal email address for several years and it constantly has glitches, despite numerous version updates. The very worst is when you send emails, it often sits in your outbox with an error message and you’d never find out unless you happen to check your outbox and find out it never sent. I’ve had several important emails that this happened with and the 1-3 day delay cost me thousands of dollars. Then there’s also the issue that very often when responding to an email and switching screens to another app in the middle (e.g. you’re checking something on Safari to see what to write before finishing the email), it will literally save 10 different drafts of your email after sending it that you don’t have the ability to delete, which completely clogs your inbox and prevents you from scrolling in your email history to pull up older emails in the thread. I’ve had my Yahoo email for 25 years and am about fed up with the poor quality being in 2020. Time to finally get a new email address with Gmail and short Yahoo’s stock.
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