Microsoft Outlook

4.8 (6.9M)
324.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Microsoft Corporation
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Microsoft Outlook

4.79 out of 5
6.9M Ratings
4 years ago, Ezera Catt
Pretty Good
I’d give it an 4.5 if I could, but it’s not a four. I’d like it if it was easier to figure out at first how to access other folders such as trash and drafts—or maybe I’m just slow. I like how you can change what the slide function has—I have it set to delete which is super helpful and I wish the apple mail app had. I use both apps with Microsoft OutLook for my school email. I also like the computer version as well. Both versions of the app can (and do) remind me of events I have in my Microsoft calendar (I forget their name, if it has one). This is really helpful as my high school is using teams during the whole pandemic-so I get reminded before school starts, towards the end of classes I dislike, and before lunch ends that I have class which is really helpful. I’ll also mention that you can turn this off—for one or all events—and change the amount of time beforehand that it reminds you at (15 or 5 minutes beforehand for example). I still will use google as my main email because I already am—it isn’t better enough in the ways it is to change. I don’t think it is worse per say that google/apple email apps/websites. Hope this helps!
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3 years ago, outlookismediocre
Adequate product
In looking through other reviews, I noticed several, many, reviews that stated how bad the product was but that showed 5 star ratings. ????? It is frustrating to sit and wait several seconds to have my inbox loaded each time I select outlook on iOS. I have reviewed settings and see no correction for that. Am I downloading messages online each time data wise? When moving a message from inbox, it would be nice to have predictive folders shown as on the desktop. I have three major folders that get a lot of messages and it is a frustration to scroll all over each time. My spouse uses Apple Calendar on her phone and we have trouble she invites me on an appointment. I have tried to clear that up but can’t. I would prefer the calendar app to be separate from the email to use in separate windows. Handling and setting up groups for emails is frustrating on all platforms. As I am now retired, I have no great operational demands that Mail can’t handle so I might just go back to that. Dropping MS Office would certainly save some money. The app is not “Bad”, just adequate. Certainly, it is no joy to use but does not cause too much pain-except for that one group of about ten days of email that was lost. Never found those suckers. 🚀 Update: 9/13 Still simply adequate. I have approached my host to find out if I can move all mail from outlook to Mail.
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3 years ago, Shots1229
I Hate This App
I was recently forced to switch over to the Outlook app from the native Apple Mail app by my office. Couldn’t be more disappointed. First, despite the fact that everything is set up to push new data, I will regularly open the app to watch a dozen or so new emails load right before my eyes. No notifications, no indication that I received new emails, nothing. And sometimes this can be a dozen or more emails at a time and from a half hour ago or more. Very frustrating. Then there’s the issue of the default email font, which is basically the most unpleasant looking and unprofessional font that could have been chosen, that cannot be changed. Next we have the calendar, which is the least intuitive layout I can imagine. I can never tell when I have things scheduled for any particular day, because it’s just a garbled mess. The layout in Apple’s Calendar app is much, much, much better. And adding items to the calendar is equally frustrating. Adding attachments to emails is always a fun little adventure, as you never know where or how it’s going to add them to the email. The whole point of being able to access email on your phone is that it’s supposed to be quick and convenient, and this app if far from either of those things. Honestly, I’m not even sure it’s worth improving this app, it would probably be better to scrap it and start all over. Save some time in the process and just copy Apple’s apps.
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5 months ago, Synical Ben
New update is… not great
I’m generally a fan of MFST & their products, but the update to mobile Outlook this past week is absolutely horrible. What I don’t like (so far): 1) Email sync with my personal Gmail is delayed, sometimes by hours. I’ve verified all Gmail settings (a second Gmail account seems to work fine), reset the account, removed the account and added it back, and removed/reinstalled the app completely. 2) Despite enabling the setting to open links in my browser by default, it still opens them in a pane within Outlook- where none of my autofill info works. 3) It seems like every time I turn around, it’s prompting me to install the mobile version of Edge. No… just, no. Edge is a dumpster fire on my desktop that requires having a backup browser for all the pages it breaks. I have zero desire to replicate that on my iPhone. The 2023 version was great and I especially appreciated being able to manage my calendar. The 2024 version is starting the year on the wrong foot, imo. Edit: Yesterday’s update fixed the issue with opening links in the default browser. Emails are still delayed by hours. Edit 2: Email sync was resolved after about 7-8 days of downtime. Updating review to 3 stars, may bump to 4 in future if it stays reliable for at least 6 months.
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4 years ago, Phanoteus
Disjointed Functionality
It seems that Outlook routinely "forgets" your mail accounts, even when using Microsoft's own Exchange-based accounts (Outlook, Hotmail). Why is this? Why does Outlook have to refresh all of your mail locally almost every time you open it? There will even be a numerical badge indicating unread messages, but when you open Outlook, you will be notified that Outlook has "found" accounts on your system (accounts that you have, of course, already added to Outlook) and you will be prompted to add these accounts again. The standard Apple iOS Mail app actually seems to manage Microsoft's own mail accounts better than Microsoft's email app. How can this be? Is Apple doing sometime here to hobble non-Apple email apps (as they do with non-Apple mobile browsers) or has Microsoft not been able to figure out how to develop native iOS applications? I'm inclined to think it's the latter, because other non-Apple email apps do seem to be able to retain email account continuity. It's a shortcoming only for the Outlook email client. I keep trying to use Outlook as a mobile email client for my Microsoft email accounts and I always end up uninstalling it and reverting to the Apple app or some other third-part email app. It's a shame, really. Google's Mail app works pretty well for Gmail. Microsoft's Outlook app doesn't work well for Microsoft email. What's going on here?
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2 years ago, JUST_0A0_FAN
Problems and potential updates?
I have mostly used Gmail for a lot of things (my high school email, my undergrad email, etc.) and now as a grad student, I have to use my school outlook email to communicate with my professors. Overall, the app is very easy to use once you get the hang of it. However, one thing I missed as a Gmail user is being able to schedule an email to my professors on the app. I use my phone more than my laptop because I’m always on the move. I don’t want to write an email on my phone only to have to turn on my laptop just to schedule the email. I also wished for the feature of being able to label the priority level of my email to be applicable in the app as well. I thought that was a cool feature that outlook had that Gmail didn’t only to be disappointed that the app didn’t have it. Another thing that worries me is that getting notifications from the app is a hit or miss for me. I didn’t have to send an email for a month and when I opened the app to write one, turns out I have 6 unread emails waiting for me. Thank god it wasn’t anything serious but I’m hoping this gets fixed soon. I would rather not have this happening to me when during my semester.
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4 months ago, Soylent Bob
No features. Prohibitively slow. Obviously fake reviews trying to bury all the negative. Crude photo handling. Inexplicably crops photos for no reason. Halfasstic and inconsistent threading. Crosses messages from other accounts into folders. Improper handling of push notifications. No way to report Phishing, not that they do anything with reports on other Outlook platforms as you get the same messages over and over. No way to block by Sender Name, because the morons at Micro$oft still don’t realize the RANDOM spoofed Sender Addresses are unlikely to be duplicated, but they’ll reuse the same Sender Name! For obvious reason, the in-app Feedback submission button is DELIBERATELY DISABLED. UPDATE: proof Micro$oft is responsible for 99.9% of your new junk mail (and, no, it’s not the “sponsored” messages spamming up your regular message box. TRY deleting a junk message from micro$oft’s ad bot! It will reappear. If you clicked any singly or to start a selection, it reappears Marked As Read, so you know it’s the same message! Report and Delete DO NOT WORK ON THESE! Other messages will go, but any spam from Microsoft will return over and over until you drag them one at a time (no groups) to the trash… or use a 3rd party mail app to delete them. Also, Microsoft sponsored junk mail no longer transfers to the Outlook Deleted folder with other messages… probably because it’s not real and boomeranging back
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5 years ago, Bethdoodle
The App is Ok
The app has worked great since I got it last year, especially for school. But recently it’s stopped sending me notifications for some emails which has caused me to miss several emails and dead-lines. It’s too late for me at this point so please fix this issue. I don’t know if it’s because I had 2 inboxes from 2 different school emails or what, but this problem has caused me a lot of stress and I’d prefer it not happen in the future. Edit: The issue that I believed was originally occurring is not the only one. It appears the reason I am not getting notifications for emails is because these emails aren’t appearing in my inbox until days later. For example, several emails I received on the 30th of July did not appear in my inbox until today. I did not get any notifications for any emails on that 30th. This is really frustrating because I’ve received emails from university faculty who have been sending and requesting information and it is really creating a huge hassle for me and causing more stress than is needed. Maybe this is something I need to talk to my school about? If it is please let me know.
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2 years ago, Tigg2465
Outlook as my organizer…
I need one platform that I can use on my devices. I am a Windows user on my computers, servers, and other devices in my office environment as well as other companies office environments. Smart phones are slowly becoming an important device and Apple devices are leading the way for me and my users, especially my younger users. I would like to receive a text and quickly, easily add the sender to my Outlook contacts not my Apple contacts. Once added I would like to quickly search for that added contact on either device via Outlook, but cannot. I prefer the Microsoft 365 local environment, but making it work easily is complicated and very frustrating. I am aware Microsoft attempted to compete in the smartphone arena a few years ago but acknowledged Apple was the leader and gave up. Microsoft won the computer and computer OS battle for businesses decades ago, but Apple is still fighting. Can’t Microsoft continue to either battle for or work with Apple to provide us users with an organizer platform between Windows workstations and Apple smartphones that is easy to use and seamless to use as we work across both devices? Please…? Thanks. — Mark
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5 years ago, felicidades79
I weep for everyone who has to use his on iOS.
This is the worst app that I have on my phone. Typically I don’t keep apps that I absolutely hate, but since I have no alternative to using this horrible thing, I haven’t removed it. This pathetic thing has caused problems for me professionally. It takes less time for me to boot up the computer and check my calendar and then it does for me to even make my calendar showing this out. Hoping out an email literally takes as long as it would to write a letter and put it in the mail. Smoke signals will be better than this app. I can’t even open my calendar to understand what kind of meetings I have for the day because this app loads every single calendar I have shared to me and freezes every time I click a button. This is horrible. Don’t know why Microsoft insists upon upgrading things to be absolutely terrible. Even more I can’t understand why the entire professional world forces everyone to use Outlook. Gross. Even worse, it’s been out for a year already and you’ve done nothing to fix it, it’s gotten worse if anything. I’d be fired if I was this bad at my job.
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6 years ago, DurdeeBurger
Email account issues
I used outlook for iPhone for about past 6 months or so and generally liked it a lot more than stock mail app. Has a nice look, calendar view built in, lots of nice extras. This week my yahoo account kept asking me to sign in. Every time I sign back in it tries forever then asks me to try again with modern or legacy sign in. Doesn’t matter what you choose cuz nothing works at this point until you force close and restart. I also can’t get to my mail without addressing this as it won’t let me so I was forced to remove yahoo. I thought whatever that’s my junk mail anyway perhaps yahoo having an issue. Now it’s doing it with my gmail account. I re-signed in for it last night and now this morning it asks me again when checking my mail and even though I sign in correctly for both accounts (I get emails telling me so in other accounts about sign ins on Microsoft app), outlook keeps asking me re-sign in or remove account. Well now I’m down 2 email accounts so deleted this app and back to old reliable stock mail app.
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3 years ago, All ears listener
I'd give zero stars if I could
I dislike everything about this app. Sadly I have to use it for work. My biggest annoyance perhaps, is this: I see an alert in my iPhone notification center that there's a new email; I tap it; I wait about 10 seconds while the app opens. Finally, I see my inbox. Top of the list, there's the last email I've already read. But the new one––for which I just saw an alert––that's nowhere to be found! So I pull down, to refresh. Sometimes it refreshes to exactly what it just was, with no new message showing. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ONE I JUST SAW? When I've already read the first line of the message in the preview, at my notifications center! Where did it go? The app has obviously already LOADED the new message, if I've already read part of it! So why won't it show in my inbox? Sometimes, after I've refreshed, a few times, it will load, and then I can view the whole thing. But sometimes I have to close and re-open the app several times. And other times I have to go elsewhere and read my new message at a computer; it'll only show in my phone, hopefully within in the next day or so. AGAIN, I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY IT ISN'T VISIBLE IN MY INBOX FROM THE MOMENT I'VE OPENED THE APP! YOU'VE ALREADY SHOWN A PREVIEW IN MY NOTIFICATIONS CENTER, SO WHY DO I HAVE TO WAIT EVEN 10 SECONDS TO LOAD A NEW MESSAGE, LET ALONE A WHOLE DAY???
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2 years ago, tcomputerchip
Outlook mobile is better than the desktop
I may get a lot of pushback on this. But the mobile app and the web client in my mind are far simpler to use then the desktop client. I really wish they would just improve the web client a little more. Drop the desktop client and be done. The one thing that frustrates me the most about outlook is it’s filters. I’ve found that using the web client is the best place to set all that up. For this mobile app. I really enjoy it. The area that I believe it needs a little more improvement is the calendar. I can not put my finger on it but the apple iCal is slightly better in this regard. Even the Google calendar is better. Just a little more polish and it would be a 5 star for the app. A few years ago I tested all three clients. The iOS was top on my list of usability. The desktop client I rated about 1.5 stars because it was not simple the first time you login. To get the desktop client even close to the web client or iOS I had to heavily customize it. My instinct tells me the mobile developers understand the end users needs far better than the desktop client developers.
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3 years ago, Jorge Antonio O
Top iPad and iPhone email app. Rated 4 because you can’t drag and drop attachments
This is likely the best or at least the top 3 mail apps for iOS. Swipe actions are customizable and immediate which means you don’t have to swipe and click; you just swipe and the action is completed. The app gives you a few seconds to undo if you swiped by mistake. Unique to Outlook’s email app is that you can accept or decline etc. an invitation and choose to send a response or not the same you would be able to on the desktop version of outlook. It also auto-deletes the invite once you complete the acceptance action which is a more efficient way to manage your invitations. One last great feature for those of us that use keyboards with iPads; the shortcuts are a lot more intuitive and simpler than the Apple Mail app shortcuts. The only reason I gave it a 4 star is that you can’t drag and drop attachments from the emails into side-by-side apps or a side-by-side outlook new email that you are composing to someone else where you want to send selected attachments from a received email. This feature would make it a 5 star app!
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5 years ago, ritzoni
User friendliness and efficiency needs improvement
So when you use gmail you can do a search and it will bring up emails specifically from the word you searched. For example, if you search for Apple Pay it will pull up emails from Apple Pay first. If you do the same search in outlook it will give you all emails that include those words as the sender, subject, mention, etc. This means you have to navigate through a list of unimportant emails to get to the one you want if you don’t give up in utter disappointment in the process. If that’s not frustrating enough when you write an email and it goes past a certain line you better hope you can type really well because you won’t be able to see past that line. I would have to stop scroll up and check the sentence, correct it blindly because it toggles back down where it can’t be seen and continue typing. So I started writing in other apps like gmail and forwarding it to outlook or doing a copy paste and forwarding it to my recipient if it was a longer message. That is not how I want to send my emails but outlook hasn’t seemed to be able to figure out how to make it work. Thus I have several apps for emails. Ugh
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4 years ago, ggianop
Extremely basic, can’t organize mail
This is a terrible implementation of outlook. It’s only good for basic reading & writing of simple emails. I can’t manage folders other than the ability to create new folders at the top level of the folder hierarchy. I can’t create a hierarchy of folders. God forbid you used Outlook for windows to create a folder hierarchy in your mailbox; it can’t be edited, new folders can’t be created within this hierarchy, and there is NO WAY to delete any folders in this app. (The native Apple Mail app is more functional with this regard than MS’ own app.) The only other reason I’d use this app over Apple Mail client is to retain the ability to create other types of outlook / exchange documents in folders. But, alas, the authors have removed this feature too. No more notes, postings, or other document types. So now I have to email things to myself and move them into folders when I want to use exchange to organize my online documents & notes; and that means sending notes through email which is often a security risk I was never exposed to before. But, then again, since I can’t do folder Mgmt, I’m better off using Apple Mail so I can at least manage where and how I store my info with my folder hierarchy.
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2 years ago, LeilaJA
Frustrating calendar issues
When changes are made to a repeating calendar entry, the change should only be active on the current date and forward. This app currently changes all of the preceding calendar events. You may not think this matters, but I often refer back to preceding appointments in order to reconcile other data, and it’s no longer accurate once the repeating item is changed. This is standard on Apple’s ical. 2nd issue:, why does it take three or four clicks to get to an edit function within calendar? Within other Calendar apps, I can just hold and drag the appointment to a new time slot on the same day. With Outlook, I have to click multiple times to have that same option. Please address this. 3rd issue: When making a change to a repeating calendar entry, the view defaults back to the date that repeating calendar entry was first created. When you save the change, it SHOULD default back to whatever day you were on when you hit edit. This has caused multiple issues as it’s not overly obvious that you aren’t on the same day you just were when you edited the item. PLEASE FIX!!
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2 years ago, azarcone
Almost there
Powerful email software. No real major issues except for one minor inconvenience. All other email programs, and a lot of other retail programs, have a feature which is mainly in the INBOX where if you want to delete an email/message, you swipe left and the selection is either deleted or the DELETE prompt is available. Now I do understand that everyone wants their product to be different. And I understand the function of the ARCHIVE. But for the sake of the user, who is already unconsciously trained to swipe left if we desire to delete a text/email/message, whatever……. it would be refreshing to see companies just “go with the flow” and make the delete function assimilation with us in mind, and put the archive selection somewhere else. Statistically, we use delete far more then archive. I got it; you want to be different. Hats off to you. But do you have to be so different that it can be irritating ?? That is a real thing.
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4 years ago, J. David Green
Bugs are crawly all over this app
I love outlook and liked this app until recently. Now, when I type, the characters in the to field or the search bar, the software lags far behind what I type and then freezes. I can’t type more than 2 or 3 characters before the app freezes. It doesn’t stop there. When you contact support, they don’t get back to you in an email. Instead, you have to go to the settings icon to see if there is a response. Can you imagine how stupid the head of product is to make an email product that doesn’t use its own email channel for support? I check for several days and no response. Then, at some point, I get a message that they haven’t heard from me so they are closing my ticket. Of course you haven’t heard from me: you use your setting icon as a communications channel, rather than a normal channel like email. Also, in the name of creating a modern UI design, they have changed and removed numerous icons that are useful. I can’t believe how MS degraded such a great product so fast. No wonder Google/Gmail is killing them.
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6 years ago, Coppercosmo
The only thing worse than this app is their customer service
I’m trying to use this app to access my work email from home. The app has continually deleted my entire inbox for no consistent reason I can figure out. I will open a new email and it will delete the email while I’m reading it and then my entire inbox. My inbox on my work computer will still be intact, but any email I attempted to open in the app will be missing. When I contacted customer service through the app they told me it simply wasn’t possible that the app was deleting emails and never responded again. When I attempted to email customer service on my work computer it said their customer service email address is undeliverable. I missed a very important email from my boss this morning while out sick, and even drove into work to try and see if I could access the email there to find nothing. I very well might loose my job over this and their customer service frankly does not care. If you can avoid using Microsoft (which I know is impossible) do all you can to stay away from them. They are a heartless company, and their substandard products will not only make your life hell, their customer service department seems to get joy out of your pain. If I could give them zero stars I would!
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5 years ago, Thanatos XIII
God Forbid You Have to Rest Your Password
I was notified today that my account was disabled for “suspicious activity.” No explanation of that activity - just directions to reset my password. Tried resetting using the request form which asked for a previous password, the email address of my previous sent email and the subject line of the previous sent email, etc. Now, if I could remember my password, I wouldn’t be trying to reset it! Anywho, send the form to wherever it goes after answering the questions to the best of my ability only to be sent something saying they couldn’t verify it was really me!!! Finally got on a chat with support and was basically told “for security purposes” staff can not enable an account. When I asked how they can disable an account with no explanation and without being able to enable it, I was told to create another account... 🤬. Now I can’t correspond with my attorney via email or send anything from this account. It’s 10 levels of frustrating and has convinced me to stop using this service and to make sure everyone I talk to knows how stupid this “recovery” system is and that your account can end up disabled with no explanation or viable means to reset your password. Just a hard lesson in frustration and a waste of time.
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6 years ago, S_C_U_B_A_Steve
Poor Features Compared To Others
Let me first say I do like Outlook on a web platform and on Microsoft’s system - however, we changed over to IPad and IOS because of the Windows phone discontinuation. This APP has been a bugger since I set it up. I have reloaded it 2 or 3 times in the last couple of months because it fails to send- despite correct settings through our broadband supplier. Now, I can receive mail but will not send even though it worked fine for about 2 weeks - no settings changes. Besides that, the app has a very basic signature line and hardly customizable, no mail read receipts. This would be handy because I have many emails that show in the “Sent” folder that didn’t go anywhere. I understand we use this as an interface, but I shouldn’t get a banner showing a new email and have to wait 5-10 minutes for it to actually show up in the inbox. Support is via ticket not live and I have waited 20+ hours at times to get a response. Personal email is one thing, but for a business.. can’t have it. There are other things however I believe i have typed enough. Version 3.5 at the moment. Again, I enjoy outlook on a Microsoft system or as used via web - but this app and it’s updates/features for IOS are lacking.
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2 years ago, apwisner
Decent but could use some upgrades
The outlook program is ok if you are using only for basic email. We use outlook for our business and we’ve run in to multiple issues that are inconvenient. The first being the way the emails are organized. If you send emails with the same subject line to multiple people, make sure to turn off the “organize in threads” option. If you don’t, every email with that subject line will be condensed into one thread. Not detrimental, just inconvenient until you figure out how to fix it. It would be more useful to condense all emails by sender rather than subject. Next, the calendar does not update quickly and sometimes does not update at all when synced to multiple devices. I will add an appointment to the calendar and my husbands calendar will not update and he’s missed appointments due to this. I’ve tried all the fixes online and nothings worked. These are just a couple of things I’ve noticed among a number of things that could be changed in the program. However, if you’re looking for a basic email program it works just fine.
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2 years ago, markburt
Needs some refinement
I only installed Outlook on my iPad and phone to get access to my work email and calendar. I added my personal Gmail account but I actually prefer the gmail app. The main problem with Outlook is that it makes you click a button to view more on longer messages. This wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t reload the message making you scroll down to where you left off. Also, when you click a link in a message (which opens a browser), when you come back to Outlook it often reloads the message - making you scroll down again to find the place where you left off. My work requires the use of the Edge browser and has all kinds of restrictions on it. So, I don’t use Edge for personal stuff. You can configure which browser to use based on which email account you’re using on Outlook. But it often opens the Edge browser when I’m using personal email account, instead of Safari which I configured it to use. If Microsoft could fix these issues, it would be a much better app and I might use it even if my employer didn’t require it.
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4 years ago, JackH959
What was wrong w a chronological inbox?
Hi - Ive recently noticed emails “missing” from my inbox, which is a result of an update, apparently. Rather than having multiple emails from the same sender visible, they are all condensed into one, despite “organization by thread” turned off. Unless I want to reply back to the latest email, finding a previous email can be a chore, as the emails “organized” within this thread that apparently isnt a “thread” arent always in chronological order. Sometimes newer emails are at the top, sometimes at the bottom, and clicking on the “...” is always required to scroll the conversation to figure out if im looking at the correct message. It’s a total waste of time and I cant see any reason why anyone would want to have to go through this effort to find 1 email, when the previous method involved just scrolling and opening it. I strongly dislike this “improvement” and wish I could revert to a previous version of this app.
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3 years ago, MelanieAMeyer
Outlook Email
I just purchased a new iPhone 12 Pro Max and I’ve setup 3 email accounts through the Outlook iOS app with ease which is way more than I can say about the Mail app that came preinstalled on the iPhone! I was able to setup one email account through the preinstalled Mail app and that’s where it ended. After trying and trying, even after using the step by step instruction (hours I’ll never get back) to add multiple email accounts to the preinstalled IOS Mail app I finally gave up and downloaded the Outlook app. Not only is it stupid easy to add multiple email accounts, it took mere minutes to do so. I’m sticking with Outlook! If it takes that much time and effort to setup multiple email accounts through the preinstalled Mail app with a person who is more than capable of understanding the technology and process to do so says a lot about the app. I encourage everyone to install the Outlook app, you won’t be disappointed.
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4 years ago, Jeff DeWitte
Only one month of storage? Seriously?
I don't know about the rest of you but I use this app on my iPhone for business. It has a very limited amount of storage space and I received quite a few emails. I'm only able to access emails dating back one month. No help from tech-support and I see that many others have suggested an improvement to the developers. No response. Typical Microsoft behavior. They will always think they're better and smarter than anybody else. Part of the problem is that they don't listen. That arrogance and lack of adaptation to changing behavior is what is making their company fade. The only way to access these older emails is to use the web-based browser on my desktop. This is an absolutely ridiculous alternative just simply having an app that would allow you to use local storage on your device to archive and back up your emails for easier access on the go. I'm not sure why they have such limited storage. I have tons of free storage using my yahoo email dating back to the late 90s! Absolute crap. If you can avoid this ridiculousness please find another email client to serve your business needs. And Microsoft - I hope you burn in hell.
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10 months ago, SterlingNorthJr
Delays and no group lists
This software is taking a major step backwards with this so-called new version. Then when one attempts to go back to the old version, that has a bug in it and cannot be used. Microsoft says they’re aware of the bug they’re just not fixing it for months. Then there’s the problem where email will not open and you get a spinning wheel of death until you back out of the software then go back into the software. It also has a wonky filing system, word groups mail, that you have another folders under a current version that you’re looking at there by confusing what you have in the files and what you have not in the files and what you’re trying to delete. So that confusion results and you deleting what you wanted to keep on file. As a long time user, I would prefer that they went back to the old system and fix the bug and then went back to the drawing board for something that’s new. Finally, I cannot use or edit groups in new outlook so I must back up to old outlook, use the groups and then rapidly get back out before the existing bug starts trying to rewrite or duplicate file folders. The new outlook is a disaster in my opinion.
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4 years ago, Dvlrbbt
No drag and drop?
Maybe I’m missing something here, but as far as I can tell Outlook does not allow dragging and dropping of files with either the Files app or Google Drive in split-view. The focus/other view is not well implemented, and often made seeing email harder rather than easier (although not being able to see an email is I guess a form of dealing with your inbox overload). There is an email filing integration with another web app I use that is available on the desktop version that is awesome, but unfortunately it appears that integration isn’t available on the ipad and ios versions (not Microsoft’s fault, it’s a third party integration, but really disappointing nonetheless). In the absence of a unique feature (i.e. some integration only available with Outlook) the other third party mail apps such as Spark or just the stock Apple mail app seem like much better choices for ipad and ios. I’m not sure why this app gets the overwhelmingly positive reviews both here and by tech reviewers online as it doesn’t really seem to be anything special and appears to be missing some core ipad and ios features, although again maybe i’m just missing something.
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6 months ago, AaahsLiving
To Lew39
I’m having the exact same problem with Apple Mail. I even erased the app and all of my email accounts, got a new phone, reloaded a new Apple Mail app, inputted my new email accounts, and once again it is slowing down so that it is impossible to use. It is slow for me to type, it is slow to receive or send mail also. And as you said, it is slow very slow to delete any mail. I’m extremely frustrated and don’t dare try this Outlook product since you seem to be having the same problem with it. That’s what I’m trying to avoid, I’m trying to find an app that doesn’t have these problems with email. Many years ago when I used a Windows computer, I used Outlook and loved it. – however now I’ve been using Apple for years and years. Their mail app was wonderful until recent updates, during the past year I would guess. I thought it was because I had an older, apple 8+ so I bought the latest, new iPhone this year but the same exact problems returned. The new iPhones seems to be slower than my old 8+! Currently I'm EXTREMELY frustrated with mail apps and iPhones! Thanks for listening to me vent. It seems no big company is solving Mail App problems!
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3 years ago, groukas
Good mail app that needs some polish
I like outlook generally, especially the focused/other organization of the display. Controls are where I expect them to be and the app is very easy to use. The app has come a long way in the last year or so. There is, however, plenty of room for improvement! My biggest complaint right now is in the search function. I sometimes find that outlook can’t locate messages that apple mail can find easily. That’s a little unsettling because you never know when it’s failing unless you compare with apple mail on every search, which would be a hassle. If I think we could also use a one-touch send to junk mail. I’m getting more and more spam these days and it would be great to be able to handle it with a click/touch. There is no denying that outlook deals with exchange better than any third party. I’ve gotten too many errors from applications like fantastical over time, while outlook never seems to get confused about what’s coming from exchange.
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1 year ago, Rob2170
Come on Man
Had to adopt for work - for security reasons. The whole 365. Same old Microsoft written by engineers for engineers. Twice as many taps than Apple apps, easily. No calendar connectivity to siri suggestions or my favorite "press on a meeting time and auto fill a calendar invite". No speaking to do anything. Can't flip tiles between calendar email and contacts - a routine need - because they're all in one app. Had an IT guy spend 4 hours on trying to get even my Microsoft apps to work together and synching (syncing OneNote contacts - search in contacts? Forget it, can only press a micro letter and scroll through my 2500 contacts - bad idea). The "transfer" of settings from old to new outlook was more like a train wreck. I had to delete all email filter rules and settings and start over. When was last time an IT guy had to fix my Apple apps? Don't remember it happening except maybe a hard reboot. This is 2023 and the productivity reduction is astounding and maddening. It feels like willful disregard for our time, like nobody ever used it before or after pushing it out. Or they never used an Apple product for sure.
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5 years ago, ForceX
Constantly locks up when switching to “Other”. If you are lucky and have a version that works great. Never update to a newer version as you will be playing roulette and will most likely end up not able to access your email. A sign of problematic programming is frequent updates. This app has lots of updates, just about all of them say “bug fixes, optimizations and performance improvements” or the like. However the app only gets more unstable. Focus less on frequent updates and more on fewer quality updates. No Email app should have multiple updates per month. The only time an update should be issued is for notable new features or compatibility due to core OS changes. But release after release after release of “Bug fixes/improvements” and it’s still unstable to the point of being unusable is unacceptable from a company such as MS. Makes me wonder if the development of the app has been contract out. For best results stick with Apples built in mail app.
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1 year ago, Big*Spender
MS Abandoning Mac Again?
This is a 5-star app that Microsoft engineered from the bottom up. I appreciate it so much that I switched from the native iOS app for mail, to Outlook for iOS. BUT… After a few years of regular updates and improvements, things have stalled. Updates are still happening (according to the version history), but they seem to be for either “priority 1” type updates (ie, security vs UX), or MS strategy updates (like support for Bookings). For example, I would expect that the pandemic would have introduced time zone support within the app due to the change in workforce trends. This is glaringly absent (try searching for “time zone support” in the Help section). Additionally, support is either blatantly absent or purposely difficult to find. Following the instructions for feedback in the App Store matches my real world UX; does not want to be found. I hope I’m wrong about the direction of this app, but I’m just reading the writing on the wall.
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1 year ago, Zephyr23
Great- Could Use Some Improvements Though
The app has been a saving grace for me for work and is very functional. There’s a lot of good features you can use as well, but it’s a little buggy. A good example is the scheduled do not disturb feature. I have it set to turn on during my work hours but more than half the time the app doesn’t respect the timeframe. I catch it frequently still in do not disturb long after the work hours timeframe I entered. It would be a fantastic feature if it wasn’t so buggy. My biggest qualm though is not having the ability to sign out. It’s literally the only Microsoft app you can’t sign out of- you have to delete your account from it, which deletes all the customizations. Putting it in Do Not Disturb for the extent of time you’d be signed out prevents it from notifying except for the badges, which is just as stressful. Nothing like a day of peace only to check your phone and see you got 50 badges from the app. So it defeats the purpose of the extended Do Not Disturb.
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3 years ago, Dexter Lively Morgan
Great for two mail accounts
This app is great for those who want to use two accounts in one app. It has some time saving features that the built-in Mail app lacks, such as smart actions that learns what you do often(such as moving a piece of mail to a certain folder), saving you an extra tap. But if you have more than two accounts, the buttons are just way too small to switch between accounts, making it a hassle, so it would be less hassle to use different apps. One feature that i really would appreciate is the ability to add a favorite folder to “All Accounts”. Currently, you have to go into a specific account to access the favorite folders of that account. That requires two to three very precise taps. Come on Microsoft, this should be easy to implement. Under the hood, the scrolling operations are buttery smooth just like other native iOS apps. The battery usage is also very comparable—having dark mode also helps. This app is a few steps ahead of the Gmail app.
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4 years ago, markedwjohnson
So Much Better Than the Native iPhone Mail App
I had been meaning to try the Outlook app for iOS for a couple of years, moved to O365 and MS Intune necessitating my move to Outlook for iOS; fine by me. The learning curve has been minimal. I haven’t found a way to move between emails without going out to my inbox or other containing folder, but I haven’t had time to google that, either. I just wish there were up/down arrows within an email allowing me to move up/down a message within the parent folder. I like that it feels more professional in UI appearance than apps aimed at consumers in general; other than the one feature I complained about it lacking above. I haven’t tried this yet, but it appears that I can even set my OOO message, or update it, from the app! Now THAT’S a level of integration with our Exchange server that wasn’t even possible with any other mail app on the iPhone or iPad. That is awesome! I can’t wait to find out what other little nuggets it has that I haven’t discovered yet!
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6 years ago, kw.squid
Terrible for GSuite Accounts
I’ve been a dedicated user of this app for several years and have been pretty satisfied, until recently. I started a business, got a gsuite account for it, and when I started sending mail from iOS Outlook, all of the mail from the gsuite accounts would be routed to spam by my customers email providers. At first, I thought it must be my new email address...then I tried sending mail directly from gmail on safari. No problem - no emails routed to spam. Then I downloaded Edison mail (thinking maybe it’s a third party app thing?!) and sent an email. Again, no problem - no emails routed to spam. I tried iOS outlook again...and my email got sent to spam. I reported it to the customer service team, and they brushed it off saying it wasn’t their problem. I beg to differ if the emails I send from your app get flagged as spam by recipients and yet the exact same email sent by a different app isn’t flagged by spam...I think that is your problem! And to top it off, to tell me that they won’t do anything about it, is doubly annoying. I’m removing outlook from my phone and recommend anyone with business gsuite accounts to stear clear!
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4 months ago, chroko29
It’s kinda clunky. It could take a few notes from gmail app. Swiping to delete an email takes forever compared to gmail. Gmail you can swipe messages as fast as you want and they delete swiftly and effortlessly. Not with outlook. You swipe then you wait for it to delete. Then you can swipe again and you wait for it to delete. Over and over. Sure you can select but a lot of times you’d like to scroll and just swipe emails away. And it takes SO MANY clicks to send email to junk. I would really love to see sweep brought to mobile. That would be so handy. The killer is video size. It won’t even let you send a 30 second video in 2024. Eye roll. 🙄 it wants you to upload to their servers first for no reason whatsoever. Well, maybe they want to sell your video data or something. Anyways conspiracy theories aside it’s clunky and very limited compared to the web version. I’m not sure why devs can never deliver the same services on both platforms. You might even think mobile would have more features but you’d be wrong
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4 years ago, nammai25
Very simple email app
I have used numerous email applications in the past, but Outlook really is the best of them all, period. There are a lot of features here that I can’t fathom in either Gmail or Yahoo Mail, such as calendar integration, syncing with multiple devices (including computers), and a simple user interface. While I heavily use Gmail on a day-to-day basis, I think that Microsoft really pays off when it comes to this functional app. I don’t want to screw Redmond if they have missed anything worthwhile or important, but I am happy with the work that the Outlook team has put into it. In conclusion, please download this app if you can, and enjoy a simple, refreshing email experience. (The only flaw I have encountered so far? Well, as far as I can tell you, there have been a lack of features from the web app of Outlook, and you have to sign in there to access them. Only the mobile app has several features. But, otherwise, as I have said, I am content with that.)
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4 years ago, rjsarles
Frustrating App
This has to be one of the most irritating email apps I have ever used. It does remedy some of my issues with iOS email, but several things drive me crazy. I get several longer emails a day, newsletters and such, and as I am scrolling down the email it just stops with a “read more” button. It then opens the email again and returns you all the way to the top. So then I have to scroll all the way back to where it left off. If you need to switch apps for a second and return to finish the email you are reading? You guessed it. It returns you all the way back to the top and you have to scroll all the way back down. Accidentally close the window?Right again! Scroll all the way to the bottom, press the “read more” button which returns you to the top, then scroll all the way back down where you left off. There SO MANY ways they could easily remedy this but a simple one would be to have a button at the top of the email to open it in its own window. I have other issues, like not being able to create subfolders to the inbox without doing it on a laptop, but that’s enough complaining for one review.
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7 years ago, NebraskaJer
So good in some areas and 1990 in others.
Hello, I love the outlook app and I need to use it on a day to day basis. Some of the items like calendar events and sending notifications is great in parts but lack in editing. First off. Why is there no copy and paste in Outlook. I had a whole email typed up and I needed to input a link. So what would I have to do? Copy and paste it in. Nope. I have to go to safari and click share and then outlook so I can send a link in outlook. Well then when I get in outlook I have to retype my message or just paste in the other one right. Nope. Paste does not work from previous to new message. So I have to manually copy something by hand. Link or original message. Come on Microsoft. Make copy and paste work the. You get a solid 4. Add some polish and sub folder notifications and some editing tools you will have a 5 Star app again. Please fix these little flaws. You have office and should be able to make a solid app. Now let’s make it happen. Thanks.
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5 years ago, bbaacc123184
I hate outlook
This is the worst email app I’ve ever used. Unfortunately, I have to use it because my university uses it. First of all, it’s the ugliest email app. There’s no contact photos shown next to an email, like in gmail of yahoo mail, so it’s hard to differentiate between who is sending you an email. All the emails blend together into a born blob of black and white, making me check this email the least. Also, you can’t search a phrase or sender and then select multiple emails to delete them. That’s half the reason I even use the search function. Perhaps you can delete emails this way on a laptop, but I mainly check my email on my phone, so it’s egregiously inconvenient. In addition the focused and other email tabs are so stupid. The app just arbitrarily organizes them with no knowledge of what emails are actually important to you and which ones aren’t. As a result, I often don’t see important emails in a timely manner because they go into the other tab. Checking my email shouldn’t have this many complications, and being able to delete my emails by search should be an option. Please fix your dysfunctional app. I’m hoping I never have to have another outlook email after I graduate.
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7 years ago, WheezyG
Not possible to access iCloud files
My employer uses Microsoft outlook for email. This would not be a problem if not for this apps inability to attach documents I store on my iCloud. All my devices (watch, phone, laptop, iPads) are apple devices. I store all of my important files on iCloud. If I am replying to an email and want to send an attachment, I’m out of luck. When I click on attach, the Files section does not include iCloud. I decided to have my Google Drive sync my most heavily used work-related folder on my iCloud. But when I try to set up that account under Files, it fails and I get a notification to contact support. Support seems really communicative however. They are definitely interested in helping me make this work. Unfortunately, when I see a support notification pop up, I cannot even open the conversation without first trying to set up my Google Drive, then having it fail, then seeing the pop up with a link to contact customer support. There is no way to access the customer support chat without forcing something to go wrong then opening up the chat window. This is a definite flaw in the iPad version of this app!
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1 month ago, Scarrsick
Death of a product
We are watching it and I am sad. I have used Outlook since 1998, yes, I am old. Logically, I should have a robust contact database, but alas, over the years the imports were corrupt or when the iPhone was introduced syncing created new birthdays and holidays each sync. This is happening again. I opened my outlook calendar (which used to be my bible, but is no longer reliable nor nimble enough to support interacting with all the calendars of our family) on my ipad this morning to find 4 “Independence Day”s added to my calendar. The contact portion of Outlook tried to be Sales Force or someone decided to overly complicate it. In addition, Microsoft products on a whole are started to act like Apple in that they think they know better than the user. The email for iPhone or iPad somehow does not display all my emails. When I use my desktop, they are all there and no, there is no rhyme or reason to missing emails. The only reason I am still using it, is I haven’t found anything I like better. Apple is too proprietary and don’t get me started on the awfulness of the google calendar. Fix it, Microsoft!
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1 year ago, Kido222253343434
Being able to use Microsoft office on all of my personal devices including my iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and laptop, and the ability to keep it separate from my personal emails in the mail app helps me to be 10x’s more efficient when responding to and composing work related emails in the Microsoft office application. Being a police officer it may surprise the public just how much of our day to day job is done via our work email. From corresponding with victims or witnesses to efficiently send and receive various types of digital evidence recorded or stored on their smartphones, to keeping in contact with supervisors, various department heads, and disseminating vital information to other officers working the street, Microsoft office keeps everything clean, organized, and efficient allowing me to perform my duties in an efficient manner while saving time so that I can get back to my primary duty of patrolling and keeping my community safe.
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9 months ago, Reflect101
Outlook email is fine but Contacts not as good as Desktop version
I use contacts heavily and daily on my desktop and this version on my phone is missing the clean, user friendly functionality of the desktop contacts. Please invest in making contacts better so that the full contact can be seen when you open it rather than multiple clicks and opening and closing sections on each contact. Scrolling through the contact is a better experience. Also, where is the search function on the main page for contacts? I have hundreds of contacts and I need to scroll through them each time to locate one. Have a search function please. Please improve contacts and do not let the desktop version of contacts ever resemble this layout. It is clunky, ugly and inefficient. Microsoft office is the absolute gold standard and in a league of its own. Don’t let the high standards the desktop version set slide down as you attempt to make improvements.
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2 years ago, An Saini
Stops syncing emails after sometime
Tried it twice in last 5 years, and both times had the same issue - the mails stop syncing after sometime. I like the look and feel of the app and it is easy to use. But the bare minimum functionality of an email app is flawed - getting new emails and syncing. The app shows 34 unread messages in the badge icon. But when you open the app, it only shows old messages. I tried restarting the app, restarting the phone, and reseting the email account (which is another pain point as it requires app to be restarted for each account reset - I had 6 accounts added). Nothing gets new emails to show. Even the emails that were deleted in last 2 days were still in the inbox when checked by logging in directly to the server via browser. Really wanted it to work as it works well with Exchange accounts and doesn’t prompt for re-authentication every 30 days (endorced by organization), but the above mentioned problem makes it pretty useless for me. Returning to the native mail app for now with no intention to give this app another try.
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4 years ago, Mhopkinspfe
Email cascade
One issue with Outlook is the embedding of emails. If I get an email and others are included, their response is what shows up as the original email. I can’t scroll down the list of email and find the original sender because it is now listed as being from whoever responded. Also, if you forward the original email, and then try to respond to the original email, that option isn’t available. I find this very frustrating and using the search option is not that helpful. One other thing...when starting an email, the way it starts is type in (if new) or select an email...then you have to figure out what to tap to start the email...if you hit the > then it wants to send and you haven’t even written anything! But, you are saved because there is nothing in the subject box so you can select “continue editing” and get to the actual email.
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4 years ago, EveningStarrr
Contacts emails going to Junk folder
There is something wrong with this email platform of outlook. It used to work fine and I’ve been using outlook and msn email programs and email addresses for years but now it’s putting important business mail in the junk mail folder continuously. These are email addresses and people that I have put in my contacts and have continuously told the program they weren’t Junk. These are important work emails and some I have missed or had trouble finding. I’ve had to tell work that my email isn’t working right and to resend things. Sometimes something I searched and found yesterday won’t come up today. Sometimes the only way to find a reply to my sent email is to look at my sent folder to see their replies. That’s a trick that I learned because they’ll combine your sent with its replies. People ask me what I’m using outlook for, that they’ve never heard of it and that it must be cheap and faulty. They tell me to switch. I tell them “How do you not know MSN and Outlook?”. I have to find a new email platform because this one has turned bad and it means change my email address that I’ve had for 12 years or so and I’m not too happy about that.
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