HP Smart

4.8 (3.3M)
279.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
HP Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for HP Smart

4.76 out of 5
3.3M Ratings
2 months ago, Marina lagarde
The only reason…
The only reason I was able to connect my printer to be able to print what I wanted was because I connected it thru the Ethernet cable. I could not connect it through WiFi because each time I tried to it kept asking me for my admin password for this printer??? I do not recall at any time establishing an admin password for this printer and it is a new printer however I have always out every one of my HP printers through the HP SMART APP and joined the entire process through both my computers and cell phones and for some odd reason your left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. You make everything so difficult on the customer that I am now choosing to stop with HP since they have been unable to fix all the issues they themselves have created and since they have already gotten all my money the could care less of the continuing problems I am having with their products and most of all their service and uncaring employees. There is no follow up, it’s all about pass the buck and the American people have to get wise to this company and realize they are not part of the American system. They are just getting rich on us. It’s real and it is here and you have to understand it’s time to stop giving up and letting these large companies take our money and providing substandard products and service and that is all HP is about.
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2 years ago, Resiliant1
Wonderful printer!
I used to have an HP printer and it was injured beyond repair in a move. That printer was my best friend sometimes and I was so indecisive when considering a new one. It has taken me years to commit to a new printer; I've picked up second hand ones, emailed documents to printing shops or used the library printer. This HP Deskjet 4100e was given to me as a gift (from someone who probably thought I was ridiculous to not have a printer-considering my working/volunteering/Momming from home). I was reluctant to have a brand new-fresh out of the box printer, but I couldn't refuse the gift. I honestly couldn't have imagined the ease of setting this printer up. (It sat new in the box for a few days; we blinked at each other for a bit). I finally opened it up and wow! Bluetooth communication is so liberating! I can relax and send to print as I scroll. The only drawback is it holds a small amount of paper-which is a good thing in my case so I can spare some trees and be mindful of my environmental footprint. (I'm guessing it holds a half an inch of paper-haven't counted how many pages. I prefer to read, not count). Anyways, this is a great printer overall and I'm happy with everything about it!
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2 years ago, JWhitnee
Nothing “smart” about HPSmart
I have struggled with this printer/app/software trifecta of disaster for far longer than I’d care to admit. From issues of the app simply never wanting to work in any sense of consistency, to the printer itself too stupid to recognized the difference between used and brand new ink, it baffles me I have not simply thrown the whole thing into the dumpster. There seems to be a new flavor of difficulty every time I want to use the thing, which is rare and saved only when there comes a time of desperate need. That is how much I despite using this printer. I have reinstalled the app more times I can count on one hand, due to issues that can range from being inexplicably unable to to save a pdf to something as major as not being able to use it at all because it can’t sustain itself from crashing long enough to log me in. And if I can miraculously get the program to execute its basic functions, the printer suddenly decides it will simply not print more than half a page, or worse, that it will cease to remember how to wirelessly connect to the computer in the first place. This product uses technology that makes it “sleek” and modern but is riddled with more bugs than a NYC dumpster and good luck manipulating their virtual assistant into getting you real, human help. I have tried time and time again to fix and make this work, but it’s clear now I will be staying away from ALL HP products from here on out.
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2 years ago, Maddog 11 Bang Bang
Pretty good app
First off, I was never a fan of the big common printer names such as HP, epsom and the like. I felt like they gave printers away cheap only to price gouge on ink and do everything in their power to prevent the use of 3rd party cartridges. I preferred Brother and the fact I could use any ink. This tactic would trick a lot of people who aren’t tech savvy. Well I currently have an hp due to my elderly mother insisting and Its not as bad as it used to be. Hardware is pretty good, ink is reasonably priced and the app is great. The app makes using your hp printer much easier and gives full access to all advanced printer features and modes (scan, fax, copy, print). Nice to have that on a mobile device. I usually opt to use this app and my iPad over my PC or MacBook. I’ll just save the documents to iCloud and that’s that. I also love the fax feature and use it all the time. We have a dedicated fax line for our HP printer, but I always use this app bc it’s much easier to work with. So no need to get or keep a fax line. If only I could convince my stubborn mom to get rid of the line!
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3 years ago, GTEng14
HP Smart for Mac
The HP smart is a good way to access mobile uses, printer setup settings, and various other useful tools. The software seems to work well. However, the development team seems to have left out a very important function for Apple Mac users that used to be in the old “HP Utility” application before “HP Smart” came around. The printers have a “scan to computer” function where you stand at the printer and load files and press the printers touch screen button to scan the loaded pages directly to a computer. This function can only be turned on to recognize a Mac computer to scan to by turning on the tool under the “HP Utility” scan settings on the computer itself and not through the printers webpage settings. Now that HP Utility is no more and we only have HP Smart this scan to computer setting is missing. There is no longer a way to scan straight from the printer to a Mac. Instead now you have to load the items to scan at the printer and then walk back to the Mac to press the scan button on the HP Smart app and then go back and forth to the printer again to retrieve the hard copy pages. Additionally, I assume an update to the software would be in the works to better support the apple silicon devices. The current version has to run in Rosetta.
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2 years ago, FedUpWithHP is already taken
HP printers are complete trash
HP printers are complete trash! I’ve spent over an HOUR to get get the “simple setup” printer to do anything. First the HP app would not load on my laptop it said for best results set the printer up on a mobile device so I set it on my phone. Surprise! To use this printer I have to create an HP account!?!? Why should I have to have an account to use a printer I paid for? Why do I need to use your app?! Why do you need to see what I am printing? Because I know that’s what apps do they track you. So I add another account to my growing list of passwords. I do the test print it works. Then I try to load the app on my laptop again. I finally get it loaded and try to test print…. NOTHING!!!! It says it’s printing, it’s in the que, nothing! I say screw it I’ll print the one page I need off my phone. The test print worked before. Right? Print. NOTHING!!!!!!!! I try pushing the power button on the printer and NOTHING!!!!!! I unplug it, plug it back in and try to print again. Ok now it says waiting to print. Sounds good. The “rate this app” pops up, I give one star. The “write a review” pops up, I write this. I’M STILL WAITING FOR THIS ONE PAGE TO PRINT. I would return this piece of trash if it wasn’t past the return date and don’t know what I did with the receipt. Guess it’s my fault for not setting it up when I bought it.
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2 years ago, chickenuggiez
hello?? listen to our issues!!
i used to be able to change the color options to print in black/white or color. but for some reason, that option is no longer there. i've last used the b/w option because i didn't need any color at the time. now i'm stuck with b/w with no option to change it. however, fortunately, that option is available when i use a pc to access hp smart. but it's so inconvenient to turn on my pc for a simple document that i can pull up on my phone. so basically, the hp smart app for iphone/ipad is useless, unless i'm printing in b/w. the only answer you get from their support is to go to the color option and switch from b/w to color. but it's a useless answer because that option is LITERALLY not there! that's what their support is not understanding! there is probably some bug/glitch that needs to be fixed, the option to change colors/bw print is not there! i've watched the yt videos from hp themselves on how to change the printing colors on the hp smart app and i wish the option was there and i know it was ONCE there, but it isn't there anymore!! i was frustrated for a whole hour before i decided to use my pc instead.
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1 year ago, HPisBologna
It’s a trap don’t buy it
This is my second time buying this printer. Both printers have never ending connection problems. They work okay when they actually connect to print. I have the highest speed internet, no connection issues, computer is up-to-date, I run the monthly print tests, you name it. I originally thought it was just my first printer which I returned, but my second one also has issues. This printer also will only work if you pay for the auto ink. I had too much ink, way more than I could use or store. I thought the whole point of the printer was to be more “eco friendly” and the ink cartridges are supposedly recycled when you send back. I’m busy, have a family, work full time, and primarily use this printer for tutoring so this option seemed more convenient. Well, I paused my subscription because I had more than I could use, and found out the printer wouldn’t print without being subscribed…The printer… I paid for and was supposedly only subscribing to the ink cartridges. I was unable to use my printer- or the pile of ink I already own, and have paid for (and again do not have enough storage for) I resumed the subscription just so I can print what I need, and am saving for something else. This will be donated with a warning. Head this fools advice… don’t do it.
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3 years ago, Ian lowman
21st Century App
I used to work in Information Technology back in the 20th century. I used to build exchange and NT servers for IBM when the internet for most was obtained by a screeching modem call. Oh how times have changed!! I love this app I might just do a scene from “Office Space” on my old laptop because I might not need it anymore! I can batch scan a document from my iPhone. The document to be scanned I put in the document feed tray on my printer. The document feed tray scanned it and then I edited the scan all on my phone. I then had multiple file types to choose. I saved it as a pdf which took hardly any space and I saved to a location of my choice. You pay a bit more for HP printers but “Brother;-)” it works so much better than my last multi-function printer(MFC) which was a lot less than this model. This scan to phone is new because I was using the scan to email which was a bit hit or miss. This scan to app is 100 times better way to go HP, I am liking the 21 century app! Bravo Zulu to you!
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4 months ago, JasonMD77
Use ability
I leave my printer on standby at all times. For some reason every single time I have a need to print something there is an issue. The cartridges need to be cleaned or aligned (even with limited use), or it’s lost it’s internet connection. It’s ALWAYS something preventing my printer from operating normally. You normally don’t have any idea what the issue is, so you have to go through all the different options under tools. And while I realize this is a printer and not supposed to be some super fast blazing speed processor coordinating all the various functions, this particular printer model is from the Envy collection (implying everyone should be jealous I own a such named printer), but this machine is notably slow to process all the random functions a person must go through to try and diagnose the problem. Side note, some of the diagnostic functions consume a sheet of paper that counts against your monthly allowance on the plan you’ve selected. In summary, the printer needs to be faster, and not have so many intermittent issues, and using tools to diagnose repairing these intermittent issues should use up a sheet of paper, but these sheets should not count against your monthly allowance for an insta ink account.
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3 years ago, 2Me2222
Set up challenging.
After persevering, seems fantastic!! Need phone help when directions and apps are coming at you from all directions, some scan-a-codes provide nothing ( out of date?? Or just not functioning well during covid? ). Since Tango X printer was on Apple and ordered thru them, I expected grtr ease of setup because Apple has been very good at insisting on that in past, just by nature of Apple carrying product when not an Apple product. Idea of automatically paying monthly for a printer plan and having ink arrive when I’ll be needing it is fantastic. I have no computer just phone and ipad, but so far so good. Why do we even need computers anymore for home use where we don’t do significant qty of printing—I’ll happily go to print/shop store if needed for great quantities. BUT set up definitely needs availability of someone to talk to when difficulty occurs, in part because at some point in my way past I had been HP printer registered owner, also, HP says go them to get app, I went directly to Apple for dwnload before realizing HP’s recommendation, so i was already off course to begin with!
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3 years ago, saysay123456789010
Sleek but Awful
I logged in, which all on its own was not the best because multiple times it gave me an error message that was the equivalent of “something went wrong” without any explanation, after struggling with the app for 20min it finally connected at which point the instructions, which are repetitive and clear as mud, were to close the printer door which I did admittedly closed the wrong door and struggled for another 5 minutes. Finally, after going through all that the printer printed the first side of my sheet fine and then proceeded to print some sort of HP tester page on the other side (it held no information by the way) so I reprinted that sheet and moved on to the next which printed the first side fine but for the back side IT PRINTED IN TINY FONT I never figured out why, never changed the settings, never moved anything but the sheets and this happened twice then it printed the sheet right but was missing parts at the bottom so I tried again and yet again it printed in tiny font and then I ended up using 2 sheets of paper which for what ever reason worked and finally finished it up after and hour of struggle (this process started at 9:40 and ended at 11:10). I’ve struggled before with other hp stuff and the customer service are awful and I will NEVER be buying from these people again.
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3 years ago, kimmy#1
Phone and printer combo is amazing
I just want to say that I think all these apps and new features on these printers are just amazing and I think it makes it easy for people like myself who uses my phone more than I use my laptop I have this really cheap laptop that is very slow and I’m kind of likeWhy should I buy an expensive laptop that I’m barely going to use because I have a printer that I barely use and I go through printers yearly no matter how expensive they are because I would have them sit there and the ink dry out and damage the printer so I only use my printer once or twice a yearSo instead of me rushing to the store to spend money for a decent working laptop I use my phone and print from my phone scan from my phone I mean my head just exploded because I was so excited I was able to scan a document that I need to really quickly and email it right away from my phone and I just think that was just amazing and I’m so happy thank you , thank you keep these new features coming
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1 year ago, MDRad
Awful app. Absolute TRASH! Forces you to log in and share everything you print with HP.
Truly a terrible app. No background printing, you need to leave the app running while printing - 1980s style. App offers free limited-time ink for new printers on sneaky fine print conditions (you give up all rights to restocking ink in future. Try Googling “HP printers and DRM”). App is less friendly than previously. You actually are REQUIRED to log in to scan using the app. Seems they watch whatever you print, SSNs, financials, etc. Check out the App Privacy section in the app’s description below - incredibly intrusive and invasive tracking and data collection on you and your phone. The HP Printer app has 8 data categories tracked, Epson has 1 necessary tracker, Brother has 2. This app is like a phishing email. And it requires compliance with an intrusive End User License Agreement before it lets you print. If you actually read it, the new EULA is extremely invasive, & cedes all rights to HP and leaves users with little to no privacy in printing or user rights. No option to opt out that I could see. The HP Smart app WAS useful in the past, but this new version requires accepting this invasive EULA to launch. Spyware so they can sell your data, including whatever you print. It’s TRASH.
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4 years ago, MTguy23
Troubles with scanning
When I start a scan job that is supposed to scan several pages, process them, and then upload them to Dropbox the job never finishes. It just spins on “Processing page x”, where x is the last page. Just keeps spinning. Never quits. I just have to force-kill the app. I’ve had to disable the final upload step and do it manually. It had previously been a really efficient way to process a bunch of multi-page scans. Today the printer/scanner had a real fit. It kept “processing” even after I force-killed it. I’d restart it, still “processing”. It finally lost network connectivity. I tried to get to the web interface to cycle power but the pages took forever to load and then wouldn’t execute correctly. Finally all connectivity disappeared, and the front screen went blank. After several tries I finally was able to get it to shut down. Started it up and tried scanning with manual processing and what I did worked fine. Seems like a race/memory leak or something. Is anyone else now having problems? I just upgraded to iPadOS 14.0.0. Five stars if it would work correctly again.
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2 years ago, danielito ovandito
Hp printing has gone from OK to totally the worse.
From being able to choose what, where and how to print your school, work or personal projects at home after buying a printing and the ink, hp had taking control and charge extras fees for every single thing possible and if it's not posible to squeeze more money out of you they come up with something, and on top of you choosing to buy an hp printer and hp ink now they even charge you por the number of pages you print each month and on top of that they keep your laptop, tablet or phone monitoring day and night, and on top of all the points mentioned before on this review now they charge you for black and white pages or color pages, my question is what is next for hp? Having control of my gadgets, my printer that I bought for me to used as I wish and where and when I wish, they will probably thinking on controlling how many letters we print? Seriously I can not wait to get rid of my current printer and head to goodwill and find an analog printer that will allow me the freedom I deserve, even better be able to find another brand that's have nothing to do with hp since reading or hearing "hp" causing allergies and a huge amount of stress.
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3 years ago, SANDRA B 007
My beautiful, useful and user friendly all in all printer
This is the best, most user friendly printing experience I’ve ever had! I love this little machine. Everything is so simplistic. I never have to worry about ink, it actually tells my suppliers when it’s running low and they just send the ink to me in the mail! I love my beautiful, useful, user friendly all in all printer! I’ve done it all with this one machine! I have faxed, scanned, copied, printed, stored documents, edited and uploaded them to others all on this all and all printer. I’m not very computer literate but it easily syncs with my phone and laptop. I have gained so much confidence in my office skills, I now want to further my educational experience! Everything is online, now I feel that I can very successfully complete all of my goals! Thanks so much! Oh yes, last but not least the price is so reasonable. It will pay for itself within the first month! -especially if you like to print your own photos!
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2 years ago, Southpaw02108
Could not have been easier setting up my new ENVY Inspire
This was, hands down, one of the easiest set-up processes I’ve ever encountered. Just follow the cues, let it do its thing, and voilà, this new printer connected itself to my secure Wifi, it visually guides you for everything, it senses if you’ve maybe skipped ahead (or forgot to remove a piece of packing material). Mine came with six free months of HP+ which is definitely worth trying. I’m eager to see if it truly does anticipate when I’ll need fresh ink so that I don’t run out. I also have no issue with using HP’s own ink for the life of the printer. My last printer, a workhorse HP Officejet, lasted for many years… until I cheaped out one day and put in generic ink. That was the beginning of the end for that printer. I don’t usually write long reviews like this but this new printer, it’s software, and the promise of years of trouble-free printing, really has me feeling like I made the right decision sticking with HP. Highly recommend.
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2 years ago, enjoyTheApps
Spend more time configuring than printing
You always spend more time you don’t have to spare to configuring and creating accounts and saving those accounts on a notebook you don’t have at hand. Then you need to wait on another time were you have free time to focus on configuration and accounts. Just to print one page. On windows is worst were sooner or later you have problems with a driver and need to reconfigure. Where are the engineers? Stop making trash. I want a single button to print and that’s it! No accounts. No nothing. A single button to print. To spend 2 seconds to print. Not 20 minutes. I will not make an account and if I did I don’t remember it. I can no longer print with this app because I won’t spend my time creating another account. I used the time for the review. A definite unintall after review. Hopefully a higher hierarchy manager read this and order to enable a big button to print without accounts. Network password and printer should be the only thing to enter only the first time and local storage it on user’s device app. Less than 4kb text storage. Easy. I wanted to see a single first top centered big button labeled “Simple Print”.
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2 years ago, FedUpWitDisIsh
HP Instant Ink Can Burn in You Know Where!!!
I cannot even begin to express my absolute SEETHING hatred of the HP Instant Ink subscription you practically force onto the poor schmucks that buy your printers. I’ve already spent a decent amount of money buying a printer from (what I thought) was a reputable brand and now I can’t even consistently use it?!?! I absolutely loved my previous HP! But the hunk of garbage I had to purchase when my old one went out has me swearing off the HP brand going forward. The fact that you LOCK MY ABILITY TO PRINT BECAUSE I DIS-ENROLLED FROM YOUR SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE is just absolutely insane to me. I don’t rent this printer from you, I own the dang thing! I should be able to use whatever friggin cartridges I want (again, THAT I PAID FOR!!!) without having my printer lock me out of printing documents. Then, to top it all off, you have to spend an hour troubleshooting and updating account info just to print off a single frickin’ page! Whoever dreamed up this garbage rip off of your customers can join the Instant Ink subscriptions in you know where. I understand that the subscription might be beneficial for people that print consistently, but dear lord… F HP as a brand after this and good riddance!
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3 years ago, SoVeryKeri
I’ve had major issues printing from my iPhone to my HP network printer because it chops off the bottom in the top of images when I print them from my phone and I can’t choose the size or change hardly any parameters, so I’ve stayed frustrated trying to use the print-from-phone feature.. So I downloaded this app in hopes that it would work, and it does! I printed the whole image and the quality is great! But WHY am I limited to printing five? I needed to print 15 copies so I had to do it three times, and it says “stay on the screen until your print job is submitted” but it stays on that screen the whole time. Also, the verify you’re a human was really annoying. And I had to do it three times. Why do I have to set up an account to use your app to print my own printer it’s made by your company? It’s a little weird. Maybe this is not an HP app. I don’t know . I was able to print my image the way I needed to print it so I will continue to use this, but it’s not quite as seamless or user-friendly as I had hoped. But still better than nothing!
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6 years ago, spranks347
HP Printing Review
This app is amazing! Here there are 5 people in my house, and only 1 working computer! As my sister is working on her Spanish project, I have to work on Science Fair, and my brother working on his Heritage project, we’re all fighting for the computer. I need to print out my graphs and photos and data tables, and this app makes it easy for my to do that. This app is very accessible and has many features provided. I will definitely be using this app 24/7! I think this app is only for HP printers (because of the app title), but I don’t think it has to be a color printer. My printer is a color printer so I’m not very sure, but if you have a HP printer, I 100% advise you to get this app! This app is free and you don’t have to pay anything to extra features. I love this app and I’ve LITERALLY had it for not even 5 minutes. I got to resize my photo and in one button press print! This app is phenomenal and it is extremely helpful for those with a single computer and struggles around their home.
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3 years ago, Rissahoo
How do I change wifi connection?
Recently got a new modem, which means new network name (SSID). Wow, I didn’t know how many devices I have now that would be impacted by that. Made the change in the vacuum cleaner, it was straightforward. Even the sprinkler controller could do this without a hassle. And the HP printer app? Has never heard of this situation. Looked it up online, LOTS of hits (in other words, lots of people with the same problem), a few suggestions for hacks to erase the settings and start over as if it’s a new printer, none of which worked for me. The initial setup was clunky, support for making changes after setup is non-existent, I’m basically just going to end up doing any future configuration through the printer’s four-inch touch screen, and this app seems mainly designed to encourage me to use up my toner cartridges so I have to buy more. Why am I giving it two stars instead of one? Well, the original setup was… easy-ish. Not as easy as other similar apps I’ve used, but reasonably straightforward. I’ve loved HP printers for forever, but when it comes to the wi-if connection, they REALLY need to up their game.
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1 year ago, Bonibee
TEMP FIX SINCE IOS 16.2 on iPad killed HP Smart App
Worked for years. HP needs to create a patch now. I cannot connect to my HP Laserjet 4300N which is very old but always worked thru the app, but I can connect to a new HP Envy 6255. Every time I go to print to the HP Laserjet 4300n I got as far as a spinning “Processing” and nothing more. Never had that issue in years and years of using this app. After days and days of messing with this, I found a workaround that really got me back to printing with the old laserjet. Whatever document or snapshot I save, I save it to Files or even Photos. I open the Smart APP first. Make sure I am on the screen of the printer I want to use, this being the Laserjet 4300n, go to menu at bottom that says VIEW & PRINT, which takes me to choices where my document is saved. I select document, then PRINT PREVIEW, AND IT PRINTS! So far this is the only way I can get it to recognize the printer without that spinning message.
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1 year ago, juni.guerrero
Saves my life all the time!
What an amazing app!! Here are just a few things I live about this app: 1) mobile fax - not having to go to UPS store every random time I need to fax something is amazing! AND I have received faxes too and been able to print and digital save as PDF. Super duper convenient. 2) Scan to phone - I use my iCloud for all my documents. With the app I can load on the printer/scanner and hit scan on phone and it will scan a pdf that is super clear and easy to save. 3) No extra charge! Before I realized I had this app and how to work it, I was subscribed to a monthly e-fax app and it was a waste of money for the rare case I needed faxing. Saves me a ton of money I’m sure. 4) Activity is saved. I still have records of faxes I sent and received from 2018 - and it has saved me a couple times that I was still able to print the fax confirmation or copy of my documents. Things that I do not love about the app: 1) in order to fax a document - it must first be saved to the HP Smart Folder. So because I prefer to save directly to my iCloud, I either save it to iCloud and then save a copy to HP smart or I have to save directly to HP Smart Folder. Makes it harder to search for a document unless I remember faxing it then I just go to the app’s log. That’s is lol not much to not love! It’s a must have app for an HP printer/scanner/fax machine!! Thanks HP!
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2 years ago, GloriaCeCeCincote
Limited printing options
The printer I’ve got is definitely capable and built well enough with the features I needed when I purchased it. The app that is developed for mobile use (this app) is by far the most frustrating experience every single time I go to use it! If my phone falls asleep (screen goes dark) the print job will terminate mid print. You’re not able to do anything else on your phone (if someone calls you’ve got to ignore it) and the absolute worst part is that you CAN NOT print more than five copies at a time AND you can’t print two items on one page!!! So far I have printed 70+ wedding invitations on card stock and could only do five at a time. Then pull those, flip them, put them back in to the paper receiving tray just to print FIVE more again (two invites fit on one page). There’s zero customer service for options or to call and get a clear answer on how to fix this and it seems the virtual agent from this app only gives you options on what you can ask- one being literally, “Save the planet.” Are you kidding me?! What a joke! I need to print bulk copies guys. Why is this such an issue with the app?
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2 years ago, casomd
Scanning and Enailing
My review score of three stars reflects a frustration with HP. When I first bought my Office Jet Pro 9015 about three years ago, the scanning app had this nice email feature, which was quick and simple. I would scan and immediately had the option to email, at which point it would load an email with the attachment. All I needed to do was address it and send. Now, If I want to email a scanned document, I need to scan the document, save to my desktop, go to Outlook, draft a new email, go back to my desktop and attach the newly saved pdf file. Some brilliant mind at HP thought I would enjoy pointing and clicking my mouse all afternoon. Another option would be for me to create an address book in the app. Why on earth would I waste my time doing that? I don’t know what motives your marketing crew, but it sure does not seem like it’s user-friendliness. Otherwise you would have left the app alone so people like me could direct our frustrations toward other tech companies, like Microsoft.
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4 months ago, Bimsky12
A lot of work
This printer has caused us difficulty since the beginning with print quality, clunky functionality and multiple calls to HP tech support. They first wanted to see if it was the toner we were using even though it was HP. They sent us a new cartridge and the print quality was still bad. I called back to report this and was told it was the photo paper I was using (glossy) and I needed to go out and buy matte for it to work. I started searching around the Web and found all kinds of videos about this but they were all about printing from a computer. I want to be able to print from my phone. The whole point of getting the photo printer was to print photos! Easily! Today, tried again and the pictures printed fine from my phone…on glossy paper! So not sure what happened but I worked on it until it was fixed. It was nothing any HP employee did. I will likely try figuring things out on my own again, before I call HP. They tried but really didn’t help at all.
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8 months ago, NURSEric
Not much help when you really need it.
This app is primarily designed to drain your credit for instant ink. Pro tip if you do not use it often opt for the 99 cent a month. I use my printer mainly for scanning. It was really frustrating to find out my printer would not operate when the “Free trial” of instant ink ended. The 99 cent option is still cheaper than buying cartridges and having them dry out or empty out when the printer performs cleanings. I just print master copies and xerox my work forms at work. It is aggravating that I have to sign in every time the app is updated. The fax feature is terrible. You can’t fax files or add multiple files to a fax that you have already scanned and saved on the iPad. It will only access photos and only allow you to fax one at a time. The only work around is to add all the pages to word processor document then save them as one PDF on a cloud account like Google Drive then have the mobile fax import the document to send. Poor design what it so “SMART” about it?
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3 years ago, amijo1025
When you say you offer mobile fax You should mean it
I’ve been wasting my time and energy getting very frustrated while being stuck home very ill with my second bought with Lyme in less than 15 months and thought I’d give this mobile fax a try. Big mistake since stress makes Lyme so much worse and I am disappointed that I had to just give up. I have an IPhone XS Max and plenty of options like acrobat and Adobe to condense files into whatever PDF or dox is needed for faxing but nothing is working for the “so called easy to use fax” option and it has a mind of its own and just picks out a screenshot that I have no interest in faxing anymore and I have been dealing with severe symptoms for over two weeks now. I have no more time to play games with this shoddy fax system. In the past I never had problems with all the other options they provide but faxing using your Apple phone is futile. Perhaps someone would be so kind to guide me through the process since I’m in a difficult position. I would appreciate it more than you could understand. Thank you
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3 years ago, Helpthegame123455
Usb printing is a joke
For some ridiculous reason usb printing is now 100 times harder to use then wireless, literally doesn’t make any sense. Attempted to setup a m29w on Mac, I installed Hp easy, which actually recognizes the printer through usb which is great! But the hp easy program then gets locked in a screen requiring you to get hp smart app to finish setting up your printer. That’s also ridiculous because I just installed a program thinking it would setup my printer but all it does is redirect you to another app that sets your printer up. Why not remove the fricken hp easy program then!? Especially because it’s listed on HP’s website as the program you NEED to use to setup your printer on Mac. Then in setting up a new printer in hp smart it just doesn’t recognize the printer through usb, I sat here for an hour watching the spinning circle while it tried to recognize the device. Meanwhile the hp easy easily recognized the printer instantly and even in printers and scanner setting on the Mac the printer shows up as plugged in through usb. My only problem is HP is REQUIRING the use of hp smart app basically and it doesn’t even work as good as hp easy?
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7 years ago, MattyEMT
I am back HP!
I thought HP had abandoned its LOYAL customers when it discontinued the HPeprint application. While shopping today, I met an HP Rep who explained that I could continue to remote print using this new App! I can't tell you how relieved I was to learn how easy it was to setup remote printing again. I had set up a printer at grandma's house. She does not have a local computer to serve as a print server. I thought I had lost the ability to send her photos of her grandchild. This is a really big deal for so many HP customers. While the functionality is not identical, people who place printers on remote networks can with little effort continue to remotely print HURRAY!! For customers who swore to never purchase another HP product, you like I can feel better about HP. As for HP, always do your best to continue to support legacy products you have sold to your loyal customers. We buy printers for many decades. Thank you from the bottom (ventricles) of my heart. Matthew
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4 years ago, Anderson the awesome
I’m only writing a review because they keep asking me to write a review so I’ll be honest
I’m not one to write reviews because I don’t care enough but since the app wanted me to write a review so bad here you go. This app/printer is terrible. Every time, not once not twice, EVERY TIME I try to print something with this app it can’t find my printer. Every single time I have to reset the connection on the printer or restart the app on my phone because for some odd reason the app can’t find the flipping printer ever. If this only would happen occasionally that would be a different story but no this happens every time. It’s my grandparents printer so every time they need something printed I need to do it because there’s no way they could figure it out. The app is supposed to be easy, which it is, only if it could actually find the printer the first time. They need to update the app so that it works with the printer most of the times (note I didn’t say always just most of the times please) instead of me having to screw with this printer every time they need something printed. Hint: I only said the word screw because I’m sure Apple wouldn’t like the f word. Do better developers!!
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4 years ago, EnsureMax
Easy to use
I enjoy using my hp printer, scanner and copier. Everything is literally at the palms of your hands. I mainly use it from my mobile app, instead from a laptop or desktop. To avoid going through all the steps of starting up a laptop or desktop. The only reason I gave it 4 stars, because I really don’t care for the company charging for papers that’s printed. I can go to the library to print papers because it’s the same amount of .10 per page when ordering HP’s ink refill service. I have to pay for my own paper and pay for my documents to be printed after paying for the printer. The only reason I might still use the service because I’m always forgetting to buy ink when it’s needed during the middle of the night. HP sends ink to your mailbox automatically when ink is getting low in the printer. Do some better about the price of paper being printed!!!
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2 years ago, barfalimew
Third HP printer is a no go
If I could talk to the powers that be at HP, they would get an earful. I am sick and tired of buying brand new printers and having the ink run out and signing up for your program and getting in the middle of a very important document and my printer shuts down because it says I need to contact HP support. What the… Seriously you guys whatever happened to the days of printers that you plug-in, you buy ink when it needs it and live happily ever after. Today I picked up a brand new cheapo 2700 series because it was 59 bucks and it’s cheaper than buying new ink for my other brand new jet pro 8035. Which has been sitting for months unusable. Every time I have to print a single document I have to either go to my sons house which is 4 miles away or go to a library or something of that nature. I’m sick and tired of having to be bound by a contract to do a simple task. I don’t ask for much, but when I need copies of something it’s usually for something very important. thanks again for yet another piece of technical wizardry that’s getting returned. because this one is not discoverable on the HP app.
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4 years ago, Hppygirl32
Finally a printer that I can rely on
I’ve had all sorts of printers, single printers, multi function monster of Printers and now I have an HP Officejet 5200 all in one. When I bought this I downloaded the app and thought ok now what? I usually just print from my computer or scan from the printer. I never had an app where I can print scan fax or create things from an app right on my phone. Everyone In Our house uses the app for school, work and personal business. I think my fav feature is the ability to scan from my phone multiple pages just by taking a picture of the pages. Then I can email, text, fax save all from my phone! It comes out like I ran it through the printer directly. This app is easy to use! I also signed up for the instant ink program right from the app which is a really great deal, and it is all managed from the app. Never run out of ink again! Download this app
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7 years ago, fb: Kord Inkmasta Berry
Hi, I am a self-employed Tattoo Artist. I have tried several brands of printers along with the apps that come with them. I have an iphone 6s plus. I just recently purchased the HP Envy 4512 for quick use while out of town. This is my first hp printer in about 10 years. Epson printer app works great for my use, well at least i have gotten use to its minimal customization. I was blown away when i tested the direct mobile-to-printer capability because i wanted to print something really small to not waste ink. I could literally manually rotate and resize the image to my specification. I am absolutely so satisfied. Wow. I always wondered why these companies make an app for the products and you cant hardly do nothing on it. Technology is how we live now days and I'm so excited about this app. This is my first time doing a real review but i had to take the time out of day to let others know. Super excited!!!!!
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6 years ago, RedRoseAlways
If it is business critical, get an Epsom.
If you need a reliable printer that is business critical, return the hp while you can. Cute for home or casual college use but if you need it to be reliable for critical tasks, do not risk this product line. The app should clearly be called hpStupid, not hpSmart. I laugh at that welcome screen. I had just enough time to scan one very important, business critical document before work that was 15 pages long. Not too complicated of a task. So I scanned it with just seconds to spare before my ride to work. I first tapped share and save 15 images to phone so they would be safe. POOF. ALL GONE. The app went back to the main menu and my document was GONE. Well, at least it saved pictures of my .pdf to my photos so it's SOMEWHERE, that's why I clicked that option first below saving it to a.pdf. NOPE! It randomly threw the first three introductory pages in there that I DIDN'T need as much, but the important stuff: DEFINITELY NOT THERE. GONE. No time to rescan it all now, I'm at work without it using their epsom printer to get the job done right and on my lunch break I'll be shopping for a new epsom printer and tonight I'll be returning that crappy hp system.
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3 years ago, OliShah
Terrible app
This app DOES NOT WORK, nor it is required in order to use HP wireless printer. I finally figured it out. I was trying to set up my new hp printer and followed instructions that came with it. Second step was to download the app than everything else would be set up from the app. After connecting my printer to my WiFi next step would be to set up printer in the app. It would not work. It kept popping a window saying No network connection, try again. EVERY SINGLE TIME. I finally contacted customer support, which halos was useless. They wouldn’t know what the problem was either and couldn’t help me. Finally after a couple of hours of frustration and almost decided to return the printer I decided to just try printing something from my phone. iPhone had an option to print from every photo, document and everything. I started printing everything from my phone, pictures, emails etc just to make sure it works and it did!!!! I don’t need to use this useless app at all. As long as my phone and printer connected to the same WiFi, it prints just fine. I deleted this “smart” app. Can’t believe I was blaming my printer!!!
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1 year ago, Excellent714
I have used HP printers for over 20 years. This printer is the first one that is trash. It just doesn’t work. From the get-go, there were no directions how to set it up. There is one paper with some stick, figures and arrows no words unfortunately I read words I need words to set something up. I’ve use this printer a couple times but it doesn’t work. It’s just every once a while H. Packard without authorization updates firmware to make sure I can only use H.Packard printer ink. I don’t mind that but I don’t like the lack of support, the lack of directions, and the fact that I pay good money for this back when it was full price and it doesn’t work. Don’t waste your money this is garbage. I’m surprised HP will put out a product like this. I’ll never buy any HP product ever again. It gets worse I try to register for the HP community support. I don’t like to register they don’t take the name you put in they don’t think the numbers you put in. They don’t think the phone number they don’t take the email. This is a garbage company making garbage products and taking good money what is scam
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1 year ago, WildSquirtle
Sub services
Basically you have to subscribe to use the printer you can work around it but unless you are a tech junkie like me it’s next to impossible and even then I’m solving new issues you can’t even use the app last time I knew without paying a subscription so everything must be done through hardware prompts, prompts that the user manual don’t tel you how to do you have to scour the Internet for answers it’s crazy like why should I have to pay monthly to use a printer that I bought and to use ink that I bought ( that’s the thing that will get you the most you can’t use or keep carriages from the sub service they must be used during active subscription and if you run out of pages tough… you can’t print more regardless if you have 20 spare cartridges, you can buy cartridges from the store and use those just need to bypass the app by getting the right drivers and using windows default printer tools. Phones a bit sketchy but same idea can be done be if you need to clean head or align it got to find the hardware key combos to make it happen.
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4 years ago, sha-BLAM
Can’t print from iPhone 12
This app was functional on the iPhone 7 I had. The only issue was I wish I could print directly from gmail attachments but I have to pull everything into google drive to print. If there’s a way to print through gmail and I missed it...then I think it should be easier to figure out how to print from gmail so that’s still an issue to me. Beyond this though, I am now on an iPhone 12 and this app is basically useless. It’s connected to the printer but every time I try to print I get an error message telling me there’s something wrong with my internet connection. This is the only thing on my phone where I have trouble with the “internet” so I’m positive it’s not my internet connection. I switched back to my iPhone 7 to try it out and was able to print just fine. The support experience through the app is terrible, so that’s why I’m writing a review here. If whatever bug with the app on iPhone 12 is resolved, I’ll adjust my review but for now this app is totally useless to me and I can’t print anything.
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4 years ago, EponineB
It’s better but not great. Still very clunky but at least a step in the right direction
The most recent update seems to be better and easier to change page size, certain pages etc. However the app gives no real direction on how to actually do it and their online support is subpar at best. A few tips for i-phone users, but make work for others: Changing document size: Select your document or let automatically pull up from your phone. Select the circle on the bottom that says print to pull up the print preview. Then click on the document to pull up the submenu on the bottom that allows you to resize and move. Click buttons that says resize and move to see options. When finished select done at the top of the screen to save changes. Printing page range, quality, color, quantity, 2-sided etc: Select your document or let automatically open from your phone. Select the circle on the bottom that says print to pull up the print preview. Go to the bottom of the screen to the little line above the printer name and swipe up. This pulls up the menu with the other available options for printing. Swipe back down to close menu. Hopefully this helps as the app is not very intuitive. I don’t understand why the size changing function is not on the slide up menu with the rest of the options but at least it is an option again.
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4 years ago, Cavan5000
Decent app
I like the app its fairly easy to navigate. The printer is ok it uses a ton of ink and the low ink indicator is not very accurate I threw away a couple cartridges before figuring the stupid pop up was not very accurate it will print a lot more before needing to change it out and even after I put a new one it still pops up when I print from certain devices. And last it’s not compatible with a lot devices. Not sure if I just bought an odd model or what but the model above and below this model number seem to be compatible with everything. Guess I’m just not lucky with HP printers. Last one I bought was a diff. brand but it worked with all my laptops , phones and iPad. And didn’t beg for ink every two weeks. But it did break in about a year so. I guess this one with its faults is the best choice
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11 months ago, HeatherBelleApple
If I could give negative stars, I would! I had an hp printer, “had” being the key word here. I spent literally HOURS of my life going around and around and around, trying to get it to sync up on my phone with their app. which cannot automatically find the printer and once manually entered by IP address, won’t show up in the app. They have so much going on with their auto ink scam, that the functionality of their printers and their app are all compromised. Not to mention the 17 emails I got while trying to do a simple task of connecting my printer. Emails prompting me to complete the setup. …it was set up. Over and over again! Grrr! I even paid for a subscription and still spent more HOURS of my life, looking up troubleshooting, reading blogs, reading their website suggestions and even contacting them. All failed. Will never buy hp again. Bought an EPSON, plugged the printer in, hooked to wi-fi, downloaded the EPSON app and it immediately found the printer, connected, updated firmware. Worked. No emails, no harassment, no headache. Everything worked in less than 10 min.
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2 years ago, MaCoReviews
iOS app will not allow printing from default tray
If What is the point of a printer app that will not allow you to print? I have HP OfficeJet Pro 9025 printer. On both my iPhone & my iPad, if i am on a website, or within another app, and want to print, I select share, then print with HP smart. The only option that appears is to print to photo paper from tray 2. (I don’t have photo paper in tray 2. I have envelopes in tray 2. I have checked my settings a gazillion times - I have tray 1 set as default tray, and tray 1 has and is set for plain letter size paper. I have tray 2 set as secondary, and it is set for the envelopes I in fact have loaded in tray two. ) Printer keeps trying to print from tray 2, and the envelopes jam repeatedly (even though envelopes print just fine from laptop without jamming).. I have to clear the document from the queue to get it to stop. If I print from within the HP smart app, then it prints onto plain letter paper from tray 1 just fine. However, the documents you can access from within the HP smart app are VERY limited and not of any use to me.
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2 years ago, HP is trying to trick you
Horrible and deceptive.
Both the computer app and the phone app took multiple tries to connect - an hour of my life lost to watching a spinning wheel. But the kicker is the privacy settings: you are given a toggle bar where one side is white and the other is blue. Which one turns on the device tracking? Your guess is as good as mine. So I looked online (nope) tried to chat with a HP help bot (nope) and eventually called HP. They wanted my personal info as well as my serial number to help me (yes to the serial number, nope to my info). Surprise surprise after several attempts to get my personal info they attempted to answer my privacy settings question without my personal info (the irony of this was lost on the representative). The HP rep said “gray” is off. But my choices were white or blue. The rep was unsure if white or blue was gray. Her directions didn’t say left or right, just gray. So I asked which setting is the default and she wasn’t sure either. So I picked the default, white, in the hopes that means HP isn’t tracking my use and selling my info but who knows. Deceptive as heck.
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2 years ago, Sunshinestarusa
Won’t let me Scan using my printer since the latest update of this App!!!😡
Ever since this App had the latest update about a month ago, it won’t let me use the Printer Scan option in the App! It claims that my printer does not have scanning ability even though it does! And I know my printer has scanning ability because up until the latest update, I was successfully able to use the printer scan option in this App to scan documents, photos, book pages or whatever, from my printer to this App! I think this is HP’s ploy to force customers to buy a new printer just so customers can scan from their printer to this App!😡 I used to LOVE this App. Now I HATE this App! I feel like HP is punishing their loyal customers by taking away a feature that was working until their latest App update! And I KNOW for a fact, without ANY doubt that the problem with scanning is not with my HP Laserjet All in One printer, because I am still able to scan from my printer to the older version of this App that I still have on my older iPad!!!😡 Shame on you, HP, for punishing your loyal, devoted and longtime customers, like me, by purposely blocking the ability to use the Printer Scan feature to scan from some older HP printers to this App!😡
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3 years ago, MandyG1081
Need a degree in IT for this printer.
Every single time I try to print something I get an error of some sort, and don’t get me started on the nightmare it is to get this thing to connect to the internet! It constantly has paper jams, and when you finally get it running smoothly it’s out of paper because it has the smallest paper tray on record! It’s also really frustrating that you can’t order more ink until the printer says it’s low, meaning if I have a really big print job I have to wait for shipping to print half of it. Technical support is non-existent as well, so don’t buy it thinking they will walk you through it. I have struggled daily with this thing since I plugged it in, it’s constantly glitchy, tells me paper is empty when it’s full, won’t print for no reason at all but I open the app I can get it to print from there, the list goes on. Not to mention, it doesn’t even print nice when I do get it to work, the page looks grainy and pixelated. Wish I could give it negative 5 stars, worst printer we’ve ever owned.
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5 years ago, Dissapointed in Detroit
Very Dissapointed
I am very disappointed with the ink program. Upon starting I received two large cartridges. I didn’t print out ten pages when the color cartridge would not work. I kept getting an error message and though I would be contacted by HP. Then a week later my son needed something printed out for school. I would up going to the store and purchasing an ink cartridge so he could do his assignment. My credit card I used for the ink program expired about the same time and I did not respond to the emails they sent me regarding payment due and found out quickly that they take over your printer and you cannot use it until you are paid up. So all in all I’m paying them even though the cartridge they sent me was very short lived. I guess I’ll have to call them up and find out when I can get out of this program without them shutting down my printer. This program is nothing like I expected and in the long run I am paying much more than if I had just purchased cartridges from a local store.
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