Grab: Taxi Ride, Food Delivery

4.9 (104.4K)
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9 months ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Grab: Taxi Ride, Food Delivery

4.86 out of 5
104.4K Ratings
3 years ago, banskslsowjwbwbsdm
The app is incompetent
This app is not user friendly. Unfortunately there’s no Uber service otherwise I would use them instead. There’s no way for a user to contact a support team via phone call or message. The system to report an issue is long and not helpful. There should be a chat tab or number you can call for assistance. My main issue is when using my card to pay for services they charge you even if grab has not completed the service. I picked a two stop grab ride and my driver only took me to one after saying he completed the ride, which was a lie. Grab should have a system in place where the rider also confirms the driver has took you to both stops before saying the ride is complete. But this app doesn’t seem to help or service the rider who is actually paying for the service. It only benefits the drivers since they can directly contact grab via a phone number and choose when the ride is completed. I wish there was another ride app I could use because I would. But I’ll stick to taxis and motorbikes from the main road from now on.
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2 years ago, Gracie99 8
Needs improvement
I’ve been traveling around Asia for a couple of months now and have been using grab the whole time. The app is great and makes travel much easier, but I do have a problem with it. Every time a user cancels a ride, it decreases some kind of score the user has. This is a problem, because there have been multiple times that I have had a driver bail on me and tell me that I have to cancel the booking in order to get another ride. After canceling maybe 4 or 5 rides over the course of a couple months, it is now much harder for me to book a grab compared to other users. I have had to retry booking multiple times, sometimes to no avail, when others I’m with were able to get a grab immediately. As a solo female traveler, this puts me at risk of getting stuck somewhere and possibly putting me in danger if I’m traveling at night and need to get away from a place. There should be some way that the user can cancel a booking without getting penalized, especially if the grab driver forces you to cancel before you can get another ride. Or at the very least, the user’s score should be known to them and there should be a way to repair the score if it goes down. I wish the app were more user friendly in this way.
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1 year ago, Nochyertpklreevwr
I’m so thankful for the Grab app. It’s my only mode of transportation, and it’s been working so well. I have a suggestion for an added feature based on a problem I’ve been experiencing. I would love to have the ability to block certain drivers from being able to see and accept my request for a ride. I have no intention to block multiple drivers, just whenever I have a less than perfect experience, no. I want to be able to block a few drivers who hang out in my area, that I’ve repeatedly had bad experiences with (uncomfortable seating, too small, jerky driving, angry driving). Currently, I use the feature of canceling and rebooking, but there’s an element of shame in that for me, having to see that driver sitting right outside my building as I get into my other ride. Thank you for providing a needed service! Whether this requested feature is added or not, I’ll keep using Grab to get around!
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2 months ago, haidangwa
Mapping needs improvement
Overall, this app made it convenient to call for a ride in Vietnam. I was able to use my US-based credit card to pay for rides on our trip in Vietnam. The only issue I have that I think needs improvement is being able to select the pickup and destination points by touch-hold a pin point directly in the map. The main reason this is needed in Vietnam is because many locations outside the large cities don’t show up by typing an address. It seemed like the map data was missing some locations, because lots of times, my locations were in google Maps and didn’t site up in this app. Many times I wish I could get close to my destination by zooming in to the map or by looking up an address closer to my destination then I can select my final destination by touching and holding onto a pin in the map. Most of the time, I would have to yell my driver how to get to my location after he picked me up, because the app didn’t let me select exactly where I was going, or I’d have to talk to the driver through the app to tell him exactly where to pick me up.
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6 months ago, WMM9898
Bad app and customer service
I downloaded the Grab app to use on my trip to the Southeast Asia. To avoid the hassle of exchanging currency, I registered the app with my U.S. bank issued credit card. It worked well initially while I was in Malaysia, Singapore and Jakarta, Indonesia. However, when I arrived at Yogyakarta, Indonesia international airport, the app stopped working. It would not even make an effort to authorize my credit card for the ride from the airport to the hotel in the city. Luckily, I had enough local currency with me at the time to cover the ride. I contact the Grab after I arrived at the hotel. A Grab representative later emailed me and asked for a bunch of supporting documents from my bank. She told me it is for my protection. I replied to her that Grab already know my identity since I have many recent rides using the app and there was no issue with my bank authorize the transactions. However, she refused to do anything on her side to resolve the issue. I have since decided to remove the Grab app from my phone and use other apps to order the rides in the Southeast Asia countries. I want to warn other people to always bring enough local currency and not solely rely on this app.
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2 years ago, asfhu nkk
Good ride share app unfortunately ….
Trying to get a Grab car is sometimes very difficult. When I tried to hail a Garb car from Manila airport, none were available. Waited in line for over an hour for a white taxis at a fixed price of 500. Going back to the airport, I had to request 4 times before getting one unfortunately I already found a white cab at a fixed price of 500. I had to cancel the Grab car because I was already on a taxi when Grab driver accepted me. I saw other Grab cars were available but they weren’t interested in taking the fare. I can not blame the Grab drivers for not taking the fare. It was about 60 peso below the fixed fare that taxi is charging. My suggestion to Grab Corp is customer should be able to fill in a price that we are willing to pay or pay at the fixed price that taxi are charging so there is an incentive to pick up the fare. That way customers get picked up more frequently because Grab drivers are paid the same as fixed price white taxi.
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3 years ago, ftffugfdh
Though I enjoy using this app for its various points such as delivery, taxi, and sometimes sending products, it can be inconsistent in finding a driver. There were many times when I have ordered food and expect it to be here, only to wait one hour and recheck to see that they couldn’t find a driver. If they couldn’t have found a driver, why didn’t they keep trying, or at least send me a notification? They like to send me notification on nonesense deals and promotions, but they don’t send notifications on important things like a cancelled order. Also one time, one of the shop had to refund me something because they forgot the order, it was just 20Bhat or around 65 cents, and instead of just putting it toward my next order, they literally divided into two and gave me a coupon of 10 bhat each. I know they did it so I would order two more orders instead of one but are you serious? You really have to be that much of a money grabber? Honestly getting annoyed at them and will expand my app usage to other apps now.
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2 years ago, ouditha
Canceled booking
The driver we booked this morning didn’t cooperate eith us, our pin didn’t work on us this morning I texted him and said the exact place where we at we were on the other side of the road and told him to make a u turn but what he answered me was the u turn was far. It took us only 3 blocks to make a u turn on that place, but he wasn’t cooperative even if we asked him to just get on our place he was just parked where he was and not moving. We were aldo in a hurry because we were supposed to pick up my nephew from school. As he wasn’t moving and doesn’t want to cooperate and make a u turn, I cancelled the booking, I even told him I will cancel it. Now grab wanted to penalize me for canceling and not paying the 50 pesos, it wasn’t for the money but for the principle.
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2 years ago, Local Police Department
Customer service try’s to steal credit card info…
The app suddenly stopped accepting my payment method - I contacted my bank directly and they said it was on grabs end. When I brought that to their attention of customer service they demanded the only way I can move forward is to send a photo of my card, covering only a couple digits. So somehow I was accused of fraud by them for ordering food on my own card…Like what? Completely ridiculous process to make me send a photo of my credit card via email . My bank said absolutely not to do that. So I’m essentially stuck in limbo as they won’t allow me to enter any payment method, despite me having every major card carrier, unless I send them photos of my cards (which I did btw, covering all except the last 4 but they wouldn’t accept unless I revealed more numbers. ) Completely sketchy standard operating procedure. Reaching out to customer support and being accused of fraud is lovely - I won’t use this service anymore. Be careful for real, they are trying to get your card information in a photo. That’s soooo sketchy and not normal operating procedures for major providers. If you get your identity stolen, blame Grab
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3 years ago, JAIOSUSER
Violates Apple’s policies?
I recently reinstalled the app on my iPhone, choosing the Sign In with Apple option this time for better privacy. At first it worked fine, but after I gave the app my phone number it forced me to use Sign in with Facebook because I had previously used it to sign in, allegedly for “security”. This is silly. I don’t want to use Sign in with Facebook. I hate Facebook and want nothing to do with them. I want to use Sign In with Apple, but Grab won’t let me. Also, practically speaking, what is a user supposed to do if they’ve deleted their Facebook account? Can they never use Grab again until they’ve changed their phone number? In short, this seems like either a.) a bug that is resulting in poor UI/UX, or b.) a sneaky attempt to force users to allow Sign In with Facebook, and all the tracking and data harvesting that this entails. Per Apple’s policies, any app that offers Sign in with Facebook HAS TO offer Sign In with Apple, so this seems like a clear violation of the official requirements for iOS developers. Maybe just a bug? If so, fix it please. If not, shame on you. I am reporting this to Apple.
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3 years ago, Boo for Grab
Terrible Service
I ordered food through the app. The order was confirmed and said “restaurant is preparing your order,” “expected delivery 5:50-6:05pm” at 6:05 I checked the app to see where the driver was, is saw “your order has been cancelled as we don’t have an available driver. Try to place your order again.” No message, no email, no nothing. Just a change in the status when I went to check on my (previously confirmed and in process) order. When I went to try to place my order again, the restaurant I ordered from was unavailable. I called “customer service” and was told I “could try to call the restaurant and place an order and then take a grab to go pick it up.” I asked for help placing my order from the restaurant, help getting other food delivered, help with anything at all that could improve the situation. I was told that they don’t have the ability to assist with orders (I was told this from the customer service number on the app that I ordered from.) I (used to) use grab literally every single day for transport and very frequently for food delivery. I will no longer be using them.
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2 years ago, MorganV07
Used to love grab. Now, not so sure.
2021 and before Grab was an amazing app!! Ever since the company got bought out. It’s very hard to get a ride, or delivery If it’s a cloudy day, none of the drivers “have change”… aka.. tipping themselves since they now don’t get as much $ as they used to. Also, the delivery fees are higher, the service fees for restaurants that grab is charging the establishments is close to if not more than 30%. Thankfully other driving apps & drivers in Vietnam are stepping up, and many of us have started to use them instead because Grab has become unreliable. You used to know 100% you could get a ride if went to the movies and got out at 10 PM… now.. I don’t think it’s worth the drivers time, because there’s no one to accept ride and if they do- they cancel a lot now. Sad, Grab was such an amazing reliable app now. And if it’s raining? Forget about even trying to get a taxi car!
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11 months ago, Ukoiya
No more being ripped off by taxis
Google maps has been a game changer when taking a taxi. You can follow the route now and see where they are going or not going. Mostly my experience has been that taxi drivers are honest and good. They do their best to take the quickest route. However twice on this trip I have watched Google maps as they drive and even showed one of my drivers the map and where to turn. He refused and took us the long route. I felt ripped off and the heard about Grab. I absolutely love that the price is preset and you can see the route along with the driver. No possibility for cheating or ripping off ignorant tourist. I will only be using Grab from now on.
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4 years ago, Truthful Statements
Long time, loyal user, recently uninstalled
I’ve been using Grab for 4+ years and have passed a lot of money through their ecosystem, however I’ve decided on principle that I can’t support this company any longer as their customer service is absolutely terrible. As of late I’ve had a few orders in a row that were wrong, whether they were the restaurant or the drivers fault depends on the different orders, however after writing detailed explanations including photos, Grab support didn’t even bother getting back to me at all, let alone compensating me for my lost money and time. On top of what I’ve heard from the drivers (here in Southeast Asia a few years ago there was competition between Uber and Grab, and Uber took much better care of the drivers). Clearly this company does not have the customers nor the employees best interest in mind, they’re just out to take your money and get away with compensating you as little as possible. Look elsewhere. There’s lots of competitors who are hungry to satisfy their customers should there be any issues.
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1 year ago, ogbob12345
This app is low key trash
I’ve used Grab now in two countries in SE Asia. In concept it’s great, a ridesharing app for the region. Reality is that it doesn’t have even close to the same reliability as Uber/Lyft in the US. The difficult part is that people rely on these apps to get them from point a to point especially in parts of the world that are unfamiliar. Grab will not be your friend here. There is NO driver availability even in large metro parts of SE Asia. They have a huge driver supply problem that they haven’t seemed to figure out how to fix. Don’t use this app expecting to actually get a ride when you need it, whenever you travel figure out a backup plan. They haven’t figured out the fundamentals of driver supply and demand yet they push new features that no one wants or needs. I recommend the Grab product and tech teams start focusing on their basic value to users
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6 months ago, voruu
Shady Business Practices
Grab in the Philippines engages in very shady business practices from allowing drivers to cherry pick their rides to cancelling food orders claiming that there are no drivers available, yet when you immediately from the restaurant on either side the order immediately goes through. I have tested this on numerous occasions and my assumption is Grab has given restaurants a secret way to cancel orders to avoid taking blame for not fulfilling the orders. Additionally, in the Philippines grab has essentially stopped accepting foreign credit cards for food delivery to prevent charge backs because they act in such a fraudulent manner. What is going on here? I wish Uber was back as bad as they are grab needs to get light shone on their corrupt mess they are operating in the Philippines. I have dozens of photos of evidence of wrong orders and misdeliveries yet they only give partial refunds. This company is a group of scammers and holds a monopoly in the Philippines in my opinion.
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3 years ago, Indonesia Rocks
Can improve but getting so much better
Giving a 5 star rating because while Grab can 100% improve their service (contacting customer service, getting responsible and accountable responses etc) they have grown leaps and bounds since the start of this pandemic. Growing the listing of available restaurants, improved comms between drivers and customers… so much better. And what a grace it is to be able to order something to break up the monotony of these endless MCOs… sure things can be better. But I appreciate Grab’s work in giving folks food options during this never ending nightmare and supporting local businesses and Grab drivers. Kudos. Keep It up.
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2 years ago, SaeedRahmatolahi
It would be better to be able to rate the driver
I like grab and using that for most of the time . The only thing that can be improved is that when I get my food I want to give 5 star to the driver but if I do not rate in that time I can not do that any more it would be better that when there is a food feedback before that check the driver is rated or not . Maybe user forgot to rate the driver . I know its not a bug deal but I want to make the drivers happy with my giving starts but most of the time when I got the food if I don't rate in that time I can not be able to rate them anymore
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8 months ago, SEA Expat
Horrible update forces users to select unfamiliar pickup locations
I have used Grab for years, but a recent update really screwed up the app experience (at least in Vietnam). It used to be intuitive to enter a specific pickup address. Now the app wants the user to pick from a menu of nearby pickup points. In unfamiliar neighborhoods, these are often places and addresses I don’t recognize. There is a search icon, and I can search for a specific address there, but I can’t get the address to “stick.” Today I tried that, and the app ended up finding me a ride for a frequently used pickup point 500 meters away. As I was holding a 12 kg baby, I had to cancel. This is a step backwards for every category of user, but for foreigners and tourists, it is an infuriating change. It makes me wonder if Grab is responding to some harebrained government mandate. Even so, there must be a better way.
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1 year ago, fugly_mofo
Bad App and Bad Service
Years ago Uber and Grab colluded to leave a monopoly. The result has been unsurprising: poor service and rising prices. In addition, Grab promises that if the ride takes more than 10 minutes to arrive then a promo will be given. I have yet to receive said promo yet it routinely takes more than 10 minutes for my ride to arrive. Last night it took 30 minutes. No promo. Customer service when having a problem with a ride or a charge is nonexistent. The app is riddled with advertisements of promos. You have to manually add and remove them one by one as they tell you that they’re not applicable for the ride being hailed. Suggestion to the devs: why if you know the origin and destination why not just filter the promos for the user to show only the promos that are eligible? That would be too good of a design I suppose. Lastly, somehow Grab app has access to Photos without the corresponding setting in iOS Settings. It doesn’t even appear as an option with a toggle switch under Privacy settings yet the app can access and upload photos from the camera roll. This needs to be reviewed by Apple, but I doubt anyone there will end up reading this review.
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2 years ago, pata2001
2022, more services, but the basics are still lacking
2022, still the same. The calling feature rarely works. With both parties connected but neither can hear each other. It could take several tries to have a successful call. This happens even on a 100mbps cellular connection. The app has more features like shopping which can be useful. But come on, get the voip call feature working correctly. It takes 3 or more tries to get it to work. This frustrates both riders and drivers. 2021: the app has a call feature so drivers and riders can call for free. But the calling feature has like 20 seconds lag, making it fairly useless unless the stars aligned. I’m guessing Grab doesn’t put much focus on their servers
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2 years ago, snelson123
Updating Credit Card
Because of CoVid, I haven’t used Grab or the app for over two years. Since we’ll be traveling to Thailand soon, I wanted to update the credit card in the system. I get an server error message. The “help” function has no information about how to correct this. Update: Went to the Grab website to find the answer since I don’t have Facebook and since the app didn’t have the answer. The answer is that I was not in a country served by Grad (I’m in the US), so I can’t update the credit card. Will wait and update it waiting for luggage in BKK. Rating updated to five stars.
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3 years ago, CEPierce29
Expat Using Grab
As an expat living/traveling various places in the Philippines, Grab has become quite an indispensable asset. The times I have needed to contact support, the communication and interaction was pleasant and timely with 100% satisfaction and favorable outcomes between both Grab food and Grab transportation. The only constructive criticism I have for Grab and the app itself is I believe they should look closer into providing broader financial support and opportunities for foreign citizens who use foreign banks and/or debit/credit cards. At one point two years ago, I was able to use my American (USAA) bank debit card and add it as an automatic payment method, now for some reason the app(?) or Grab (?) no longer supports as a minimum my bank card in which as mentioned was used previously. Regardless, I’m still able to use cash which is a little less convenient for me personally, but works just fine for purposes of obtaining services. Thanks Grab!
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8 months ago, LycheeBaoVy
Awful app
Poorly executed app. We downloaded it since it’s the major transportation app used in Vietnam. App is slow. When we order a new ride, the initial pick up location is almost always the last location we got dropped off from last transaction. Traveling in Vietnam requires walking from location to location so just because we got dropped off somewhere previously doesn’t mean the new pick up location is the same. The new pick up spot was designated as “your location,” but there is always a confusion and the drivers always arrive at the last drop off location instead of the actual location . My husband couldn’t use the app after 3 transactions because the app flagged him as fraud because we are traveling . It didn’t do it for me. The drivers cancel on you quite often.
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2 years ago, Sfrkane
An utter disgrace
I spent $$$$ on this app every day and they charged me with a pending charge (through thousands of transactions never had an issue), and then locked the app saying I needed to pay. When I shared with support, they said “we’ve not been paid.” Okay, fine. I said release the charge and I’ll pay again. They locked my account and removed my ability to engage with support. This is after 2 hours with support with them asking me what I purchased and being very condescending. Look, I’m chill, and this was the most egregious, terrible experience ever. They are also a heartless, terrible company that harms the environment. You cannot add orders from multiple stops so you’ll need two drivers to pick up things next door to each other. I deleted the app, they are insane and would never last in the US market.
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4 years ago, Devastator77
Terrible Customer Service
The app works fine when it works but building a ride share app is not hard. When things aren’t working, it takes 20-30 interactions with customer service AT A MINIMUM to get this fixed. The first order team has the technological knowledge of my grandmother (they know what an app and email is but not much more) and getting to somebody knowledgeable is near impossible. Also, when I call in I don’t want to hear “fill out an online form” to then get into email correspondence and then get told “call us” which has literally happened on every interaction with customer service for me. It’s disappointing because I joined hearing the customer service is better but frankly Go-Jek is cheaper and in Singapore, taxi drivers are great from a service perspective and readily available.
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2 years ago, Andrew 789
Double charging
1. Difficult to contact Grab when there is an issue. Clicking "Contact Support" in the app brings the user to a page where there is no contact option. 2. Beware - I loaded up enough GrabPay credit to at least cover the quoted price to the airport to leave the country, but was charged more because of an airport fee (really, a trip to the airport and Grab can’t recognize to include that in the cost quote?) so the whole transaction failed and my Grab pay has been locked out for 3 or 4 weeks now. Even though I only owe $0.35 for the extra fee, their system will only allow me to pay the full fare to the airport again. Even when I try to pay the full fare again, their system fails. I’ve been dealing with a Grab support case for weeks but they can’t resolve it - issue is ongoing.
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1 year ago, ahmed aladawi
Not so pad
In the beginning, I was happy when I found out about the application. I thought it was like Uber or similar, but the application is good just It has a few major defects and must be fixed, such as locating the customer’s location always wrong. Also, the driver does not understand the customer’s explanation . The most important problem is that they take the value of the trip twice, and when replacing the car request with a motor pic request For faster delivery, there is a difference in the price that is not refundable. In the end, the application is not bad, but do not save the credit card in the application. pay cash better and accept my greetings
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6 months ago, Arjun2023242
Grab takes a long time to match with drivers
Each time I have used Grab to get a ride, it has taken 1 hour. Even when I have tried outside of peak hours. The only time I was matched within 10 mins, I received a very comfortable ride. There’s no indication of how long it will take but unfortunately there is no Uber or Lyft in Malaysia, so you’re forced to use Grab. Also Grab does not allow you to schedule rides ahead of time. I strongly recommend booking a taxi to travel to events where it’s important you arrive on time, such as flights. I’m very surprised that Grab does not allow scheduled rides - it’s been available on other ride hailing Apps for several years now.
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4 months ago, Eisenhower1952
Bad Delivery. DILARANG
If your delivery order has a mistake, they will not refund you. Their Help Center responds every couple of business days but leads you on an endless journey instead of resolving your issue. I had a very simple issue, I ordered 4 of a beverage and only received 1. It is a simple mistake and needs a simple refund. Instead they messaged me back and forth for days, closing my issue and forcing me to reopen it, delaying and wasting time. Then several days later they ask me to send a photo of the beverage I received as well as the receipt. You have the receipt, it is in Grab, I created this help center ticket from that order. And as for the beverage, I drank it many days ago. Just simply refund me for the drinks you did not deliver, stop making it difficult. Such bad service compared to real apps like Uber.
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4 years ago, GlobalM
Completely unsecure app with no respect for user privacy
Despite months of back and forth with Grab Support there is some random person who was able to take over my account by getting my recycled mobile number. This gave them access to my email address, as well as my ride and order history, and is s privacy violation. I also lost all rewards and points I had accumulated. Support is refusing to wipe my data from the other persons account and restore it to mine. This happened because the app ties everything to your phone number. Beware this app.
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2 years ago, Jptsr1
Gotten much worse.
Two changes Grab has made recently took them from 4 stars to 1. First they allow drivers to click that they have arrived at a location well before they are actually there. This with the new 3 minute rule until you are penalized for a driver waiting is absurd. I have actually had the app charge me for a driver waiting before he even arrived at my location. The next issue is they have removed the ability to contact customer service live. All you can do now is Email them and hope they get back to you in 24 hours. That’s too long to wait to resolve a food delivery issue. It’s as if Grab has decided they are going to lower their service standards and since they know they will get complaints they solved for it by plugging their ears.
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2 years ago, Bummer Toons
Impossible to Add Credit Card
We’ll, maybe the service works great, but I just downloaded the app and discovered that it is impossible to add a credit card - so the app is unusable. When you tap the “+” or the field on the payment screen where you enter a credit card number, the app immediately returns an error saying “Sorry, our server reported an error (bad input). Try again later.” I am not sure what “bad input” the error message is referring to because you can’t actually enter anything at all. My phone is connected to my home WiFi with an excellent connection. I have also tried connected to my mobile network with cellular data on and WiFi off, and that also does not work. I guess I will have to look for an alternate ride share service.
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3 years ago, fwong01
Terrible booking charges
Grab booking is the most terrible and most horrid app I use just to book a car. The amount of time wasted looking for a car is the stupidest thing I have experience. Why do I have to wait until the time for peak period for someone to take my booking. I have to keep waiting till the rate goes higher then a driver pick up, that is the most ridiculous and greedy thing I have experience with this system. I would like to point out that waiting 15-20 minutes for a grab is quite unreasonable as I understand the driver also have to make a living but, I have an designated appointment! Again I would like to point out how grab takes advantage of the customer as it takes away there time for waiting for booking and money as it make you wait to a point where it reaches peak period.
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10 months ago, Alberto569
Krabi Taxi
Does this app works on Krabi from/to airport? Got pick up but the driver ask to cancel and I paid cash after being in the car. From hotel to airport got stop at the airport entrance and the police seem aggravated with my driver because he was using the app to bring people to the airport. The police man took and retain the license of my driver and I am sure he is greeting a ticket afterward. I use this app all over Thailand and in Krabi is the first I have encountered issues. The app is great keep up the great work!
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1 year ago, Cosm3293
Decent, needs work
Gets the job done but needs a ton of improvement when compared to Uber or Lyft. GPS routing frequently off, timing estimates also frequently way off. Grab drivers are able to accept your ride while they still have to complete a ride. Wouldn’t be an issue if they only had a couple minutes on the previous ride, but sometimes 10+ min to drop off their current ride and they still need to come to your location. Sometimes the drivers will not accept your ride because they will not get paid enough for the distance to drive you, so you’re left waiting for a long time even though there’s plenty of drivers near you.
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3 years ago, the soccer gamer
Unable to add a second destination
After switching to an IPhone 11 I cannot add a second destination. Due to some glitch the app lacks the +sign that should be located next to the first destination that when clicked opens the field to add a second one. Which means that when I reach the first destination the trip is marked as finished. Then I have to rebook another trip and pay again for the base fair. I normally just pay cash to the driver off the App to take me to the second location which makes feel unsafe since there’s no record of the ride. I could get off the car and request a second driver through the app but due to the heavy Manila traffic it takes a long time until another available driver can be found.
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2 years ago, BioOptic
Worst Customer Experience
I have been on chat with Grab and I keep getting bounced from one rep to another. Nobody seems to know what to do to process my order. The app is the worst to even get to chat with someone and then when I do get to someone, this is the response I get before I can even respond: I am sorry, looks like I am not getting any response from you for this chat. Allow me to end this chat window. If you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to initiate a new chat with us again. We are here and happy to serve to you. A survey will be sent to you within the next 24 hours to rate my service to you today, you may select 5 if you are satisfied. Your participation in the survey will help us serve you better. Thank
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1 year ago, Balikhindi
At whim cancellation
I’m anew subscriber to Grab and my experience so far with 3 successful rides were excellent. There were however 3 other instances that while I wait for promised pickups, the trip was canceled and ask to choose another ride. The next ride was also canceled and my total standby period was more than 30 minutes in spite that the map shows he is no more than 4 minutes away. Very frustrating but I heard from another Grab driver it’s the Philippines and drivers are”independent operators subject to minimum control by Grab management! In any case these negative experience puts Grab as a unreliable Company/reputation. Paul Bautista
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2 years ago, heres my "nickname" lol
My girlfriend was harassed by a driver before dropping her off at home. Even after dropping her off she was receiving phone calls from him making her uncomfortable. I called customer support to report the driver. They said they would have to call the driver to ask the situation of what happened. I told them no after I explained he could be crazy and now he knows where she lives. If something bad were to happen with his job he could come back to her house knowing exactly who called to report him. Then they explained that’s the only way they could do it. So in the end I didn’t file a report and he’s still out driving Grab customers. Good job team👍🏼
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2 years ago, Knightowt
Payment issues
Booking rides was a terrible issue. When I finally got one, I received a message the next day stating that I needed to resolve a payment issue with my one and only ride that I was able to get. They switched the payment to “Cash” even though I Grab had verified my credit cards and the default payment option was to my CC. I was told by the help centre to manually deposit cash into their bank account at UOB since the app didn’t allow me to “top up” due to them restricting all cashless options to my account. When I deposited the money, I followed up with help center to resolve the payment issue and I received no further assistance on the matter. If you do not have a local number and card, beware!!!
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3 years ago, NinjasOfOrca
Inept customer service
I echo the statements of others that customer service is really bad. They’re not rude or anything, just bad at what they do. Most recently, I submitted a comment through the app and received an email for follow up. The representative emailing me said to reply to the message to resolve my issue. When I did, I got an automatic reply stating that the email did not work for issues and that I had to use the app The problem is, when I use the app, I can only initiate the complaint but I cannot give any specific feedback. Thus there is no way to provide responses for follow up with the issue because there is no way to respond via email It creates a situation where it’s impossible to get any resolution
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3 years ago, coleton.pierson
Worthless Customer Support
When delivery drivers forget food orders, customer support does nothing. Wasted money. Corporate policies for fixing the issue are redundant and inefficient and usually lead to nothing being fixed or refunded. Leaves you only able to review the delivery driver, which isn’t fair since the problems are mostly corporate’s fault on how they handle cases. I continuously order food only to see later that they couldn’t find a driver. It shouldn’t be difficult to order food. Funny thing is that if this fails, I usually am able to order from another service successfully. I have reduced the amount I use the service these days. Use another service, there are better and cheaper alternatives.
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12 months ago, AgileGuru
Bad user experience
1 case - Scheduled a ride in advanced, when time is up, it wasn’t clear where was the driver, no phone to contact, no driver on the map Eventually the driver didn’t come, the ride was to the airport and we had to cancel it. Not transparent at all. 2 case - got into the taxi and our plans had been panned, we decided to go to another place, entered the address, the address wasn’t shown on the map, after I realized that the address was 70 km from me. It means that there were same addresses in different places, but grab didn’t help me to understand which is which. The option to change address again wasn’t available. What to do in that moment ??? I had to call to support.
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2 years ago, StarryNightin
Simple things don’t work and they don’t care
Cant use US credit cards because their payment processor is apparently the only one in Thailand incapable of communicating with US banks. App doesn’t actually sort by distance or rating, they just show you whatever results they want in whatever order they want. Search doesn’t return relevant results. Search for pizza and the first 5 results are sushi and thai restaurants. Maybe you’ll get lucky and 3 relevant restaurants appear in the first 20 or 30 returned. Searching and sorting are useless. Such a waste of time. Want to let them know of issues such as these which will lead to you not using their service? Good luck. Nowhere in the app to provide more than 15 or so words worth of feedback. The form actually just cuts you off. How about you call them and sit on hold for 10 or 15 minutes to speak to somebody and let them know that way? Good luck. Your call will be dropped if you select any options in their call routing system / IVR that they don't want to deal with (e.g. other issue).
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2 years ago, Nahidruba75
Happy to have the GRAB app
I’m tourist here in Bangkok. Sometimes it’s get difficult to go to any restaurant or food shop to grab my desired food due to rain or tiredness. In this situation I’ve asked to a hotel receptionist what I can do. He suggested me to install the “Grab”app and my fooding problem will be gone within a second! Truly it just work like a lifesaver for me and my family! Now I’m getting my selected food at my hotel room without any efforts! It’s really awesome! Thank you!
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4 years ago, JustYourAverageHugeNarutoFan
You are useless
To the dearest company of Grab, please forgive me for what I am about to comment upon this app as it might hurt your boo boos to the extreme. When the new pandemic happened, I haven’t been using Grab since March till now. I thought of using it for when the time comes to reuse the application again, but your rotten crusty skin like beings have to deduct my Grabpoints solely because I haven’t been using my Grab app at all??!!? This is unfair for us Grab users! I would love to save up my points for something later in the coming months and in hopes that nothing can go wrong, but you exist you greedy gold digging pigs. Restore back my points or there will be consequences in the future. May God bless you and I hope you never rise from the ashes of your grave.
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8 months ago, Budhalova
They hung up on me and put me on hold indefinitely
I have enjoyed there app on several occasions but they really upset me when i needed to talk to someone. When i finally reached someone they said file it on help center. I told them i did that, and he said thank you for calling grab have a nice day@“, and hung up as i was saying i still need help. I called back, they put me on hold for two hours. Mind i had to go through the emergency grab department because the automated system did not recognize the phone or pin i am using with the account. As i am looking that it has been two hours since they put me on hold, i decided to write a review while i wait, or wait, the call just got hung up on….
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1 year ago, AllGood40
When we first got the app on Sep 2021 after moving to KL, it was challenging. We had back to back incorrect deliveries and it was frustrating. However, for the past year, Grab has been quite reliable for me and my family. Delivery folks also have been great about calling/notifying us of the delivery, or sending picture message of the drop off. Little things like these are appreciated. Thanks Grab team! Keep it up.
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3 years ago, S. Joey
Great app, lackluster customer service
My grabpay has been blocked due to a chargeback request since December 21st 2020. In the support email it states that it may take up to 90 business days from request date to reach a conclusion but it’s been 207 days without any service reply. Besides this, I’d say the ride and meal services are actually pretty decent, reliable, and convenient. I’ve been a Platinum member for several years and Grab used to be my go-to service app. Their prices don't vary much from in-store rates and I’ve never had any trouble getting a ride except during early hours of the morning (which is totally understandable).
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