Grailed – Buy & Sell Fashion

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Grailed, Inc
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3 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Grailed – Buy & Sell Fashion

4.83 out of 5
121.8K Ratings
1 year ago, mfmcckv
Grailed App
When first using grailed I was skeptical at first, a market place where negotiations could be made to sell items to consumers with the app initially allowing almost anyone to sell. What could go wrong ? Well besides the answer almost anything I decided to play around with grailed purchase a few items and negotiate prices with sellers to make confident purchases that I was satisfied with. Grailed became the used car of sneaker marketplaces, and a reliable one at that. Of course there was a few issues that had to be repaired by their compliant support team, but once passing these and getting more familiar with the app you would have a smooth road ahead easily being able to avoid potholes. Grailed became more efficient as time went on and allowed consumers and sellers to benefit from either selling or purchasing goods at conservative prices or sell to make considerable profit. With this being said, grailed has been one of my favorite sneaker market places for some time now and like that used car needed a few minor repairs but once fixed was able to run smoothly and get the job done. Shop with confidence, I know I do now !
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2 years ago, fhduhdjkcf
OG Grailed user since 2016. App has gone down hill
Let me first preface this by saying I’m not a seller. I use Grailed almost exclusively for purchasing pieces. The filters used to work great. The overall look of the app has changed drastically and all though I don’t like it, wouldn’t validate a bad rating just based on that preface. This is what really grinds my gears about Grailed. Say I search “yeezys” my results are all mixed timeline wise. It may start with a post from a year ago, two from this week, one from 3 hours, then one from 8 months. This was not always a problem and has been going on for about at least a year now. First of all in addition to filters would not be hard to implement a way to sort listings (price high to low, low to high, most recently posted etc etc). Also why are posts from inactive sellers from years ago not deleted ? Would it be hard to implement a certain amount of time an item can be listed ?? All you would have to do is put it in the terms saying “if said item isn’t sold in ___ days (or months) your item will be deleted as well as a message to your account indicating we did so. Then if the seller was still active he could just re upload, but if the seller was not, would remove a lot of unnecessary data the app has to store. Overall no better place to get such a variety of pieces, but I feel as if the Devs have been lackadaisical after their initial success.
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6 months ago, ValleyEvo
Questionable app
where do I even begin. the amount of issues I’ve had that have continuously been unresolved is uncountable. Here’s just a few for example. First off, early in my Grailed experience I was scammed. However that’s not the problem. The problem was the companies unresponsiveness and complete lack of regard for this matter. I never received a single message back, not even guidance for who I should get into contact with to resolve it. Secondly, the staffs inexperience and unwillingness to communicate. I’ve been dealing with high end sneakers for almost 10 years and with every purchase I always get second sometimes even third authentication checks. I purchased a pair of 1.0 OffWhite Vapormax from a local resell store, got it double checked, even had it in writing that these shoes were “1000% legit” from the store. Grailed called them fake and flagged my account even after sending them an additional third CheckCheck validation. Brainless. Grailed support can’t even use 2 eyes. Lastly for now and my favorite is this apps god awful and finicky settings. I can’t even change my email without being sent in loopholes. I mean seriously why are such simple things so difficult? never had any of these problems with ANY other app on ios and it’s sad. I’ve given this app so many tries. I come back to it every year or so just to try again and it lets me down every single time. the ONLY good thing about this app is lowballing every 12 year old that uses it.
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1 year ago, JoeviFlores
Payout sent 3 days AFTER delivery.
There is now a 3 day wait time for funds to be released which is horrible for sellers, this feature only benefits the customer. So you're telling me that after I ship out an item and the customer gets it, they can walk around and wear it for 3 whole days while I have to sit and wait to get paid? So by that guideline, if I decide to sell to someone in a different country, I have to wait the 2-3 week wait time for it to be delivered and on top of that wait another 3 days for MY money? Even eBay allows the option to request our funds after 2 days of a CONFIRMED ORDER, so at least I don't have to wait days for the item to get delivered to the customer's house. If you guys are trying to follow the Mercari route that has sellers wait for the customer to receive the item and review it, AT LEAST the payment gets released after the customer checks the item and leaves a review, not like Grailed that lets customers keep the item for a whole 3 days and the seller doesn't get paid regardless if the customer likes their stuff or not. I am a 5 star rated seller on Grailed and this new change doesn't help me or any seller for that matter, this new change is ridiculous. This doesn't make sense and I hope Grailed fixes this because it is a huge slap in the face to sellers, especially those who have been selling on the platform for a long time.
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4 months ago, User3_
Great app!
I never wrote a review for an app before but this one is needed, Grailed is the best app I ever used, you are able to talk to the sellers, negotiate a price and easy to purchase once you put your info in the first time all you do is tap the button to buy or to offer. All the sellers that I have came across are nice so nothing but good with me. You also get an option to follow the sellers if you like the stuff that they are selling. One feature I like for this app is that often when you confirm a purchase from a seller most the time a tracking number is immediately sent in the message because that seller is using a Grailed label, so no having to wait for stuff to get shipped to a warehouse then to you, its straight from them to you. So often you will get items in the same week you ordered which I think is pretty cool. Also shout out to Grailed for being such an easy app to navigate, I could go on about more stuff but this is all I can think of for now. I highly recommend this app! (Not a bot btw)
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6 years ago, Ian C Blair
Should’ve quit when I was ahead
I used Grailed a few times in the past year to purchase t-shirts and other small pieces and was always pretty satisfied. My most recent purchase was a Maharishi jacket that I continued to ask the seller for tracking information on, until, months later and after several lies and excuses I discovered was still at their house and hadn’t been shipped because they were waiting to mend a hole in it. I canceled my order as none of this was part of my original expectation for the product (the hole was not listed in the description) and left a negative review because the seller had behaved in an unprofessional fashion. The seller then responded to me by insisting that I take down my negative review before they would refund me. I took a screenshot of this message and sent it to Grailed with a detailed explanation of my complaint. I never heard back from anyone at Grailed regarding this. A few days later, I DID get a refund notification from PayPal, however today I was informed that the refund was not completed. I still don’t have my product, I don’t have my money, and nobody at Grailed has spoken to me regarding this issue. If you’re looking for quality streetwear and want a hassle free experience with fast shipping it’s probably safer to stick with StockX or End Clothing.
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3 years ago, Worth188
Good for Buyer. Bad for Sellers.
Being linked with PayPal for every transaction, means any buyer has protection for buying. Which also comes with them being able to charge back on anything they want, and win about half the time. Meaning the seller losing the sale, and the item, even with proof of purchase, shipping, and messages between each other. Grailed “Authenticates” every item that is posted, and it’s about 50/50. I had nearly 90 sales on my account, all 5 star ratings. Receipts for everything I had listed. Yet Grailed deems things inauthentic, even with pictures of the receipt, order numbers, and anything to prove it’s legitimacy. My account was deleted after they took down a t-shirt I posted, with the receipt to it. App itself is great. Easy to use, good for buyers. But Grailed authentication and support team is terrible for sellers. Update: I have reached out to the grailed team for help. Asked what was inauthentic about my items and they wouldn’t answer the question, only saying I’m frozen for good. Even had a sale pending on grailed from earlier that day and asked for the Grailed label to ship it and they didn’t answer at all. I’ve reached out multiple times and they have stopped answering me. Saying I am permanently banned. With 0 proof that anything is inauthentic. Even with receipts for my items.
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4 years ago, Idk I'm just mad
Worst customer service ever
I shipped my product out to the buyer initially after they paid. Found out the money was put on hold through Paypal, so I waited patiently until the item was confirmed delivered to receive the money. A week had passed by, no money. I called Paypal around 4 times by this time and they told me I needed to message the buyer to confirm our transaction in order to receive my money. Sent the buyer a friendly message asking if she could kindly just confirm the transaction and even sent a step by step on how to do so. She ignored my message and went straight to giving me 2 stars because she failed to read the description of the item. At this point I’d messaged her 3 times or so and I’d gotten no cooperation or reply. I finally decided to email Grailed hoping they’d be able to at least contact the buyer and tell her I hadn’t fully received my money yet, but all they told me was that I needed to settle it with the buyer. How tf can I when she won’t respond?? I send an email back expressing how I literally can’t, and all they say is to call Paypal. Now keep in mind, I’ve gone back and forth between Paypal and Grailed CS and it’s been around 2-3 weeks. Finally Paypal manually releases the money into my account, and they tell me that this never happens and is probably because of the buyer/Grailed. Worst first selling experience ever!
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1 year ago, Aaron_M1Z
Horrible policy update
I rarely write reviews, but I truly feel a need to provide one for this horrible policy update. The hold on seller funds after 3 days of the arrival to the buyer is possibly one of the worst implemented changes Grailed has done. I’ve sold for years using Grailed as an alternative revenue stream and this truly has made the seller experience horrible. Everyone I know, from big to small sellers have had issues with this as it takes forever to be paid, especially with the implementation of GrailedPay. So on top of waiting days for the package to deliver, and waiting the 3 days for funds to clear, we now have to wait 3-5 days on top of that to be paid… and this isn’t even taking international sales into account. It can literally be months before you’re paid now and it’s actually insane why this is the case. I’m legitimately debating on moving to Depop or other platforms because of this change. Grailed mag have a decent user base of buyers but even they’re disappearing slowly seemingly. I knew the GOAT buyout would have horrible repercussions, but this is truly becoming absurd now. Until something is done to remedy this, my review will stay as it is. It’s not much but hopefully it can at the very least prove my point. If you are a seller I really cannot recommend Grailed right now.
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3 years ago, htownalexander713
Waited 6 months to get paid $80
I sold a StockX verified FOG essentials t shirt with tags bags and stockX receipt. I sold the item snd shipped it and then the buyer chose to not let Grailed know thrush did receive the item so I couldn’t get my money until he actually confirmed he received the item even though I had proof that the item was delivered and signed for. I contacted Grailed and they pointed the finger at PayPal. I contacted PayPal and they pointed the finger back at Grailed. Lol so long story short PayPal first off is the worst and can’t believe ALL these apps and streetwear/high end sneaker stores and apps use them. Because the customer service is awful. Sadly Grailed is even worse. They didn’t do anything until 6 months later when I got my invoice for the year. And they then realized that I sent a $100 shirt and he got his shirt, Grailed got there $25 cut. But I was the only one who didn’t get paid. The buyer played the loop whole in the system, and basically got to wear a shirt for 6 months before even paying a dollar for it. Grailed is terrible I can’t believed people actually leave good reviews and believe that there clothes are authenticated when they only go off the pictures that the seller post. They have no professionals that authenticate any yeezys jordans designer clothes or designer shoes. Grailed is a complete joke.
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2 years ago, junior21junior
false bans/ignored by support
I’ve sold on Grailed on and off for well over five years now. I didn’t really have much interaction with their support because everything was smooth for the most part. After a long break, I finally got back to selling and ended up selling a few items. Shortly after I get an email saying my account is frozen for “offensive behavior”. This caught me off guard because I am the last person to say something rude towards someone else on grailed, or even their support. My brothers account also got banned for the same reason, except he hasn’t used Grailed in years. So I’m assuming they just IP banned his account falsely because it shared the same IP as mine. Anyway, I message their support simply asking what I did that was “offensive”. It wasn’t rude or passive aggressive or anything, I was genuinely curious. It’s been over a week with no answer from them at all. Grailed really helped keep my afloat financially as a side hustle, and I wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize that. I really hope my case is re-looked at over because I’m confident I didn’t go out of pocket with anyone. But currently, I remain banned with 0 explanation or assistance regarding it :( UPDATE - my user is “thequeezy”, please look back into it because I really do miss using the platform
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6 years ago, Killer goddddssss
Great app, made me great money and great clothes
I've had this app for 2 years now and it's honestly one of the best places to buy and sell. decent time where your items can sell, and negotiating is always great when buying and selling to reach a middle ground. Great curation of pieces from vintage rare pieces to the latest hyped items. And the Grailed created; articles are always enjoyable and informative. As well as great way to educate yourself on the menswear/ streetwear scene. It has its flaws such as glitches in the interface or the like/ save system but it's always quickly resolved. And apps like these always have their issues of people trying to buy (lowballs, procrastinators, scammers) but it's handled very well by the app admins. The community is also great, comments have become a personal favorite to read, helpful people, and humor at times as well (if you know you know). So overall this app is a great buy/ sell app for me when it comes to rare/ hard to acquire pieces as well as a good way to come up with quick cash. 👌
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2 years ago, Fanfsu
Let’s see!
New to Grail and I really hope this isn’t one of those platforms where the buyer has a one up due to PayPal and can easily screw over the seller. So far, reviews point to that’s it’s exactly that. Also customer service looks like it’s awful too, but I’m not there yet to judge it all. What I will advise for the app programmers is two things: one enable a better editing tool for photos (PoshMark is a good example). I just need to be able to crop the photos in the app. It’s annoying taking photos, using an app to edit them and then having to go into my camera roll just to crop them. Also, once I initially add photos from my phone to the Grailed “album” for selection and I realize I want to go back to the listing and add more or maybe forgot to select a photo to add from my phone photos, it WILL NOT allow me to add more photos from my phone than the ones I selected already. I have to exit the whole app, restart, go to edit the listing, add more photos and then it will display the prompt to add more photos from camera. This is SUPER time consuming.
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5 years ago, Dragonthunder87569
I’ve been selling and buying on Grailed for over 2 years now and I’ve had a score of 185 which took a lot of hardwork to build up my reputation and previously I sold one of my items that I was under the assumption was real as I bought it from my local consignment shop however it was unauthentic which I’m sure happens every now and then but it was my first time and it honestly was a mistake. So Grailed froze my account which I understood and I emailed them regarding what had happened to which I was informed my item that I sold was fake as I was told the steps of what to do in order to make up everything and get my account back so it took about a week for me to withdraw my funds from my bank account as I put it into my PayPal to refund the buyer which I did as after I contacted the Grailed team they decided that they should freeze my account which is extremely petty and frustrating when I’ve put in countless hours on building up my reputation which has always been 5 stars and it was a simple misunderstanding that I’ve been punished for virtually forever as I can’t do anything to get my account back and it kills me to write this but I’m very upset and don’t believe their support team treats the clients right in all their scenarios.
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4 years ago, _arissalehi
I’ve sold my pair of Travis Scott Jordan 1 highs for 1000 dollars on depop. It has been 2 months of this bs and I still haven’t got paid. There customer service is quite possibly THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED. They won’t help you and they don’t have a phone number. All of there emails are automated bots. It took them 3 weeks just to get back to me and it was another automated response. They are holding my money from me and it is not fair. Also not to mention, the app is FULL of scammers. Another thing is that when you first start the app they literally expect you to go through all of their rules of how to sell rather than telling you upfront in the app. This is THE WORST APP TO SELL ON. I will never be selling on this app again. AVIOD IT LIKE IT’S COVID-19!!!! If there was a option to give this app 0 stars, that still wouldn’t be low enough.
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5 years ago, David Bardot
Horrible customer service!
I sold supreme vans for $88 and I never received my money! I sent Grailed’s customer support an email as they don’t have a phone number which is odd for an online store as large as they are. They told me that there was nothing to worry about as paypal holds onto the money for sometime and to contact paypal because it’s out of their control. So I waited patiently for 3 weeks and said okay that’s long enough. So I called paypal and they told me there was no indication of $88 from grailed, therefore can’t give me much assistance. So I contacted grailed again, and explained what paypal said to me. Grailed also asked for the name, time, and date of the discussion with paypal just to make things more complicated. I was able to do so in hope that they would take action once I did, but I haven’t heard back from them. It’s been over a month now since I sold the shoes and I still haven’t received my money and I feel foolish for giving away shoes I paid $140 for! It’s mind blowing to me that there’s markets as popular as grailed with no listing ID numbers or any way to revise cases like this. Whether it was intentional or not this is unacceptable in 2019. I would not have sold sold these shoes if I didn’t desperately need the money.
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4 months ago, CameronJN
Buyers are sketchy and customer support is comically bad
Half the buyers on the app are trying to scam you with the oldest “I never received my item” trick in the book. It’s not really Graileds fault but annoying that they just kind of let it happen. More importantly the customer support is horrible. They won’t let me sell foam runners on the app because I don’t have a picture of the interior tag. I don’t have a picture of the interior tag because they DONT have interior tags. When I sent this to customer support they asked me for detailed pictures of my item with a handwritten note to “appeal my rejection” instead of taking the 5 seconds it would take to verify my claim. Makes me wonder how much you can trust any of their “verifications”. They’re completely hostile to anyone that reaches out. It’s frustrating that I can’t even get an item listed without jumping though hoops but people can just lie and say they never got the item. Without sellers Grailed has nothing so it’s weird how they seem to be the ones targeted. Also be prepared to have someone lowball you with a $30 offer for your $120 listed item
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5 years ago, juropel
Go-to apparel marketplace though scammed once, search could be improved
I discovered Grailed less than a year ago, and have since been using it to find gently-used secondhand technical apparel and accessories at decent prices. So far I have sold one item on Grailed and purchased a few items. A few months ago I was scammed by a “seller” who would post items priced really low and then (I realized) repost the same item after it sold. “Seller” was responsive prior to my payment but then ghosted me after I remitted payment. Thankfully, I was able to get a refund from Paypal. Grailed should figure out a way to flag suspicious sellers (machine learning, anyone?). This scammer in particular had fake positive feedback, presumedly from friends or other fake/scam accounts. My other suggestion is to improve the search feature. It is not intuitive when it comes to saving searches and querying saved searches. (eBay iOS app does a good job at this.) It would also be really nice to receive a notification when one of my saved searches has a new match. (Surprise, eBay does this as well.)
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2 years ago, Viking4144
Terrible moderation, enables scammers and losses
I’ve been a buyer and seller for years with about 100 transactions. I bought a 80$ item a year ago and never received it. Seller stopped replying (CLWS) and never refunded me. I just noticed the seller has reposted the item 22 days ago and after having reporting this account various times, it’s still up and able to scam more people. Because of this experience I have never used grailed again and have been preaching against it to a wide network of people on blogs and pages for the better part of a year. *for moderators, my account is “RealWyld”. Stop letting people get robbed with no recourse. **UPDATE. I have now been getting emailed from this same person who scammed me from the purchase information that he received from Grailed. User is threatening me with knowing where I live. I dont know what to do. I also have been banned because I had cursed him off in our chats, BECAUSE HE ROBBED ME. I dont care that I have been banned as I lost all credibility in Grailed after this experience anyway but something has to come to fruition after literally getting threatened through email that grailed gave him.
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6 years ago, Deadpool2744
Not Pleased
I was a seller on Grailed. I obtained a five star review selling multiple products. I mostly sold Supreme. My team and I would go to mass trades and receive very hyped items. We have sold box logos in the past and received 100% satisfaction and the buyer stating hey are clearly authentic. Today, I listed an item i got my hands on a while back. This was 100% authentic for I have the receipts from Supreme. As I went in, someone had commented “fake” at the bottom. Now this is quite common for those who like to troll. To my surprise, I was banned within seconds. Grailed did not take the time to review the order nor take time to look at the pictures to verify that this is indeed real. I am frustrated with the customer service as well. I have emailed them in the past with concerns and it took them a whole 2 months after sending then emails. This is no way to run a business. I have thousands of dollars worth of merchandise which I have to sell through hand because of the lack of attention Grailed gives its customers and sellers. If you want to become a seller, Id advise you not to. Not only is it a waste of time. It might also cost you sales in the future.
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1 year ago, slothostupid
Was great for a while
I’ve been using Grailed for years and honestly loved the overall experience. Then recently I purchased an item that was verified authentic on the app. I got bored of the item and decided to relist it to get some money back. As I resisted it, it got taken down for being inauthentic. I was very confused with this, being I had bought it with Grailed claiming it was authentic. So I thought it might have been a glitch, and tried to list it again. It was taken down immediately and my account was frozen. I asked for an appeal explaining my situation, to no avail. Customer support was useless. I decided to cut my losses and just make a new account. When I tried to purchase my first item on this new account, as soon as I sent a binding offer with my address, name, and PayPal linked, this second account was frozen. I emailed support yet again, and they just kept sending auto generated messages that weren’t helpful to me whatsoever. Honestly the app is fine, but the people behind it are horrible. A small mistake/misunderstanding can prevent you from using it as a buyer or seller ever again.
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5 years ago, Ortega J.
BEWARE! Seller Protection not guaranteed.
I’ve sold a lot of small items on here and bought some items without a problem. Up until recently I sold a pair of very expensive Tom Ford sunglasses and got burned for them. What happened to me was that the customer was unhappy and reported me through PayPal and without even consulting me or getting my side of the story PayPal has “Permanently Restricted” my account forever. It goes against PayPal’s policy for anyone to deal with sunglasses I should have known this but more importantly Grailed should have known this before allowing a category through their app for selling glasses. I have not been able to reach Grailed and they are not doing anything about this. They are not the ones guaranteeing buyer and seller protection as they do not have any power with PayPal. I lost a very expensive pair of sunglasses and I’m out all the money I had in my PayPal account for this very careless app. BEWARE YOU WILL GET BURNED. Thanks a lot for nothing Grailed. Please give a little more effort with trying to solve problems instead of just posting weekly outfits. Unacceptable.
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6 years ago, Grailed Enthusiast
Helps a lot.
Before I downloaded this app I’d only go to thrift stores & maybe try eBay for most items but Grailed is exactly what the name is a lot of items that most see as grails & their all available here on this app easily accessible it’s sorta like a community for rare items & there are always steals going around I’ve purchased two items so far & they were both for very reasonable prices although one thing I bought a pair of shoes was a half size off I didn’t mind because I still was able to wear them sorta & after a few months I was able to sell that same pair for more than I bought it for in the first place so guess it worked out lol. Will be using this app for almost all my selling & the list of grails I have are on the top of my list, I’m gonna end up going broke on all the options I’ve added.
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3 months ago, a loga
Just plain awful nowadays.
Grailed has fallen so far. First off, the moderators of Grailed have no clue what they are doing. This piece is authenticated, this exact same piece isn’t. This piece with tags pictured is not authenticated, this piece with zero in-hand pictures is authenticated. What an easy job it is to look at photos, and yet they can’t even be close to consistent about it. The most recent update has the worst UI I have ever seen. Ruined the Profile page by pushing everything up. Why would you make the profile information as small as possible on the PROFILE PAGE. Terribly ugly black rectangle buttons with massive grey and rounded drop shadows? What the heck is that? And of course, the app never loads anything. Regardless of my service or WiFi connection, “My Feed” only loads 4 rows of 2, and then infinitely loads if I scroll past the 4th row. I have never once seen more than 8 items on “My Feed.” My “Favorites” also rarely loads regardless of service or Wifi. Just infinitely refreshes. Garbage app, garbage Grailed team, garbage developers and designers.
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4 years ago, Jstar1580
Persistent bugs after years of use
Update: original review below, just updating for more recent issues with the platform. Still extremely buggy, still zero protection for sellers and buyers alike. No real “Grailed protection” just redirects users to PayPal for a claim they may never resolve. On top of all this they now increased their fees to almost 10% ! They offer nothing and expect 10% of all of your sales. They are also blanketing their reviews with paid / bot reviews to keep it at 5 stars (source: have a friend who still works there, hence why I knew about their sneaky non-refunding of returned item fees. Thank you ROD.” OG review: For several years I’ve had to delete the app and reinstall / sign in again after a few weeks because it slowly begins not loading items. You’ll be scrolling through a search or your favorites and suddenly nothing will load. No pictures, missing details. Cannot believe this hasn’t been fixed yet considering the amount of money they’re making on unclaimed canceled / returned item fees that never get reimbursed unless you file a claim with their CC.
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3 years ago, babkababushka
If you’re a reseller don’t waste your time
Been on this app for at least a couple years, listed hundreds of items, barely sold anything even though I’ve sold hundred of items on other apps, and have had multiple customers input the wrong address. The app doesn’t charge sales tax so you will be responsible for that. The app puts the burden on the seller really, let’s customers leave unjustified bad ratings for something that’s their mistake I.e., a customer leaving a 1 star rating as “item not delivered” but due to customer inputting the wrong address, even when there was full communication about it with the buyer, and doesn’t let the seller rate the customer or respond to the negative feedback. They’ll only take the low rating down when you’ve refunded the money, which is difficult to do when the package is still in transit 😆. This is a horribly bad app and I don’t see it surviving with all the other more useful apps out there. If you’re a reseller just don’t even waste your time with this app, I wish I hadn’t.
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4 years ago, Oliver_S_2001
Appalling customer service.
With the amount of negative reviews you’d think Grailed would change something up. In my few years on grailed I've lost a lot of money due to the lack of care from the grailed team. I’ve read copious reviews about how awful customer service is at responding and I can fully say I agree. I was scammed out of a Supreme Quarter Zip hoodie, which I take responsibility for. However there weren’t any actions taken to follow up with the scammer, they just banned his account after he stole my item. Next, I bought a bunch of stickers. I paid around $50 USD for them and they never came. The seller was apparently banned which meant I was SOL. And now I’m in a situation where the seller hasn’t provided me with tracking information. The seller also has multiple one star reviews because they’ve sold multiple items that never arrived at their destinations. In short, grailed only cares about the fee they get from any sale or purchase and it’s criminal. Don’t use this app, you’re better off anywhere far from here.
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4 months ago, rob124325
Alot of fake “replicated” items pass through grailed “authentication” team and are sold heavily throughout the app watch out for items that may look real or have been authenticated by grailed they may sell you a fake item and you wont be able to get your money back because grailed protects the seller. To get a refund you have to request for their team to review the purchase and they decide whether they deem your purchase refundable or you have to contact the person that scammed you and ask them if they can “please give the money back” they purposely stole using fake items that grailed deems as “authentic” i used this app for literally 2 weeks and sold 2 items but when i tried to sell an item back that i had originally bought off grailed they told me it was inauthentic and indefinitely froze my account so i cant even get my money back for the item that was sold to me that may or may not be fake. Still waiting on a response from their “team” its been two months now since i heard anything
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1 year ago, Behr-Jew
🚨Terrible for sellers, stay away🚨
Some positives before I ripped them a part, Grailed is [great for buyers] and the app is easy to use. Having said that, if you’re an Average Joe trying to trying to make a quick buck I suggest another platform before you lose your head and your money. Grailed has little to no seller protection, partnered with PayPal, you have the ability to add the tracking numbers, picture evidence on a sold item on Grailed and PayPal. You’d think these features alone would be OK for them to release your money but no, you can make phone call after phone call, listen to prerecorded messages, or listen to prerecorded excuses for the unusual high traffic of callers but never an actual human willing to help or understand. Buyers have the ability to dispute item’s delivered, not only will they have the sold item but also the money refunded 95% of the time. This has been my personal experience as an honest seller, I’d be less annoyed with Grailed fees if they actually protected sellers. Queue the Grailed response🤡
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3 years ago, doo doooooo
Putting out an item for sale is horrible
I have two items in which I cannot put out for sell even though they are legit items bought at super known stores such as flight club and I really don’t understand why my items get removed from my “put out to sell list” when I do everything you guys ask me to do for authentications, you guys really need send us messages of more info you need on the sneaker I feel that this mostly happens with used sneakers as they don’t look like how they did before, but how do I know you guys aren’t selling any fakes either if you don’t even recognize the real . I have put out a listing for a ASSC hoodie which are the easiest to Authenticate especially if you have the tags which I do because it’s brand new and I showed that notification of authentication in photos which came from the ( ASSC APP) it’s truly frustrating not being able to sell items and just having to keep adding more and more pictures just for those items to be taken out without even notifying us!
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5 years ago, Den4785
Grailed is by far the least user friendly app
Iv bought many items in Grailed and the process is great. But there are a lot of Fakes and replica items on Grailed so you have to be careful about what you buy. Selling on Grailed is horrible. About two monthsI sold a $500 pair of shoes on Grailed and they never released payment to my account. They then proceed to permanently freeze my account so no only did I never receive payment I wasn’t able to contact support through the app. After I found the support email I send the Grailed team an email which they never responded to. I proceeded to send another email which they did respond to this time but the response was not helpful at all. So I sent another email, that was a month ago and I still havent received a response. The customer service at Grailed is less than dissatisfying. So it’s 2 months now that iv been waiting on my money but I’ll probably never get it. Take my advice, don’t use Grailed for anything but purchasing items. If you want to sell you items use Poshmark, the seller is much better protected.
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3 years ago, ArtyomtheRanger
Full Time Seller’s Review
As a full time seller I’ve come to rely on Grailed a decent amount. I care about it for a variety of reasons. There are some issues that are worth addressing. -That 9%, absolutely absurd, should go back to what it was before. It really made me and others recoil a lot when seeing it. Especially with the fact that it can kill deals, for either side. - The app. Dear god the app. I have a 12 pro Max IPhone, absolutely no reason this app should run so horrendously. Can sometimes take a couple minutes just to LOAD the thing. Frustrating when leaving the app and then coming back. As it has to RELOAD the whole thing AGAIN. Can’t even begin to describe how silly this is. -The community is relatively good, few bad apples and annoying tire kickers every once in a while. 60/40 split. -Customer support is lack luster at best. Long wait times and poor responses with issues have left me frustrated on a number of occasions. The overall experience is good, probably one of my favorites when it comes to a clothing buying experience. But it’s riddle with flaws that need to be addressed. But sadly knowing Grailed, they’ll likely ignore issues or wait years to fix these issues.
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8 months ago, Rudy98.11
Truly dismal customer ‘service’
Since the buyout Grailed’s customer service has become down right awful. If you contact them for an issue they state response time is up to 48hrs. If you’re lucky you’ll get a response in three days, more often than not no response whatsoever. Their new 3-day after receipt payment is only as good as the tracking service. If the item is left at a doorstep tracking never confirms it as received and your funds are held indefinitely even after receiving positive feedback, long after 3 days. In the meantime one must waste their time contacting their totally non-responsive customer service. Grailed is now as bad as Vestiaire Collective, both operating in this mysterious Kafka-esque world of non-transparency and complete inefficiency. Grailed’s only care is the shipping margin they take advantage of via UPS as they now provide their own shipping labels. If you’re a seller good luck because you’re on your own. If something goes wrong the burden is on your shoulders IF they even bother to respond.
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2 years ago, GLMATERIALS
Horrible experience on my 1st purchase..
On July 31st 2021 I purchased something from grailed that “shipped” out on august 2021, today is September 11th and now the tracking isn’t showing anymore, while it didn’t update since august 2021. I can’t even request a refund if i wanted to due to the 180 day refund period, but Ofcourse i have been trying & trying to get my refund from them way before the period, but their team hasn’t been understanding my inital purchase wasn’t from a PayPal account just my card, and they seem to have a hard time understanding everybody… so the fact that it’s my first purchase from grailed and I didn’t even get the item I ordered… Questions if i’ll be getting anything else from them. They should make it a top priority to make sure any customers are satisfied with any issues that persist but it seems to me as if they swept my situation under the rug & didn’t take me seriously. It’s sickening, i’d advise any one who has future purchases under grailed to proceed with caution.
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5 years ago, grabes555
Best fashion, clothing, sneaker reselling app
Grailed has been my main source of sneaker resell and clothing resell that I’ve used to flip sneakers, sell unwanted clothing, and buy new jackets from trusted users that list items at prices you simply can’t find anywhere else. Finding items that are lightly used has given me an opportunity to buy items I’ve been looking to purchase for a fraction of the cost, and allows me to return the favor as a seller also. With an international community and an app that’s incredibly well designed, there’s absolutely zero complaints about Grailed. They’ve made a tremendous amount of updates within the past year alone, and always listen to their users for input and always try to make the buying experience better.
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4 years ago, ay_ya_c
New “Binding” feature is the dumbest thing this app has added
Makes casual offers and negotiating pointless. You can no longer offer someone to see what they are set on/ looking for. Maybe I wanna offer someone a low price to see what they’re think of or see if they’re desperate enough to sell it to me for that cheap. Even then if they accept you would normally be able to think about your purchase. Now they basically make the purchase for you if you offer and the seller accepts. You can’t decide if yo actually want to go through with it after they accept. Really bad way of negotiating and has decreased my amount of sales and engagement. Very annoying to have to be set on buying something even before knowing it’s available for that specific price. Basically eBay now, and lost its unique feature. Hopefully this gets turned back. Don’t fix something that isn’t broke! The app was fine how it was, fine something else to do during your job rather than tool around with peoples sales. Disgusting
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5 years ago, Luke Piazza
Awful customer support
I bought a Supreme beanie over a week ago. I have sent multiple refund requests and have not been responded to for any of them. The seller said that he had already sold the item after I bought it. So because of that he cannot send me the item. So obviously I want my money back. I waited the 5 days to request a refund and I did. Then I waited the 2 days to hear back from Grailed about if my refund will be accepted. I didn't hear back so I requested again and waited another 2 days. I have yet to hear back from Grailed. I have tried DMing them on instagram and no response. The seller is constantly like "when are you gonna request a refund." And I'm constantly like "I already did like 5 days ago." And Ive been sick of emails and getting emails from bots, and there is not support number. It it impossible for me to talk to a real person and get my problem solved. This is absolutely obnoxious and I will never use Grailed again. As of writing this I have still not gotten my money back.
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2 years ago, hhhhfjdhdhxjxjxjvj
Grailed froze my account after having owned it for several years
So my mom has been wanting to get rid of some of her chanel and goyard purses she had bought throughout the years. I posted them on my account and the listings were quickly removed. After a couple days, I checked grailed to see if I had received any offers when I noticed that my account was logged out only to find out it was frozen. I emailed them and after a week they told me that I was banned because of fraudulent activities. I don’t have any idea what I did wrong and they won’t explain why either. The only theory that came to mind would be that the purses might be fake, but the thing is that my mom bought them through grailed. They don’t seem fake to me but if this is true, not only did we buy fake luxury items on grailed, they banned me for trying to sell an item I bought in their app. That’s a big double whammy and goes to show that they don’t care about their users. Sad
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6 months ago, Jesusfromjesus
Because I post items that are truly deadstock, aka still in the bag, Grailed refuses to allow my items to be sold on their platform. It’s ironic for a reselling app but the main reason for my review is the fact that it’s pure discrimination. Why? Thousands of listings are made under the supposed branding of “Supreme” and yet when you search for Supreme you’ll find that almost 90% of what you’ll see is nothing but vintage garbage being posted as products of Supreme when they are not. This violates their policies blatantly and yet because i’m a high end seller i’m discriminated against for not providing wash tags. Not like I can’t really recommend the app for general resell purchasing/selling purposes but for high end streetwear sellers i’d definitely steer clear if you actually sell deadstock items. Thumbs down as well for the worst possible and generic responses from their support to who flat out refuse to acknowledge my issues. As of 2024, this is still their practice.
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1 year ago, Dys1331
Used to be Amazing…Not Anymore
Grailed cannot stop getting in their own way. This platform used to be my go to for everything fashion and it was great to be able to quickly and easily sell items that you didn’t use anymore. Unfortunately they have completely lost touch with their customer base over the past 4 or so years and have created a horrible user experience. Selling fees have grown absolutely astronomical and now you have to wait 3 days after delivery for payment to go through which opens sellers up to limitless scam possibilities and forcing sellers to refuse international sales. No reason to use this app anymore as there are better options out there, I went from someone selling multiple items weekly to barely using the app anymore because of these changes. Hey anything to nickel and dime your loyal customers who have been using the app since it’s inception.
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2 years ago, Yuri_Fontaino
1 single flaw
Been using the app for a few years now I love it I only have one single complaint. The offer system is ignorant, it used to be where you could simply make an offer and the seller would choose to accept or decline, it’s still like that except now sellers can choose to put their items up for offer only which is super disappointing if you find something you like and don’t have the option to just buy it straight up. This isn’t eBay no one wants to go bid for bid with someone over an item. There’s nothing wrong with having the option of offer only but put a filter where us buyers can choose to view items that only have a buy or offer option not just exclusively offer only. Other than that love the app.
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11 months ago, grailed goblin
Shipping nightmare for sellers using thermal printer
I’ve been selling on Grailed for over 6 years, along with countless other apps, the new update with grailed labels to print being the only option is absolutely terrible, aside from the higher shipping cost for the buyer if you are using a thermal printer it is not possible to format to a 4 x 6 label without getting the grailed label, downloading it and then putting it through photoshop or a similar app to crop, rotate and then resize to fit the label printer. I’ve shipped multiple thousands of orders across all platforms and have never had as much trouble shipping orders. I’ve spent hours trying to resize a few labels today and couldn’t figure it out so I had to go find my old printer hook it up and then go out to the store to buy tape to manually tape the label to the packages. Please fix the pre made grailed labels to give a 4 x 6 option or allow us to print our own labels and cover shipping like before.
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4 years ago, urboiijuan
This app is great to use its very organized and very hard to get scammed on Grailed at least from my experience but if you are willing to sell and make money off this app i wouldn’t even bother downloading. For the past few months there’s been a lot of people that have used Grailed and have gone on their social media’s commenting on the 9% sellers fee. Which in my opinion is complete BS and is very greedy, the fact that makes ur worse is that they continue to not listen to there community and to some people selling and making money off their account really helps them but unfortunately Grailed is just another greedy company that could care less about their community.
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4 years ago, Poopyface890
Buyer Friendly//No protection for sellers
I used Grailed for two years and had over 40 items sold and ran into almost 0 issues until recently. A buyer made a purchase internationally from the US to the UK. English clearly wasn’t his first language and after the purchase there was some misunderstandings about what “shortening the body” meant on a blazer. Long story short the buyer demanded a full refund because he didn’t want to pay for the tailoring(fabric was left inside the jacket). After submitting all the messages we exchanged to Grailed they still sided with the buyer. Emails were then exchanged where the buyer was able to pull my social security information and W2 and still Grailed proceeded to quietly block my account. While blocking me however they let another buyer’s purchase I never sent go into the void. His money is still in my paypal, so “buyer-friendly” was the wrong word... so long as Grailed gets their cut at the end of the day you can bet you’re on your own.
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7 years ago, Keenyn though
What more can I say?
Probably my favorite place to buy clothes on the entirety of the internet realm, very secure (paid with PayPal). Guaranteed protection from scams and fake items. Haven't tried to sell anything yet but it's a pretty secure process regardless. Only reason I gave them four instead of five stars is because they are a lil too overly secure and they flagged me randomly for no reason CLAIMING I was making offsite transactions when I never did. I emailed them and talked to them and they realized I actually wasn't either so they were able to clear it up BUT that whole process did prevent me from buying anything for like week, God forbid the item I wanted ended up getting bought in that amount of time I would have been SOL all due to their mistake but their communication was still good. 4 stars. Great site.
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6 years ago, Brenden Carey
Great App, If you’re careful.
I’ve now bought three pairs of shoes off grailed from two different sellers, both of which were polite and professional and cared about getting the shoes to me punctually and without hassle, however these sellers aren’t always what you come by and it’s always good to ask questions before purchasing and make sure it’s through PayPal. I did try to buy a pair of snoopy van that a guy had up for a steal and I paid and he said they were shipped and two months had gone by and they still weren’t shipped so long story short he tried to get more money out of me after I paid and it was a scam so I made a claim to grailed and they refunded me the money fair and square so be careful, but as long as you use PayPal, grailed will have your back in most cases.
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4 years ago, Tom-masssss
What a scam... don’t waste your time
So I signed up and bought a sweet leather jacket from a guy. Paid right away and everything, then as the days passed as I was eagerly awaiting my sweet new jacket I began to wonder when it would arrive and began digging... apparently I was supposed to get tracking from the guy but never did so after about a week and several messages to the seller I finally gave up and requested a refund, which I am still working on, then tried to at least give the seller a poor review so that others might avoid the same issue, but trailed wouldn’t allow the review. Even reached out to their customer service with no response... definitely pretty sketchy especially for all of the high end stuff they are selling through this... perhaps I just got unlucky but I certainly wouldn’t trust doing business through this site again. Hopefully I get my money back without contesting my credit card and PayPal... what a huge waste of time. Cheers!
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4 years ago, Tewere
Not Scam Proof But a Good App
Back a couple months ago, I had used the app regularly, and bought quite a few items off of the market place when I had run into what didn’t seem to be a scam at the time, no bad reviews, several transactions and some shoes for an unbeatable price. I had messaged the seller and all was good until he told me he only took cash app which is doesn’t have scam protection. I had already paid for the item, and when the time came, seller didn’t ship, grailed had learned the transaction, sent it to PayPal and basically neither PayPal or grailed did anything to help me. Grailed just kept saying that since they had sent the money to the sellers PayPal, I had to go through PayPal to get it back. I tried for weeks to get my money back and PayPal literally told me they couldn’t do anything. So I got screwed out of my money from both businesses. Do better on anti-scam grailed.
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2 years ago, mmrrr99
Used grailed for 5+ years, worst reseller app!
I have used this platform for a long time and can confidently express that its a waste of time. The “authentication” process is a joke as they relay on images/photos of a product tag which could easily be faked. They are known for selling fake products and leaving customers hanging because of poor consumer service which can’t reply professionally or with valid answers. They are also notorious for writing fake reviews to save face. And to top it all off have the worse fees for resellers causing then to up there prices on items. As a reseller you get zero support, neck deep in photo requirements, Grailed employees who sit behind a screen and have no clue what they are looking at calling themselves authenticators. Who can remove your listing at their discretion causing you to waste your time posting, highly recommended sending your valuable posting time on better apps!
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6 years ago, I Am Second 2 God
Lack of customer support
This application has lack of customer support, if Grailed even has customer support? This would then fall in the category of having the worst customer support. I don’t think anyone appreciates automated emails or waiting 3 to 4 business days to get a response via email. Nor is a customer support line provided to call. When the consumer has any issue it is very important customer service is quick to respond, and resolve any issues. I choose to pass on this application and don’t recommend downloading or using it from this pint forward. There is no legit customer service. Please understand supporting applications who don’t care about the consumer only make online shopping worse. We all know the consumer eventually run in to issues with different applications, stores, food etc...and the most important factor is to then reach out and receive costumer service. In this app there is none. Thanks
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