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User Reviews for Graphic

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6 years ago, Serendipitron
What Happened To Panning Bar Update
I previously commented that "There used to be a pan bar for panning the canvas when zoomed in to a level where the canvas would not fit within the drawing window and that this pan bar is no longer available even though it is visible in the App Store screenshot." This holds true for the document I had been working on, which was created in a previous version of Graphic, however, I just created a new document and the panning bar appears when I zoom in sufficiently. Oddly, when the old and new files are open at the same time and can be individually viewed by clicking the applicable tab, the issue still exists.
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3 years ago, LovelyC246
Great for Web Designs, Vector Assets and Social Media
I have used this app on iPhone, iPad and Mac since 2015 and it's great for creating mobile app designs, website assets, craft files and other illustrations requiring simple tools and uses mathematical algorithms rather than a lot of fluff. I found it looking for an alternative version of Adobe illustrator and only had to pay for it once seven years ago. It may not have everything Adobe Illustrator has, but it works just as well if Adobe accepts illustration and other designs made with this App. I didn't need to take tons and tons of courses to learn how to use it and that was the point of creating it. Instead, I just followed the help guide and it explained almost anything I needed to know. Admittedly, I don't use a ton of filters or plugins, but those I have used work fine. I love this application and it is a vital part of my design workflow to create web designs, layouts, templates, social media headers, illustrations, icons and almost anything else. I've thrown a lot at this application and it still works great.
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9 years ago, zipperhead357
Excellent Vector Drawing Tool
This is an excellent tool for vector graphics. I’ve purchased “many” graphics tools over the years and most of the time they get used for about a week then never again. Either they are overly complex or they just don’t do what I need them to do. Out of the box, this tool delivers. It is relatively intuitive to use and packed with features. What’s more important is that you don’t need a PhD in graphics design to use this tool. If you are a programmer who wants to create icons for your apps or an artist who wants to do something more involved, this tool will deliver. Back to my earlier comment about using a tool for a week and then never again… I’ve been using Graphic now for about a year. I’ve created hundreds of vector images. This tool has become one of my key go-to tools for app development right next to Xcode. Finally, $29? Seriously, you can’t beat the price especially given that the authors continue to improve and upgrade this. I’d pay more than that for a an icon package. Exceptional value.
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6 years ago, upsetbuyer:wantmy$back
Needs Improvement!!!
I got this application to make a marketing project. I had to design a magazine cover and make a logo. I was really impressed with the app in the beginning stages of my project when I made my logo. It was very easy to use and my logo turned out great! When I got to the portion where I had to make the magazine cover, it all went downhill. The app started to continuously glitch. I tried multiple times to restart both the app and my Macbook and neither helped the glitching. The paint brush tool and the pencil tool are terrible. You “color” or “trace” in one area and the actual mark is on the other side of the page. After every paint brush or pencil move, you also have to go and click the little mouse button otherwise it will glitch out and you can’t even use the brush or pen for like 10 minutes. I have tried updating the app and that didn’t make an improvement either. Overall, I am very disappointed with this app and WOULD NOT recommend buying it. It’s a complete waste of $30. If you want to deal with constant glitching then great, get the app! It will probs make you very frustrated and disappointed like me though. It’s created many migraines and not a great project. I completely agree with another reviewer who said this app should be renamed “Garbage”!!!
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6 years ago, NIkkiStarr99
Worthless for my usage
I think this would be good if you are creating a logo and like to use vector graphics. there is no way to manipulate an existing image. For example, if you have a multicolor image and want to change one color to another you can’t do that. there is also no feature to cut a portion of an exisiting image. You have to create objects and maniputlate each object. So you can change everyting in a given image but you can cut it out or change a portion without using a brush pixel by pixel. In grapics tools I have used I could fill based on a color and have it stop filling when it reached a border of another color - can’t do that here. There’s also no way to cut portions of an image and move it around. You have to manipulate everything in in an object and the tool treats everything in the object the same unless you set it up with the tool itself. I used to use Paint Shop Pro on the PC from corel - It is the best tool for the price I think on the market this doesn’t even come close. However, if you are starting from scratch and love objects this will probably work for you. I just that the description was a little misleading and without a trial i feel like i got duped.
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7 years ago, Muhahraka
While I initially really liked this app and what it can do, it starts to disappoint as you try to extend it’s features by writing custom plugins to automate repetitious tasks. The documentation for writing extensions is basically non-existent and it seems extremely buggy. For example they say that the plugin’s can be written in Objective-C or JavaScript, but they only provide examples of Objective C. Even throwing aside JavaScript (because there is no documentation on how to call those methods), writing plugins in Objective-C results in constant crashing of the program and little or no ability to troubleshoot the issues. The ability to easily select objects, get the index of shapes, draw circles, use tools like divide, subtract, intersect -- none of these things seem possible or the API documentation doesn't tell you how to perform these actions. Examples online from other users are very difficult to find, probably because no one knows how to write them without any documentation. Seems like a tiny bit of effort on Autodesk’s part could really improve this app, but for whatever reason it they haven’t focused on improving it.
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7 years ago, dublduk
MacDrawPro - Fast Forward=> Graphic 3.0.1
I have been a heavy user of MacDrawPro way back on Classic 9.1 OS which I was still running on my G5 Mac Tower. But once I discovered iDraw…now Graphic as AutoDesk has renamed it, I find this app over the top for the price to performance and capabilities. With extremely accurate Scalability I can design everything from a dog house to a work bench or cabinet, remodel my deck or plan the layout of my garden plots with 100% accuracy before ever cutting a board or hammering a nail. It is extremely easy to learn and once you know the basics you will pat yourself on the back for choosing such a great program. Its really worth much more than the sale price. And I don't even use the other "half" of the program for images, graphics, and vector objects manipulation and creation. Runs perfect on 10.8.5 Mt. Lion on a 2007 iMac as well as my 2017 iMac on Sierra.
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6 years ago, Some nickname123
Amazing Application!
I dont know where to start but this application is great, it has so many features that apps like Pixelmator Pro and others I’ve tried are lacking. I’m not a pro graphic designer but I have to say this app is very intuitive, well designed, simple to use, and it has a lot of precision controls. Simplicity without sacrificing features is the hallmark of great design. I love their dimension drawing tool, other apps dont have this feature, exporting is a snap and easy to understand. Customer service is great, I had a couple questions and a few small issues when designing my graphic art, so I fired them an email and they got back to me very quickly, ready to resolve my issue. They even updated or made me a custom plugin, which was awesome. Thank you guys for making an amazing app! God Bless!!
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9 years ago, pik80
Affinity is the strongest option at this point
I was briefly amused by this app but have pretty much dumped it after Affinity Designer (and now Affinity Photo) have been advancing over the last year. As of this writing Serif is mere days away from coming out with an update that will support art boards as well as canvas rotation (which even illustrator doesn’t have!!) and bleed support, etc. Another review said that I was “predicting the future” when I said that this app was going the rental route. But come on, nearly all of Autodesk’s software is rental only at this point. Is that really an unreasonable prediction? Lightroom wasn’t rental only but is gradually moving that direction along with the other Adobe apps (some features are only available to rental users.) Well I am betting on Serif. Features that Affinity doesn’t have like iPad support are already in the works and should be out fairly soon. The Mac is more mature and better to focus time on at this point anyways.
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6 years ago, mister_all
LOVE this App!
I use this application nearly every single day. Professionally, I am an instructional designer. I use Graphic to create visual assets for documents, presentations, online learning objects and more. I have used it to design posters, infographics, t-shirts, even metal and resin pins (you know, the kind people like to trade with each other)! It is very easy to learn and use. There are some great tutorials online to help you get started. Once you create your design, you can easily export it in the most popular formats: png, jpg, even svg. Occasionally, I am so busy that I have to contract with other artists and designers. I usually suggest to them to get this app so we can easily collaborate on designs—they usually end up loving it, too. This application is definately worth the small asking price!
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6 years ago, writermlm
I love this tool…and it functions great…not buggy…been using it for 4 years
Frankly, there is so much functionality in this app that it takes time to figure it out, but once you do, it will bring out the artist in you and you will experience great creative joy. Here are some of the things I am able to do now thanks to this tool: * Designing logos for letter head and business cards * Designing Jockey silks * Drawing images for children’s books * Designing very large (full sized bed) paper piecing patterns, (bed quilt sized) * Designing giant appliqué for appliqueing on my embroidery machine using multiple hoops. (45”x45” quilt of snoopy laying on his dog house, woodstock sitting on his belly, for example.) * Desiging vector diagrams to cut on cricut I’m not sure where the remarks come from on instability and lacking, but it made me want to share that my experience with heavy multi-purpose usage has been stellar. It is TERRIFIC, and the price is unbelievable, especially with the seamless integration with the iPad app. You need both. There are just some things that are way more efficient on the iPad, and the same holds true for the Mac version. note: I have not tried the scriting or the API yet.
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8 years ago, Havanice Dave
Very Limited/Text editing is Terrible/Cool Hand off to iPad
It is a very limited programm as far as text editing goes. I tried to do a simple project entirely on the iPad and moved the project over to my MBP using Dropbox. It was very easy and very cool. Printing anythig from the program is very limited as well. No professional printing features. I do like the scaling and measureing tools, but no where near as powerful as AI+CADtools, which is big money. You get what you pay for. Not having art boards is a huge deal breaker. Another annoyance is not being able to see the artboard border when my artwork bleeds over. I do not like having to select the specific layer before being able to select artwork. It may be useful in some instances, but it’s rather redundant to do two actions to select an object. Pretty neat app. Not an AI contender yet, but I’ll be watching for improvements.
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2 years ago, CarolinaMountainReefs
So this is what Armagedon will be like!?!
My review of the software is like everyone elses - before someone someone turned off the lights, locked the doors, and disapeared into, goodness knows where. Seriously, this is SPOOKY! I loved this program - still do, but I'm afraid count on it. I've begged for help - even had the owner's (I think) email at one point and used it a few times. Now? What the heck happened?? Did Adobe put Graphic (or Picta, Inc) out of business? I'd love to hear something that makes sense. I'm still using the software, but I fear it's going to go POOF!!! in the middle of a vector drawing I've just put dozens of hours into. Talk to me, please!
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6 years ago, 5/5 for on and on
Unbelievable Customer Service
I recently was having an issue with something not working correctly and I assumed it was the application’s fault. I’ve been contacting them about it for a couple weeks and in each interaction they have gotten back to me much more quickly than I’ve gotten back to them. They were able to figure out the problem today and of course it was something wrong with my own computer--not something on their end at all. Their emails included very thorough step by step instructions and videos that were a great help for a novice like me. Can’t recommend them enough!
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7 years ago, min pin dog puppet
Decent for basics, but buggy, unstable and falling behind
I have used this app for years now, at first to create simple wireframes and cut basic graphics for our development team, but more recently to build mockups for a new app. Graphic always met my need for a simple alternative to Illustrator that has all of the basic drawing features needed to design apps. That said, I’ve run into some serious frustrations that have me looking elsewhere. For example: - No support for artboards - Shapes library has not been updated in forever - It is _very_ unstable, and getting worse (crashes on me several times a day now) - Worst of all, on my more modern MacBook I cannot select an item (via trackpad) without it shifting position on me Over the last few weeks I’ve been working with one of the top competitors to this app on Mac, and I have to say it’s been a game changer for me. At this point I’d be hard pressed to recommend Graphic to anyone who can afford better software. If you just need a low cost option to do some basic vector drawing, it’s probably enough, but for more serious work you need to upgrade to something better.
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6 years ago, crhntr
A Asked For an ERD and They Took The Time to Write Me an Useful Workaround
I needed to write a technical graph for an software engineering project in school but I don’t like the other expensive tools. I asked them if Graphic had a plugin to support creating an Entity Relational Diagram (ERD). They said it does not but they told how I could make one manually if I wanted or that I could create the ERD with another tool and then import it into Graphic to improve the style Greate customer service and enough features to get most anything done. You may need to do a bit more work for really technical stuff but with these tools it is possible. I highly recomend this app!
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5 years ago, Sambandar
Works for me
I have used this app for years to do vector drawings for serious apartment renovations without any trouble. The layers are done in a simple, straightforward way, so I never have had trouble remembering how layers and combinations work. What I like most is that they have not invented unusual ways to draw or save. Many illustration programs have created their own file systems, which I find exceptionally irritating. I use a Mac and iPad Pro so that I can avoid running to a manual to determine how to accomplish something simple. This application works great for that. (I wish that Pages would do the same.)
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5 years ago, King 'O the Gypsies
Excellent & Easy to Use
I am not a graphic designer by any stretch of the imagination, and not all that great with technology in general. I can usually do what I need to do, though. I bought Graphic to re-do my logo. It’s powerful enough for me to make a great one, and easy enough for me to mostly figure out. The guide (Learn) and tutorials are a great help. Also, when I got stuck with a couple of things I email support and got an almost instant response with detailed instructions (pictures, even). If you want something that works well and relatively easy to use, this is for you.
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3 years ago, icalc
Superb vector graphics app for scientists
This is the most no-nonsense yet capable graphics app I have come across. I use it to make figures for my papers, proposals, etc. I have been using this app since it first became available and even in 2021, I find myself going back to it to Get Things Done. (For comparison, I have the entire Affinity suite, but using Affinity Designer to edit technical figures feels similar to firing a cannon to kill a mosquito. Previously, I have used all other popular mac vector graphics apps, I use none of those now.)
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2 years ago, ctkjose
This app is awsome!
Im not a graphic designer but fend my self pretty goog doing web grahics and animations. For over three years I have used Graphic and it has never dissapointed, its a bargain. It is supper easy to learn, it has a simple to figure out user interface (not like Affinity Designer, which I actually hot before buyiong Graphic), You get tons of features , exporting layers in batch is no brainer. I have not seen an update in a long time, so I have this fear that one day after an OS update it will stopu working, but for now it still works great in Big Sur and Im happy...
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2 years ago, TBobo
Good Program - Needs Update
This is a good program, but it needs an update. May main complaint is how easy it is to bump things a pixel or two when trying to select them. But it really overall has an intuative interface, unlock Adobe Illustrator which always frustrates me when I am just tryign to do something simple. I often open an AI file in Illustrator and then copy and paste the objectd into this program to edit it. It makes GREAT SVG file which we use in our HTML work. I reeally hope the author pushes out an update.
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1 year ago, Andy011
Brilliant App set to die
So simple and easy to use, yet Picta after taking it form Autodesk have not updated it, and it will not soon run on future upgrades to the OS. I got this from the developeer....I'm sorry, the apps are not updated anymore. You can keep running them on slightly older macOS and iOS versions without issues, then at one point or another you might need to migrate to another vector graphics app by exporting your Graphic files as PDF or SVG. In other words, export your files as PDF or SVG before updating to iOS 17 or macOS 14, just in case the app won't work anymore on that.
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5 years ago, mcros7
Excellent Tool- Looking For Updates
I began using Graphic as a replacement for Adobe Fireworks, which was hands down the best vector app ever built until Adobe ended support about 6 years ago now. I primarily use Graphic for art composition when composing a new painting, and it does an outstanding job, even with very large files. It still lacks much of the flexibility and tools I regularly use in Fireworks, which I still use and then import into Graphic for the final compositon. Looking forward to he next update!
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8 years ago, Graphic / Garbage
Dear iDraw: why did you sell-out?
I used iDraw for over two years on a weekly basis, and could not have been happier…what a tremendous program! Fast, user-friendly, etc. Then they sold to Autodesk. No biggie…just a change in ownership, right? Wrong. I just tried using Graphic to format an extremely remedial, text-based label. Wow…it was taking a ten-Mississippi count to simply move a text box from point A to point B. Program crashed twice in a 30 minute time span. I had to switch to Keynote to get the job done, which I hate using, but no other choice. “Graphic" should be renamed “Garbage". I read some reviews that Autodesk was moving this app toward subscription access? Who would pay for this train wreck? Don’t waste your time or money.
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6 years ago, MikeMCFJ
Beginner or Advanced, Check this App Out Before Others...
Hey all. Over the years of my computing, I have used Illustrator, CorelDraw, Inkscape. Whatever I could get my hands on. If you need an app that runs natively on your Apple, check this out. Sure, Graphic is not a household name, but it may be some day. I did have some issues at first, but those issues were easy to fix, repair or whatever. Right now, I’m only using it for basic page layout, but hope to expand my skills. The GUI is clean and to the point. The tools do exactly what they are supposed to do. Color picking, editing is a snap. This is the neatest app I have on my older iMac. Plus, if you used an SVG editor historically, your files will be opened and able to be edited without issue. I can say that with 100% confidence. Thank You Picta for filling a need in graphic design/illustration!
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8 years ago, mike_ekim
Works the way I think
I’m not a designer but I do use design tools for user interface work and laser cutting. What I like about this app is that it works the way I think - it will give you 90% of a hundred dollar product, and that’s usually all you need. Layers, groups, grids, editing and combining paths (union, subtract, etc.), visual alignment lines, fill (color, gradient, pattern, image), stroke (weight, cap, join, inside/outside/center) - it's all there! Even with all that, the interface and menus are clean and minimal, which is a good thing.
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6 months ago, doc Greg
Much better than CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2023 for iMAC.
Much better than CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2023 for iMAC. I have used Corel Draw from version 3.0 to X3. I bought an iMAC in 2011 and at that time there was no Corel Draw available for MAC. So I installed Graphic on my iMAC and I have used it with good results. In 2023 I installed and tested CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2023 on my MAC. I still have Corel X3 on a Windows Vista PC. I have compared Corel X3, Graphic, and CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2023. The best is still Corel X3. Graphics is OK. Definitely do not buy CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2023.
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6 years ago, cmfnyc
Graphic - Right Tool at Right Price
From its start as iDraw, I’ve always found this app, both iOS and Mac, to be a delight to use and effective in creating graphics. It’s powerful enough to use on almost any design project, while not requiring an exorbitantly priced subscription to maintain access to the tool. Perhaps if you are a full-time designer who needs other tools in a company’s ecosystem, then you might need to look elsewhere, but for me I can always get it done in Graphic.
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7 years ago, sjb100
Significant Limitations
There’s some utility here for simple diagrams and drawings, but if your needs go beyond only the most basic, you’ll run into serious limitations. For instance, being unable to set the center of an ellipse shape as the anchor point when snapping to grid points is a major shortcoming that can stop you in your tracks. Then there’s the inability to set the vertical alignment in a text box — I mean, come on. I’d say this app needs considerably improved capability before it would be worth its asking price. It’s not like updates are arriving at a decent clip, either. I’m seeking alternatives.
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3 years ago, DC Tim
Don't waste your time
I've used this app off and on for several years because it works okay for basic drawing and I was never ready to invest time in learning something else. If you're considering this app for the first time, I suggest you move on. The app has not been updated in 3 years and support is spotty. I find the online docs go down frequently. Drawing basic shapes is easy enough, but the pen tool is maddenly dysfunctional. Want to connect two points on separate paths? Want to extend an existing path? Other basic and routine path operations? Nope, can't do it.
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8 years ago, support is great
I am new to this new word of graphic editing so i have many questions about how to use some things and how to do it… SUPPORT IS AMAZING!!!! omg!! ive been emailing back and forth and it doesnt take them more than 1HR to respond back. Bogdan is the person that has been helping me and he is great!! he gives me examples of everything and a step by step of how to do stuff.. and just for $29? come on! you cant beat that! i Highly recommend this app. thumbs up!!
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9 years ago, 1mika68
Graphic on El Capitan
I have only used Graphic for 2 weeks, and it has been great. What sold me was all the tutorials they have on their web site. Even though some of the tutorials are out of date, it gave me an idea of how to use the product. the vector processing is very good and easy to use. i have just scratched the surface of what this program can do. i’m looking forward to learning more about Graphics. thks for the great product. ted
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11 months ago, Scottsdale AZ
Great, flexible vector program
This has been an essential part of my toolbox for the past several years. I honestly don't know why it isn't more popular or well known, or perhaps wasn't that well received? In any case, this is easy enough to use that I can figure my way around with a manual, and has all the flexibility I need to create and edit vector-based drawings.
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6 years ago, blackhorse16a
Super Useful App
I’ve been using this app since 2013 and I really love it. I use Sketchup for technical stuff, but this is such a great tool when you want something either more creative or just quick and dirty. The price is very reasonable and functionality is wonderful. I only hope they never go to the subscription model others are using. Awful! Just won’t do it. Keep up the good work Indeed!!
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8 years ago, mwhardy1985
I was really hoping for something that had less functionality than Photoshop, but was a lot more user-friendly. This seems to have the lack of functionality with hardly any points in the more user friendly department. Gradients aren’t very hard to figure out in PS… in Graphic the gradients appear to be completely bugged and not allow you to make up your own. You have to choose between fewer than a dozen pre-made gradients of poor quality. Try typing gradient into their help search box and nothing comes up… I do not recommend this app
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8 years ago, 23 Agenda
needs a lot of work
While mostly functional, it’s missing a lot of features to get any serious work done. How about step and repeat for starters? The pen tools lack any kind of key commands to switch between them when editing lines. There’s no way to add points with any kind of precise control. Hello? How about a way to turn a shape into a selection? One can accomplish some work with it but it’s very tedious work. Maybe if they ever decide to update it to a fully functioning program, I will revise this review. But right now, I’m sorry I paid actual money for it.
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9 years ago, Cspark211
More fonts needed
I am switching over from Adobe Illustrator, and so far Graphic is working out nicely. It can import .ai files and export .jpg and .pdf, which is what I need as I design my own marketing materials. One thing that I would love to see at this point is addition of new fonts, specifically, TRAJAN PRO, which is part of my marketing font. Can this be added in the near future?
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3 years ago, spudwack
Fantastic app, very intuitive
I'm not a designer by trade (or hobby) so I don't need often need many image assets. When I do though, I'm able to quickly get quality results. I often go many months between launches, so it's a real testament to the intuitive UI that I'm able to use it without typical frustration of an unfamiliar tool.
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2 years ago, nosliwmw
Easy But Powerful
I own a couple of vector programs...Affinity Designer (which I like but find hard to use), Swift Publisher (which lacks some features), and Inkscape (too opensource for me...sorry) Graphic seems to be the perfect application for a noob like me. I'm able to get the simple tasks I need done quickly and effectively. Great for the price!
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7 years ago, Fogwa
I went ahead and printed out the manual or instructions or what ever you want to call it “A WAIST OF INK CARTAGES”. Which is a perfect match for this waist of money that pretends to be some kind of art program Because I’ve read the manual again and again and I still can’t figure out how to paste a simple IMAGE to any layers. So all I have on my computer are some fancy tools that don’t help me to creat anything but an eruption of frustration every time I sit down and say “This is the time I figure this thing out…” but I’m always left in the same place, just however much money this garbage caust me and then some.
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3 years ago, Tazi Ria
My Goto Vector App
I've been using Graphic for several years. This is the app I use to design and draw metal objects that I fabricate. I use these drawings directly to first conceptualize, than make templates that I use to cut/form/make the individual parts for whatever I'm creating. I'm more focused on building than being a CAD expert, I find this app easy to use and create with. Love this app!
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5 years ago, Joe hobbyist
This app is excellent for the price. I use it for my own home usage laying out projects. I use it to layout my garden every year. Also I use it for landscaping plans, item placement in my garage, house wiring plans, kitchen cabinet layout. and woodworking plans. It is a great hobby tool. You do need to draw your own objects since the included shape libraries are pretty weak.
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5 years ago, Mama on the go!
Best bang for the buck
For those not wanting to learn something like Illustrator— this does the trick. I can turn out professional, print quality artwork with ease. Having been formally trained on Illustrator, I know this is not equal for most designers, but does the trick for me. Plenty of tools to work with, and easy to manipulate vector images. Can’t beat it for the price!
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8 years ago, Moosegale16
Don’t waste your money.
When I bought this app, I was hoping for a professional, user friendly application. What I got was a rather useless app, that caused me hours of frustration. For one, there is no paint bucket feature. Instead, it uses a pointless, counter-intuitive fill color feature, that could have been fixed if they had at least given you the option to use it. Second, it zooms in randomly, Uses an odd layering interface, and is an overall waste. It’s garbage, and you should do yourself a favor and get something else.
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4 years ago, Rick-designer-writer
Much prefer Graphic to Illustrator
Grrapic does everything that I need vector graphics for. As others have noted, the interface makes this app easy to use. Options are generally where you need them and not hidden on some strange combination of hot keys. Exports vector and raster formats easily. I stopped using illustrator a couple years ago.
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8 years ago, The Gard
Excellent app
This is an excellent app. I have used Graphic and Adobe Illustrator. Is this illustrator? No, and it doesn’t cost as much as Illustrator either. What Graphic does it does well. When I need to design something quickly, this is my go to app, and yes, I currently have access to Illustrator as well. I also like that it uses iCloud. Guys, keep up the good work!
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8 years ago, OnTheEast
Beter and better
This app continues to get better and better. Long ago I used Coreldraw on the PC and it set my expectations for what a vector drawing app shoud do. By every update, Graphic gets closer (and sometimes exceeds) those expectations. It is a standards setter. Certainly a professional-quality application, and far and away my preferred vector drawing tool.
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9 years ago, pinkyponk
Seamless flow from iPad Pro version to desktop version. Bravo!
After so many years of Illustrator it is a luxury to switch to Graphic. Especially for hand-drawing vectors on the iPad? Crazy good. The only reason I export and work on the desktop version of Graphic is manipulation of specialty fonts, which iPad does not support. Get this app!
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4 years ago, 1.618...
I use this program for most of my ilustration work. I have Adobe illustrator but alway find that I work faster with this program. Perhaps, I just have enough experience with this software that it simply meshes with my workflow; or maybe Grahic is a realy good solution. I highly recomend trying it.
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3 years ago, marzipandancer
Where are the updates??
This used to be my go to vector graphic software. It's perfect for most things. It's like the purest form of an adobe product circa 2003, which is most of what anyone needs. That said... it hasn't been updated in years! I would pay for an update at this point. C'mon guys! Is anyone home? I hope you guys hear this. I hate Affinity, I hate Pixelmator, I HATE Creative Cloud... where is the app I used to love?
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