Greek Dictionary Elite

4.4 (37)
128.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Greek Dictionary Elite

4.41 out of 5
37 Ratings
12 years ago, spelvingeorge
Good but not great
This has a decently large number of entries, but too many of them provide obscure or uncommon translations of what should be ordinary words. There are also often far too many alternatives provided, with no indication of usage for each one. And be sure to use correct accents when looking up Greek words, otherwise you will not find what you're looking for. All that said, it's a good effort and among the few really useful Greek-English dictionaries for iOS for someone who has a decent grasp of grammar and syntax but needs to build vocabulary. Four stars for that, which would be three if there were any competition.
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5 years ago, Rhutch418
As a first year Greek student I find this app to be convenient. I like the vocabulary words that pop up to test my knowledge and provide New words for new learning. I do wish some of the pronunciations of the vowels would be Consistent with the textbook from William D. Mounce basics of Biblical Greek Grammar. I realize this App is set up for modern Greek and not Koine Greek, so, what I really mean is it would be nice if this app included Koine Greek or aBiblical Greek option. No disrespect to modern Greek intended here. In fact, as implied above, the modern Greek is great for expanding my knowledge and possibly preparing me for a trip to Greece some day. For the curious of Koine Greek Mounce students, I leave the following; α as in father β as in Bible γ as in gone δ as in dog ε as in met ζ as in daze η as in obey θas in thing ι as in intrigue κ as in kitchen λ as in law μ as in mother ν as in new Ξ as in axiom ο as in not π as in peach ρ as in rod σ as in study τ as in talk υ as in chute or German “u” φ as in phone χ as in loch or bach ψ as in lips ω as in tone
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7 years ago, Hionoula
Great app
I love using this app; it is extremely helpful in studying , reviewing the Modern Greek language. I recommend highly. (Comes from a language Teacher)
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5 years ago, cloulou
Very helpful for learning Greek
Easy to use dictionary great for learning Greek and making flash cards
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5 years ago, GeronimoEconomou
I find this dictionary very useful. I am a retired professor of Modern Greek. I wish I had this app when I was teaching.
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4 years ago, tp greek
Highly recommend
Love this app,,
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2 years ago, Hdididbeidhehdh
Pronunciation does not work
Only bought this app so I would be able to hear how to pronounce words. However does not work in the premium, only in the free version. Do not purchase
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4 years ago, Ya Mamaa
I don’t understand the point of this if it doesn’t work as it’s fully intended to. Waste of money !!!! I want to learn the definition of a word in Greek. This will not tell you what a word means in Greek. It only translates the word for you. This isn’t at all a dictionary. It’s a translator.
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1 month ago, Robingeo
Paid for pronunciation - doesn’t work
Tried reaching out, email to support came back undeliverable. Paid extra for the one thing that doesn’t work.
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7 months ago, JoeMD666
Love it
It does what it says it’s gonna do
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4 years ago, Jepoy46
Audio pronunciation problem
No audio pronunciation on my iPhone
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7 years ago, Stratsurg
Great app!
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9 years ago, Jet king27
Great but could be better
When it's in scan mode, it doesn't seem to translate the whole sentence or at least the words I'd like translated. Overall it's a great app but just the scanning needs an update.
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10 years ago,
Useful app
This is the best of the Greek dictionary apps. I'm living in Athens for the year and use it all the time. Note that it is English, not American, so some of the English requires further translation if you're from the US. (Minor inconvenience for such a useful tool.) The new phrase book is useful, both as a resource and as a study aid.
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9 years ago, Coooooooooooooool dude yeah
Needs gender and verb conjugations
Great app. Especially like the random flash cards. I wish it had genders and verb conjugations.
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11 years ago, Lazy_Lizard
Does exactly what it says on the tin...
Great little app for very little cash. It has quickly become my go to translator in a market swamped with poorly designed copies.
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7 years ago, Moullineaux
Very helpful app
If you are interested in learning Greek or traveling to Greece, this app is very helpful and quite accurate. I use it frequently.
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10 years ago, Rook-key
Great App!
This is an excellent App. It does everything it claims. I upgraded to the full paid version and have not regretted it. Ευχαριστώ πολύ καλά !
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10 years ago, grkgayguy
Great app
Simple to use with word of the day that help increase your vocabulary
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12 years ago, cliffpd
Great app
Love this App but there is too much British English in translations. Would like to see a version more suited for the north America.
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9 years ago, tzon
Great app
Please include the articles for each noun. Need to know if word is masc. fem. or neuter. I'd give 5 stars if this was added.
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11 years ago, jay veeeeee
Great app, has some games, word of the day ect. Very cool.
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10 years ago, Jhfesfyy
Why do nouns not include the gender? This seems like an obvious and necessary feature any language dictionary should have.
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11 years ago, Matt kaz
Good app
My only criticism is that there is no gender identification for nouns. Problematic if you are trying to translate accurately, not just word to word. Fix this please!
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13 years ago, FoxTrot31597
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7 years ago, Vitataz
Screwed again
A total waste of money. Doesn't work as advertised/expected.
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