Greyhound: Buy Bus Tickets

4.8 (169.8K)
67.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Greyhound Lines Inc
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Greyhound: Buy Bus Tickets

4.84 out of 5
169.8K Ratings
2 years ago, broncoface13
Not impressed so far but app works good
Trying to book online via computer is a joke and even worse if you try calling customer service. They charge you an extra $20 to book a trip over the phone!! So far this will be my second trip with greyhound and so far not impressed. My first trip I was never sent my E-Ticket and called customer service and was told if I did not receive it I had to print the ticket but my printer doesn’t work thankfully I went to bus station and they were able to help me. Then bus was late an hour and then had to wait an additional hour because the driver was sick and had to wait for an alternate driver. Really hope this trip is better but I can say the app works great.
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4 years ago, RHRkiko
Customer Service is Poor
The app is a great idea. However, beware that it allows the the same person to be booked for the same bus at the same time when booking multiple people. So, if you are booking Economy you will have an unusable ticket(s) that they will not correct even though it is an obvious error caused in part by their app. Their agents by phone told me their was nothing they could do. When I tried to get resolution by phone the first agent would not let me talk to a supervisor. When I called back and talked to a different agent she put me on hold to talk to a supervisor and the call rolled over to a survey. When I rated the first question a “1” the survey dropped the call. I guess they do not like bad news. I tried their chat and before I could complete the text she “Rochelle” closed the chat. On the third try I immediately told her she was closing the chat before I could text. She explained they receive a lot of chats and they handle four at a time so their protocol is to only allow 1 minute. So, the app is a great idea but it allows errors that are not correctable by employees, even if the error is obvious. They have a 19th century management style and do not like bad news. I do not expect this review to see the light of day!
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1 year ago, VainP
Terrible Costumer Service Communication/Placement
Where do I begin? The dilapidated station where I was supposed to be picked up for my departure that cancelled on me despite being on time? The hour long wait for anyone at customer service to pick up the phone to help me with this issue that was not at all my fault? The chat service that barely let me type a word before assuming that I was afk even as I was typing to respond? Being told to cancel my own trip? Or the fact that my friend had to drive hours to get me because of this massive mess? No, wait. I think the worst part was going to the destination only to see a piece of paper taped to the door to let me know that they had moved locations which made me late to my return bus that I had kept. The cherry on top being that their system was down and could not be bothered to give me a refund but could magically charge me for another bus without issue. The whip cream that this cherry sits atop is the fact that I can’t even see the words I’m typing as I do this so I’m living on a prayer in hoping it shows up in the app. I would never use this service again in a million years if I had the choice.
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1 year ago, Fallenangel9000
Worst customer service ever!
Don’t pay anything extra. If you absolutely must use the service which I would avoid at all cost. There’s no guarantee that you will get any of the amenities are any of the things that they tell you or even your seat. A couple weeks back I decided to ride the bus because I couldn’t find a plane ticket and the time that I wanted to get back so I thought he never in the bus before worth giving a new experience to try right wrong. Every amenity from the electric plug outlet. The Internet. And oh wait in two separate spots our driver didn’t show up so we spent 5 1/2 hours overnight in New Orleans. Mind you they didn’t tell us they just left and we had to wait till the next one came in. The bus smell to high heaven of literally crap and you’re in to the point where I want to throw up. we ended up getting to our destination 12 hours behind schedule. I asked for a refund they told me sorry but services were rendered. On all the worst customer experience I’ve ever had in my life. And they didn’t even act like they cared.
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1 week ago, BusTraveler123
Don’t waste your time or money
I wish I could rate this company 0 stars. My experience with Greyhound Bus Company was absolutely terrible. The employees were incredibly rude, showing no respect or courtesy to customers. The customer service is practically non-existent—they don't answer calls or provide any assistance. I expected a reliable and decent service, but instead, I was met with unprofessionalism and frustration. Save yourself the trouble and choose a different bus company. Greyhound is not worth the hassle. My train was delayed by 45 minutes, causing me to miss my scheduled bus. When I sought assistance, your employees were extremely rude and inconsiderate, blaming me for the delay rather than offering any help and tried to force me to pay triple the amount of my original ticket. Furthermore, attempting to reach your customer service was a nightmare. I waited on hold for an hour and was then transferred to three different phone numbers, none of which provided a solution. This level of disorganization and lack of customer care is unacceptable.
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5 years ago, Tink Florida
Terrible customer experience ever
I decided to take Greyhound for the very first time to my best friends funeral and even paid additional money to board as priority. Arrived one hour early and checked my one bag. Bus was scheduled to arrive at 12:05 and was a little late which was no big deal. The took on a few passengers and said bus was packed and no one else could get on. The attendant said another bus will be arriving in 20 minutes. When that bus arrived they were heading in the opposite direction. Needless to say I was stranded at this bus station with my teenage daughter. The station was dirty, smelly and the attendant was very unprofessional. I called customer care 3x and they were unwilling to help, left me on hold and never came back on the line. I thought Greyhound was a reputable company but I would NEVER EVER use their service again or recommend it to my worst enemy if I had one. Please clean and sanitize your bus stations and employ professionals who are able to provide excellent customer service. FIRST AND DEFINITELY LAST. WORSE SERVICE EVER!!!👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟
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2 years ago, Maven802
Can’t change address in app
Tried to book tickets. It has my old address. It prompts me to change the address if it’s inaccurate but I can’t see any way to do that in the app. After reading other reviews it seems the website might be a better bet. I’ve used Greyhound for years and had many good experiences, though they often run at least somewhat late. Layover times provide some buffer on long trips to “catch up time” if a bus runs late, but it is not a timely way to travel, especially long distance and sometimes short distance. I think the monopoly Greyhound has and a lack of regulatory oversight are big problems. Poor customer service is due to poor management and understaffing. I know two people who worked at Greyhound (a driver and a counter clerk). The crap they dealt with from management was unreal. We need a bus riders union in order to push for better bus service! And collaborate with the drivers’ union!
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5 years ago, MCLB Rio
Terrible Customer Service
This Company is terrible. They say they have free wifi at every station, That’s a lie. I I’ve been transferred from multiple stations within one trip and half of them don’t have reliable free WiFi neither do the Buses. Im supposed to be in Chicago right now Coming from San Antonio and there were 2 Buses on my Schedule that were ATLEAST 2 Hours Late. The first late bus leaving from Dallas was not announced on why it was Delayed and the 2nd bus leaving from Oklahoma City didn’t have a driver and it took Greyhound Atleast 2 Hours to find a driver. They don’t care rather if you have something important to attend and your scheduled Buses were very late, Because of these late buses, I Have to Suffer from their mistakes by waiting for another bus to come and take me to St. Louis to Chicago, and to add on to that, This bus isn’t coming until the next day, So Im stuck here in Tulsa, Oklahoma for a WHOLE DAY, JUST BECAUSE THEY CANT KEEP THEIR SERVICE IN LINE. I will never recommend Greyhound to anyone. The way you guys treat your customers especially off of your mistakes isn’t fare at all.
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4 years ago, Jon (S)@
What is Going On Greyhound?
Used Amtrak before this multiple times and it was awesome, heard greyhound was a good bussing company! Absolutely not..... I bought a ticket a day in advance to head to Milwaukee, WI from a station two hours away (also in Wisconsin). Showed up the “20 minutes early to check in bags”. First of all, my stop was a curbside so there is no bag check in. Also, the bus literally never came? It showed an error message when I pushed “Bus Tracker” and then when I searched the Schedule # online, it showed 0 results. I applied for a refund after missing the event I was scheduled to go to, they denied my request about an hour later because I purchased an economy seat. Understandable given their agreement policy, however: 1) there literally was no other option for seating and 2) the bus and schedule just refused to exist at the time of departure. Checking my account later after the refund failed, well the app signed me out and my login credentials don’t work anymore. Thanks Greyhound, if only there was a 0 stars 👍🏼
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4 years ago, Ifitbeginsitends
Inaccurate information
The more I use the app the more I realize it’s flaws. It often gives inaccurate information, it’s inconsistent, doesn’t allow you to do certain things because of errors it doesn’t even display. Seriously, I’m not just a customer that doesn’t know what they’re talking about. My main problem with the app is that greyhound’s eticketing system doesn’t accurately display your priority status when you pay for “economy Extra” tickets. A main selling point for economy extra is priority boarding, but the app still gives you a regular boarding zone number
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5 years ago, McNizzle02
The app says everything you’ll need is on your phone as long as you book the ticket using your the app. This is a complete lie if you use the app to book a ticket with this idea in mind you will ultimately be forced to print out a ticket with no option to use an E-ticket instead even if you call customer service. The app does not use eTicket as default , like it should be if there literally marketing everything you need will be in the app once booked and purchased. But by default Greyhound will make you print a ticket and It’s very easy to miss I actually was never prompted to choose a option it just chose for me and me assuming the app was telling the truth I would be giving an E-ticket but this wasn’t the case. I feel like this would be such easy problem to fix but it’s obvious this company does not care. I’m deleting this app ASAP and hope nobody gets stuck in a situation similar to mine without a printer “which happens a lot, coming from the rep I spoke to on the phone”.
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5 years ago, lochnload125
Terrible Service
I wish Greyhound would stop advertising its services. One of the most unreliable bus I’ve ever been through. The bus tracker was also not helpful and unreliable...stated that the bus was already currently in the city and then suddenly was not able to track it any longer. Others have claimed they have already waited for over 24hours since their bus got cancelled yet the bus they got rescheduled to is no longer does this make any sense? I also called and spoke to an agent yet all she was able to say was “if the bus does not arrive within 30 minutes to an hour, please call back at 5AM”... May as well have told me to wait till 5AM to see if the bus arrives and then call them back to reschedule... Never going through greyhound again and just sharing this out there for others to beware. Don’t go through Greyhound if you have to be anywhere at a specific time. However, this was just my experience..hoping you’ll have better luck than I did.
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5 years ago,
Tracker must be more dependable
This tracker is very helpful especially when going to a Greyhound bus station in the middle of the night. Waiting for a bus in front of a closed bus station is a personal security risk. Each minute of exposure adds to the risk. It is extremely helpful that I can use the bus tracker to anticipate the buses arrival, and I can be able to minimize my exposure waiting on the street. This is more than a convenience, it makes it possible for me to consider waiting for a 2 AM bus in not the best part of town. Otherwise that kind of security exposure is not an option. I would sayThat calling this service a convenience would be similar to calling the traffic lights at a busy intersection a convenience. Yes you can get along without them, but it makes life so much safer. Thank you
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6 years ago, VV3457
App is complete crap
I do not know how this app has 4.8 stars. I’d assume fake reviews. The app (and Greyhound in general) is full of false claims. Never ONCE have I actually been sent an e-ticket even though the app says “if you have a smartphone, you have a ticket”. I tried to show a conductor a ticket on my phone and he told me I had to print it which turned into a huge fiasco at the station with me running all over the place. I always print now even though it still promises to send e-tickets. The bus tracker is also wildly off. It does not update arrival and departure times in any kind of timely manner. It will show that you’re on time until the minute you’re supposed to be arriving at your destination. Then it will update to show you’re going to be an hour and a half late. I take Greyhound all the time because it’s cheap, but I have a terrible time always. Moral of the story, set your expectations low and don’t trust the app.
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2 years ago, chardjow
Never again the worst service ever !!!!
Please read this reviews because I have read and didn’t care I did same mistake two times!!! This reviews are correct if you see good ones they probably fake… they really good at robbing ..!!! I booked ticket from New York to Pittsburgh my bus was booked for 5:15 pm Sunday because I had to be at work at 8 am Monday and of course no notification nothing I just was waiting two hours in the station but they didn’t take us to the bus aand they said we don’t have bus now , go upstairs and change your ticket all costumers walked to upstairs people were so frustrated… they even didn’t care about it ,They gave me ticket again for Monday evening I came bus moved late and again I was stocked in Philadelphia almost for five hours…!! It was horrible experience ever … !!!! Never again they don’t deserve any star but I had to put one to send my review
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2 years ago, hroebdhisns
No notification of canceled bus.
On Wednesday my 18 year old daughter was to get on the bus at 5:10am from Springfield Missouri. The bus never showed up. There was no one there to ask questions. I received no email or notification in the app. I had to call and sat on the phone for 26 minutes before getting ahold of someone and they then acted like it was not a big deal. It was a huge deal. She was sitting at the bus stop being unsafe. The next bus didn’t get there until 11:50am. That was a 4 and a half hour delay. Grayhound acted like it was a special favor to get her ticket from the canceled bus changed to the next bus. They are unable to change the destination at all. They would not refund the return trip. If this was an airplane, they would have made it right.
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9 months ago, LakLanMan
Find a better way, app doesn’t help…
Now with app they assign seats or you can pay an additional fee to choose your seat… well the assignment groups people up leaving open seats that you are not permitted to move to, unless you pay an additional fee. Your tickets are on your phone and you have to show to board and they make sure you sit in your assigned seat. A passenger was traveling long distance and his phone battery was low, he asked them to give him a paper copy at a terminal with 2 agents sitting doing nothing, they said a paper ticket cost $5 additional. There is no baggage assistance or tags anymore… not good for seniors or handicapped, or anyone and said each stop you would need to make sure no one grabbed your bag, meaning you need to get off for every dirty gas station they stop at. So the app really doesn’t help, but makes the service worse.
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2 years ago, borch-taken
Not a useful app
This app lacks many features that should be easy to implement. For example, you cannot pin any busses you are tracking to easily find and switch between them. The app does not provide any details about when or how long a bus will be delayed. It keeps you in the dark by just showing the delayed schedule to be always 10 minutes later than the current time. I have been waiting 2 hours for a bus that has been “in transit” on 7th street, never showing movement. There is also an annoying bug where the “trips” menu has you input a confirmation number, but the number on the ticket has too many digits to fit in the text box and so the site can never find your trip. I hope the developers notice the described bug and start to implement more useful features
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4 years ago, Diamnz
My Experiences
I consider myself to be a Loyal Customer with GreyHound, I travel frequently using GreyHound to get to my destination. And I must say, it has always been a good and safe travel. The drivers say what they have to say, they deliver their messages in a professional manner, making you feel safe, especially at a time like this, with all the chaos going on in the world. Even when we had restrictions on travel, GreyHound was there. Time may have stood still but not for me. GreyHound got me there, safe and on time. Thank You Essential Workers!!! I Truly Appreciate You All!!!🙏❤️😃
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6 years ago, spacenit
Excess Carry on baggage
Drivers seem to be a little rude sometimes. Bus was an hour late and the the driver(Roy Williams) gave 15 min. about him knowing the route and he was working on his day off, helping the passengers and himself out. While that was well and good, I would rather have been traveling toward my destination. The passengers are allowed to carry too much baggage on board and they seem to think they’re entitled to take up as much room as they want. I think it should be stressed that boarding passengers are entitled to as much room as the passengers already on the bus. I’ve seen bags so large they take up as much room as an adult passenger does. Effectively taking up a seat. How the driver would allow this I don’t know. But that’s part of the problem.
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3 years ago, NoZOmbieSeVer
Needs some updating...
There are a few key features I was hoping for in this app, however not all my expectations were fulfilled. One thing this app does nicely is the live tracking information, it allows you to see how many stops are left as well as an ETA for the bus. There were some difficulties buying tickets through the mobile platform, so I had to buy my tickets on my computer instead. After buying tickets they are viewable in the app, however there is not always the option to use only a mobile ticket. The app is useful as a source of information but little more than that. There is potential but for now 3/5.
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2 years ago, Blakent
inaccessibility in the disability section?
Please, make the picker for disabilities more blind friendly! I had the most trouble registering as sight impaired because the box kept closing and giving me alerts that I couldn't book as a wheelchair user, which Voiceover has to go past in order to get to the sight impaired option. It would be great if that was more like the picker used to select your state in the billing address section. Also slight confusion knowing what time I was about to book. The confirmation page made that ok, but that could be better. Everything else was great though.
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4 years ago, Atheav
Purchased online but can’t get e-ticket on app?
I downloaded the app because I thought you would have the same options as far as tickets (economy, economy plus and exchange). It didn’t. The app either gave you the lowest or the most expensive. I went online to get the economy plus so that I could pick my seat at least. When I finally purchased it, the app had my info but I couldn’t use the app to present my e-ticket?? I checked for information on the site itself and in fine print it stated that it doesn’t count as a real ticket even when if you purchased it online. I don’t have a printer at the moment so now I have to run around and get this thing printed, otherwise I can’t board the bus. Very poorly executed app.
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5 years ago, bethanielj
Thank you Greyhound..
I have a weird option between Charlotte and Tupelo. I can either pay 600 dollars to fly to Memphis and back or 400 to rent a car for the week. The third option, which I’ve always overlooked, is Greyhound. With Greyhoind, I pay less than 200 dollars for a trip that takes just as long on a bus as to drive and costs less. I can read a book or watch movies (or a combination of things), and enjoy a trip that doesn’t cost more money than I have and has the benefit of being a sustainable way to travel! Thank you Greyhound!
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4 years ago, JoeGiaAri
I enjoy my short trips riding the greyhound. It would be nice to have a way to see how many seats are available before booking that particular bus. My last trip going. I had to sit in separate seats from my grandson which made him anxious as well as myself. This was due to the bus being filled to its capacity. And no one willing to move their seats. Which I can understand, but would be nice to be able to even select seats like we do at the movies and on the train and plane now. Just something to consider for the future.
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3 months ago, shaya65
Nice !
I will take the bus from Sacramento to Reno every 4 to 6 months to see family. I love the ride. They have great drivers and the passengers have been ok too. So my experience has been excellent. I don’t live in Sacramento but flying there and taking the bus will generally save me $50+ even after paying for a ride to greyhound Just have to make sure you have at least 5 hours between schedule because greyhound doesn’t have good on time performance from what I’ve experienced
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1 year ago, rnackerel
Beautiful new interface
The new interface looks really good, so whoever designed that, kudos. However, I am having difficulty typing in my phone number for SMS updates, and I’m receiving an error saying that I need to add six more digits for a phone number (making it 16 digits long…). I opted back out of SMS updates though, and the transaction went through fine. I would love to be able to see bus routes, so I can plan trips a bit better, since I don’t really live near any station in particular, and am in between three or four stations.
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4 years ago, LongNuts400
More flexibility and e tickets should be standard
E tickets should be standard, there should be more flexibility in being able to switch or change buses/schedule at the time of boarding the bus. Had to separate from my friend because she was on a different schedule same destination but bus driver gave a hassle. More flexibility is needed in making it easier to ride or if circumstances change and you need to get on a different bus going in same direction. Otherwise I love greyhound. The terminals should be improved as well.
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5 years ago, Delilah89shine
New York is the worst!!
I am writing this from Port Authority. It is 5:52 A.M. My bus was supposed to leave at 2:45 A.M. At 2:36, an announcement was made that there would be delays because "they didn't have a driver for the bus." Honestly this isn't my first "delay" with the NY greyhound system. The buses are either overbooked and we can't get on, or there is no driver. This is completely un acceptable and I really need to find out how to get a refund. I am thoroughly disgusted and do not have hours upon hours of time to throw away due to carelessness of the passengers who need to be somewhere on time.
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5 years ago, Mndzz
Forgot password
The link to forgotten password sends you to a customer service number that doesn’t have your login information on file. It’s pointless please change the link to a reset password link because, the customer service agents got my email wrong more than once and I have been trying to reconnect to my members login all morning to book my trip which I now can’t use my rewards on because, I can’t access a password reset. Very inconvenient!
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5 years ago, Gif Sender
Incorrect information
It gave me one address before booking it and then another after. Their customer service is incredibly unhelpful. I would never ride Greyhound after this. When I looking at the trip, the app told me that the pickup station was at one address. After I booked it, the app told me a different address. The first address was within walking distance of me, but the one they gave me after I booked is a half hour drive away. I booked the trip solely based on the fact that I’d be able to walk to my bus station, but now it’s telling me that the station is actually a half hour drive away. That’s ridiculous, and they’re refusing to give me a refund. Luckily I booked with a credit card, so I can open a dispute with my bank. Never again.
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2 weeks ago, lazarment
They stole my money
I am really going to tell very briefly the story that happened to me with this Company, which is one of the worst in the United States, not only is the service horrible, and its terminals are horrible without hygiene and without conditions, if not that their buses take more than three hours than the agreed time for which you make the reservation, the worst thing is not this, when you ask them to refund your money for the inconveniences they cause, they lie to you, they make fun of you and they steal from you your money, I am currently in a dispute with my bank towards this company that only wants to scam their customer, think about it!! think about it if you have to take a bus with this Company
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3 years ago, MacMesser
Totally Useless
I tried to input a bus trip for which I have a ticket. However, the confirmation no. on my ticket has 10 numerals but the app only accepted 9! Then I tried to look up the schedule for my trip from Philadelphia to New York. The app says that no such bus is scheduled. This may explain why, the last time I tried to take Greyhound from Philadelphia to New York, none of the scheduled buses showed up. After waiting at the terminal for almost 3 hrs I gave up. I don’t know why I think that Greyhound might change. UPDATE: I input the schedule number on my ticket (today’s bus) and was able to find it on tracker. The bus is approximately 4 hrs. late, so I won’t get to NYC in time this way. My last Greyhound experience, for sure!
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2 years ago, kbaby_
Can’t login
I have used the Greyhound app for years now and I love it! I can get great deals on tickets even if it’s last minute, I recently however have re-downloaded it and for some reason it will not let me login. I can use every single other function of the app perfectly fine but every time I try login it says, “the Internet connection appears to be off-line”, which is untrue because everything else on the app and other apps on my phone work perfectly fine. Please fix this, I would love to earn my rewards because I travel often with Greyhound.
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6 years ago, ser"@&$
Late Buses
I’ve traveled Greyhound many times and to a fault your buses either never show up or their 5 & 6 hours late and can’t be tracked. You always say there is no updated info on this bus at this time even the bus station attendant has no clue when the bus is coming or even if it will show up. So your faithful customers are stranded at the small Marietta Ga station with no access to food or water except 1 vending machine with unhealthy servings. Your Murfreesboro Tn pickup is curbside no bus station no bus stop signs no where to sit except on the ground. What a way to treat a paying customer. Greyhound was GREAT back in the day, now it’s just a massive slug sucking off the remains of the people who have no other choice but to use them.
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3 years ago, zerrrrrrooooootoheeerrrrooooo
Check out their rating on BBB
I tried to book a ticket on the app and on my computer using Google chrome. Either was working so I called the phone number that popped up on the error screen. The customer service was awful. They said the only way I could book the ticket was over the phone and that required an additional 20$ payment or by traveling to the closest “bus station” which was over an hour away. The manager refused to waive the $20 fee in lue of their website and app not working, they said they did not see any issues on their end. After reading the BBB complaints & these reviews, I’m grateful I did not book with Greyhound. Travelers beware!
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5 days ago, Applemom9
If not delay, love to ride with Greyhound
All the drivers I encountered with, they are so kind & caring, some are very friendly and make the trips so pleasant. Like to see the views along the ways. The seats are comfortable. The restrooms are clean even some times a little smelly but not too bad, not the drivers’ faults. Feel safe riding with greyhound. But I hate so much when FlixBus or Greyhound delay in hours & had no clue & confusing & inaccurate locations ie) Burlington, Vermont.
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2 years ago, Light91light
The worst transportation service ever!
My trip was at 6am, boarding at 5:40am. Boarding did not start, no one at reception desk, and the woman in the office is hardly responding. 6am, and nothing, no information about the trip, is it canceled?! Delayed!? Nothing, As if people can wait them forever It is 7:15 and no bus came, neither we got a clear, official explanation from the station. I had other commitments in the destination, and I cannot arrive late, so i head to Amtrak, booked a ticket and departed at time! The station is a mess, the staffing service is not pleasant! I asked for a refund and it was rejected -_- I won’t ever book with them again, neither advise anyone else to waste their precious time and money on Grayhond
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5 years ago, iliana0703
Horrendous service + they steal your money
I swear GRAYHOUND has the worse service. Drivers are always late and than they come up with stupid excuses like they’re stuck in traffic. At 3:00 am all the time??? They’re lame and just love making money out of travelers. I booked a ticket and put round trip by mistake and didn’t realized until i had paid. I called them immediately after i realized my mistake and they said no ticket is refundable unless is a flex ticket. How stupid is that! How about when we miss important events or are late to our destination and we have to rearrange our ride??Not to mention rude drivers, stinky buses, dirty restrooms, no wifi. All of that doesn’t count when it comes to your service huh??
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4 years ago, slage01
Pricing Issue
While I was booking my trip, the ticket price in total was around 31 dollars but when I went to payment screen it jumped to 61 dollars. iThe prices for the trip did not total up right. Infact when I called the help desk they accepted the fact that their system had been down and they didn’t know how long it would take to fix it. It had been doing it for past 2 weeks. Its believe its a fair scam. Be careful while making the payment.
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3 months ago, nyequelle
Bad bad customer service
I am traveling with greyhound bus, I started coming on the 18th of March, the first bus I was on the driver was very disrespectful, and went to the point he started cursing me out, and the customer service is so bad, if you need help there’s nobody there to help you, I got to Chicago at 12:35 just to hear my bus was delayed until 6am , okay I waited, they said update your ticket and mines was updated already, when the bus got here they said me and my daughter can’t go because we not on the list and I have work in a few hours, this is outrageous now I have to wait for 8:15 to get on a bus and I’m going to miss work, very poor service you guys have!
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7 months ago, Cassowarying
AVOID this app or prepare to get burned.
A month ago I booked a bus trip in upstate NY about three weeks in advance. I get to the bus station 15min before departure… and after 30min the bus doesn’t show. Turns out the bus I booked got rescheduled to leave about 1 h earlier, but did I receive at any stage a SMS, email, call, or even an update on the app telling me so? No, no, no, and no. Even worse, the ticket on my app still has the original and incorrect departure time. Greyhound’s management cannot be trusted to contract their booking infrastructure to capable programmers… they likely had it done by summer interns. Avoid Greyhound at all costs or prepare for your travel plans to be upended and your money burned.
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4 years ago, Xxtaitaixx
My trip was from Mexico back home to Michigan.. what was supposed to be a 2 day bus drive turned into 5 days of bs after bs! They offer bus fair from where I was online but I can’t pay online..!?.. went to the station and was told they no longer sell their routes and need to go to Monterrey Mexico... did that and was a great ride from Mexico to Dallas... getting to Dallas was where the BS started... the driver was there but we didn’t leave on time causing us to get late to the rest of stops and having to take and make extra transfers... mind you it was myself and 3 children... told myself a American bus would be better then the Mexican ones... WRONG!! 1st and last time I use greyhound!!!
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5 years ago, jow blow 137
Greyhound=5🌠 / Jefferson=0🌠
Jefferson Bus Lines is a JOKE!!!! They left me in Fort Smith, AR (less than an hour from my final destination of Fayetteville, AR! They also lost my luggage and didn’t not only do a single thing to compensate me, or make amends in any capacity whatsoever, they were rude and impossibly hard to get in touch with. They are unprofessional, unorganized and unprepared to handle any situation of detritus. I abhor this company. They are aware of my disdain. If I had a choice, I would never board a single bus without the Greghound Insignia...
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5 years ago, Look-it-Up
Overall good experience
I took a Greyhound bus for the first time. I had an overall good experience traveling in the south Texas area. surprisingly the stations weren't all that crowded, but maybe because it was a Wednesday. I was at stations in smaller towns with no more than 20-30 passengers at the station, in larger ones like San Antonio it was a bit crowded but not more than expected. The employee at the stations were friendly and helpful. For the distance covered the ticket price was great. I will have no problem taking a Greyhound bus again.
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2 weeks ago, ixZeon
The driver can stop anywhere. Anytime.
Was told it’s the drivers discretion to stop as he pleases. To give “everyone” a leg break. We had just stopped for a 10-15. And now, he stopped at a place called “rock island” 15 minutes outside Wenatchee. We were suppose to be in Wenatchee at 12:00. We are now leaving rock island at 12:30, after a 25 minute stop. And this was not on anyone’s bus ticket. It did not state a rock island stop anywhere. If you have places to be on time for long distance travel. Just be aware. The driver can stop anywhere they want, that’s what customer support told me when I called.
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2 years ago, maddiern1016
i initially used greyhound a few times from Austin to Dallas round trip and I was used to a few delays, maybe an hour. I booked a bus last Friday and overnight, the bus got delayed by 6 HOURS!!! and I was only able to know that because I was up all night tracking it, unable to sleep. They never update the schedules on time. I called customer service and asked them to reschedule me for the following week and they were kind enough to do it free of cost even though there normally is a change fee. I was still okay then….UNTIL THE BUS GOT DELAYED FOR ANOTHER 6 HOURS A WEEK LATER. ABSOLUTELY upset and disappointed with This company and will never use it again!!
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5 years ago, Khalil Sears
Definitely will not be using Greyhound Service lines again. Busses are delayed and or canceled for hours with no notice to riders. Then they tried to charge me $20 to change my date of departure when it was not my fault for the inconvenience. And when I called the numbers that were given to me to contact Greyhound, I spoke with 3 people and 2 of them had no knowledge of where the bus could be. They kept telling me that the bus had already left when I had been sitting outside for 2 hours waiting on the bus and one had not shown up. And now today another bus that I got another ticket for is delayed 2 hours. It never fails with Greyhound. You have lost a customer.
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2 years ago, Ashla NightShade
This is ridiculous
Took a trip down to Florida from Kentucky and it went very well. Going back to Kentucky was absolutely horrible. Fist of all the bus coming to Orlando to take me to Atlanta Georgia was 1 hour late with no explanation. And because of that one hour difference, I ended up missing the only buss in the morning that would have gotten me to my destination in just a couple or so hours. But now I have to wait from 10:30 am to 10:35 pm—A WHOLE DAY—just to get to where I need to go when I could be home in a quarter of the time if they had just managed their busses correctly. Not only that, because I missed this bus because of that delay before, I had to get new tickets that will be taking me backwards before a bus for my area is actually coming. So yeah. Now I may have to take two days off of work because of this because sleeping in these buses is almost not possible. I’m ticked off and will no longer recommend gray hound to anyone now. So forget it. 😠
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3 years ago, truConutry
They are not social distancing
They have not reduce their seating arrangement for placement people were coughingAnd no station now where they are practicing social distancing or checking for temperatures it was the most scariest thing in my life I want had andAltercation with a staff at one of the stops in Raleigh North Carolina because I did not want to stand with the crowd at 2am in the morning people were not wearing facemasks Long story short they canceled my trip in the middle of leaving from Atlanta Ga to New York I later found out the Amtrak is much better healthier and they are practicing social distancing spin your money somewhere do you know what they care about your health and well-being
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