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Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
12.3 or later
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User Reviews for GRTC

2.09 out of 5
66 Ratings
9 years ago, sludge
Missing a Complete Map
Would be more convenient to ba able to see the entire system map and where we are on it. Also during Richmond 2015 the trip planner often includes walking fown ling stretches of high traffic roads with no sidewalk like Glenside. Nobody should be told to walk down that, ever...
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6 years ago, Gracee1
needs serious improvement!!
This app is nearly pointless. About the only use that I could get out of it was seeing time estimates of when the bus would arrive. But even that feature is lacking, because when you tap on a bus stop it will only show you the busses scheduled to come within the next 30 minutes. SO, if you are trying to plan ahead and do not already know when that bus usually comes, you’re out of luck unless you happen to check right before it arrives. The map portion is very clunky and lags quite often, but works okay for seeing which stops are around you. The only problem is that if you don’t already know which bus stop you should go to, you have to click on each one and see what it is since they all look identical on the map. The route planner is virtually useless too, you’re better off just using your apple Maps app (but you need this app to see accurate times because apparently GRTC has not informed apple of the correct bus schedule..). You have to input the exact address (for example, you would have to put the exact address for your grocery store rather than being able to search “kroger” and have it suggest one, and who knows the address of everything off the top of their head???) which makes it very difficult to use. ugh. make this app better please!!!! then maybe more people would ride the bus! you don’t need to build new bus systems that only go up and down one way.. just make the busses that already exist easier to access .. do better! :(
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6 years ago, Charlen_21
Needs a updated
I found the app helpful in some way when viewing the map. I suggest the app put on the plan trip a street view with the bus numbers on the route. The app needs a more virtual map view. The app also needs a more updated app developer meaning if I am at the bus stop I can point to the street where I am and the bus time and name of the the bus will appear. Also make the app interactive map and place were a Instant messaging can be message to a online chat representative who were assist you in finding your rides answer general questions 24/7. Make the app more like actually looking at the bus stops with that real life Street view of the map.
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1 year ago, babygirl1ovakind
I wrote a review before this one and I can’t find it to delete but would like to say it was my fault by not looking at the whole app. All in all it’s a great app for me. It really helps me. It’s by far my go to when finding out where the bus is.
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11 months ago, yvctycg
Don’t even bother with this app
The whole app doesn’t work. You don’t know how many times I’ve typed in my adress to find out where to go. Then the bus either doesn’t come or you jump on the wrong bus going the opposite direction. I’m currently walking home two miles after a 12 hour shift because of this. When I’ve called to the call center they don’t care. Shame on you GRTC. Worst transit system ever. Why is my tax dollars going to you
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4 months ago, BriNykole
It’s gotten a lot better over time
I can usually really rely on the tracker to know exactly when the bus will arrive! Thank you for providing this service to the community!!
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7 years ago, KnitFitt
Not at all user friendly!
You would think that an app for a bus company would have a schedule and route listing for each bus. If I want to plan a bus trip for the next day it is impossible because the app will only provide information for the current day and time. After trying to wrangle this useless piece of junk I finally went to the Library and got paper schedules. Once this posts, I am going to delete this stupid app.
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6 years ago, richmondriverrat
Just so bad. Worst thing is the sheer amount of worthlessness they’ve piled into this thing. Want to see a map of all the bus routes? Better go online because this don’t have it! Want etas for your bus? Fat chance this app thinks a bus is on the way. I’d prefer this if it were just the resources available online in a quickly accessible place, but its so much worse. This app will give you false info and you’ll probably miss your bus if you use it.
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2 years ago, thchsbab
I hate y’all
I hate GRTC with a passion because just because it’s free customer service is horrible, they mis-treat you the buses are never on time, they can never figure it out on days there are events , people have to get to work and y’all made it very difficult just in case if something has happened to someone’s car, the bus isn’t reliable I hate all of you
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5 years ago, villegaszs
Needs a lot of work
This app has failed me time after time from: giving me false bus arrival times, recommending the most out-of-the-way stops, and generally being super slow and buggy. Thankfully I’ve figured out the bus system and don’t need this app too often anymore, but I can’t imagine what it’d be like for someone to use this app who’s completely unfamiliar with the bus system in RVA.
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3 years ago, Kdktjskg
App is clutch
I can get around town. Being new to a city college student it’s extremely helpful
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6 years ago, RoRochelly
I’ve waited so long for an update, I love the look and how much easier it is to use. Thank you GRTC ! Be consistent with updates tho 😂
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5 years ago, MNH00
Doesn’t Work
I used to use the trip planner because i am unfamiliar with the bus routes but last week it stopped working. It keeps telling me that they can’t find a route for the addresses I put in, even ones I have previously entered. I’ve tried deleting the app and downloading it again but the failed to work.
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6 months ago, Berrythatlovesberries
My review on the app
For a long time it’s been working but now all of a sudden it’s started to not show me the results I’m asking for so idk if it needs to be updated or what
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6 years ago, Doibles
Sometimes helpful, often confusing
It’s typical for your bus to be 5 minutes away, and then in the next breath it’s 23 minutes away, or worse, it disappears altogether. I just had a driver tell me “don’t look at the app”. This is why I bike to work as much as possible. It’s too bad this app is mostly unreliable.
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6 years ago, Bushoujohime
I continuously checked the app for the route 41 schedule and it tells me there are no busses within the next 15 minutes to any stop on the route. However, there was literally a bus arriving as I was walking to the stop. What's the point of the app if it doesn't actually work?
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6 years ago, Working Mom83
So annoyed!
The app does not allow you to see future routes. You can only see a current route that’s it. So even if you want to see something for later in the day or even the next day, you can’t. It’s 2018 GRTC I shouldn’t be looking for a paper schedule.
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2 years ago, anna fantastic
This is the worst app I currently have on my phone- and I still have Twitter.
This App Is Abysmal. See the 3 year old post below, and note that maybe one of these problems has been (slightly) fixed. Please do Better.
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6 years ago, MAPS804
Estimated arrival times are useless and confusing. Never sure if buses will arrive on time or late and the app doesn’t communicate it any better. Makes the city of Richmond harder and more unappealing to live and work in.
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6 years ago, Trevorever14
Can’t Even
I can easily go to my Apple Maps and it’s 5,000x easier than this app. I literally couldn’t even find a connecting route for a simple transit! Ridiculous 😒
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7 years ago, ThatOneGod
Good app
I live in Richmond, and it is very helpful for getting around downtown.
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2 years ago, moneymakkin.tre
Horrible app
This is the worst app in history
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7 years ago, Shareef&Jenessa
Not too good
It shuts down a lot on me
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3 years ago, Hyscinthis123
The only certainty in life is the unreliability of the schedule on the GRTC app.
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11 years ago, Boopy88
It gets the job done
This app has been more helpful than not, but there are still a lot kinks to work out. Sometimes you can not get an ETA for a bus. It is like the bus just does not exist. It crashes too much. The service updates do not provided enough information about delays caused by events in Richmond.
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9 years ago, MsSupaKewl
Very accurate
I use it every morning for work. It allows me to pace myself accordingly. I no longer have to sit or wait at the bus stop for an extended period.
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11 years ago, mikerobva
Not as advertised
This app is a disappointment. They hyped it up on the news like it was going to be the best thing ever. If it did what it claims to do it would've been cool. But it doesn't even show a map and its pretty much useless. If the bus isn't less than 15 mins away from the stop you want it will not display the eta. They should've had the app straight before the unveiled it.
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9 years ago, Debsterrific
6s glitch?
I was using this app with an iPhone 4s and aside from frustrations with the actual tracking of buses that I think is due more to grtc rather than the app developer the app worked great. I recently upgraded to an iPhone 6s and now the app shuts down anytime I choose to locate nearby bus stops. Is this a new issue? I've deleted and reinstalled the app but it hasn't fixed.
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11 years ago, IssainRVA
C- Map? Nearest Stop? Schedule? Why not?
Un-installed and now gong it a third try... 1) Location... will not pull up nearest stop. Keep getting Williamsburg Road area, can not adjust. 2) Distance... is in meters not feet, can not adjust. 3) Map... Unable to access map and locate bus via stop location, (drill down from Route--> #Bus--> Bus stop (street location: 9th St & Broad). 4) Schedule... Unable to access schedule via app. Must go online and with the new GRTC website layout...nearly impossible these days! C-
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10 years ago, TimaTurtle
Pretty convenient sometimes, but not all buses have trackers. Opening a bus map from directly in-app (even in mobile browser) would be nice.
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9 years ago, thebirdman7
Has promise but little else
It would be hard to imagine a more useless app. At the very least why can't I see the scheduled time?
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10 years ago, bob227456
The app seemed to work for a while, but a couple months ago, all the buses disappeared. Now, it's rare that an arrival time ever even appears. The app works, but until the buses are connected, it's pretty useless.
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9 years ago, MetalMilitia1984
Doesn't work!
Doesn't do anything besides taking up some memory on your phone. No times no tracking of buses. Completely useless
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8 years ago, Sandra Dee123
Doesn't actually track anything just tells you how long the bus is suppose to come some drivers come early or too dang late.
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10 years ago, taty_gene
Not dependable
This app doesn't do what it's supposed to.
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11 years ago, Scrluvver
Great app
useful and easy app to use.
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11 years ago, Bharath KOGANTI
Grtc is super cool
Super cool.....application it helps you a lot man perfect trip planner
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9 years ago, VA Dem
Asking a train hopper's dog is better than this app.
From a design standpoint, it looks like an app, with clean menus and easily identified icons. Appearances are deceiving. From a functionality standpoint, it is next to useless. Stability is crippling with crashes every few minutes. This wouldn't be a problem if the app was designed with the user in mind and only took a minute to use. Instead, the most basic functions like maps and bus locations a buried under silos of lists and choices. It's obvious that the designers took the website, which is also terrible, and slapped google maps on the back, if you're lucky enoug to find it and not crash. In short, you need to completely understand the entire grtc route system, have a map of the city in your head, and already know where to get a fare card. My suggestion would be to start with the map, why? Because it always crashes, so fix that first. It's kind of the whole point of a transportation app, and most of it is obviously google, so stop breaking google. Then, put the user on the map with gps or ask for a location. Maybe even offer a few saved locations like home or work... No not saved bus stops. At any given time there are close to 30 bus stops within the .5 mile walking distance, but no map of that list, no way to figure out which three get me near my destination no easy way to see which one has the next bus. Instead of riding the bus I'm playing a boring game of whack-a-mole trying to guess the right answer. Next, add some overlays for secondary functions. Right now the app loses progress. Worse, I find what I'm looking for, which is where to buy a fare card, and am staring at a full blown web page with PDF links. No!!!! That's why I downloaded the app, so I don't have to go to the grtc website. So yes, add the secondary information as layers on the map. Fare cards, add as layer. Bus routes, add as layer. Bus location on a route, add as layer. Finally, get rid of he stuff you have no intention of using or fixing. Offers, what's that and why does it crash? Settings, really? Just call it Español.
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