Gumtree: local classified ads

4.7 (1K)
79.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Gumtree: local classified ads

4.66 out of 5
1K Ratings
4 years ago, hxxhsh
Very easy to buy or sell
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4 years ago, rjg-gjr
Could be better
Good app, but it would be better if you could sort your saved item by price, distance, etc just like when you’re searching. It would also be better if you could search by a range of mileage instead of “up to” so we could weed out the jerks that don’t list the true mileage on the cars and just list 167 when the actual miles are 167,000 for example.
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4 years ago, Gamergirl2334
Great ... for the most part.
I have purchased 5 items between £10 and £15. All were very good ... quickly delivered by great people. However 1 of the items didn’t arrive ... it was a first time seller who told me he was shipping the item and I didn’t hear from him again. 🤷🏼
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5 years ago, MarkOfNJ
Gumtree is great
I love how easy it is to use, how simple it is to post items... It is a bit strange that sometimes when I want to update an ad, it removes the ad entirely. But in any event, Gumtree is a great app.
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4 years ago, Will Clarke
Horrible, scammy ads
While I love the Gumtree service, their app is infested with really scammy ads that open when your finger moves over it rather than taps it. I’ve accidentally tapped an ad three times in the past five minutes. This is not a problem I have with any app other than Gumtree.
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6 years ago, Spektacle2
Good alternative to the desktop version but has the tendency to freeze frequently
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3 years ago, savux2021
It’s great!
Thanks very useful app
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4 years ago, Love It ! !
Ɩơ۷ɛ ıɬ ! ! !
Ɩơ۷ɛ ıɬ ! ! !
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3 years ago, kijnai
I have to press home and go back to the app everytime I do anything and it’s really annoying
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5 years ago, Dirty Mike JR.
Very irritating app
Crappiest trading app I’ve ever used. It insists I’m in the UK and won’t let me choose anything else even though I’m in Aus. Very annoying
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6 years ago, 453401721
I am in Melbourne, why it keeps started search with the location United Kingdom? So stupid and unfriendly to use.
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4 years ago, 0422DF
Every time i use this app, my phone starts to freeze up and overheat. Fix ASAP please!
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10 years ago, Objectivereview
Amazing tool to sell stuff
This app is amazing to sell house stuff. Your items are organized in a list that you can access through the app and you can see how many times your items have been seen. Many people use it to buy as well, so there is an audience for your posts. Highly recommended.
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8 years ago, Judastin
do NOT use it! worst customer service ever
I am a genuine seller just posted ONE ad selling a used iPhone. two days later my ad magically disappeared from the app. so i thought maybe i accidentally deleted it, posted it again, nothing shown in MyAd. then i tried on my laptop. turned out they automatically removed my ads. Tried to contact the livechat, never worked at all, so i tweeted to the help team, apparently they blocked my account for ‘NO REASON EXPLAINED”. For christ's sake, my posts followed every single rule about posing ad and i had just one post selling a used iPhone! googled this situation, turns out millions of Genuine seller had their accounts blocked for ‘NO EXPLANATION’ while there are hundreds of spam ad still out there. one was even told by customer service the block was due to ‘his price is a bit too cheap’. Excuse you gumtree? This is the worst marketplace website ever! do NOT use it!
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12 years ago, Eco mom
Great app and thank you
Great to see this gumtree app. I just tell my sister in London to check this out. We move to US and still have many good stuffs to sell or give them away. Thanks for having this beautiful and easy to use app available for us. Thank you.
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12 years ago, mark_ruci
Finally thank god
Finally a gumtree app that is in the UK. I would've have used a lot of my data searching and looking at gumtree on the Internet. Now I have it a handy and more user friendly app. Gumtree has to be the greatest free post app and please, keep up the great commitment to this app
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9 years ago, Impatient & Particular
Easy to navigate & save searches
More functional than the Craigslist app. Wish all similar sites could join forces so we wouldn't have to check multiple places for everything. :)
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11 years ago, ParisseAssim
Good app, but lacking
Well designed, pretty and easy to se. But it's more like a lite version of gumtree. Like the app was made for a phone which doesn't have the capabilities that mine does. For example, I can't upload any files in job applications. Ie I can't send my cv with a message (now what's the point of that then?). So ja, great potential, hope the new one will be excellent :)
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8 years ago, Consumer 121
Great app to buy and sell in UK from individuals
Great app to buy and sell in UK from individuals. Easy to use, have extra features to promote your listing. Perfect app and website to connect people who want to sell and buy used goods :))
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7 years ago, Snoopy Snaps
Useful App!
Have sold a few no longer needed but still useful household items over the years. Buyers have been easy to communicate with and legit. Recommend it with enthusiasm!
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9 years ago, H-app-y user
Quick & Easy app
Some apps aren't worth the effort of downloading and clogging memory, but this app is simple and easy! So far so good. Posting pics and changing the ad, if needed, are a breeze. Happy buying and selling.
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8 years ago, Mamaroo1
Good app but liked the older version a bit more
As the title says. I preferred the previous version's way of displaying my ads (was more clear to see what I have on now instead of confusing it all with my previous ads).
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9 years ago, Saraha0929
Super easy and quick to post ads. Super easy to pay for additional features. Really great app! Thanks!
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10 years ago, zodiace
Better than the website
Rarely have I found an app that's actually better to use than the website. The Gumtree app is one of those apps.
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12 years ago, nrdsrfr19
No ability to sign in?!
I downloaded expecting I could sign in to my account, take a photo with my phone and post or edit an ad. This app does nothing more than wrap the mobile site, which also doesn't support this yet. No point in downloading this
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8 years ago, Clbme86
Love Gumtree!
This is a great digital classified app. I highly recommend it. The Mobile version is very user friendly.
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9 years ago, ProvocateurNoir
Brilliant app
Saved us on our move to Norwich from the States. Couldn't have lived without it.
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9 years ago, Shentasia
Excellent App
Very well thought out and executed. Better than the website!
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12 years ago, CindyXin
Nice app
Love Gumtree, it is very convenient to have app on my iphone so I can browse the ads anywhere anytime
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8 years ago, Naomieee23
Very Helpful!
Love this app, always on here to find things from Christmas decorations, furniture even a pet to adopt.
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7 years ago, addrockride
Works great
Easy to use and no fees. What more could you ask for?
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10 years ago, Hffkc
5 star
Love the app don't realla care for the new changes still in love though.
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7 years ago, JPblu
Location search bug
This update won't let you change your search distance!! Should be a simple fix but why is it so difficult???!!!
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8 years ago, Sartirana
Oh yeah!
Thank you so much for the great opportunity to use such a good app for free! Well done! Thank you!!!
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11 years ago, radiologist69
Get rid off the ugly splash screen
It's a good app but you need to get rid off the ugly splash screen of this beard man. I mean, come on now... did you actually pay your graphic designer?
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9 years ago, Vee peace 13
Can United States order things from here?
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10 years ago, Alexeiusa
Really needed this.
Only has crashed once. Thank you <3
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9 years ago, Trongate
iPhone 4S OS 8.1
No issues. Slight learning curve maybe for intermediate uses. Recommended
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7 years ago, Mww031
Love this app. Sold a few things and have been satisfied with my customers. Hope yo sell more. Keep it up.
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7 years ago, Seemsid
Good one and very easy to use and post
Good one
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10 years ago, CEezie
Very useful app but freezes many times.
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8 years ago, Rorretta
If you want buying Or you want selling Gumtree is amazing..
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9 years ago, Pmog
Great app
It does the job. Makes placing and managing your ads super easy.
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11 years ago, Blaka B
Love this app
This app has changed my life, it's the best ever !!
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9 years ago, vynndicator
Worst app ever
Trying to be like eBay, their app has a terrible GUI and Navigation feature. It's near impossible to refine searches let alone find the correct item. Terrible app, not worth it.
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9 years ago, Qponqueen04
Awesome app!
Easy to use and navigate! Great app!
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9 years ago, labof dish
piece of s----
the app is able to locate me correctly in s Africa yet when I try to post it forces me to choose location in uk no ability to choose location manually when posting. this is so stupid. tried resetting, closing, turning off cellphone, logging in and out, same issue. and of course no bug reporting built into the app
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9 years ago, VinewoodKing
Good App !!!
Very easy to use !!
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8 years ago, arturo_ve
Keeps crashing
This version is buggy. Doesn't work
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8 years ago, ZainevdB69
Great Gumtreeing!
Great app works and is simple to contact sellers.
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