H-E-B Go

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10 months ago
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User Reviews for H-E-B Go

4.86 out of 5
21K Ratings
5 years ago, Abner463
Would love with a few more features
I really like this app and have recommended it to many friends. I do compare it to the Target app, and this app have some things better than the Target app but things could be improved to be better. One thing is while looking up an item, can you show us if there’s a current coupon for it? Also when I started my shopping today, I had to update my app right there on the spot. Not a problem but what was updated? When I checked out, did my digital coupons from your other H-E-B app already apply? It seems like they did but not too sure. That would be a nice feature. Sometimes I checkout and the coupons just won’t apply and that makes me nervous. For any shopper reading this, I created a list named “used Qs” and save all of the coupons that I know I used there so I don’t get shorted. Thanks for listening.
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4 years ago, Adam Dylan Ramon
Very much so impressed.
At first I wasn’t sure if all products would be available to be scanned and or registered to the system, but sure enough, they all were. Aside from the produceBarcode printer not working, it was all very seamless and quick. An employee did have to assist me at the end. And what she did was questionable. She said she had to rescan three items. I asked, “As in, re-scan items?“ she didn’t answer me, and to my best guess, it was some sort of theft prevention tactic. Assuming people put things in their bag without scanning it. If that’s the case, I understand. I just hope that doesn’t have to be done each and every single time. Because that would completely defeat the purpose.
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3 years ago, texassturedman
Have been using for a while and like it
Update: I used to love this app, but it isn’t as great as it was in the past. Every time I go in I get a “random” scan check. I understand the checks are to prevent theft/mistakes, but a check every time seems to defeat the purpose of scan and go. My issue with the checks is it happens every time I go in. Sometimes the cashier is good and available, but sometimes not so good or available. If you are looking for a contactless experience because of COVID this app isn’t going to give you that. I still use the app. I still prefer it to the registers, but not as good as it was in the past.
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11 months ago, ARiv1
Location Access in iPhone doesn't work
Zero Stars, because the app is 100% unusable. Location detection on my iPhone XS Max makes the app freak out in which the screen bounces back and forth between "Connecting you to H-E-B Go" and another screen that says "Please Wait," which eventually times out until the connection fails. I've trouble-shooted and found that it only "works" if I turn off location information for the app in the Settings area of my iPhone. But guess what... If you turn off location detection, then the app won't work because it doesn't know that you're IN an HEB. Hence, the app is rendered non functional. It won't log in, and I can't even interact with the app, because it's freaking out and flipping back and forth a dozen or so times! PLEASE FIX!
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3 years ago, Rdwngfn
Should Be Better
It’s a nice concept and glad my closest store has the H‑E‑B Go terminals, but the execution needs a lot of work. The Go app needs to have more of the My H‑E‑B features incorporated, like the clipped coupons and shopping list. It’s annoying having to switch back and forth between the two apps to see your list and then back to scan the items. Clipped coupons from My H‑E‑B won’t scan when checking out in the Go. I lost over $8 in discounts from coupons and ended up buying more than I really needed at the time because the savings wouldn’t register on the system, even the paper coupons would be applied. The partner and manager couldn’t figure it out. Like others said the checkout process is very haphazard. The process is minimally faster than going through regular checkouts at times.
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4 years ago, Rrmjw920
Tone deaf update
This app works as advertised and I love using it. The only problem is that in the midst of a world-wide pandemic the latest update requires me to touch screens more often than it used to. I used to be able to scan and go without touching the screen at all. Now I have to touch the screen 4 or 5 times every time I check out. It even makes me touch the screen to say I don't have coupons when I just did it on my phone. It's a really frustrating update that makes me less comfortable shopping at my favorite store. Without the update this review would be 5 stars.
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4 years ago, I Meant What I Said
Not HEB partner friendly
I get to work at 5 at 7 usually eat a snack used to not be a problem because I would just go to self checkout. Now since this pandemic they have been taking care of customers above the partners so they don’t open the self checkouts until 8 forcing me to get this app and put my card information online which I expressed to my manager my concerns about such nothing was done. So they are forcing me and my whole store to use this app if we want to shop at all before the store opens and risk exposure and the app won’t even give me my valued partner perks so not only am I being forced to put my card information online Unless I want to risk exposure I’m basically throwing money away by them not letting me use my partner perks, supreme level of underappreciation being directed towards those risking getting sick to keep people fed and going to the most frequently visited locations in a time like this.
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4 years ago, laura78613
Needs expired credit card warning
I hadn’t used this App in a while because my cell signal strength in the store was always very poor. I tried again yesterday and it worked very well. The credit card I had in there was expired though and I didn’t find that out until I was at the Go register. After I scanned the register barcode, it gave me an error and said my credit card was expired. It would be helpful if the app checked the expiration date and gave a warning when you opened it. Also, I got garlic which is charged in quantity. It would be nice if I could just add something like that instead of going back to produce & printing the stickers from the weight register. Everything else worked great.
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5 years ago, Ronnie2492
Great App
This app is a breeze to use to get in and out of the store and beat the lines that can build at the express lanes also. I only have one problem is when using it at select stores there isn’t any reception in certain areas of the store that makes it a difficult task to scan items and usually have to wait until I’m near the checkout areas or in a different area of the store and that can get confusing making sure all items are scanned so at the end of the day you have to check tour scanned list to each item in the cart to make sure nothing was missed. All in all an amazing app and another form of convenience to make grocery shopping a breeze.
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2 years ago, MatthewG-SATX
Life saver!!!
Had to pick up a few essentials on New Years Eve morning. So did everyone else who lives in the area - and I mean each and every single inhabitant was present and accounted for - ALL at HEB at once!!! The lines were over an hour to checkout. A very thoughtful employee, David in produce, recommended the HEB Go app and briefly explained how it worked. With that info, I was able to check out with my five essential items in leas then five minutes - and that includes installing new app and setting up account. This is a HUGE WIN!!! Thank you David and thank you HEB app developers 👍👍👍
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2 years ago, EBJ1999
Great Addition To The HEB Family
As a member of the HEB family, I can without doubt say that this is by far the most innovative advancement HEB has made within the field of eCommerce. It eliminates all the stress of waiting in lines with customers and being bothered on your allocated breaks/lunches by giving control to the partner that has taken the time to download this app on their phone. I hope to use this app more within the years of service I plan to contribute during my tenure at one of Texas’ greatest companies and the best private business to work at in the United States of America.
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4 years ago, iTonee
Needs more refinement
The idea of an app that saves you time is great. Unfortunately, the execution needs a little work. The app will ask you several questions like "do you have coupons" amongst other questions but you have to answer the same redundant questions on the kiosk as well. This does not necessarily same you time and is frustrating. Also, the "checkout" button on the kiosk screen is not very obvious forcing you to search for it. Please HEB, simplify this app to speed things up, (like Sam's Club self checkout app).
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2 years ago, Song Sequencer
Good app but with two shortcomings
I really like having an app that lets me ring up items and bag as I go. Unfortunately, I only have been able to find one store where the app works. As to the app itself, I like it except for two things. One was not an issue with my old iPhone SE, but is an issue with my new, larger iPhone 13 Mini: I can barely reach the button to snap the photo of the UPC!! It’s all the way on the right side, but I’m left-handed. I can barely hold the phone and reach around to that button while holding the merchandise in my other hand. The button should be in the middle so that it doesn’t discriminate against left-handers. The second issue is that I can’t export full receipts. I archive my receipts in a financial tracking program. It used to be that I could export the full receipt, but now it only exports the top portion and the rest is white. Aside from these two complaints, I like the app and wish I could use it in more stores.
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4 years ago, EmilyBoice
Love the concept, execution is still hard to master
I love the idea of this. No one slows you down. If you have just a couple things to grab and your own tote, it’s great. If you have more than like 6-8 items, the app is slow to scan items. It scans produce stickers lightning fast tho and doesn’t let you fix it (if it sees something twice because you didn’t have it focused on the right barcode BEFORE you hit scan). And I would LOVE a place out of the way where you could scan items and bag them up in your own bags, away from everyone else. I usually go to the vitamin aisle but it seems like with covid you are always in the way of someone no matter where you go to scan and bag.
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5 years ago, Thumms
Pretty Good. Not Great
I like the idea of your service, and use it all the time. However, you need to add the ability to search for items previously purchased on e-receipts. Having to scroll through a hundred receipts to find out when I bought something, and what I paid for it, is a joke. You also need to incorporate your coupon app with this app so that anything I buy that has a coupon, automatically gets clipped and deducted from my bill. Otherwise I waste tons of time trying to see if what I’m buying has a coupon. Another thing is the process of scanning physical coupons needs to be part of the app. There’s no reason why you can’t make the app scanner read coupons, especially H-E-B in-store coupons. Lastly, the terminals are ridiculously slow. I can check-out at Sams Club in 5 seconds as I walk towards the exit. At H-E-B, I’m stuck at a terminal to do what should be fully automated into your app. I should just have to walk up to someone standing by the exits and show them a barcode on my phone for them to scan, just like Sams Club. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.
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1 year ago, over changed
I love that this gives partners the opportunity to purchase items quickly without waiting in line. Sometimes it’s difficult to be on break or lunch and purchase your products and have time to eat or eat them due to customer stopping you in the store asking questions or looking for other things. I do wish you would elevate the amount that we could purchase on the go app again, it makes it difficult to purchase vitamins, feminine hygiene, products, diapers, etc.
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3 years ago, Don juan de san anto
Forgetful hubby
After forgetting my wallet the nice lady at the checkout suggested downloading this app. I of course did not. After forgetting my wallet for the 2nd day in a row. The same young lady and store manager happily walked me through the process. I was able to scan my items and check out! I had to have my wife send me a pic of my debit card to complete the process but now I am good to go....unless I happen to forget my phone too🤦‍♂️.
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3 years ago, TimeWolf
Glad to see the app, sorry it disappoints
This app feels like watching the movie Catch-22. Nothing but problems trying to get started. Starting with setting up an account. Choose a password: must have at least 8 characters, must have at least one number, and cannot have spaces. Uhhhh…no. No where does it tell you that you must also have a character. No where does the error message tell you you must also have a character. Ok password done. Now HEB has all your info and can email glad to you, great. Just try to use the app, now you are told YOUR HEB, the only one you have in town, does not support this app. Go to another HEB, BTY…you will need to guess which one does support the app. I just erased the app and went to Whole Foods.
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1 year ago, ImATexanFirst
One problem
At “Go” checkout, the kiosk is supposed to let me ginish paying on the app, and it did. However instead of providing me a confirmation message (like a receipt) the app went back to the default in-store screen. The kiosk also went back to it’s default screen (without printing a receipt). So I wasn‘t sure if I had paid or not. What I expected was to be shown a receipt in the HEB app on my phone. (With some effort I did explore the receipts section of the app to find the receipt, however the user shouldn’t be forced to do that, the app should do it for me). Just some feedback. Keep up the good work HEB team.
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5 years ago, CatalystTGJ
wastes more time than it saves
the concept is wonderful, but the final result is dumb. price discrepancies, coupon problems, you name it.. if just one thing comes up that requires assistance, the entire idea of h-e-b go is effectively ruined. they can’t even “suspend” a transaction like they can on a typical register. the whole system is effectively foreign to the REST of their systems! If something goes wrong, you get to unbag all your stuff and either rescan everything or just go through a regular line and have it done by someone that works there! a totally stupid, utter failure. it’s fine if you just get a single item or two with no coupons, AND no price discrepancy, otherwise you might as well just get in a line. you’ll end up taking twice as long with h-e-b go... so just say NO to h-e-b go!
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1 year ago, SEV2
Fix the system
Oh, I used my H-E-B Go to purchase eight of the same plant and six individual donuts. Because the donuts do not have a scan sticker for them, I got to the front and it took 10 minutes for them to figure out how they could complete my order. they were being asked to scan two items and since the only two different items I had were eight of the plant and six of a donut it would not allow them to complete the transaction. Ultimately they had to use a different machine have me scan the plants and they had to manually enter the donuts. That is a totally broken system. I spent 10 minutes checking out two items.
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4 months ago, 11tms69
Love it but not the glitches
We love the H‑E‑B scan and go app and would love it if it was offered on every store. However, lately it has timed out on us halfway through our shopping trip or won’t open at all. It keeps saying retry. I’m not sure if we lose cellular service inside the store or what, but it has become a hassle to log off, shut my phone down, reboot and try again, several times to get back to my scan and go cart. It would be great if the app was updated to fix this issue. I learned from a worker that it’s not just me, and several customers have complained.
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5 years ago, Angent Cooper
Apple Pay
HEB is really falling behind by not accepting Apple Pay. This app seems like a great concept, but manually typing in your sensitive card information is archaic and unsafe. Mobile payments are far more convenient and secure. Plus, with the new Apple Card that has been released, cardholders get more cash back when shopping somewhere that accepts Apple Pay. I love HEB, but I’ve been recently giving my business to Sprouts and other locations that actually take Apple Pay and will probably continue to do so until HEB can catch up with the times either at checkout or on this app. Please accept Apple Pay. I’d choose HEB over anywhere else if you’d adopt it. Read the forums online; there are a lot of people who feel the same way. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Bobbye Leigh
An Even Better HEB?!?! 👍
I have been shopping at H-E-B for 15 years or better and upon getting the opportunity to work here, quickly joined as a Partner, and have been just as impressed with the app as I am with my every day shopping experience and work life! This app is so so useful… both as a customer to ease my shopping experience and as a Partner to expedite checking out after a shift or during breaks. Just as impressive as every other aspect of this company! Well done H-E-B AGAIN! ❤️
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5 years ago, AzariasRN2008
Makes busy grocery days a breeze!
I always dread going to the grocery store when the store is packed on weekends. You end up practically wasting and entire afternoon shopping. That was until HEB Go rolled out. Now you just have to navigate the store for what you want, then just hit the teal checkout and walla! You are out the door! No checkout lines to waste away waiting in. THANK YOU HEB! Please keep this service!
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2 years ago, EJMetal8433
Not Austin-Friendly.
First try using this app, no nearby East Austin stores were shown on the GPS map. That was probably last year around the spring or summer. Now this year’s try on the beginning of fall, the system is still about the same ridiculous inconvenience as last time, with only showing the South Congress location, but anywhere else is dead zone for even for Mueller and Hancock locations, forcing you to travel all the way to Tech Ridge or Kyle. This HEB Go! system is super ridiculous with these same old unreliabilities. They’re relying only on unfamiliar stores and not on popular ones.
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5 years ago, Dave4jc
Receipt problems
I never got an email copy of my receipt, so I went into the receipt area of the app and found a complete copy but I tried to share it using gmail app and all I received in the email was partial receipt screen shot of what was visible on iPhone screen. Not the complete receipt. I tried a copy with same results. I hope you will fix soon. I need a complete receipt. A highly requested upgrade is to add coupons without having to log into a Register in store!! How inconvenient to use express app then wait in line for a register!
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5 years ago, elegantwino
Need to improve handing of beer and wine
When checking out with this app it requires a cashier to approve my age before allowing me to finalize payment. The cashier uses a fingerprint reader on the kiosk. How about linking my fingerprint and age verification to the system to allow me to check myself out without the added labor of a cashier? Also we need to figure out how to link the H-E-B shopping list app with the Go app.
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4 years ago, Physical challenger
Seriously...the BOMB!!
I despise grocery shopping but this app has made it SO easy. I initially thought I would only use it if I was picking up a small 5-10 items but I’ve come to enjoy using it for a full trip. It’s so nice to scan items once, put your items in the bag and head for checkout. No standing in line, loading onto counter, and reloading into cart. What’s not to love?!
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4 years ago, Atoku
Fails to enter multiples of same item
The app rang up the correct total but showed quantity zero for any item with more than one unit scanned or input numerically. Partners now spot check and the entire Go order got scanned and rung up again at the checkout line for exactly the original dollar amount. What is the point of self scanning your entire basket if a manager paws through the whole order with bare hands and has to refill your shopping bags? If we had politely accepted the manager’s offer to add the “missing” items to our order we would have paid for all of the multiples twice.
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5 years ago, gbtusa
Makes shopping with child a breeze
As I walk through the store with my 5 year old talking away I can scan & bag exactly the way I like and get out, loaded in the car and on my way. Love this app! Have only had a few instances where reception in the back of the store has been less than desirable but I’m not sure that’s not a Sprint issue so 5 Stars all the way.
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5 years ago, Myohmy297
Best Thing HEB has to offer
I’m not a fan of HEB in general but since I have no access to other grocery store options besides Walmart, this is where I go. But seeing this app I thought let’s try it. It was awesome except for having to weigh fruit/veggies at the kiosk but mine has since added the scales in the dept. Now...I can be in and out without having to deal with checkers or baggers. Best thing ever!!
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2 weeks ago, VaderF0rce
It has its moments
I love the app, but it can be annoying. It’ll log me out, without any reason, and I can’t even access it now. It made me update my password, just for it not work, and not letting me use it. I’ve uninstalling it 4x times, and still the same results. Get better with connecting with ppl, bc I can’t anybody to help me with this issue anywhere.
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4 years ago, I have a daughter
Great but not perfect
I love H-E-B to go. I hate standing in lines so it works great for me. Suggestion: make the coupons work in the app. Should not have to go between apps and some coupons would not scan in my H-E-B. I now it is new but it has some kinks. H-E-B is doing a great job, glad to see continued improvements and the plans that were in place for pandemic. Maybe one of your leaders could help the government!
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4 years ago, Layla.Renai
Location issues
App has not been able to detect my store. I’ve deleted the app and redownloaded it and it still does not locate my store. Update: Was able to fix the location issue by updating my phone number. Once I updated it my store was automatically attached.
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4 years ago, SimC33
Feature Request!
Love the app! It would be awesome if coupons auto deducted from clipped coupons from account rather than needing to scan. Also, please please please allow the camera to stay open to scan multiple barcodes at once. It’s a bit tedious to have to continuously open the scanner.
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5 years ago, K-LOVE Raul
Best app ever
Getting in and out of the grocery store has never been easier. Just scan the items as you shop. Skip the lines, Click checkout at the kiosk, show your digital receipt, and bam done. I love the look on people’s faces when they’re waiting in line and they see you just walk right out the store. I flash my phone, tell them “H-E-B Go” and smile.
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9 months ago, Usually Unimpressed
Love this App
I really love the ease of using this app and the opportunity to have such an easy option at a store near me. I’m pretty amazed I never have to que up to use the check out for H-E-B GO users and always see long lines for a cashier as well as self checkout. Too bad H-E-B in Buda doesn’t offer this yet because I really hate the parking at the Kyle H-E-B!
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5 years ago, AustinDan
Avoid the lines
My H-E-B stores are so crowded at the registers that I never want to go shop unless I have to buy lots of items. Now with the H-E-B app, I can literally just run in and check out on the kiosk. Fast and no more waiting. App is easy and intuitive. Only downside: eventually more people will start using this and I won’t be able to check out as fast.
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2 years ago, R¢obbie B
Great when it wants to work
The app is pretty neat the only downside is every time I come in for my morning shifts the system is down and won’t charge anything I hate having to stop at a gas station just to grab my morning coffee , I would much rather spend it in store
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2 years ago, CustLakeway
App lacks function
To effectively use, I have to have 3 apps open on my iPhone - AnyList, H-E-B, and this one, H-E-B Go. AnyList is my shopping list. I use H-E-B to find some items eg which aisle. Then I use H-E-B Go to scan. Seems like it could easily all be on one app. Also I found the print function did not work at least once, printing only what was on the screen, not the entire list. Great idea and when bugs are worked out, should be a big help, especially when the store is very busy.
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1 year ago, BZ Ruby
Could have been a better shopping experience if the final pay out attendant was a little more gracious, we had to get help a few times and the attendants seemed overwhelmed with computer issues questions from other customers It was my first time with this way of shopping and I really enjoyed it.
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4 years ago, Busy Momma❤️
Love love love
Absolutely love the ease of the app and not having to wait in long lines and getting out quickly and sacking my things the way I want it to be done. I always just be sure the sale price is what is ringing up and I have used this about 10 times so farAnd have only had something come up wrong once.
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3 years ago, animegirl_225
Clearance items
I’m an overnight partner in a small store. We don’t have self checkout, so I am only able to check out clearance items during store hours as the go app will not scan them. Please fix this! It’s my only complaint with this app (of which I didn’t know y’all had opened up to customers, why can customers buy over 5 items, but I’m constrained to the 5/$20 limit?)
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5 years ago, john1234567890
Can’t scan store coupons or use selected digital coupons from H-E-B app with this app. Would make life easier when you know that the items you are buying match the coupons. Have been disappointed several times at register that I didn’t have couponed items. When you are at a H-E-B go store, this works great as long as you don’t have coupons to redeem.
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5 years ago, Justinevanz
Worked great for 5 months, but no longer
This app worked great for first five months, and we loved it, then two weeks ago it stopped allowing me to “manage payment preferences.” I’ve deleted and downloaded numerous times, and still wont work. Too bad, because it allowed us to skip the busy checkout lines.
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1 year ago, Partner for Life
Best Way to Shop
I worked for H-E-B for over 8 yrs so I am very particular about bagging etc — this app gives me the ability to scan and organize as I go so it’s easy to check out and head to the car! Thankful for this app!!! Wish it was available at more locations though…
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1 year ago, wont HEB do it
My VPP won’t work on the Go App
I enjoy using this app for many reasons . But I am still having difficulties adding my VPP to app so I can get the discount. Called help desk they were not helpful. I’m sure I explained clearly but it’s not resolved still . I have A lot of purchases on this app but No Discount yet .
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3 years ago, TexasBSN
Good job, H-E-B!
One of the best of the grocery self checkout apps. My only suggestion is to make the button turning on the scanner just a bit larger and more responsive. To H-E-B: please make the H-E-B go kiosks easier to get to and advertise this app more! It would speed up the lines which is the only reason I don’t shop at H-E-B more often. I go to Sam’s for 75% of my groceries simply because I can use their app for the fastest checkout.
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2 years ago, runarabbit
Experience was time consuming
Experience was time consuming. Employee scanned way to many items. I would have been better off going to an actual cashier. Scanner would not offer the option to use my coupons. I had to check out and then go to customer service to get my coupons redeemed. The cashier there did not give the right amount back. I didn’t even ask, I just shook my head in disappointment and left.
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